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DTAP Navigation Database Update Process

Configuration Management: Harris will provide a web accessible configuration

management portal to store all data products for each fielded DTAP configuration.
Current baseline of configuration data will be loaded into CM tool to provide a
starting point. Accompanying each entry will be a time stamped log of actions taken
at the field site.
Monthly Steps
Step 1: Coded Instrument Flight Procedures (CIFP) Published [DCIS]

Effective every 28 days (see Appendix A for effective dates)

Published no later than 16 days prior to effective date
Harris to subscribe to CIFP starting with March 7, 2013 (unavailable prior to
that date)
Harris to download CIFP data to CM tool 16 days (or sooner) prior to effective

Step 2: Thales Data Preparation & Test [SE-2020 DTAP]

Thales gets CIFP data from Harris online CM tool

DTAP Update files prepared by Thales engineers using current baseline of site
o File preparation and lab testing for each configuration
Create detailed issue report of any database inconsistencies or errors when
preparing for DTAP
Thales posts report and DTAP files to Harris CM Tool and Notifies WJHTC &

Step 3: WJHTC Data File Validation Test [WJHTC]

WJHTC Downloads files from Harris CM Tool

WJHTC validates DTAP files load correctly & test DTAP according to WJHTC
approved procedures
WJHTC notifies Thales of any issues/inconsistencies

Note: Data is considered tested OK and ready to install if not notified

Step 3b (if required): Thales-WJHTC Issue Resolution [SE-2020 DTAP]

Thales & WJHTC work to resolve any issues found during WJHTC testing of
Final tested data files and report posted to Harris CM Tool

Final Data Ready 2 Business Days Prior to Effective Date

Step 4: Coordination and Notification [DCIS/FAA Tech Ops]

Harris schedules local FAA Tech Ops & Harris field technician to conduct
database update
Email blaster sent to stakeholders notifying of projected down time of DTAP
Local FAA Tech Ops notifies AOCC of DTAP maintenance
Coordination of DTAP certification (aircraft/WJHTC and flight plan)

Step 5: Field Installation of Database files [DCIS]

Harris Field Technician downloads data from CM Tool

Harris field technician updates DTAP and saves log files according to DTAP
update and logging procedures
Local FAA Tech Ops field technician performs
Local FAA Tech Ops notifies AOCC DTAP maintenance complete
Harris Field Technician loads DTAP Log Files & Field Report to CM Tool

Step 5a: Issue Resolution

In the event that a DTAP maintenance procedure is unsuccessful, please

follow standard DTAP notification procedures (see below).
DTAP Outage Notification Procedures
In the event of a DTAP Failure or Outage, please notify the following:
Primary: Matt Maki, DOT VOLPE Center
--AND-Email summary of issue to [TBD] (notifies all
critical parties of DTAP issue and begins the resolution process)

Step 6: Delivery of Data and Reports [DCIS]

Harris DCIS engineers will deliver required DTAP log files and associated
reports to FAA and local facility in accordance with DCL Trials Tasking (DCIS
TO 2)

Appendix A: FAA 28 and 56 Day Product Schedule