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Oil & Gas Training Course
Project condence. Manufacture reliable products in accordance with API specications.
The API specication Q1, 9th Edition Training Course is a two-day course that frames the management system requirements in a
managerial and business prospective and will provide you with a working and comprehensive understanding of the 9th Edition
The API Specication Q1 9th Edition
API Specication Q1 9th Edition denes the quality management
system requirements for organisations that manufacture products
or provide manufacturing-related processes under a product
specication for use in the petroleum and natural gas industry.
This specication is necessary for organisations to consistently
and reliably manufacture products in accordance with API or
other specications.
All organisations that desire to acquire and maintain a license
to use API Monogram will nd the API Specication Q1
requirements absolutely necessary to be applied at all times
within the organisation.

Who should attend

This course is intended for professionals seeking a strong understanding of the API Specication Q1 as well as those interested in
the transition from 8th to 9th Edition. The course is strongly recommended to professionals in the Oil and Gas industry particularly those dealing with API Monogram licences. Ideal for both
newcomers and those already familiar with API Specication Q1.
API Monogram Licensees / Applicants
Quality Assurance Personnel / Management Representatives /
Manufacturers of Oileld Equipment
Personnel involved in supplier evaluation activities
Personnel involved with specifying equipment requirements
Individuals in business support or management staff positions
in the oil and gas industry

API Specication Q1 9th Edition

Oil & Gas Training Course
Course Contents
Participants will be able to acquire the knowledge and develop
skills to enhance and improve their organisations management
system, as well as have opportunities to understand:
Introduction & Brief History of API and Standardisation
Overview of the API Monogram Program
Catalysts necessitating changes to the 9th Edition
Q1s Layout and Terminology / Denitions / Abbreviations, as
well as their application
Normative references
The Process Approach to Quality Management
Highlights of API Spec. Q1 9th Edition
API Spec. Q1 9th Edition Transition Plan

Course Objectives
The course is interactive in nature with emphasis on active
involvement of participants in group-work, brainstorming
sessions, reection exercises and assessment of case studies. At
the end of the course, delegates will be able to:
Understand purpose and importance of a Quality Management System (QMS) Standard
Understand the fundamentals of API Specication Q1
Understand the API Specication Q1 requirements
Develop, implement and improve your API Quality System
Initiate internal audits, take corrective action and perform root
cause analysis

API Specication Q1 9th Edition

Quality Management System
(2-day Training Course)

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