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Gmail - THE UGLY TRUTH by Stan J.

Caterbone August 19, 2015

Stan Caterbone <>

THE UGLY TRUTH by Stan J. Caterbone August 19, 2015

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Stan J. Caterbone <>
Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 4:34 PM
To: Peter Anders <>
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August 19, 2015
Hey Pete, ya know I think you are one of these cops that Governor Christie was talking about last night on the Bill O'Reilley show. Do you know what he did in Camden
New Jersey? He fired the whole police force and started over with a totally new police force. Crime went down and he put more police on the streets due to the fact he got
rid of the unions.
This is exactly what needs to be done with the Lancaster City Police Department. The police are supposed to keep the peace and protect and serve; instead all
you guys do is expend taxpayer monies lying and cheating to get me arrested or involuntarily committed. Then on top of that you are accumulating financial
liabilities to the same taxpayers. This just doesn't make sense anymore.
Now, as far as COINTELPRO is concerned, it will not provide you or anyone with wholesale immunity. Do you know about the program that brings people into Lancaster
County that look like other people, or body doubles? Do you have any idea how many of these characters I see on a daily basis? Now here is the other problem. Back in
2009 I wrote the following:

Ya know what, I am beginning to analyze this War on Terror and am having difficulty understanding it all. To me the most
effective fundamental fight against Extreme Terrorism is to reduce the motive; or the Hatred Against America. No one seems to
talk about that subject. How do we reduce that Hatred Towards America and the West? See, from my perspective, my situation is
very disturbing. I mean we have the United States Torturing Me, a U.S. Citizen for no good or valid reason. I have warned
EVERYONE about using my situation to feed this HATRED towards America. Low and behold a week or so ago I have had several
Muslims sign up as Followers to my webspace, which I use to post documents. The following
being the most prominent IKWAN Scope, "The Largest Muslim Brotherhood's Scope on the Web": have also been several Muslim individuals who signed up as followers around the same time,
a week or so ago.They have also signed up as followers on my webspace."
Do you know the truth about the Muslims following me around Lancaster in the early years of this situation? Don't believe what
Clark tells you. You are feeding right into the hands of ISIS and don't even know it. I would not be surprised if they are here
watching this.

I personally think that you, Bearing, Sadler, Gray, Stedman, and the rest should be terminated. Now, as far as financial penalties and criminal penalties I don't think that that
is fair because you do not know that this situation was created for me when my father went though this same set of circumstances back in the 1940's and until his death in
My personal suggestion is to have the National Guard start driving around the City to send these people away to where they came from.

Stan J. Caterbone, Pro Se Litigant

Advanced Media Group
Visit- for authentic documents pertaining the Lisa Michelle Lambert Amicus and all
related matters of Stan J. Caterbone and the ADVANCED MEDIA GROUP dating back to 1983.

PRIVILEGED AND CONFIDENTIAL: Stan J. Caterbone, Pro Se Litigant, and the Advanced Media Group are victims of U.S. Sponsored Mind Control and has been
engaged in litigation in both Federal and State courts seeking financial remedies and a resolution of his Civil Liberties and his Constitutional Rights. In 1987 Stan J.
Caterbone, while managing the financial firm the he founded, Financial Management Group, Ltd., Stan J. Caterbone became a Federal Whistleblower when, as a
shareholder, he claimed fraud and misconduct within the international arms dealer and local start-up International Signal & Control, Plc., Some 4 years later ISC
was indicted and plead guilty to the 3rd largest fraud in U.S. history, some $1 Billion and selling arms to Irag via South Africa. In June of 2015 Stan J. Caterbone
became the Movant in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania case No. 5:14-cv-02559-PD for the Habeus Corpus Petition of Lisa Michelle

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AFFIDAVIT to Judge Stewart Dalzall in Authored in 1998 With DOCKET of 5-14-cv-02559-PD False Arrests No Trespass Notices August 19, 2015.pdf

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Gmail - THE UGLY TRUTH by Stan J. Caterbone August 19, 2015

Stan J. Caterbone False Arrests updated October 26, 2009.pdf

Advanced Media Group and Stan J. Caterbone No Trespass Notice List of March 29, 2010-1.pdf
DOCKET and COMPLAINT for 06-4650 in U.S. Disrict Court of Eastern Pennsylvania IMPORTANT Pacer Download August 13, 2015.pdf
Stan Caterbone - Samuel P. Caterbone - Sammy A. Caterbone Notarized AFFIDAVIT of U.S. Sponsored Mind Control August 18, 2015.pdf

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