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Weight Control

HFL-1093- Section 001(Online)

Fall Semester 2015
Instructor: Barbara Okuley
Office Location: CRC 6348
Mailbox Location: CRC 6340
Office Hours: By appointment or via email
Email Address: (please email with your UC student email)
Course Overview:
Welcome to Weight Control! Based on your enrollment in this course, it would probably be safe to assume
you are interested in personal health and wish to learn more about how proper nutrition and physical activity
relate to weight control. This course will provide students with a basic understanding of what determines a
healthy body weight and size, the factors that influence weight, and the methods commonly used to control
weight. Students may use course information to develop a diet and exercise program to gain, maintain, or
lose weight.
My outlook for this class is to create a learning environment that is both friendly and informative. As a
health educator, I will use a positive approach towards body image to create a safe environment for everyone
to feel comfortable with their own body. Since this is an online class I will strive to make the class as
worthwhile and engaging as possible to spark interest and enjoyment in the topics discussed while making
the class feel as though it is taught in person.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
Describe factors related to obesity in the United States.
Discuss how obesity affects overall health.
Explain how diet and exercise work together to influence body weight.
Discuss the psychological factors influencing weight control and management.
Describe the methods used to measure body weight and body composition.
Explain the basics of nutrition and what makes a healthy and well-balanced diet.
Discuss the barriers to eating healthy and how to overcome them.
Describe the components of physical fitness.
Discuss the barriers to exercising regularly and how to overcome them.
Develop a personalized weight control program, including diet and exercise.

Course Materials:


The required textbook for this course is Maximize Your Body Potential (3 ed.) by Joyce D. Nash
(ISBN#978-0923521714). The textbook provides a basic overview of the main concepts associated with
weight loss and lifetime weight management. This textbook will serve as the primary course material,
however additional readings and videos will be posted to Blackboard periodically.

None. All students are eligible to enroll in Weight Control!

Course Components and Point Distribution:

Journals (10 points each; 40 points total)
Over the course of the semester students are expected to complete four journal entries online through
Blackboard. Journal entry prompts will be provided to students on Monday of the week they are due, and entries
are due by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. EST. Journal entries must be at least 150 words long and address all portions of
the prompt. Late journal entries will not be accepted. Journal entries are private, and only you and I can view
them. Other students enrolled in the course do not have access to read your journal entries.
The following rubric will be used for grading the journal entries:
Journal entry is at least 150 words in length and displays the students understanding of
course concepts and materials. The entry is insightful and creative while addressing all
aspects of the prompt.
Journal entry may be insightful, but doesnt meet the length requirement or address all
aspects of the prompt.
Journal entry meets length requirements, but has grammatical or other errors and does
not answer all aspects of the prompt.
Journal entry doesnt show any understanding of concepts and/or is significantly
shorter than required.
Late journal entries, or no entry at all.

Point Value


Nutrition & Physical Activity Report (10 points total)

Students will complete a one-week journal of their daily food intake and physical activity using the
SuperTracker tool available on Once the one-week journal is complete, students will
run a report and summarize their findings in comparison to what is recommended for the average adult.
This assignment will take three days to complete so students should begin this assignment at
the beginning of the week as late assignments will not be accepted. More information regarding
this assignment will be distributed closer to the due date.
Quizzes (20 points each; 60 points total)
There will be three quizzes administered throughout the semester to assess your knowledge of the material
covered up to that point in the class. Students will take the quizzes online through Blackboard. They are made
up of 10 multiple choice and/or true/false questions. Quizzes are not comprehensive and cover only the new
material since the previous quiz.
Final Exam (60 points)
There is one comprehensive exam for the course. The final exam will be administered through Blackboard.
There will be a total of 30 questions on the test in any combination of multiple choice, matching, or true/false
questions. Content covered in the exam will come from the textbook chapters included in the required
readings, PowerPoint presentations, and any additional material covered during the semester.

Tentative Course Content and Schedule:

Week 1:
8/24- 8/30

Overview of Course

Course Syllabus


E.C. Syllabus Quiz & 9/6/15 by 11:59pm

Discussion Post


Chapter 1/15
(Pgs.1-5, 179-183)


Week 3:
9/7- 9/13

What it takes to succeed

Chapter 2

Journal #1

Week 4:
9/14- 9/20

Body Composition

Chapter 5


Week 5:
9/21- 9/27

Social Support

Week 6:
9/28- 10/4

Nutrition Overview

Week 7:
10/4- 10/11

Eating a Healthy Diet

Week 2:

Week 8:
Supplements &
10/12Ergogenic Aids
Week 9:
Nutrition Fads & Diets
10/19- 10/25

Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 10
Chapter 12


9/13/15 by 11:59pm

Quiz #1

9/27/15 by 11:59pm

Journal #2

10/4/15 by 11:59pm

Quiz #2

Chapter 14/16
(Pgs.175-178, 184-188)


10/18/15 by 11:59pm

Week 10:
10/26- 11/1

Choose My Plate


Nutrition & Physical

Activity Report

11/1/15 by 11:59pm

Week 11:
11/2- 11/8

Barriers of Healthy

Chapter 19

Journal #3

11/8/15 by 11:59pm

Week 12:
11/9- 11/15

Body Image & Eating


Chapter 29

Quiz #3

11/15/15 by 11:59pm

Week 13:
Physical Activity, Fitness Chapter 21/23
11/16- 11/22 & Personal Health
(Pgs.250-263, 273-289)


November 23-29: THANKSGIVING BREAK! No class this week!

Week 14:
11/30- 12/6

Learning to

Chapter 27

Journal #4

12/6/15 by 11:59pm

Week 15:
12/7- 12/12

Final Exam


Final Exam

12/10/15 by 11:59pm

Assessments and Point Values:

Journals (4 total, 10 points each)
Nutrition & Physical Activity Report
Quizzes (3 total, 20 points each)
Final Exam

Maximum Point Value


Letter Grade Assignment by Points:


% Range

Points Range

Course Policies:
The best way to do well in any course is to stay engaged in it. To help you to stay in touch and remain
engaged, you are expected to participate each week and to keep up. Its also crucial that you stay in contact
with your instructor, especially when you encounter difficulties. Your instructor cannot help you solve a
problem that she doesnt know about. The following guidelines are meant to help you be successful in this
If you need support in accessing anything in Blackboard, call 513-556-1602 or via
It is expected that students will check their email at least once every 48 hours for possible
announcements regarding the class.
It is expected that when students log into Blackboard, that they will also check the Announcements
When emailing the instructor, please make sure you sign your name, specify which course you are
in, and use your UC e-mail address.
The instructor usually checks email at least every other day, a situation may arise where this is not
possible. The instructor has 48 hours to respond to an e-mail. Do not wait until the last day before
an assignment is due to contact your instructor if you have questions.
Emails are considered private documents between the sender and the receiver. Permission from the
sender is required before forwarding to another.
Please note that technical difficulties do not excuse the student from the responsibility of
participation and other assigned work.

In the event of a university-approved absence or illness, it is the students responsibility to contact the
instructor to request a make-up assignment. Make-up assignments will be granted only for documented
illness or university-approved absences that were indicated two weeks in advance.
All-class communications via Blackboard or email must be approved through the instructor.
Communication amongst the class is encouraged, but we want to respect the personal emails of the
whole class by not sending mass mailings.

The University has a strong commitment to the principles of free speech, open access to knowledge, and
respect for a diversity of opinions. As such, in accordance with the policies of the University of Cincinnati
Information Technology department, the rights as well as the restrictions governing these principles on the
physical campus apply fully to distance learning students. Anyone who becomes aware of a possible violation
of this policy should notify their instructor. The instructor will investigate the incident and determine whether
further action is warranted. The instructor may resolve minor issues by obtaining the agreement that the
inappropriate action will not be repeated. In those cases that warrant disciplinary action, the instructor will
refer the matter to the appropriate authorities. These include Public Safety for violations of criminal law and
the Office of Student Affairs for violations by student.

Homework Policy:
1. No late assignments are accepted other than a university approved and documented illnesses/family
crises. If you do not send or post your assignment by the due date and time, you will not receive full
2. All assignments should be submitted via the Blackboard Course Site. Your instructor will not accept
assignments via e-mail. Instructions on using the blog and/or taking quizzes online can be found in the
Technology Resources button and Blackboard101 on your Blackboard course menu.
3. The students enrollment in this class represents a contract with the instructor. This syllabus, the
assignment descriptions and the weekly schedule contains the information for this contract.The
instructors responsibility is to provide feedback in a reasonable amount of time. Please remember that
it may take several days to grade assignments and have them returned to you.

Accommodations Policy:
If you have a disability (e.g., visual impairment, hearing impairment, physical impairment, communication
disorder, and/or specific learning disability), which may influence your performance in this course, you
must meet with the Disability Services Office (DSO) to arrange for reasonable accommodations to ensure
an equitable opportunity to meet all the requirements of this course. If you require accommodations due to
disability, please contact DSO at 513-556-6823, Campus Location: 210 University Pavilion. You will be
provided an Accommodation Form indicating your accommodation needs for the quarter. Please present
this Form to your instructor as soon as possible to ensure your accommodation needs are discussed, agreed
upon, and provided.

School of Human Services Commitment to Student Success and Retention:

We want to make sure we help you explore every option available to keep you progressing towards
successful completion of this course, as well as through your academic program. There are many
challenges that may occur in the duration of this course either due to the course, technology, or other life
circumstances. Below, you will find essential strategies to empower you to successfully complete this
course should you find yourself having any of these difficulties.

First and foremost, email your instructor and/or facilitator immediately .We are here to support and
encourage you as well as promote your active involvement in the learning process. Opening this line
of communication is the first and most important step towards working through the issues that have
brought you to this point. We are available to communicate with you about your progress and provide
insight into how you are faring in comparison with the rest of the class, identify areas in which you
are struggling and provide strategies for improving your performance.
Take some time to look through there sources listed in the button on the Blackboard course site
labeled, Dont Drop! We Can Help! There are many valuable FREE resources available to you to
help support your online success as an UC student.

Course Withdrawal:
Please check the website for the Office of the Registrar for University policies regarding withdrawal
procedures If you are
considering withdrawing from the course, please contact your advisor. If you are receiving financial aid there
could be repercussions for withdrawing recalculation.html. Please also
note that if you are failing the course when you decide to withdraw, the instructor reserves the right to issue a
failing grade. Forth is reason, if you find yourself having difficulties in the class, you should communicate
with your instructor immediately in order to determine the best courses of action to improve your grade
and/or withdraw from the class. Please note that only in very rare circumstances will an Incomplete be
given. Only students who have been attending class regularly and submitting assignments as required will be
considered for an I grade. Documentation regarding extenuating circumstances will be required before an
I is granted.

Questions for Your instructor:

If you have a personal question or comment for your instructor, use the instructors email address. You may
send e-mail to the address listed at the top of the syllabus or through the Communication section of
Blackboard. Please remember that it may take some time (48 hours) before your e-mail is read! Please
remember to sign your full name to any email.

School of Human Services and Faculty Commitment to Course Evaluation:

The School of Human Services requires that each course is evaluated each time it is taught. The School uses
a confidential web-based system, CoursEval, for these evaluations. At the beginning of finals week you will
receive an email from the School Director, Dr. Janet Graden, with CoursEval asthetopic. There is a link on
that email that takes you directly to the evaluation. The online system is confidential and anonymous. I will
receive only a summary report of combined data after final grades have been submitted. As an instructor, I
greatly value your input regarding the strengths and areas for improvement of this course. Your feedback is
essential for me to continually improve instruction opportunity for quality student learning and outcomes.

Course Contract:
Upon officially registering for the course, the student assumes responsibility for understanding and
complying with the entire contents of the course syllabus. It is the students responsibility to raise questions
or concerns directly with the instructor. The course instructor reserves the right to change, modify, add, or
delete any class assignment, reading, or activity at any time. Such changes will be made at the earliest
possible time.