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MATLAB (Signal/Image Processing)

IEEE 2014
1. Multi-Zone Digital Crosstalk Reduction by Image Processing in 3D Display
2. A New Secure Image Transmission Technique via Secret-Fragment-Visible Mosaic
Images by Nearly Reversible Color Transformations
3. Parametric Blur Estimation for Blind Restoration of Natural Images: Linear Motion and
4. Digital Image Sharing by Diverse Image Media
5. Localization of License Plate Number Using Dynamic Image Processing Techniques And
Genetic Algorithms
6. Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in LTE-Based MIMO-OFDMA Systems with User
Rate Constraints
7. Segmentation of Blood Vessels and Optic Disc in Retinal Images
8. Efficient hybrid Watermarking Approach by Using SVD, DWT, and Back Propagation
Neural Network
9. Efficient Allocation of Periodic Feedback Channels in Broadband Wireless Networks
10. Brain Tumor Classification Using Wavelet and Texture Based Neural Network
11. Edge Detection of Images Using Sobel Operator
12. Texture and Shape Based Classification of Brain Tumors Using Back-Propagation
13. Enhancement in Spectral Efficiency using Transmit-side Channel Shortener for MISOOFDM Systems
14. Modified Histogram Based Contrast Enhancement

using Homomorphic Filtering for

Medical Images
15. Performance analysis of region of interest based compression method for medical images
16. Discrete Anamorphic Transform for Image Compression

Krypton it solutions,
H no: 8-3-162/A/82,Sanjay Nagar,
Yousufguda, Hyderabad.
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17. Image Quality Assessment for Fake Biometric Detection: Application to Iris, Fingerprint,
and Face Recognition
18. A Novel Joint Data-Hiding and Compression

Scheme Based on SMVQ and Image

19. Data Hiding in Encrypted H.264/AVC Video Streams by Codeword Substitution
20. Encryption-Then-Compression System via Prediction Error Clustering and Random
21. Designing an Efficient Image Encryption-Compression System

Using A New Haar

22. Compressing Encrypted Images With Auxiliary Information
23. Exposing Digital Image Forgeries by Illumination Color Classification
24. Hyperspectral Image Classification Through Bilayer Graph-Based Learning
25. A hybrid scheme for encryption and watermarking
26. Image Compression Using Discrete Wavelet Transform
27. Contrast Enhancement-Based Forensics in Digital Images
28. Edge Detection Method for Image Processing based on Generalized Type-2 Fuzzy Logic
29. Hyperspectral Image Restoration Using Low-Rank Matrix Recovery
30. Infected Leaf Analysis and Comparison by Otsu Threshold and k-Means Clustering
31. Early Detection And

Classification Pests In Greenhouse Plants Using K-means

Clustering Algorithm And Corresponding Filters

32. Prototype-Based Modeling for Facial Expression Analysis
33. Analysis of Facial Expression using Gabor and SVM
34. Fingerprint Compression Based on Sparse Representation
35. Preprocessing



Enhancement Algorithms for a Form-based


Character Recognition System

36. A Joint FED Watermarking System Using Spatial Fusion for Verifying the Security
Issues of Teleradiology
37. Dual Watermarking Scheme with Encryption

Krypton it solutions,
H no: 8-3-162/A/82,Sanjay Nagar,
Yousufguda, Hyderabad.
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38. Fast Local Histogram Specification

39. Robust Background Subtraction for Network Surveillance in H.264 Streaming Video
40. Photometric Stereo using Sparse Bayesian Regression for General Diffuse Surfaces
41. WYSIWYG Stereo Painting with Usability Enhancements
42. Joint Removal of Random and Fixed-Pattern Noise through Spatiotemporal Video
43. Robust Face Recognition With Structurally Incoherent Low-Rank Matrix Decomposition
44. Retrieval-based Face Annotation by Weak Label Regularized Local Coordinate Coding
45. 3D Assisted Face Recognition: Dealing With Expression Variations
46. Reversible Data Hiding Based On Faster Numerical Methods
47. Image Resolution Enhancement using Lifting Wavelet and Stationary Wavelet Transform
48. Complex Background Subtraction by Pursuing Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Models
49. An Efficient Parallel Approach for Sclera Vein Recognition
50. Privacy-Assured Outsourcing of Image Reconstruction Service in Cloud
51. A New Chaos-Based Image-Encryption and Compression Algorithm
52. A Novel Image Encryption Supported by Compression Using Multilevel Wavelet
53. Image encryption and decryption using blowfish algorithm in matlab

Krypton it solutions,
H no: 8-3-162/A/82,Sanjay Nagar,
Yousufguda, Hyderabad.
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IEEE 2013/12/11/10/9(Signal/Image Processing)

1. A hybrid filter with impulse detection for removal of random valued impulse noise from
colour videos
2. A jpeg steganography scheme based on skin tone detection
3. Automatic license plate recognition (alpr) a state-of-the-art review
4. Roi-based dicom image compression for telemedicine
5. Region based lossless compression for digital images in telemedicine application
6. Satellite









decomposition driven morphological filter.

7. Understanding various techniques for background subtraction and implementation of
shadow detection.
8. 3d wavelet transform with spiht algorithm for image compression.
9. Color image enhancement with a human visual system based adaptive filter.
10. Hairis: a method for automatic image registration through histogram-based image
11. Content based image retrieval using textural features based on pyramid- structure wavelet
12. A single image enhancement using inter-channel correlation
13. A modified algorithm for removal of salt and pepper noise in color images
14. A novel method for color face recognition using knn classifier
15. Content based watermarking for color images using transform domain
16. Video watermarking approach based on temporal difference and discrete wavelet
17. An improved visual cryptography scheme for secret hiding
18. Compress compound images in h.264/mpeg-4 avc by fully exploiting spatial correlation
19. A novel scheme for the compression and classification of hyper spectral images
20. Digital video watermarking using discrete wavelet transform and principal component

Krypton it solutions,
H no: 8-3-162/A/82,Sanjay Nagar,
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21. Face tracking and recognition with visual constraints in real-world videos
22. Human face detection in cluttered color images using skin color and edge information
23. Iris recognition using discrete sub-band transform for biometric identification
24. Iris recognition usin cumulative sum basedchange analysis.
25. Matlab implementation of wireless sensor network (wsn) in precision agriculture in rural
26. Noise detection and removal filtering techniques in medical images
27. Real time face recognition technique based on skin pixels
28. Qr code watermarking algorithm based on wavelet transform.
29. Removal of high density impulse noise through modified non-linear filter
30. dwt based invisible image watermarking algorithm for color images
31. Image resolution enhancement by using discrete and stationary wavelet decomposition
32. Automatic brain and tumor segmentation..
33. Performance analysis of savitzky-golay smoothing filter using ecg signal.
34. Personal authentication using palm-print features
35. Removal of high density salt & pepper noise in noisy images using decision based
unsymmetric trimmed median filter
36. Image enhancement based on quadratic programming
37. Image enhancement for improving face detection under nonuniform lighting conditions
38. Image compression using discrete wavelet transform
39. Using gabor filters features for multi-pose face recognition in color images.
40. Generic lossless visible watermarkinga new approach.
41. A moving target detection algorithm based on the dynamic background
42. Block-based feature-level multi-focus image fusion
43. Image resolution enhancement by using discrete and stationary wavelet decomposition
44. Effective fuzzy clustering algorithm for abnormal mr brain image segmentation
45. Image retrieval using both color and texture features
46. Face Segmentation Using Skin Color Map in Videophone Applications

Krypton it solutions,
H no: 8-3-162/A/82,Sanjay Nagar,
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47. Adaptive Fuzzy Filtering for Artifact Reduction in Compressed Images and Videos
48. An Automatic Wavelet-based Nonlinear Image Enhancement Technique for Aerial
49. Color Extended Visual Cryptography Using Error Diffusion
50. Adaptive Bilateral Filter for Sharpness Enhancement and Noise Removal
51. Robust Feature Based Image Watermarking Process
52. A Pattern Similarity Scheme for Medical Image Retrieval