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35078 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

122 / Tuesday, June 26, 2007 / Notices

(i) Be provided the contents of records 6. Procedures To Notify an Individual of MATTERS TO BE CONSIDERED:
obtained from the FBI for the purpose of the NRC Facilities Security Branch Chief
Week of June 25, 2007
assuring correct and complete Determination To Deny or Revoke
information. If, after reviewing the Access to SGI Thursday, June 28, 2007
record, an individual believes that it is a. Upon a determination by the NRC 12:55 p.m.
incorrect or incomplete in any respect Facilities Security Branch Chief that an Affirmation Session (Public Meeting)
and wishes to change, correct, or update individual nominated as a reviewing (Tentative);
the alleged deficiency, or to explain any official is denied or revoked access to a. Consumers Energy Co. (Big Rock
matter in the record, the individual may SGI, the individual shall be provided a Point ISFSI); License Transfer
initiate challenge procedures. These written explanation of the basis for this Application; Petition for
procedures include either direct determination. Reconsideration of CLI–07–19
application by the individual (Tentative).
challenging the record to the agency 7. Procedures To Appeal an NRC
Determination To Deny or Revoke b. Consumers Energy Company, et al.
(i.e., law enforcement agency) that (Palisades Nuclear Plant); License
contributed the questioned information, Access to SGI
Transfer Application; Petition for
or direct challenge as to the accuracy or a. Upon a determination by the NRC Reconsideration (Tentative).
completeness of any entry on the Facilities Security Branch Chief that an
criminal history record to the Assistant individual nominated as a reviewing Week of July 2, 2007—Tentative
Director, Federal Bureau of official is denied or revoked access to There are no meetings scheduled for
Investigation, Identification Division, SGI, the individual shall be afforded an the Week of July 2, 2007.
Washington, DC 20537–9700 (as set opportunity to appeal this
forth in 28 CFR 16.30 through 16.34). In determination to the Director, Division Week of July 9, 2007—Tentative
the latter case, the FBI will forward the of Facilities and Security. The There are no meetings scheduled for
challenge to the agency that submitted determination must be appealed within the Week of July 9, 2007.
the data and request that agency to twenty (20) days of receipt of the
written notice of the determination by Week of July 16, 2007—Tentative
verify or correct the challenged entry.
Upon receipt of an official the Facilities Security Branch Chief, and Wednesday, July 18, 2007
communication directly from the agency may either be in writing or in person.
1 p.m.
that contributed the original Any appeal made in person shall take
Briefing on Digital Instrumentation
information, the FBI Identification place at the NRC’s headquarters, and
and Control (Public Meeting)
Division makes any necessary changes shall be at the individual’s own
(Contact: William Kemper, 301–
in accordance with the information expense. The determination by the
supplied by that agency. Director, Division of Facilities and
Security, shall be rendered within sixty This meeting will be webcast live at
(ii) Be afforded ten (10) days to the Web address—
initiate an action challenging the results (60) days after receipt of the appeal.
of an FBI criminal history records check 8. Procedures To Notify an Individual of Week of July 23, 2007—Tentative
(described in (i), above) after the record the Determination by the Director, Tuesday, July 24, 2007
is made available for the individual’s Division of Facilities and Security, Upon
review. If such a challenge is initiated, an Appeal 2 p.m.
the NRC Facilities Security Branch Briefing on Palo Verde, Unit 3 (Public
a. A determination by the Director, Meeting) (Contact: Michael
Chief may make a determination based Division of Facilities and Security, shall
upon the criminal history record only Markley, 301–415–5723).
be provided to the individual in writing, This meeting will be webcast live at
upon receipt of the FBI’s ultimate and include an explanation of the basis
confirmation or correction of the record. the Web address—
for this determination. A determination
5. Procedures To Provide Additional by the Director, Division of Facilities Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Information and Security, to affirm the Facilities 2 p.m.
Branch Chief’s determination to deny or Discussion of Management Issues
a. Prior to a determination by the NRC revoke an individual’s access to SGI is (Closed-Ex. 2).
Facilities Security Branch Chief that an final and not subject to further
individual nominated as a reviewing administrative appeals. Week of July 30, 2007
official is denied or revoked access to There are no meetings scheduled for
[FR Doc. E7–12347 Filed 6–25–07; 8:45 am]
SGI, the individual shall: the Week of July 30, 2007.
(i) Be afforded an opportunity to *The schedule for Commission
submit information relevant to the meetings is subject to change on short
individual’s trustworthiness and NUCLEAR REGULATORY notice. To verify the status of meetings
reliability. The NRC Facilities Security COMMISSION call (recording)—(301) 415–1292.
Branch Chief shall, in writing, notify the Contact person for more information:
individual of this opportunity, and any Sunshine Act Federal Register Notice Michelle Schroll, (301) 415–1662.
deadlines for submitting this The NRC Commission Meeting
information. The NRC Facilities Schedule can be found on the Internet
Security Branch Chief may make a Regulatory Commission. at:
determination of access to SGI only DATES: Weeks of June 25, July 2, 9, 16, making/schedule.html.
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

upon receipt of the additional 23, 30, 2007. The NRC provides reasonable
information submitted by the PLACE: Commissioners’ Conference accommodation to individuals with
individual, or, if no such information is Room, 11555 Rockville Pike, Rockville, disabilities where appropriate. If you
submitted, when the deadline to submit Maryland. need a reasonable accommodation to
such information has passed. STATUS: Public and Closed. participate in these public meetings, or

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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 122 / Tuesday, June 26, 2007 / Notices 35079

need this meeting notice or the Federal Regulations (10 CFR), ‘‘Early System (ADAMS) at Accession No.
transcript or other information from the Site Permits; Standard Design ML071490067.
public meetings in another format (e.g., Certifications; and Combined Licenses The NRC staff encourages and
braille, large print), please notify the for Nuclear Power Plants.’’ Specifically, welcomes comments and suggestions in
NRC’s Disability Program Coordinator, 10 CFR part 52 governs the issuance of connection with improvements to
Rohn Brown, at 301–492–2279, TDD: early site permits, standard design published regulatory guides, as well as
301–415–2100, or by e-mail at certifications, combined licenses, items for inclusion in regulatory guides Determinations on standard design approvals, and that are currently being developed.
requests for reasonable accommodation manufacturing licenses for nuclear Comments may be submitted by any of
will be made on a case-by-case basis. power plants. A draft of the final rule the following methods.
This notice is distributed by mail to was made available to the public 1. Mail comments to: Rulemaking,
several hundred subscribers; if you no electronically via the NRC rulemaking Directives, and Editing Branch, Office of
longer wish to receive it, or would like Web site at on Administration, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory
to be added to the distribution, please May 21, 2007. Regulatory Guide 1.206 Commission, Washington, DC 20555–
contact the Office of the Secretary, implements the requirements contained 0001.
Washington, DC 20555 (301–415–1969). in the draft final rule. A final rule 2. Hand-deliver comments to:
In addition, distribution of this meeting amending 10 CFR part 52 is expected to Rulemaking, Directives, and Editing
notice over the Internet system is be published in the Federal Register Branch, Office of Administration, U.S.
available. If you are interested in later this year. Following issuance of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 11555
receiving this Commission meeting final rule, conforming changes will be Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852,
schedule electronically, please send an made to the regulatory guide, as between 7:30 a.m. and 4:15 p.m. on
electronic message to necessary. The regulatory positions in Federal workdays.
Section C of Regulatory Guide 1.206 are 3. Fax comments to: Rulemaking,
Dated: June 21, 2007.
divided into the following parts: Directives, and Editing Branch, Office of
R. Michelle Schroll,
(1) Part I addresses the information Administration, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory
Office of the Secretary. Commission at (301) 415–5144.
requirements specified in 10 CFR 52.79,
[FR Doc. 07–3144 Filed 6–22–07; 11:31 am] Requests for technical information
‘‘Contents of applications; technical
information.’’ Part I provides a COL about Regulatory Guide 1.206 may be
applicant with guidance regarding the directed to William D. Reckley at (301)
information that the NRC needs to 415–8668 or via e-mail to
NUCLEAR REGULATORY Regulatory guides are available for
resolve all safety issues related to the
COMMISSION inspection or downloading through the
proposed COL. This part is intended for
use by the COL applicants who are not NRC’s public Web site in the Regulatory
Final Regulatory Guide: Issuance, Guides document collection of the
Availability referencing certified designs or early site
permits. NRC’s Electronic Reading Room at
AGENCY: Nuclear Regulatory (2) Part II addresses the information
Commission. requirements specified in 10 CFR 52.80, collections. Electronic copies of
ACTION: Final Regulatory Guide: ‘‘Contents of applications; additional Regulatory Guide 1.206 are available in
Issuance, Availability. information.’’ The information ADAMS at
requirements include the inspections, rm/adams.html, under Accession No.
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: tests, analyses, and acceptance criteria; ML070720184.
William D. Reckley, U.S. Nuclear and the environmental report. Regulatory Guide 1.206 and other
Regulatory Commission, Washington, (3) Part III is intended for use by COL related publicly available documents
DC 20555–0001, Telephone (301) 415– applicants who reference either a can also be viewed electronically on
8668 or via e-mail to certified design or both a certified computers in the NRC’s Public
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: design and an early site permit. Document Room (PDR), which is
(4) Part IV addresses a series of located at 11555 Rockville Pike,
I. Introduction miscellaneous topics of interest to COL Rockville, Maryland. The PDR’s
The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory applicants, and includes, but is not reproduction contractor will make
Commission (NRC) is issuing a new limited to, a checklist for acceptance copies of documents for a fee. The
guide in the agency’s Regulatory Guide review of a COL application, and PDR’s mailing address is USNRC PDR,
series. This series has been developed to guidance and recommendations on COL Washington, DC 20555–0001. The PDR
describe and make available to the application format. can also be reached by telephone at
public such information as (1) methods (301) 415–4737 or (800) 397–4205, by
that are acceptable to the NRC staff for II. Further Information fax at (301) 415–3548, and by e-mail to
implementing specific parts of the The NRC previously solicited public
NRC’s regulations, (2) techniques that comment on this guide by publishing a Please note that the NRC does not
the staff uses in evaluating specific Federal Register notice (71 FR 52826) intend to distribute printed copies of
problems or postulated accidents, and concerning Draft Regulatory Guide DG– Regulatory Guide 1.206, unless
(3) data that the staff needs in its review 1145 on September 1, 2006. Following specifically requested on an individual
of applications for permits and licenses. the closure of the public comment basis with adequate justification. Such
The NRC is now issuing Regulatory period on October 21, 2006, the NRC requests should be made (1) in writing
Guide 1.206, ‘‘Combined License staff considered all stakeholder to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory
Applications for Nuclear Power Plants comments in preparing Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC 20555–
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

(LWR Edition),’’ which provides Guide 1.206. The NRC staff’s responses 0001, Attention: Reproduction and
guidance for use in submitting to stakeholder comments received for Distribution Services Section; (2) by e-
combined license (COL) applications DG–1145 are documented in a report mail to; or (3)
pursuant to the Commission regulations that can be found on NRC’s Agencywide by fax to (301) 415–2289. Telephone
in Title 10, Part 52, of the Code of Documents Access and Management requests cannot be accommodated.

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