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Day One Tuesday Sep.

15, 2015


Registration and morning coee


Welcoming remarks from the Organizer and


14:00 Communication Technologies for Smart Grids

and Smart Cities - Ajoy Rajani, Senior Executive
VP, Realiance Infrastructure

SEA Electric Power Outlook, Challenges and


14:30 USAID project on cross border power trade for

South Asia - Prof. Jyoti Parikh Ph D, FNASc,
Executive Director, Integrated Research and
Action for Development (IRADe)

Opening Keynote: Myanmar's Electric Power;

Outlook and Opportunities for Infrastructure
Development - H.E. U Khin Maung Soe,
Ministry of Electric Power Myanmar

15:00 People Centred Energy Policy - David Allan,

Director, Spectrum (not conrmed yet)


Keynote Address: MEPE's Upcoming Plan:

Priority Development Coping with the 2016
Power Crisis - U Htein Lwin, Managing
Director, Myanma Electric Power Enterprise

16:00 Outlook for Building Large Solar Plants in Myanmar

Hari Achuthan Managing Director & CEO of Convalt
Energy,ACO Investment Group


Asia's Critical need for an Intelligent Energy

Management System - Datuk Rozimi Remeli,
VP Transmission, Tenaga Nasional Berhad


10:10 Energy Policy; The role of Renewable Energy

to support the energy security in Indonesia
- Dr. Surya Darma, Chairman of the Energy
Committee, National Research Council of
10:40 Coee Break & Refreshment
11:10 Smart Grid Technologies for Reliable and
Sustainable Energy - Reji Kumar Pillai, President,
India Smart Grid Forum
11:40 Update on TATA Power 1320 MW Coal
Fired Power Project at Nga Yoke Kaung Bay,
Myanmar - Sunil Seth, Country Head, TATA
International Company

15:30 Coee Break & Refreshment

16:30 Renewable Energy Integration in Myanmar: Feed

In Tari
17:00 Future Developments in Smart Grid Technologies
17:30 Panel Discussion: Financing for the Power
Sector in Myanmar
Panel Moderator: Peter Bird, Non-Executive
Director, InfraCo Asia
Panel Members:
Mr. Jason Pellmar
Business Development Lead, Myanmar at IFC,
World Bank Group
Ms Jean Loi, Partner, VDB Loi
Kanthan Shankar, Country Manager of Myanmar,
The World Bank
Nathan Dodd, Partner, Mayer - Brown JSM
(not conrmed yet)"
18:15 Chairmans Remarks & Cocktail Party

12:10 Smart Power Distribution for Developing

Countries - Anish Garg, Director, Joint
Electricity Regulatory Commission
12:30 networking lunch
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Day Two Wednesday Sep. 16, 2015


Welcoming Remarks
Smart Projects Development and Infrastructure



14:00 The importance of local Government's support

for project Success - , Department od Electric
Power (DEP), Ministry of Electric Power Myanmar

U Aung Kyaw Oo, Chief Engineer, Power System 14:30 The data-driven utility: a strategic approach to
utilities data & analytics David Socha ,Projects
Department, Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise
Utilities Practice Leader
Yangon Region Power Grid Development path &
Recent trends in the commercial terms of
Key Projects - U Aung Khaing, Chairman, Yangon
Power Purchase Agreements- Edwin
City Electricity Supply Board (YESB)
VanderbruggenPartner in VDB Loi
Myanmar Infrastructure and Energy Market Allard M. Nooy, Chief Executive Ocer, InfraCo

15:30 Coee Break & Refreshment

16:00 Trends and Outlook for Transmission and

Distribution Sector in Southeast Asia (Focus on
MLC)-Mr. Ravi Krishnaswamy , Vice President,
10:10 Power UP Myanmar - Andrew Lee, Chief Country
Energy & Environment Practice, Frost & Sullivan
Representative, General Electric
10:40 Coee Break & Refreshment
11:10 Data Analytics: Transforming Utility Operations
to imprive Grid Performance and Asset health
management -

16:30 Deriving Value of the Network from Smart Meter

17:00 Future Developments in Smart Grid Technologies
Improve Grid Performance and Asset Health

11:40 Future Developments in Smart Grid Technologies

17:30 Panel Discussion: Investors

Panel Members:
12:10 Tackle and balance the demand and supply of
George Tuft, Director, Group Operations &
Electricity to Power the Economic Development Construction, CLP Holdings
Mario Savastano, Executive VP Business
12:30 networking lunch
Development, GDF Suez (not conrmed yetM)
18:15 Chairman's closing remarks

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Day Two Wednesday Sep. 16, 2015


Welcoming Remarks
Power Generating Technologies


Hydropower Generation; Myanmar viewpoint

and benets - U Khin Maung Win, Managing
Director, Hrydropower Generation Enterprise

14:00 Sanil Namboodiripad, Additional Vice President,

Operations, Reliance Power, India
14:30 Power Plant Control Systems: New Build and
Modernisation Strategies
15:00 Increasing the Eciency of Power Plants


Myanmar Power, integrated approach to Process 15:30 Coee Break & Refreshment
Safety and Asset Integrity - Supangkat Iwan
16:00 Case Study Revamping the Power Plant
Santoso, Head of Power Generation Division,
16:30 Case Study Revamping the Power Plant


Power Plant Control Systems -

10:10 Increasing the eciency of Power Plants: Proper

Equipment handling procedures, increase
10:40 Coee Break & Refreshment

17:00 Assessing Ways to Improve Plant Optimization to

Reduce Costs and Improve ROI
17:30 Maximizing Power Generating Asset Value through
Performance Management
18:15 Chairman's closing remarks

11:10 Maximizing Power Generating Asset Value

through Performance Manangement - Tagor
Sidjabat, Operation Director, PT PLN Batam
11:40 Indian Power Sector: Overview and case study
of Delhi - Rajneesh Srivastava, AGM (T) & EO to
CMD, Indraprastha Power Generation Company
12:10 Power Generation Technologies; Power T&D of
Laos - Sombath Southisombath, Chief of
Distribution System and User's
12:30 networking lunch

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