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RY SMJK JIT SIN Section A [45 marks] Answer ALL questions in this section. 1 Sketch, onthe same axes, the graphs of y =[3x-2| and y= 2-x?. Hence, solve the inequality px-2j22-x? [9 xv Given that (c+ 2) is a factor of the polynomial p(x) = 2x? - x? +ax-6 . Determine the value of a. (4 Factorise p(x) completely. Hence, determine the set of values of x for which re 20 @ =x 3 1+2x 5 ascending powers of x up to the terms in.x*. Determine the set of oraz powers of x up inv. \¢ set of ‘values of : for which the expansion is valid. ol By substituting a suitable value of x into your expansion, obtain an approximate value of {comets toe decimal paces. by 4 Given that xy +2y = 2e*Inx, (@) Show that (2 +22 ane +x4y 429. 4] (b) Find the gradient of the curve at the point when x = 1. y 2 3 5 (a) Giventhat A=| 6 -3 Find the inverse of matrix A, using Gauss-Jordan 4-2 -2 elimination method. (3 (b) Hence, solve the system of linear equations: Ax+6y-22=6 a 6x-3y+z=5 fy ° Qx-y-z2=2 2x? -6x-1 6 (a) Express in partial fractions. —~———_—. . 3 {e): Bagesss in para GQ? +HQx-3) a 4x? -12x— (b) Hence, evaluate the value of Spee a* 4} 2 Syawalmuhd. blogspot. corm Section B Se Answer any ONE question in this section. vr (aa2 Yar ) 1 7 (a) Express in pata factions ———" 4] P+3r?42r (b) Using the results obtained, deduce the sum to m terms of the series i 1 1 tet e 6 123° 23-4345 @ ah (©) Explain why the series is a convergent. ie (@)_Deduce the sum of the series a BI 10-11-12 © 11-12-13 © 12-13-14 8 @ Find the integral value of [xin xe fy (e) The curve y= x? —xInx,x> 0 has a point of inflexion at point P. (i) Find the coordinates of point P. @ (ii) Determine the range of values of x where the curve concaves upward. Py (iii) Sketch the graphs of y = x? - xInx and y = x—1 onthe same axes a calculate the area bounded by the two curves, x= I andx = 2. 3] Prepared by, Checked by, Verified by, (Lee Siew Oi) (Teow Ai Hun) (Kok Shuch Lin) MATHEMATICAL FORMULAE Sum of series For an arithmetic series : 8, =4n(a+)= F420 (n—Da] : Foran geomettic series: 9, = 0= Binomial expansions obra s(t beca(tprir eset, wer r ext a1 mee OD, MADD ne, fcd Be Syawalmulhe.