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How to Contact Us 01
 Miller – Club Chairman - Advertising 2010

 EmmaB – Press Relations

 DaveSBS – Membership Secretary

 Dawn – Contacts and Discounts - Newsletters

In this issue
Should you ever need General Updates P.1/2
 Sparkie – Website Editor
Welcome to the
to get in touch with Member Discounts P.2
new RTOC
one of us, simply
Wastegate! Events P.4
contact us through  IanS – Treasurer – Advertising – Website Maintenance
Welcome to the very first of our Members Rides P.6/7
one of the options to
new periodical newsletters,
the right hand side.  StuTHC – Events Organiser which aim to update you on the

 Clee – Shop Manager

latest club news and let you

know what is happening in our

What have the RTOC team been keeping busy with?
turbo-charged world. Here is an Area Reps
 Ashy – Senior Area Rep 2009 was an extremely busy year for most of us,
update of some of the events
This is one of the most shouted about areas that our
especially after the site decided to go to sleep and
going on this year for the RTOC
members have missed from the old site, Over the past
 GordonB – Assistant Webmaster never awake on us. No fear, Scoff was here to save
members, along with news of months Ashy has been working hard on collating
the day! Along with other members of the committee
the clubs two big events of the
information on those who have applied to be a
year, details of what we’re and a few others that were strung in to help, RTOC V.2
 Penfold (Chris) - Committee member—Admin—Moderation Regional Area Rep for the club. There were more
doing and who is who. Enjoy... was born. I hope you’ll agree that the new site is better
applicants than expected so decisions have been
in many ways. It’s a great shame that a lot of old based on aspects such as availability, commitment to
For more details on what we do, please check out this link: RTOC babies!
photos and articles were lost, but with the members the club, knowledge and friendliness. Good luck,
There must definitely be
help we are trying to build this back up again. We will results will be announced soon and the chosen Reps
something in the water with so
get there, it’s in the name of the RTOC spirit!
RTOC Wastegate Newsletter Issue 01 March 2010 Written and designed by Dawn Smith many of our club members

becoming fathers in the past

A big part of the old website was the interactive map
We’ve got a lot going on this year too which is keeping
year. Our very own Sparkie
which could be used to find other members within your
us all very busy indeed; here is a brief overview of
and his girlfriend Tasha have
local area. This is being redesigned due for release to
some of what we have been doing to help keep RTOC
become parents to their new
the site as soon as possible. Of course, the
alive and kicking. Understandably, a lot of members
baby girl, Natalia in December
effectiveness of the map all depends on members
have expressed an interest in knowing what happens
2009. In January last year Ashy
entering in correct postcodes for themselves, so Scoff
behind the doors of the Committee boards, so from
and Michelle welcomed baby
has applied a clever little link requesting members
now on our aim is to update you regularly and to keep
Yvie May into their world.
check their profiles to ensure that their details have
the members in the frame. This is important to us and
James5, TimB, Harrison01 and
been entered in full.
we genuinely would like to understand how you feel
FidosGotARaider have all also
about the club and would love to hear any suggested
had their worlds turned upside
We do hope that it is appreciated how much work has
improvements or ideas that you might have.
gone into this by Ashy, Scoff and other members of the

team. It's going to be a fantastic feature once it goes

Congrats from all at RTOC! live!

8 1
Latest RTOC
New Trader
Dawn has been working hard
Your wish is our We have been proud to

with some help from Chris
announce that due to the
(Penfold) looking for new
fantastic and efficient service he
discounts,. Remember to check
has provided to the members,
out the ―Contacts Section‖ for the Learn what the Committee team
Phase I 16V Turbo has been
full details of how to obtain them. have been working on in recent made a Trader on the website.

SBP Flocking - 20% discount We’re not just for Renault 5 GTTs... He has also kindly arranged a

discount on parts from his shop
for club members; see the
Contacts and Discounts Club Shop Site Down-Time orange dials can all be found for sale Problem Resolution Wizard Contacts section for more
Regal Auto Bulbs -10% dis- Dawn (D4WNO) has been in contact Clee is the man when you need new The vast majority of you were on the site now, thanks to their hard The Committee team have agreed on The Wizard feature is still being used details. Thanks for all of your
count with many companies from nuts and carb-kits, RTOC emblazoned fleece probably online at some point when work. This is great for those a new structure for dealing with and our Wizards have been dishing hard work and well done Mike! bolts suppliers, insurance brokers, jackets and show tickets. Lee has the forums have simply disappeared members who have previously been outstanding problems, issues and out technical advice in their droves. Check out Mike’s profile HERE
rally and race parts distributors and been successfully running the club in front of your eyes. Scoff and IanS unable to source OE parts for their ideas that have been raised by the We’d really love if more use was
GT Turbo Spares - 8%/free events companies. This is all for the shop from his own home and keeping have been taking control of getting Renault, with the added bonus that members. This structure will aid us made of this great feature, whether Back on the
P&P benefit of the full members only, a tight ship on the stock. Lee is the site up and running again as the club has invested in the large with finding resolutions faster and you just wish to ask a quick question road! joining RTOC really does pay. If you always busy with stocking new items, quickly as possible every time. With design and manufacturing costs on with a more organized approach. In about fuelling, you need suggestions Congratulations
have any suggestions or requests for sourcing new parts and maintaining Scoff’s personal life being so busy behalf of the members. future, we plan to advise in the on a larger turbo or if you need to all of the
Europa Spares –10 - 25% companies for Dawn to contact the payment systems. currently, there is little time to newsletter exactly what the outcomes advice on how to fix a simple oil leak. below members regarding a desired discount, just get investigate further into why our Events of each thread are to help to give Rem em ber, it is a fant astic who have
in touch with her directly via her Remember, a discount current provider is periodically StuTHC and Miller have their hands better visibility of what is happening knowl edge base for previous m anaged to
Balance Motorsport - % varies profile. Please see the Contacts full with arranging RTOC’s 2010 behind the scenes. We understand questions so any historical questions
is offered to all full paying so u n r el i ab l e. successfully get their Renaults Section for further details of recently events, keep an eye on the Events that this knowledge is important to and answers can still be search on.
RTOC m embers for However, credit back on the road in recent
―Let us know how
arranged discounts. anything bought from the does go to all section (which has recently been the members so please bare with us Check out the Wizard here... months. Renault history lives!
Goodridge - 33.3% discount
shop, check out the
we can improve redesigned) for further details. while we iron out any niggles. WIZARD FEATURE
involved to both for Memberships discount thread the club for you‖ reuniting us with Logg, Car.Crash, miker5gtt,
DaveSBS has been keeping busy RTOC and its Brigsy, J am es5, K enobi,
which can be found
Absolutely Shocks with the influx of members over the
by clicking on the below link: contents so rapidly.
This Month’s New Member Sign-Ups DaveR5, MarkyMark (BD) and past few months and has been
Members Shop Discount Codes TrixNFlix.
sending out membership packs Welcome to YouNoob - MH Vehicle Solutions, JohnAldridge 101, Roger
Leda Suspension -15% dis- StuTHC and IanS have both been
w eek l y. He h as al s o b ee n
If you have any suggestions for new
The News on Our Noobs! Heasman, kindz_R5, djb80, J P, stevies_5_tubs, Hopefully there’s more to come
count researching some potential new concentrating on looking into details
Ianr5gt, MR_PM, cpt_chunk, renee, adgtt2010, as the members get revved up
items that you would like to see in the of new sought-after Renault parts
contents for the packs and this is
club shop, please do get in touch and
Despite issues with the site last year fuegoturbo, ROTAX46, mattk, Webbyrs, Patrick, for this Summer’s shows.
that members have requested. The
currently being discussed in the
let us know your ideas. If it is feasible
and even despite the recession, we’ve JONNY5GT, ALS_GARAGE, TnT, matt, Brummie
Classic Motor Sales - Free ads entire process of then having them
Committee section of the forums.
and parts can either be sourced or
had lots of new members signing up to Ash, Dunlop, craigy5gt, jackw04_123, andyrg, designed, manufactured and made
The current Mods and Admins have
made, then you could well see it in
become part of the RTOC family. jose, Superfly-64, 1.7r5gtturbo, turner929,
also been helping out by manually ready to be sold in the club shop is
Susanna and Ian, Dave_FJ, Sol and
the shop within the next few weeks -
Raceparts Direct UK -10% long and arduous, but we hope you
re-registering some of the returning
You can only ask!
We’re looking into new advertising and campbellkmac. feel that it is worth it. Solex carb jets,
members, so as to be able to benefit club collaboration to help boost this
BigJim downpipes and new OE
from the discounted renewal prices. even further. MAKE SURE YOU SAY HELLO!

2 3
Group Buys RTOC Events 2010
Over the years, the Renault

Turbo Owners club have been A short selection of this years

partial to a few group buys, but up and coming events. For the
this seems to be running a little
full listings, check out the
more dry than it used to. If you

can think of any good, viable and

Events section online.
BigDanC’s 5GTT @ National Day 2009
worthwhile items that you can

drum up interest on the forums

for, get in touch with the Commit-

Track days, curries, rolling roads and 1/4 mile runs
tee and we’ll see what we can do As you might or might not already be Renault @ Ace Café - 1st Save Donington Parade - 7th
about helping out. Please don’t aware, the Renault Turbo Owners Monday monthly March
be disheartened if your idea Club pays for and hosts two big The events sections details dates of Unfortunately, one of the clubs
doesn’t get chosen to be sourced events every year; the Pod day and the famous monthly meet on the favourite tracks is at risk and a
or made as there are lots of National Day. We are extremely North Circular in London. parade has been arranged in aid to
insurance and safety factors that fortunate to have sole-use of the change the minds of those bodies
we need to consider as a club tracks during both events yet again in Spring Performance Action involved. Some of the members are
before going ahead with anything 2010. Here are just a few of the Day - 24th April planning to represent RTOC so
like this. Get in touch if you have other events that we have lined up. Member Sy5GTT is kindly arranging please join the leagues here and
any ideas. Do make sure you visit the Events track-time slots for those interested in show your support for Donington.

forum if you wish to arrange your racing around the Click HERE to support the cause.

own. We’ll talk more about National Wiltshire track in the

Day in the next installment. countryside. Track
How can I help?
time is discounted so
There are actually quite a few Santa Pod - 21st May get in quick and
ways in which you can help the For the third year running we have an contact Sy via THIS
club to grow and becom e entire Friday to ourselves @ Pod. thread within the
stronger than ever before. With How does £30 all day for unlimited ―Events‖ section.
show season hot on our heals, runs up the 1/4 strip sound to you?
advertising is key. We are known What about camping, free fun and La Vie en Bleu - 29/30 May Other events
for being a predominantly Ren- antics and a big ass BBQ sound on A must-visit event for all of those with We always have lots in the pipeline.
ault 5 GTT club but this isn’t the top of that? Check out the full details a love for French cars and hill-climbs. So check back regularly to see where
case. If you can print off the HERE and purchase your tickets This is a weekend event which is a members have arranged curries,
flyers held in THIS section of the from the CLUB SHOP. little different to the norm. Prescott is track days, dinners, days out and
website and hand them out or
the home to the Bugatti Owners Club rolling road runs. We have members
place them on relevant vehicles Rolling Road Day - 7th March so you can be sure to see more than across the width and breadth of the
at shows, we can spread the A rolling road event has been a few sights for sore eyes whilst you country but if you cannot find
name of RTOC even more. arranged at Sitech Racing by watch the racing. For more info, anything that has been organized

Scottish9Turbo for the very most check out the link HERE near you, feel free to use your

Northern members on the site. imagination and get planning.

Check the details out HERE

4 5
Spec Sheet
The Secret Street
Sleeper Engine
 4x4 sierra Cosworth engine
 Level 8 management
Suspension and Wheels
 Front shocks are Renault 5 AVO
By Stuart Harrington and Dawn Smith converted to 2WD  Pectel version 3 baby board coilovers

 Long studded 200 block  MSD add on boards to run, wasted  New hubs machined flat and with

 L+B, shot-peened bottom end spark, anti lag & launch control adapters to run Ford stud pattern

 Forged standard compression  Grey fuel injectors, 503ccs wheels

 Mahle pistons with valve cut-outs  New engine sensors  23mm anti-roll bar
The man who can’t make up his mind, finally does...  ARP bolts throughout  New homemade loom  Red race polybushes all round

 4 layer WRC metal head gasket  2 pace charge coolers  Rear suspension are AVO
It might be hard to believe that this Evolution New cams are also in line, along with
 4x4 head, polished and ported by  2 charge cooler pumps coilovers
Renault 5 GTT was bought back in After an extremely short term of a roller-bearing T4 turbo, new
Neil Roper  2 swirl pots for charge coolers  Double wishbone setup
2005 with only a bare shell and an running the car at standard power, injectors, a remap and the possibility
 4x4 inlet with a 14mm plenum  1 huge alloy pre-rad with twin entry  Race tie bars
RS200 space-fram e assem bled Stuart soon became bored and took of a nitrous injection setup has also
spacer exit pipe work  Sierra Cosworth rear hubs
within it. With new additions of it to stage 3, running around 330bhp. snuck itself onto Stu’s ―To Do‖ list.
 Flowed inlet elbow  Silicone alloy bell housing  Compomotive MO 5 spoke alloys
badly-set suspension and a set of Last time the car was on the rollers it Stuart is hoping to hit the ultimate
 2WD exhaust manifold, ceramic  Renault-ford driveshaft adaptors  235/40/17 rear tyres, 215 on front
less than desirable wheels, it really made 380bhp, with 350 of that at the 500bhp mark when he attends his
coated inside and out  Cosworth RWD drive shafts
was not looking its best. wheels. Since then it has had a new next rolling road day.
 T34.63 hybrid turbo shortened to fit Styling/Security/Other
cam, new map, advanced cam
 BD14 inlet cam  AP Racing clutch cover and 6  Fully welded roll cage
Stuart Harrington had wild dreams of timing, more boost and it estimated Stu understands that once this
 Standard exhaust cam paddle sprung centre plate  Perspex windows
building a mid-engined RWD project, to have power around the 400bhp benchmark has been successfully
 Piper valve springs  Renault clutch slave cylinder  Corbeau Evolution seats
something almost unheard of - but and 400lbs of torque mark currently. reached, it will be difficult to take the
 Piper vernier pulleys  Girling clutch master cylinder  Interior sprayed matt black
this did not put him off. Already in the project any further. Nevertheless, a
 Iridium spark plugs  Kit car billet gear change setup  Alloy door cards
process of building a high-powered plan is in place already to fully strip
 2WD water pump  Cable gear change  Heater matrix removed
Renault 21 Turbo 4WD, Stu made the car back down to the shell and
 Oil cooler  All new lights
the decision to sell he parts off along renew the floor and bulkhead with
 Huge alloy radiator with twin rad Brakes  Resprayed in Ford Frozen White
with the car and concentrate only on sheet metal, with new tunnels to run
fans running 2 stage switch and  Corsa GRPN adjustable pedal box  Front and rear bumpers smoothed
the 5GTT. the pipe work, wiring and the airflow
override Alloy swirl pot/header tank/ with in-dash adjustable brake bias and filled
through. It doesn’t stop there though,
petrol pump  Separate front/rear systems  Delocked
The aim was to build a car that had So what’s next? further points will be added to the
 Bosch 044 fuel pumpSytec bullet  Girling master cylinders  All original wiring removed and a
the speed, the agility an the handling The Renault 21 Turbo UN-13 already welded in roll cage and
fuel pump  Braided lines throughout new homemade car loom fitted
of cars costing 10 times as much and gearbox is beginning to limit where tweaks will be m ade to the
 -6 braided fuel lines and fittings  AP Racing 4 pots at front with only the necessary parts fitted
10 times as new onto the market. exactly Stu can take this build to s u s p en s i on an d st r ut t op s .
 Engine covers, framed with 1" box  330mm discs  Cables run through chassis rails
With this in mind and a budget with next, so this will soon be shopped in The project will no doubt continue to
section steel and 2 layers of  Ferrodo DS2500 pads and bulkhead
no set limit, the roadworthy track car for another with a new single-piece be never-ending!
aluminium, heat shielded and filled  Clifford alarm
began to take shape on paper. main shaft and new 1st, 2nd and 5th
with foam to stop noise/heat  Weight of approx. 1000kgs
However, upon realization that gears, along with a new diff made Watch this space!
transfer into cabin.
turning this into reality would be from composite metal. This will

mean feat for anyone, the work on quickly enable the car to take more

thi s proj ect beg an alm ost power.


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