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Welcome to the James Allen Free Library

Our mission:

The James Allen Free Library aspires to make all the works of inspirational writer James

Allen (1864-1912) available online, to anyone, for free, in as many languages as possible.

First of all, we thank everyone who helped us find copies of James Allen’s writings.

James Allen daily shows today’s entries from James Allen’s book of meditations for
every day in the year and Morning and evening thoughts.


Books in English:

• Above life’s turmoil (1910).

• All these things added (1903).
Contains Entering the Kingdom and The heavenly life .
Both were later published as separate books.

• As a man thinketh (1902).

Allen’s best known book.

If you’re new to his work, you probably want to read this one first.

• Byways to blessedness (1904).

• Eight pillars of prosperity (1911).
• Foundation stones to happiness and success (1913).
• From passion to peace (1910).
• From poverty to power; or, the realization of prosperity and peace (1901).
Contains The path to prosperity and The way of peace .
Both were later published as separate books.

• James Allen’s book of meditations for every day in the year (1913).
A compilation of earlier texts, compiled by his wife Lilly L. Allen, after his death.

• Light on life’s difficulties (1912).

• Man: king of mind, body and circumstance (1911).
• Men and systems (1914).
• Morning and evening thoughts (1909). 2/27/2010
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• Out from the heart (1904).

• Poems of peace, including the lyrical-dramatic poem Eolaus (1907).
• The divine companion (1919)
• The life triumphant: Mastering the heart and mind (1908).
• The mastery of destiny (1909).
• The shining gateway (1915).
• Through the gates of good; or, Christ and conduct (1903).

Books in Spanish:

• Como el Hombre Piensa (2003).

As a man thinketh , traducido por Claudio Lincol.

• De la pobreza al poder; o la realización de la prosperidad y la paz (2009).

From poverty to power , traducido por Víctor M. Rosas García.

Books in Dutch:

• Alle deze dingen zullen u worden toegeworpen (ca. 1915).

All these things added vertaald door W.D. Koot.

• Denk beter word beter (1945).

Out from the Heart vertaald en bewerkt door B. Tadema-Doedens.

• Het lot meester worden (2007).

The mastery of destiny vertaald door Arjen van Kol.

• Van armoede tot rijkdom of de verwezenlijking van voorspoed en vrede (1909).

From poverty to power vertaald door G. Akersloot.

• Zoals je denkt (2007).

As a man thinketh vertaald door Arjen van Kol.

Books in Japanese:

• As a man thinketh, translated by Hideki Takahashi (PDF).

Other publications (all as PDFs):

• The light of Reason. Magazine edited by James Allen.

◦ Volume V, no. 1, January 1904.
◦ Volume V, no. 2, February 1904.
◦ Volume V, no. 3, March 1904.
◦ Volume V, no. 4, April 1904. 2/27/2010
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◦ Volume V, no. 5, May 1904.

◦ Volume VII, no. 6, June 1905.
◦ Volume VII, no. 9, September 1905.
◦ Volume VII, no. 11, November 1905.
◦ Volume VII, no. 12, December 1905.
• The new courage.
Article from Bibby's Annual as reprinted in Theosophy in New Zealand, January
7, 1914.
• How pain leads to knowledge and power.
Article from The Epoch as reprinted in Theosophy in New Zealand, April 7, 1912.
• Comment on Confucius and the poem Knowledge.
Respectively, from Theosophy in Australia, June 1st 1909, and The Aydar
Bulletin, February 1909.

Publications about James Allen (all as PDFs):

• The Occult Review, volume 12, no.2, August 1910.

• James Allen: A Prophet of Meditation. From Herald of the Star, March 1916.


Thanks to generous help, we now have, we believe at least, all books by James Allen
in English available here.

This doesn’t mean however that the library is now complete. We’re still looking for
people that can help us trace and are willing to lend us copies of James Allen’s
magazines The Light of Reason and The Epoch, texts by Allen in other publications, in
any form, be it on paper, or in some digital format. We would also like to collect
articles about James Allen published during his lifetime and shortly thereafter and
James Allen texts translated into other languages. For translations that aren’t in the
public domain, we need permission from the translator(s) to publish them here.
Contact us if you can help.

Web site hosting for the James Allen Free Library is kindly provided by in1woord. 2/27/2010
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As James Allen died more than 70 years ago, all his writings are now in the public
domain. You are free to copy or distribute any of the original English texts by James
Allen on this site. Other sites offering Allen's texts claim copyright over it by slightly
altering the texts. I find that rather sad. Especially as these sites contain ads and ask
for donations (and most likely copied the texts from this site in the first place). All texts
are here free for the taking. If you want to express your thanks in any way, just drop us
a line and donate some money to your favourite charity instead.

For the translations on this site, the situation is different. In some cases the translator
has been dead for more than 70 years. In all other cases the copyright for the
translations is owned by their respective translators. These translations may not be
copied or distributed without permission from the translator. Translators have
either given explicit permission for the publishing of their translation(s) on this site, or
the publishers of this site have unsuccesfully tried everything within their power to
track down the translator. If you are a translator of one or more of the translations
published on this site and you object to publication here, please contact us and we will
immediately remove your translation(s). 2/27/2010

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