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360 Performance Review

Please answer the following

1. In what work does Celeste excel? Do you have concrete examples
of her knocking it out of the park?
Celeste is phenomenal at projecting enthusiasm and translating that into an
authentic dialogue. In any setting, she brings an infectious spirit that
welcomes others into conversation and is additionally mindful to regularly
encourage them to maintain their involvement.
Her lecture regarding voter registration is what comes to mind most
prominently. With a small group of people, she excelled at being consistently
engaging while being informative. She periodically reinforced the topics she
covered with her own personal experiences to exemplify their importance in a
way that is relevant to the audience. She then also made a point to address
each individual multiple times to check in with their comprehension and
invite them to add their thoughts. Her interaction with the audience and
insistence that the audience interacted with one another in exercises allowed
her to establish a very safe and open room where everyone felt comfortable
2. Where, if at all, do you think Celeste could further grow in order
to succeed in her current work?
She can sometimes jump around from topics without a cohesive transition or
get lost in the abundance of information shes trying to cover. Ive seen her
work most effectively when shes working alongside some form of outlined
structure. Id suggest that she use these more routinely to ensure that shes
hitting the notes she needs at their most relevant points and controls their
impact so that she doesnt risk jumping around and losing any specific train
of thought or inadvertently minimize anything of importance.
3. Do you have any suggestions regarding professional development
opportunities for Celeste?
Stay fab. <3
4. Are there little things that she does that you value? Are there
little things that she does that are problematic for you or your work?
I greatly admire how open she is as a person. She carries herself with an
authenticity that is so strong, beautiful, and magnetic. Ive never seen
Celeste shy away from any conversation about the various struggles or
insecurities in her life, and its impossible to not be in awe of that courage in
sense of self.
More tangibly, shes the best at day-of reminders. I can sometimes slack at
checking my calendar for prior commitments on days, and shes been such a

lifesaver sending texts to check in. A+ accountability reinforcement.

I also appreciate that she begins her events by taking a brief moment to
provide an overview and allow meet/greets to build a comfortable
understanding of whats expected before entering the fray.
Shes always felt very receptive to the opinions of others; I cant think of an
instance when Ive been made uncomfortable with any of her actions.