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Federal Register / Vol. 73, No.

27 / Friday, February 8, 2008 / Notices 7527

the Denied Person of the ownership, DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE premature disclosure of which would
possession or control of any item subject likely frustrate the implementation of a
to the Regulations that has been or will Bureau of Industry and Security proposed agency action as described in
be exported from the United States to 5 U.S.C. 552b(c)(9)(B) shall be exempt
the Territory, including financing or Materials Technical Advisory from the provisions relating to public
other support activities related to a Committee; Notice of Partially Closed meetings found in 5 U.S.C. app. 2
transaction whereby the Denied Person Meeting 10(a)(1) and 10(a)(3). The remaining
acquires or attempts to acquire such The Materials Technical Advisory portions of the meeting will be open to
ownership, possession or control; Committee will meet on February 21, the public.
C. Take any action to acquire from or 2008, 10 a.m., Herbert C. Hoover For more information, call Yvette
to facilitate the acquisition or attempted Building, Room 3884, 14th Street Springer at (202) 482–2813.
acquisition from the Denied Person of between Constitution & Pennsylvania Dated: February 5, 2008.
any item subject to the Regulations that Avenues, NW., Washington, DC. The Yvette Springer,
has been exported from the United Committee advises the Office of the Committee Liaison Officer.
States to the Territory; Assistant Secretary for Export
D. Obtain from the Denied Person in [FR Doc. E8–2370 Filed 2–7–08; 8:45 am]
Administration with respect to technical
the Untied States any item subject to the questions that affect the level of export
Regulations with knowledge or reason controls applicable to materials and
to know that the item will be, or is related technology.
intended to be, exported from the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE
United States to the Territory; or Agenda
International Trade Administration
E. Engage in any transaction to service Public Session
any item subject to the Regulations that [FA–437–804, A–471–806, C–437–805]
has been or will be exported from the 1. Opening Remarks and Introduction.
United States to the Territory, and 2. Report of Composite Working group Sulfanilic Acid From Hungary and
which is owned, possessed or controlled and ECCN review subgroup. Portugal: Final Results of Sunset
by the Denied Person or service any 3. Change of date of Australia Group Reviews and Revocation of Orders
item, of whatever origin, that is owned, Plenary to mid April 2008.
4. Export Control Directive issued by AGENCY: Import Administration,
possessed or controlled by the Denied
President George W. Bush on January International Trade Administration,
Person if such service involves the use
22, 2008. Department of Commerce.
of any item subject to the Regulations
that has been or will be exported from 5. Public comments from SUMMARY: On October 1, 2007, the
the United States to the Territory. For teleconference and physical attendees. Department of Commerce (‘‘the
purposes of this paragraph, service 6. Any other business. Department’’) published in the Federal
means installation, maintenance, repair, 7. Comments from Teleconferences. Register the notice of initiation of the
modification or testing. Closed Session five-year sunset reviews of the
Fourth, after notice and opportunity antidumping duty orders on sulfanilic
8. Discussion of matters determined to acid from Hungary and Portugal and the
for comment as provided in Section
be exempt from the provisions relating countervailing duty order on sulfanilic
766.23 of the Regulations, any person,
to public meetings found in 5 U.S.C. acid from Hungary, pursuant to section
firm, corporation or business
app. 2 10(a)(1) and 10(a)(3). 751(c) of the Tariff Act of 1930, as
organization related to the Denied
The open session will be accessible amended (‘‘the Act’’). Because the
person by affiliation, ownership, control
via teleconference to 20 participants on domestic interested party has
or position of responsibility in the
a first come, first serve basis. To join the withdrawn its participation and
conduct of trade or related services may
conference, submit inquiries to substantive responses in these sunset
also be made subject to the provisions
Ms. Yvette Springer at reviews, the Department is revoking
of this Order.
Fifth, this Order does not prohibit any no later than these antidumping and countervailing
export, reexport, or other transaction February 14, 2008. duty orders.
A limited number of seats will be
subject to the Regulations where the DATES: Effective Date: November 8,
available during the public session of
only items involved that are subject to 2007.
the meeting. Reservations are not
the regulations are the foreign-produced FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
accepted. To the extent time permits,
direct product of U.S.-origin technology. Devta Ohri or Brandon Farlander,
Sixth, the Proposed Charging Letter, members of the public may present oral
statements to the Committee. Written Import Administration, International
the Settlement Agreement and this order
statements may be submitted at any Trade Administration, U.S. Department
shall be made available to the public,
time before or after the meeting. of Commerce, 14th Street and
and a a copy of this Order shall be
However, to facilitate distribution of Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington,
served on the Denied Person and on
public presentation materials to DC 20230; telephone: (202) 482–3853 or
BIS, and shall be published in the
Committee members, the materials (202) 482–0182, respectively.
Federal Register.
This Order, which constitutes the should be forwarded prior to the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
final agency action in this matter, is meeting to Ms. Springer via e-mail.
The Assistant Secretary for Background
effective immediately.
Administration, with the concurrence of On November 8, 2002, the Department
Entered this 14th day of January, 2008. the delegate of the General Counsel, issued antidumping duty orders on
pwalker on PROD1PC71 with NOTICES

Darryl W. Jackson, formally determined on January 22, sulfanilic acid from Hungary and
Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export 2008, pursuant to section 10(d) of the Portugal (67 FR 68100) and a
Enforcement. Federal Advisory Committee Act, as countervailing duty order on sulfanilic
[FR Doc. 08–521 Filed 2–7–08; 8:45 am] amended, that the portion of the acid from Hungary (67 FR 68101). On
BILLING CODE 3510–DT–M meeting dealing with matters the October 1, 2007, the Department

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7528 Federal Register / Vol. 73, No. 27 / Friday, February 8, 2008 / Notices

initiated sunset reviews of these orders. classifiable under 2921.42.22 of the liquidation and antidumping and
See Initiation of Five-year (Sunset) HTSUS, contains 98 percent minimum countervailing duty deposit
Reviews, 72 FR 55742 (October 1, 2007). sulfanilic acid, 0.5 percent maximum requirements. The Department will
On October 12, 2007, and October 31, aniline, and 0.25 percent maximum complete any pending administrative
2007, we received notices of intent to alkali insoluble materials. reviews of these orders and will conduct
participate and substantive responses, Sodium salt (sodium sulfanilate), administrative reviews of subject
respectively, in these sunset reviews currently classifiable under the HTSUS merchandise entered prior to the
from a domestic interested party. Based subheading 2921.42.90, is a powder, effective date of revocation in response
on this information, on October 23, granular, or crystalline material which to appropriately filed requests for
2007, we informed the U.S. contains 75 percent minimum review.
International Trade Commission (‘‘ITC’’) equivalent sulfanilic acid, 0.5 percent These five-year (sunset) reviews and
that there was domestic interest in maximum aniline based on the notice are in accordance with sections
continuation of these orders. Also, on equivalent sulfanilic acid content, and 751(c) and 777(i)(1) of the Act.
November 21, 2007, we informed the 0.25 percent maximum alkali insoluble Dated: January 29, 2008.
ITC that we did not receive adequate materials based on the equivalent
substantive responses from any David M. Spooner,
sulfanilic acid content.
respondent parties and, as a result, we Assistant Secretary for Import
Although the HTSUS subheadings are
would be conducting expedited sunset Administration.
provided for convenience and customs
reviews of these orders. [FR Doc. 08–538 Filed 2–7–08; 8:45 am]
purposes, the written description of the
On January 28, 2008, we received a scope of this order is dispositive. BILLING CODE 3510–05–M
letter from the domestic interested party
that it was withdrawing its notices of Determination to Revoke
intent to participate in these sunset Pursuant to section 751(c)(3)(A) of the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE
reviews and that it was no longer Act and 19 CFR 351.218(d)(1)(iii)(B)(3),
interested in continuation of these National Oceanic and Atmospheric
if no domestic interested party files a Administration
orders. In addition, on January 29, 2008, notice of intent to participate, the
the domestic interested party filed a Department shall, within 90 days after [Docket No. 070817470–8113–04]
letter withdrawing its substantive the initiation of the review, issue a final RIN 0648–ZB55
response from the records of these determination revoking the order. None
sunset reviews. Because the Department of the respondent interested parties Availability of Grant Funds for Fiscal
has not expended substantial resources responded to the notices of initiation. Year 2008
in conducting these expedited sunset Further, because the domestic interested
reviews, we are accepting the domestic party has withdrawn its notices of intent AGENCY: National Oceanic and
interested party’s withdrawal of its to participate and its substantive Atmospheric Administration (NOAA),
notices of intent to participate and responses in these sunset reviews, the Department of Commerce (DOC).
substantive responses. Therefore, the Department finds that no domestic ACTION: Notice.
Department determines that there is no interested part is participating in these
domestic participation or adequate SUMMARY: NOAA publishes this notice
sunset reviews.1 Therefore, consistent
substantive responses from a domestic with 19 CFR 351.222(i)(1)(i) and section to supplement the agency’s solicitation
interested party. 751(c)(3) of the Act, we are revoking for applications published on July 2,
these antidumping and countervailing 2007 in an action entitled ‘‘Availability
Scope of the Order of Grant Funds for Fiscal Year 2008’’ (72
duty orders. The effective date of
Imports covered by this order are all revocation is November 8, 2007, the FR 36244). This notice announces 3
grades of sulfanilic acid (‘‘sulfanilic fifth anniversary of the date of the additional programs that are soliciting
acid’’ or ‘‘subject merchandise’’), which Department published these applications for FY 08 funding. In
include technical (or crude) sulfanilic antidumping duty orders and the addition, NOAA publishes this notice to
acid, refined (or purified) sulfanilic countervailing duty order. See 19 CFR change the funding years associated
acid, and sodium salt of sulfanilic acid. 351.222(i)(2)(i). with awards for the solicitation ‘‘FY
Sulfanilic acid is a synthetic organic 2008 Implementation of Regional
chemical produced from the direct Effective Date of Revocation Integrated Ocean Observing Systems’’
sulfonation of aniline and sulfuric acid. Pursuant to section 751(c)(3)(A) of the announced in the Federal Register on
Sulfanilic acid is used as a raw material Act and 19 CFR 351.222(i)(2)(i), the July 2, 2007 (72 FR 36244, 36263) and
in the production of optical brighteners, Department will instruct U.S. Customs amended on November 15, 2007 (72 FR
food colors, specialty dyes, and concrete and Border Protection to terminate the 64047).
additives. The principal differences suspension of liquidation of the DATES: Proposals must be received by
between the grades are the undesirable merchandise subject to this order the date and time specified under each
quantities of residual aniline and alkali entered, or withdrawn from warehouse, program listed in the SUPPLEMENTARY
insoluble materials present in the on or after November 8, 2007. Entries of INFORMATION section of this document.
sulfanilic acid. All grades are available subject merchandise prior to the ADDRESSES: Proposals must be
as dry, free flowing powers. effective date of revocation will
Technical sulfanilic acid, currently submitted to the program address listed
continue to be subject to suspension of in the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION
classifiable under the subheading
2921.42.22 of the Harmonized Tariff section of this document. NOAA’s
1 The statue requires revocation of an order
Schedule of the United States discretionary grant fund notices may be
pwalker on PROD1PC71 with NOTICES

within 90 days of initiating a sunset review when

(‘‘HTSUS’’), contains 96 percent no party responds to the notice of initiation. See
found on the internet at The
minimum sulfanilic acid, 1.0 percent section 751(c)(3)(A) of the Act. However, in this URL for is http://
maximum aniline, and 1.0 percent case, even though the domestic interested party
withdrew its participation after the 90-day period
maximum alkali insoluble materials. had expired, we find no basis to continue the FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For
Refined sulfanilic acid, also currently orders. those without Internet access request a

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