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Chorley Quarterly Update

August 2015

New team members Sarah Taylor, Project Manager Lancashire and Becky
Hedgcock, Senior Project Manager Lancashire joined the Spice Northwest

2015 Time Credits Impact on individuals report launched on 29th July and
was communicated to members, groups, partners, local and national
contacts during a two week communications campaign
Further network event held for existing and new members and groups to
celebrate success, share ideas and hold surgery sessions for both existing
and new groups. Thanks to Abi OBrian and Natalie Holt for supporting.
Time Credits report to the Chorley Council Overview and Scrutiny
committee received positive feedback.

Time Credits Impact on individuals report 2015

This new report focusses on the impact on individuals and involved over 400 people nationally.
The findings show significant impact for individuals in areas of health, levels of community
involvement and access to new opportunities and activities.

Health: Time Credits have a positive impact on health and wellbeing and are a key tool for
prevention and enabling people to live healthier lives in the community.
Community: Time Credits are supporting the development of stronger communities, creating
networks and enabling people to form new groups to meet local needs.
Creating new opportunities: Time Credits open up new opportunities for people, with
individuals gaining valuable work experience, developing new interests and opening up access
to new services and activities.

Time Credits Impact on individuals report 2015



New Community Groups

Chorley FC Supporters Trust
The trust have joined the Time Credits programme to
increase their number of volunteers and to attract new
visitors and members to Chorley FC matches.
People will be able to volunteers in lots of ways from
grounds maintenance to becoming the Time Credits
match day administrator.
People will be able to access Chorley FC matches

New Community Groups

Goal Difference
Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trusts Mindsmatter team
have set up the Goal Difference programme in Chorley to
help men of all ages who may be experiencing mental
health problems.
The programme uses football terminology to lead the
players (service users) through 11 matches (sessions),
one each week over the course of the 11 weeks, looking at
different techniques that can be used to help improve their
overall health and wellbeing.
Time Credits have been introduced to transition the group
to a self managed peer support group

Ad hoc earning highlights

Primrose Hill School Euxton Clean up - Natalie Holt
Litter Pick at Highfield / Delamere and Whittle
Natalie Holt
Upkeep of notice boards Natalie Holt
Coffee Club Natalie Holt
Highfield Litter Pick Rachel Austen (Community
Chorley East Leaflet distribution Natalie
Wheels for All Abi OBrien
School Bowling competition Pete ONeill
Denham Quarry Clear up - Natalie

Mawdesley Parish Time Credit Hub

The hub concept is a micro version of the way Time Credits is currently run across
the network. The Parish Council are the Hub group and very local groups and
partners sign up to be part of the Time Credits programme under the Mawdesley
Information and encouragement to get involved cascades centrally through the
Parish council and data reports although completed by individual groups are
returned via the Time Credits administrator for the hub.
Parish newsletters have been used to cascade information about Time Credits
and so far four local groups have indicated they would like to be involved. These
include a horse riding centre, local Church, folk group and the Millennium Green
The parish council will also use Time Credit to run community activities to
encourage more new people to become involved and connected in the
Natalie Holt, Community Development Officer who devised the hub concept has
taken the role of developing the Mawdesley Hub with the parish council clerk.
This is a really exciting time and evidence of Time Credits starting to embed
within council service delivery.

Spend Update

New Spend Partner

The Harmony Hub

Reiki sessions at Queens Road, Chorley
Offering entrance to Reiki sessions for adults with 1 Time Credit
This partner offers health and wellbeing opportunities for
volunteers who often request this type of activity

Spend Update

New Spend Partner

SB Massage
Offering massage sessions across Chorley for back pain. Sally
worked with the GB Swimming and Cycling team at the 2012
1 Time Credit per session
This partner offers health and wellbeing opportunities for
volunteers who often request this type of activity

Spend Update

New Spend Partner

Cheetham Jackson
Offering pension workshops for community groups in Chorley
Brought into the spend network to encourage community
spend and provide pension advice to the 50+ age group who
volunteer in Chorley

Spend Update

Bolton Wanderers and the Bolton Wanderers Community Trust

are supporting the Time Credit programme for a 3rd
consecutive season.
A selection of home league games are available for the
2015/16 season with 2 Time Credits per person.

A feature on Time Credits will appear in a future edition of the

match day programme

Spend Update

Merlin Entertainments joined the programme in March this

We have already seen over 100 Time Credits being spent at the
Tower, Circus and Ballroom as of June.
In addition, The Dungeon and Jungle Jims will be joining the
programme from October.
Volunteers are starting to share their feedback on social media

Spend Update

The 1st Chorley Flower Show was made available to access with
Time Credit. A big thank you to those involved for making this

The feedback was extremely positive from members with over

100 tickets purchased with Time Credits. Many members
commented on the standard of the show, the beautiful park
and hall and the fact they had been able to bring more friends
and family, many from outside Chorley, as a result of having
Time Credits.

A big thank you also to the reception team at Union St for

issuing the tickets.

Spend Update

No of TCs

All Seasons Leisure


Lancashire Adult Learning


Duxbury Golf Club


Chorley Little Theatre


Puddletown Pirates


Blackpool Tower


Brinscall Baths


Wigan Warriors


Clayton Green Leisure


Theatre in the Park




Spend Update

No of TCs

Holistic Enlightenment




Bolton Wanderers


Wigan FC


Tiny Rockers


Truly Therapeutic




Network Growth project totals


Includes all council earning activities

FY 15-16

Project to date (12-15)


Other development work

Coalition for Collaborative Care event
National Volunteers Week
Meeting to discuss working with the engagement team
at the Chorley, South Ribble and Greater Preston CCG
Programme milestones and progress now visible in
Chorley Council Project Management System
New Mailchimp style newsletters going out to members
Time Credits re-established with Chorley CAB
Volunteers meeting with Brother of Charity

Pictured National Volunteers

Week celebration display on
Chorley Market. Work led by Abi
OBrien, Community

Coming up

Launch of Time Credits Spend survey for all Chorley

Roll out of encouraging spend and partner profiling
Network event October 2015 in conjunction with
Help the Homeless to join the network

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