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For the first time in our History a sitting POTUS has been officially charged wi
th TREASON (POTUS = President of the United States) Fellow Patriots, Just in....
4/5/09 For Your Widest Possible Distribution! "The letter below was verified la
st night when Carl Swensson spoke directly with Cmdr. Walter Fitzpatrick. We now
have a green light to spread as far and as fast as we can. The very special sig
nificance of this is in the outcome of the complaint... Only two options: POTUS
is removed from office or Cmdr. Walter Fitzpatrick is arrested& no middle ground
available. Since it has been 6 weeks since this was filed and no response was r
eceived BHO has effectively acknowledged he is ineligible. With this document in
hand anybody in the Country can now file a criminal complaint of Treason and th
ese criminal complaints will and must take priority over civil litigation. http:
//www.riseupforamerica. com/
For the first time in our History a sitting POTUS has been officially charged wi
th TREASON For immediate release... 5/1/09 Everyone seeing this needs to call th
e Tennessee US Attorneys office and demand ACTION, further, all Circuit court Ju
dges who we serve our indictments to need to be handed a copy of this Criminal C
omplaint. Our Government is sitting on this. Failure to act means they are compl
icit. You wanted a smoking gun? Here it is. This has been validated as authentic
. NATIONAL GRAND JURY INDICTS OBAMA FOR FRAUD AND TREASON <http://americangrandj national-grand-jury-indicts- obama-for-fraud-andtreason > ----------------------------- ---------------------**** OHIO RETURNS INDICTMENT AT 12:30 PM
EST 4/25/09 **** Foreman: Nancy Denutte

Place: Columbus/Blacklick, Ohio More States are now stepping up to the plate...
Keep going folks, we're only going to get better at it! http://americangrandjury
------ We're all in this together ----Provided by Robert Hefner A special thanks
to Mark McGrew!!! Article is on 200+ sites.........including this one:Antonin S
calia Article Page - < topics/article/P
eople/ Politicians,+Government+ Officials,+Strategists/Judges/ Antonin+Scalia/08
it on-line !!!
___Archive of Blog talk Radio program with Mark McGrew--- : http://www.blogtalkr Sentinel_Radio/2009/04/10/The- Mark-S-McGrew-Show
______________________________ Dr. Orly Taitz is coming to Atlanta on May 6th. W
e will be visiting The Capitol and delivering the Georgia Grand Juries Indictmen
ts and her Quo Warranto to various State officials. If you'd like to join us on
this journey, please contact me <mailto:prevere@> blog1/
Art work provided by Robert Hefner... Thanks Robert

Please use the informational tabs to the left... At approx. 4:15 p.m. March 28th
in the city of Stockbridge Ga. the people of Georgia returned an Indictment aga
inst Barack Hussein Obama!!!!!! 25 Jurists, duly sworn in, heard tesitmony and i
n a unanimous vote, Indicted the usurper. Georgia Patriots ****Be Proud of yours
elves**** You can still contact me and be an Alternate Jurist for our next meeti
ng. Our action will, hopefully get the desired result but will, by no means, end
this Georgia Grand Jury. We have more work to do in rooting out the co-conspira
tors. God Bless America Article By Sam Sewell http://thesteadydrip.
Pouring Oil on Troubled Waters The calming effect of oil was known to the ancien
t Greeks. In 1762, Benjamin Franklin repeated an experiment first performed by P
liny, which he reported in A Letter from Benjamin Franklin to William Brownrigg,
1773: I then went to the windward side where they (the waves) began to form; an
d there the oil, though not more than a teaspoonful, produced an instant calm ov
er a space several yards square which spread amazingly and extended itself gradu
ally till it reached the lee side, making all that quarter of the pond, perhaps
half an acre, as smooth as a looking glass. A strong wind that goes by many name
s is troubling the waters in America. I don t have enough metaphorical oil to ca
lm the metaphorical troubled waters of all America. However, maybe I have enough
oil to calm the trouble stirred up by issues surrounding the Grand Jury effort
to indict AKA Obama. Something as dramatic as citizens themselves deciding to ta
ke action by forming Grand Juries to indict a President is certain to stir up em
otions on both sides of the issue. My goal in this essay is to replace impulsive
emotions with facts and reason. Let me start with the dangers that emotions can
present as a component to solving problems. Every thought we think changes the
activity of specific chemicals in the brain called neuropeptides. What we are th
inking about determines what our emotions are.

Interestingly, certain kinds of thinking produce more emotional chemicals than o

ther types of thinking. Analytical, organizational, logistical, and mathematical
thinking produces very few emotions. That is why accountants, technical profess
ionals, and mathematicians seem to be so emotionally flat. Conversely, creative,
poetic, descriptive, and interpersonal thinking produces many emotions. People
like actors, writers, musicians, and artists frequently have enough emotions for
a family of four all by themselves. Emotions cloud our thinking, cause us to be
impulsive, and alienate others. Problem solving is better served by reason than
by feelings. So let s begin with all of those irrational fear mongers who are t
rying to discourage people from participating in a Grand Jury. From them, we are
hearing things like: People can t go around just starting their own pretend Gra
nd Juries. That has got to be against the law. You ll get arrested. You will go
to jail for falsifying a court document and impersonating a court official. You
have no right to do such a thing! Compare such scare tactics aimed at frightenin
g citizens to this clearly stated, rational wording in the Handbook of Texas: Th
e grand jury's investigation of any matter may be initiated by the court, the di
strict attorney, its own members, or any credible person. The grand jury may sum
mon witnesses by subpoena and examine them under oath. On completion of an inves
tigation the grand jury determines by vote whether or not an indictment should b
e presented to the court; nine votes are necessary for a decision to indict, and
nine members also constitute a quorum. I have also heard anti-grand Jury people
making emotionally driven arguments like: Ordinary people can t just go around
making decisions in Grand Juries without being supervised by a lawyer. The whole
justice system will fall apart if lawyers aren t supervising Grand Juries. Who
knows what horrible injustices they will commit without a lawyer to guide them?
In many states governmental lawyers are not only NOT welcome in Grand Jury sessi
ons, they are actually banned by law from any participation in Grand Jury sessio
ns. Take Virginia, for example. The mere presence of a lawyer representing the g
overnment will invalidate any decision of a Grand Jury. Without the dramatic rhe
toric, see how the State of Virginia explains the Grand Jury s relationship to a
ny such attorneys. To keep the Grand Jury free from any pressure from the State,
Virginia makes it illegal for any attorney representing the State to appear bef
ore the Grand Jury, except as a witness. If, however, members of the Grand Jury
have questions about their duties, they may ask the Commonwealth's Attorney for
advice. Except for these two cases, if a Commonwealth's Attorney appears in the
Grand Jury Room while the Grand Jury is there, any indictment

returned "A True Bill" by the Grand Jury is invalid (no good). Therefore, while
a Grand Jury may request the appearance of the Commonwealth's Attorney to testif
y as a witness or to explain some principle of law about the discharge of their
duties, they cannot seek his advice as to whether they should return an indictme
nt as "A True Bill." If a Grand Jury finds that it is in need of advice as to it
s duties but doesn't know if it can invite the Commonwealth's Attorney into the
Grand Jury Room to explain, it should notify the judge that it desires further i
nstructions, and it will receive such instructions in open court. So, far from c
itizens not having the authority to form Grand Juries, and far from citizens not
being able to function in a grand jury without the advice of an attorney, we di
scover that the Grand Jury option is designed to be initiated by citizens and to
function free from the influence of governmental attorneys. Although the laws m
ay vary from state to state, Grand Juries are viewed the way United States Supre
me Court Justice Antonin Scalia sees them, In fact, the whole theory of its func
tion is that it belongs to no branch of the institutional Government, serving as
a kind of buffer or referee between the Government and the people." Also, Unite
d States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia ruled in the case of United States
vs. Williams, 504 U.S. 36 at 48 (1992): Rooted in long centuries of Anglo-Ameri
can history, Hannah v. Larche, 363 US 420, 490 (1960) with J. Frankfurter concur
ring in result, the Grand Jury is mentioned in the Bill of Rights, but not in th
e body of the Constitution. It has not been textually assigned, therefore, to an
y of the three branches described in the first three Articles. It is a constitut
ional fixture in its own right. Clearly stated: The Grand Jury is a separate and
equal Constitutional power. The Grand Jury is not a tool for government to use
against its citizens. So my first teaspoon of rational oil is to still the water
s roiled by those who intentionally promulgate unfounded rumors. They are so thr
eatened by the constitutional power of the Grand Jury that they irresponsibly sp
read their reckless gossip in an attempt to frighten citizens away from exercisi
ng their legitimate constitutional rights. My second teaspoon of rational oil is
to be used to still all the angry anti-AKA Obama citizens who use more rhetoric
than reason to express themselves. There are not going to be any lynch parties
for politicians. As much as we might mention torches and pitchforks, the only re
volution I support and the only revolutions supported by the leadership of the G
rand Jury movement is a revolution as defined by the U. S. Constitution. Our for
efathers had the wisdom to provide a way for citizens to redress their grievance
s in a peaceful way.

If you personally have any other intentions, please remove yourself from my emai
l list and do not post on this blog. If you express irresponsible rhetoric that
even hints of any action that is not covered by your constitutional rights, plea
se disassociate yourself from the Grand Jury movement. Such attitudes are more o
f a liability than an asset to the cause. We welcome and appreciate patriots who
are committed to the principles of Constitutional Government. A little reminder
from some old friends of mine: You say you got a real solution Well, you know W
e'd all love to see the plan You ask me for a contribution Well, you know We're
doing what we can But when you want money for people with minds that hate All I
can tell is brother you have to wait Call to Action! We the people have the powe
r to make REAL change. We are the Fourth Branch of Government equal in power to
the other three branches. The US Constitution Says Judges and Prosecutors Need t
o BUTT OUT!! of Grand Jury Affairs It's none of their business who we want to in
dict. Carl now looking for more former Military Officers to come forward and fil
e the same complaint along with Citizens following suit... Game plan is still th
e same, Top Down and Bottom up approach. State AG s and State US Attorneys form
the top and local Judges and Sheriffs from the bottom. This is really it, end ga
me is upon us&" If you have difficulty contacting Carl Swensson, please let me k
now and I'll hook you up directly. bigg Bill Please advise, should you no longer
wish to receive emails from me. William G. Steiner, BS, M.Ed (PA Dept of Correc
tional Education, Retired) 133 Center Ave.

Mt. Pleasant, PA 15666 724-547-7107 Cell 412-582-0644 Email: n3auj@zoominternet.

net < > P.S. Dr. Orly Taitz is coming to Atlanta on
May 6th. We will be visiting The Capitol and delivering the Georgia Grand Jurie
s Indictments and her Quo Warranto to various State officials. If you'd like to
join us on this journey, please contact me (Carl Swensson) at-prevere@riseupfora <mailto:prevere@>
blog1/ To Forward a Message to Someonehttp://patriotsr
evolt. com/prlist/?p=forward&uid= 592ae1312cd7071e456ca7429dffd6 d1&mid=47
------------------------------ --------------------Inauguration Day President Ba
rack Obamas first 100 days spawned a whirlwind of legislative initiatives and con
troversy. An administration that promised bipartisanship soon found itself embro
iled in partisan bickering over Rush Limbaugh, bonuses to AIG executives, and me
mos that pulled back the curtain on enhanced interro-gations. Heres a look back at
the first 100 days of an administration many say is changing the role of governm
ent in American life for better or worse.
THE FIRST 100th DAY Day 1 - January 20, 2009 More than 1 million people crowd on
to the National Mall to witness history as Barack Obama is sworn in as the natio
ns 44th president. Those on hand include former Presidents Bill Clinton, George H
. W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter. Chief Justice John Roberts and Obama stumble over t
he oath of office; they later re-do the oath to make it official. Day 3 - January
22, 2009 With Vice President Joseph Biden at his side, President Obama signs exe
cutive orders outlawing enhanced interrogation techniques. He orders the CIA to ce
ase renditions, i.e., sending prisoners to countries that practice torture to elic
it confessions. Obama signs off on closing Guantanamo prison within one year.

Day 5 - January 24, 2009 In his first Saturday morning video address, Obama urge
s passage of Democrats mammoth stimulus-spending plan, which initially was slated
to cost $825 billion. I know that some are skeptical about the size and scale of
this recovery plan, he says. I understand that skepticism, which is why this reco
very plan must and will include unprecedented measures that will allow the Ameri
can people to hold my administration accountable for these results. Day 15 - Febr
uary 3, 2009 Health secretary nominee Tom Daschle admits being deeply embarrassed
and disappointed by revelations that he failed to pay $140,000 in taxes on time,
and withdraws. Obama, who staunchly defended his nominee to the bitter end, tel
ls NBC News that he erred by applying a double standard after promising to chang
e the way Washington operates. I screwed up, Obama says. Obama later nominates for
mer Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to take Daschles place. Day 21 - February 9, 20
09 During Obamas first national news conference as president, he rallies support
for a stimulus package that leading Republicans criticize widely as a massive bu
dget buster. By the time interest on the national debt is paid, the cost of the
package will exceed $1 trillion, critics say. Obama vows to do whatever it takes t
o put America back to work, adding that the economy could be back on track by 20
10 if we get things right. Day 24 - February 12, 2009 GOP Sen. Judd Gregg has a ch
ange of heart and announces his decision not to serve as President Obamas commerc
e secretary. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, who had hoped Gregg would
spearhead bipartisan support for Obamas economic plan, told the media, If I said i
t wasnt a disappointment, that would lack credibility. Gregg says he could not adv
ocate policies he did not totally agree with. Day 29 - February 17, 2009 Preside
nt Obama signs the $787 billion stimulus measure he insists is critical to the n
ations economic recovery. The bill passed Congress with almost no support from Re
publicans, who say their input was largely ignored. The bill that was about jobs,
jobs, jobs has turned into a bill that s about spending, spending, spending, pro
tests House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio. Day 31 - February 19, 2009 Oba
ma makes his first trip to another country as president, paying a visit to Canad
a. Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper appear at a joint news confe
rence, and agree to work together on strengthening the North American economy, p
rotecting the environment, and enhancing security. Day 32 - February 20, 2009 Af
ter a litany of negative remarks from Obama about the economy and inherited from
the Bush administration, stocks tumble to a six-year Investors primary fear: The
government will nationalize major U.S. Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a Republica
n, tells Newsmax that Obama conditions low. banks. Former is wrong to

talk down the economy, adding that the presidents performance is cause for alarm. D
ay 36 - February 24, 2009 President Obama receives heros welcome as he speaks to
joint session of Congress. He tells Americans that the nation will emerge from i
ts economic doldrums stronger than before. Obamas speech is interrupted 70 times by
applause, including 40 standing ovations. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindals GOP respo
nse receives mixed reviews. Day 38 - February 26, 2009 $3.6 trillion is the auda
cious size of the 2010 budgetary framework Obama unveiled. His economists estima
te that the federal deficit will balloon to $1.75 trillion. Obama promises to cu
t that deficit in half eventually, but critics charge that his projections are o
ptimistic. Day 39 - February 27, 2009 Obama speaks at Camp Lejeune, N.C., and ro
lls out a timetable for exiting Iraq. He tells the troops that U.S. combat missi
on will end in August 2010 but adds that a residual U.S. force of up to 50,000 t
roops will remain in Iraq to help support the Iraqi government. The target date
for all troops to come home is the end of 2011. Day 41 - March 1, 2009 Secretary
of State Hillary Clinton embarks on diplomatic journey to the Middle East, wher
e she announces nearly $1 billion in aid to war-torn Gaza. Its all part of a glob
al diplomatic offensive that involves dispatching emissaries and envoys to hot s
pots around the world Day 43 - March 3, 2009 British Prime Minister Gordon Brown
and President Obama share an awkward visit in the Oval Office. The British pres
s sense Browns visit is getting low-key treatment from Washington and conclude th
at the prime minister is on the receiving end of a snub. Obama later calls Brown
to assure him that is not the case. Day 49 - March 9, 2009 Obama overturns Bush
-era restrictions on embryonic stem-cell research. Social conservatives say they
are stunned at the scope of Obamas plan. Scientific research must be protected f
rom political influences, the president says. Day 51 - March 11, 2009 Obama sign
s the $410 billion 2009 omnibus spending bill Congress passed. Its stuffed with n
early 9,000 earmarks, including such fishy projects as $800,000 for oyster rehab
ilitation and $819,000 for study of the catfish genome, despite Obamas pledge to
stop legislators from designating public funds for their own pet projects. He ad
mits the bill is imperfect. Day 56 - March 16, 2009 Stung by public reaction to ne
ws that AIG executives were awarded $165 million in bonuses while the company wa
s on the public dole, Obama decries recklessness and

greed on Wall Street. Information later leaks out that the administration, includ
ing the Treasury secretary, had prior knowledge of the bonuses but did not inter
vene. Day 58 - March 18, 2009 A growing GOP chorus in Congress calls for the res
ignation of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Obama defends Geithner, saying
he has his complete confidence. Day 59 - March 19, 2009 Obama appears on the Tonig
ht Show with Jay Leno. While joking about his poor abilities as a bowler, Obama
remarks that his bowling is like Special Olympics, or something. The White House t
eam immediately recognizes Obamas gaffe, and he quickly apologizes for the remark
. Day 62 - March 22, 2009 Obama appears bemused by the disastrous economy, at ti
mes appearing to laugh off the economys dire state. This prompts 60 Minutes inter
viewer Steve Kroft to ask: Are you punch drunk? Obama explains that he has to main
tain a sense of gallows humor, given the seriousness of the meltdown confronting t
he nation. Day 63 - March 23, 2009 Geithner provides long-awaited details on his
plan to remove toxic assets from the banking system. Reassured that the White H
ouse finally has a plan in place to get the banking sector back on its feet, Wal
l Street begins a sustained rally. Day 70 - March 30, 2009 Taking unprecedented
control over the U.S. auto industry, Obama accepts the resignation of GM CEO Ric
k Wagoner. The administration announces restructuring ultimatums for GM and Chry
sler, which could be headed to bankruptcy. Conservatives warn that the administr
ation is meddling in free markets. Day 71 - March 31, 2009 The Obamas arrive in
London carrying a hefty portfolio of objectives they hope to achieve during a si
x-country tour of Europe and the Middle East. The primary focus is the G-20 summ
it Day 72 - April 1, 2009 Obama is a rock star at the G-20 summit, with heads of
state and dignitaries of every stripe jostling to get their picture taken with
him. He is unable to win the major concessions on economic stimulus and support
for the war in Afghanistan, but he and first lady Michelle make quite an impress
ion. Obama draws brickbats for his controversial, deep bow before Saudi King Abd
ullah. Michelle offends some British sensibilities by embracing Queen Elizabeth.
Day 78 - April 7, 2009 Obama makes a surprise visit to Iraq to thank U.S. troop
s, and proclaims, Weve made significant political progress in reducing conflict in
Iraq. He wins applause from U.S. soldiers by saying the time has come for Iraqis
to defend their own freedoms. They need to take responsibility for their country
and for their

sovereignty, he says. Day 81 - April 10, 2009 After meeting with his economic tea
m, President Obama says recent economic indicators provide glimmers of hope that t
he economy is making progress. He cautions, however, that the economy is still un
der severe stress. Larry Summers, Obamas chief economic adviser, later tells MSNBC
the economy still is mixed but looking more positive. Day 83 - April 12, 2009 Presi
dent Obama gives U.S. forces authority to fire on Somali pirates holding cargo-v
essel Captain Richard Phillips hostage in a lifeboat. When the captains life appe
ars to be in danger, U.S. Navy SEAL sharpshooters shoot from 100 feet away, kill
ing the three pirates. Phillips is rescued, but pirate leaders later say America
is now their Number 1 enemy and add ominously: In the future, America will be the
one mourning and crying. Day 87 - April 16, 2009 President Obama directs the Just
ice Department to release memos detailing the controversial methods the CIA used
to interrogate terror suspects. Obama tries to reassure agency operatives, by p
romising not to prosecute agents who were following proper orders and guidelines
. But he ignites a firestorm when he says later it would be up Attorney General
Eric Holder to determine who could be prosecuted. Day 98 - April 27, 2009 Obama
reassures Americans that the emerging swine flu pandemic is not a cause for alarm
. U.S. health authorities declare a public-health emergency, and the news sends o
verseas stock markets tumbling. Obama promises that federal health authorities w
ill provide regular updates. In remarks to the National Academy of Sciences, Oba
ma also unveils a major initiative to fund research and develop the next generat
ion of scientists.
WAKE UP AMERICA!! ------------------------------ ------------------Obama s Docum
ented Lies: 158 and remarkably still growing 2008/
05/documented-lie-50- obama-claime... # 158 Obama claims he wrote letter to US T
reasurer to try to prevent the housing crisis; but he acted only AFTER he had ca
used it by blocking McCain s bill # 157 Obama claims he is bipartisan ; Congress
ional Quarterly shows he voted with his party 97% of the time # 156 Obama s dirt
y lie scares seniors: falsely claims McCain plans to cut $880 billion from Medic
are: liar liar liar says Annenberg Factcheck # 155 Obama lies about his mother t
urning to food stamps AND still sending him to top schools; his grandmother paid
for education # 154 Obama lied about being asked to wear dead soldier s bracele
t: family had asked Obama to stop wearing it

# 153 Obama claimed all new spending is economic plan was self-funding; short by
$3.5 Trillion says nonpartisan Tax Policy Center # 152 Obama denied Admiral Mik
e Mullen had called Obama s Iraqi troop plan "dangerous"; Mullen made comment on
Fox in July 2008 according to WaPo # 151 Obama lied about Kissinger s views of
diplomacy during first debate; Kissinger confirms the lie # 150 During Debate 1
Obama denied voting to tax some people making $42000 a year: Annenburg Factcheck
,org confirms Obama is lying # 149 After Debate 1, Team Obama denied Obama ever
said, "Iran s not a threat": Video proves Obama DID say "Iran is NOT a threat."
# 148 Obama claims under McCain employers would be taxed on the health care bene
fits it grants to workers; he s lying # 147 Obama refers to an Iraqi surplus of
$79 billion and says US should have it; its $60 billion and dwindling # 146 Obam
a claims only 5% of Americans would see tax increase; he s grossly understating
the number of people effected # 145 Obama accuses McCain of lying about Biden be
ing against clean coal; video proves Obama is lying # 144 Obama claims McCain is
opposed to abortion in cases of rape or incest; McCain has never held that posi
tion. # 143 Obama accuses McCain of making an ad about Obama s vote to approve l
eaving babies who survive abortion procedures to die; McCain did not make the ad
# 142 Obama s ad on abortion claims BHO always supported medical care to protec
t infants; text of the Bill he supported shows he wanted babies born alive after
abortions to be left to die # 141 Obama s ad on abortion uses quotes by journal
ists who made negative comments about a McCain ad; but Obama is misleading becau
se both journalists have been proven to be incorrect # 140 Obama s lying when he
says McCain s ad misstated BHO s Sex Ed for Kindergartners Bill: McCain s ad wa
s accurate; here s the Sex Ed Bill text # 139 Obama and Biden both truncate McCa
in s comments on the strength of the economy s fundamentals: deliberate distorti
on # 138 Biden claims McCain tried to hurt our veterans by denying them educatio
nal benefits; NewsWeek confirms Biden is lying # 137 Obama claims under McCain,
Elderly would have had Social Security tied up in the Stock market; Newsweek cri
es BS # 136 Obama claims his opponent will cut social security in half: NOT true
; Obama guilty of scare-mongering aimed at Seniors # 135 Biden claims McCain wou
ldn t help small borrowers hurt by housing crisis; this is untrue according to N
ewsweek # 134 Obama claimed during the primary he had more Ex President Clinton
Foreign Policy advisers than Sen. Clinton; she had 70% more # 133 Obama claimed
his father served in World War 2: his Kenyan-born father never served # 132 Obam
a grossly misquoted Sen.Clinton about her vote on a banking bill; BHO used the f
alse quote to show why voters don t trust Government # 131 Obama claimed employe
rs are more likely to be struck by lightning than be prosecuted for employing il
legals; Gov stats prove he s lying # 130 Pushing his Green agenda Obama claimed
Japanese Car average 45 mpg fuel efficiency; its actually around 29 mph # 129 Ob
ama disparaged the President saying he hadn t met with auto makers until the six
th year of his presidency; GWB met automakers in April 2003 # 128 Obama disparag
ed the efficiency of our healthcare system saying the U.S. spends twice per capi
ta than other countries: WaPo proves he s lying # 127 Obama claims President Cli
nton s Labor Secretary said BHO s healthcare plan, "Does more than anybody to re
duce costs"; Robert Reich did NOT say it # 126 Obama falsely claimed he won the
Michigan Democrat primary: he was not on the ballot

# 125 Obama s Spanish language ad lies about McCain s position on immigration; t

ries to stir race-war: lies debunked by ABC # 124 Obama lies about his interfere
nce in Iraqi negotiations; but his campaign admits his treachery # 123 Obama too
k credit for the economic stimulus package passed in Feb 08; BHO s colleagues on
Capitol Hill cry BS # 122 Obama claims Big Oil is ignoring 68 million acres of
oil fields they could be drilling; most fields are being worked # 121 Obama clai
ms never questions his opponent s patriotism; asks of McCain "WHICH country firs
t?": ABC says he s questioning McCain s patriotism # 120 Obama claims personal s
avings rates are lowest since the Great Depression; currently higher than under
President Clinton # 119 Obama claims on this video that he doesn t switch positi
ons; list of 31 flip flops show he s lying # 118 In the Primaries Obama puffed h
is resume claiming he was a "Professor"; State Senate bio shows he was not ; he
now agrees # 117 When Obama ran for US Senate his web site claimed "5 years as a
community organizer"; he admits it was only 3 years # 116 Obama s attack ad in
Michigan claims McCain doesn t support loan guarantees for auto-industry. McCain
DOES support them # 115 Obama says "if we re STILL in recession when he takes o
ffice...etc"; the economy is NOT in recession # 114 Obama claims he signed up fo
r Selective Service when he graduated from High School; records show he did NOT
until he d been at college 1 year # 113 Attacking Palin, Obama has the audacity
to claim,"Words mean something; you can t just make things up "; BHO makes stuff
up # 112 Biden claims McCain will increase taxes for workers & Obama will only
increase taxes on those making $435k: he s lying # 111 Biden claims Obama drew t
he Nation s attention to problems at Walter Reed Army Hospital; it was two WaPo
reporters that reported the issues to the Nation # 110 to make Obama seems more
American/less exotic, Biden tells Scranton crowd Obama grew up in Kansas; BHO gr
ew up in Hawaii and Indonesia # 109 Obama lies yet again to disparage Gov. Palin
; ignores her executive experience as Governor of Alaska # 108 Obama says the US
economy has failed under Bush; World Bank stats proves Obama s been lying; US a
world leader in growth, employment, incomes # 107 Obama claims if you are born
into poverty in America you are on your own: there are many government programs
# 106 Obama claims he s bi-partisan: voting records prove Obama is #11 most part
isan # 105 Claimed Hillary would be on anyone s short-list; Hillary wasn t on Ob
ama s short-list # 104 Obama claims abortion rates have not gone down under the
Bush Administration; stats show they have gone down # 103 Obama dismissed Bomber
Bill Ayers as "some guy who lives in the neighborhood";they had a close working
relationship # 102 Obama claims there s no charge to attend his acceptance spee
ch: CBS 4 in Denver proves he s lying; some tickets cost $1000 # 101 Obama used
being a first-time-buyer to justify consulting with Rezko before he bought his h
ouse; BHO had already purchased a residence # 100 Obama lies about his support f
or infanticide; campaign concedes in 03 he opposed a bill stopping the killing o
f kids born alive after abortions # 99 Obama overstates Oil Industry s contribut
ions to McCain; ignores cash the Oil industry gave BHO; Newsweek debunks # 98 To
belittle America,Obama exaggerated the growth in Debt under the current Adminis
tration; debunked by WaPo # 97 Obama claims President George W Bush had not left
the country before he became President; WaPo confirms he s lying

# 96 To promote "green", Obama claimed he drove a vehicle that uses ethanol; GM

confirmed the model was NOT ethanol-ready # 95 Obama claims he s taking his fami
ly for a week s rest in Hawaii with no campaigning; schedules a rally for first
day # 94: Obama claims "properly inflating tires" will save as much energy as we
could drill offshore; analysis shows not even close # 93 Obama denies accusing
McCain of using race against him; ABC, NYT confirm Obama did accuse McCain of ma
king racial attacks # 92 Obama claims he s not being political when he s flip-fl
opping; timing & direction of major flip-flops show he s lying # 91: Obama INVEN
TS a wall between Christians and Jews; deceptively omits the major religious wal
l is caused by a "fatwah" to kill American Christians and Jews # 90 Obama claims
he made a substantive call for Germany to help in Iraq; Berlin speech transcrip
t proves he s lying # 89: Obama admits he underestimated the decline in violence
from the Surge; falsely claims McCain made same mistake # 88 Obama turned a dis
appointing crowd of 20,000 into media reports of 200,000 # 87 Obama lied about h
is father s religious upbringing! half-brother confirms Obama s father was "RAIS
ED Muslim" # 86 Obama claimed we only made one fundraising trip to Florida durin
g the Primary; Florida papers proved he lied # 85 Claims reducing obesity to 80
s levels would save Medicaid ONE TRILLION DOLLARS; not even close # 84 To make I
raq/Afghan Wars look bad, Obama claimed demands on Nat Guard personnel hurt floo
d relief; Guards prove lying # 83 Claimed due to overseas commitments, too few h
elecopters were available to help with Midwest flood relief; now concedes not tr
ue # 82 Starting in Iowa, Obama claimed Clinton s healthcare plan would "punish
families that couldn t afford healthcare"; NYT calls BS # 81 Obama claims McCain
s tax plan will do nothing to help the middle-class: The Tax Policy Center prov
es he s lying # 80 claims the use of an Email with a big red DONATE button is NO
T a fundraising solicitation # 79 Obama claims his trip to Europe was non-politi
cal: uses video of Berlin speech to raise money within hours # 78 Tells NBC that
during the debate on the Surge he said the Surge would work in Baghdad; video p
roves during the debate he said the opposite # 77 Obama s "Changing World" ad cl
aims he ll fast-track alternatives to oil to stop us buying from hostile nations
; "fast track" is totally misleading # 76 Obama tells Israeli media that he s a
member of the Senate Banking Committee; CNN confirms he s delusional # 75 Obama
claims Lou Dobbs caused hate crimes against Latinos to double; the FBI and CNN c
onfirm Obama is lying # 74 Obama claims the military brass think like he does; t
op US commanders say his plan for Iraq is unworkable # 73: Obama promised to fil
ibust FISA; later Obama voted for FISA and now denies changing his position # 72
Obama belittles Americans claiming we can t speak European languages; he s talk
ing merde; mierda; Scheie # 71 Obama denied he accused President Bush of starting
the War for political reasons; Russert transcript proves Obama made that false
claim # 70 Obama claims there has been substantial job losses from NAFTA; Indepe
ndent studies show its at least" job neutral" # 69 Claimed in Feb 08 he got 90%
of funds from donors giving $25, $50; fed filings show he got only about a third
from donors below $200 # 68 Obama rewrites history about what specifically he h
ad said during his October 2002 anti-war speech # 67 Obama claimed in 04 that he
had never supported bringing troops out of Iraq;

rare video of 03 Teamsters rally shows he s lying # 66 Obama lied about the soft
ness of the Stock Market to support his false claim the War was being used to di
stract the public # 65 To justify move to private funds, Obama claims McCain s c
ampaign is" fuelled" by PACs and Lobbyists; its less than 2% of McCain s money #
64 Obama s "Dignity" ad claims he "worked his way" thru college and law school;
campaign admits only two summer jobs # 63 Obama s "Dignity" ad gives him credit
for reducing Welfare rolls by 80%: he s deceptive as he was opposed to Fed Welf
are Reform in 96 # 62 In Obama s The Country I love ad, he takes credit for pas
sing a healthcare bill he did NOT vote for # 61 Claims he first ran in Chicago a
s an unendorsed candidate; his 96 election questionnaire proves he had several
# 60 Obama claims he wants a vigorous and open debate on the issues: then goes o
ut of his way to avoid it # 59 Obama omits key details about a false rumor re vi
deo of Michelle s "whitey" rant to justify breaking his public funding promise #
58 Obama tries to deceive about why he voted "present" more than 100 times in t
he Illinois Senate; Chicago paper reveals the truth # 57 Trying to claim patriot
ism Obama says his grandad signed up the day after Pearl Harbor; army records di
sagree # 56 Claims race and party not important to how people vote as they put A
merica first; 93% block vote disproves # 55 On June 5, Obama stated that Israel
must remain undivided; June 6 on CNN he reversed his position, but denied he had
done so # 54 To further his own agenda, Obama grossly overstates the number of
potential African-American votes in MS, GA, SC # 53 Promise of $2500 reduction i
n Healthcare premiums needs billions in Admin cost savings by 2012: not possible
# 52 Obama omits to mention his 3 week trip to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
until it slips out trying to out-do Clinton # 51 Obama claims McCain wants to w
age a lengthy war in Iraq: Video proves Obama s lying # 50 Obama claimed he neve
r prayed in a mosque; his campaign had to retract that statement # 49 Obama dish
onestly used endorsements in ads to pump up his healthcare plan # 48 Claims he n
ever discussed politics with Pastor; rebutted by photo of Obama with team of lob
byists led by Wright # 47 Obama, an expert at parsing words, claimed he wasn t f
amiliar with the word "Clintonian"; then changed his story # 46 Despite reeking
of cigarettes, Obama denied smoking to ABC; now admits smoking on MSNBC # 45 Oba
ma said he d meet unconditionally with Leader of Iran: now claims he "didn t hav
e Ahmadinejad in mind" # 44 Obama claims he is using public financing to avoid s
pecial interests: WSJ nails his switcheroo # 43 Obama s rhetoric claims more you
ng black men in jail than college: BoJ Stats disprove # 42 Claims he never said
he was a proponent of single-payer universal healthcare; Video proves he did # 4
1 Obama claims remarks to industrialists were greeted with silence, shows he can
deliver tough message: video of ovation # 40 Obamas claim you dont rip opponent
s & leave on roadside:he did to Alice Palmer # 39 Obama denies saying Indiana co
uld be tie-breaker: he did # 38 Obama omits that Pastor Wright led divestiture c
ampaign from Israel # 37 Obama claims Church not controversial; he knew it was c
ontroversial since 86 # 36 Lied about intention of taking US out of NAFTA

# 35 Obamas claim poverty growing up: both distort reality # 34 Obama denies mee
ting Saddam s Auchi; sworn Fed. witness places Obama at undisclosed party for Au
chi at Rezkos # 33 Obama lies about not attacking Clinton over her Bosnia lies #
32 Obama claims he passed ethics reform; ABC News shows he lied # 31 Obama says
he s consistently opposed NAFTA; in October 2007 he supported expansion to Peru
# 30 Obama claims he s above dirty political tricks; Clinton proves he lies # 2
9 Obama claims his "bitter" remarks were mangled; then repeats attacks on guns r
eligion and angry people # 28 Obama claims never said he wouldn t wear US flag-p
in; video shows he did # 27 Obama says he did no favors for Rezko;untrue; he lob
bied for him # 26 Changes story repeatedly re Rezko s help in buying mansion # 2
5 Obama claims he never supported a ban on handguns; he has twice # 24 Obama cla
ims stays at UCC as Pastor acknowledged comments were inappropriate; Wright neve
r made this statement # 23 Campaign is beholden to "only the people" as unlike M
cCain/Clinton he does not take lobbyist /PAC money; LIES! # 22 Claims campaign n
ever called Canada to say Obama not truthful re wanting leave NAFTA; smoking gun
memo proves lied # 21 Mrs Obama admits she s never been proud of America; Video
disproves Sen. Obama s later claim she was misquoted # 20 Claimed would not run
for President, as he would not be qualified by 2008: confirmed 3 times to Tim R
ussert in one 2006 interview # 19 Claims famous in Il. for not letting lobbyists
even buy him lunch; took from teachers, trial lawyers, hospital admins # 18 Cla
ims his parents met at Selma civil rights march; Washington Post noted it occurr
ed 4 yrs after Obama s birth # 17 BO claims courageously opposed war in 2002 dur
ing US Senate campaign; He did not announce his senate bid until 2003 # 16 Claim
s he passes tough Nuclear Law; NYT uncovers he took Nuclear Industry pay-off and
watered down the bill # 15 Claimed he didn t know Rezko was corrupt when did a
real estate deal with him; Chicago papers prove he lied # 14 Claims does not acc
ept money from Big Oil: Real Clear Politics proves he lied # 13 Denies using his
Hopefund PAC to influence endorsers; but the Washington Post reviewed the recor
d and disagreed # 12 Claims his State Chair is not a drug company lobbyist; Time
magazine cries Bullshit # 11 Lies about how much he received in campaign funds
from Rezko; forced to significantly increase the amount twice # 10 Claims he did
not fill out the 1996 candidate questionaire; Politico proves he lied # 9 Took
credit for achievement of others in Chicago; resume puffing exposed by LA Times
# 8 Claims he kept no State Senate records; now he changes his story # 7 Denies
doubling wife s salary was due to becoming US Senator; omits within months he ea
rmarked $1 million for hospital # 6 Denied meeting Saddam bagman Auchi; now admi
ts he was at his dinner but does not remember talking to him # 5 Denies using hi
s church for politics: IRS disagree # 4 Claims he was unaware of Pastor Wrights
911 comments: NYT proves he lied # 3 Claims his father was a goat-herd; actually
he was a man of privilige # 2 Claims not an active muslim as child; Indonesian
paper proves he lied # 1 Claims father linked to Kennedys; Washington Post prove
s he lied

racter, Please Speak up. ------------------------------ --------------------How
the Great Depression brought Adolf Hitler to power Oh goody! Looks like we re ha
ving another Depression -- maybe just a little one, but who knows how long we ca
n stretch it out, if we give it a good try? SB123
612575524423967.html So now we can play FDR and The Glorious New Deal. If that s
ounds insane to you, well, it s what both Charles Krauthammer and David Broder - the Burt and Ernie of the Washington Post -- have now concluded about the Obam
a White House. wp-dyn/content/article/2009/ 03/05
/AR2... wp-dyn/content/article/2009/ 02/25/AR2...
The Great Depression certainly empowered FDR to make big changes in America ove
r his four terms. In spite of all the hoo-hah the country didn t get out of the
long, long slump until 1940 or so, with the huge mobilization of men and industr
ial resources for World War II. But FDR did get to play to his heart s content,
through the NRA, the WPA, the AAA, the CCC, the TVA, the NLRB, the FDIC and the
SEC. By comparison all we ve got is a measly TARP. So far. Trouble is, the Great
Depression also brought Adolf Hitler to power. (Darn, I knew there had to be a
downside somewhere.) For those who have forgotten history or never bothered to l
earn it, here s is the sixty-second version. 1. Adolf Hitler started out as just
another Bohemian intellectual, a sort of firebreathing hippie, hanging around t
he coffee houses of Vienna after the big defeat of World War I. Just like Lenin,
Mussolini and all the other psychopaths who rose to power around the same time.
(Look it up, kids). His ilk can still be found in all the big city cafes of Eur
ope, along with Berkeley, California, Madison, Wisconsin, and other college town
s. They all profess peace. But in the right conditions, they are all happy to se
t off sociological or real dynamite. (Viz., Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn; the
Rev. J. Wright and all the rest.) Today the cafe intellectuals are more likely
to be Islamic fascists, but what s the big diff? They all follow Hitler s big ma
xim, "Alles muss anders sein!" ("everything must change") or, in Obamalingo, "Ch
ange you can believe in." They all hate whatever is; it doesn t matter where the
y want to go. They want a perfect world, every single one of them. Therefore the
y all hate freedom, electoral democracy, and the blood-sucking capitalists. They
all demand justice and equality. And millions of suckers always fall for it. So
me things never change; even the words don t change, much less the marching musi
c. 2. When Hitler got out of the Kaiserliche Wehrmacht with burned-out lungs fro
m mustard gas, Germany was broke. The Reich had started the war as the wealthies
t, most industrialized, most highly-educated, and perhaps even the most arrogant
nation in Europe. (Although that s a tough one to judge, there being so much co
mpetition in the arrogance sweepstakes in Europe.) Anyway, if you remember the g
oose-stepping soldiers with the funny helmets with the little spikes on top, and

all the cheering people standing on the sidewalks going Hoch! Hoch!, that s the
one. 3. As punishment for the war, the Versailles Treaty required the Germans to
pay their victims, to handicap their military and heavy industries, and to be n
ice to their neighbors. They did pay some money for a while, but then they just
lied about all those other things. None of the victorious nations dared to actua
lly find out if the Germans were re-arming or not. Besides, the Germans and Aust
rians felt threatened by the new and militant Soviet Union, accidentally created
when the old Reich helped Lenin to overthrow the Czar of Russia. (Lenin was ano
ther cafe intellectual who turned into a ruthless mass-murdering tyrant, except
that he hung around Zurich rather than Vienna.) 4. After WWI the Weimar Republic
brought parliamentary democracy of a kind to Germany. But it also saw a wave of
corruption, degradation of middle class values, attacks on religion, promiscuit
y, and glorification of "alternative lifestyles" -which all agreed on their hatr
ed of the bourgeoisie (who happened to be their parents) -- along with lots of a
rtistic expressions of the same Up Yours! attitude that has made government-fund
ed artists so popular in our day. (A lot of our avant garde is just the derriere
garde of Europe s Weimar period. Nothing new there at all.) 5. Having the Sovie
ts practically next door was a big help to the German Communists -- who still ca
lled themselves Communists rather than Black Liberation Theologians, as ours do
today. But just like Rev. J-Wright, they , or as they called it, the bourgeoisie
. (That was their parents, remember?) So did Mussolini and Hitler, who also rose
to power as radical world-changers in the turmoil of the day. They were also bi
g ecofreaks -- because Mother Nature was good, you see. They practiced a fair am
ount of nudity and gayety, celebrated sex and violence, got drunk and carried on
riots, and whipped up giant hatreds against scapegoats -- the French, other rac
ially inferior peoples, and of course ... . Yes. They also swore to eliminate th
e handicapped, the retarded, and any organized religion. Both the Communists and
the Nazis really really hated Christianity. Not just Judaism and the Jews. They
were equal-opportunity haters, without fear or favor. 6. The whole Ship of Fool
s seemed to go sailing along until the economy went kaput. But why did it? You c
an point to hyperinflation, long and deep declines in industry and agriculture,
unemployment, and shaky currencies. Europe had decades of troubles before the Un
ited States caught the bug. Stock markets dwindled, trade barriers went up, and
on October 29, 1929, far away in New York City, Wall Street went into a tailspin
. It was followed by the other big stock markets. People lost their jobs and the
ir savings. No capital, no productivity, just despair. 7. Europe decided that de
mocracy wasn t its thing after all, and looked for nice trustworthy generals to
take over the hopelessly ineffective parliamentary governments -- like in German
y. But the President of Germany, General Paul von Hindenburg, was elderly and ou
t of his depth, and after a while was forced to ask that nice Herr Hitler to org
anize a new government. Hitler s National Socialist Workers Party had never gott
en a majority, but the time was ripe, and the Nazis never cared much for rules.
So they took power. In the end United States kind of lucked out, compared to Eur
ope -- but don t try to tell that to anybody who managed to live through it. It
s not just our habit of democratic governance that brought us out of it without
tyranny and the devastation of Europe and Asia. FDR had a certain amount of dema
gogue blood in

him. Or as he proclaimed in accepting the Democratic Party nomination, "Througho

ut the nation men and women ... look to us here for guidance and for more equita
ble opportunity to share in the distribution of national wealth... I pledge you,
I pledge myself to a new deal for the American people... This is more than a po
litical campaign. It is a call to arms." (Italics added.) http://en.wikipedia.or
g/wiki/ Franklin_Delano_Roosevelt A better "opportunity to share in the distribu
tion of national wealth? ... A call to arms?" Has the Obama crowd seen this spee
ch? FDR naturally attacked greed and wealth, coming from a family of old wealth
and long-forgotten greed himself. Greed is in the eye of the accuser. What s the
bottom line? Well, certain politicians thrive in times of trouble; and if they
don t see enough trouble, they re always happy to add some more. They always pra
ctice the same kind of demagogy. They always promise radical change. And they of
ten bring the opposite. Historians have long pointed to the breakdown of Europe
s middle class as the single biggest earthquake, the one that shook all the othe
r pillars of society until it crumbled. In the 21st century, you can kill the mi
ddle class by teaching kids to despise their parents and their traditions; you c
an tax them into poverty; you can whip up nationalistic fervor against the Frogs
or the Boches; you can inflate the currency so that everybody is equally misera
ble; you can teach the poor, the black, the women, the young, to attack the midd
le class values that brought prosperity over generations of toil; you can torped
o the currency and destroy retirement plans; you can turn the Organs of Propagan
da -- pahdon me, the "news media" -- to assault middle class values; you can uni
fy the very wealthy with the very poor to try to squeeze and whack the middle; y
ou can take historic wrongs like black slavery or Christopher Columbus to turn p
eople against each other; you can easily turn bubbleheaded movie makers and star
lets against George W. Bush; you can break the banks and turn the desperate agai
nst the malefactors of great wealth; or you can unify white liberals with poor b
lacks and militant feminists against all the Evil White Guys... But it s all the
same, you see. Nothing ever changes except the color of the flags and the unifo
rms. And it s always the militant idealists, the obsessional clerks and scribble
rs, who seize the moment to raise yet another Hero of Change and Hope to the pea
k of power. Because, you see, Adolf Hitler was not the exception. In the century
of Mao Zedong and Pol Pot, of Lenin and Stalin, of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez
, of Robert Mugabe and Saddam Hussein, of Ahmadinejad and Khomeini, of genocidal
little tyrants in the Sudan and Rwanda, Hitler was by no means the exception. H
e was just brought down faster than the others. Heigh-ho. Interesting times. See
what a little history can teach you?

March 08, 2009 "How the Great Depression brought Adolf Hitler to power" by By Ja
mes Lewis ------------------------------ -------------------Nationalizing Life a
nd Death "Crisis! Crisis! Crisis!" So is it always with petty politicians seekin
g to enhance their power. Swallow it whole, swallow it now is the word. But just
what are we swallowing so fast that we don t even have time to think? Are we re
ally to believe that all we must do is touch the hem of President Obama s garmen
t, and the pains of capitalist dislocation will wash away? Hidden deep speaking
of the passage healthcare. in the stimulus bill is a Trojan horse like no other.
I am not pork. A scheme more dastardly would have been hard to concoct. With of
this bill, the US government is now empowered to "RATION" That means, TO TREAT
OR NOT TREAT is now a government question.
Within the bill is a line that would sentence millions of people to DEATH: In ad
dition, $400,000,000 shall be accelerate the development and diss
emination of research assessing the comparative effectiveness of health care tre
atments and strategies, including through efforts that: (1) conduct, support, or
synthesize research that compares the clinical outcomes, effectiveness, and app
ropriateness of items, services, and procedures that are used to prevent, diagno
se, or treat diseases, disorders, and other health conditions For those that don
t speak draconian, "comparative effectiveness" means that the cost of an indivi
dual s treatment will be divided by the number of years they are likely to benef
it. If your treatment is too "costly" you will be thrown out with the bathwater.
No country for old men. The bill also created the "Federal Coordinating Council
for Comparative Effectiveness Research" to make comparative effectiveness decis
ions. Only 20 years after winning the Cold War we are adopting central planning
as our preferred model. Only, instead of determining the number of toothbrushes,
this committee will determine the value of someone s life. How ironic. The stim
ulus bill mandates electronic healthcare records for every American by 2014 and
would "encourage the development and use of clinical registries, clinical data n
etworks, and other forms of electronic health data that can be used to generate
or obtain outcomes data...." No room for miracles. Computer models will now deci
de your "outcome." Twilight Zone anybody? content
/article.aspx?RsrcID= 43358 If you are picturing Germany circa 1930, you re righ
t on. With the passing of this bill, government, not doctors, will decide who re
ceives care and who doesn t, in essence, who lives and who dies. The cruelest re
gimes in history have begun with this premise. Government was responsible for no
n-war related deaths exceeding 100M in the 20th Century, 80M by Communist govern
ments[i], and now we re going to trust them with our medical care? "Do no harm",
the Hippocratic Oath, has been replaced by "cost-benefit analysis." It will sta
rt with the elderly, because after all, they are social burdens and a drain on f
ederal funds. They need to wake up and smell the coffin. "If they re going to di
e they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population!" Comrade Tom Dasch
le, the author of the ominous healthcare provisions, supports this line of thoug
ht, saying that healthcare reform "will not be pain free." He goes on to

praise Europeans for being willing to accept "hopeless diagnoses" and forgo "exp
erimental treatments". Next would be the infirmed. Too many resources are wasted
on people with incurable diseases. We should allocate money to those who actual
ly have the potential to live and live well. Then the children with a poor quali
ty of life. One can recall the abortion lobby s virulent argument for killing bl
ack babies. Then newborns. It simply won t end. The medical profession will beco
me the harbinger of death, not health. This is not a slippery slope argument. Ho
lland has already slipped the slope. Holland s healthcare system is so cash-stra
pped that it views humans as liabilities. A patient must formally request "no eu
thanasia" before simple outpatient surgery. In fact, involuntary euthanasia acco
unts for over 1,000 deaths in Holland annually. In addition, 8,000 people in Hol
land die every year because they are given intentional overdoses of pain medicat
ion, not to control pain, but to end life. In 60 percent of these cases, the pat
ient did not give his or her consent to the action.[ii] http://www. internationa fctholl.htm If doctors making quality of life decisions doesn t
scare you, maybe this will: Holland has a committee to decide who s expendable.
It actually slates children, adults-anybody-for euthanasia. Robespierre and the
Public Safety Committee are back, ushering in a reign of terror for our times. h
ttp:// Content/Public/Articles/000/ 000/004/9... Holland
has quickly broadened the scope of euthanasia, extending the "right to die" all
the way down to 12-year olds, no parental consent required. If they can get an a
bortion, why can t they kill themselves? Content/
Public/Articles/000/ 000/004/6... Holland even legalized euthanasia for newborns
. In some countries this is still considered infanticide. Recently an abortionis
t was jailed in the United States for throwing a survivor baby in a dumpster. A
few inches is all that determines humanity in this country, but at least there s
a standard. content/full/352/10/959 It is hard to
believe that only fifty years ago, it was Dutch doctors that stood up to Adolph
Hitler s eugenicist policies and refused to kill weaker patients. What a differe
nce a generation makes. Holland is a giant concentration camp. That is why it is
so crucial for Americans to wake up before it s too late. Bottom-line: if gover
nment is allowed to make healthcare about cost and not saving lives, it will deg
rade human worth to something not fit to mention. If government controls the med
ical profession, it controls life. We have a choice. America can go the way of G
ermany and Holland, or it can remain the beacon of hope for the world. The "righ
t to choose" has been turned against us. What will we choose?
http://www.americanthinker. com/2009/03/nationalizing_ life_and_death... Nationa
lizing Life and Death By John Griffing [i] R.J. Rummel, "War Isn t This Century
s Biggest Killer," Wall Street Journal, 7 July 1986, http://libproxy.calbaptist.
edu:2083/pqdweb?index=0&did= 27254204...,

(retrieved 20 February 2009). [ii] Report of the Committee to Study the Medical
Practice Concerning Euthanasia II: The Study for the Committee on Medical Practi
ce Concerning Euthanasia,(2 vols.), The Hague, September 19, 1991, p. 72. http:/
/www. fctholl.htm ------------------------------ -------------------March 22, 2009. Again this morning Senator Judd Gregg warned th
at Obama will bankrupt the country. Senator Gregg: "Your listeners have to under
stand how staggering the numbers are. We re talking about a deficit in the trill
ion-dollar range for as far as the eye can see. We re talking about deficits whi
ch are 4% to 5% of GDP - which is not sustainable under any form of government.
We re talking about a public debt - this is a debt that people own of the federa
l government - that will be around 80% of GDP. Historically, it s been around 40
% of GDP in the out years. The practical implication of this is bankruptcy for t
he United States. There s no other way around it."
February 26, 2009. Late last month Senator Judd Gregg, Obama s former Commerce S
ecretary nominee, warned that the Us economy will go bankrupt due to the histori
cal spending by Democrat. Senator Gregg: "This budget does nothing to get under
control what I call the fiscal tsunami which is this huge cost that is coming at
our country and specifically at the next generation to support my generation as
we retire. And it will basically overwhelm our children and our grand children.
.. Basically, it will bankrupt our country... The spending in this budget expand
s. In my opinion there is excessive spending on the entitlement side which is wh
ere we should have savings rather than new spending. And, of course, there is a
lot of new taxes here about 1.4 trillion dollars." publ
ic/ http://gatewaypundit.blogspot. com/2009/02/senator-judd- gregg-us-is-... htt
p:// politics/first100days/2009/03/ 23/republican-...
March 23, 2009. BUT, Obama s punch drunk plan IS: keep printing money* until peo
ple stop buying Treasury Bills The Transcript of 60 Minutes interview of Obama:
Kroft to Obama: Are you punch-drunk? President Barack Obama said he believes the
global financial system remains at risk of implosion with the failure of Citigr
oup or AIG, which could touch off an even more destructive recession and potentia
lly depression. His remarks came in a60 Minutes interview in which he was pressed b
y Steve Kroft for laughing and chuckling several times while discussing the peri
lous state of the worlds economy.

What is so funny? Is it you cant let a crisis go to waste, is it incompetence, idio

cy, or are things going according to plan? Blue Crab Boulevard: The psychiatric
term inappropriate affect comes to mind here. There are two possibilities here. Ei
ther Obama is intentionally, malignantly causing a meltdown in the economy or he
is completely - and I mean completely clueless about how his words and actions
impact the economy. But back to the transcript: STEVE KROFT: How are you finding
the job? BARACK OBAMA: Its exhilarating. Its challenging you know, I I find that th
e governance part of it, the decision making part of it actually comes comes prett
y naturally. I think Ive got a great team. I think were making good decisions. Hel
lo! What team? The Treasurys sending the economy down the path of doom and theres
no one who wants to work there. Earlier in the interview, more chuckles! PRESIDE
NT OBAMA: And and and and Warren still does support me. But I think that understand
Warrens also a big player in the financial markets whos a major owner of Wells Fa
rgo. And so hes got a perspective from the perspective of somebody who is part own
er of a bank. Youve got members of Congress whove got a different perspective. Whi
ch is, We dont want to spend any more taxpayer money. Youve got a whole host of playe
rs, all of whom may have a completely different solution. (LAUGHS) Right? And you
know, one of the challenges that Tim Geithner has had is the same challenge that
anybody would have in this situation. people want a lot of contradictory things.
You know, the the the banks would love a lot of taxpayer money with no strings at
tached. Folks in Congress, as well as the American people, would love to fix the
banks without spending any money. (LAUGHS) And so at a certain point, you know,
youve got just a a very difficult line to to walk. BARACK OBAMA: Ive told them direc
tly. Cause Ive heard some of this. they need to spend a little time outside of New
York. Because you know, if you go to North Dakota, or you go to Iowa, or you go
to Arkansas, where folks would be thrilled to be making $75,000 a year without a
bonus, then I think theyd get a sense of why people are frustrated. I think we ha
ve to understand the severity of the crisis that were in right now. The fact is t
hat, because of bad bets made on Wall Street, there have been enormous losses. I
mean there were a whole bunch of folks who, on paper, if you looked at quarterl
y reports, were wildly successful, selling derivatives (CHUCKLE) that turned out
to be

STEVE KROFT: Worthless. BARACK OBAMA: completely worthless. The abysmal lack of
understanding this little exchange demonstrates makes my head spin. Anywhoo So th
e administration will go on printing more money until when? Until people stop buy
ing T-Bills. I kid you not. STEVE KROFT: Is there some limit to the amount of mo
ney we can spend? PRESIDENT OBAMA: Yes. STEVE KROFT: Or print trying to solve th
is crisis? PRESIDENT OBAMA: There is. STEVE KROFT: And are we getting close to i
t? PRESIDENT OBAMA: The the limit is our ability to finance these expenditures thro
ugh borrowing. And, you know, the United States is fortunate that it has the larg
est, most stable economic and political system around. And so the dollar is still
strong because people are still buying Treasury Bills. They still think thats th
e safest investment out there. If we dont get a handle on this, and also start lo
oking at our long-term deficit projections, at a certain point people will stop
buying those Treasury Bills. Long-term readers of this blog and people who know me
know that I scrupulously avoid using the F word, but theres a time and place for i
t. Heres the place, now is the time, my friends. If the plan to fix the economy is to
keep printing money until people stop buying Treasury Bills, we are fxxxxx. Hows
that for a chuckle? Economic suicide and revolution by
uploaded_images/obama_ leapoffaith-726454.jpg/
*And, Fed Chair Bernanke Confirms that Obama is PRINTING MONEY ---- flooding the

market place----destroying our Economy! On a 60 Minutes interview : Bernanke adm

itted that the Fed is effectively PRINTING MONEY rather than using taxpayer funds
for these initiatives aimed at mortgage markets, commercial paper, asset-backed
securities and other segments of the credit system. This means the printing pres
ses arent ACTUALLY running on overdrive, rather there are a whole lot of electron
ic credits being zipped out to the banks. Ben made sure to comfort Americans tha
t we wont be turning into Zimbabwe II......Continue at:
------------------------------ --------------------Split the country in two. Ser
iously. My little one said to me last night, "Ma, the country is made up of Amer
icans and Democrats" ..... I had to laugh. As Republicans fought to protect taxp
ayers from $350 billion in additional Wall Street bailouts, Democrats assured th
e American people President Obama would control how taxpayers dollars would be
spent. * Congress and the new Administration will ensure that TARP funds are use
d for lending to American workers and small businesses - so we can lift our econ
omy out of recession - and not for the enrichment of a privileged few." (Press R
elease, 1/21/2009) newsroom/pressreleases?id=0968 * Se
nate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV): "If the actions of the President-elect o
n TARP are any indication, a new day is dawning in Washington, DC, and a good da
y, a bright day...Barack Obama has also said there will be transparency, there w
ill be oversight, and Barack Obama has said the disbursal of TARP funds will req
uire his signoff; not a Secretary, not somebody in some clerk s office, not a gr
oup of people, but every penny will require Barack Obama s personal signoff." (C
ongressional Record, 1/15/2009) * House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD): "It
should strengthen our confidence to know that President Obama has learned from t
he mistakes that were made during the Bush administration in administering this
sum of money. That is not a criticism. Mistakes are made. But we can learn from
those mistakes, and we will learn from those mistakes." (Congressional Record, 1
/22/2009) * Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin that this new administration, with
new values, will invest this money around and build a strong American (D-IL): "I
am going to be voting with the faith new leadership and new eyes and new vision
and properly so that we can turn this economy future." (Congressional Record, 1
* Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA): "We saw bankers saying, I got the money. It s
none of your business what we do with it. We saw bonuses given that shouldn t b
e given. I am confident that the Obama administration has learned from that." (C
ongressional Record, 1/22/2009) * Senator Jim Webb (D-VA): "The situation now, i
n my view, is different. I spoke with the President-elect. He indicated he was t
otally comfortable with my coming to the Senate floor and saying that he persona
lly guarantees closure on all of those issues...that there will be limits on exe
cutive compensation; and that there clearly are going to be strong proposals, to
re-regulate the financial markets." (Congressional Record, 1/15/2009) * Congres
sman Barney Frank (D-MA) (Again): "We believe the Obama administration

will abide by its commitment to follow this bill if it s passed. I understand th

e skepticism on the Republican side because we re telling them that we have a co
mmitment which we accept as valid from a new administration that they will abide
by the bill as it passes the House." (Congressional Record, 1/14/2009) * Senato
r Chris Dodd (D-CT): "That is what this President has asked for--both the outgoi
ng and incoming one--to give this incoming President the tools necessary to move
forward. Now, I know, as well, there is going to be far better accountability,
far more transparency." (Congressional Record, 1/15/2009) * Congresswoman Sheila
Jackson-Lee (D-TX): "And by the way, my friends, in this language it says so mo
re of these big bonuses and compensation and grandstanding resort packages, no m
ore of that." (Congressional Record, 1/22/2009) * Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA):
"So I say to my constituents I will vote for this, and I will do it because of t
he assurances I have gotten from the President-elect himself that it will be dif
ferent, that he will use these funds judiciously, that he needs to make sure he
has this tool in his pocket. I hope my constituents understand that after hearin
g that from this President... I feel he deserves my trust at this time." (1/15/2
009) * Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA): "I felt a little bit, after the last one, like
Charlie Brown and Lucy--she is always pulling the football out from under Charl
ie Brown. I said: That is not going to happen to me again. Well, Lucy is not hol
ding the ball now. We have someone new holding that ball, someone by the name of
Barack Obama and Joe Biden and their team." (Congressional Record, 1/15/2009) *
Senator Patty Murray (D-WA): "Today, I met with Timothy Geithner, the President
elect s nominee to head the Treasury Department. He gave me his assurances that
transparency and accountability will be improved...With those assurances, I beli
eve the American people are finally going to get the investment and the honesty
they deserve." (Congressional Record, 1/15/2009) * Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.
(D-IL): "Today, the President will limit executive compensation for executives
of companies that take advantage of taxpayer bailout funds. This is the right th
ing to do." (Congressional Record, 2/4/2009) * Congressman James McGovern (D-MA)
: "The Congress will not be a rubber stamp of the executive branch, unlike the f
irst 6 years of the Bush administration...And I should say that the statement by
the Obama administration, the statement by Larry Summers, is all very encouragi
ng. It demonstrates a real appreciation of what average people are going through
." (Congressional Record, 1/14/2009) * Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR): "...w
e have tried to redirect, to prod and push and probe to make sure that there is
greater transparency and coax greater performance out of the Bush administration
while dealing with the criteria by which we will be going forward. This is the
work that the Congress should be doing, and I think we are doing it in a reasona
ble fashion. It s coming in the context of other tools that the new administrati
on has sought and desperately needs." (Congressional Record, 1/22/2009) * Senato
r Barbara Mikulski (D-MD): "We need to give President Obama the tools he needs t
o get our economy going again. We shouldn t hold the misdeeds of the Bush admini
stration against him...This week, the President-elect huddled with us, to talk a
bout how his plan is different than the previous administration. We need vigilan
ce and responsibility that s what President Obama has pledged." (Congressional R
ecord, 1/15/2009) TRUST US!!" says the DONKIES.

http://atlasshrugs2000. 03/the-biggest... Pamela

Geller on Friday, March 20, 2009 at 03:03 PM in FINANCIAL CRISIS 08: DEMOCRAT P
OLICY COMES HOME TO ROOST, How the Left Destroys the Nation. ----------------------------- --------------------March 20, 2009 All you SHEEPLES: Obama ORDER you
to pledge loyalty to him tomorrow! They have taken a pledge of loyalty to Obama
, and they say they are coming your way tomorrow for yours. Organizing for Ameri
ca, the Obama-for-President campaign morphed into Obama-for-Maximum-Leader army,
will hit the streets for their "Pledge Project Canvass," knocking on doors and
accosting folks in parking lots and sidewalks to ask them to sign a pledge to su
pport Obama s policies for health care, energy and education reform. http://www.
americanthinker. com/2009/03/the_knock_on_the_ door.html http://my.barackobama.c
om/ page/content/ pledgeprojectcanvassguide/ Organizing for America, a project o
f the Democratic National Committee, is variously described in the media as [Pre
sident Obama s] "own version of a lobbying firm", "a parallel organization to th
e Democratic National Committee" and "an independent force to lobby for Obama s
goals" (Houston Chronicle); "an independent group" (Dayton Daily News); Obama s
"citizen army," and a way of building public opinion" (The Bergen County Record)
; "a grass-roots lobbying group," (Roll Call), "Obama 2.0" (Newark Star-Ledger),
"a joint partnership," (DNC press release), and as a "political bully," (AP). A
ccording to Mitch Stewart, Director of OFA, the organization will be "getting ou
t in front of Washington and asking our elected officials to lead the charge on
energy, education and health care this year." http://blog.washingtonpost. com/vi
rginiapolitics/2008/06/ obama_names... So one might suppose that all the names a
nd emails collected this weekend will be sent to our lawmakers in Washington in
the form of a petition. Except that David Plouffe, Obama s former campaign direc
tor and an "advisor" to OFA, has emphatically stated that they will do no such t
hing. Plouffe "stressed that Organizing for America is not aimed at twisting the
arms of members of Congress but meant to keep activists engaged on issues such
as health care, energy and the economy." politics/civic
life/000432/ obama-mobilizes-... Syndicated columnist Dick Polman reported on Ja
nuary 29 that: stories/020809/opi_385709981. shtml
"Mr. Obama s aides emphasized that the effort was not created to lobby directly
or pressure members of Congress to support Mr. Obama s programs... This is not a
political campaign, Mr. Plouffe said. This is not a call or e-mail your mem
ber of Congress organization. " Whoops! Looks like Plouffe is out of the loop
on that one. The OFA website prominently asks people to call Congress and helps
them look up their representative s name and number. It even provides a script. page/content/callcongress/ budget/ Now, it is confusi
ng to see the Democratic National Committee asking for help to persuade the Demo
crat-led Congress and the Democrat-led Senate.

But according to OFA Director Stewart, ordinary folks like you are needed to com
bat "a Washington establishment that doesn t welcome change.... It s up to you t
o show Washington that Americans are demanding this new direction." Okay, so who
in Washington, exactly? Is the DNC going to give the names and emails to lobbyi
sts? To Washington bureaucrats? That s doubtful. The sign-up sheet to be used fo
r the pledge drive does not mention any privacy policy. http://www.pdfdownload.o
rg/ pdf2html/pdf2html.php?url= http%3A%2F%2Fo... It does reveal (at the very bot
tom) that OFA is a project of the DNC. This might come as a surprise to dedicate
d Obama supporter Janine Poppa, who told the Dayton Daily News, "It is a nonpart
isan effort, and I hope people believe it s nonpartisan, because we truly do nee
d each other to move it forward." Poor Ms. Poppa might be disillusioned to learn
that the Florida Democratic State machine unabashedly bragged to the St. Peters
burg Times that they were "preparing to tap into Barack Obama s grass roots mach
ine to build the biggest political operation ever seen from the state party." "T
he million-dollar question is how to translate the activism and enthusiasm that
Barack Obama was able to create and translate it down the line, said Steve Sch
ale, a Democratic consultant who managed Obama s Florida campaign. "That s the c
hallenge, but fundamentally the state is better for Democrats than ever before b
ecause of what Barack Obama was able to do. It s still up to candidates to have
compelling messages and drive up enthusiasm." No doubt the Florida Dems will be
getting another memo from Plouffe to remind them that OFA a movement "not to win
an election, but to change this country." http://www.washingtontimes. com/news/
2009/jan/25/obama- volunteers-aim... Phillip Elliott reported in January that th
e extensive OFA email list is not even being shared with the DNC: "Party officia
ls had hoped Obama would transfer his list of supporters to the party, a move th
at would put them in control of one of the most extensive campaign organizations
in politics. Instead, Obama decided to keep ownership of that enormous campaign
and install his own loyalists to run it." This was done, Obama s aides insisted
, in the name of being "post-partisan." And Stewart and Plouffe, those idealisti
c grass-roots campaigners, stress that OFA is all about getting feedback from th
e Obama followers: "Mitch... believes so strongly in feedback, so we want to hea
r from you!" The website is all about making "sure your voice is heard." So tuttut to Macon Phillips, the 30-year-old White House director of New Media, who to
ld the New York Times that the OFA website "would give the White House another w
ay to reach the public without having to rely on the mainstream news media." Doe
sn t he know that OFA is for people to communicate with their Leader, not for th
e Leader to send messages to his people? Turns out even commenters at the Daily
Kos are skeptical of the post-campaign uses of a campaign database. http://www.d 2009/1/26/173948/702/264/ 689272 "A small concern... again, s
mall, but I need to voice it. I d love to work like this to push for certain iss
ues and policies I want to see enacted......however...I don t want to see this t
urn into some type of "permanent campaign". If anyone knows how the Obama admini
stration is drawing that line I d like to hear about it."

"There s no more campaigning to do.We won. Now it s up to us to usher in Obama s

Age of Responsibility by working together to help fix America. The new goal is
in service projects, not electioneering." "I think it would be nice to include a
smidge of something somewhere about the difference between governing and campai
gning - it d not only help answer any critics, but it would again draw another d
ifference between the Obama administration and 8 years of Bush." Whatever OFA is
, David Plouffe at least thinks [t]his has obviously never been undertaken bef
ore. So it s going to be a little trial and error. As we noted on Wednesday, i
t seems as though OFA s organizers are ignorant of the lessons of history and of
the sinister ambitions of leaders who created their own private organizations,
loyal only to them. http://www.americanthinker. com/2009/03/the_knock_on_the_ do
or.html "Obama wants you to pledge loyalty to him tomorrow" is by By Lona Mannin
------------------------------ ---------------------Who s Hitler now? Presiden
t Obama s crack about his bowling acumen being worthy of the Special Olympics ha
s raised a few hackles. Normally I d say "lighten up," but this time some examin
ation is in order. George W. Bush was called "Hitler" virtually every day, with
no real basis for the accusation other than that liberals said so -- and liberal
s are like, really smart, so it must have been true. But Obama s comment, for me
anyway, means that we re just a few weeks into the new administration and the n
ew president is already more worthy of a Hitler comparison than Bush ever was. O
bama s Special Olympics comment may have been merely a clumsy attempt at selfdep
recating humor. But the likelihood exists that it was a sneak peek at the heart
and mind of The One who has a philosophy that cannot work unless human beings ar
e gauged based upon their usefulness to the state -- and for any leader attempti
ng to construct those kinds of underpinnings, the helpless and handicapped are a
s undesirable as governors who won t accept stimulus money. Obama the politician
is smart enough to know he never should have said that, but Obama the Grand Vis
ionary of Exemplary Communities obviously isn t. That Obama is vehemently pro-ab
ortion, even during late term up to and including the moment of natural birth, i
s Hitleresque in its design as well, and tends to take away any humor of his Spe
cial Olympics joke. The first truly horrific thing Hitler did -- long before the
German invasion of Poland -- was to issue orders to "clean up" and purify his s
ociety. The handicapped and the helpless were among the first targets, and it al
l started with a little, perhaps even seemingly innocuous, statement -- except i
t was in the form of writings in Mein Kampf instead of regrettable wise-cracks o
n The Tonight Show. David Nicholls wrote in his book, Adolph Hitler: A Biographi
cal Companion, that Hitler created "Hereditary Health Courts" as well as "A Law
for the Prevention of

Genetically Diseased Offspring." In other words, Sarah Palin would have been for
ced to give up her son instead of what ended up happening to her in 21st century
America, which was to give birth to the child while getting bashed by some for
not killing her own baby in the name of societal perfection. Heaven forbid a "me
ntally handicapped" person should ever be allowed to grow up and prove that he o
r she is smarter than a liberal. The Hitler/Obama similarities cease, however, w
hen we take into account that Hitler, as Nicholls wrote, called for the steriliz
ation of "asocials" in the belief that the state could not afford to have beggar
s and vagrants reproduce. Obama would never do this -- after all, somebody s got
to attend his town hall meetings. Basing a system of government on an individua
ls "worth to society" is a most frightening slope to begin to slide down -- be t
hose individuals the innocent unborn or the mentally challenged. "Jokes" about t
he latter are all the more disturbing coming from this president when we conside
r his position on abortion. The same mental handicaps Special Olympics competito
rs have would, only years earlier when these same people were in their mothers
wombs, have been considered legal justification for their slaughter. This is one
reason why Obama s joke was anything but funny to so many people, and the real
reason it was so offensive to parents of those with special needs. We must be ve
ry careful though, because once that "usefulness to society" ball gets rolling,
it s only a matter of time before another leader comes along who deems bad bowle
rs as unnecessary to the state. Of course, Obama didn t call for the euthanasia
of the disabled and mentally handicapped (once they re already born, that is) -all he did was make what for now seems to be a clumsy, off-the-cuff crack. But
as much as I want to chastise the president s critics in this situation for bein
g too thin-skinned and knocking Obama over the head with the very PC we should l
oathe, I can t help but ask this question: Are we witnessing Obama not only taki
ng the "Hitler" torch from Bush, but adding a speck of merit to the flame? If so
me Special Olympians weren t much better bowlers than Obama, I d answer "yes" to
that. 20/special-olympic-bowler- calls-out-o...
"Who s Hitler now?" is by Doug Powers. He is a columnist and author from Michi
gan. He can be reached at ------------------------------ --------------------WHO AM I? I was born in one country, raised in another. My father w
as born in another country. I was not his only child. He fathered several childr
en with numerous women. I became very close to my mother, as my father showed no
interest in me.

My mother died at an early age from cancer. Later in life, questions arose over
my real name. My birth records were sketchy and no one was able to produce a leg
itimate, reliable birth certificate. I grew up practicing one faith but converte
d to Christianity, as it was widely accepted in my country, but I practiced nontraditional beliefs & didn t follow Christianity, except in the public eye under
scrutiny. I worked and lived among lower-class people as a young adult, disguis
ing myself as someone who really cared about them. That was before I decided it
was time to get serious about my life and I embarked on a new career. I wrote a
book about my struggles growing up. It was clear to those who read my memoirs th
at I had difficulties accepting that my father abandoned me as a child. I became
active in local politics in my 30 s then with help behind the scenes, I literal
ly burst onto the scene as a candidate for national office in my 40s. They said
I had a golden tongue and could talk anyone into anything. That reinforced my co
nceit. I had a virtually non-existent resume, little work history, and no experi
ence in leading a single organization. Yet I was a powerful speaker and citizens
were drawn to me as though I were a magnet and they were small roofing tacks. I
drew incredibly large crowds during my public appearances. This bolstered my eg
o. At first, my political campaign focused on my country s foreign policy. I was
very critical of my country in the last war and seized every opportunity to bas
h my country. But what launched my rise to national prominence were my views on
the country s economy. I pretended to have a really good plan on how we could do
better and every poor person would be fed & housed for free. I knew which group
was responsible for getting us into this mess. It was the free market, banks &
corporations. I decided to start making citizens hate them & if they were enviou
s of others who did well, the plan was clinched tight. I called mine "A People s
Campaign" and that sounded good to all people.

I was the surprise candidate because I emerged from outside the traditional path
of politics & was able to gain widespread popular support. I knew that, if I me
rely offered the people hope , together we could change our country and the wo
rld. So, I started to make my speeches sound like they were on behalf of the dow
ntrodden, poor, ignorant to include "persecuted minorities" like the Jews. My tr
ue views were not widely known & I needed to keep them unknown, until after I be
came my nation s leader. I had to carefully guard reality, as anybody could have
easily found out what I really believed, if they had simply read my writings an
d examined those people I associated with. I m glad they didn t. Then I became t
he most powerful man in the world. And the world learned the truth. WHO AM I?
WHO WERE YOU THINKING OF? ------------------------------ --------------------Mar
ch 03, 2009 Bingo! Call It Communism I once wrote that we could play "Communist
Manifesto Bingo": once President Obama enacts or strengthens five planks from th
e Communist Manifesto, yell "bingo" and you win. One month into President Obama
s first term, BINGO! I did change my own game rules just a tad. Instead of using
the exact planks from Marx, which can be ambiguous for some people, I m using a
more detailed list from the current Communist Party USA. The CPUSA provides its
platform on its website . Find "Election 2008" and go to "Click here to downloa
d PDF." I saved you the trouble, though, and listed the CPUSA s platform in a ni
ce outline, below. (Just for you anti-conspiracy buffs, note that I am not dredg
ing up Marx himself, or something written by an anti-communist decades ago. I am
citing the exact words of the Communist Party of the USA itself, as it exists r
ight now. I encourage you to visit the CPUSA s web site. Obama s presidency is a
nimating for them; the excitement vibrates through almost every article. The Nat
ional Chair calls it a "new era." I m not making this up.) 1. Immediate Relief 1
.1 A moratorium on foreclosures and evictions. 1.2 Reset mortgages so payments a
re affordable.

1.3 No bailouts for banks. 1.4 Extend unemployment compensation, increase paymen
ts and eligibility. 1.5 Increase food stamps, WIC, children s health ins., low i
ncome energy assistance. 1.6 Assist state and local governments. 1.7 Fund "ready
-to-go" infrastructure projects. 2. A Peacetime, Green Jobs Economy for All 2.1
Enact massive public works. 2.2 Make existing buildings energy efficient. 2.3 Co
nstruct new schools, affordable housing, mass transit and bridges. 2.4 Major cle
an, affordable energy dvpt project for solar, wind, and biomass. 2.5 Program to
cut greenhouse gas emissions, environmental cleanup. 2.6 Restore energy regulati
on and public ownership of utilities. 2.7 Enact the Employee Free Choice Act. 2.
8 Enact HR 676, US National Health Insurance Act, single payer. 2.9 Fund public
education, pre-school through higher and technical. 2.10 No privatization of Soc
ial Security or Medicare. 2.11 Expand and improve SS & Medicare benefits. 3. Res
tore Civil Rights, Bill of Rights, Separation of Powers 3.1 Restore Civil Rights
Act enforcement, affirmative action. 3.2 Outlaw hate crimes. 3.3 Preserve Roe v
Wade. 3.4 Immigration reform with path to citizenship, no militarization of bor
ders. 3.5 No exploitative guest worker programs. 3.6 No human being is illegal.
3.7 Repeal the Patriot Act. 3.8 Investigate and prosecute Bush administration vi
olations. 3.9 Expand voting rights.

3.10 Enact publicly financed elections. 3.11 Same-day registration. 3.12 Voting
rights for ex-felons. 3.13 Restore Fairness Doctrine in media. 4. Strength throu
gh Peace 4.1 Withdraw US troops from Iraq with no bases or US corporations left
behind. 4.2 Full care for returning veterans. 4.3 No war on Iran. 4.4 No expansi
on of troops in Afghanistan. 4.5 Assistance to Iraq to rebuild Iraq. 4.6 New for
eign policy of diplomacy, respect for all nations. 4.7 Renew commitment to UN. 4
.8 End trade policies that enrich corporations and destroy jobs. 4.9 Ratify Kyot
o Treaty and other climate change agreements. 4.10 Enforce nuclear non-prolifera
tion. 4.11 Work to abolish nuclear weapons. 4.12 Cut Pentagon spending in half.
4.13 Close down US bases around the world. Just seeing this list should open you
r eyes. It is exactly what is happening. Much of it is like reading a descriptio
n of Obama s stimulus package. Name three things on that list that any Democrati
c Senator would not applaud. But let s go through the list anyway, and see how w
e re doing. (Another note to you anti-conspiracy buffs. You might think you coul
d find, say, a neo-Nazi list that looks like the Republican agenda. I ll bet you
can t. I went to the American Nazi party s web site to see what they have. They
have no list. They want you to send them $5 just to see their "Info Pack." I wa
sn t that curious.) Work on items 1.1 (A moratorium on foreclosures and eviction
s) and 1.2 (Reset mortgages so payments are affordable) had already started befo
re Obama even got in office. The government took over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
last September. Fannie and Freddie enacted a foreclosure moratorium and announc
ed it in November. They encouraged lenders to "reduce interest rates, delay back
payments and penalties, stretch the length of the loan or deferring payments."
So far, at least CitiGroup and JPMorgan have done as they were "encouraged." But
President Obama has much bolder plans, approximately $275B worth -- for now.

According to the Washington Times, "The plan seeks to lower monthly mortgage pay
ments for delinquent homeowners through various incentives ranging from helping
to make interest payments to rewarding lenders and borrowers with stipends of $1
,000 to $1,500 for staying current on the loans. For homeowners with unaffordabl
e loans, the goal would be to lower payments to less than a third of their preta
x income." Check the first two items off the list. The $787B stimulus package si
gned into law February 13 by President Obama took care of several items on the l
ist: 1.4 Extend unemployment compensation, increase payments and eligibility. 1.
5 Increase food stamps, WIC, children s health ins., low income energy assistanc
e. 1.6 Assist state and local governments. 1.7 Fund "ready-to-go" infrastructure
projects. 2.1 Enact massive public works. 2.2 Make existing buildings energy ef
ficient. 2.3 Construct new schools, affordable housing, mass transit and bridges
. 2.4 Major clean, affordable energy dvpt project for solar, wind, and biomass.
2.5 Program to cut greenhouse gas emissions, environmental cleanup. Whoever wrot
e the stimulus bill with his right hand almost seems to have had the CPUSA s lis
t in his left hand. Check. Check. And checkmate. Several items on CPUSA s list a
re already law or policy, or simply amount to not undoing something. I m not sur
e why they are on the list, other than to say they should be strengthened or spe
nding on them should be increased. Here are the ones I think are already taken c
are of. 2.9 Fund public education, pre-school through higher and technical. 2.10
No privatization of Social Security or Medicare. 2.11 Expand and improve SS & M
edicare benefits. 3.1 Restore Civil Rights Act enforcement, affirmative action.
3.2 Outlaw hate crimes. 3.3 Preserve Roe v Wade. 3.10 Enact publicly financed el
ections. 4.2 Full care for returning veterans. 4.3 No war on Iran.

About 90% of K-12 education is already to extend it. It s not enough that the wa
nts it to start at birth. "Cradle to Someone also made sure that no part of woul
d go to private schools.
government run. But President Obama wants indoctrination starts at age five; Oba
ma cubicle", Charles Krauthammer calls it. the $66B of the stimulus going to edu
"No recipient . . . shall use such funds to provide financial assistance to stud
ents to attend private elementary or secondary schools." As quoted in the Wall S
treet Journal . Roe v Wade has been intact and indeed expanded and strengthened
since 1973. President Obama just issued a Presidential Memorandum to reinstate t
he "Mexico Policy," which allows US government funds to be used "to pay for the
performance of abortions ... or to motivate or coerce any person to practice abo
rtions" anywhere in the world. And now he plans to coerce doctors to provide abo
rtions right here in the US . On the foreign policy front, I think we can say Pr
esident Obama has a "new foreign policy of diplomacy, respect for all nations."
He sent a badminton team to Iran. He congratulated Hugo Chavez on his move to be
come President-for-life, he s easing tensions with Syria, etc. President Obama a
lso raised the status of UN Ambassador to Cabinet level. I think we can check it
ems 4.6 and 4.7 off the list. We re making good progress. Here are the remaining
items. 1.3 No bailouts for banks. 2.6 Restore energy regulation and public owne
rship of utilities. 2.7 Enact the Employee Free Choice Act. 2.8 Enact HR 676, US
National Health Insurance Act, single payer. 3.4 Immigration reform with path t
o citizenship, no militarization of borders. 3.5 No exploitative guest worker pr
ograms. 3.6 No human being is illegal. 3.7 Repeal the Patriot Act. 3.8 Investiga
te and prosecute Bush administration violations. 3.9 Expand voting rights. 3.11
Same-day registration. 3.12 Voting rights for ex-felons. 3.13 Restore Fairness D
octrine in media. 4.1 Withdraw US troops from Iraq with no bases or US corporati
ons left behind. 4.4 No expansion of troops in Afghanistan. 4.5 Assistance to Ir
aq to rebuild Iraq.

4.8 End trade policies that enrich corporations and destroy jobs. 4.9 Ratify Kyo
to Treaty and other climate change agreements. 4.10 Enforce nuclear non-prolifer
ation. 4.11 Work to abolish nuclear weapons. 4.12 Cut Pentagon spending in half.
4.13 Close down US bases around the world. In almost all the remaining items, P
resident Obama or Democrats in the various states are busy doing what they can (
e.g., same-day registration, letting felons vote). President Obama has already a
sked for a 10% cut in Pentagon spending and Barney Frank asked for 25%. Give it
time; we ll get there. (Space limits a full discussion of each line item and how
it is being implemented. I ll leave that as an exercise for the reader.) Only t
wo items on the whole list appear to be contradicted. 1.3 No bailouts for banks.
4.4 No expansion of troops in Afghanistan. Frankly, I m suspicious about the ba
ilout of banks. Sure, they re being "bailed out," if you call becoming an indent
ured servant being bailed out of bankruptcy jail. The banks are now being told h
ow to run their businesses, how much they can make in bonuses, where to have the
ir meetings (e.g., not Las Vegas), and how to get there (not private jets). In f
act, many are, or will be, nationalized. I think we can, effectively, scratch it
em 1.3 off our list. So what s the score? Of 44 items on the CPUSA s list, * 22
are already enacted. * 21 are in work. * 1 is being violated. Halfway there gets
me my Bingo. Pretty good for being in office just one month. Heck, at this pace
, the CPUSA will have to come up with another list by summer. Only one item out
of 44 is being violated: Obama is sending more troops to Afghanistan. He s addin
g 17,000 on top of the 30,000 already there . Funny, that s the only thing Bill
Ayers, Mr. "Small c communist" and terrorist bomber, could find fault with in Pr
esident Obama term of office so far. What s up with that? I guess the easy expla
nation is that Obama doesn t want to go against his generals wishes right out o
f the chute. There is a war going on, you know. Some generals asked for 30,000 t
roops; Obama gave them 17,000. I also have another suspicion. I think Obama real
ly, really wants to get Osama bin Laden. He s even willing to lose Pakistan, wit
h its nukes, to Taliban and jihadi

warlords if that s what it takes. Not that I think Obama cares all that much abo
ut the War on Terror. But can you imagine the press he d get, bagging the A-Numb
erOne 9/11 terrorist after Bush let him slip away for eight years? I admit it s
just a guess. But we re making good progress: halfway there in just one month. B
e patient, comrades. As CPUSA s National Chair, Sam Webb, was quoted in the Peop
le s Weekly World , "The biggest challenge now, he told the meeting, is to resist
efforts by reaction and some on the left to advocate a break in the coalition
that elected Obama and is now led by him. We will have our differences but they h
ave to be handled so as not to break the overall unity, he said." President Oba
ma is leading our coalition. Unite behind him. You have nothing to lose but your
minds, and your life savings. "Bingo! Call It Comm
unism" is by Randall Hoven. http://www.americanthinker. com/2009/03/bingo_call_i
t_ communism_1.html ------------------------------ --------------------National
Grand Jury Declaration February 15, 2009 National Grand Jury Pursuant to First A
mendment (The right of the people peaceably to assemble), the Ninth Amendment (T
he enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to
deny or disparage others retained by the people), and the Tenth Amendment to th
e Constitution for the United States of America (The powers not delegated to the
United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are rese
rved to the States respectively, or to the PEOPLE), this National Grand Jury is
convened by natural born citizens of the fifty several states and of the United
States of America, seating 50 jurors pursuant to the duties, powers, responsibil
ities, qualifications as established hereunder for the following purposes: To ex
amine all aspects of the federal government by initiating its own investigations
. To serve as ombudsmen for the citizens of the country in respect to constituti
onal rights. and privileges established under the organic documents of the Unite
d States of America, as properly amended from time to time. To conduct criminal
investigations of members of the federal government, and, if the evidence is suf
ficient, issue criminal indictments.
The National Grand Jury Process The National Grand Jury, although a part of the
judicial system, is an entirely

independent body. Judges of the Supreme Court, the Courts of Appeal, and the Dis
trict Courts of the United States, United States Attorneys, and Congress of the
United States may act only as advisors. They cannot prevent National Grand Jury
action unless that action violates the duly enacted laws as originally created i
n the United States. The National Grand Jury shall review and evaluate procedure
s, methods and systems used by federal governmental agencies to determine whethe
r they comply with the stated objectives of the Declaration of Independence and
the Constitution for the United States of America as properly amended. The Natio
nal Grand Jury shall review the officers of the federal government to determine
whether they are constitutionally qualified to hold office, and to determine if
their actions and behavior are consistent with stated objectives of the Declarat
ion of Independence, Constitution for the United States of America as properly a
mended, and the criminal law as recognized in any of the several states. No indi
vidual grand juror, acting alone, has any power or authority. Meetings of the Na
tional Grand Jury are not open to the public. All matters discussed before the N
ational Grand Jury and votes taken are to be kept private and confidential. The
end result of inquiries into civil matters are released to the public in the for
m of a final report which is approved, prior to release, by the Foreperson of th
e National Grand Jury. The National Grand Jury is empowered to: Inquire into the
condition and management of branches of the federal government and its agencies
. Investigate and report on the operations, accounts and records of federal offi
cers, departments, and functions. Inquire into the willful or corrupt misconduct
in office of public officers. Submit a final report of its findings and recomme
ndations, no later than the end of its term, to the Presiding Juror of the Natio
nal Grand Jury. Requirements to Become a Grand Juror National Grand Juror candid
ates must meet all of the following qualifications: Be a natural born citizen of
the United States (born in one of the fifty states of the United States to pare
nts both of whom were U.S Citizens and resident in the United States at that tim
e). Be at least 18 years old. Be a resident of the state that the Juror represen
ts for at least one year immediately prior to selection. Exhibit intelligence, s
ound judgment, and good character. Cannot have been convicted of malfeasance in
office, any felony or other high crime. Cannot be serving as a public official.
Grand Jury Selection Process There shall be 50 members of the Grand Jury with 50
alternates. Candidates are to be selected from a pool of nominees who shall sub
mit their nomination to the nominating committee. Nominees will be appointed by
the affirmative vote of the

nominating committee, who shall base their nomination on the following criteria
expressed in priority: First - an affidavit of qualification where the nominee a
sserts that the nominee: is a natural born citizen of the United States, setting
forth the place of birth, the date of birth, the place of birth of the nominees
father, the place of birth of the nominees mother, and the residency of the paren
ts at the time of birth; is at least 18 years of age; is and has been a resident
of the state the nominee seeks to represent for at least one year prior to the
application; is intelligent (demonstrating the ability to read and to write), us
es sound judgment (exhibits ability to reason) and is a person of good character
(does not engage in misconduct, interpersonal attacks, foul language or disrupt
ive behavior); is not serving as a public official. Second the ability to serve
as a Juror, where the nominee asserts that the nominee Can and will attend each
meeting of the National Grand Jury without absence Can and will render decisions
according to the rule of law without prejudice or bias Can and will prepare dec
isions and recommendations in writing Can and will use electronic technology suc
h as email, blog posting, text messaging, teleconferencing and so on. Third orde
r in which the application is received Potential grand jurors will be given info
rmation about National Grand Jury duties and the time commitment required. The c
ommittee shall interview each candidate, usually twice, to reduce the number to
100, two from each of the several states. The final selection is made by the aff
irmative vote of the majority of the nominating committee. Grand Jury Officers G
rand Jury officers and duties are: Foreperson recognizes that the most important
responsibility lies in seeing that the Grand Jury as a whole and each of the co
mmittees function effectively and efficiently. Foreperson Pro Tem, in absence of
the foreperson, assumes all functions of foreperson. Recording Secretary is gen
eral assistant to the foreperson in all matters, keeps an accurate record (minut
es) of the proceedings of each meeting. Corresponding Secretary is responsible f
or incoming and outgoing mail. Treasurer provides jurors with reimbursement form
s and collects these forms at the end of each quarter, handles all bills receive
d by the Grand Jury.

* mailto:attorney@
http://naturalborncitizen. scotus-on-the-un... http://
www.therightsideoflife. com/?p=3155 http://www.therightsideoflife. com/?p=3025 h
ttp://naturalborncitizen. federal-gran... http://w Articles/obama/obamahitler. html
/ 2008/12/law-of-nations-or- principles-of-... grand
jur/recent/lawrev.htm. lrev/roots/runaway.htm
------------------------------ ---------------------Keep Liberals in Power for L
ife I listened with amazement when the mainstream media, almost in unison, conde
mned the Venezuelan Congress for backing socialist President Hugo Chavezs proposa
l to relegate presidential term limits to the scrap heap. That action effectivel
y ensconces Chavez as Venezuela s dictator for life. arti
cle/worldNews/ idUSN0256308220071102 Yet when similar efforts are undertaken in
this country, the mainstream media doesnt even find it newsworthy. http://www.wor index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId= 86324 Becoming this countrys Hugo
Chavez is all part of Obamas megalomaniacal plan. A Chicagonization of Washington
if you will. And while the official name for the stimulus bill is the American
Recovery and Reinvestment Act, I have my own name for it: the "keep liberals in
power for life" bill. I keep hearing friends and media say, "Well, we ll just vo
te him out of office after 4 years." Folks that will NEVER happen! Obama WILL be
re-elected in 4 years, and the Marxists will expand their majorities in both Ho
uses. They will use massive voter fraud and various other frauds to make it happ
en. And of course the coward Attorney General Eric Holder will aid and abet Obama
in this endeavor. Here are several things already afoot that will attempt to kee
p usurper Obama in the Oval Office for life. And these are just the ones I know
about. *** As I mentioned above, legislation has already been proposed to repeal
the 22nd Amendment (term limits). Although it may not pass immediately, I belie
ve it

eventually will after Obama stocks the House & Senate with enough liberals (Marx
ists). In a similar vain, Obama has also contacted some Democratic Senators abou
t introducing legislation to amend the 10th amendment, which would prevent state
s from declaring sovereignty. Seven states have already expressed an interest in
doing so. index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId= 86324 **
* The "keep liberals in power for life" bill funnels billions of dollars to ACOR
N and ACORN-like organizations. In case you arent aware, community organizer extr
aordinaire Obama is ACORN, and ACORN, by aggressively expanding loans to lowinco
me buyers, is largely responsible for the failures of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
- which by extension brought the economy to its knees. Obama has spent his enti
re professional life working for ACORN or its subsidiaries, representing ACORN a
s a lawyer on some of its most critical issues, and training ACORN leaders. http
:// Ryter/jon271.htm *** They will legalize 20 million ill
egal aliens (and probably their family members as well) and give them voting rig
hts. These illegals will of course be beholden to the party that gave them their
citizenship. article.php?sid=930 *** They will g
rant Washington D.C. (which votes 90%/10% in favor of liberal candidates) the eq
uivalent of statehood. That will give the Senate 2 more ultra liberal senators,
and give them extra House representatives with full voting privileges (currently
D.C. representatives enjoy no such privileges). pol
itics/2008/12/dc-51st-state *** Rahm Emanuel will implement Obama s Civilian Nat
ional Security Force - Obama s version of the Gestapo. This is part of a larger
program to brainwash the youth of America. video.
aspx?v=e4qG6UIr8z v=KPd0FK3LhBo *** And heres the b
iggie. They will transfer control of the census to Rahm Emanuel. That will give
Emanuel unprecedented power to gerrymander congressional districts in favor of l
iberals. He will also in fudge census figures in liberal cities and liberal stat
es to funnel them more federal money. He will also use the census numbers to giv
e blue states even more Electoral College votes, and subtract Electoral College
votes from red states. politics/first100days/2009/02/ 09
/gop-sounds-... *** And while I have seen no evidence of this yet, I wouldnt be s
urprised to see the Obama administration make a push towards computerized voting
. Computerized voting is very prevalent today despite valid concerns regarding s
ecurity. Results from computerized voting are easily manipulated by hackers and
the people who developed the software. In other words, the people who write the
software can simply pick the winner of an election with a few strokes on a keybo
ard (Watch the shocking Youtube video). v=z3hUPP_b
dOo">http://www. youtube.c...

Are you connecting the dots yet? I have been warning of Obamas grand ambitions we
ll before the election, and everything that has transpired since Obama s inaugur
ation unfortunately confirms what I ve suspected all along. To me, all of this w
as very predictable. Put simply, this is a coup dtat by a usurper who is most like
ly not even an American citizen. And make no mistake about it. Obama has every i
ntention of being the America s 1st dictator for life!
- Frank M. Connell, Jr.--http://defendourfreedoms. us/2009/02/22/keep-liberalsin
-power-for-l... ------------------------------ --------------------The Obama Democrats: By The Numbers $34,000: the amount of federal taxes that Se
cretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner (D) failed to pay during his employment
at the International Monetary Fund despite receiving extra compensation and exp
lanatory brochures that described his tax liabilities.
$75,000: the amount of money that the head of the powerful tax-writing committee
, Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY), was forced to report on his taxes after the discov
ery that he had not reported income from a Costa Rican rental property. His excu
ses for the failure started with blaming his wife, then his accountant and final
ly the fact that he didn t speak Spanish. $93,000: the amount of petty cash each
Congressional representative voted to give themselves in January 2009 during th
e height of an economic meltdown. $133,900: the amount Fannie Mae "invested" in
Chris Dodd (D-CT), head of the powerful Senate Banking Committee, presumably to
repel oversight of the GSE prior to its meltdown. Said meltdown helped touch off
the current economic crisis. In only a few years time, Fannie also "invested" o
ver $105,000 in then-Senator Barack Obama. $140,000: the amount of back taxes an
d interest that Cabinet nominee Tom Daschle (D) was forced to cough up after the
vetting process revealed significant, unexplained tax liabilities. $356,000: th
e approximate amount of income and deductions that Daschle (D) was forced to rep
ort on his amended 2005 and 2007 tax returns after being caught cheating on his
taxes. This includes $255,256 for the use of a car service, $83,333 in unreporte
d income, and $14,963 in charitable contributions. $800,000: the amount of "swee
theart" mortgages Senate Banking Chairman Chris Dodd (D-CT) received from Countr
ywide Financial, the details for which he has refused to release details despite
months of promises to do so. Countrywide was once the nation s largest mortgage
lender and linked to Government-Sponsored Entities like Fannie Mae and Freddie
Mac. Their meltdown precipitated the current financial crisis. Just days ago in
Pennsylvania, Countrywide was forced to pay $150,000,000 in mortgage assistance
following "a state investigation that concluded that Countrywide relaxed its und
erwriting standards to sell risky loans to consumers

who did not understand them and could not afford them." $1,000,000: the estimate
d amount of donations by Denise Rich, wife of fugitive Marc Rich, to Democrat in
terests and the William J. Clinton Foundation in an apparent quid pro quo deal t
hat resulted in a pardon for Mr. Rich. The pardon was reviewed and blessed by Ob
ama Attorney General and then Deputy AG Eric Holder, despite numerous requests b
y government officials to turn it down. $12,000,000: the amount of TARP money pr
ovided to community bank OneUnited despite the fact that it did not qualify for
funds, and was "under attack from its regulators for allegations of poor lending
practices and executive-pay abuses." It turns out that Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA
), a key contributor to the Fannie Mae meltdown, just happens to be married to o
ne of the bank s ex-directors. $23,500,000: The upper range of net worth Rep. Al
lan Mollohan (D-WV) accumulated in four years time according to The Washington P
ost through earmarks of "tens of millions of dollars to groups associated with h
is own business partners." $2,000,000,000: ($2 billion) the approximate amount o
f money that House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-WI) is earmarking relat
ed to his son s lobbying efforts. Craig Obey is "a top lobbyist for the nonprofi
t group" that would receive a roughly $2 billion component of the "Stimulus" pac
kage. $3,700,000,000: ($3.7 billion) not to be outdone, this is the estimated va
lue of various defense contracts awarded to a company controlled by the husband
of Rep. Diane Feinstein (D-CA). Despite an obvious conflict-of-interest as "a me
mber of the Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee, Sen. Feinstein vo
ted for appropriations worth billions to her husband s firms ." $4,190,000,000:
($4.19 billion) the amount of money in the so-called "Stimulus" package devoted
to fraudulent voter registration ACORN group under the auspices of "Community St
abilization Activities". ACORN is currently the subject of a RICO suit in Ohio.
$1,646,000,000,000 ($1.646 trillion): the approximate amount of annual United St
ates exports endangered by the "Stimulus" package, which provides a "Buy America
n" stricture. According to international trade experts, a "US-EU trade war looms
", which could result in a worldwide economic depression reminiscent of that tou
ched off by the protectionist Smoot-Hawley Act. It s not just a culture of corru
ption. It s a culture of corruption and stupidity. And, unlike Republicans, Demo
crats appear to be above the law. All of the aforementioned clowns are still in
office, ruling like the royalty they ve become. ******** AND, ITS ONLY BEEN THRE
E WEEKS FOLKS ------------------------------ --------------------The Stimulus Pl
an: A Detailed List of Spending by the DEMOCRATS by Michael Grabell and Christop
her Weaver, ProPublica - February 13, 2009 10:24 am EST Feb. 13, 10:55p.m.: This
post was updated to reflect that the Senate voted for the stimulus package. The
House approved the economic stimulus plan Friday afternoon with a vote of 246

to 183, followed by the Senate with a vote of 60 to 38. Want to know what s in i
t? You could read the 1,071-page gorilla that passed today. Or you could let us
do the work for you. Weve dissected the beast in two charts one for spending belo
w, and one for taxes. special/stimulus-plan-taxcutlis
t The appropriations section of the bill details spending in excess of $311 bill
ion for programs ranging from Pell grants for college students to clean water in
central Utah to nearly $100 billion in new transportation and infrastructure pr
ojects. Heres our earlier chart comparing the differences between the House, Sena
te, and conference versions of the bills.
PROGRAMS and FUNDING Accountability $323,500,000 Department of Agriculture - Off
ice of Inspector General $22,500,000 Department of Commerce - Office of Inspecto
r General $10,000,000 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Office o
f Inspector General $6,000,000 Department of Justice - Office of Inspector Gener
al $2,000,000 NASA - Office of Inspector General $2,000,000 Defense Department Office of Inspector General $15,000,000 Department of Energy - Office of Inspec
tor General $15,000,000 Department of the Treasury - Inspector General for Tax A
dministration $7,000,000 General Services Administration - Office of Inspector G
eneral $7,000,000 Recovery Act Accountability and Transparency Board $84,000,000
Small Business Administration - Office of Inspector General $10,000,000 Departm
ent of Homeland Security - Office of Inspector General $5,000,000 Bureau of Indi
an Affairs - Office of Inspector General $15,000,000 Environmental Protection Ag
ency - Office of Inspector General $20,000,000 Department of Labor - Office of I
nspector General $6,000,000 Department of Health and Human Services - Office of
Inspector General related to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health I
nformation Technology $17,000,000 Department of Education - Office of Inspector
General $14,000,000 Corporation for National and Community Service - Office of I
nspector General $1,000,000 Social Security Administration - Office of Inspector
General $2,000,000 Government Accountability Office salaries and expenses $25,0
00,000 Veterans Affairs - Office of Inspector General $1,000,000 State Departmen
t - Office of Inspector General $2,000,000 Department of Transportation - Office
of Inspector General $20,000,000 Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Inspector General $15,000,000
Aid to People Affected by Economic Downturn $36,910,807,000 Rural Housing Servic
e insurance fund program account - direct loans and unsubsidized guaranteed loan
s $11,672,000,000

Rural community facilities program account $130,000,000 Special supplemental nut

rition program for women, infants and children (WIC) $500,000,000 School lunch p
rograms for schools in which at least 50% of students are eligible for free or r
educed price meals $100,000,000 Food bank commodity assistance program $150,000,
000 Temporary increase in benefits under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance P
rogram (food stamps) $19,900,000,000 Food distribution program on Indian reserva
tions $5,000,000 Agricultural disaster assistance transition - Federal Crop Insu
rance Act Farm operating loans $173,367,000 Direct farm operating loans $20,440,
000 IRS health insurance tax credit administration $80,000,000 Emergency food an
d shelter $100,000,000 Bureau of Indian Affairs job training and housing improve
ment programs $40,000,000 Indian guaranteed loan program $10,000,000 Community s
ervice employment for older Americans $120,000,000 Extra funding for state unemp
loyment insurance $150,000,000 State re-employment services for the jobless $250
,000,000 Child care assistance for low-income families $1,651,227,000 Child care
assistance for low-income families through state programs $255,186,000 Child ca
re assistance for low-income families to improve infant and toddler care $93,587
,000 Community Service Block Grant Program $1,000,000,000 Social Security Act fu
nding 50,000,000 Social Security Administration processing of disability and ret
irement workloads $460,000,000
Aid to State and Local Governments $58,355,000,000 State administrative expenses
to carry out increase in food stamp program $295,000,000 Economic development a
ssistance programs $150,000,000 Violence against women prevention and prosecutio
n programs $225,000,000 Office of Justice Programs state and local law enforceme
nt assistance (Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grants) $2,000,000,000 S
tate and local law enforcement assistance grants to improve criminal justice sys
tems, assist crime victims and mentor youth $225,000,000 Southern border and hig
h-intensity drug trafficking areas $30,000,000 ATF Project Gunrunner $10,000,000
State and local law enforcement assistance to Indian tribes $225,000,000 Crime
victim assistance $100,000,000 Rural drug crime program $125,000,000 Internet cr
imes against children initiatives $50,000,000 Community Oriented Policing Servic
es (COPS) grants $1,000,000,000 Justice Department salaries and expenses for adm
inistration of police grant programs $10,000,000 Community Development Financial
Institutions Fund for financial assistance, training and outreach to Native Ame
rican, Hawaiian and Alaskan native communities $100,000,000 Local and state fire
station upgrades and construction $210,000,000 Disaster assistance direct loans
may exceed $5,000,000 and may be equal to not more than 50% of local government
annual budget if the government lost 25% or more in tax revenues State Fiscal S
tabilization Fund to avoid cutbacks and layoffs (82% must be used

for education while 18% may be used for public safety and other government servi
ces. The latter part may be used for repairs and modernization of K-12 schools a
nd college and university buildings.) $53,600,000,000
Business $870,000,000 Rural Business - Cooperative Service: rural business progr
am account $150,000,000 Small Business Administration salaries and expenses, mic
roloan program and improvements to technology systems $69,000,000 Surety bond gu
arantees revolving fund $15,000,000 Small business loans $636,000,000
Education $48,420,000,000 State grants for adult job training $500,000,000 State
grants for youth job training and summer employment opportunities $1,200,000,00
0 Dislocated worker job training $1,250,000,000 YouthBuild program for high scho
ol dropouts who re-enroll in other schools $50,000,000 Job training in emerging
industries $250,000,000 Job training in the renewable energy field $500,000,000
Head Start programs $1,000,000,000 Early Head Start program expansion $1,100,000
,000 Education for the disadvantaged - elementary and secondary education 10,000
,000,000 Education for the disadvantaged - school improvement grants $3,000,000,
000 Education impact aid $100,000,000 School improvement programs $650,000,000 I
nnovation and improvement of elementary and secondary schools $200,000,000 Speci
al education funding under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act $12,2
00,000,000 Pell grants for higher education $15,840,000,000 Institute of Educati
on data systems $245,000,000 Institute of Education state data coordinators $5,0
00,000 Dislocated worker assistance national reserve $200,000,000 School improve
ment grants awarded based on the number of homeless students identified in a sta
te $70,000,000 Student aid administrative costs $60,000,000
Energy $41,400,000,000 Energy efficiency and conservation block grants $3,200,00
0,000 Weatherization Assistance Program (increases maximum income level and maxi
mum assistance) $5,000,000,000 State energy program $3,100,000,000 Advanced batt
eries manufacturing, including lithium ion batteries, hybrid electrical systems,
component manufacturers and software designers $2,000,000,000 Modernize electri
city grid $4,400,000,000

Electricity grid worker training $100,000,000 Fossil energy research and develop
ment $3,400,000,000 Uranium Enrichment Decontamination and Decommissioning Fund
$390,000,000 Department of Energy science programs $1,600,000,000 Advanced Resea
rch Projects Agency $400,000,000 Innovative technology loan guarantee program $6
,000,000,000 Western Area Power Administration construction and maintenance $10,
000,000 Bonneville Power Administration borrowing authority $3,250,000,000 Weste
rn Area Power Administration borrowing authority $3,250,000,000 Leading edge bio
fuel projects $500,000,000 Federal building conversion to "high-performance gree
n buildings" $4,500,000,000 Energy efficiency federal vehicle fleet procurement
Health Care $18,830,000,000 Indian Health Service information technology and tel
ehealth services $85,000,000 Indian health facilities $415,000,000 Grants for pu
blic health centers $500,000,000 Construction, renovation, equipment and informa
tion technology for health centers $1,500,000,000 National Health Service Corps
funding $75,000,000 Addressing health professions workforce shortage $425,000,00
0 National Institutes of Health grants and contracts to renovate non-federal res
earch facilities $1,000,000,000 National Institute of Health grants and contract
s for shared resources and equipment for grantees $300,000,000 National Institut
es of Health fund to support scientific research $7,400,000,000 National Institu
tes of Health Common Fund $800,000,000 National Institutes of Health renovations
of high-priority buildings at the Bethesda, Md., campus, and at other locations
$500,000,000 Comparative effectiveness research $300,000,000 Comparative effect
iveness research by the National Institutes of Health 400,000,000 Comparative ef
fectiveness research by the Department of Health and Human Services $400,000,000
Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology $1,680,000
,000 National Coordinator for Health Information Technology s regional or subnat
ional efforts $300,000,000 Department of Commerce health care information enterp
rise integration activities related to the Office of the National Coordinator fo
r Health Information Technology $20,000,000 Department of Health and Human Servi
ces computer and information technology security $50,000,000 Department of Healt
h and Human Services Prevention and Wellness Fund $1,000,000,000 Prevention and
Wellness Fund immunization program $300,000,000 Prevention and Wellness Fund evi
dence-based clinical and community-based prevention strategies $650,000,000 Prev
ention and Wellness Fund reduction in incidence of health-care-associated infect
ions $50,000,000 Rehabilitation services and disability research 540,000,000 Sta
te grants for rehabilitation services and disability research $18,200,000 Rehabi
litation services in independent living centers $87,500,000 Rehabilitation servi
ces for older blind individuals $34,300,000

Other $2,147,000,000 . Census Bureau programs $1,000,000,000 Digital-to-analog t

elevision converter box program $650,000,000 President shall establish arbitrati
on panel under FEMA public assistance program to expedite recovery efforts from
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Requirement that Department of Homeland Security uni
forms be manufactured and sewn together by U.S. fabric and apparel companies Nat
ional Endowment for the Arts grants $50,000,000 Department of Labor salaries and
expenses $80,000,000 Additional awards to existing AmeriCorps grantees $83,000,
000 AmeriCorps program salaries and expenses $5,200,000 AmeriCorps program admin
istrative costs of expansion $800,000 National security trust appropriation $40,
000,000 Social Security Administration health information technology research $4
0,000,000 Filipino World War II veterans compensation $198,000,000
Science and Technology $13,142,000,000 Farm Service Agency salaries and expenses
to maintain and modernize the information technology system $50,000,000 Distanc
e learning, telemedicine and broadband program $2,500,000,000 National Telecommu
nications and Information Administration - broadband technology opportunities pr
ogram $4,690,000,000 National Institute of Standards and Technology scientific a
nd technical research and services $220,000,000 National Institute of Standards
and Technology construction of research facilities $360,000,000 National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration operations, research and facilities $230,000,000
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration procurement, acquisition and co
nstruction $600,000,000 NASA science $400,000,000 NASA aeronautics $150,000,000
NASA exploration $400,000,000 NASA cross agency support $50,000,000 National Sci
ence Foundation research and related activities $2,500,000,000 National Science
Foundation education and human resources $100,000,000 National Science Foundatio
n major research equipment and facilities construction $400,000,000 National Sci
ence Foundation - Office of Inspector General $2,000,000 Veterans Affairs for hi
ring and training of claims processors $150,000,000 Veterans Affairs information
technology systems $50,000,000 State Department technology security upgrades $2
52,000,000 U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) technology $38,000,
Transportation and Infrastructure $98,325,000,000

Agriculture buildings and facilities and rental payments $24,000,000 Agricultura

l Research Service buildings and facilities $176,000,000 Natural Resources Conse
rvation Service watershed and flood prevention programs $290,000,000 Watershed r
ehabilitation program $50,000,000 Rural Utilities Service water and waste dispos
al program account $1,380,000,000 Defense Department facilities operation and ma
intenance, Army $1,474,525,000 Defense Department facilities operation and maint
enance, Navy $657,051,000 Defense Department facilities operation and maintenanc
e, Marine Corps $113,865,000 Defense Department facilities operation and mainten
ance, Air Force $1,095,959,000 Defense Department facilities operation and maint
enance, Army Reserve $98,269,000 Defense Department facilities operation and mai
ntenance, Navy $55,083,000 Defense Department facilities operation and maintenan
ce, Marine Corps Reserve $39,909,000 Defense Department facilities operation and
maintenance, Air Force Reserve $13,187,000 Defense Department facilities operat
ion and maintenance, Army National Guard $266,304,000 Defense Department facilit
ies operation and maintenance, Air National Guard $25,848,000 Army research deve
lopment, test and evaluation $75,000,000 Navy research development, test and eva
luation $75,000,000 Air Force research development, test and evaluation $75,000,
000 Defense-wide research development, test and evaluation $75,000,000 Defense D
epartment medical facilities repair and modernization including energy efficienc
y $400,000,000 Corps of Engineers investigations $25,000,000 Corps of Engineers
construction $2,000,000,000 Corps of Engineers - Mississippi River and tributari
es $375,000,000 Corps of Engineers operations and maintenance $2,075,000,000 Cor
ps of Engineers regulatory program $25,000,000 Corps of Engineers formerly utili
zed sites remedial action program $100,000,000 Bureau of Reclamation water and r
elated resources, including inspection of canals in urbanized areas $900,000,000
Central Utah Project water programs $50,000,000 California Bay-Delta restoratio
n $50,000,000 Non-Defense environmental cleanup $483,000,000 Defense environment
al cleanup $5,127,000,000 Federal buildings and courthouses $750,000,000 Border
stations and land ports of entry $300,000,000 Department of Homeland Security he
adquarters consolidation $200,000,000 Customs and Border Protection non-intrusiv
e inspection systems $100,000,000 Customs and Border Protection tactical communi
cations equipment and radios $60,000,000 Border security fencing, infrastructure
and technology $100,000,000 Land border ports of entry construction $420,000,00
0 Immigration and Customs Enforcement tactical communications equipment and radi
os $20,000,000 Transportation Security Administration checked baggage and checkp
oint explosives detection machines $1,000,000,000 Coast Guard shore facilities a
nd aids to navigation facilities $98,000,000 Coast Guard alteration of bridges $
142,000,000 FEMA public transportation and railroad security $150,000,000 FEMA p
ort security grants $150,000,000 Bureau of Land Management maintenance and resto
ration of facilities, trails, lands, abandoned mines and wells $125,000,000 Bure
au of Land Management construction of roads, bridges, trails and facilities, inc
luding energy efficient retrofits $180,000,000

Wildland fire management and hazardous fuels reduction $15,000,000 U.S. Fish and
Wildlife Service maintenance and construction on wildlife refuges and fish hatc
heries and for habitat restoration $165,000,000 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service r
oads, bridges and facilities, including energy efficient retrofits $115,000,000
National Park Service facilities and trails $146,000,000 Historically black coll
eges and universities preservation $15,000,000 National Park Service road constr
uction, cleanup of abandoned mines on parkland and other infrastructure $589,000
,000 U.S. Geological Survey facilities and equipment, including stream gages, se
ismic and volcano monitoring systems and national map activities $140,000,000 Bu
reau of Indian Affairs construction of roads, schools and detention centers $450
,000,000 Superfund site cleanup $600,000,000 Leaking underground storage tank cl
eanup $200,000,000 Clean water state revolving fund grants $4,000,000,000 Safe d
rinking water capitalization grants $2,000,000,000 Brownfields projects $100,000
,000 Diesel emission reduction grants and loans $300,000,000 Forest Service road
, bridge and trail maintenance; watershed restoration; facilities improvement; r
emediation of abandoned mines; and support costs $650,000,000 Wildfire mitigatio
n $500,000,000 Smithsonian Institution repairs $25,000,000 Construction, renovat
ion and acquisition of Job Corps Centers $250,000,000 Social Security Administra
tion s National Computer Center replacement $500,000,000 Military construction,
Army - child development centers and warrior transition complexes $180,000,000 M
ilitary construction, Navy and Marine Corps - child development centers and warr
ior transition complexes $280,000,000 Military construction, Air Force - child d
evelopment centers and warrior transition complexes $180,000,000 Military hospit
al construction and energy conservation investments $1,450,000,000 Military cons
truction, Army National Guard $50,000,000 Military construction, Air National Gu
ard $50,000,000 Family housing construction, Army $34,507,000 Family housing ope
ration and maintenance, Army $3,932,000 Family housing construction, Air Force $
80,100,000 Family housing operation and maintenance, Air Force $16,461,000 Tempo
rary expansion of military homeowner assistance program to respond to mortgage f
oreclosure and credit crisis, including acquisition of property at or near milit
ary bases that have been ordered closed. $555,000,000 Veterans Affairs hospital
maintenance $1,000,000,000 National Cemetery Administration for monument and mem
orial repairs $50,000,000 State extended care facilities, such as nursing homes
$150,000,000 State Department diplomatic and consular programs for domestic pass
port and training facilities $90,000,000 International Boundary and Water Commis
sion - Rio Grande levee repairs $220,000,000 Additional capital investments in s
urface transportation including highways, bridges, and road repairs $1,298,500,0
00 Administrative costs for additional capital investments in surface transporta
tion $200,000,000 Capital investments in surface transportation grants to be awa
rded by other administration $1,500,000 Federal Aviation Administration infrastr
ucture $200,000,000 Grants-in-aid for airports $1,100,000,000 Highway infrastruc
ture investment $26,725,000,000

Highway infrastructure investment in Puerto Rico $105,000,000 Highway infrastruc

ture funds distributed by states $60,000,000 Highway infrastructure funds for th
e Indian Reservation Roads program $550,000,000 Highway infrastructure funds for
surface transportation technology training $20,000,000 Highway infrastructure t
o fund oversight and management of projects $40,000,000 High speed rail capital
assistance $8,000,000,000 National Railroad passenger corporation capital grants
$850,000,000 National Railroad passenger corporation capital grants for securit
y $450,000,000 Federal Transit Administration capital assistance $6,800,000,000
Public transportation discretionary grants $100,000,000 Fixed guideway infrastru
cture investment $750,000,000 Capital investment grants $750,000,000 Shipyard gr
ants $100,000,000 Public housing capital improvements $3,000,000,000 Public hous
ing renovations and energy conservation investments $1,000,000,000 Native Americ
an housing block grants $510,000,000 Community development funding $1,000,000,00
0 Emergency assistance for the redevelopment of abandoned and foreclosed homes $
2,000,000,000 Additional capital investments in low-income housing tax credit pr
ojects $2,250,000,000 Homelessness prevention and re-housing $1,500,000,000 Assi
stance to owners of properties receiving section 8 assistance $2,000,000,000 Gra
nts and loans for green investment in section 8 properties $250,000,000 Lead haz
ard reduction $100,000,000 ______________________________ GO to Stimulus Watch f
or further breakdown of the Spending Spree. It will detail what projects & how m
uch your states and cities are on the take for or stealing from you the Taxpayer
s: You CAN read the 1,071-page Spending Spree Bill
that passed today at: article/download-the-stimulusbill-090213 special/the-stimulus-plan-a- detailed-li
st... Watch and Listen to Senator Jim DeMint(R-SC) exposing the truth about the
Democrats Spending Spree Bill at the Heritage Foundation: http://multimedia.her
itage. org/content/wm/Lehrman- 012909a.wvx Events
------------------------------ --------------------Lawmakers in 20 states move t
o reclaim sovereignty Obama s $1 trillion deficit-spending stimulus plan seen
as last straw Posted: February 06, 2009 11:50 pm Eastern By Jerome R. Corsi 2009 NEW YORK As the Obama administration attempts to push through C
ongress a nearly $1 trillion deficit spending plan that is weighted heavily towa
rd advancing typically Democratic-supported social welfare programs, a rebellion
against the growing dominance of federal control is beginning to spread at the
state level.

So far, eight states have introduced resolutions declaring state sovereignty und
er the Ninth and Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, including Arizona, Hawaii,
Montana, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma and Washington. Analysts e
xpect that in addition, another 20 states may see similar measures introduced th
is year, including Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Ida
ho, Indiana, Kansas, Nevada, Maine and Pennsylvania. "What we are trying to do i
s to get the U.S. Congress out of the state s business," Oklahoma Republican sta
te Sen. Randy Brogdon told WND.
"Congress is completely out of line spending trillions of dollars over the last
10 years putting the nation into a debt crisis like we ve never seen before," Br
ogdon said, arguing that the Obama stimulus plan is the last straw taxing state
patience in the brewing sovereignty dispute. "This particular 111th Congress is
the biggest bunch of over-reachers and underachievers we ve ever had in Congress
," he said. "A sixth-grader should realize you can t borrow money to pay off you
r debt, and that is the Obama administration s answer for a stimulus package," h
e added. The Ninth Amendment reads, "The enumeration in the Constitution, of cer
tain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the
people." The Tenth Amendment specifically provides, "The powers not delegated to
the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are
reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." Brogdon, the lead sponso
r of the Oklahoma state senate version of the sovereignty bill, has been a stron
g opponent of extending the plan to build a four-footballfields-wide Trans-Texas
Corridor parallel to Interstate-35 to Oklahoma, as WND reported. http://www.wnd
.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=57915 Rollback federal authority The various so
vereignty measures moving through state legislatures are designed to reassert st
ate authority through a rollback of federal authority under the powers enumerate
d in the Constitution, with the states assuming the governance of the non-enumer
ated powers, as required by the Tenth Amendment. The state sovereignty measures,
aimed largely at the perceived fiscal irresponsibility of Congress in the admin
istrations of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, have gained momentum with the $1
trillion deficit-spending economic stimulus package the Obama administration is
currently pushing through Congress. Particularly disturbing to many state legisl
ators are the increasing number of "unfunded mandates" that have proliferated in
social welfare programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, in which bills passed b
y Congress dictate policy to the states without providing funding. In addition,
the various state resolutions include discussion of a wide range of policy areas
, including the regulation of firearms sales (Montana) and the demand to issue d
rivers licenses with technology to embed personal information under the Western
Hemisphere Travel Initiative and the Real ID Act (Michigan). Hawaii s measure ca
lls for a new state constitutional convention to return selfgovernance, a compla
int that traces back to the days it was a U.S. territory, prior to achieving sta
tehood in 1959. "We are trying to send a message to the federal government that
the states are trying to reclaim their sovereignty," Republican Rep. Matt Shea,
the lead sponsor of Washington s sovereignty resolution told WND. "State soverei
gnty has been eroded in so many areas, it s hard to know where to start," he sai
d. "There are a ton of federal mandates imposed on states, for instance, on educ
ation spending and welfare spending."

Shea said the Obama administration s economic stimulus package moving through Co
ngress is a "perfect example." "In the state of Washington, we have increased st
ate spending 33 percent in the last three years and hired 6,000 new state employ
ees, often using federal mandates as an excuse to grow state government," he sai
d. "We need to return government back down to the people, to keep government as
close to the local people as possible." Shea is a private attorney who serves wi
th the Alliance Defense Fund, a nationwide network of about 1,000 attorneys who
work pro-bono. As a counter to the ACLU, the alliance seeks to protect and defen
d religious liberty, the sanctity of life and traditional family values. Republi
can state Rep. Judy Burges, the primary sponsor of the sovereignty resolution in
the Arizona House, told WND the federal government "has been trouncing on our c
onstitutional rights." "The real turning point for me was the Real ID act, which
involved both a violation of the Fourth Amendments rights against the illegal s
earches and seizures and the Tenth Amendment," she said. Burges told WND she is
concerned that the overreaching of federal powers could lead to new legislation
aimed at confiscating weapons from citizens or encoding ammunition. "The Real ID
Act was so broadly written that we are afraid that it involves the potential fo
r "mission-creep," that could easily involve confiscation of firearms and violat
ions of the Second Amendment," she said. Burges said she has been surprised at t
he number of e-mails she has received in support of the sovereignty measure. "We
are a sovereign state in Arizona, not a branch of the federal government, and w
e need to be treated as such, she insisted.
spx --------------------------------------------------AP REPORTS THAT OBAMA NOT
y found? April 2, 2009 Obama Faces More Questions on Citizenship AP- WASHINGTON
D.C. - In a move certain to fuel the debate over Obamas qualifications for the pr
esidency, the group Americans for Freedom of Information has released copies of Pr
esident Obamas college transcripts from Occidental College. Released today, the t
ranscript indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial
aid as a foreign student from Indonesia as an undergraduate at the school. The
transcript was released by Occidental College in compliance with a court order i
n a suit brought by the group in the Superior Court of California. The transcrip
t shows that Obama (Soetoro) applied for financial aid and was awarded a fellows
hip for foreign students from the Fulbright Foundation Scholarship program. To q
ualify, for the scholarship, a student must claim foreign citizenship. This docu
ment would seem to provide the smoking gun that many of Obamas detractors have be
en seeking. The news has created a firestorm at the White House as the release c

increasing doubt about Obamas legitimacy and qualification to serve as president.

When reached for comment in London, where he has been in meetings with British
Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Obama smiled but refused comment on the issue. Mean
while, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs scoffed at the report stating th
at this was obviously another attempt by a right-wing conservative group to disc
redit the president and undermine the administrations efforts to move the country
in a new direction. Britain s Daily Mail has also carried the story in a frontpage article titled, Obama Eligibility Questioned, leading some to speculate that
the story may overshadow economic issues on Obamas first official visit to the U.
K. In a related matter, under growing pressure from several groups, Justice Anto
nin Scalia announced that the Supreme Court agreed on Tuesday to hear arguments
concerning Obamas legal eligibility to serve as President in a case brought by Le
o Donofrio of New Jersey. This lawsuit claims Obama s dual citizenship disqualif
ied him from serving as president. Donofrios case is just one of 18 suits brought
by citizens demanding proof of Obamas citizenship or qualification to serve as p
resident. Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation has released the re
sults of their investigation of Obamas campaign spending. This study estimates th
at Obama has spent upwards of $950,000 in campaign funds in the past year with e
leven law firms in 12 states for legal resources to block disclosure of any of h
is personal records. Mr. Kreep indicated that the investigation is still ongoing
but that the final report will be provided to the U.S. attorney general, Eric H
older. Mr. Holder has refused to comment on the matter April 02, 2009
Fulbright Association 1100 G Street, N.W. Suite 525 Washington, D.C. 20005 Phone
: (202) 347-5543 Fax: (202) 347-6540 [link to] Why do We
Need Real Documents April 29, 2009 Due to the fact that Obama arrogantly refuse
s to unseal his vital records and uses his attorney Robert Bauer as a tool to ha
rass and initmidate law abiding citizens and attorneys; there are numerous rumor
s on the internet about those records. Recently I received an e-mail, stating th
at Obama has received a Fullbright scholarship, while at Occidental. Fullbright
is given to foreign students. [Expensive tuition Occidental prides itself in bei
ng a Fullbright Scholarship "producer", which means: an aggressive social action
College enabling qualified "foreign" applicants to attend undergraduate studies
there...producing the fees/costs to attend via financial aid loans, grants, sch order that the be able to school feed/sustain itself. "(Occidenta
l is one of the countrys top producers of student Fulbright Award winners)." "...
Roughly three quarters of students receive financial aid..." [link to www.stateu]

When 73% of your students are on Financial Aid for what is now $34,000 a year ba
se tuition before expensescompare Harvard at about $2,000 less annual tuition, an
d its break down the comparable costs there at: [link to]
AND YET Obama is likely enabled to attend on perhaps a full scholarship because
of his mothers associations with the FORD Foundation to encourage being sponsorsh
ip from his fathers country of Kenyameaning he needs a Kenyan passport, in additio
n to his Indonesian one. But WHO QUALIFIES for the Fullbright Scholarships?: [li
nk to] The Fullbright scholarship either BRINGS FOREIGN STUDENTS TO
THE UNITED STATES to learn and be educated to receive/obtain a college/universi
ty undergraduate degree, or it will ONLY sponsor existing College/University US
CITIZEN GRADUATES (prefereably Masters Degree and above) to go abroad. [link to u] Since Obama was then 18-20 yr. old Barry SoetoroObama was
AT THAT TIME , defined by the Financial Aid terms of the Fullbright Scholarship
in 1979, 1980, 1981as a NON-US CITIZEN and foreign national. Brianroy] Obama needs t
o provide original vital records or certified copies of such records, as compute
rised documents might be photoshopped. This is particularly important, as repres
entative of Hawaii health department, Dr. Fukino has only released a statement,
that the Hi Health department has A document on file. She did not elaborate, wha
t document. Since HI statute 338 allows foreign born children of Hawaiian reside
nts to obtain Hawaiian birth certificates (as it was reportedly obtained for Oba
mas half sister Maya Soetoro, born in Indonesia) and those can be obtained based
on a statement of one relative only, such as grandmother or grandfather (which o
f course can be biased), it is imperative that the courts hear those cases on th
e merits and that the law enforcement and judges finally start doing their job a
nd sign subpoenas for all of Obamas vital records. If you have certified copies o
f any original documents, please mail them to my office Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ, 263
02 La Paz, ste 211 Mission Viejo , CA 92691. --------------------------------------------------AMERICAN: EVERYTHING THAT HAS BEEN PRESENTED SUBSTANTIATE AMERICAN CITIZENS. HE

PLEASE: 1. EMAIL/Fax/Call/ Letter 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. EMAIL/Fax/Call/ Letter EMAIL/Fa

x/Call/ Letter
to US attorney Jeffery Taylor of Washington DC. to All Senators & Congressmen. t
o ALL Governors & Attorney Generals.
EMAIL/Fax/Call/ Letter to AG Eric Holder. EMAIL/Fax/Call/ Letter to All Secretar
y of State. EMAIL/Fax/Call/ Letter to the Supreme Court Justices.

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