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Genocide ... continued from page 3

The unions, and all working class

organisations, need to come together to
What is Anarchism?
Anarchism is a social philosophy
denounce the NT Intervention as the racist based upon the principles of
atrocity it is, and fight to end it. In the liberty, equality and solidarity. It is
course of this struggle, we can develop a the political dimension of a free
build a society which recognises land Vol 2, No 5 Feb 2010 Free
rights, and abolishes both wage labour and
real estate. We can have a revolution.


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TERRITORY Communism is the principle of
A Racist Intervention The NT Intervention marks a policy turn
"from each according to their
INTERVENTION ability, to each according to their The Northern Territory Intervention, the so- of historic proportions for Australian
called “emergency response” to a report capitalism. A decisive fraction of the
need". It is the economic
into child sexual abuse in NT Aboriginal ruling class has abandoned its
The presence of clinic defenders keeps dimension of a free society.
communities, is nearly three years old. It inconsistent and often tokenistic
the anti-abortionists away from the clinic, is a bipartisan policy of the “Labor” Party support for indigenous self-
so that staff and clients can enter and and the Liberals, introduced by Howard determination. It is now driving hard at
leave, and people can walk the street, re-introducing the long-discredited
What is the Melbourne and continued by Rudd. It is not, and
free from their harassment. Defending
never was, about child abuse. policy of paternalism and assimilation.
the clinic is still an important part of the Anarchist Communist
battle to decriminalise abortion and make Group?
it freely accessible, on demand, to all The NT Intervention comprises nine Land rights and native title have failed
women. The MACG is an organisation of measures, the most prominent of them to produce a class of capitalist
class struggle revolutionary being: Aboriginal entrepreneurs. Instead,
Organised by Campaign for Women's anarchists who share political underfunding and racist contempt have
Reproductive Rights. For more positions, articulated in theory, * Compulsory acquisition of Aboriginal created communities, especially
information, or to get involved in CWRR, land in targeted communities; around township camps, where many
strategy and tactics.
contact Radical Women on 03 9388 0062. * Compulsory control of Centrelink Aboriginal people have neither a
We aim to encourage struggle by
benefits of people in the targeted functioning traditional culture nor the
DEFEND THE FERTILITY the working class for its own resources to prosper in white society.
Aboriginal communities; and
CONTROL CLINIC interests and, within that struggle, * Imposition of Government Business
Last Saturday every month we aim to advance Anarchist Managers to control targeted Aboriginal The capitalist class has concluded that
10.00 - 11.30am ideas as its necessary communities. Aboriginal people can't manage their
118 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne philosophical basis. own affairs, so they have to have white
To achieve this, and the other measures, people control them again “for their
the Racial Discrimination Act was own good”. And what is good for them
Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group suspended. This is as clear an admission is (according to them) assimilation, to
P.O. Box 2120, Lygon St Nth, East Brunswick VIC 3057 of racial discrimination that you can get become absorbed into white capitalist from any modern government. society and live just like white people.
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NO JOBS ON A DEAD PLANET Only Workers can Prevent

Global Warming
The Copenhagen Conference has failed. Beneath a mass of lies, excuses and buck-
Capitalist “solutions” to Global Warming will Genocide ... continued from page 1
passing, the reality is clearly visible. The United Nations Conference, which was
push the cost onto those least able to pay Assimilation is Genocide
supposed to produce a binding international treaty to stop dangerous global warming,
has resulted in no such thing. Instead of even a “political agreement”, the massed
and generate splits in society which will There are many ways to commit
governments of the world have come up with an inadequate set of initiatives and a
prevent effective action. Only the working genocide, and putting people into gas
complete lack of commitment to making them legally binding.
class can prevent global warming, by ovens is only one. The ambition to
making the capitalists pay. Only the destroy Aboriginal culture by
working class, by taking direct action to assimilating Aborigines into white
Cynicism and Greed Market Solutions No Solution seize the means of production from the capitalist society also meets the
The debacle was entirely predictable. All sorts of self-appointed experts capitalists, can: definition of genocide. If the new
The capitalist ruling classes of the world advocate an emissions trading system, paternalists have their way, Aborigines
are full of cynical opportunists, whose the Australian version of which is the * Close down the fossil fuel power industry will move into "economically viable"
greed and short-sightedness has fuelled Labor Goverment's Carbon Pollution and convert to renewables without forcing towns and cities, Aboriginal languages
a dangerously irrational and reactionary Reduction Scheme. The idea is to enable miners and power workers into and culture will be lost and, most
denial industry. Dishonest and “the market” to find the lowest-cost path to unemployment; importantly, Aboriginal land rights will no
avaricious political elites, visibly in the safe levels of greenhouse emissions. longer be an obstacle to mining
service of their own ruling classes at There are many practical holes in this, * Massively boost public transport and shift companies.
home, don't miraculously become not the least of which is that dodgy the emphasis of travel away from the
courageous and far-sighted champions “emission-reduction” certificates that don't private motor vehicle, without forcing Aborigines are simply to be
of truth and justice when they meet at actually reduce emissions will be virtually workers in the vehicle industry into "Australians": - who happen to be very
an international conference. Rather, impossible to stamp out. unemployment; and poor and have dark skin, thereby
their double-dealing and special singling them out for racist treatment by
pleading are elevated to a new and More fundamentally, however, an * Change the pattern of urban development coppers and rednecks. And there's the
higher plane. Since they couldn't agree emissions trading scheme rewards the to end suburban sprawl and focus on rub. The genocide of Aboriginal society,
on how to make workers and the Third capitalists in industrialised countries with sustainable communities and transport even if accomplished, will not mean that
World poor pay for a solution to global obscene privileges to pollute, while options. Aborignal people become "normal
warming, they couldn't agree on workers in developed countries and Australians". Poverty and racial
anything meaningful at all. almost everybody in underdeveloped Even a government wanting to solve global oppression are still to be their lot.
countries will be compelled by market warming can be defeated by the economic
The capitalists have already delayed forces to make all the sacrifices. This power of capitalists intent on protecting An Injury to all
the required action for 20 years, from approach also allows capitalists in their own profits. Only through workplace Apart from those living in remote
the time it was first demonstrated that obsolete, polluting industries to preserve organising and direct action can this power communities and resisting integration
climate change was a real threat. The their source of profits by hiding behind be removed. And only a federation of into capitalist relations, almost all
science is undeniable and action is their employees and bleating about workplace and community councils can Aborigines in Australia are part of the
required now to prevent global warming “saving jobs” that they'd happily destroy plan and implement a path to a sustainable working class. To achieve working class
reaching dangerous levels. There is a themselves to boost profits. future, in Australia and for the planet as a unity, we need to fight all divisions within
real possibility that, unaddressed, whole. We're talking about a workers' our class, including racism, and the
climate change might begin a self- revolution, because nothing else will work. intended Aboriginal genocide in
reinforcing cycle of runaway warming,
WORKERS' DIRECT ACTION Australia is racism par excellance.
leading to a barely habitable planet.