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Task 1
Have a look at this picture, and try to give comments or responses to


teachers statements with your own words!

Task 2
You are going to hear a short oral text read out by the teacher. Study the questions first.
Listen to the text carefully and answer the questions while you are listening.
Listening text :


What is Anis hobby?



What kinds of fruit can Ani get from her garden?



What kind of rosebush does Ani grow?



Why is Ani unpahhpy today?



What do you think about the because of something has happened to the
rose plants?

Task 3
Give oral comments or responses to the story in the listening text you have just heard.
You can also retell the story with your own words.

Task 4
Read the listening text and answer these questions.
1. What does the above text tell about?

2. What kind of text is it? (Description, exposition, narration, persuasion, or argumentation)

3. Which word means berkebun in Indonesia?

4. What does the word them line5) refer to?

5. Which word means menyiram in Indonesia?

6. Which word means mekar in Indonesia?

7. What does the word they (line 8) refer to?

8. What does the word they line ) refer to?

9. Which phrase in the text indicates a constant or frequent practice in the past?

10. What is the meaning of the above phrase in Indonesia?


Here are some examples of the phrase used to which indicates a constant or frequent practice in
the past (tindakan yang pernah atau sering dilakukan pada waktu lampau). It doesnt happen at
present (sekarang sudah tidak dilakukan).
Decide the sentence pattern

I used to life in Tonatan. Now I live in Kepatihan.


I used to ride a Suzuki motorcycle. Now I ride a Honda motorcycle.


My son used to go to school by bicyle. Now he doesnt ride a bicyc;le anymore.


Mr. Salam used to smoke cigarettes. He has stopped smoking.


There used to be a bus station near to SMA 2. Now the bus station is far from here.

Sentence pattern:

Task 5
Make sentences from these jumbled words.
1. badminton Harry to - with used I play

2. to - father work Jakarta my - in used

3. school Edi - used - the - and to Esti at - same study

4. he when - young - Mr. - consume to - used alcoholic drink - Bintoro was

5. used - here there - headquarters an army be to

Task 6
Translate into English
1. Saya dulu pernah tinggal bersama paman saya

2. Adik perempuan saya dulu pernah / sering mendapat nilai jelek

3. Dulu pernah ada stasiun kereta api di dekat pasar Songgolangit

4. Pak Andri dulu sering pergi ke kantor naik mobil

5. Ketika saya masih kecil, saya sering mencari ikan di sungai Keong

Task 7
Make four sentences with your own words by using used to to indicate a constant or frequent
practice in the past and it doesnt happen at present. Your sentences describe real situations not
your imaginations.


A. Focus on the words: gardening and watering taken out of the listening text.
1. Study these sentences
a. Ani likes apple

b. Ani likes gardening

Ani likes banana

Ani likes listening to music

Ani likes bakso

Ani likes cooking

Ani likes fried chicken

Ani likes watching TV

Find out the similarity and the difference of the word Apple, banana, bakso, and fried
chicken with the word gardening, listening, cooking, and watching

: ..

Function : ..
2. Study these sentences
a. Gardening

is Anis hobby


is Anis hobby

Listening to music

is her hobby

Watering the plants

is her regular activity

b. Ani is gardening
Ani is cooking
Ani is listening to music
Ani is watering the plants
Compare the word gardening, cooking, listening, and watering in (a) with the word
Ani in (b)


Find out the similarities and the differences of the word gardening, cooking, listening,
and watering in the sentences a and b




The word gardening, cooking, listening and watering in (a) is called

The word gardening, cooking, listening, and watering in (b) is called .

B. Here are the versions of the ing form as gerund

1. Study these sentences and decide the sentence pattern
a. Watering her plants is her regular activity
b. Collecting key-holders is Antos hobby
c. Talking care of her garden makes Ani busy
d. Listening to music is enjoyable
e. Reading is important
f. Reading can increase your knowledge
g. Exercising regularly makes my body healthy
Sentence pattern:

2. Study these sentences and decide the sentence pattern

a. Anis regular activity is watering her plants
b. Antos hobby is collecting key-holders
c. My mothers activity in the morning is cooking
d. One of the water-sports is swimming
e. Hartonos new hobbies are fishing and hiling
Sentence pattern:

3. Study these sentences and decide the sentence pattern

a. Ani likes gardening
b. She prefers watering her pants in the afternoon
c. I dont ike collecting key-holders
d. Mrs. Anwar doesnt like reading newspaper
e. Some people love traveling
f. Yudi and Anwar dislike reading novels
g. Mareta enjoys watching KDI
h. Girls hate playing football
i. My aount prefers singing to dancing
j. Tety has finished writing an essay
k. You can continue doing the next exercise
l. Please stop talking, everybody ! It is tine to pray together

m. Keep sitting! Dont move from here

n. We will go on discussing after the break
o. Would you mind closing the door, please?
p. I am used to drinking much water
Sentence pattern:

4. Study these sentences and decide the phrase pattern of the ing form
a. This room is not for sleeping
b. France didnt succeed in defeating Italy in the world Cup 2006
c. Mr. Sahri feels tired because of working overtime
d. Can you explain the process of making gado-gado?
e. I want to tell you about traveling by air
f. My friend is good at speaking English
g. The English teacher will ask us to make some sentences by using the gerund
h. Little Joni left for school without this morning
Phrase pattern:

5. Study these sentences and decide the phrase pattern of the ing form
a. The television set is in the dining room
b. Our living room is full of photographs and paintings
c. Did you see many people at the parking area?
d. There is a fishing pond near to our school
e. The swimming pool is located on Jl. Pramuka
f. I will buy a swimming suit at that shop
g. Who borrowed my drawing pen yesterday?
h. A driver has to posses a driving license
Phrase pattern:

6. Study these sentences and decide the phrase pattern of the ing form
a. Tutis smiling makes me happy
b. The babys crying can be heard from here
c. I often hear your coming
d. His speaking is not to clear
Phrase pattern:

7. Study these sentences and decide the phrase pattern of the ing form
a. One cause of the forest destruction is the illegal logging
b. Hand writing is usually required to make a letter of application
c. Farmers send their rice to the rice milling nearby
d. The team teaching from SMA 2 Madiun has presented the implementation of KBK at
the workshop in Ponorogo
e. Our school has never held a contest of news reading
Phrase pattern:

There are .versions of gerund. They are .
Task 8
Underline the - ing forms in the following sentences and decide the patterns/ function
1. Mrs. Arnold will go to the shopping center with me
2. Watching TV for a long time is not good for own eyes
3. Risna is used to getting up early
4. This knife is nor for cutting meat
5. The reading text tells about the danger of smoking
6. A boy is running with his dog
7. There will be a contest of poetry reading
8. Seeing is believing
9. I dont like going to bed late
10. Some people like listening to radio better than watching TV
11. Do you need a writing book?
12. I have been waiting for two hours

13. Traveling by train is more comfortable

14. Grandpa knows nothing about the technique of operating a computer
15. I hate making trouble
16. Mrs. Anwar was working in the kitchen when I telephoned
17. Yuna loves eating bakso with chili sauce
18. One way to cut down trees in the forest is a block logging
19. Some girls prefer cooking to sewing
20. Where did you get this traveling bag?
21. We will stop studying before ten oclock
22. Hasan is very good at drawing
23. Sinta will be washing her clothes this afternoon
24. Talking about someones faults is not good
25. One of Tedys daily activities is feeding birds
26. Marina feels very disappointed because of losing in the game
27. Bobys dancing is very beautiful
28. Andriana doesnt like me. She always tries to avoid meeting me
29. Tono and Tini are taking a walk at the town square
30. Mrs. Wardoyo was very grateful for your coming
Make sentences from these jumbled words
1. writing Sonia letters love likes
2. for - me thanks helping
3. popular device nowadays hand phone a is talking
4. language a important foreign learning is
5. have machine mother sewing doesnt a my
6. of is of early gathering way food people a the life
7. great prize the is winning success a first
8. sport a diving sky dangerous is
9. you collecting when stamps begin did?

10. playing hobby Rinas badminton - is
11. computer process simple the is a - not producing of
12. decide thinking dont something without
13. peanut prefer some corn to planting farmers
14. want singing in dont to I - contest join the
15. most that people important some life thing the is - say eating in
16. awake me - your made stay snoring
17. do meeting you to the technical attend want?
18. in speaking communication skills or listening are the and
19. taking to I school mind - you dont
20. bicycle repairing needs your
Task 10
Make ten sentences with your words by using gerund in different in differents versions


Task 11
Rearrage these jumbled sentences into a paragraph entiles Slanky and Fied Rice

Sometimes Sanky buys fried rice at ice eating stall which is not far from his house.

It is the food that the likes best

Slanky loves eating friend rice

She cooks it on a cooking stove in her kitchen

Being hungry makes him stay awake all night

Slanky is a fat boy

He always depends on having fried rice to be able to sleep well

Before he goes to bed, he eats his favorite meal first

His mother often has to make some fried rice for him

They call him Gendut but his real name is Slamey Basuki

He cannot sleep without having fried rice.

People say that Slanky is the fattest boy at my village

Slanky and Fried Rice
Slanky is a fat boy ......

Task 12
Write an essay about a narrative story with your own words. Your essay consists of two paragraph
(150 200 words). It can be a fiction or true story. There are two examples of narrative stories
that you can study in this unit. They are Anis Garden (Task 2) and Slanky and Fried Rice
(Task 11). This task is intended to develop your potency in writing, so try to be creative. This task
belongs to a portofolio assignment.


Standard kompetensi
Mendengarkan : 2. Memahami teks fungsional pendek dan monolog berbentuk analytical
exposition dalam kontek kehidupan sehari hari

: 4. Mengungkapkan makna dalam teks fungsional pendek dan monolog yang

berbentuk analytical exposional pendek dan monolog yang berbentuk
analytical expositip dalam kehdoupan sehari-hari.

Kompetensi Dasar :
2.2. Merespon makna dalan teks monolog yang menggunakan ragam bahasa lisan secara akurat,
lancar dan berteirma daam kontek kehidupan seharihari dalam teks berbentuk analytical
4.2. Mengungkapkan makna dalam teks monoog dengan menggunakan ragam bahasa secara
akurat, lancer, dan berterima dalam kontek kehidupan seharihari dalam teks berbentuk
analytical exposition.
Stage 1 : Building Knowledge of the Field (BKOF)
Complete he text when you are listening to the text!
We are writing to ..(1) about ads on TV. There are so (2)
especially during .(3) We think they .(4) . For a
number of reasons. (4) ., ads are (5) They go on .(6)
.. and there are so many. Sometime there seems to ..(7) than ..
Second, .(9) . Are bad influence on people. They try to (10)
. People to buy (11) .. like beer, soft drink, (12) . And they
make people want things they .(13) and ..(14) ..
Finally, the people ..(15) .have to much say in what programmers people
watch. That is because they want to .(16) .. on popular programmers that a lot of
people watch. Some programmers which are not so popular get stop because they .
(17) .. eventhuogh those programmers may be someones favorite.
For those reasons, we think your station (18) . They interrupt programmers,
are . (19) . on people, and sometimes put a stop to peoples favorite shows. We are sick
of ads, and now we mostly watch . (20) . to ( A, B, C )


Re read the text completely sentence by sentence.
Answer the following questions based on the text orally!
1. What are people worried about?
2. How many opinions are there they worry about?
3. What is the first opinion?
4. What is the second opinion?
5. What do the parents do because of the effects on TV?
Stage 2. Modelling of trhe Text (MOT)
ACTIVITY 4 : Study the generic structure of analytical exposition.
The generic structure of analytical exposition can be :

: Introduces topic and indicate writes opinion.

ARGUMENT : Restates main arguments outlined in Preview.


: Restates writers position.

Teks jenid eksposisi analitis ( analytical exposition ) dibuat untuk membujuk / mempengaruhi
pembaca bahwa ada masalah yang tentunya mendapat perhatian.
Struktur teks :
1. Thesis

: Pernyataan pendapat

2. Arguments

: Argumentasi terdiri atas points yang dikemukakan dan elaborasi

pengembangan / pendukung masing-masing point)

3. Reiteration

: Penguat pernyataan yang telah disbeut diatas.

Now, lets analize of the text which is the Thesis, Argument, and reiteration of the text (Teacher
guide the students to analize the generic structure of the text)
Try to write one the following ideas!
Late students should be punished
Smoking in the school area should be prohibited.
In your group make the draft of the text above. First you must make a draft about everything you
want to tell. Pay attention to the generic structure, vocabulary and structure of the text.


Genre : Analytical Exposition

Basic competence

Understand the nuance of meaning and rhetorical steps in steps in written text in the form
analytical exposition

Express the nuance of meaning with appropriate rhetorical steps in writing text in the form
of analytical exposition.

Achievement Indicator

Students can identify the ideational meaning in the text

Students can produce an analytical exposition text

Stage 1 Building Knowledge of field

Activities 1 observe the picture and answer the questions
1. What is Jim Doing ?
2. Is it a good habit ?
3. What do you think about him ?
4. Do you agree with his habit? Why/ Why not?
Stage 2 Modeling
Activity 2. Read the text to answer the following question
Cigarette smokers are said to have a good chance of getting various fatal disease. But I
think that other peoples tobacco smoke seems to increase the chances of non smokers getting a
wide range of cancers. First, although passive smokers in is richer in many toxic chemicals. There
is for example, three times as much as henzo-apyrene, six times as much toluene and amore that
50 times as much as dimenthylnitrosamine. Of caourse these substance will harm our body in the
long run.
Secondly the recent research reported that the risk of getting cancers as not normally
associated with smoking also rose also rose among passive smokers. The risk of leukemia rose 6
8 times and the risk of cervical cancers increase 3 4 times.
Thirdly, past studies have found that by product of cigarettes smokes such as coniine and
thiocyanate, turn up in the blood, urine and saliva of non-smoking adults, children and fetuses that
have been exposed to smokers. These substances are the min causes of various cancers.


In short, the effects of exposure to the cigarette smoking of others are greater than has
been previously suspected. That is why passive smokers have more chance of constructing
cancers than people with no such expose.
1. What is a passive smoker?
2. Mention the toxic chemical in cigarette smoke?
3. The researcher points out that the smoke . (Paragraph 1 line 4)
The underlined phrase means .
4. What turn up in the blood, urine and saliva of non-smokers?
5. Why do passive smokers have more chance of contracting cancers?
Activity 3. Read the text more carefully and then answer the following question
1. What is the text about?
2. Find out three results of research that cigarette smoke is more dangerous for
passive smokers than active ones!
3. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
4. What is the right title for the above text?
Activity 4 Read the text again and identify the generic structure of text




Argument 2


Argument 3




Stage 3 Joint Construction

Activity 5 Make groups of four and discuss the following problem
1. What is juvenile delinquency?
2. What factors cause it ?
3. What do you think about this problem?
Activity 6 Write down the result of your discussion
Stage 4 Independent Construction
Activity 7 Choose one of the products (Food, house, book) from a newspaper or magazine.
Make in interesting brochure about it.





1. Listen to the text read out by the teacher and answer these questions briefly



What is the topic of the story?


Is Mr. Jefry a home gardener?


What flowers can you find at Mr. Jefrys garden?


What kinds of fruits does Mr. Jefry grow at his garden?


What are three activities that Mr. Jefry does to take care of this garden?


Why does Mr. Jefry use pesticides?


Do you think that Mr. Jefry is a hardworking person?

2. Make sentences from these jumbled words

a. teach SMA Pulung used at Mr. Sulaiman to
b. daily corn to meal for I eat used my
c. London used with in Mrs. Ramli me live to
d. Be locomotive Ponorogo there to in steam a used
e. Happy to husband her she with used former be
3. Make sentences from these jumbled words

much car concentration driving a needs


good think all exercise I

4. Make sentences from these jumbled words

a. Trianas stamps hobby collecting is
b. The duty teaching a guiding of is teacher and
c. One plants activities watering daily of is my
d. Your only goats not job is feeding
5. Make sentences from these jumbled words
a. loves sweets eating fried potatoes little Susi and
b. having in dont early I morning breakfast like the
c. keroncong you enjoy do songs listening to?
d. to - staying home aunt neighbors chatting my prefers with
6. Make sentences from these jumbled words
a. Afraid down is free Andi falting not of from
b. river bathing buffaloes is and this cows for
c. singing good Mirna campursari at is songs very
d. ceremony at the will seventhirty begin opening

7. Make sentences from these jumbled words

a. point hundred water centigrade is boiling degrees the of one
b. has bought stove mother a my cooking
c. door has house the a left our rolling on

d. ceremony at the will seven thirty begin opening

8. Make sentences from these jumbled words
a. come made here waving dog your Toms
b. didnt her hear shouting I
c. want Inuls to do swaying you see?
d. reading very his loud is
9. Make sentences from these jumbled words ( the underlined work in the initial position)
a. familiar hydroponics Indonesia Not farmers farming with in are
b. Unto bike popular nowdays cycling very in is Ponorogo
c. Often in Jakarta student happens quarelling
d. One mountain dangerous of sports is climbing
10. Rearrange these jumbled sentences into a paragraph. This paragraph tell about Kiki

The res colour of this fruit makes Kiki want to take it

Eating Javanese strawberry or widoro fruits is her hobby.

Her father and mother do not know what Kiki often does after school

Usually kiki does her habit while her parents are sleeping in the afternoon.

She is interested in picking up the Javanese strawberry on the tree because the ripe fruit
has an interesting colour

Kiki is a little girls in my neighborhood

Almost every day she climbs up widoro tree to get its fruits

She likes climbing up a tree.



* Listening the text (read out key the teacher three times)
Mr. Jefry is a policeman. He has a small area of land at the backyard. He grows various
kinds of plants such as rosebushes, jasmines, orchids, sunflower, grapes, strawberries and
pineapples. Watering plants is his daily work during the dry season. Mr. Jefry does not expect
something wrong happens to his garden. Controlling post is also very important. Sometimes he
uses pesticides to prevent plant pest. And giving fertilizer regularly to his plants is something
that he never forgets.
Kunci Jawaban :
1. a.

Mr. Jefrys garden (Mr. Jefrys activities atau alternatif lain)

b. Yes, he is
c. Rose, jasmine, orchid, sunflower
d. Grape, strawberry, pineapple
e. Watering plants, controlling pets, giving fertilizer
f. To prevent plant pest
g. Yes, he is very busy, he has two jobs : a policeman and gardener ( alternative lain yang
cocok dengan text)
2. a. Mr. Sulaiman used to teach at SMA Pulung
b. I used to eat corn for my daily meal
c. Mrs. Ramli used to live in London in Ponorogo
d. There used to be a steam locomotive in Ponorogo
e. She used to be happy with her farmer husband
3. a. Driving a car needs much concentration
b. I think jogging is a good exercise and guiding
c. Cleaning floor and washing clothes are not a childs work (washing clothes and
cleaning floor)
d. Traveling by bus
4. a. Trianas hobby is collecting stamps
b. The duty of a teacher is teaching and guiding
c. One of my daily activities is watering plants
d. Your job is not only feeding goats


5. a. Little Susi loves eating sweets and sweets and fried potatoes (friend potatoes and sweet)
b. I dont like having breakfast early in the morning
c. Do you enjoy listening to Kroncong songs?
d. My aunt prefers staying home to chatting withj neighbours (chatting with neighbours to
Staying home)
6. a. Andi is not a faid of falling down from a tree
b. This river is for bathing buffaloes and cows (cows and buffaloes)
c. Mirna is very good at singing campursari songs
d. The children entered the room without making noise
7. a. The boiling point of water is one hundred degrees Centigrade
b. My mother has bought a cooking stove
c. The house has a rolling door on the left
d. The opening ceremony will begin at seven thirty
8. a. Your waving made Toms dog come here
b. I didnt hear her shouting
c. Do you want to see Inuls swaying?
d. His reading is very loud
9. a. Farmer in Indonesia are not familiar with hydroponies farming
b. Now days cycling unto bike is very popular in Ponorogo ( Unto like cycling)
c. Student quarrelling often happens in Jakarta
d. Mountain climbing is one dangerous sports (Climbing mountain)

Kiki is a little girls in my neighborhood. She likes climbing up a tree. Almost

every day she climbs up a widoro tree to get its fruit. Eating Javanese strawberry or
widoro fruit is her hobby. She is interested in picking up the Javanese strawberry on the
tree because the ripe fruits has an interesting colour. The red colour of this fruits makes
Kiki want to take it. Usually Kiki does her habit while her parents are sleeping in the
afternoon. Her father and mother do not know what Kiki often does after school.