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Protests for and against
Oscar beckons Sarah Palin … for shopping. the visit of Dutch far-
Bob Tourtellotte (Front Row entourage of about seven products from and right politician Geert
Washington) people, according to the suite's eyelash condition from Lash Wilders
Submitted at 3/4/2010 6:17:45 PM organizers. food. Stopping at fashion line (Latest news, breaking news,
The gifting suites, in case you C&C California, she picked out current news, UK news, world
(Reporting by Zorianna Kit) don't know, are set up by a tanktop for daughter Willow. news, celebrity news, politics
What a difference a year merchants to promote their At Bandals Footwear, she found news)
makes! Last year, former vice products during Hollywood's those leopard sandals to match
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:35:08 AM
presidential candidate Sarah Oscar week when the town is her jacket, and she seemed
Palin was catching flak for her filled with A-list celebrities. • ";
especially excited about Danish-
shopping habits during her 2008 The idea is to have your product }
designed Aiaiai headphones for
campaign. This year, she's photographed or in some way traveling and exercise.
strolling around Hollywood's associated with a celebrity and, s+=''+google_ads[i].line1+"";
Meanwhile, on its Hollywood
Oscar gift suites with family as a result, people will want to s+="
Insider blog late Wednesday
members having items given to buy it. And who better to help "+google_ads[i].line2+"
night, Entertainment Weekly
her -- leopard print sandals to sell a product than politician- "+google_ads[i].line3+"";
magazine reported that Palin
match her leopard print jacket, turned-celebrity Palin? supporter of the Red Cross. and reality TV producer Mark s+='
for instance. N o t a b l y , P a l i n a n d h e r Burnett have been making the '+google_ads[i].visible_url+"";
So, what did Palin get? Well,
T h e m o r n i n g a f t e r h e r right from the start she wrote a entourage came and left before r o u n d s o f H o l l y w o o d s+="
appearance on "The Tonight c h e c k f o r $ 1 , 7 5 0 t o t h e the suite opened officially on production houses and TV Five Filters featured article:
Show", and amid reports she American Red Cross, which was Wednesday morning. Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
networks pitching a TV
was in Hollywood talking to TV collecting donations at the suite Then, Palin and family got d o c u d r a m a a b o u t A l a s k a . PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
executives about a possible TV for Haitian relief. "That was the d o w n t o t h e b u s i n e s s o f Several reports described it as a Term Extraction.
show (see below and here on the first thing she did before even shopping -- Oscar style. They Planet Earth-type look at the
b l o g ) , t h e f o r m e r A l a s k a checking in and saying 'hello,'" went to each vendor and were state from Palin's point-of-view.
Governor turned up at the Silver said The Silver Spoon's Lorena "gifted" items including hats You can read about it here.
Spoon gifting suite in West Bendinskas. She said suite and sunglasses by Perry Ellis, Which makes us wonder, what's
H o l l y w o o d w i t h d a u g h t e r organizers had invited Palin Jenna Leigh Lingerie, Stone next? If not a presidential run,
Willow, grandson Trip and an because she had been a big candles, Wembe soaps, skincare maybe an Oscar?

Incredible t-shirt stop-motion video

(Holy Kaw!) Step up your t-shirt game with video created by YouTube Get your t-shirt fix.
this amazing stop-motion music legends, Rhett and Link. Permalink| Leave a comment »
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Prospects for healthcare up, insurance stocks down

Donna Smith (Front Row shares were lower on Thursday in New York. ”They’re kind of passed the sweeping healthcare decades of fighting for it, no
Washington) in afternoon trading after the going for broke at this point.” overhaul than letting it die. doubt would have been too big
Submitted at 3/4/2010 11:39:49 AM White House announced Obama “The prospects of healthcare Many rang the death knell for of a letdown for Democrats who
would meet with several House reform are up. Stocks are the reform effort after saw a light at the end of the
It may be a gamble, but at least Democrats in an apparent bid to down,” said Tim Nelson, a Democrats lost their tunnel this time around.
one tell says that President lock in votes. healthcare analyst with First supermajority of 60 votes in the Democrats are planning to use a
Barack Obama and Democratic “It looks like he’s really getting American Funds. “These stocks Senate when a Republican won budget process called
leaders in Congress may win the involved at the very micro level, go up and down with the a special election in liberal “reconciliation” to push the
big bet they have made to push and I think that probably shows prospects of healthcare reform.” Massachusetts. legislation to final passage. It is
healthcare reform legislation the administration is really With the help of some well With an anti-Washington mood a two step process under which
over the finish line, despite going to put everything on the publicized health insurance sweeping the country, both the House would pass the Senate
public doubts and Republican line for this initiative,” premium increases, Democrats political parties are maneuvering bill. Then changes in the Senate
opposition. Morningstar analyst Matthew have decided that they will be to keep their base supporters bill sought by the House would
Just look at the healthcare Coffina told Reuters better off in the November energized. Letting healthcare
provider stocks. Health insurer correspondent Lewis Krauskopf congressional elections having reform die after so many PROSPECTS page 3
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Obama bests Republicans on continued from page 2

be passed using the sell their bill to the public once

healthcare reform in public reconciliation process
which allows a simple majority
it passes. In a few short months
we will know who wins that
vote in the Senate rather than debate.
confidence poll the 60 needed to clear
Republican procedural hurdles.
For more Reuters political
news, click here
David Morgan (Front Row trying to muster enough party Senate Republican Leader Photo Credit: Reuters/Kevin
Washington) support to bypass Republicans. Mitch McConnell has vowed to Lamarque (President Barack
Submitted at 3/5/2010 7:05:50 AM Public sentiment still presents a make the November election a Obama speaks about healthcare
challenge for the president, referendum on healthcare, citing reform as medical professionals
Barack Obama appears to be however. polling data that shows the look on)
winning the popularity contest Gallup says public confidence public is wary of the sweeping
over healthcare reform that’s on healthcare reform runs changes to the $2.5 trillion U.S.
been playing out in public highest for doctors (77 percent), healthcare system that
since his White House summit hospitals (64 percent), Democrats are proposing.
on Feb. 25. and academics who study Democrats believe that they can
A new Gallup poll suggests that healthcare policy (61 percent).
49 percent of Americans have
confidence in Obama to make
the right recommendations.
37 percent public confidence
rating for congressional
That puts Obama fourth,
D e m o c r a t s
and Republicans sixth,
f i f t h Clean Water Brings
That’s not a majority. But it’s
way higher than the 32
Democrats, according to the
survey of 992 adults conducted
with pharmaceutical companies
(30 percent) and insurance
p e r c e n t w h o March 2-3. The data have a 4 companies (26 percent) bringing Field Notes (LWI News community lessons about proper
think Republicans in Congress percentage point margin of up the rear. Center) health and hygiene. Community
would do the right thing. error. Photo Credits: Reuters/Yuri Submitted at 3/4/2010 10:52:47 AM members learned about the
The findings appear to That lead over Democrats Gripas (Obama); Reuters/Jason importance of hand washing and
contradict Republican claims could be important for the White Reed (Senators John McCain L I B E R I A – W i l l i a m s dental hygiene, how germs are
that the public favors their House as Obama makes his last- and Lamar Alexander); Community, Sanjeh District transmitted, the causes of and
d e c e n t r a l i z e d , ditch effort to prod reluctant Reuters/Hyungwon Kang GPS: 06 51.251 N, 010 49.117 treatments for diarrhea, and
piecemeal approach over party members into going along (Doctor and Young Patient) W proper care of the pump itself.
Obama’s comprehensive reform with his plan to overhaul Click here for more political Margretta Brown is a teacher in Now, they don’t just have clean
plan. the $2.5 trillion U.S. healthcare coverage from Reuters. Williams Community, where water—they have the tools to
The president also outstrips a system. Democratic leaders are t h e y u s e d t o d r i n k t h i s use the clean water to bring
water—water that gave the about better, healthier lives.
Chrome dev gets rudimentary HTML5 p e o p l e c h o l e r a , t y p h o i d , Margretta said, “The old well
dysentery, malaria, and worms. gave many people sickness, but
geolocation Not only was Living Water able this new one has brought relief.”
to rehabilitate an existing Five Filters featured article:
Seth Rosenblatt slowly proliferate throughout Originally posted at The borehole and develop it into a Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
( the major browsers. Google Download Blog well that produces 55 liters of PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Chrome now supports the clean, safe water each minute, Term Extraction.
Submitted at 3/4/2010 3:33:00 PM
geolocation API, but it's not but the team also taught the
HTML5 standards continue to activated yet by default.
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Pentagon gunman blamed US government for September 11

(Top stories from Times shot in the head. The officers, a "definitive link" between bandits ruthless and clever seen speaking to Bedell on
Online) from the Pentagon Force Bedell and the online material. enough to seize it. A criminal CCTV footage, but that person
Submitted at 3/5/2010 7:22:50 AM Protection Agency (PFPA), Bedell says in his online profile organisation able to conduct its is not now thought to be a
have now been discharged from that he graduated in physics activities from within the centre suspect.
The man who shot two police hospital. from the University of of power of the United States The Pentagon was immediately
o f f i c e r s a t t h e P e n t a g o n The Pentagon police chief, California, then studied government would have placed on lockdown after the
yesterday was an obsessive Richard Keevill, said that Bedell biochemistry at San Jose State powerful advantages over other incident but later opened some
follower of the 9/11 “truth” looked as if he was trying to University. criminal groups ... This exits to staff.
movement who believed that the gain entry to the giant US He apparently believed that the organisation ... would see the The shooting occurred above
Twin Towers were demolished D e f e n c e D e p a r t m e n t assassination of President John sacrifice of thousands of its ground near the doors of the
in a US government conspiracy, headquarters but instead of F. Kennedy in 1963 constituted citizens, in an event such as the Metro entrance to the Pentagon.
it has emerged. presenting a Pentagon pass, a “coup” by the US security September 11 attacks, as a small The actual Metro stop at the
Police said that John Patrick which is required to enter the establishment and was obsessed cost in order to perpetuate its Pentagon is below ground.
Bedell, 36, had acted alone and building, he pulled out a gun. with the death of Colonel James barbaric control. The Pentagon is the
without links to terrorist “He walked up very cool,” Mr Sabow, who was shot dead in “This collection of gangsters headquarters of the United
networks. However online Keevill said. “He had no real 1991 in an apparent suicide. would find it in their interest to States Department of Defence,
postings apparently by him emotion on his face.” Sabow’s family alleged in a foment conflict and initiate located in Arlington County,
i n d i c a t e t h a t h e w a s a Police said that Bedell had failed lawsuit that he was wars throughout the world, in Virginia.
passionate conspiracy theorist spent several weeks travelling murdered because he threatened order to divert attention from After a hijacked plane crashed
a n d o p p o n e n t o f t h e U S from California, his home – to expose an illegal covert CIA- their misconduct and into it in the September 11
Government and armed forces. where his father is a financial run drugs-running operation. criminality... This seizure of the attacks of 2001, the building
His Wikipedia user page, now planner in the town of Hollister Bedell’s Wikipedia profile said United States government by an was fortified and the Metro
deleted but still available on – in his car to Washington to that he was “determined to see international criminal entrance rebuilt to bolster
other sites, said that he wished carry out the attack. that justice was served”, and conspiracy is a long-established security.
to establish “the truth of events Bedell was equipped with two compared the event with the reality.” Besides serving the Pentagon
such as the 9/11 demolitions 9mm semi-automatic weapons 1934 “Night of the Long It was not yet clear this and its vast workforce of
and institutions such as the coup and “many magazines” of Knives” political executions in morning whether Bedell had military and civilian employees,
regime of 1963 that maintains ammunition, with more in his Nazi Germany. been linked with any one of the the station is a major
itself in power through the car parked near by, police said. A blog apparently written by organised 9/11 “truther” groups transportation hub for bus
global drug trade, financial They said that they were him in 2006 lays out his extreme or whether he had pursued his services into suburban northern
corruption, and murder, among i n v e s t i g a t i n g h i s a n t i - libertarian views and suspicions obsession alone. Virginia.
other crimes”. government Internet postings, of a government and military He was also a passionate Five Filters featured article:
Yesterday evening at 6:40pm which also include a blog and conspiracy over the September advocate of legalising cannabis Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Bedell walked calmly up to two Amazon user page where a 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. and had faced charges for PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
police officers guarding the “wish list” includes a history of He wrote: “The sheer size of cultivating cannabis and Term Extraction.
Pentagon and opened fire, Nazi Germany, an “uncensored the United States economy ... resisting a police officer.
injuring both of them. They history” of the 9/11 Commission makes the United States After yesterday’s shooting a
returned fire and within a and a book on UFOs. They said government a tempting prize for second person was also
minute, Bedell had been fatally that they had not yet established any organisation or collection of questioned by police after being
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Boy Hurt in Colo.

"Snowball Earth" Confirmed: Ice Covered School Shooting
Equator Thanks Teacher
(National Geographic News) The team then matched their Since plants had not yet hothouse conditions such as (
Submitted at 3/4/2010 3:38:04 PM findings to previous magnetic evolved 700 million years ago, those during the ice-free, Submitted at 3/5/2010 7:37:06 AM
studies that had found these the dirty ice could have been the dinosaur-packed Cretaceous
Earth's now steamy Equator rocks had formed when Canada only dark spots on Earth's period, said Macdonald, whose DENVER A boy hurt in last
was covered with ice 716 was situated near the Equator. surface to absorb the sun's rays. study appears tomorrow in the month's Colorado school
million years ago, according to a Over time the movement of As a result, these regions may journal Science( prehistoric time shooting is out of the hospital
new study. Earth's tectonic plates had have been more likely to melt, line). and praising the teacher who
The finding appears to add pushed the rocks north to creating water bodies where "This is just all to say that Earth saved his life.
solid evidence to the theory of Canada's Yukon and Northwest primitive life-forms, such as is sensitive, and we can get Matt Thieu of Deer Creek
an ancient"snowball Earth." Territories. algae and fungi, could thrive. perturbations that can lead to a Middle School in Littleton was
The discovery hinged on Snowball Earth or Mud-ball That some organisms different world," he said. shot in the back Feb. 24 when a
proving that the right rocks had Earth? survived—and even branched For instance, eruptions during gunman fired shots at students
been covered by glaciers in the There's still plenty of mystery off into new species—during the the snowball-Earth period are with a hunting rifle. The boy
right place at the right time. surrounding snowball Sturtian glaciation adds thought to have added sulfur said on NBC's "Today" show
Study leader Francis Earth—aka the Sturtian credence to the idea that particles to the atmosphere, Friday that he's almost
Macdonald, an Earth scientist at glaciation—Macdonald said. snowball Earth harbored open- blocking sunlight and cooling recovered and hopes to be
Harvard University, and For example, an icy Equator water refuges, or at least cracks the planet. Some experts have skateboarding again in four
colleagues worked with volcanic alone can't tell scientists the in the ice, Macdonald said. suggested doing the same thing weeks.
rocks in Canada that were found extent of ice cover around the For instance, modern-day ice artificially as a modern cure for Thieu appeared on the show
sandwiched between glacial world. The continents may have cracks off Antarctica are global warming. with David Benke, the math
deposits. Such deposits are been in a total deep freeze, or "chockablock" with single- That means investigating such teacher who tackled suspected
recognizable by the presence of the planet may have simply been celled life-forms, he said. "natural experiments" in Earth's shooter Bruco Strong Eagle
debris left behind by melting subjected to a patchwork of (Also see"Did Plants Cool the history is crucial, Macdonald Eastwood.
glaciers and sediments deformed constantly moving glaciers or Earth and Spark Explosion of said. "That's going to tell us a lot SLIDESHOW: Colorado
by glacial movement. icebergs—or something in Life?") more than any little [computer] School Shooting
Using extremely precise between. Global Warming Insights model can say." The boy said that Benke "saved
uranium-lead mass And even the "snowball Earth" Learning about Earth's past Five Filters featured article: many lives" and that his actions
spectrometry, the researchers name might need rethinking. extremes may also give Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: were "great."
determined that both the Earth probably wasn't "just a scientists new perspectives on PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Benke said he's still bothered
volcanic rocks and glacial white ball, but more of a mud modern climate change. Term Extraction. by the attack. He told the
sediments were deposited about ball," Macdonald said. Regular For instance, scientists know "Today" show that Thieu is "one
716.5 million years ago—during eruptions of ash-spewing that over the millennia our of the coolest kids I've ever
the purported snowball-Earth volcanoes likely made the planet has yo-yoed between taught."
period. continents "dusty messes." pervasive ice cover and .
Five Filters featured article:
YouTube brings auto-captioning to everyone Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Josh Lowensohn YouTube is making its auto- making closed captions an Crawler Term Extraction.
( captioning technology available option for all users.
to everyone in the hopes of Originally posted at Web
6 World/ Business/ Tech/ E-reader News Edition
Google Admits That
Met Office drops 'disastrous' seasonal forecasts Many Of Its Own
(Top stories from Times reputation. In fact, the Met Office not all bad. The forecast had
Online) Even the Met Office's chief forecasters predicted a warmer warned of a very cold end to
Sites Fail At SEO
Submitted at 3/5/2010 7:26:03 AM executive, John Hirst, gave a than average summer but were the winter, around February, Mike Masnick (Techdirt)
less than glowing endorsement clear that there was no sign of thanks to a huge disturbance in Submitted at 3/5/2010 7:03:58 AM
The Met Office has announced o f h i s o w n l o n g - r a n g e what rainfall levels would be. the atmosphere triggered by a
that it will no long produce its forecasting team this winter, In the event they were growing El Nino in the Pacific, With all of the recent lawsuits
seasonal forecasts, after its c a l l i n g their work vindicated, with all three of the which caused a mass of warm claiming that Google unfairly
recent disastrous predictions of " d i s a p p o i n t i n g " . summer months last year air to rise up off the tropical seas promotes its own sites and the
a barbecue summer and mild He told The Times: "Our recent warmer than normal. The that shunted cold Arctic air sites of its partners in search
winter. seasonal forecasts have been rainfall washed out the down through Europe. In the rankings, it's interesting to see
The move is likely to be seen as d i s a p p o i n t i n g . O u r i n i t i a l barbecues, not the event, this was what Britain that the company has put out an
a climbdown, but the Met Office prediction that this winter was temperatures. experienced. SEO report card that is quite
insisted today that it came after likely to be 'mild' in the UK is Predicting whether a season Long-range forecasts need to be critical of some of its own sites
widespread public polling over going to be wide of the mark." will be wet or dry is far more handled with care. They use for failing to do some pretty
the past few months. The Met "To be fair, we’ve always said difficult because rains are much levels of chance and basic search engine optimization
Office will replace seasonal this is a developing area of more susceptible to the vagaries probabilities that many would practices. While this may be the
f o r e c a s t s w i t h a m o n t h l y forecasting ... We’ve also of winds and other capricious associate with gambling, which point that Google is trying to
prediction. emphasised the probabilities and weather patterns. is, after all, what all forecasting make, it certainly suggests that
"All our research shows that the uncertainties involved in these And yet the pitfalls of summer involves. So, perhaps it’s no bad Google treats its own sites on
public aren’t interested in forecasts." forecasting had been obvious thing to bury these long-range the same basis as outside sites,
seasonal weather forecasts, but Others, though, have criticised from the previous two washout forecast out of the public gaze contrary to the claims in the
they do want a monthly forecast, the way the forecasts were over- summers, in 2007 and 2008, and left to experts in energy lawsuits.
which we’ll be running on our hyped. when torrential rains left much companies, government and Permalink| Comments| Email
website," said a spokesman. The much-derided and of England under water. elsewhere who can interpret This Story
Some experts had argued that misleading "barbecue summer" Forecasters had not predicted them for their own means.
t h e f o r e c a s t s w e r e t o o headline emerged as a piece of those rainfalls, either. Five Filters featured article:
e x p e r i m e n t a l f o r p u b l i c PR spin — added long after the Those in the know realise that Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
consumption, and were at risk of forecasters had done their work the prediction of a mild winter PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
harming the organisation’s in an attempt to "sex it up". was a big mistake. But it was Term Extraction.

Half of Households Will Pay No Federal Income Tax

Connie Madon of households -- 47%, or 71 households making under originally appeared on
(BloggingStocks) million-- will pay no federal tax. $30,000 fall into this category. BloggingStocks on Fri, 05 Mar
Submitted at 3/5/2010 12:00:00 PM Why is number so high? The Here is a breakdown by income: 2010 12:00:00 EST. Please see
answer lies in the myriad Continue reading Half of our terms for use of feeds.
Filed under: Economic Data, refundable tax breaks. And the Households Will Pay No Permalink| Email this|
Personal Finance, Politics number has risen since the Federal Income Tax Comments
According to estimates by the enactment of the recent $787 The great majority of Half of Households Will Pay
Tax Policy Center, nearly half billion stimulus package. No Federal Income Tax
E-reader News Edition World/ Popular News/ Tech/ 7
Opera Mini now on
Iraq inquiry: key questions faced by Gordon Windows Mobile. Yeah,
you read that right
Brown Jessica Dolcourt
(Latest news, breaking news, what was happening'' but not families of soldiers killed What lessons can be learned
current news, UK news, world present at every meeting held travelling in Snatch Land from the conflict? Submitted at 3/4/2010 3:22:00 PM
news, celebrity news, politics over the conflict. Rovers and added they deserved He acknowledged that it had
news) Opera Software further blurs
Did he voice concerns about the the ''fullest explanation shown the need for ''proper
way Mr Blair was leading possible'' about what happened. structures of decision-making'' the lines between Mini and
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:06:46 AM
Published: 5:30PM GMT 05 Britain into war? But he stressed it was for within government. Mobile with a release of a new
Mar 2010 Mr Brown backed the actions commanders on the ground, not There needs to be greater browser beta for Windows
How closely involved was he in of his predecessor. him, to decide which vehicles international co-operation into phones.
developing the Government ''I do say that everything that Mr to use on operations. future wars and better Originally posted at The
policy on Iraq? Blair did during this period, he The Prime Minister was asked planning for the aftermath of Download Blog
Despite insisting the Cabinet did properly,'' he said. about the decision to replace wars.
were ''informed fully'' of Mr Brown stressed he had Snatch with more heavily And spy chiefs should be ''more
negotiations ahead of the wanted the diplomatic route to armoured vehicles, including the sure'' about the nature of the Can you
invasion, Mr Brown was kept in succeed - ''right up to the last Mastiff and the Bulldog. intelligence they receive.
the dark over a series of key minute''. He said: ''That was a decision Claims Saddam had weapons of appeal a
developments in the run-up to But he added that Britain made that military commanders could mass destruction (WMD) that he
the invasion.
He was not shown an ''options
the ''right decision for the right
reasons'' to go into battle.
make only themselves.
''But once these new vehicles
could deploy within 45
minutes were discredited when
YouTube ban?
Rafe Needleman
paper'' drawn up by the Cabinet Did he provide enough were asked for, they were thorough searches after the (
Office in March 2002, was resources for Britain's armed offered and the money was invasion failed to discover any
unaware attorney general Lord forces while he was paid, I think within months.'' such devices. Submitted at 3/4/2010 3:25:00 PM

Goldsmith had wavered on a Chancellor? Does he have any regrets? Five Filters featured article:
A travel blogger gets banned
decision to give legal backing He told the inquiry: ''Every He expressed ''regrets'' at Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
from YouTube and doesn't
for the war and had not seen request that the military failures to plan properly for the PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
know why. We get the ban
private letters sent by Mr Blair commanders made to us for aftermath of the invasion. Term Extraction.
to US president George Bush equipment was answered. No And he voiced his sadness at
Originally posted at CNET to
assuring British support for any request was ever turned down.'' the huge loss of life in the
the Rescue
military action. He said he understood the conflict, including the deaths
He said that he was ''aware of concerns of the bereaved of 179 British personnel.

Korean iPhone sylus sausages now available in the US

(Holy Kaw!) them for breakfast, but using sausages. It seems that the acquired a quantity of the Total coverage of Macintosh
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:59:15 AM them as a stylus with their sausages are electrostatically sausages and begun selling them news, tips, and tricks.
iPhones. The combination of compatible with the iPhone’s in the US. They’re only $1 each, Permalink| Leave a comment »
Last month, South Korean cold weather and human touch screen, and nearly as which is a bargain (they’re
manufacturer CJ Corporation ingenuity led to the effective as using a human roughly $3.99 in South Korea).
saw a sudden spike in sales of phenomenon of commuting finger. Now that’s innovation!
their frozen sausages. It turns South Koreans working their Now, American iPhone case Full story at The Unofficial
out that people weren’t eating iPhones with frozen breakfast company CaseCrown has Apple Weblog.
8 World/ Tech/ Politics/ E-reader News Edition
Pentagon Shooter:
Gordon Brown blames generals for Snatch Land Another Violent Anti
Rover fiasco -Government Loon?
(Little Green Footballs)
(Top stories from Times predicted the operational needs soldiers". He went on: "I don’t believe
Submitted at 3/4/2010 9:29:03 PM
Online) of their troops. During today's testimony, Mr that any prime minister would
Submitted at 3/5/2010 7:54:21 AM "I have to stress it is not for me Brown was asked to respond to send our troops into conflict The Associated Press reports:
to make the military decisions the concerns of bereaved without the assurance from the WASHINGTON — AP
Gordon Brown has angrily on the ground about the use of relatives angered by the use of military that they had the sources: Suspect in Pentagon
rejected accusations that he particular vehicles," Mr Brown the vulnerable Land Rovers. equipment necessary for the shooting identified as 36-year-
underfunded UK forces in Iraq, told the panel. "What I can, He replied: "I think if you look operations. old John Patrick Bedell.
deflecting the blame for the however, say is that at every at the question of expenditure in "And I do not believe that there The Internet Archive has a
Army's use of vulnerable Snatch point we were asked to provide Iraq you have to start with this was any request that was made series of deranged audio files by
Land Rovers on to the generals money and the resources for one fundamental truth: that for equipment during the course “JPatrickBedell:” Internet
who were responsible for new equipment or for improving every requirement made to us of these events in Iraq that was Archive: Free Download:
ordering the vehicles. equipment, we made that by military commanders was turned down." Directions to Freedom, part two
Testifying before the Chilcot m o n e y a v a i l a b l e . " answered; no request was ever The Prime Minister was asked (25 November 2006).
inquiry, Mr Brown said that Mr Brown has been accused by turned down. about the decision to replace And a JPatrickBedell is also the
e v e r y s i n g l e r e q u e s t f o r both retired generals and the "And I would add to that, so Snatch Land Rovers with more author of this bizarre page at
equipment had been approved relatives of servicemen killed in long as I have been Prime heavily-armoured vehicles, Wikipedia; he’s apparently a
a n d t h e T r e a s u r y h a d Iraq of having starved the Minister, I have always asked including the Mastiff and the 9/11 Truther and a devotee of
"immediately" committed £90 Armed Forces of funding both the military at the point at which Bulldog, and he said that the libertarian icon Ludwig Von
million for the purchase of new before and after the invasion of they are undertaking any new £90 million replacement Mises: User:JPatrickBedell -
armoured vehicles after it Iraq in March 2003. operation, can they assure me programme was agreed Wikipedia, the free
became apparent that the Land Among those criticising the that they have the equipment immediately and the vehicles encyclopedia.
Rovers did not protect against Prime Minister and former that they need for the task that bought within months. (Hat tip: LGF readers.)
roadside bombs. Chancellor was General Lord they are undertaking. And at Five Filters featured article:
Having clearly decided that Guthrie of Craigiebank, former every point the answer to the Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
attack can be the best form of chief of the Defence Staff, who question is, ’for the operation PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
defence, he went on to lay the told The Times yesterday that we are undertaking, we have the Term Extraction.
blame for equipment shortages t h e l a c k o f f u n d i n g h a d equipment and we have the
on the generals who should have "undoubtedly cost the lives of resources that are necessary’."

This Is What A Patent Thicket Looks Like

Mike Masnick (Techdirt) violating patents. And since features, better prices and better smartphone space looks like:
Submitted at 3/5/2010 8:12:00 AM that post was written a few more service. That's a picture of a patent
lawsuits were filed as well. It's Of course, while I described thicket, and it's a picture of
A couple weeks ago, we asked patent nuclear war breaking out this in words, sometimes, as the waste that does the exact
if any smartphone could survive in the smartphone space, and the cliche goes, a picture is worth a opposite of promoting
the patent thicket. In the last end result is that we, the public, lot more. Thanks to Nick Bilton innovation.
few months there has been a ton all suffer. Lots of money is at the NY Times for putting Permalink| Comments| Email
of lawsuits (and ITC filings) being spent on lawsuits, and that development and giving us more together that picture that shows This Story
over smartphones supposedly could have gone into better what the patent thicket in the
E-reader News Edition World/ Business/ Politics/ 9
Taking out My
iPad is ready for launch but UK has to wait Eraser
(Top stories from Times unveiled the iPad in late January get their hands on this magical In the US AT&T, the exclusive
Online) John McWhorter (The New
in a blaze of publicity. The and revolutionary product and US carrier for the iPhone, will Republic - All Feed)
Submitted at 3/5/2010 7:51:27 AM company is seeking to connect with their apps and provide wireless connections
Submitted at 3/4/2010 9:00:00 PM
revolutionise computing by content in a more intimate, for the iPad. But there are no
Apple's iPad tablet computer creating a new market for intuitive and fun way than ever carrier details for the UK yet.
will hit the shelves in the UK in mobile devices in between the What the Internet is doing to
before. US consumers will be able to
late April, almost a month after laptop and the smartphone. scholarship.
Investors agreed and Apple go to Apple's website to pre-
US users will be able to get their In addition to the UK, the Five Filters featured article:
shares rose 3.1 per cent in early order both the Wi-Fi-only
hands on the company's latest device will go on sale in Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
trading on the Nasdaq to model and the version with 3G
device, PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Australia, Canada, France, $217.20, an all-time high for the and Wi-Fi or reserve a device to
The company said that the iPad Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain Term Extraction.
stock. pick up at a store on April 3.
will be available on April 3 in and Switzerland in late April. Newspaper, magazine and book Apple said that an iBooks
the US at a cost of $499 (£332) The launch dates are slightly
for the most basic model. later than expected.
publishers and an army of
software developers are rushing
application for iPad would be
available as a free download on
Thursday Night
But there were still no official Rumours that the launch of the to produce applications for the April 3. Music: Reign of
details of UK pricing for the 9.7 device could be pushed back to new device which will be Pricing in the US starts at $499
-inch touchscreen tablet, which late April have been gathering available through the iTunes for the Wi-Fi only, entry level Kindo, 'Hold Out'
is designed to surf the web, play pace online over recent weeks online store. model. Reports suggest that the (Little Green Footballs)
video and games, and read w i t h s p e c u l a t i o n t h a t t h e Apple said its new iBooks app UK pricing might start at around
Submitted at 3/4/2010 6:04:36 PM
digital books. company's Taiwanese partner, for the iPad includes Apple’s £389.
Apple announced that the US Foxconn, which manufactures new iBookstore. The Five Filters featured article: Here’s another unique song
will get Wi-Fi versions of the A p p l e ' s p r o d u c t s , was iBookstore will feature Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: from the unclassifiable band
highly-anticipated product on struggling to produce enough bestsellers from both major and PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, calling itself Reign Of
April 3 but will also have to iPads to match Apple's launch independent publishers, Term Extraction. Kindo.[Video]
wait to later in April for Wi-Fi + expectations. including Hachette Book Group,
3G models. The UK launch will “ T h e i P a d i s s o m e t h i n g HarperCollins Publishers,
involve the full range of models. completely new,” Mr Jobs said. Macmillan Publishers, Penguin
Chief Executive Steve Jobs “We’re excited for customers to Group and Simon & Schuster.

Is Apple Too Secretive About Its Products?

Brian White (BloggingStocks) the limitations the iPhone outsourcers are kept in the dark Secretive About Its Products?
Submitted at 3/5/2010 11:20:00 AM seemingly has, it "just works" -- in many ways, employees are Is Apple Too Secretive About
and that's what tech- treated like spies and even mild Its Products? originally
Filed under: Competitive overwhelmed consumers want. violence can occur sometimes. appeared on BloggingStocks on
Strategy, Apple Inc (AAPL), Is Apple so fearful of its secrets For all the good press Apple Fri, 05 Mar 2010 11:20:00 EST.
Marketing and Advertising and products under development receives, is this the way its Please see our terms for use of
Apple ( AAPL) has shown that that its suppliers are acting suppliers are told to operate -- feeds. Permalink| Email this|
a locked-down, incredibly easy- Orwellian? Sure. like clandestine nuclear arms Comments
to-use wireless handset like the This Reuters article is as Apple's super secrets are kept operators? To protect all things
i P h o n e i s p r e c i s e l y w h a t accurate as anything that's until a product is announced on Apple, apparently so.
customers want. Even with all turned up recently about how launch day. Suppliers and Continue reading Is Apple Too
10 World/ Politics/ E-reader News Edition

Arctic Sea Belching Tons of Indian farmer commits

Methane suicide after hitmen fail
(National Geographic News)
Submitted at 3/4/2010 12:25:15 PM
Sea (map), fueling concerns of
accelerated global warming.
Methane Feedback Fueling
isn't limited to the East Siberian
Sea, the researchers note. If
permafrost is melting in this part
to kill wife
(Latest news, breaking news, unconscious in the jungle, and
Arctic seabeds are belching Global Warming? of the Arctic, all shallow areas current news, UK news, world
massive quantities of methane, Shakhova's team took detailed along the Arctic shelf should be returned to her own family the
news, celebrity news, politics next day and told of the attempt
according to a new study that measurements of methane levels similarly affected. news)
says ocean permafrost is a huge in the water column over the To help find out, Shakhova and on her life.
and largely overlooked source Siberian Arctic shelf during six her colleagues plan to drill Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:39:27 AM Her family convened a local
of the powerful greenhouse gas, research cruises from 2003 to By Dean Nelson in New Delhi village council meeting, known
through the subsea permafrost
which has been linked to global 2008. Published: 5:39PM GMT 05 as a "panchayat", which fined
next spring to establish a
warming. Mar 2010 Tyagi and his hitmen 80,000
The 77,204-square-mile regional monitoring network
Previous research had found (2,000,000-square-kilometer) Naresh Tyagi decided to kill his rupees (£1165).
It's unclear whether human-
methane bubbling out of melting shelf is characterized by shallow wife Asha, the mother of his two Asha's family retaliated by
induced climate change is
permafrost—frozen soil—in seas less than 164 feet (50 -year-old son, after he began an attacking her husband's hitmen
causing the leakage. But global
Arctic wetlands and lakes. meters) deep, and the permafrost affair with another woman. and set fire to their car.
warming might be speeding up
But the permafrost lining the layer extends throughout. (See a He contacted three contract According the local
an otherwise natural part of the
deep, cold seas was thought to detailed map of the Arctic k i l l e r s , k n o w n l o c a l l y a s superintendent of police, the
climate cycle, Shakhova noted,
be staying frozen solid, holding seafloor.) "suparis", and agreed to pay violent reaction of his fellow
creating a feedback loop, in
in untold amounts of trapped The scientists found that much them 30,000 rupees (£440) to villagers in Bhanera, close to the
which released methane further
methane. kill her. Uttar Pradesh border with the
of the seawater above the shelf warms the Earth, melting more
"It's not the case anymore," said is laden with methane, which in Together they hatched a plan to capital New Delhi, convinced
permafrost and releasing more
study leader Natalia Shakhova, a turn is being released into the travel to the holy city of Tyagi he could never face them
biogeochemist at the University atmosphere. Haridwar to bathe in the Ganges again.
"This [human-made]
of Fairbanks, Alaska. "The What's more, the team found river with some of Tyagi's On Thursday he was found
contribution, or global climate
permafrost is actually failing in t h a t c u r r e n t a t m o s p h e r i c "friends". dead by villagers in a local field,
change, might be the last straw,
its ability to preserve this methane levels in the Arctic are En route, the suparis poisoned where he had shot himself in the
might be the accelerator or
leakage." Asha, strangled her with a rope head.
three times higher than those trigger," she said.
(Related:"Methane Bubbling Up recorded across previous climate and then dumped her body in Five Filters featured article:
The research is published this
From Undersea Permafrost?") dense jungle nearby. Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
cycles going back 400,000 week in the journal Science.
I n f a c t , S h a k h o v a a n d years. But Tyagi's wife, who is PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Five Filters featured article:
colleagues estimate that roughly (Related:"Ancient 'Snowball pregnant with his second child, Term Extraction.
Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
eight million tons of methane Earth' Melted Fast Due to survived a night, lying
PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
are leaking into the atmosphere Methane.") Term Extraction.
each year from the East Siberia This phenomenon most likely

Video: Jon Stewart Searches for Balance

(Little Green Footballs) The most trusted name in news
Submitted at 3/4/2010 2:14:14 PM searches for the true meaning of
“fair and balanced.”[Video]
E-reader News Edition World/ Business/ Tech News/ 11

Atlantic Octopus Mimics

Flounders—A First
(National Geographic News)
Submitted at 3/4/2010 5:37:21 PM
resembles flounder fins.
"It's a very athletic move," said
raising one to adulthood. The
captive animal displayed a
Analyst Calls: CIEN, COF,
study leader Roger Hanlon, of
A Caribbean octopus has been t h e M a r i n e B i o l o g i c a l
spotted disguising itself as a Laboratory in Woods Hole,
weird swim pattern, but the
scientists didn't recognize it as DISH, ED, GME, MOS,
mimicry at the time.
flounder, most likely in an Massachusetts.
attempt to avoid predators, When stationary, the octopus
When Hanlon saw the wild
Atlantic octopuses "becoming"
researchers have announced. seems content to just be itself. flounders like the species in Eric Buscemi Ciena's acquisition of MEN is
(BloggingStocks) transformative and will
Over the past decade, several T h e a n i m a l o n l y a s s u m e s Indonesia, he went back and
Atlantic longarm octopuses have flounder form when it's on the looked at snapshots of the lab Submitted at 3/5/2010 11:40:00 AM accelerate top line growth.
b e e n c a p t u r e d o n v i d e o move, the scientists observed. animal taken in 1985. • Progress Software ( PRGS)
imitating the sand-dwelling (See pictures and watch video "It had never seen another Filed under: Analyst Reports, was upgraded to buy from hold
peacock flounder, mimicking of"bizarre" octopuses that carry octopus or a flounder, but it did A n a l y s t U p g r a d e s a n d at Needham.
not only the shape of the flatfish coconuts as instant shelters.) this flounder mimicry," he said. Downgrades, Analyst Initiations • A l l e r g a n ( A G N ) w a s
but also its color and swimming Hanlon thinks the soft, squishy "We didn't know what that Analyst Upgrades upgraded to buy from hold at
style. octopus uses flounder mimicry meant in the mid-1980s. But it • JPMorgan upgraded TiVo ( Lazard Capital.
Octopus mimics have been to avoid predators, which might gives a hint that there might be TIVO) to overweight from • Public Service ( PEG) was
r e p o r t e d o f f t h e c o a s t o f be alerted to potential prey by an innate component to this neutral as it believes Thursday's upgraded to buy from hold at
Indonesia since 1998. (See a motion. swimming behavior ... that a p p e a l w i n a g a i n s t D I S H Jefferies.
picture of an Indonesian octopus A hungry sea creature might maybe this is hardwired." Network could lead to revenue
mimicking a sea star.) not think twice about biting off Overall, he added, the research upside. The firm raised its target Continue reading Analyst Calls:
This study marks the first case an arm or two from a passing shows that "camouflage is more price for shares to $23 from $15. CIEN, COF, DISH, ED, GME,
found in the Atlantic—and the octopus. But a rigid flatfish like than looking like the • Collins Stewart upgraded MOS, POT, TIVO, WEN ...
fourth octopus species known to a flounder would give a predator background. There are more DISH Network ( DISH) to buy Analyst Calls: CIEN, COF,
adopt a d i s g u i s e . pause. sophisticated things going on from hold on valuation, as it DISH, ED, GME, MOS, POT,
(Related:"Newfound Octopus Octopus Hardwired for here." believes much of the impact TIVO, WEN ... originally
Impersonates Fish, Snakes.") F l o u n d e r F o r m ? The research appears in the from the negative appeals ruling appeared on BloggingStocks on
Normally Atlantic longarm How exactly the octopus picked February issue of The is priced into the stock. The firm Fri, 05 Mar 2010 11:40:00 EST.
octopuses swim with their arms up its flounder-like behavior is Biological Bulletin. has a $30 target for shares. Please see our terms for use of
trailing behind their heads. But still a mystery. Five Filters featured article: • Cowen upgraded Ciena ( feeds. Permalink| Email this|
the newly released video shows In the 1980s Hanlon had Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: CIEN) to outperform from Comments
the cephalopods folding their captured Atlantic longarm PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, neutral. The firm believes
arms back into flounder shapes octopus larvae and brought them Term Extraction.
and undulating in a way that back to his lab, eventually

Ten Jobs You Absolutely Should Not 'Take Your Child to Work Day'
Russ Neumeier (Wired Top Take Your Child to Work Day and entertain more than the that just don't fit. Here are
Stories) is fast approaching, and chances usual number of immature GeekDad’s Top Ten.
Submitted at 3/5/2010 7:33:00 AM are your place of employment is people who show up for work
already making plans to host every day. But there are jobs
12 World/ Business/ Tech News/ E-reader News Edition

Barack Obama leans toward military Best Buy to Unleash Yet

trial for 9/11 suspects Another Online Video
(Latest news, breaking news,
current news, UK news, world
news, celebrity news, politics
Streaming Service
would secure from Congress the
funds and legal authority to
close the military prison at
terrorists and that pushing for
military trials gives extremists
a propaganda victory by
news) Brian White (BloggingStocks)
Guantanamo, and replace it enhancing their stature.
Submitted at 3/5/2010 12:30:00 PM
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:38:13 AM with a facility within the US. The proposed change of heart
By Alex Spillius in Washington The administration is also drew swift criticism from civil Filed under: Products and
Published: 5:38PM GMT 05 d i s c u s s i n g a n e w l e g a l rights groups. Services, Launches, Best Buy
Mar 2010 framework for dealing with Anthony Romero, executive (BBY)
The administration has already terror suspects to replace the director of the American Civil Best Buy ( BBY) will be
abandoned plans to hold the trial d i s c r e d i t e d s y s t e m a t Liberties Union, said: "If this joining Vudu -- which was
for Khalid Sheik Mohammed, Guantanamo that has resulted stunning reversal comes to pass, recently bought by Walmart ( largest consumer electronics
the alleged mastermind of the in only a handful of convictions. President Obama will deal a WMT) -- Netflix ( NFLX), chain in the U.S. -- not. You
Sept 11 attacks, at a federal The debate comes amid a fierce death blow to his own Justice Roxio's CinemaNow, need to throw a bigger bone to
court in New York, close to election year battle over how the Department, not to mention ( AMZN) On these customers, Best Buy.
where the World Trade Center US should handle suspected American values. Demand, and others in That's like giving a dime back
once stood, after objections attackers, with Republicans "If the president flip-flops and streaming video content directly for every few hundred dollars
from the police and mayor about attacking Mr Obama over the retreats to the Bush military over the Internet to your favorite spent. Not impressive.
the cost and disruption. treatment of the Christmas Day commissions, he will betray his television set. Details are Continue reading Best Buy to
As the justice department plotter. campaign promise to restore the sketchy so far, but the large Unleash Yet Another Online
sought an alternative venue, Republicans have denounced rule of law, demonstrate that question is this: do we need Video Streaming Service
Democrats and Republicans the decision to have civilian his principles are up for grabs another one of these services? Best Buy to Unleash Yet
alike in Congress have objected authorities detain and question and lose all credibility with The market is already saturated. Another Online Video
to trying major suspected Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, Americans who care about What's the benefit? Streaming Service originally
terrorists in the criminal system, t h e 2 3 - y e a r - o l d N i g e r i a n justice and the rule of law." For one, Best Buy's Reward appeared on BloggingStocks on
demanding that they should be accused of trying to use Five Filters featured article: Zone Premier Solver members Fri, 05 Mar 2010 12:30:00 EST.
dealt with under military e x p l o s i v e s s e w n i n t o h i s Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: will receive one free video Please see our terms for use of
jurisdiction, where the burden of u n d e r w e a r t o b l o w u p a PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, rental per month. That's quite a feeds. Permalink| Email this|
proof is lower. Northwest Airlines plane with Term Extraction. benefit for a customer that Comments
In exchange for placing the nearly 300 people aboard. spends $2,500 per year at the
Sept 11 accused in the military Democrats have retorted that
system, the Washington Post civilian courts have successfully
reported that the White House tried and convicted scores of

IPad Goes On Sale April 3; Pre-Orders Begin in a Week

John C Abell (Wired Top Apple announced Friday that for pre-order on March 12. The month.
Stories) the first iPads will be available launch is for the WiFi-only
Submitted at 3/5/2010 6:40:00 AM on April 3 and that the long- version, with the 3G-enabled
awaited device will be available device on sale later in the
E-reader News Edition Business/ 13

How to Run a Family Business

Christine Lagorio ( page."
Submitted at 3/5/2010 5:11:00 AM If you're working only with one
partner, and you are in a
You've heard the statistics: relationship, whether casual or
Fewer than 30 percent of family spousal, it is advisable to
businesses survive to the second document your business
generation, and just 10 percent mission statement, and revenue Consulting and Coaching in planning is the most essential relationship in a formal business
hold on through the third. Sound projections. In a family Chicago. "The families that are piece," she says. "Ask everyone: -partnership agreement. The
bleak? It's not. Those are far business, it's not that simple. really smart about it, that set up Where do we want to be in five d o c u m e n t s h o u l d , a t a
better survival odds than for Nor might those standard rules, are typically the families y e a r s , a s a f a m i l y ? A s a minimum, include duration of
small businesses not run by a documents apply – or even be who do not fall apart and end up business? And as an individual? the agreement, partners' capital
team of family members.A tight necessary at first, experts say. In never talking to each other The answers to those questions contribution expectations, and
-knit managerial circle, and the their place, however, a family again," Stein says. "Setting up w i l l c h a n g e t h e w h o l e divisions of profits and losses.
flexibility of related – and business must focus instead on rules when you are getting along landscape, because then when You can also include salaries,
deeply invested – employees, drafting agreements, clear can save years of heartache - opportunities come up, you job expectations and terms upon
has been proven to make a expectations, and assigning even if you just set up a rough k n o w t h e y a r e which the partnership may be
business resilient. It also can clean-cut roles to family framework."And she knows opportunities."When drafting a dissolved. If this sounds like a
confer a significant competitive members. "What I recommend from experience. Stein served as business plan – or even just business prenuptual agreement,
advantage and impress families to do is to get as many a vice president of her family’s laying the groundwork by that's exactly what it should be,
customers, who appreciate agreements done in advance as multi-generation real estate brainstorming collective dreams s a y s M a r c h a c k . B u t t h e
knowing they're dealing with possible," says Fernando Lopez, company, working alongside her for your company's future – its agreement shouldn't reflect or
someone who cares deeply, and a Toronto-based relationship s i b l i n g s , p a r e n t s a n d important to reflect on what foment hard feelings: It's
who has the same surname that's systems coach who specializes grandparents to sustain their 80- makes you and your family designed to protect both partners
on the letterhead. But family in family business at Bridge year-old company. But a lack of u n i q u e , a d v i s e s K a t h y in the business.
management presents unique Space Consulting. "What are c l e a r e x p e c t a t i o n s – a n d Marshack, a Vancouver and "When you love somebody,
and intense challenges, they hoping to achieve? What unerasable family dynamics – Portland-based psychologist and when you trust a sweetheart or a
including day-to-day emotional do they not want it to become? c a u s e d h e r t o l e a v e t h e family business coach who is spouse, you think you don't need
dynamics and big-picture issues They should have their high business."While my father was the author of Entrepreneurial a b u s i n e s s p a r t n e r s h i p
such as succession dreams and their low dreams, alive, he always treated me like Couples: Making it Work at agreement – you're afraid the spoke with and from there they can see how his little girl," Stein says. "I Work and at Home."It's about other person will think they're
experts who have firsthand they want to work really couldn't work hard in that knowing who you are and what not loved," she says. "But I've
family business experience as together."Taken together, the situation because my brain y o u r f a m i l y s t y l e i s , a n d seen a lot more heartache come
well as coaches and consultants expectations set by individuals wasn't in it. So I went back to designing your family firm f r o m n o t h a v i n g a l e g a l
who specialize in the within a family can form a school."Stein went on to study around that," says Marshak. agreement laid out beforehand
psychology and the logistics of powerful vision for the future, the traits of successful and "Maybe you're all super go- as to who owns what should
running a family business. They which will guide a business unsuccessful family businesses. getters and want to take your partners need to part."
shared their research, pointers, forward. Ideally, formal What's most important, she says, business online and international Dig Deeper: Why Some Family
and life experience. Dig Deeper: documents will codify family is taking time to design and – good, go for it. Or, if you're Businesses Thrive Generation
Resources for Running a Family members' expectations. At a discuss a system for long-term content running the business out after Generation Running a
Business Running a Family bare minimum, they must be planning. It should be done at of your house, and you don't Family Business: Defining the
Business: Planning is discussed at the outset in some formal meetings, not piecemeal c a r e m u c h a b o u t e a r n i n g RelationshipsPart of setting
EverythingIt's easy to say any depth, according to Cheryl o r a r o u n d t h e d i n n e r millions, that's great – just make HOW page 14
start-up needs a business plan, Stein, president of Stein table."Making room for strategic sure you're all on the same
14 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 13

clear expectations is also in the as expectations for employees. compensated for their time.In existing relationship tropes that, view of profitability – and go
present. Making sure every And before you think about the his book, The Survival Guide whether productive or for growth over a decade or a
employee – er, sibling or child – future, set guidelines for the for Business Families, Gerald counterproductive, are difficult generation," Le Van writes. That
is content requires not only present."One idea that I've often Le Van stresses the importance – and sometimes impossible – to long-view mentality takes the
outlining, but also maintaining asked people to do is for them of fair compensation. break. "At the end of the day pressure off focusing on
every individual's all to talk about what they feel Reasonable benefits should you are still family members, quarterly earnings – or of
responsibilities in the business. they bring to the table, and what come "along with an and you are typically going to needing to cope with lackluster
That can be accomplished they feel the rest of their family understanding of money, it's revert to certain patterns of numbers by, say, downsizing.
through implementing some members bring to the table," meaning, its potential, its limits, behavior," Stein says. "If your Even so, a family business is
simple human resource tools, Lopez says. "It helps to decide what is involved in making, brother used to take your toys still a business, and financial
such as classic job descriptions. what roles its best for each spending and saving money…" and break them, there is going to trouble in a family business can
But if you're just starting out, member to take on." If you're a There is a relationship between be something that triggers that be cause for serious alarm. Here
you can let the process begin small business without many money and self-esteem, he anger in the office. The best are some tips for maintaining a
organically due to the unique formal HR policies, it can still notes, and as the manager of a thing to do is realize that is just family focus on a company's
and sometimes sensitive nature help to give everyone a job title, family business, that's a fact. Recognize that."Lopez, economic well-being.• Keep
of family relationships, experts description, and performance something you need to be whose work tends to focus on solid books. By incorporating
say. After all, everyone involved standards. Rewards are key – cognizant of nurturing. Dig family conflicts within small basic fianancial tools used by
has a big stake in how the whether it be a certain title that a Deeper: When an businesses, observes that other businesses, including
business succeeds.Stein suggests family member desires (and Entrepreneurial Streak Runs in individuals tend to look at balance sheets and income
as a starter, plan family business lives up to) or a certain salary the Family Running a Family relationships in very personal statements that are prepared
meetings. Don't rely on they need.Marshack says men at Business: A Focus on Healthy, terms, as in "John is like this, regularly for distribution among
discussions around the dinner the reins of a family business Productive CommunicationIt's Peter is like this, and I am very family members. By sharing and
table to run a business. "What need to especially be aware of one thing to say you'll try to frustrated with what they are analyzing financial data, you
typically happens is you're the significance of their communicate better with family doing." Instead, he suggests it is can make your business more
running the business and you're children, mother or wife's members, but it's another thing healthy for individuals looking predictable, and thus more
mired in the business, so you contribution to the business. to actually do it. Experts say this at dynamics within their family stable. If no one in the family
rarely sit down to make a point "People have in their mind a is one of the most difficult parts business as part of a system. If has a knack for financial
of discussing what's going on," certain amount they believe they of running a family business. If an individual is frustrated, analysis, establish a relationship
she says. Another rule to are worth. It doesn't matter what you're willing to set up strict consider that there is frustration with an outside accountant.
determine – either collectively that number is, but if you're not guidelines from the start, the within the system. "What I ask Over the long term, strong
as a business or as a CEO paid a certain amount, you have ideal situation is to draw a clear families to bring on is a systems financials will be an absolutely
making policy – is who, in the grumpy people," she says. line between family and perspectives," he says. "Every essential tool.
present and future, is part of the "Even in this day and age, I see business discussions. Just as you voice you have about the • Build consensus. Don't be
family business. Decide what businesses where the women are shouldn't discuss Cousin Terry's stystem becomes not personal, overly casual when it comes to
qualifications are necessary. not paid, or are not paid as wedding shower plans at work, but a critique of the system. And planning and strategy. Act like
"Do you want them to have much, because they are just seen you should not let business then you can constructively you are running a proper
outside experience? Do they as helping out." There's a intrude upon a family dinner. work on mending it." Dig business and schedule regular
need to have education? Does difference between casual Doing so would not be fair to Deeper: Managing meetings. At those meetings,
everyone in the family get a job advice or a friendly coffee run work productivity – and it's not Relationships in Business you should start by noting that,
here? Or are there boundaries?" and full-time receptionist duties. conducive to a happy home life Running a Family Business: The while everyone might be
she says.Making an employment If a partner, spouse or child is either. Bottom Line"Free of pressure coming from a different
policy includes deciding on providing more than occasional That said, your family is still from public shareholders, family
compensation standards as well task work, they should be fully your family. You have a set of companies can take a longer HOW page 15
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perspective, you should strive to Deeper: Relative Success in and the one who dislikes area in which you might want to Ennico, in his book Small
focus at once on a single issue Any Economy Running a finances and bookkeeping might advise outside counselors, Business Survival Guide, calls
and resolve it. Draft an agenda Family Business: Dealing with just become management especially in the family the impact of estate, death and
before any meeting, and be sure Succession-Planning StressA material after high school. Just counseling field. A modern inheritance taxes when the
to remember to bring a group big part of making sure your remember: when any successor interpretation of family studies company founder dies one of the
perspective to big issues, such business succeeds into the future is being considered, they must might advise to allow your child "biggest problems facing a
as improving your P&L or involves handling leadership also fit all of the prerequisite to pursue any interest they closely held family business in
coming up with a vision for the transitions with finesse. For conditions you've set for your demonstrate. But Stein says that the United States." With a
future. businesses that appear likely to business's future. Ask yourself: as parents in a family business, federal estate tax that can be as
• Don't always let family come pass through several would you hire someone with "we have this responsibility to high as 55 percent of the estate's
first. "The interesting thing generations, succession can this child's life experience and in how we raise our children, so value, family businesses with
about family businesses is that become an all-consuming issue. education to replace me? "Why that the legacy of the business successors who are eager to take
they have a tendency to It's absolutely tricky for many would you want someone taking continues.""It's parenting under over future business can be
sometimes make decisions that reasons, and thus must be over your business who's never the guise of employability in a forced to sell the business in
are better for the family than for managed with a gentile-but- gone out in the world and business, in a sense," she says. order to pay a massive tax bill.
the business," Stein observes. steady hand. The process must proven themselves?" Marshack "You have to watch, from when In order to avoid such
Let's say some of your relatives also be open to everyone. asks. "If they'd never had to take they are little, the message you catastrophic taxes, he suggests
are taking a vacation and they Although succession planning is care of themselves, they may are sending them. And it can be using a planning technique that
want the rest of the family to an entrenched part of the basic not feel any urgency about accomplished."For Lopez, when involves creating a family
join them. Who will run the thinking about family taking care of certain problems." dealing with his family's limited partnership. The founder
business in the absence of the businesses, owners need to take As part of the grooming process, business – his father owned two would transfer his or her shares
family members? If you don't a step back during the process, you'll need to bring your hotels – he has found succession to the partnership, of which the
have a good answer to that Marshack says. "You have to be successor into the managerial planning the most challenging founder's spouse and heirs can
question, than somebody should careful and you have to make fold by not only exposing them issue. The transition, he says, be partners by making small
sacrifice the trip. sure your business can to important business decisions, needs to be eased by not only contributions. However, FLPs
• Focus on the present, as well accommodate taking on the next but allowing their voice to be putting the right people in place are tricky to set up, so Ennico
as the future. Succession generation. Everyone thinks 'I heard. Also, expose them to any to take the reins, but that suggests enlisting the help of a
planning tends to dominate the want my child to work for me,' and all future conditions you've everyone else in the clan knows lawyer who specializes in trusts
management conversation at but can the business really set upon the business, including what their role will be. Any and estates. Dig Deeper:
intergenerational businesses. afford that?"If you believe your dreams and goals.The situation existing conflicts, whether legal Choosing a Successor Running
But you should also spend time business is sound enough to last can get tricky when you're in an or simply emotional, should be a Family Business: Enlist
looking for ways to get the through the generations, let the old family business and have a out in the open."The strongest Outside ExpertiseYes, your
generations working grooming process commence. young family. It's natural to recommendation is to bring all business is your family's – but
productively in the here and But be open-minded and equal- think from the start that your of the things that might be under there are times when outside
now. "Who wants to train handed when working with children will be part of the the surface to the surface before experts are necessary to bring
somebody so that they become several offspring in the same business. But how much do you leaving the business," Lopez into the fold. • During Growth.
obsolete? We need to learn to age bracket – and allow them to actually want to groom young says. Simultaneous with If your business is thriving, but
put more of a focus on working drive the process. Certainly, kids for their future in specific succession planning should be members of the family are
together and leveraging the children can develop at different roles in your business? That's an exit planning for yourself. A weighed down by innumerous
best," Stein says. "Using each rates and at different ages. The extremely complex question, necessary part of that is responsibilities, then it's time to
others abilities to propel one who professes to love the with sociological and logistical: what will happen to hire outside help. For many
business forward, not on business at 18 may discover a psychological ramifications. properties, operations and taxes
propelling people out." Dig new passion while at college, Stein advises that this is one when you are gone? Cliff HOW page 17
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Would You Suspend an Employee Over a Status

UCLA Decides To Put
Update? Course Videos Back
Courtney Rubin ( Online; Countdown To
Submitted at 3/5/2010 8:34:00 AM Lawsuit Begins...
If you're thinking hateful Mike Masnick (Techdirt)
thoughts about your colleagues Submitted at 3/5/2010 5:27:16 AM

or clients, don't post them on

your Facebook news feed – no Last month, we wrote about
cited the Amy Bishop case – their behavior on those sites. In it went really well. It was not
matter how secure you think how the Association for
where a biology lecturer the previous year's study, just 4 intended to threaten a particular
your privacy settings are. Information Media and
allegedly opened fire at the percent were fired for their person, not directed to any
Gloria Gadsden, an associate Equipment (AIME) had
University of Alabama after social media sins. student. Sometimes teaching is
professor of sociology at threatened UCLA with
being told she would not be All a good reason to check and hard and exhausting work.
Pennsylvania's East Stroudsburg copyright violations for
granted tenure – in suspending re-check your Facebook privacy Sometimes we don't get support
University, has been put on allowing professors to post
her. "They found two posts, settings– or better yet, to for that so we vent with family
indefinite paid leave for what videos online for students to
linked them together and are confine any nasty work-related and friends and that's all it was."
she thought was a funny view. This resulted in UCLA
suggesting I was a threat," says thoughts to offscreen (For some other Facebook faux
Facebook update about hiring a pulling down those videos--
Gadsden, a recent convert to conversations (preferably not pas, click here.) The university
hit man. "Does anyone know even though the university said
Facebook (she has just 32 within earshot of their subjects.) is conducting an investigation,
where I can find a very discrete it believed it had a very strong
friends), told Pennsylvania's After all, Gadsden thought she and Gadsden says she plans to
hitman? Yes, it's been that kind fair use case. Since pulling
WNEP TV. "I told them I was had an iron curtain between her file a grievance contesting her
of day," Gadsden, 42, wrote in down the videos, the two sides
venting. They're family friends professional life and her administrative leave. In the
January. Another status update have been talking. However,
and it's a private page." Gadsden Facebook life. "I actually did meantime, Gadsden has been
in February: "Had a good day even without an agreement,
specifically chose not to friend see that page as something that receiving letters of support
today. DIDN'T want to kill even UCLA has decided to put the
students, but thinks an update to was not a part of ESU, not a part "from around the nation, from
one student. Now Friday was a videos back online for the next
Facebook's software altered her of my professional life," she told faculty, from others who also
different story." She removed quarter. Given this, I'm
privacy settings and allowed USA Today. "I don't invite had been target because of
the second comment, but was guessing that it won't be long
friends of friends to read her students into that part of my Facebook comments," she said.
nonetheless suspended after a before AIME files a lawsuit, so
musings. Type "Facebook" and life." "I don't think there's a definitive
student tipped off university we might get an interesting case
"fired" into any search engine What was she thinking posting policy I violated so it would be
higher-ups. (East Stroudsburg over fair use in educational
and you'll get an ever-growing about wanting to kill a student? nice if administration was clear
doesn't have a policy of settings...
list of people who've stuck a She was joking – she had a about these things."
monitoring faculty social media, Permalink| Comments| Email
foot into the wide-open mouth smiley face after the comment – What do you think? Were
but a university spokesman said: This Story
that is Facebook – and it's cost and followup comments from Gadsden's bosses justified in
"Given the climate of security them dearly. A 2009 study by friends suggest they understood putting her on leave? Or are
concerns in academia, the Proofpoint, an Internet security the comment as humorous. (One employees' Facebook comments
university has an obligation to firm, found that 17 percent of said she was ROFL, or rolling purely private?
take all threats seriously and act companies report having issues on the floor laughing.) Gadsden
accordingly.") Gadsden, who's with employees' use of social said: "I had had a really bad day
worked at the university for five media, and 8 percent have on Friday and then Monday
years, says school superiors actually dismissed someone for went well and I was excited that
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family businesses, it seems experts still suggest enlisting an family business centers that to a board of directors. And any
logical and most cost effective outside board of directors to have sprung up around the advisor hired should be allowed
to hire from the bottom-up, by advise management and help country. Often by donating a bit – and encouraged – to meet and
bringing in workers to handle make important decisions of your time to help other speak with all members of the
clerical work or packing and concerning the company's businesses as part of a peer- family regarding their goals,
shipping. Resist that urge and future. A board of directors advisory group, you'll get the concerns, and stresses.
instead consider hiring a made up of outside of the family same support from individuals Dig Deeper: In Praise of
seasoned manager with real who are business-savvy and not in business competition with Competition in Family Everybody's Working
expertise in an area where you work in non-competing fields you. "Literally from Rutgers to Businesses Running a Family for the Weekend Open
are currently lacking.Before you can help with everything from the University of Vermont, to Business: Additional Resources
hire a big shot, of course, it's conflict resolution to financial Toledo, family business centers Never Quit: The Ups and
Thread [Open Thread]
important to discuss the decision planning."It helps to have an are popping up all over the Downs of Running a Family Adam Pash (Lifehacker)
with everyone involved. It's also objective review, because you're United States because of the Business, by Donna M. Gray. Submitted at 3/5/2010 12:30:00 PM
important to know basic human not going to have an objective recent public knowledge of how Veda Communications, 2004.
resources standards that your voice within your family, no much of the country's backbone The Survival Guide for Business You've had your nose to the
family might be skirting. You matter how hard you try," rests on family businesses," Families, by Gerald Le Van. grindstone all week long. Grab a
must establish basic practices, Marshack says. "People who run Stein says. Routledge, 1998. Small fresh cuppa and reward yourself
such as fair payroll, a clear job a family firm will often be more • During Conflict. Whether Business Survival Guide: for all that hard work. This
description, and a reasonable clear-minded when they know you are part of a husband-and- Starting, Protecting, And week's open thread starts now.
work schedule for the new hire. they have to answer to a board wife team or an Securing Your Business for Photo by archangel_raphael.
(Just because you and your on important decisions."Stein intergenerational family, you Long-Term Success, by Clifford Same drill as always, open-
brother work weekends doesn't agrees that an outside board can know how to push your business R. Ennico. Adams Media, 2005. threaders: You can chat and ask
mean he or she will have to.) instill a sense of accountability partners' buttons like no other. Entrepreneurial Couples - questions with your fellow
And remember, the standards and perspective at even the When conflicts of an emotional Making it Work at Work and at readers all week long at
you hold that person to – and smallest family business. or family nature arise, and don't Home, by Kathy Marshack. the#openthread hashtag page,
benefits they reap – will need to Members of a board of directors resolve themselves quickly, Davies-Black Publishing, 1998. but our weekly open thread post
be established across the board need to be compensated for their consider bringing in a is your opportunity to reach the
if they are not already.• During time, of course. If your small relationship coach, mediator, or most readers. Ask questions,
Important Decisions. Even if business is unable to pay family business counselor. An offer advice, discuss
your family is tight-knit and boardmembers, you can turn to individual counselor can work productivity tips, or just chat
business is thriving, many one of the dozens of local on issues too personal to bring about whatever's on your mind.
You'll need a commenter

Why I’m Banking on Facebook account to participate, then

you're ready to roll. Happy
Pete Cashmore (Mashable!) Beyond sharing links, photos, provider?
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:27:35 AM videos and status updates, is the That’s the topic of my CNN
exchange of real money a column this week. Check out the
A new Facebook app launched logical next step for Facebook column at >>
this week that lets you send users? Tags: cashmore, cnn, facebook,
small sums of money to friends What about Facebook Credits, payments, pete cashmore
– the London-based company and the popularity of buying
allows payments to be sent in Facebook’s potential to become
virtual goods within games like
US dollars or Euros. a leading online payments
FarmVille — do those indicate
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Yelp CEO Responds to Class-Action Lawsuits Alleging

Dan Nosowitz (Fast
Submitted at 3/5/2010 11:21:28 AM

Yelp has been the subject of

fairly continued grumblings,
some louder than others, that its
ethics are less than stellar--and
last week, the user-generated
reviews site got hit with an
official class-action lawsuit
making those grumblings legal
accusations. Even worse, yet
another (very similar) lawsuit
just emerged, accusing Yelp of
the same underhanded tactics.
Today, Yelp's CEO, Jeremy huge disservice to the users who defending the site. cash. These misconceptions are aggressively and I believe we
Stoppelman, responded on the rely on Yelp. In the past, users Today's example features CEO also fueled by lawyers, who will win." He's quite confident
official Yelp blog. have quietly come forward to Jeremy Stoppelman calling the may have heard about Yelp's throughout the post, despite the
Essentially, the rumors of voice their concerns and claims "false and easily refuted" recent financing round and may fact that these rumors have
ethical misconduct all come frustrations with the tactic, but and "without merit," and be seeking a share. So it's no dogged Yelp for years. From the
back to an alleged "pay to play" accusations are now specific accuses the lawyers involved of surprise that today another tone of the article, it seems like
tactic. Yelp is accused of enough to name the exact dollar pursuing a "frivolous" lawsuit lawyer has filed a virtually Yelp would rather take it to
offering to remove or amounts supposedly demanded purely for a cash settlement. He identical lawsuit making the court than try to settle
downgrade negative reviews if by Yelp. And this is the first even notes that the suit came in same inaccurate claims. (Don't beforehand--we'll keep you
the business in question lawsuit that's actually been filed, the wake of Yelp's latest round worry; they're still not true.) updated as to when the next step
purchases advertisements on the so Yelp is taking it very of financing, and that the Stoppelman admits no guilt or is announced.
site. If that's true, a judge could seriously--there have been four plaintiffs may just be trying to shades of gray in the post, [Via Yelp]
agree that it sounds exactly like blog posts in the past two weeks cut themselves a piece of that stating, "We will fight [the suit]
extortion or, at the very least, a

Here's the Googlephone Apple Wants You to Have First Microbes on Land Used Fat for
Brian X. Chen (Wired Top
HTC alleging patent lawsuit? Here's an illustrative Protection
infringement, an indirect attack example.
Alexis Madrigal (Wired Top colonize land may have
Submitted at 3/5/2010 5:00:00 AM against Google's Android Stories)
platform. What would a Google synthesized fat molecules,
Apple filed a lawsuit against phone look like if Apple won a Submitted at 3/5/2010 6:20:00 AM which let them survive in dry
The earliest microbes to
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Video of the G-
Friday Fun: How to Bake a Cake that's Link 7006 Android
Horrifying, Un-P.C., and Hilarious tablet MID
Cliff Kuang (Fast Company)
Submitted at 3/5/2010 12:54:58 PM
Submitted at 3/4/2010 12:57:44 PM

Apocalypse Cakes creates

confections inspired by the most Here’s some info on the G-Link
terrifying facets of our modern 7006 Android. It has a 7-inch
world. 800 x 480 resolution LCD
If the world is ending, why capacitive touchscreen with a
shouldn't we have a good time Marvell PXA303 624MHz
with it? That, anyway, is the processor. It has a minimal
sentiment behind Apocalypse 128MB DDR and 256MB HDD
Cakes, a Web site/Web store with a 0.3MP webcam.
that produces recipes for Connection-wise it features
horrifying cakes inspired by WiFi b/g, Bluetooth and 3G.
global disasters. Here are three The 3000mAh polymer lithium-
of our favorites, along with their ion battery should grant you a
word-for-word descriptions: pretty good run time, but no
Raining-Blood Red-Velvet specific time is stated.
Cake Ports on the G-Link 7006
"The Bible says that when the include USB, mini USB and
world goes to shit, blood will Velvet Cake?" authorities say the virus is on its female orgasm have spurred the headphone jack. It includes a
rain down and fill our Six Flags Bird Flu Feather Cake way to a First World turkey faithful into a vehicular holy stand and has the typical MID
slides with summer fun and "When the media started dinner at your house. Why not war and your curb is next. Get features available through the
excitement. Flowing down squawking about bird flu in '06 whip up this globally popular to baking this exotic Global Android applications. No word
deluged sub-development we resolved to wear clothes dessert before your lungs Jihad Date Cake today before on price at this time but it
streets, blood rivers will send when writhing in pigeon collapse?" Allah's most pious blow your measures 8 x 4.45 x 0.66 inches.
Hummers awash over strip droppings. We also began to Global Jihad Date Cake ass up." Source: JKKMobile
malls. Indeed, as Slayer reminds boil our chicken blood before "Considering how many Islamic Check out more at the Web site Five Filters featured article:
us in their 1986 song, Raining drinking it. But all the fundamentalist panties are in a --which includes some even Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Blood, 'the sky is turning red / precautions in the world haven't wad over Western decadence, more offensive cakes--or buy PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
return to power draws stopped this free spirited virus our world is sure to end in an the recipe cards at Etsy. Term Extraction.
near.'[MP3] What Slayer is from pecking through the explosion of medjool dates and [Via Lost at E Minor]
trying to say in this verse is that species barrier to nest inside the vintage car parts. Unforgivable
basically we are fucked. What human host. The disease has threats to Sharia law such as
better way to prep for blood rain most recently infected toddlers Orbit® Mist gum, Louis
than eating a Raining Blood Red in Egypt and Indonesia, and Vuitton, Hillary Clinton and the
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Video: What Herman Miller Learned From Fresh Princesses

of Bel Air Enjoy
Toyota (Before the Recall Disaster) Pre-Oscar Party
Cliff Kuang (Fast Company) staying for five years, on (ETonline - Breaking News)
Submitted at 3/5/2010 11:15:08 AM Toyota's dime:
Submitted at 3/5/2010 5:09:00 AM
A bit of background. The
Herman Miller owes a big part backbone of Toyota's process is, The red carpets keep on comin’
of its current success to Toyota, of course, something called in anticipation of Sunday's 82nd
which schooled the furniture Kaizen. The idea is to empower Annual Academy Awards. The
maker on its legendary individual managers and their stars are using the week to
production philosophy. production teams to continually practice their red carpet struts
In the furor over Toyota's tinker with and improve their and flaunt an array of fashions.
recent recall failings, it's easy to own work flow. For Herman Thursday night belonged to the
forget what made Toyota one of the beneficiaries was Herman h o u n d e d T o y o t a f o r h e l p . Miller, what resulted was a 99% ladies at the 3rd Annual Women
the most admired companies in M i l l e r , o n e o f o u r 2 0 1 0 Toyota eventually relented--and error-free supply chain--and In Film Pre-Oscar Party in Bel
the world: An unsurpassed I n n o v a t i o n A l l S t a r s . proceeded to send a production without that, its global growth Air.
production process and supply Apparently, Herman Miller, expert to refine Herman Miller's would probably have been
chain. And Toyota hasn't been eager to boost its efficiency, processes. That expert ended up impossible.
stingy with its learnings. One of

Microsoft Confirms Its Windows Phone 7 Won't Run Existing

WinMo Apps
Addy Dugdale (Fast And now they've confirmed it. will be built using the
Company) Microsoft Partner Group Silverlight framework and XNA
Submitted at 3/5/2010 12:08:08 PM Program Manager for the tools, and Microsoft will be
Windows Phone Application getting down to brass tacks on
When Steve Ballmer unveiled P l a t f o r m & D e v e l o p e r the theme, when the Mix 10
Windows Phone 7 in Barcelona Experience, Charlie Kindel, conference takes place, on
last month, there was a fair admitted they'd have to break March 15.
amount of speculation that from the past. "To deliver what [Via]
Microsoft's radical (for them) d e v e l o p e r s e x p e c t i n t h e previous Windows mobile continue to support handset
new OS would render unto the developer platform we've had to applications will not run on manufacturers who make
company's existing devices a change how phone apps were Windows Phone 7 series." The WinMob 6.5 phones.
whole heap of incompatibility. written. One result of this is company, however, will It seems that apps for Mobile 7

Steve Jobs MacBook Decal [Apple]

Mark Wilson (Gizmodo) If only this $14 Steve Jobs black mock turtle lint effigy I've
Submitted at 3/5/2010 11:40:00 AM MacBook decal really looked constructed in his name. If only.
like Steve Jobs, something more stable could finally replace the [ Etsy via GeekyGadgets]
E-reader News Edition Popular News/ 21

Angry anti-gov't writing linked to Pentagon gunman (AP)

(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) Defense Department throughout history, would see what motivated the shooting: "I Orange County, Calif.,
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:41:11 AM headquarters appeared to be a the sacrifice of thousands of its have no idea what his intentions involving allegations of
case of "a single individual who citizens, in an event such as the were." cultivating marijuana and
WASHINGTON – A California had issues," Richard Keevill, September 11 attacks, as a small On a Wikipedia page linked to resisting a police officer.
man killed in a shootout with chief of Pentagon police, said cost in order to perpetuate its Bedell, a user by the name The assault at the very
Pentagon police drove cross- Friday. barbaric control," the blog post JPatrickBedell revealed ill threshold of the Pentagon— the
country and arrived outside the Bedell died Thursday night read. feelings toward the government U.S. capital's ground zero on
military headquarters armed from head wounds. Officials Keevill described Bedell as and the armed forces and made Sept. 11, 2001 — came four
w i t h t w o s e m i a u t o m a t i c said the two wounded guards "very well-educated" and well- reference to another conspiracy months after a deadly attack on
w e a p o n s , a u t h o r i t i e s s a i d were officers Jeffery Amos and dressed, wearing a suit that theory. the Army's Fort Hood, Texas,
Friday. Internet postings linked Marvin Carraway, both of blended with commuters when JPatrickBedell wrote that he post allegedly by a U.S. Army
to the lone shooting suspect whom returned fire. They said a he showed up at the Pentagon's was "determined to see that psychiatrist with radical Islamic
r e f l e c t l o n g - h e l d a n t i - third guard they did not name subway entrance about 6:40 justice is served" in the death of leanings.
government anger. also fired. p.m. But he was concealing two Marine Col. James Sabow, who Hatred of the government
John Patrick Bedell, 36, pulled Reached by telephone, Amos 9 millimeter semiautomatic was found dead in the backyard motivated a man in Texas last
a handgun at a Pentagon d e c l i n e d t o a n s w e r a n y weapons and "many magazines" of his California home in 1991. month to fly a small plane into a
entrance, shot two police questions about the shooting but of ammunition, Keevill said. The death was ruled a suicide building housing Internal
officers and was mortally said he was doing OK. When Bedell seemed to reach but the case has long been the Revenue Service offices, killing
wounded in an exchange of "I'm fine and my family is fine," into his pocket for worker source of theories of a cover up. an IRS employee and himself.
gunfire, authorities said. The he told The Associated Press. "I identification, he was instead Sabow's family has maintained The shooting resembled one in
two officers were hospitalized just thank the Lord that he reaching for a gun, Keevill said. that he was murdered because January in which a gunman
briefly with minor injuries. shielded me when all of this "He just reached in his pocket, he was about to expose covert walked up to the security
A blog connected to Bedell via took place." pulled out a gun and started military operations in Central entrance of a Las Vegas
the social networking site Bedell drove across country, shooting" at point-blank range, America involving drug courthouse and opened fire with
LinkedIn outlines his growing including a stop at a motel in Keevill said. "He walked up smuggling. a shotgun, killing one officer
d i s t r u s t o f t h e f e d e r a l Reno, Nevada, law enforcement very cool. He had no real That posting can be linked to and wounding another before
government. It gives credence to officials said. emotion on his face." Bedell through court documents being gunned down in return
t h e i d e a t h a t a c r i m i n a l It was not immediately clear Although the gunfire near the matching the shooter's birth date fire.
e n t e r p r i s e r u n o u t o f t h e how long he stayed there, or if it subway exit in Arlington, Va., but Keevill said Friday that The subway station in
government could have staged was anything more than a lasted less than a minute, authorities had not made "a final Arlington is immediately
the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist stopover on his way to a violent Keevill said, numerous shots determination" that the shooter adjacent to the Pentagon
attacks. end. were fired. was the same Bedell. building, a five-sided northern
It was one of several conspiracy Hints of a long a deap-seated There was more ammunition in On the Internet posting, user Virginia colossus across the
-laden Internet postings linked mistrust of government emerged Bedell's car, which authorities JPatrickBedell wrote the Sabow Potomac River from
to Bedell to surface since in anti-government Internet found in a nearby mall parking case was "a step toward Washington. Since a redesign
Thursday night's shooting. postings linked to Bedell. The garage. establishing the truth of events following the 2001 terrorist
Authorities said Bedell, of LinkedIn blog contained a two- "He came here from California," such as the September 11 attack on the Pentagon, riders
Hollister, Calif., had previous part treatise on big government, Keevill said. "We were able to demolitions." take a long escalator ride to the
run-ins with the law. They including its vulnerability to identify certain locations that he That same posting railed surface from the underground
found no known connection to being controlled by a criminal spent that last several weeks against the government's station, then pass through a
terrorist groups or ideologies, organization. making his way from the West enforcement of marijuana laws security check outside the doors
investigators said. "This organization, like so many coast to the East coast." and included links to the ANGRY page 24
The attack oustide the massive m u r d e r o u s g o v e r n m e n t s Keevill said he did not know author's 2006 court case in
22 Popular News/ E-reader News Edition

Pentagon Shooter Railed Against U.S. on Internet

( examiner's office, confirmed the the date of birth on the case homeland security and going to get a pass and he came
Submitted at 3/5/2010 7:19:20 AM man's death and said his body mentioned by the user counterterrorism adviser, John up with a gun."
arrived at her office shortly after JPatrickBedell matches that of Brennan, White House "He wasn't pretending to be
Resentment of the U.S. midnight. the John Patrick Bedell spokesman Nick Shapiro said. anyone. He was wearing a coat
government and suspicions over John Patrick Bedell, 36, of suspected in the shooting. Law enforcement officials were and walked up and just started
the 9/11 attacks have surfaced in Hollister, Calif., was identified A law enforcement official told also scrutinizing a second man, shooting."
writings by the Californian as the shooter. Officials said Fox News that the FBI is aware who might have accompanied Keevill added: "We have layers
identified as the gunman who they'd found no immediate of the postings and video posted the shooter, and were running of security and it worked. He
shot two Pentagon police connection to terrorism but had online from a person with his name through databases. never got inside the building to
officers before he was mortally not ruled it out. Bedell's name. The FBI is The subway station is hurt anyone."
wounded in a hail of return fire. Signs emerged that Bedell working to confirm who immediately adjacent to the Ronald Domingues, 74, who
The shooter's death was harbored ill feelings toward the actually posted the messages Pentagon building, a five-sided lives next door to Bedell's
confirmed early Friday, hours government and the armed and videos. northern Virginia colossus parents in a gated golf course
after the Thursday evening forces, and had questioned the The assault at the very across the Potomac River from community in Hollister, said he
assault, as authorities searched circumstances behind the Sept. threshold of the Pentagon — the Washington. Since a redesign doesn't know the family well.
for a motive behind the brazen 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. U.S. capital's ground zero on following the 2001 terrorist But he said Bedell sometimes
attack. The two officers, Jeffery In an Internet posting, a user by Sept. 11, 2001 — came four attack on the Pentagon, riders lived with his parents and struck
Amos and Marvin Carraway, the name JPatrickBedell wrote months after a deadly attack on can no longer disembark him "like a normal young man."
were grazed by bullets and that he was "determined to see the Army's Fort Hood, Texas, directly into the building. Riders "He just seemed like a normal
treated in a hospital. that justice is served" in the post allegedly by a U.S. Army take a long escalator ride to the guy to me," Domingues said. "I
SLIDESHOW: Shooting at the death of Marine Col. James psychiatrist with radical Islamic surface from the underground wouldn't suspect he would be
Pentagon Sabow, who was found dead in leanings. station, then pass through a involved in anything like this."
The attack unfolded at the the backyard of his California Hatred of the government security check outside the doors Domingues described the
subway entrance to the massive home in 1991. The death was motivated a man in Texas last of the building, where further neighborhood as middle-class.
Defense Department ruled a suicide but the case has month to fly a small plane into a security awaits. He said the Bedells live in a one
headquarters, as an eerie calm long been the source of theories building housing Internal After the attack, all Pentagon story southwestern-style stucco
and silence were broken by the of a cover up. Revenue Service offices, killing entrances were secured, then all home. The house was dark
explosion of gunfire. The user named JPatrickBedell an IRS employee and himself. were reopened except one from Thursday night.
"He just reached in his pocket, wrote the Sabow case was "a Whatever the motive of the subway, said Pentagon Click for more from
pulled out a gun and started step toward establishing the Thursday's attack, the method spokesman Bryan Whitman.
shooting" at point-blank range, truth of events such as the resembled one in January in Transit officials said the station The Associated Press
said Richard Keevill, chief of September 11 demolitions." which a gunman walked up to would remain closed at least contributed to this report.
Pentagon police. "He walked up That same posting railed the security entrance of a Las part of the day Friday while the Five Filters featured article:
very cool. He had no real against the government's Vegas courthouse and opened FBI continued its investigation. Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
emotion on his face." enforcement of marijuana laws fire with a shotgun, killing one Keevill said the gunman gave PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
The Pentagon officers returned and included links to the officer and wounding another no clue to the officers at the Term Extraction.
fire with semiautomatic author's 2006 court case in before being gunned down in a checkpoint about what he was
weapons, sending the shooter to Orange County, Calif., for barrage of return fire. going to do.
the hospital with critical cultivating marijuana and President Barack Obama was "There was no distress," he said.
injuries. Beverly Fields, chief of resisting a police officer. Court getting FBI updates on the "When he reached into his
staff of the D.C. medical records available online show Pentagon shooting through his pocket, they assumed he was
E-reader News Edition Popular News/ 23

Turkish anger at 'genocide' vote

(BBC News | Americas | delegation had gone to
World Edition) Washington to try to persuade
Submitted at 3/5/2010 4:57:56 AM committee members to reject the
Please turn on JavaScript. Turkey accepts that atrocities
Media requires JavaScript to were committed but argues they
play. were part of the war and that
Turkey committed to Armenia there was no systematic attempt
peace search to destroy the Christian
Turkey has reacted angrily to a Armenian people.
US congressional panel's The Armenian government
resolution describing as welcomed the vote, calling it
genocide the killings of "an important step towards the
Armenians in World War I. prevention of crimes against
PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan said humanity".
his country had been accused of 'Too important'
a crime it did not commit, US Secretary of State Hillary
adding the resolution would Clinton had urged the House
harm Turkish-US relations. committee not to vote on
Ankara has recalled its Thursday on the grounds that it
ambassador to Washington for would damage reconciliation
consultations and says it is approved - by 23 votes to 22 - over the disputed territory of Turkish President Abdullah Gul efforts between Turkey and
considering other responses. by the House Foreign Affairs Nagorno-Karabakh is settled. responded angrily to the Armenia, and said she hoped it
The White House had urged Committee. Turkey feels ethnic kinship committee's vote, saying it was would go no further.
against the vote. Armenia It calls on President Barack with Azerbaijan and relies on it "an injustice to history" to take "We do not believe that the full
welcomed the outcome. Obama to ensure that US for gas supplies. such a decision with "political Congress will or should act
The government of Turkey, a foreign policy reflects an Turkey has also complained concerns in mind". upon that resolution, and we
key American ally and fellow understanding of the "genocide" about a ruling in the Armenian "Turkey will not be responsible have made that clear to all the
Nato member, had lobbied hard and to label the World War I Constitutional Court restating for the negative results that this parties involved," she said.
for the US Congress not to vote killings as such in his annual the requirement to keep seeking event may lead to," he said. During his campaign for the
on the issue. statement on the issue. international recognition of the Foreign Minister Ahmet 2008 election, Mr Obama
The BBC's Jane O'Brien in Talks between Turkey and genocide. The agreement is still Davutoglu told a news promised to brand the mass
Washington says Turkey must Armenia helped defer a US not ratified by either parliament. conference in Ankara on Friday killings genocide.
be hoping that, as with a similar congressional vote after 2007. Both President Obama and that Turkey was determined to Mrs Clinton acknowledged his
resolution two years ago, the The two countries signed an Secretary of State Clinton press ahead with efforts to administration's change of
issue will not come to the floor agreement to establish lobbed against the genocide normalise relations with opinion on the issue, saying
of the House for a full vote. diplomatic relations on 10 resolution, but only at the last Armenia. circumstances had "changed in
In 2007, it passed the October 2009 in Switzerland. minute. Both supported it as However, he said the very significant ways".
committee stage, but was That deal has since faltered. candidates. Turkey may also ratification by parliament of In October last year, Turkey
shelved after pressure from the Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan has have lost support from the peace accords signed with and Armenia signed a historic
George W Bush administration. repeated his promise to powerful US Israeli lobby Armenia last October was in accord normalising relations
Delegation Azerbaijan not to fix ties with because of PM Erdogan's verbal jeopardy. TURKISH page 24
The resolution was narrowly Armenia until the the conflict attacks on Israel. A Turkish parliamentary
24 Popular News/ E-reader News Edition
Kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard shares home videos continued from page 23

between them after a century of

(AP) hostility.
Armenia wants Turkey to
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) cap. "I want to thank you for family. she has said she is willing to recognise the killings as an act
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:12:35 AM your support and I'm doing well. Convicted sex offender, Phillip testify, should there be a trial. of genocide, but successive
"It's been a long haul, but I'm Garrido, and his wife, Nancy, Over the past six months, Turkish governments have
NEW YORK – Kidnapping getting there." are awaiting trial on charges that Dugard also has taken steps to refused to do so.
victim Jaycee Dugard, held Several seconds of video show they kidnapped Dugard when reintegrate into society. She got Hundreds of thousands of
captive for 18 years in a D u g a r d — a r o u n d - f a c e d she was 11 years old and a driver's license last month and Armenians died in 1915, when
r a m s h a c k l e b a c k y a r d brunette — in the kitchen with sexually assaulted her for obtained birth certificates for they were deported en masse
compound, was seen cooking her mother and her half-sister, several years. Prosecutors say her daughters. ABC reported from eastern Anatolia by the
with her sister and mother and Shayna, decorating Christmas she was kept in a tent-compound that she is completing her high- Ottoman Empire. They were
riding horses in recently shot cookies and laughing. in a secret backyard at the school equivalency degree and killed by troops or died from
home videos aired on ABC The appearance by Dugard, 29, couple's Antioch, Calif. home. hopes to attend college. starvation and disease.
Friday. represents the first time she has The Garridos have pleaded not ___ Armenians have campaigned
In one video clip, Dugard's been seen and heard on video guilty. ABC is owned by The Walt for the killings to be recognised
mother, Terry Probyn, thanks since she resurfaced six months Dugard had two daughters, now Disney Co. internationally as genocide - and
the public for its support and ago after being kidnapped 12 and 15, by Phillip Garrido. ___ more than 20 countries have
asks people to respect the outside her South Lake Tahoe, The girls were not pictured in Video of Jaycee Dugard from done so.
family's privacy. Calif. home in 1991. the People magazine spread to A B C ' s " G o o d M o r n i n g Print Sponsor
"Please give us the time we need ABC played excerpts from their protect their privacy, and ABC A m e r i c a " : Five Filters featured article:
to heal as a family without the home videos during " Good did not say they would appear in Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
prying eyes of photographers M o r n i n g A m e r i c a , " w i t h the home videos. deo/exclusive-jaycee-dugard- PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
and the press," says Probyn, additional clips planned later Since being reunited with her speaks-time-10017451 Term Extraction.
addressing the camera in an F r i d a y o n " 2 0 / 2 0 " a n d family, Dugard has avoided the (This version CORRECTS
outdoor setting. "We released " N i g h t l i n e . " spotlight while living in an spelling to Jaycee from Jayce in
this video to show that we are Photographs of Dugard, her undisclosed location in Northern graf 17.)
happy and well, and when we mother and her half-sister were California. Court documents Five Filters featured article:
have more to share, we will." published in People magazine in suggest she is cooperating with Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
"Hi I'm Jaycee," says Dugard in October, along with a statement El Dorado County authorities PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
another clip, wearing a black from Dugard saying that she w h o a r e p r o s e c u t i n g t h e Term Extraction.
shirt, jeans and a pink baseball was happy to be back with her Garridos. Through a spokesman,
continued from page 21

of the building, where further "When he reached into his community in Hollister, said he Sullivan, Christine Simmons, PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
security awaits. pocket, they assumed he was doesn't know the family well. Pauline Jelinek, Anne Gearan, Term Extraction.
Keevill said the gunman gave going to get a pass and he came But he said Bedell sometimes Mike Gracia, Nafeesa Syeed,
no clue to the officers at the up with a gun." lived with his parents and struck Philip Elliott and Kasey Jones
checkpoint about what he was Ronald Domingues, 74, who him "like a normal young man." contributed to this report.
going to do. lives next door to Bedell's ___ Five Filters featured article:
"There was no distress," he said. parents in a gated golf course Associated Press writers Eileen Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
E-reader News Edition Popular News/ 25

Former Birmingham mayor gets 15 Bus, Semi Collide in

years for bribery (AP) Deadly Crash Near
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News)
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:37:53 AM
middleman. Blount, the former
state Democratic Party
chairman, last week was
also claimed to have lost $1.5
Blount's Montgomery firm was
( bus driver lost control and the
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – Former sentenced to more than four accused of making $7.1 million
Birmingham Mayor Larry years in prison. LaPierre, the off the bond deals with Jefferson Submitted at 3/5/2010 7:40:50 AM bus veered off the road and
Langford was sentenced Friday former executive director of the County. The bonds were part of rolled over. Early reports said
to 15 years in federal prison for PHOENIX Six people were the bus hit a semi, but Graves
state Democratic Party, got four risky financing of sewer debt
taking some $235,000 in bribes killed Friday when a passenger said later the semi was not
years. Blount also was ordered that has grown to more than $3
in return for lucrative bond bus hit another vehicle and involved in the crash with the
to pay $1 million to the billion and pushed Alabama's
work. rolled over on the interstate bus. Two non-injury accidents
government, and LaPierre most populous county to the
U.S. District Judge Scott south of Phoenix, authorities occurred behind the bus crash.
$470,000. brink of filing the largest
Coogler imposed the sentence said. The accident quickly scene
Prosecutors had asked Coogler municipal bankruptcy in U.S.
on Langford, 63, who told the At least 15 others were injured, became a mass of police and
to send Langford to prison for at history.
court, "I am sorry all this has including two 11-year-olds and rescue personnel as ambulances
least 24 years and as long as 30 Langford was accused of telling
occurred." a 16-year-old, in the early arrived and rescuers broke out
years — contending he had major Wall Street banks JP
Langford, a dapper political morning accident on Interstate windows of the bus to get to
showed no remorse. They also Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Bank
figure, was convicted in October 10 about 25 miles south of victims, setting up a triage area
sought nearly $362,000 in back of America and the now-
of taking some $235,000 in P h o e n i x , a c c o r d i n g t o in the middle of the interstate.
taxes and forfeitures. bankrupt Lehman Brothers to
cash, loans and gifts — Department of Public Safety Helicopters landed on the
The defense said Langford had include Blount's investment
including expensive clothes and spokesman Bart Graves. freeway to airlift the most
been ridiculed by news media banking firm if they wanted to
jewelry — while he was Graves said two men and four critically injured.
and, based on another Jefferson handle the county's bond work.
president of the Jefferson women were killed. The bus Both westbound lanes of I-10
County official's sentence for Elected mayor in 2007,
County Commission. In was carrying 21 passengers. All were closed at milepost 173, and
corruption, should spend no Langford was known for his
exchange, prosecutors said, he those killed and injured were on traffic was being rerouted on
more than five years in prison. rapid-fire ideas to revive the
steered county bond work to an the bus. State Route 587.
Defense attorneys also asked city. But some drew ridicule,
investment banker who paid the Ten of the injured were taken Click here to read more on this
the judge to ignore new such as his proposal to try to
bribes. b y a m b u l a n c e t o v a r i o u s story from
allegations that Langford won bring the 2020 Olympics to
The defense claimed they were hospitals and five were flown by Five Filters featured article:
excessive jackpots at a longtime Birmingham, a city without a
personal gifts and loans from medical helicopter, he said. Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
supporter's casino — at least major sports franchise.
friends and did not influence The bus was headed west on I- PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
555 over a recent three-year Five Filters featured article:
Langford's decision on the bond 1 0 w h e n i t r e a r - e n d e d a Term Extraction.
period ranging from slightly Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
work. passenger car, Graves said. The
more than $1,000 to more than PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
But investment banker Bill $14,000. Court filings said his Term Extraction.
Blount pleaded guilty to making tax returns showed he won $1.5
the payments, and lobbyist Al million during that time from
LaPierre admitted being the gambling at various casinos, and
26 Popular News/ Economy/ E-reader News Edition

Jaycee Dugard Opens Up, Shares US job cuts better-than-

Her Home Videos expected
( cap. "I want to thank you for guilty. (BBC News | Americas | The average number of hours
Submitted at 3/5/2010 6:41:37 AM your support, and I'm doing Dugard had two daughters, now World Edition) worked in February slipped a
well. 12 and 15, by Phillip Garrido. Submitted at 3/5/2010 6:41:57 AM little to 33.8 hours from 33.9 in
NEW YORK Kidnapping "It's been a long haul, but I'm The girls were not pictured in January.
victim Jaycee Dugard, held getting there." the People magazine spread to US employers shed fewer jobs "There appears to be some
captive for 18 years in a Several seconds of video show protect their privacy, and ABC than expected in February, s e m b l a n c e o f u n d e r l y i n g
r a m s h a c k l e b a c k y a r d Dugard — a round-faced did not say whether they would cutting 36,000 jobs. This was improvement, but it's wrong to
compound, was seen cooking brunette — in the kitchen with appear in the home videos. better than the 50,000 analysts say it's buoyant," said Philip
with her sister and mother and her mother and her half-sister, Since being reunited with her had been expecting. Shaw, chief economist at
riding horses in recently shot Shayna, decorating Christmas family, Dugard has avoided the Last month's unemployment I n v e s t e c .
home videos aired on ABC cookies and laughing. spotlight while living in an rate stayed steady at 9.7%, the Since the start of the recession
Friday. ABC played excerpts from their undisclosed location in Northern same as in January, and lower in December 2007, employment
The appearance by Dugard, 29, home videos during "Good California. than December's rate of 10%. has fallen by 8.4 million, but
represents the first time she has M o r n i n g A m e r i c a , " w i t h Court documents suggest she is Employment in the construction recent US economic data has
been seen and heard on video additional clips planned later cooperating with El Dorado and government sectors fell, been improving gradually.
since she resurfaced six months F r i d a y o n " 2 0 / 2 0 " a n d County authorities who are while there were more jobs for On Wednesday the Federal
ago after being kidnapped " N i g h t l i n e . " prosecuting the Garridos. temporary workers. Reserve's influential Beige
outside her South Lake Tahoe, Photographs of Dugard, her Through a spokesman, she has The Labor Department said it B o o k r e p o r t s a i d t h e U S
California, home in 1991. mother and her half-sister were said she is willing to testify, was unclear how much the economy had continued to grow
In one video clip, Dugard's published in People magazine in should there be a trial. severe snow storms had affected at a "modest" pace this year.
mother, Terry Probyn, thanks October, along with a statement Over the past six months, hiring and firing. In the last three months of
the public for its support and from Dugard saying that she Dugard also has taken steps to US markets opened slightly 2009, the US economy grew at
asks people to respect the was happy to be back with her reintegrate into society. She got higher at the opening, up 0.6% an annualised rate of 5.9%.
family's privacy. family. a driver's license last month and at 10,501.28 Print Sponsor
"Please give us the time we need Convicted sex offender, Phillip obtained birth certificates for There are currently around 14.9 Five Filters featured article:
to heal as a family without the Garrido, and his wife, Nancy, her daughters. ABC reported million unemployed people in Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
prying eyes of photographers are awaiting trial on charges that that she is completing her high- the US and about 40% of these PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
and the press," says Probyn, they kidnapped Dugard when school equivalency degree and have been out of work for 27 Term Extraction.
addressing the camera in an she was 11 years old and hopes to attend college. weeks or more.
outdoor setting. "We released sexually assaulted her for Five Filters featured article:
this video to show that we are several years. Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: Brown defends decision to topple
happy and well, and when we Prosecutors say she was kept in
have more to share, we will." a tent-compound in a secret
PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Term Extraction.
"Hi I'm Jaycee," says Dugard in b a c k y a r d a t t h e c o u p l e ' s (Financial Times - US | Last updated: March 5 2010
another clip, wearing a black Antioch, California, home. The homepage) 12:19
shirt, jeans and a pink baseball Garridos have pleaded not Submitted at 3/5/2010 4:19:41 AM Five Filters featured article:
Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
By Alex Barker, Political PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Correspondent Term Extraction.
Published: March 5 2010 12:19
E-reader News Edition Popular News/ 27

6 people killed in bus crash south of

Phoenix (AP)
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) from broken spines and pelvises traveling westbound on I-10.
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:44:28 AM to head injuries, hospital Two drivers were onboard, the
spokesman Michael Murphy main driver and a relief driver.
SACATON, Ariz. – Six people said. The plan was to switch drivers
were ejected from a bus and He said an 11-year-old boy and in Phoenix, Graves said.
killed Friday when the vehicle the bus driver were among the The bus is owned by Tierra
hit a pickup and rolled over on patients at the hospital, and that Santa Inc. A phone message left
the interstate south of Phoenix, the two of them were in guarded by The Associated Press was not
state police said. condition with non-life- immediately returned.
The six were thrown about 10 t h r e a t e n i n g i n j u r i e s . Police said the rollover
yards in the accident about 5:30 Early reports said the bus hit a
a.m. on the Gila River Indian semi, but Graves said later a
triggered a second accident
when another pickup slowed Mock funeral held for
Reservation near the community semi was not involved in the and was hit by a sedan. One
of Sacaton, according to the crash.
Arizona Department of Public Police said the bus hit the
person from the sedan was taken
to a hospital.
aging web browser
Safety. Their bodies were pickup, veered into the central Both westbound lanes of I-10 (Holy Kaw!) but … I never really liked him,”
c o v e r e d w i t h b l u e t a r p s median, then overcorrected and were closed at milepost 173, and Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:35:00 AM posted someone who gave his
midmorning Friday, and police rolled once before landing on its traffic was being rerouted onto name as Eddie Escher. “He had
said there may be another victim wheels. State Route 587 until further Last night more than 100 so many hang-ups, and he
under the bus. The accident scene quickly notice. mourners gathered around a looked awful — especially in
The roof of the bus was crushed became a mass of police and The accident scene, about 25 coffin to pay their respects to a his later years. But… he was
and all the windows were rescue personnel as ambulances miles south of downtown dearly departed friend—Internet always there when you needed
knocked out, with one thrown as arrived and medics set up a Phoenix, remained under Explorer 6. The mock funeral him. You have to give him
far as 25 yards. triage area in the middle of the investigation. was hosted by Alten Design that.”
DPS spokesman Bart Graves n o r m a l l y b u s y i n t e r s t a t e , ___ Group, a design firm in Denver, And this one:
said two men and four women, p r e p a r i n g t h e i n j u r e d f o r Associated Press writers Mark Colarado. The website’s This is not the first time
all aboard the bus, were killed. t r a n s p o r t . Carlson and Jonathan Cooper in invitation reads: someone has tried to bury
The bus, traveling from central Medical helicopters landed on Phoenix contributed. “Internet Explorer Six, resident Internet Explorer 6. A handful
Mexico to Los Angeles, was the freeway to airlift the most Five Filters featured article: of the interwebs for over 8 o f F a c e b o o k g r o u p s a r e
carrying 22 passengers. critically injured to area Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: years, died the morning of dedicated to killing off the
Eight of the injured were taken h o s p i t a l s . PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, March 1, 2010 in Mountain browser, and an "IE must die"
to Maricopa Medical Center in The bus originated in central Term Extraction. View, California, as a result of a movement has circulated on
Phoenix, where six were in Mexico near Durango, Graves workplace injury sustained at Twitter.
critical condition with life- said. It entered the United States the headquarters of Google, Poor IE6, we hardly knew ye.
threatening injuries ranging at El Paso, Texas, and was Inc.” Full story at CNN Tech.
M e m o r a b l e ( a n d g i g g l e - All the latest and greatest in
inducing) eulogies were shared tech.
like this one: Permalink| Leave a comment »
“I feel terrible admitting this,
28 Popular News/ Gadgets/ E-reader News Edition

Rebuilding Chile 'to take years'

(BBC News | Americas |
World Edition)
Submitted at 3/4/2010 3:56:52 PM

Please turn on JavaScript.

Media requires JavaScript to
A strong aftershock hit Hey, Doc,
Concepcion on Friday
Chile's reconstruction will take looking for an
"three to four years" as the
country recovers from the iPad for the ER?
earthquake that killed some 800 John Biggs (CrunchGear)
people, its president has said. Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:00:20 AM
"There are rural areas where
everything has tumbled to the Barco, makers of high-end
ground... infrastructure has been medical displays, just launched
destroyed," Michelle Bachelet the CliniScape and ProScribe
told Chilean radio. tablets. The screens are 10.4-
It would take foreign aid and inches and 12-inches
most of the mandate of respectively and are ruggedized
President-elect Sebastian Pinera 'Government of reconstruction' and order so that people can powerful on record and the and drop resistant. They are
to rebuild, she added. The cost of the damage, which return to peace". worst disaster to befall Chile in also, presumably, blood-proof.
Three days of national Ms Bachelet described as UN Secretary General Ban Ki- 50 years. The devices run an Intel Core
mourning have been declared, to "enormous", has so far been moon is to visit Chile on Friday The epicentre of the quake was Solo and Windows XP.
begin on Sunday. estimated at between $15bn and to assess the damage and meet 115km north-east of Concepcion The devices also come with a
Tremors have continued to rock $30bn. Ms Bachelet and Mr Pinera. and 325km south-west of the cool-looking aluminum dock
the nation after Saturday's 8.8 "Chile has the resources for a An 18-hour nightly curfew capital Santiago. and, most important, they are
magnitude earthquake, one of number of actions, but we will remains in place in Concepcion, About 1.5 million homes in “easy to wipe clean to reduce
the strongest recorded. have to ask for credit from the Chile's second largest city, and Chile have been damaged. spread of infection.”
One of 6.3 hit the north of the World Bank and other entities," six other towns badly affected Most of the collapsed buildings Don’t expect to pick one of
country, 255km (160 miles) Ms Bachelet said. by the earthquake. were of older design - including these up at the local Best Buy.
north-east of Antofagasta and President-elect Pinera is set to Officials have said 802 people many historic structures. They’re probably crazy
1,260km north of the capital take office next week. are confirmed to have died, of Five Filters featured article: e x p e n s i v e .
Santiago, the US Geological He said his government would whom 279 have been identified. Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: via MedGadget
Survey said. be one of reconstruction, with a But there are reports of many PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
On Wednesday, strong plan of four clear stages - "to people still missing in the Term Extraction.
aftershocks of magnitude 5.5 cope with the emergency needs coastal town of Constitucion.
and higher were felt in several of citizens, find people who are About two million Chileans are
cities, including Santiago, and still missing, provide prompt believed to have been affected
prompted tsunami warnings, and timely assistance to the sick by Saturday's 8.8 magnitude
which were later lifted. and wounded, and restore law earthquake, the seventh most
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Man dies after Pentagon shoot-out

(BBC News | Americas |
World Edition)
Submitted at 3/5/2010 4:12:47 AM

Please turn on JavaScript.

Media requires JavaScript to
play. HTC Touch HD2 Is
Pentagon police chief Richard
Keevill: Gunman 'appeared to
Coming to T-Mobile on
be pretty calm' March 24th [Rumor]
A man who shot two police John Herrman (Gizmodo)
officers at a Washington DC
Submitted at 3/5/2010 12:19:41 PM
underground station that serves
the US Department of Defense HTC's Touch HD2, the last of
has died, police have said. the semi-tragic WinMo
Patrick Bedell, 36, from superphones, is coming to T-
California, was shot in the head Mobile on March 24th. We'd
in the incident at Pentagon heard this! And now we've
Metro on Thursday evening. heard it again, for certain, from
The two officers, who were a source within a company
The Associated Press news entrance to the underground police chief said.
grazed by bullets, were treated working with the product.
agency said that death was ruled station about what he was going Mr Keevill said it appeared that
in hospital. [Thanks, Tipster!]
a suicide, but the case has long to do. Bedell had acted alone.
Police said they had found no
been the source of theories of a "There was no distress," he told Afterwards, all entrances to the
immediate connection to
cover-up. reporters. "When he reached Pentagon were secured. All
terrorism, but internet postings
The posting referred to into his pocket, they assumed he were later reopened except one
suggested Bedell had harboured
conspiracy theories concerning was going to get a pass and he from the station, a spokesman
ill-feelings towards the
the 9/11 terrorist attacks, saying came up with a gun. said.
the Sabow case was "a step "He wasn't pretending to be Print Sponsor
A user by the name of
toward establishing the truth of anyone. He was wearing a coat Five Filters featured article:
"JPatrickBedell" wrote that he
events such as the September 11 and walked up and just started Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
was "determined to see that
demolitions". shooting. PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
justice is served" in the death of
Pentagon police chief Richard "We have layers of security and Term Extraction.
Marine Col James Sabow, who
Keevill said Bedell had given no it worked. He never got inside
was found dead at his California
clue to the officers at the the building to hurt anyone," the
home in 1991.

Street Chic: Paris Fashion Week (ELLE News Blog) colored scarf complement each Think you are Street Chic? E- Follow ELLE on Twitter.
Submitted at 3/5/2010 4:00:00 AM other beautifully. mail us your photo and you Become our Facebook fan!
Photo: Stylesight could appear in's
A belted navy coat and cream- Click here for our complete fall 2010 Fashion Week coverage Street Chic Daily.
30 Popular News/ Tech/ E-reader News Edition

iPad ships April 3.

Preorders start March 12
Erica Sadun (The Unofficial
Apple Weblog (TUAW))
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:05:00 AM

Filed under: Apple Today

Apple announced that the iPad
will ship in April, writing that
the device will "be available in
the US on Saturday, April 3, for
Wi-Fi models and in late April
for Wi-Fi + 3G models. In
addition, all models of iPad will
be available in Australia,
Canada, France, Germany, Italy,
Japan, Spain, Switzerland and iBooks represents the first time
the UK in late April." that Apple has shipped its own
Consumers will be able to pre- major product (iWork titles will
order their units starting March follow shortly thereafter) from
12th, with pick-up at Apple App Store. If it proves
retail stores. successful on the iPad, keep
With Apple's reportedly limited your eyes open for a potentially

9 tips for generating more small stock, will pre-orders work the
way they did with the iPhone
3GS? Namely, will your
similar distribution move via
iTunes for Macintosh software.
TUAW has been guessing April
business blogging ideas reservation get you first shot at
an iPad pick-up until stocks run
2nd for the launch since early
January. Nice to know we
(Holy Kaw!) • Your backstory. Potential • Tutorials. Post helpful articles out? Or have analysts weren't too far off.
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:53:54 AM customers want to know more or videos or podcasts related to "misunderestimated" (in the Hat tip, Twitterific
about you and your your industry. Are you an auto words of a certain American TUAW iPad ships April 3.
If you’ve set out to regularly business—it’s a cornerstone of company? Post a video about Idol judge) supplies, and there Preorders start March 12
update your small business blog trust building. Why not write a how to properly change a flat will be iPads available for originally appeared on The
w i t h c o n s i s t e n t q u a l i t y post about who you are, where tire. everyone who wants to lay Unofficial Apple Weblog
c o n t e n t — k u d o s t o y o u ! you came from, and what your down the cash, starting at $499 (TUAW) on Fri, 05 Mar 2010
However, it can be difficult to company is passionate about? See all nine at Pro Blogger. plus local tax? There are no firm 09:05:00 EST. Please see our
maintain the initial idea flow for • Keyword tool. Use keyword More small business tips and answers at this time. terms for use of feeds.
posts. If you’re drawing a blank, bibles like Google Adwords and tricks. Apple has clarified that iBooks Read| Permalink| Email this|
don’t fret. Here are nine tips for Wordtracker and you’ll be Photo credit: Fotolia will be available as a free Comments
i n d u c i n g t h o s e ‘ e u r e k a ’ bursting with ideas in no time. Permalink| Leave a comment » download at the first date of
moments. Plus, you’ll know exactly what shipping from App Store.
See a few below: users are looking for.
E-reader News Edition Tech/ 31

Ask TUAW: File ownership and permissions, converting FLV

and OGG, extra displays, and more
Mat Lu (The Unofficial Apple deleted the old one and its to run a dual screen setup (with TM backup to this larger drive
Weblog (TUAW)) library. Everything sounded reasonable pricing) without so that i can recall those files if
Submitted at 3/5/2010 12:00:00 PM good except for the having to get a Mac Pro? needed?
PERMISSIONS. Now if I want If you're only connecting the All you need is Disk Utility.
Filed under: Features, to modify.. hmmm let's say a MacBook Pro to one HDTV, I'd You can actually use it to
Troubleshooting, Ask TUAW file name, I have to make sure to it has to do with my palms. I use a MiniDisplay Port to transfer your existing Time
Welcome back to Ask TUAW, get the info, change the don't have a problem with HDMI adapter, like this one Machine backups to a new disk
our weekly troubleshooting permissions, etc etc and that is a overly sweaty palms, but for from If you using the Restore function. All
Q&A column. This week we PAIN!... Anyway, please is some reason, the paint on the want to connect both HDTVs to you have to do is turn Time
have questions about changing there I way that I can just top of my last macbook pro and your MacBook Pro, however, Machine off, plug in the new
file ownership and permissions, change ALL the file permissions b e f o r e t h a t m y t i t a n i u m the only possibility that comes disk and start Disk Utility. In the
adding two external displays to at once? through terminal powerbook would rub away in to mind is a USB video card Restore tab, select the Time
a MacBook Pro, converting maybe? I fixed permissions with the spot where my palms rest DisplayLink device like this one Machine disk as Source and the
OGG and FLV files on an older Disk utilities but that has when I type. I use this macbook from OWC. The main issue is new one as the Destination.
Mac, transferring a Time nothing to do with read and to death, all day and into the that the resolution of this device You can also use Disk Utility to
Machine backup to a new disk, wirte and stuff. evening. The only thing I can tops out at 1680 x 1050, so you non-destructively repartition the
and more. While you can do this in the think of is that the moisture in won't get a full 1080p image on original disk. You'll need to
As always, your suggestions terminal, of course, with the my palms may be more acidic t h e s e c o n d H D T V . V i d e o delete the second partition and
and questions are welcome. CHMOD command, you don't than normal? Is there anything I performance will also be slow then use the Partition tab. Now
Leave your questions for next have to. There's a nice GUI on this USB device, though it keep in mind that while this is
can do to prevent this?
week in the comments section at application that should do what I would suggest having a look would be fine for regular GUI supposed to be a non-destructive
the end of this post. When you want in BatChmod(donation at a plastic film guard such as windows, etc. process, you should never re-
asking a question, please include requested). While in principle the moshi PalmGuard. Apple Eug asks partition without a backup (well
which machine you're using and you should actually be able to sells them online, and you can I have a 200GB HD that I for that matter, you should
what version of Mac OS X is use the Finder Get Info window also get them from Amazon. originally partitioned as 100GB always have a backup no matter
installed on it (we'll assume to do this (select the highest The reviews s e e m Time Machine, and 100GB as what). So in your case I would
you're running Snow Leopard level folder and at the bottom overwhelmingly positive, and I NTFS to back up my parents' actually first buy the external
on an Intel Mac if you don't you'll see the Sharing & would suspect that it should help PC. I've since lost the need to disk first and restore the Time
specify), or if it's an iPhone- Permission section; click on the back up a PC, and repartitioned Machine backup to it before
a lot with your problem.
related question, which iPhone gear and make yourself the the 100GB as HFS+Journal. I attempting the repartition.
howiegroove asks
version and OS version you owner, also making sure it's I have a new MacBook Pro am also to the point where the Jason asks
have. applied to the enclosed items), running OSX Leopard. I have a TM partition is full and TM is Is there any other place I can
Juan asks some folks have found 3 2 " 1 0 8 0 i H D T V a n d a m deleting old backups to make get a Remote Shared Folder to
I was getting sick of my startup BatChmod more reliable. inheriting a 50" 1080i HDTV. room for new. is there a way to show other than the Desktop?
speed and huge libraries of each Laz asks What is the best way to connect merge the 2 partitions while still Ideally, but completely unlikely,
program so I decided to start I'd like some advice that so that I get the best picture retaining the current set of when connected, a Server will
sort of "from new" What I did: I perhaps only TUAW or its possible on the HDTV, running backups? Also, I'm thinking of be collapsable/expandable like a
created a new user account as an readers can answer. I've just as a dual screen or mirroring? getting a larger HD such as a folder. Less ideally,
administrator, and moved all my purchased a new macbook pro Also, is there a way to connect 500GB-1TB to serve as TM ASK page 34
files to this new account, and and I have an odd problem and two HDTV's to a MacBook Pro drive. can I copy the existing
32 Tech/ E-reader News Edition

Does Google Street View see a future in Europe?

Submitted at 3/5/2010 8:43:37 AM

Google's Street View snapshot

tours of Europe could
potentially come to a end,
according to a high-level
executive. But a company
representative differed, saying
that Google has no plans to stop
photo shoots on that continent.
A Google Street View image of
a coastal road in the Cinque
Terre region of northern
Italy.(Credit: Google)
Faced with European Union
demands that Google reduce the
time it stores its Street View
images from 12 months to 6
months, Google Chief
Technology Advocate Michael
Jones said this week that the
company may choose not to
map any new photos in Europe
unless an agreement on data data any quicker. and what sort of logistics that statement last week, Google claiming that some of the Street
retention can be reached. Jones, But in response, a Google entails. Street View has proven global privacy counsel Peter View photos were embarrassing
who is also Google's former representative downplayed to be immensely popular across Fleischer said the company and damaging to residents.
chief technologist of Google concerns that Google may pack Europe and we do plan to needs to retain the images for a Google also hit a brick wall in
Maps, Google Earth, and Local up its European Street View continue our efforts there, and year to ensure their quality and Greece over worries that Street
Search, made his comments in camera and go home. of course to continue our accuracy, to help fix mistakes in View was snapping photos of
an interview with Bloomberg "We do not have plans to end dialogue with the relevant the blurring of faces and license people in compromising
News at the Cebit Technology Street View in Europe," the privacy organizations." plates, and to use the data situations.
Fair in Germany. Google representative said late In a letter sent last week to collected to build better maps. Addressing privacy concerns,
"I think we would consider Thursday in a statement e- Google, the EU advised the Fleischer said the company is Google maintains that it blurs
whether we want to drive mailed to CNET. "Michael's company to warn people in committed to keeping and faces and licenses plates in its
through Europe again, because it comments were made during a Europe before its Street View meeting the one-year retention Street View photos and will
would make the expense so Q&A session, so I don't have a cameras snap pictures in their policy. remove specific images upon
draining," Jones told transcript available, but his towns so as not to invade their Google has managed to raise request.
Bloomberg. He added that a comments were certainly not a privacy. The EU also told hackles in Europe since it Five Filters featured article:
retention period shorter than one threat to discontinue Street Google to cut its data retention started its Street View snapshots Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
year wouldn't be possible. Due View--he was answering a time for those photos from a across the continent. Last year, a PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
to software restraints, he said question about how frequently year to six months. privacy group in the U.K. filed a Term Extraction.
that Google can't process its we typically update our imagery Responding through an official complaint with the government,
E-reader News Edition Tech/ Entertainment/ TV/ 33

Microsoft discontinuing midmarket server

Submitted at 3/5/2010 8:49:00 AM
Spoilers Anonymous:
Microsoft is discontinuing its 'Gossip Girl,' 'Grey's
Windows Essential Business
Server product, a bundle aimed
Anatomy' and much
at midsize businesses, the more!
company said Friday. Isabelle Carreau (TV Squad)
The product combined
Submitted at 3/5/2010 11:02:00 AM
Windows Server 2008, the
Exchange e-mail server, and This is Spoilers Anonymous, a
management tools into a single weekly column here at TV
software package. Squad where we supply you
Here is Microsoft's with the dirt on some of the
announcement about the end of more popular shows on the air.
Windows Essential Business We'll never put spoilers up here
Server.(Credit: Screenshot by on the main page in order to
CNET) help the reformed stay
"We are streamlining our
B u s i n e s s S e r v e r , w h i c h the normal lifecycle. a tremendous amount of talent unspoiled. If you have anything
portfolio and will discontinue
c o m b i n e s E x c h a n g e a n d "This decision not to ship future and expertise on the EBS to add to the group, feel free to
future development of EBS,"
Windows Server in a package versions of EBS does not come product development team and step up and let yourself be
Microsoft said in a note on its
for smaller companies. lightly and will not impact any Microsoft is committed to heard, either with our tips form
Web site. The company said it
The software maker also other Windows Server products transitioning members of the or by emailing us at tvsquad at
will stop selling the current
announced an offer that will and solutions, including the next EBS product team to work on gmail dot com, or call and leave
version of the software as of
allow EBS customers to get version of Windows Small o t h e r p r o j e c t s w i t h i n t h e a message at(775) 640-8479.
June 30.
l i c e n s e s f o r f r e e f o r t h e Business Server," Microsoft said Microsoft Server and Cloud Your anonymity is guaranteed,
Though fairly new to the if you wish to remain as such.
individual products that make Friday in a blog posting. "We division."
market, the product had been a
up the bundle. The offer runs are working hard to build the Five Filters featured article: This week we have spoilers
long time in development. It
from June 30 through the end of next version of SBS and look Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: for:'Desperate Housewives,'
was first announced in 2005
the year. forward to a second decade of PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, ' G h o s t W h i s p e r e r , ' ' G l e e , '
under the code-name Centro. 'Gossip Girl,' 'Grey's Anatomy,'
Microsoft said it will continue success with this award winning Term Extraction.
Microsoft said it will continue 'House,' 'Lost,' and 'Ugly Betty.'
to support the product through small business offering. There is
its lower-end Windows Small Continue reading Spoilers
Anonymous: 'Gossip Girl,'
Watch: Jaycee Dugard Releases Home Video 'Grey's Anatomy' and much
(ETonline - Breaking News) Nancy Garrido for 18 years, privacy during the healing At 29, the family says Jaycee is Filed under: Spoilers
Submitted at 3/5/2010 8:50:00 AM Jaycee Dugard has released process," Jaycee's mother Terry "just learning" to have a life in A n o n y m o u s , R e a l i t y - F r e e
home video that reveals a Probyn says in a home video. full. Permalink| Email this| |
--- glimpse at her life now that she's Other clips show the family Comments
After allegedly suffering abuse free. baking cookies at
at the hands of Phillip and "What my family needs is C h r i s t m a s t i m e .
34 Tech/ Sports/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 31

semantically speaking, a share crashes when I try to use it, and is not that sensitive) I'd give that
Panthers Release Jake
would be listed in the "Devices"
section of Finder. I never look at
ffmpeg won't compile correctly.
I think I'm a "power user", and I
a shot. There are actually a lot
of online video convertors, some
my Desktop! don't mind mucking in of which can work directly from Chris Burke (FanHouse Main)
Remote Servers actually should, but I can't find a YouTube URL. Submitted at 3/4/2010 2:47:00 PM

automatically appear in your anything that works. If you have TUAW Ask TUAW: File
Finder sidebar, not in the any ideas, please let me know. ownership and permissions, Filed under: Panthers, NFL
DEVICES section, but the For the OGG to MP3 converting FLV and OGG, extra Quarterbacks Despite giving
SHARED section. If you don't conversion, check out SoX displays, and more originally Jake Delhomme a contract
see a SHARED section, it may Wrap which is apparently appeared on The Unofficial extension last offseason that
be turned off in the Finder compatible with 10.2.8. I don't Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Fri, included $20 million in
Preferences. Open the Finder have a comparable machine to 05 Mar 2010 12:00:00 EST. guaranteed money, the Panthers
Preferences, go to the Sidebar yours to test, but I would expect Please see our terms for use of have released the veteran
tab, and make sure "Connected that to work. Though in your feeds. quarterback.
servers" is selected under case with an older machine, I Read| Permalink| Email this| As first reported by Fox Sports'
SHARED. would actually suggest that you Comments Jay Glazer, Carolina decided to
Stephen asks might check out an online part ways with their much- Arizona just weeks earlier. He
I'm running Tiger on a convertor, such as Media- maligned QB just prior to the threw 18 interceptions this past
PowerMac G4 Quicksilver. I Convert which will do both the start of free agency. season -- compared to just eight
can not find a way to convert OGG to MP3 and FLV to MP4 Delhomme signed a five-year, touchdowns -- and eventually
my ogg and flv files (the latter on files up to 200MB. If you $42.5 million extension in 2009, lost his starting job to Matt
from YouTube) to mp3 and have the bandwidth (and despite committing six turnovers Moore.
mp4, respectively. All2MP3 assuming the content of the files in Carolina's playoff loss to

YouTube Revenue Approaching $1 Billion Per Year

Adam Ostrow (Mashable!) 2009, and will pull in $945 YouTube’s expenses at $711 billion by 2006 standards —
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:09:06 AM million in 2010. million per year, in turn creating something only them and a
The research, published earlier a $471 million loss for Google. handful of other companies had
YouTube may be closing in on today by AllThingsD, uses the While Citi’s report doesn’t the resources to do. But now,
$1 billion in annual revenue, s i m p l e a s s u m p t i o n t h a t touch on the expenses side of the company may be close to
according to some new research Y o u T u b e ’ s t r a f f i c a n d the equation, it’s much higher starting to make some of it back,
performed by a Wall Street m o n e t i z a t i o n e f f o r t s w i l l revenue assumption (which is in while at the same time enjoying
analyst. continue to expand — trends -line with other recent research) an enormous lead in the now
Using MySpace’s estimated that are readily apparent in adds some meat to Google CEO many times larger online video
CPMs and YouTube’s estimated recent headlines about the circulated last year, when Credit Eric Schmidt’s recent comments market.
page views, Mark Mahaney of company. Suisse projected that YouTube that suggest YouTube might Tags: Google, youtube
C i t i g r o u p c a l c u l a t e s t h a t What’s interesting is that the would bring in only $240 turn a profit this year.
Google’s video site generated revenue estimate varies greatly million in revenue for 2009. So maybe Google did overpay
$727 million in revenue for from one that was widely T h a t r e p o r t a l s o p e g g e d for YouTube by around $1
E-reader News Edition Tech/ Economy/ 35

Office 2010 nearly ready; upgrade China to target 8% economic

growth rate
program launched (Financial Times - US
Mr Wen was delivering his
(CNET apply to those that buy Office or new file formats, as Office annual address to the National
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:54:54 AM 2007 between now and Sept. 30 2007 did, it introduces a number Submitted at 3/4/2010 9:37:16 PM People’s Congress in Beijing, a
and will allow an upgrade to the of changes, most significantly ten-day meeting that is the focal
Microsoft said on Friday that it c o m p a r a b l e O f f i c e 2 0 1 0 the addition of companion China will target a growth rate point of the country’s political
expects to finalize the code for p r o d u c t . Office Web Apps that work in a of 8 per cent in the economy this calendar.
Office 2010 next month and, as Though such programs are browser. Also, for the first time, year, Premier Wen Jiabao said Five Filters featured article:
expected, kicked off a program typical, this one had even less of Office will come in both 32-bit on Friday, although he warned Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
enabling those that buy Office an element of surprise after a and 64-bit versions. that the authorities would slow PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
2007 in the coming months a Microsoft employee briefly A beta version of the software the number of new investment Term Extraction.
free upgrade to the new version. posted details of the program has been available since projects, and that the banking
In a blog posting, Microsoft last month. Microsoft CFO Peter November and Microsoft has sector contained “latent risks”.
said that it will have a business Klein confirmed the program also been doing limited testing
launch for the Office 2010 e a r l i e r t h i s w e e k , t e l l i n g of a near-final "release
Stocks rally after
products on May 12. The financial analysts on Tuesday to candidate" version of the US unemployment
company has said it expects the expect the company to defer software.
software to be broadly available revenue this quarter to next to Five Filters featured article: data
in June. account for the upgrades. Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: (Financial Times - US
As for the technology guarantee Although Office 2010 doesn't PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, homepage)
program, Microsoft says it will bring a radically different look Term Extraction.
Submitted at 3/5/2010 8:37:19 AM

Sausage stylus comes to the US 16:35 GMT: Stocks rallied and

Treasuries slumped after an
Michael Grothaus (The use their iPhone found out that may be just right for you! The eagerly anticipated US labour
Unofficial Apple Weblog the sausages were sausage stylus is compatible market report showed 36,000
(TUAW)) electrostatically compatible with with all iPhone and iPod touch jobs were lost in February and
Submitted at 3/5/2010 10:00:00 AM the iPhone's touch screen, and models. the unemployment rate
Filed under: Accessories, nearly as effective as using a TUAW Sausage stylus comes remained at 9.7 per cent.
iPhone It was a little less than a human finger. to the US originally appeared on This was a better performance
month ago when news broke of South Korea is one of the most The Unofficial Apple Weblog than the feared consensus for a
a South Korean company called t e c h n o l o g i c a l l y a d v a n c e d (TUAW) on Fri, 05 Mar 2010 net loss of 50,000-65,000 jobs,
CJ Corporation noticing a sharp c o u n t r i e s o n t h e p l a n e t . 10:00:00 EST. Please see our but is worse than the 20,000
increase in sales of their frozen Anything they're doing, we terms for use of feeds. positions shed in January.
sausages. CJ did some digging want. And now we can have it. Read| Permalink| Email this| Five Filters featured article:
around and it turned out the CaseCrown, a company that Comments Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
good people of South Korea sells iPhone cases, has acquired PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
were using their sausages as a large shipment of the Korean don't mind carrying a mixture of Term Extraction.
iPhone styluses. Someone who sausages. They are on sale for a dubious quality meat around in
was sick of taking their gloves limited time for only 99 cents your pocket and live in a cold
off in the cold Korean winter to (down from $3.99). So if you area, the iPhone Sausage Stylus
36 Tech/ Entertainment/ E-reader News Edition
Morgan Freeman and
More details leak on Microsoft's Ryan Seacrest Forecast
Who Will Get Showered
LiveJournal Accused
'Courier' Of Redirecting Links, with Oscars
(CNET (ETonline - Breaking News)
declined to comment on Friday. Sources had earlier told CNET Swiping Affiliate Fees
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:14:00 AM In a January interview, that Courier was one of many Submitted at 3/5/2010 3:20:00 AM
Microsoft Entertainment and prototypes cooked up by a Mike Masnick (Techdirt)
More details of Microsoft's Devices unit President Robbie skunkworks team run by Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:27:00 AM The week leading up to the
rumored dual-screen "Courier" Bach confirmed that an earlier Microsoft executive J. Allard. Oscars is full of parties and
tablet emerged on Friday, v i d e o w a s i n d e e d f r o m The Engadget post came just as You may or may not remember, Thursday night was no different.
including a rumored ship date of Microsoft, but refused to say Apple announced its availability many years ago, that one of the Hollywood stepped out in fine
later this year, according to a where the product was in terms plans for the iPad, which will "tricks" used by adware was to fashion for Nominees Night,
post on Engadget. of development. ship on April 3, according to hijack affiliate fees. Basically, presented by The Hollywood
According to the Web site, the "We do a lot of exploratory Cupertino. the way it would work is that the Reporter and the Mayor of Los
product will ship later this year, videos on a lot of different Five Filters featured article: adware would watch where you Angeles.
is roughly 5 inches by 7 inches products," Bach said. "The Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: were clicking, and if the URL Morgan Freeman, with
when closed, runs a version of video that went around the PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, was for an online store that had p r o d u c i n g p a r t n e r L o r i
the Windows CE operating Internet that was the so-called Term Extraction. an affiliate program or affiliate McCreary by his side, dished
system, and uses an Nvidia Courier is just another example link, the adware would swap in whose names he thinks will be
Tegra 2 processor. of those. We do a lot of those. LIVEJOURNAL page 37 called when the envelopes are
A Microsoft representative We don't comment on them." opened at the Academy Awards.
" Gaby[ Sidibe] is going to be
Microsoft Allows Xbox LIVE Users to Express up there and so is Mo'Nique.
Christoph[ Waltz], Jeff[
Bridges]. I don't think Matt[
Sexual Orientation Damon] and I are going to be in
the running," the one-time Oscar
Amy-Mae Elliott (Mashable!) service. Xbox LIVE, has tweeted his winner conceded.
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:46:46 AM However, an update to the t h a n k s t o G L A A D a n d "American Idol" host Ryan
Xbox LIVE Terms of Use and Microsoft’s LGBT community Seacrest offered his inkling,
Microsoft has announced that it Code of Conduct will now allow for guidance. predicting, "I think Sandy
has changed a controversial members to, in Microsoft’s How does this affect you? Are Bullock is going to win." He
policy for its Xbox LIVE words, “more freely express you pleased with the changes? also admitted that is was an
service that banned people from their race, nationality, religion Will you be making changes to emotional night on "Idol"
e x p r e s s i n g t h e i r s e x u a l and sexual orientation in your Gamertag now? Let us because four more contestants
orientation in their user profiles. G a m e r t a g s a n d p r o f i l e s ” . know your thoughts in the w e r e v o t e d o f f t h e s h o w .
Said to have been originally put As far as sexual orientation alongside increased enforcement comments box below. However, he does feel the
in place to prevent the use of goes, users can now describe to prevent the misuse of such Tags: gaming, microsoft, social viewers have gotten it right so
such terms “as insults or slurs”, themselves as “Lesbian,” “Gay,” terms. gaming network, XBox live far and "I think we're going to
it was a step too far for many, “ B i , ” “ T r a n s g e n d e r ” o r Stephen Toulouse, the director get down to a really big, great
including Richard Gaywood, a “Straight.” Microsoft says the of policy and enforcement for core group."
gamer who was banned from the changes are being introduced
E-reader News Edition Tech/ 37
Shorty Awards Honor continued from page 36

its own adware account info,

Twitter’s Finest Micro- allowing the adware company to
collect the affiliate fees rather
than the company/individual
Bloggers who actually earned it. Sneaky.
However, now there are some
Barb Dybwad (Mashable!) claims that popular
Submitted at 3/5/2010 10:01:27 AM blog/community site
LiveJournal is doing the same
The second annual Shorty thing itself. Shawn Tutt points
Awards ceremony went down us to a story claiming that
this week in New York City, LiveJournal is redirecting
honoring the community- outbound links from users such
nominated and voted on best of that they appear to strip any
"Sockintosh" power adapter the best from Twitter. affiliate codes and add
Awards were given in 26 The winners, who gave 140- LiveJournal's own affiliate
official categories as well as a character acceptance speeches at codes to a long list of popular e-
foot cozy keeps your feet huge selection of crowdsourced Wednesday night’s ceremony, commerce sites. It's hard to
community categories. The included Betty Draper(the think of a better way to piss off
warm, might light you on fire Twitter community was invited popular fan-run account for the a bunch of your own users than
Michael Grothaus (The thank you." to contribute nominations Mad Men character), Whole to replace their own affiliate
Unofficial Apple Weblog So readers, remember, don't go beginning this January, with the Foods in the brand category, codes with your own. Once
(TUAW)) making your own Sockintosh intent of recognizing a user’s Nathan Fillion in the celebrity people started complaining
because you could burn to death o v e r a l l T w i t t e r s t r e a m a s category, and more. about this, it looks like
Submitted at 3/5/2010 11:00:00 AM
Rachael Burns, based on her and don't tell Rachel to die opposed to particular tweets. Did you participate in the LiveJournal stripped out the
knitting abilities, will make an because she's got a bright future Popularity determined a set of Shorty Awards this year? Did code. Still, it does raise some
excellent grandma some day. as a grandma who knits ugly finalists in each category, which any of your favorites becomes really big trust questions about
She's knitted a pretty sweet foot Christmas sweaters for her were then also reviewed by a finalists or winners? LiveJournal, if it thought this
cozy that turns your Apple grandchildren who were hoping panel of judges from the Real- Tags: shorty awards, twitter was a good idea in the first
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she knitted the aptly-named adapter foot cozy keeps your This Story
Sockintosh after realizing she feet warm, might light you on
constantly used her power fire originally appeared on The
adapter to keep her feet warm. U n o f f i c i a l A p p l e W e b l o g
Rachel is quick to point out that (TUAW) on Fri, 05 Mar 2010
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ventilated for safety reasons. Comments
Don't set fire to yourself please.
And don't tell me to go and die
38 Politics/ E-reader News Edition

Death Of A Sales Job (A Three Act Ploy)

(AEI.Org: Articles) dollars to assist small state-level deductible insurance policies stage, as if the president's attributes that entire cost to the
Submitted at 3/4/2010 3:00:00 PM experiments in medical actually may be permitted to be embattled plan to do even worse private insurance premiums of
malpractice reform featuring sold in new health insurance than that, and prevent anything the average family; this time it
With apologies to Arthur Miller special health courts as an exchanges. Note that the better from being considered, was taxpayers picking up the
... alternative to jury trials. Of nation's foremost expert on was a better alternative. Second, entire tab. The actual costs are
President Obama went back course, no actual changes in inadequate "Acme-brand" high- Obama rhetorically crossed his much lower and their
b e f o r e t h e c a m e r a s a g a i n permanent malpractice law and deductible insurance and fingers and recited the howler distribution is quite different,
Wednesday, providing yet regulation would be supported defender of minimum federal that "I don't believe we should but that would spoil a tall
another recycling of fading before the light soon went out standards for "real" insurance give government bureaucrats or political tale. The president then
rationales for his health reform on these pilot projects, and they (see Health Summit, last week) insurance company bureaucrats rolled out his universal coverage
product that more voters would appear very unlikely to produce did not actually say anything more control over health care in ball of wax argument to assert
rather leave on the Capitol Hill any consequential changes. about changing the minimum America." He must have that insurance reforms to
store shelves than purchase. Second, Obama warmed to the actuarial values required in both forgotten about the hundreds of prevent coverage denials for pre
But "attention must be paid" idea of conducting undercover the House- and Senate-passed future rules, standards, and -existing conditions and to limit
whenever the president speaks. investigations of Medicare and health bills for qualified implementation decisions the amount that families are
He tried to claim that "we have Medicaid providers to search for insurance plans within the delegated in the House and "forced" to pay out of their own
now incorporated most of the w a s t e , f r a u d , a n d a b u s e exchanges, or whether Senate bills to the HHS pockets rest on everybody
‘serious' ideas from across the (standard line items in those contributions to HSAs would Secretary, the oxymoronic having access to coverage (read:
spectrum about how to contain programs' annual budgets, to be count as "insurance" dollars. Or Health Choices Commissioner, individual mandate, except for
the rising cost of health care." sure). No one has figured out whether HSAs would be exempt and other new administrative those with economic hardships--
P e r h a p s t h a t i n c l u d e s where the cops posing as from the first-dollar coverage bodies. Even a clear plurality who would seem to need
c o m p r o m i s i n g o n t h e patients will hide their badges mandates and income-based (45%) of Americans has come subsidized coverage the most!).
implementation date for taxing when in the examining room, caps on out-of-pocket spending around to the conclusion that, He must have dismissed out of
the extra amount of premiums in nor why private health insurers supported by the president and facing a prisoner's dilemma in hand proposals for substantially
t h e m o s t e x p e n s i v e a n d don't have the same degree of his congressional allies. health coverage, they'd rather expanded federal funding of
c o m p r e h e n s i v e p r i v a t e such problems and manage to The president again appeared to take their chances with private serious high-risk pools and
insurance plans (just short of h e a d t h e m o f f m u c h be frustrated that political insurers. extension of HIPAA portability
waiting either "in perpetuity" or differently.("We don't need no opposition and the public's President Obama also said that protection to those with
"forever;" whichever comes badges! I don't have to show aversion to his once-popular health care "easily lends itself to previous continuous coverage
sooner and still meets the you any stinkin' badges!") health plan had kept its journey demagoguery and political entering and exiting the
approval of organized labor). Of Third, the president came out in to enactment long, halting, and gamesmanship, and individual market, because he
course, the president's search for favor of paying Medicaid still unfinished. misrepresentation and certainly doesn't understand
Republican health care ideas he doctors more. How much more? ("I've always tried to think misunderstanding." Look, that's them. Oh, and about those
could deem "legitimate" was What would it cost? How would otherwise, I guess. I always felt a legitimate point. For example, unlimited amounts of money
only slightly more aggressive it be done? For how long? that if a man was impressive, he mangled his recycling of the paid out of pocket? They
than O.J. Simpson's never- Actual details TBA later, if ever. and well liked, that nothing . . ." uncompensated care/emergency averaged less than 12 cents out
ending search for the killers of (See Medicare and sustainable Cue the beginning of his tragic room/cost shifting factoid, of every dollar of U.S. health
Nicole and Ron. He came up growth rate fixes for a measure fall.) concocted earlier this year by spending in 2008, they are
with four low-dose remedies o f s k e p t i c i s m , a l t h o u g h Rhetorical Diversions Families USA, that the projected to decline to 10.4
that border on homeopathy. Medicaid reimbursement has He resorted again to several uninsured are subsidized at the cents per dollar by 2019, and the
The Meager Products of the nowhere to go but up.) well-worn diversions. First, the cost of $1,000 per family U.S. ranked sixth-lowest in this
"Search" Fourth, Obama said that health straw man of "do nothing" and whenever they walk into an DEATH page 40
First, a few million more savings accounts tied to higher- "walk away" hopped onto the emergency room. He usually
E-reader News Edition Politics/ 39

Abortion Coverage Dispute Divides House Democrats

(Newsmax - Politics) dragged down in a battle over rape, incest or to save the Hyde restrictions. Rep. Diana DeGette, a
Submitted at 3/4/2010 11:56:05 PM abortion. "This is not about mother's life. The House responded by prominent abortion rights
abortion," said Pelosi, D-Calif. Obama is pleading with adopting Stupak's amendment, supporter, said Pelosi should
On the other side of the "This is a bill about providing Democrats to overcome although it was opposed by most call Stupak's bluff.
obstacle course that President quality affordable health care divisions over abortion and Democrats. It says no health "Ten or 11 votes is not going to
Barack Obama must clear to get for all Americans." other issues, and seize a historic insurance plan receiving federal kill the bill," said DeGette, D-
his health care overhaul, a final She may not have a choice, moment to remake the health subsidies can pay for abortion, Colo., explaining that many of
trapdoor is lurking: the divisive says a leading abortion foe. care system. except under the three the 39 conservative Democrats
politics of abortion. Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., On Thursday, he summoned exceptions already allowed by who voted against the House bill
The issue pits House Democrats says he and a dozen fellow more than a dozen House rank- federal law. Women who want could well find the moderate
against each other just when Democrats who supported the and-file liberals and moderates insurance coverage for abortion Senate version more to their
Obama is calling on them to House bill will vote against it to the White House. It's the would have to buy a separate liking. DeGette also wants to
unite for one last push on health this time unless the Senate opportunity of a generation, he policy. change the Senate language,
care in a perilous election year. language is replaced with stiffer told them — a chance to revive The Senate bill took a different saying it's too restrictive.
The fate of the sweeping restrictions previously adopted the party's agenda after his approach. It says health Abortion rights supporters
legislation to expand coverage by the House. The House health rough first year in office. insurance plans operating in a backed down once the last time.
and revamp the health insurance care bill passed by 220-215 last In back-to-back meetings in the new consumer marketplace can This time, if House Democratic
market hangs in the balance. November, only after Pelosi was Oval Office and Roosevelt cover abortion, but may be paid leaders can't line up enough
House Democrats opposed to forced to give Stupak a floor Room, Obama urged lawmakers for with private premiums. votes without placating Stupak,
abortion, as well as their vote that incorporated his strict to focus on the positives rather Money from federal subsidies it's unclear how they will get the
c o u n t e r p a r t s w h o s u p p o r t abortion funding provision in than their disappointments. would have to be strictly abortion language changed.
abortion rights, are resisting the measure. Lawmakers said Obama assured segregated from any funds used Pelosi says it can't be done in a
funding restrictions on the Nothing has changed, says them the legislation was merely to pay for abortion. Consumers companion package that would
procedure spelled out in the Stupak. "I don't think they have the first step, and he promised to would have to write two checks move through both chambers as
Senate health care overhaul bill. the votes to pass it," he said. work with them in the future to to their insurance plan, one for part of deal worked out with
But the plan Democratic leaders It's not clear, however, that improve its provisions. the regular premium, the other Obama. Under congressional
have worked out for the health every lawmaker who voted with Settling the dispute over for abortion coverage. rules, the elements of that
care endgame calls for House Stupak the first time will stick abortion funding remains one of Leading abortion opponents — package have to have a
Democrats to pass that same with him. his biggest challenges. including the nation's Catholic significant budget impact. A
Senate bill, with little prospect Rep. Dale Kildee said he's Government policy on taxpayer bishops — say the Senate third piece of legislation may be
o f c h a n g i n g t h e a b o r t i o n keeping an open mind as he funding for abortion has been language is a fig leaf, opening needed.
language. studies the Senate bill. "I'm settled for years, following the the way for government © Copyright 2010 The
Although each chamber is also looking at the language in the Hyde amendment. Obama subsidies for abortion. They're Associated Press. All rights
supposed to pass a companion Senate bill to see if it carries out insists he never wanted to alter urging defeat of the health care reserved. This material may not
package of agreed-upon the purpose of the Hyde that balance. bill unless it takes Stupak's be published, broadcast,
changes, abortion funding is not amendment," said Kildee, D- But that's exactly what approach. rewritten or redistributed.
among them. It doesn't appear Mich. "If it does so to my happened. The Democratic bills Abortion rights supporters say Five Filters featured article:
likely to be included. satisfaction, I think I could go created a new stream of federal both measures impose Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Speaker Nancy Pelosi vented along with it." money to help working unreasonable restrictions on PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
her frustration Thursday, telling The long-standing Hyde households afford health women's access to a legal Term Extraction.
reporters she will not stand for amendment bars federal funding insurance premiums. And those medical procedure now widely
health care legislation getting for abortion except in cases of funds were not subject to the covered by health insurance.
40 Politics/ E-reader News Edition
Rep. Delahunt, D-Mass., Won't Run for Re- continued from page 38

regard among 27 OECD

Election countries as of 2007.
Sadly, there was more (double-
(Newsmax - Politics) state police that Bishop's 1986 Bishop shooting, is said to The decision to step down by counting Medicare savings,
Submitted at 3/5/2010 12:32:40 AM shooting of her brother was be weighing a run if Delahunt Delahunt comes amid a string of promising health choices as
accidental. decides against seeking re- recent retirements in the House, good as those for members of
Massachusetts Rep. William The retirement creates a rare election, as are several state including Rhode Island Congress, no actual legislative
Delahunt will not run for re- open congressional seat in legislators. congressman Patrick Kennedy, language yet, etc.) even though
e l e c t i o n , t h e s e v e n - t e r m Massachusetts. All the House Delahunt, 68, has served in who will not seek re-election. it all was packed into less than
Democrat said Thursday night, a members from Massachusetts Congress since 1997, but Delahunt, a liberal voice, was a 15 minutes. However, there was
d e c i s i o n h e s a i d w a s n o t are Democrats. Massachusetts and the political key player on Coast Guard no time left to spell out the
politically motivated as he faces The fact that Republican U.S. world were stunned when issues in Congress. He also was imminent political strategy to go
criticism for his handling of a Sen. Scott Brown won almost Brown, then a little-known active on foreign relations, with a contorted version of
1986 shooting by a University 60 percent of the vote in Republican state senator, upset including Latin American budget "reconciliation" (the one
of Alabama professor accused D e l a h u n t ' s c o n g r e s s i o n a l Democrat Martha Coakley to issues. He helped broker a deal whose name shall not be
of killing three colleagues last district, which includes Cape win the Senate seat held for to bring discounted oil to the spoken).
month. Cod and the South Shore, during nearly a half-century by U.S. from Venezuela. But the president will be back
"The decision had nothing to do a special election to succeed Kennedy. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass, on the road to Pennsylvania and
with politics," Delahunt said in a Kennedy also might have Brown's victory inspired praised Delahunt's service to Missouri next week to talk about
statement. "I've been wrestling encouraged the Democrat to several local Republicans, Massachusetts. the health legislation and "do
with this decision for a while." retire, said Republican State including former state Treasurer "This departure leaves a void everything in my power to make
Delahunt had been considering Rep. Jeffrey Davis Perry, who Joe Malone and state Rep. because Bill Delahunt is an the case for reform."
leaving Congress for several h a d a l r e a d y l a u n c h e d a Jeffrey Perry of Sandwich, to incredibly strong voice for "He's a man way out there in the
years but was talked out of it by c a m p a i g n t o r u n a g a i n s t say they are considering running Massachusetts in Washington," blue, riding on a smile and a
the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, Delahunt before Thursday's for Delahunt's seat. Kerry said in a statement shoeshine . . ." (and a
who urged him to help pass announcement. Joseph P. Kennedy III, 29, one reacting to Delahunt's teleprompter).
President Barack Obama's first- "I wish him well, and I am of the twin sons of former Rep. retirement. Thomas P. Miller is a resident
term agenda. certainly glad that he's not in the Joseph Kennedy II and the © Copyright 2010 The fellow at AEI.
Delahunt has come under fire in race," Perry said. grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, Associated Press. All rights Photo Caption:
Massachusetts recently for his Delahunt was facing potential said Sunday he had decided reserved. This material may not iStockphoto/A_Carina
handling of the 1986 shooting in challenges from Republicans against running Delahunt's seat be published, broadcast, Five Filters featured article:
w h i c h A m y B i s h o p , t h e who have been heartened by because he wants to remain in rewritten or redistributed. Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
U n i v e r s i t y o f A l a b a m a Brown's victory in January in his new job as a prosecutor in Five Filters featured article: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
professor, killed her brother. At the Democrat-dominated state. Cape Cod's Barnstable County. Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: Term Extraction.
the time, Delahunt was the local And Norfolk District Attorney Kennedy had been weighing a PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
district attorney and he accepted William Keating, a Democrat race if Delahunt were to decide Term Extraction.
the findings of the local and investigating the handling of the against seeking re-election.
E-reader News Edition Politics/ Entertainment/ Economy/ 41
'The Bachelor''s Vienna
Black Leaders' Support May Buy Time for Girardi Presents Jimmy
Kimmel with 100 Grand
Paterson (ETonline - Breaking News)
(Newsmax - Politics) director Peter Kauffmann Al Sharpton said they want to angry inside the closed meeting, Submitted at 3/5/2010 5:10:00 AM

Submitted at 3/5/2010 12:33:48 AM abruptly resigned after weeks of meet with the governor to with some calling for Paterson
serving as the defending voice discuss his ability to continue to to resign. Jimmy Kimmel and Vienna
New York Gov. David Paterson of the governor. govern. Paterson hasn't been charged Girardi made peace with one
might have won some time "As a former officer in the Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries with any crimes and has said his another Thursday night on "
when he received what has United States Navy, integrity of Brooklyn said in an interview side of the story will clear him. Jimmy Kimmel Live" when she
become rare support from and commitment to public afterward that there was But he said he can't divulge and her fiancé, "The Bachelor"'s
influential black leaders as he s e r v i c e a r e v a l u e s I t a k e overwhelming support for the elements of his side of the story Jake Pavelka, visited his show.
tries to ride out allegations in seriously," Kauffmann stated in idea that Paterson is entitled to because he said it would Last week, Jimmy told Ellen
two scandals that threaten his a brief statement sent on his the presumption of innocence interfere with the investigation DeGeneres that he bet$100,000
job and led to the resignation of p r i v a t e e - m a i l a c c o u n t . until the investigation is he asked Attorney General that Jake would pick Ali and
three top staffers. "Unfortunately, as recent finished. Andrew Cuomo to take on. insinuated that it would not be a
Paterson and his administration developments have come to "We all believe that Gov. The governor's office didn't good decision to choose Vienna.
are seeking to regroup Friday in l i g h t , I c a n n o t i n g o o d Paterson at this moment can respond to requests for Flash-forward to Thursday night
what one official described as conscience continue in my continue to move forward and comment. when Vienna is the one sitting
pep talks. Late Thursday night, current position." do the people's business as the —— on his couch and Jimmy felt bad
black leaders in New York City Paterson's public safety deputy legal proceedings play Gormley reported from Albany. he had bashed her on television.
said he deserves his right to due secretary, a Cabinet position, themselves out," he said. Contributing to this report were She was able to laugh it off and
process and should stay in a n d h i s s t a t e p o l i c e Outside the restaurant, Sharpton Associated Press writers Ula even brought him a gift--100
office. superintendent resigned days was asked explicitly if he Ilnytzky and Colleen Long in Grand candy bar--to make up
Paterson is facing allegations before. supported the governor. New York and Valerie Bauman for his lost wager of "The
that he and his staff interfered in Later Thursday, the group of "I'm the convener," he said. in Albany. Bachelor" outcome.
a d o m e s t i c v i o l e n c e c a s e black leaders — many of them "There were people on both © Copyright 2010 The The late-night talk show host
involving a top governor's aide. state senators and Assembly sides," he said, adding that "the Associated Press. All rights held up a series of popular
Also, a state ethics panel has members representing New overwhelming majority" backed reserved. This material may not magazines featuring Vienna on
accused him of seeking and York City — argued it is critical Paterson. be published, broadcast, the cover. She was eager to find
accepting World Series tickets for Paterson to function in the Former Mayor David Dinkins rewritten or redistributed. out what new rumors were being
from the New York Yankees month before a state budget is said Paterson absolutely should Five Filters featured article: spread about her today. "I have
last year despite a gift ban, then due. They said stability is remain in office. Former state Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: a huge personality that was even
lying to the panel about it. needed as the state faces a Comptroller H. Carl McCall PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, more amplified on the show,"
Paterson lost a third top deputy deficit of more than $8 billion. made a case for Paterson to stay, Term Extraction. she explained to Jimmy. He
Thursday when communications Group members led by the Rev. while others reportedly were even edited her on Newsweek
and Sports Illustrated with
US unemployment holds steady at 9.7% phony headlines.

(Financial Times - US held steady at 9.7 per cent last American businesses and the Five Filters featured article:
homepage) month, reviving hopes that the government shed 36,000 Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:15:04 AM economic recovery is gathering positions in February– a faster PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
steam even as the pace of job rate than the 26,000 job losses in Term Extraction.
The US unemployment rate losses accelerated slightly. January.
42 Politics/ E-reader News Edition
Scientific Review Shows
Sink or Swim 'Unambiguous' Evidence
of Global Warming
Jonathan Chait (The New simple. Democrats propose to The problem with this system is people outside of the employer
Republic - All Feed) shift resources from the rich and that, while you can’t be certain market, joining healthier (Little Green Footballs)
Submitted at 3/4/2010 9:00:00 PM the healthy to the poor and the who will win and who will lose individuals together with the Submitted at 3/4/2010 3:21:18 PM
sick. Republicans want to do in the medical lottery of life, sick, so that the former
When you consider the just the opposite. Republican you can make some educated effectively subsidize the latter. A newly released year-long
differences between Democrats health care plans reflect the guesses. The health insurance The common element of all the international scientific review of
and Republicans on health care, party’s increasingly widespread industry is good at making those Republican plans is to do the the evidence for global warming
you probably think in terms of belief that good health, like guesses, and getting better all opposite-to separate the healthy has concluded that the evidence
scale. Democrats want to enact a other forms of prosperity, is a the time. The business of from the sick. is even stronger than the IPCC
big reform, while Republicans matter of personal insurance is to keep expensive Republicans have long maintains.
favor incremental progress. responsibility. Democratic plans customers out and cheap championed Health Savings The review, published in the
House Minority Whip Eric to help the sick at the expense of customers in. Accounts, which give journal Wiley Interdisciplinary
Cantor coos, “We want to take a the healthy therefore amount to Left to their own devices, individuals who buy insurance a Reviews: Climate Change,
much more commonsense, socialism. millions of Americans could not tax deduction for money they set found several “fingerprints” of
modest, incremental approach, Health insurance, if you think afford to buy health insurance, aside for a high-deductible plan. warming that had not been
trying to address the first issue about it, is a redistribution because their expected medical Since tax deductions are worth established by the time of the
first, which is cost, and then go scheme. It transfers money from costs are too high--they’re the more to people in higher tax last IPCC assessment but were
on to try to deal with some of the winners (people who don’t losers of the medical lottery--or brackets, and since high- now unambiguously present.
the things that the president and need much medical care) to the their incomes are too low. deductible plans appeal more to One is human-induced climate
Speaker Pelosi want to do.” losers (people who do). It differs Obviously, many Americans are those with lower medical in the Antarctic, the last
Within a recent six-month span, from other redistribution left to their own devices, with expenses, the plans attract the continent where regional
Republicans on the Senate floor schemes because, unlike horrifying results. But many rich and healthy, leaving the warming has been
used the phrase “step-by-step” programs that redistribute from more are not, because they’re poor and sick behind. demonstrated.
to describe their approach to rich to poor, the winners and lucky enough to get insurance Five Filters featured article: There is also new evidence of
health care an astonishing 173 losers can’t be sure in advance through their job. In an office Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: warming in the oceans, which is
times. which category they’ll be in. insurance pool, everybody pays PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, having several effects. The
The reality is quite different. That’s why people enter into it the same rate, meaning the Term Extraction. subtropical Atlantic is becoming
What separates the two parties is voluntarily--today I might be healthy subsidize the sick.
not how far to go, but in which healthy, tomorrow I may The Democrats’ health care SCIENTIFIC page 43
direction to go. The divide is contract some horrible disease. plan aims to create pools for

Latino Legislators Urge Delayed Action On N.Y. Gov.

(Newsmax - Politics) the Bronx says he wants the investigating whether Paterson is taking into account Diaz's rewritten or redistributed.
Submitted at 3/4/2010 11:53:55 PM Rev. Al Sharpton and others illegally contacted a woman comments and the surprise Five Filters featured article:
attending Thursday night's who had accused the aide of resignation of Paterson's Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
A Latino Democratic state meeting in Harlem to wait to act roughing her up on Halloween. communications director PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
senator is urging black leaders u n t i l t h e e n d o f a s t a t e Diaz says Latino legislators are Thursday afternoon. Term Extraction.
to delay any action to push investigation into a domestic united against immediate action © Copyright 2010 The
embattled New York Gov. violence scandal surrounding a against Paterson. Associated Press. All rights
David Paterson to resign. g o v e r n o r ' s a i d e . A t t o r n e y Sen. Bill Perkins of Harlem reserved. This material may not
State Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. of General Andrew Cuomo is says the group of black leaders be published, broadcast,
E-reader News Edition Consumer Reports/ 43
continued from page 42

saltier; the extra salinity could in natural variations.

More sickening news about
turn alter ocean currents.
Another effect of ocean
A separate study by Russian
and US scientists, published foodborne illness
warming is increasing today in the journal Science, report showing that foodborne
evaporation, leading to more shows methane, a powerful (Consumer Reports) illness costs the United States a
humidity in the atmosphere and greenhouse gas, is escaping Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:18:21 AM whopping $152 billion a
changing rainfall patterns. … from the seafloor of the year—including hospital and
The review is based on a warming Arctic Ocean more More sickening news about doctor costs, drugs, and quality
forensic comparison of the rapidly than has been suspected. foodborne illness of life losses (deaths, pain,
pattern of changes expected (Hat tip: freetoken.) If you’re one of the 42 percent suffering, and functional
from man-made warming with of Americans made sick from disability) and breaks down to
those that would result from something you ate, this week’s an average of $1,850 per person
other factors such as changing news on the high costs of you feel even sicker. The Pew
Charitable Trusts released a MORE page 44
solar radiation and purely foodborne illness might make

Coming soon: Nokia’s first Ovi phone, an LG “TV phone”

Michael Gikas (Consumer four home screens into four applications). The Nuron comes • Cell Phone Buying Advice:
Reports) categories—multimedia, with a 3.2-in. touch screen and • Types of Cell Phones|
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:27:02 AM contacts, widgets, and a main is preloaded with Ovi Maps. • Cell Phone Features|
screen—that place all of the Like Google Maps Navigation, • Cell Phone Brands
Coming soon: Nokia’s first Ovi Arena's many application within this app is free and has no
phone, an LG “TV phone” LG easy reach. Though the 3.0-in. ongoing charges for turn-by-turn All Cell Phone Ratings
Arena touch-screen display is on the GPS-assisted directions. Two Subscribers can view and
Photo: LG small side, the Arena supports outstanding Ovi Map features: compare all Cell Phone Ratings.
As the pace of new-phone AT&T's ultra-fast 7.2 HSPA the service works Recommended Cell Phones
arrivals continues to rise, here network, which is currently internationally, as well as offline Look at the ones that we chose
are two notable smart phones available only in a handful of Nickelodeon. (in case you want to retrace your as the best of the best. Subscribe
that will be in our labs very urban markets. The Arena 5.0 Nokia 5230 Nuron ($70), T- steps without engaging the now!
soon. Prices are with a two-year MP auto-focus camera provides Mobile system). Though it won't come S u b s c r i b e t o
contract. a variety of messaging options This budget smart phone, preinstalled with Symbian's new for expert
LG Arena ($200), AT&T and access to social networking a v a i l a b l e " i n t h e c o m i n g s3 interface, unveiled at last Ratings, buying advice and
T h o u g h i t j u s t b e c a m e sites such as Facebook and weeks," supports T-Mobile's 3G month's World Mobile Congress reliability on hundreds of
available, we first saw this smart Twitter. It supports FLO TV, a network and is the first phone trade show in Barcelona, it does products. Update your feed
phone last March at CTIA 2009. $10-per-month live TV service. with access to Ovi Store, run on the prerequisite operating preferences
We were impressed then with its Networks include ABC, CBS, Nokia's fledgling answer to system for such an upgrade:
3D S-Class User Interface, NBC, Comedy Central, Disney, Apple's iTunes and App Store Symbian's S60 5th.
which sensibly organizes its ESPN, Fox, Fuel TV, MTV, and (it currently has about 6,000 —Mike Gikas Next Steps
44 Consumer Reports/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 43

who falls sick. About 76 million supports giving the FDA be careful not to contaminate Chill: Bacteria can grow
people in the U.S. suffer significant new responsibilities these foods while slicing them quickly at room temperature, so
foodborne illnesses each year, for food safety, including up on the cutting board, and refrigerate leftover foods if they
300,000 are hospitalized and inspecting all high-risk facilities avoid leaving cut produce at are not going to be eaten within
5,000 die, according to the at least once a year, and setting room temperature for many 4 hours. Large volumes of food
Centers for Disease Control and performance standards for hours. Don't be a source of will cool more quickly if they
Prevention. Although there have produce. A bill containing many foodborne illness yourself. are divided into several shallow
been significant declines in the of these reforms passed the Wash your hands with soap and containers for refrigeration.
incidence of some foodborne House of Representatives in water before preparing food. Report suspected foodborne
infections since surveillance July, and a similar bill, S 510, Separate: Avoid cross- illnesses to your local health By the Numbers: FPL
began in 1996, these declines all the Food Safety Modernization contaminating foods by washing department. Group harnesses the sun
occurred before 2004. And the Act, is awaiting action in the hands, utensils, and cutting — Ginger Skinner Read more in the Sunshine State
incidence of the most common Senate. And our new reports on boards after they have been in on the cost of foodborne illness
foodborne illnesses has changed contaminants in chicken and contact with raw meat or poultry on the Safety blog, and find out Consumer Reports Shopping
Blog (Consumer Reports)
very little over the past three bagged salads have further and before they touch another how you can help get food
years. The report found well- helped shed light on the issue. If food. Put cooked meat on a safety laws passed. Subscribe Submitted at 3/5/2010 8:56:35 AM

known pathogens you’re concerned about food clean platter, rather back on one now!
Campylobacter, Listeria and safety in your household, the that held the raw meat. S u b s c r i b e t o By the Numbers: FPL Group
Salmonella have large CDC offers these simple Cook meat, poultry and eggs for expert harnesses the sun in the
measurable costs—with precautions to help reduce the thoroughly. Using a Ratings, buying advice and Sunshine State
California, Texas, New York, risk for you and your family: thermometer to measure the reliability on hundreds of 190,000
and Florida being the states Clean: Rinse fresh fruits and internal temperature of meat is a products. Update your feed Solar-thermal panels at the
worst hit. vegetables in running tap water good way to be sure that it is preferences Martin power plant.
This is a grim reminder that the to remove visible dirt and grime. cooked sufficiently to kill Number of mirrors that FPL
government needs to take swift Remove and discard the bacteria. Beef, pork, and lamb Group is erecting at its Martin
action on legislative measures outermost leaves of a head of should reach an internal Next Generation Solar Energy
that will protect the food supply. lettuce or cabbage. Because temperature of at least 160° F, Center power plant(shown) in
Through the bacteria can grow well on the poultry, 165° F; and eggs should NUMBERS: page 45
campaign, Consumers Union cut surface of fruit or vegetable, be cooked until the yolk is firm.

Tell us how you scored a hotel room for less

Consumer Reports Shopping front desk, did a ton of research like to share your success stories for luxury or low cost, we'll sort questions. - Tod Marks
Blog (Consumer Reports) online, or kept calling the hotel with other readers in an out the winners from the losers, Subscribe now!
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:56:49 AM until the clerk made you a better upcoming issue of Consumer and direct you to the chains that S u b s c r i b e t o
offer. Perhaps you landed a Reports. Later this spring, we'll offer the best value and fewest for expert
Tell us how you scored a hotel dream room through a low-ball be publishing the results of our problems. And, of course, we'll Ratings, buying advice and
room for less bid on Priceline, or tweaked latest hotel survey, of nearly provide advice on how to get a reliability on hundreds of
Have you ever felt like your check-in or check-out dates 30,000 subscribers, along with great deal. products. Update your feed
bragging to the world about a to reap substantial savings. Ratings of 48 nationwide chains So if you have a story to tell, preferences
huge bargain you scored on a Be it through guile, on parameters such as please speak up and chime in.
hotel room? Maybe you smooth- perseverance, homework, or the cleanliness, service, and You might end up hearing from
talked your way to a deal at the power of your personality, we'd comfort. Whether you're looking us with some follow-up
E-reader News Edition Tech News/ 45
continued from page 44 continued from page 45

Indiantown, Florida, according the Times, what distinguishes at your home, read our October Although we know that many
to " FPL Experiments With this facility is that "the solar 2009 report on solar water people are already confirmed
Solar Thermal at Gas-Fired array is being grafted onto the heaters. Stay on top of the latest buyers, there are a lot of fence-
Power Plant" in The New York back of the nation's largest fossil news related to renewable and sitters out there still wondering
Times. FPL Group is the parent -fuel power plant, fired by alternative energy and check out why they need an iPad when
company of Florida Power & natural gas. It is an experiment a webcam of the Martin Next they already have an iPhone(or
Light Company and NextEra in whether conventional power Generation Solar Energy Center iPod Touch, or netbook, or
Energy Resources. generation can be married with power plant under construction. laptop, etc.). If that's you, we've
When it opens later this year, renewable power in a way that Subscribe now! come up with a list of confirmed
the 75-megawatt Martin Next lowers costs and spares the S u b s c r i b e t o iPad apps that may convince
Generation Solar Energy Center environment."\ for expert you otherwise.
will be the second largest solar- Last fall, President Barack Ratings, buying advice and Sponsor
thermal power plant in the Obama promoted a national reliability on hundreds of 1) The New York Times
country, providing enough smart grid at the opening of FPL products. Update your feed No surprise here. The NY
electricity for 11,000 homes, Group's s DeSoto Next preferences Times was actually one of the
according to FPL Group. Generation Solar Energy Center. applications demonstrated iPad Arrives April
While not in widespread use,
solar-thermal power plants are
— Steven H. Saltzman
Essential information: If you're
during the iPad announcement 3rd: 8 Apps We
IPAD page 47
nothing new. But according to interested in using solar power Can't Wait to Try
Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb)
Up Your Chances of Winning Your Oscar Pool Submitted at 3/5/2010 8:59:25 AM

[Friday Fun] News from Cupertino,

California this morning has
Apple fans in a tizzy: the
Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) recommendations, Richard at
"magical and revolutionary"
Submitted at 3/5/2010 11:00:00 AM our more well-versed sister blog
(yes, that's really how Apple
Gawker has some smart,
The film industry's big prom is describes it) iPad now has a
somewhat cynical picks—then
this Sunday, and there's a good confirmed launch date.
again, the Oscars ceremony
chance someone around the According to an Apple press
itself is sometimes smart, and
office, or at the party you're release, the iPad will be
often cynical.
invited to, is putting together an available in the U.S. on
How do you do the math on
Oscar pool. Up your chances, Saturday, April 3rd in Wi-Fi
your Oscar picks, whether for
and winner-picking prestige, only models and later that
pool profit or just bragging
with probabilities and smart month in 3G. Also by month-
rights? Which films are locks
guesses. end, all editions of the iPad will
for their categories? Trade your
Wired's How-To Wiki has Halve the odds past 30 years. become available in Australia,
tip sheets in the comments. Win
some simple advice on picking Of the 10 nominees for Best The Wiki also recommends Canada, France, Germany, Italy,
an Oscar Pool[Wired How-To
the Best Picture winner, which Picture, eliminate the five (or saving your upset pick for the Japan, Spain, Switzerland and
is sometimes a wild card, but more) not also up for Best Best Actor category, where it's the U.K. Pre-orders will start
The Complete Guide to
often follows a tried and true Director. The same movie has most likely to happen. For March 12th on
Winning Your Oscar
path: won both awards in 25 of the actual picks and Pool[Gawker] IPAD page 45
46 Tech News/ E-reader News Edition

2 Services for DIY Mobile Social Networks

Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb) Shoutem: Niche Networks for and share anything - whether easily do so via a niche network.
Submitted at 3/5/2010 7:27:37 AM Communities that's a photo, video or text - and But perhaps an even better
Having recently exited its beta have it posted to the network. example involves how local
Forget building your own testing phase, Shoutem's Shoutem does much of the businesses could use these tools
iPhone app, you can now build globally available service lets same thing with tools that in building apps for their
your own mobile social users easily create private enable file and photo uploads. customers. On Socialight's
network! Two companies - mobile social networks without They also target their app to homepage, they're currently
Shoutem and Socialight- are needing programming and local communities like colleges, featuring "Socialight
offering platforms that allow development skills. With their cities, restaurants, bars and Concierge," a toolkit for the
anyone to design, develop and platform, anyone can control the clubs. Why Niche Networks for hotel and tourism industry
launch their very own social access and the design of their Mobile? which lets companies create
networks for mobile devices. network and launch it as a which are accessible via the Considering that there are "curated concierge experiences"
Although neither service will mobile application for the web, a WAP site or an iPhone already several popular mobile where "guests access location-
likely lead to the next creation iPhone, Blackberry and soon, app. The company seems to social networks out there, based information about
of the next Twitter or Android. have more of an enterprise focus including Brightkite, Loopt, restaurants, shops, and places to
Foursquare, the tools they offer Shoutem recommends using than Shoutem, noting how their Gowalla and Foursquare to visit, together with city tours
are perfect for design a niche their product to build specialist tools have helped "companies name a few, you may wonder and historical points of interest,
site for a select group of users. niche sites for sports fans, clubs and brands" create their own why people would need to join all in a branded environment."
Whether it's a closed network and events. Already, some apps. However, the tools yet another. The answer to that The richness of this mobile
for you and your friends, a fan- companies have launched their Socialight provides can be used question is two-fold. One application goes far beyond
based network for celebrating a own small networks using the by anyone, even difference is access. These niche anything we've seen with the
favorite TV show, a one-time service. NFL Shouts, for individuals...even your mom as networks can be closed simplified DIY mobile app
use network for a particular example, lets game fans explained in this video on communities for just a select building tools. These are no
conference or event or even communicate with each other Vimeo. group of people working on an mere informational apps, they're
something designed for use during football season. Ranch Not Just Mobile, Location- invite-only system. The second comprehensive networks where
within a particular company, and Rodeo, meanwhile, Based difference between those some content is managed by the
these services have you covered. connects an international What's interesting about both publicly available services and business, but the real value
Sponsor audience to a destination site launches is their focus on the ones designed with these comes from the customers
We've already seen social where fans can interact. location-based services. In new toolkits is that they are socializing within the
network DIY services take off Socialight: Better for Brands, Socialight's case, they offer laser-focused on a single community.
on the desktop, mainly due to Businesses...and Mom? tools for sharing geo-tagged purpose. You may not want to You can start building your
Ning and their niche network The other company to recently photos and other location-based spam up your Twitter account own network today on Shoutem
building tools. That same launch something in this space community content, all of which where you promote your here or Socialcast here.
concept can now be reproduced is Socialight. With their new can be viewed on a map business to discuss things Discuss
on the mobile platform thanks to Socialight Community Platform, interface. From the mobile related to your local book club
Shoutem and Socialight. anyone can create networks application, users can upload for example, but you could
E-reader News Edition Tech News/ 47
continued from page 45

in January. Their native images to fit the larger screen for GQ that proves Condé Nast that the iPad has a lot of
application lets you save stories, and the results, from what we've gets how to develop for new potential. We think it's a really
watch video, zoom in and out on seen so far, look great. platforms. The GQ app is not a compelling device," he said.
photos and virtually "flip" 4) Penguin Books simple digitized magazine, but Iger also predicts that the iPad crowdSPRING Adds
through the paper without Penguin CEO John Makinson includes features that embrace will be "a game-changer in Writing Jobs to Its
dirtying up your fingers with spoke to a London audience this the mobile web. For example, terms of enabling us to create Creative Services
newsprint. The news stories are past week about his company's you can tap through on an ad to essentially new forms of
updated whenever the device plans to build iPad-ready books. go to a company's website or tap content." We can't wait to see Marketplace
has an internet connection. 2) Instead of releasing text-only a song in a music review to what the creatives at Disney Chris Cameron
The Wall St. Journal publications, Penguin books will download it. come up with. (ReadWriteWeb)
We haven't seen it in action yet, be more like apps including Wired, specifically, gave us all Also of note: Disney owns Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:10:00 AM
but News Corp.'s Rupert embedded video, audio and a look at their iPad app earlier Marvel Comics and that has
Murdoch has apparently been streaming. "The .ePub format, this month and it's incredible. some speculating that comic last few months, we've focused
telling people that there's an which is the standard for ebooks Although they actually called it book apps are on the list of soon from time to time on design and
iPad under lock-and-key in the at the present, is designed to their "tablet" app - Wired isn't -to-arrive Disney iPad apps. 8) how it affects startups. One of
WSJ's building. "We've been support traditional narrative limiting themselves to one iPhone Apps, Transformed the larger issues that comes up
allowed to work on one," he told text," said Makinson, "but not platform - we know one of the Although iPhone apps will that goes hand-in-hand with
members of the Real Estate this cool stuff that we're now first places we'll see it is Apple's work on the iPad without any design is the copywriting that
Board of New York during a talking about. So for the time new slate device. updates required, developers accompanies that design. The
luncheon this past week. We being at least we'll be creating a 6) Your Student Newspaper who want to redesign their importance of carefully crafted
imagine its features will be very lot of our content as In addition to the big names iPhone apps specifically for the wording can not be understated;
much on par with those in the applications, for sale on app like the NY Times and WSJ, iPad can do so. after all, the words are what
NY Times app, as described stores and HTML, rather than in colleges will also begin to use For an example of how great actually speaks to your audience
above. 3) Need for Speed Shift ebooks. The definition of the the iPad for distributing their these will look when they do when they visit your site.
(Game) book itself is up for grabs." highly localized news. One this, check out 1Password. Copywriting is as much an art
The iPad represents a whole 5) Condé Nast Magazines: college, Abilene Christian Already available as an iPhone and a skill as design is, and
new gaming platform. It's a Wired, GQ, Vanity Fair, The University, has already app, this app helps you create that's why the crowdsourced
handheld device like the iPhone, New Yorker, and Glamour confirmed they've developed an strong passwords for web design network crowdSPRING
but one with a much larger Enjoy magazines but hate how app for their paper, "The services and accounts, is now including copywriting
screen. That means video games they clutter up your house? That Optimist." "We want to be up remembers them for you and jobs for bids on their site.
will look great - more like will never be a problem again and running and there when stores them right in your Sponsor
games you play on your TV via thanks to the iPad. According to they're ready for us," said browser. Their iPad app, shown As of Wednesday, the popular
game consoles like the Xbox the NY Times, the large Professor Kenneth Pybus. You off on their blog here, shows service opened up their
360, PS3 or Wii. Electronic Arts publishing firm has big plans for can bet they won't be the last just how attractive - oh, we'll designer's club to include
is one of the first to develop for their periodicals. GQ will have a college to launch for iPad, say it - just downright gorgeous- copywriters. Now clients
the iPad and their "Need for tablet version of its April issue either. 7) Disney iPad Apps iPad apps will be. looking to crowdsource text for
Speed Shift" racing game, also ready. Vanity Fair and Wired Walt Disney's Robert Iger Discuss any use can log onto
demoed during Apple's will follow with their June recently informed investors that crowdSPRING, set up a contest
announcement, has been issues, and The New Yorker and Disney will develop all sorts of for users to submit their work to,
redesigned from the iPhone Glamour will have issues in the iPad applications that will range set a reward price, and watch the
version into one just for the summer. Already, the from games to digital books and entries roll in. The writing jobs
iPad. They've scaled up the company's iPhone application who knows what else? "We find
48 Tech News/ Gadgets/ E-reader News Edition
China's Twitter Clones continued from page 47

can be as short as a name for

Richard MacManus Fanfou had been dubbed word filtering in operation."
(ReadWriteWeb) company or text for a website,
"China's Twitter" and had According to Meng, there are or as long as an essay, script or
Submitted at 3/5/2010 12:30:00 AM almost reached 1 million two teams of staff "keeping book. Various types of writing
registered users by the end of Weibo is very much like close watch to ensure there is no jobs are grouped into five
The popularity of Twitter has June 2009. Twitter, in that it allows users to vulgar content or anything that categories: business, creative,
produced a number of clones in An October 2009 report by post short messages 140 violates the rules." Would editing, naming and online.
China, just as there are China Daily noted that Fanfou Chinese characters or less via Twitter Succeed in China So far only ten jobs have been
Facebook clones. Some of was founded in July 2007 by the Web, SMS or MMS. Anyway? submitted, but the site's network
China's Twitter clones have Wang Xing, a young Although according to Chinese China's surviving micro- has already feverishly kicked
been closed down by the entrepreneur who also founded Internet expert and Beijing blogging services are tightly into gear, submitting nearly
Chinese government, but some China's current most popular resident Kaiser Kuo, in Chinese controlled by the censorship 1500 entries in just over a day.
have survived. We take a look at social network Renren (formally 140 characters can actually climate in China. The current projects range in
both cases in this post. We also known as Xiaonei). Both Renren produce quite a long message. However even if Twitter reward payout from $200 to
assess Twitter's chances of and Fanfou were almost carbon The major difference between became available again in $1500, the latter being a private
success in China, should it ever copies of their U.S. equivalent Weibo and Twitter, according to China, would it take off with project asking for a presentation.
be freed from the 'Great services - Facebook and Twitter Kuo, is that Weibo is censored. mainstream Chinese Internet Another of these first ten
Firewall of China.' respectively. Or in the parlance of Chinese users? Kaiser Kuo thinks that it projects posted comes from the
Fanfou, Jiwai and Digu were Weibo Rises to Take Fanfou's Internet users, it is wouldn't, because of the City of Chicago which is
some of the first Twitter clones Place "harmonized." popularity of currently hosting an elevator pitch contest
to become successful in China. Since the closure of Twitter, Sina's Weibo probably has a operational services like Weibo on the site. Chicago-based Small
However all three - plus Fanfou, Jiwai and Digu, other much greater chance of and Taotao. He remarked that businesses can submit a written
Twitter itself - were blocked by services have risen to take their surviving than its counterparts although there would be an version of their 30 second pitch
the Chinese government in July place. Taotao(owned by the like Twitter and Fanfou, because uptake in the number of users on for a chance to win $500 and a
2009, due to their usage during company that produces popular it knows how to self-censor. Twitter, if it was ever to be free booth at the upcoming
the uprisings in Ürümqi. IM service QQ) and Meng Bo, deputy editor-in-chief made available again, Weibo Small Business Expo in July.
Sponsor are two examples. of and project and others will have gained too "By using crowdSPRING for
According to an AFP article, However it is Weibo that has manager of Sina Weibo, told much momentum by then. our annual competition, we're
Chinese authorities blamed emerged to become the biggest China Daily in October that Discuss hoping to get some amazing
online agitators for helping to micro-blogging service in "Sina is playing by the rules as
stoke violence in that region. China. It's owned by, they are laid down, with strict CROWDSPRING page 50
Prior to being shut down, a big portal company in China.

DIY gaming rig made from pipes

Doug Aamoth (CrunchGear) spend on gaming desks, then get keyboard swing outward like all B e c o m e s
Submitted at 3/5/2010 10:00:36 AM some aluminum pipes like this good gaming desks should. Reality[
guy did. There don’t appear to be any via MAKE]
Seems like every year at CES I don’t know if I’d use my actual plans drawn for this
we see those fancy gaming desk actual PC as an ottoman, but project that you could use to
setups and every year they still you could get creative and build build your own, but the whole
cost thousands of dollars. If you some sort of enclosure for it. be impossible to squeeze into rig looks pretty straightforward.
only have tens of dollars to And lest you be worried that it’d that chair, the monitor and Computer Gaming Chair
E-reader News Edition Tech News/ Fashion/ 49

Learning “Just in Case” versus “Just in Time” [Learning]

John Cook (Lifehacker) produced anything. On top of
Submitted at 3/5/2010 12:00:00 PM that, technological information
has a short shelf life, so it's not
Math professor, programmer, worthwhile to learn too much
and blogger John Cook that you're not sure you have a
discusses the importance of need for.
learning "just in case" versus On the other hand, you need to
"just in time", and how learning know what's available, even if
"just in case" is essential when you're only going to learn the
something comes up and you details just in time. You can't
need to learn something "just in say "I need to learn about
time". version control system now" if
Photo by Martineric. you don't even know what
What do you learn just in case version control is. You need to
you'll need it in the future, and have a survey knowledge of
what do you learn just in time technology just in case. You can
when you do need it? learn APIs just in time. But
In general, you learn things in there's a big gray area in
school just in case you'll need between where it's hard to know
them later. Then once you get a what is worthwhile to learn and
job, you learn more things just patterns in your head before you The difference between just-in- much out there that you aren't when.
in time when you need them. can recognize them in the wild. case and just-in-time is like the going to need. You can't learn John Cook has worked as a
When you learn just in time, Years ago someone told me that difference between training and every detail of every operating math professor, programmer,
you're highly motivated. There's he never learned algebra and has trying. You can't run a marathon system, every programming c o n s u l t a n t , m a n a g e r , a n d
no need to imagine whether you never had a need for it. But I've by trying hard. The first person language, every library etc. s t a t i s t i c i a n . H e e n j o y s
might apply what you're learned algebra and use it who tried that died. You have to before you do any real work. combining these skills and
learning since the application constantly. It's a lucky thing I train for it. You can't just say You can only remember so experiences to solve problems
came first. But you can't learn was the one who learned algebra that you'll run 26 miles when much arbitrary information and see the solutions carried out.
everything just in time. You since I ended up needing it. But you need to and do nothing until without a specific need for it. R e p u b l i s h e d from
have to learn some things before of course it's not lucky. I would then. Even if you could learn it all in w w w . j o h n d c o o k . c o m
you can imagine using them. not have had any use for it either Software developers prefer just the abstract, you'd be decades
You need to have certain if I'd not learned it. in time learning. There's so into your career without having

The 31 Women in Art Photography at Affirmation Arts (ELLE News Blog) photography department, Opening reception + afterparty: Mozman
Submitted at 3/4/2010 2:23:34 PM Charlotte Cotton, and Humble Sat 3/6, 6-midnight Photo : Rachelle
Arts Foundation's Jon Feinstein. R . S . V . P . t o Mozman/Humble Arts
Add this show to your weekend The opening reception is F o u n d a t i o n
art checklist: the 31 Women in Saturday night—RSVP Thru April 10th.
Art Photography, curated by the required—so get there early! As —Jackie Bates, Senior Photo
former head of Los Angeles of now RSVPS are over 1,000! 523 W. 37th St. Editor
County Museum of Art's Affirmation Arts (between 10+11th Aves.) Sisters Triangle, by Rachelle
50 Gadgets/ E-reader News Edition
CROWDSPRING Steve Ballmer emphasizes
continued from page 48

elevator pitches," said Chicago

City Treasurer Stephanie Neely.
blogs and other materials they
may not be able to create
entire community... to identify
possible violations of
importance of the cloud, Google
"We're optimistic we'll find the
talent we need and build buzz
effectively on their own. First
time entrepreneurs who've never
intellectual property," the site
says. "We expect that people in
pretty much does likewise
around our competition, and written a business plan can now our community will share the Darren Murph (Engadget)
hope the innovative submission use the site to crowdsource a community's core values, which Submitted at 3/5/2010 12:34:00 PM
process will help drive solution instead of toiling over it includes the protection of and
participation and attendance themselves, provided they give respect for intellectual Microsoft has had its run-ins
around our business plan the applicants sufficient property." with the cloud before, but if
competition." information regarding the It seems that IP security is not CEO Steve Ballmer is being
Earlier this week, we discussed company. At the very least, an something crowdSPRING takes serious (and we're guessing he
whether crowdsourcing and entry like this could be modified lightly, as this blog post makes is), the company is about to get than to wait for your taskbar to
outsourcing were wise business or used as a starting point for a very clear. For any business, even more connected. Speaking stop bouncing. In related news,
practices for startups. Some more involved plan. theft of intellectual property is with computer science students Google Europe boss John
argued that early stage startups However, a startup may be an inherent risk with this week at the University of Herlihy has essentially mirrored
may be too fragile to rely too reluctant to crowdsource oursourcing and crowdsouring, Washington, Ballmer was those thoughts, calling the
heavily on these practices, but business materials for fear of but it would seem that the quoted as saying that "a year desktop an item that will be
most agreed that if used revealing private business service is going to great lengths from now... 90 percent [of "irrelevant" in three years.
correctly, crowdsourcing and information to the site's users. to ensure their users are safe. Microsoft employees would be Why? Largely because most
outsourcing could be valuable What if a user sees a job for a Photo by Flickr user working in the cloud]." He went everything you'll need a tower
tools to startups. In this light, business plan detailing a Unhindered by Talent. Discuss on to say that the cloud base "is for will be available via a
startups can certainly benefit startups roadmap for success the bet, if you will, for our mobile or the web, but we all
from these new services and decides to steal the idea? company," and he noted that it'll know that sect of hardcore
provided by crowdSPRING. According to crowdSPRING, "create opportunities for all the gamers will keep the beige
Startups without the sufficient they have been forced to ban folks in [the] room to do boxes rolling for at least another
staff to cover media and public users for violating the site's IP important research and build score.
relations can use the service to rules in the past. important projects." It's not like Steve Ballmer emphasizes
produce emails, newsletters, "We work together with our any of this is an epiphany, importance of the cloud, Google
though; we've already seen a pretty much does likewise
shift to Google Documents originally appeared on Engadget
given the ability to access it on Fri, 05 Mar 2010 12:34:00
from any web-connected EST. Please see our terms for
computer, and with the use of feeds. Permalink|
proliferation of broadband on Computer World, Silicon
the up and up, it's only a matter Republic| Email this| Comments
of time before it's more
convenient to open a web app
E-reader News Edition Tech News/ Gadgets/ 51

KeeFox Integrates KeePass and Firefox (At Long

Last) [Downloads]
Adam Pash (Lifehacker) and aren't ready to trust their form filling, logs into sites
Submitted at 3/5/2010 11:30:00 AMpasswords with a third-party instantly, offers one-click saving
service, no matter how secure. for adding new passwords to
Firefox: KeeFox brings tight Unfortunately, despite some KeePass, and more. Let's Make.Believe
integration between the cross- s o l i d p l u g - i n s , K e e P a s s ' s The KeeFox extension is a free
platform, open-source password browser integration isn't close to download, currently Windows
Sony Ads Make Sense!
manager KeePass and Firefox, as tight as LastPass's. That's only. If you use KeePass, this [We Miss Sony]
providing automatic logins, where KeeFox comes in. extension seems like a must Wilson Rothman (Gizmodo)
form filling, and more. This extension is still a little have. KeeFox[via Productive
Submitted at 3/5/2010 12:20:00 PM
On Tuesday Kevin sang the rough around the edges (it's Geek]
praises of LastPass for password relatively young), but if you're a choice, it's worth a little effort
management, but a lot of readers die-hard KeePass user and getting it setup. Once you do, LET'S page 52
are still in love with KeePass Firefox is your browser of the extension does automatic

Microsoft's Courier 'digital journal': exclusive pictures and

Nilay Patel (Engadget) new picture really puts it into until any of this gets official --
Submitted at 3/5/2010 10:55:00 AM perspective -- and the internals call us any time, Microsoft. One
apparently reflect that emphasis more pic showing the interface
We've been dying to know o n m o b i l i t y : r a t h e r t h a n after the break.
more about Microsoft's Courier Windows 7, we're told the Update: We've added a gallery
tablet / e-book device ever since Courier is built on Tegra 2 and of user interface shots -- some
we first caught wind of it last runs on the same OS as the Zune of which we've seen and some
September, and while our HD, Pink, and Windows Mobile of which are new.
entreaties to Mr. Ballmer went 7 Series, which we're taking to Gallery: Courier user interface
unanswered, we just learned mean Windows CE 6. Continue reading Microsoft's
s o m e v e r y i n t e r e s t i n g As we've heard, the interface Courier 'digital journal':
information from an extremely appears to be pen-based and exclusive pictures and details
trusted source. We're told centered around drawing and Microsoft's Courier 'digital
Courier will function as a w r i t i n g , w i t h b u i l t - i n journal': exclusive pictures and
" d i g i t a l j o u r n a l , " a n d i t ' s handwriting recognition and a details originally appeared on
d e s i g n e d t o b e s e r i o u s l y corresponding web site that camera, and there's a headphone around reading. It all sounds Engadget on Fri, 05 Mar 2010
portable: it's under an inch thick, allows access to everything jack for media playback. Most spectacular, but all we have for 10:55:00 EST. Please see our
weighs a little over a pound, and entered into the device in a blog interestingly, it looks like the a launch date is "Q3 / Q4", and terms for use of feeds.
isn't much bigger than a 5x7 -like format complete with Courier will also serve as we have no idea how much it's Permalink| | Email this|
photo when closed. That's a lot comments. We're also hearing Microsoft's e-book device, with going to cost, so we're trying to Comments
smaller than we expected -- this that there will be a built-in a dedicated ecosystem centered maintain a healthy skepticism
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Sony's newest catchphrase, only portable gadget to buy. Sony started losing Number 1 commenters: "It's visually would be confusing at best, and
"make.believe," is a fitting You knew you were getting it, positions in TVs, cameras and interesting but it comes across at worst would suggest a degree
reminder that Sony ads make no so choosing which one became a even videogame consoles, and as some kind of dystopian vision of interactivity that the product
sense. Laptops take flight, connoisseur's dilemma. Even found themselves unable to get of the future. An Orwellian kind simply didn't have:
PlayStations become monsters, gorillas knew this. the market leadership they of hell sponsored by Sony." F*** You, Buy a Sony
and pitchmen state plainly that By the time Sony got into the assumed they'd easily grab in Hell. By Sony. And I am not The ads that Sony should really
Sony TVs make you better at movie and record business, and other areas, such as PCs or entirely sure I ever saw anything be ashamed of, though, are the
playing sports. Most of the iconic cassette Walkman ebook readers. As they slipped, I could actually buy. But Will It so-called expert ads, some of
all—look! Play-doh bunnies! gave way to the less iconic CD their advertising just got weirder Bite? which ran on our own site this
Back when Sony had only Walkman, the Sony brand and weirder. Ads now ranged Another batch of ads featured past holiday season. I will admit
electronics to sell, they sold became bigger than the gadgets. from purely artistic—products real Sony products, but not in to being a fan of Peyton
them like no other—to borrow a With the eventual exception of saw hardly any airtime—to any way that helped the Manning and Justin Timberlake,
more sensible slogan that the PlayStation, the electronics lost trippy—products were shown, consumer decision. We begin but they're not experts, and I
company recently retired. You their own identities. That's not but not in a way that a buyer with the PlayStation 3, trust them more than I trust any
bought a Trinitron TV because it to say the gadget well dried up. could relate to—to according to this video, a of the other people on the so-
was the best, you bought a On the contrary, Sony released sarcastic—where pitchmen and dangerous, volatile and ugly called panel.
Walkman because it was the more and more, jazzing up tried- pitchwomen spouted nonsense beast that does… something: In the Sony Reader ad, when
coolest, and you told everyone and-true businesses with and openly mocked customers, Somehow they manage to the poor actress has to ask the
else they were dumb if they progressive industrial design as if consciously parodying convey all the tension of gaming incredibly dumb question "Can I
didn't do the same. "It's a Sony!" and catchy-sounding sub- Sony's own classic without any of the fun. It's read a lot of books on this
you'd shout at any half-witted brands. It's not a clock radio, it's advertisements. violent through and through, thing?" Amy Sedaris says yes
amigo who was reluctant to pay a Dream Machine. Sony's brand Thanks to the miracle of except for that quick bit with the and holds up her book. It's
the Sony premium. momentum carried it YouTube, we can see how all butterflies. worth noting that unlike her
Sony worked hard to make you successfully into new areas three of these categories failed Here is the Bloggie camcorder, brother's works, her book is
a part of its marketing team. where they really could make a to hit their targets. Artsy Fartsy whose simple demonstration has highly visual, with full color
They even went so far as to superior product. In addition to What can you say about this been so perverted, it would photos and lots of sight gags. It's
indoctrinate the children. When the videogame consoles, this category, except that who cause Steve Jobs—or even excellent, but you would never
the My First Sony line was included digital cameras, doesn't like rainbow-colored Steve Ballmer—to shoot the ever read it on a Sony
launched, it actually made portable computers and dog- Claymation bunnies hopping to director between the eyes: Reader—or on a Kindle.
sense, because it reinforced shaped robots. late-'60s Rolling Stones? Never mind that, on this In the camera ad, when the
what you already believed: that But due to arrogance, an Who doesn't like bubbles complicated-looking copy of a actress mentions that all the
you would buy in and keep on obsession with proprietary falling from the sky? Or the Flip camera, the 270º swivel cameras look the same, baby
buying. Brand did matter, but formats and a lack of stick-to- spontaneous proliferation of lens is the only thing everyone seal photographer Nigel Barker
only by standing for specific, itiveness—coinciding with the several million bouncy balls? would figure out immediately, explains that "the technology in
high-quality products. There rise of unexpectedly tough Who among you doesn't like why does the product have to be their cameras and camcorders
were 170 different Walkman competition from Korea, China sound/vision experiments by man-sized? And what's with the makes it easy to get the best
models released during its first and Cupertino, California—the avant garde directors cut to fingers guy? shot." This is something every
decade, sure, but this was before magic wore off. The "buy the ADHD-friendly 3-minute In this whole mess, the most camera maker would say about
MP3 players, cellphones, PDAs, brand" message lost its grip on lengths? organic ad I could find was for their cameras. It doesn't
laptops, portable game consoles shoppers, but to the increasingly If you answered no to the above Rolly, the short-lived zany differentiate, and it can never be
and pocket-sized camcorders. out-of-touch executives inside questions, you are lying. But to Bluetooth music robot. I love proven wrong.
Besides perhaps a 35mm the company, it seems to have drive the point of failure home, the ad, but I actually know the
compact camera, this was the become a rallying cry. let's hear from one of YouTube's product. The ad, to a lay person, LET'S page 54
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The Apple iPad cometh. Pre-order on March 12th,

on sale April 3rd
Tablet send email, enjoy and share Store, including apps already models on April 3 in the US for
( photos, watch videos, listen to purchased for your iPhone® or a suggested retail price of $499
Submitted at 3/5/2010 6:08:24 AM music, play games, read ebooks iPod touch®. Developers are for 16GB, $599 for 32GB, $699 Rii Mini Wireless Laser
and much more. iPad is just 0.5 already creating exciting new for 64GB. The Wi-Fi + 3G
iPad Available in US on April 3 inches thick and weighs just 1.5 apps designed for iPad that take models will be available in late Pointer Keyboard: A
Pre-Order on March 12 pounds-thinner and lighter than advantage of its Multi-Touch April for a suggested retail price Brando Story [Brando]
CUPERTINO, Calif., March 5 any laptop or netbook-and interface, large screen and high- of $629 for 16GB, $729 for John Herrman (Gizmodo)
— Apple® today announced delivers battery life of up to 10 quality graphics. 32GB and $829 for 64GB. iPad
that its magical and hours.* The new iBooks app for iPad will be sold in the US through Submitted at 3/5/2010 12:00:00 PM

revolutionary iPad will be iPad’s revolutionary Multi- includes Apple’s new the Apple Store® It was 3:59 AM Hong Kong,
available in the US on Saturday, Touch™ interface makes iBookstore, the best way to (, Apple’s and Brando's offices reeked of
April 3, for Wi-Fi models and in surfing the web an entirely new browse, buy and read books on a retail stores and select Apple Vodka and sweat. The design
late April for Wi-Fi + 3G experience, dramatically more mobile product. The iBookstore Authorized Resellers. intern cowered from the men
models. In addition, all models interactive and intimate than on will feature books from the New iPad will be available in both that encircled him. "Reach into
of iPad will be available in a computer. You can read and York Times Best Seller list from Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G models the parts bag," one of them
Australia, Canada, France, send email on iPad’s large both major and independent in late April in Australia, hissed, "and make us something
Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, screen and almost full-size publishers, including Hachette Canada, France, Germany, Italy, we'll like."
Switzerland and the UK in late “soft” keyboard or import Book Group, HarperCollins Japan, Spain, Switzerland and Silhouetted by a single
April. photos from a Mac®, PC or Publishers, Macmillan the UK. International pricing yellowed bulb, with memories
Beginning a week from today, digital camera, see them Publishers, Penguin Group and will be announced in April. iPad of design school lectures still
on March 12, US customers can organized as albums, and enjoy Simon & Schuster. will ship in additional countries fresh in his brain, the intern
pre-order both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi and share them using iPad’s The iTunes® Store gives iPad later this year. hesistated. "I heard there are
+ 3G models from Apple’s elegant slideshows. iPad makes users access to the world’s most The iBooks app for iPad scorpions in there. Is... is that..."
online store ( it easy to watch movies, TV popular online music, TV and including Apple’s iBookstore Silence. And so he reached.
or reserve a Wi-Fi model to pick shows and YouTube, all in HD, movie store with a catalog of will be available as a free He grabbed the largest piece he
up on Saturday, April 3, at an or flip through the pages of an over 12 million songs, over download from the App Store in could find, hoping for a USB
Apple retail store. ebook you downloaded from 55,000 TV episodes and over the US on April 3, with hub, or something similarly
“iPad is something completely Apple’s new iBookstore while 8,500 films including over 2,500 additional countries added later versatile. Yes, he though to
new,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s listening to your music in stunning high definition. All this year. himself as he pulled a miniature
CEO. “We’re excited for collection. the apps and content you *Battery life depends on device keyboard from the bag. There's
customers to get their hands on The App Store on iPad lets you download on iPad from the App settings, usage and other factors. still hope. Reentry. Fumbling. A
this magical and revolutionary wirelessly browse, buy and Store, iTunes Store and Actual results vary. minor puncture wound from a
product and connect with their download new apps from the iBookstore will be automatically Five Filters featured article: frayed wire. Finally, he grabbed
apps and content in a more world’s largest app store. iPad synced to your iTunes library Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: hold of something smooth and
intimate, intuitive and fun way includes 12 new innovative apps the next time you connect with PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, square. He realizes his mistake
than ever before.” designed especially for iPad and your computer. Term Extraction. almost immediately, but not
Starting at just $499, iPad lets will run almost all of the more Pricing & Availability before one of his new bosses
users browse the web, read and than 150,000 apps on the App iPad will be available in Wi-Fi could club him in the back of his
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During the TV ad, Peyton and distortion of a distortion of a a PC sure sells Macs.) Like head with the nearest glue, until the black shape
Justin play pingpong. ESPN's message. everything else, Sony needs to weaponizable object he could scuttled away under the table.
Erin Andrews says to a Don't you feel like the Gregory focus. Instead of hiring 20 reach, a combination power He loaded up his now-drenched
bewildered family, "You can't Brothers know this? They different artists to conceive of strip/barometer. "That's two shirt with the parts like a child
fake Sony quality." Justin openly mock the customers, and crazy shit, why not create a items, you stupid child." A hand hoarding Easter eggs, and
chimes in with, "The more they repeat "these all seem the global ad campaign that focuses reached out and slapped the shuffled wearily into the
sports you watch on a Sony, the same" over and over—and over. on specific actual products, and battery and touchpad from the engineering chamber, too
better you get. At sports." And I couldn't help but flash a portrays their standout features intern's hand, onto the floor. nervous even to glance over his
then a TV appears with the knowing smile when Julia in a way that doesn't sound like "Go again." shoulder.
words HDNA scrawled across Allison explains that the Sony it's mocking the products or the A wireless transmitter. A d-pad. The next thing he heard was the
it, though the announcer says it's PC is different because it has a customers? My only fear is that Some LED lights. A sound of a turning key; the thud
called a Bravia. I don't know Blu-ray drive and an HD screen. as Sony has less and less to brag backlighting panel. Lastly, of a setting deadbolt; the slow
what HDNA is, and I was there Like every other Windows about, this strategy will be a...wait, what's this? A laser sinking of a human stomach.
when they unveiled it. laptop in that range. Where Do harder to work out. Still, it's pointer? Fuck. A portly man Hidden in the near corner was
In a rather ironic twist, these They Go From Here? worth a shot: Pick your best with darkened sunglasses two gallons of water, a USB
ads got remix treatment by the When criticizing advertising, products, get closeup shots, play snorted as if he'd just been jolted hotplate, and a pile of broken,
Gregory Brothers of Auto-tune the easiest thing to do is to point some baby music in the awake, and gestured slowly, as unpackaged ramen noodles.
the News fame. This isn't some to Apple as the counter background, and tell us why we if conducting an orchestra in "See you in three weeks" our
Gray Album bootleg, but a viral example. "Well, Apple would've should buy them. No slow motion. The room fell intern heard through the door.
video sanctioned Sony's done it this way." But truthfully, p s y c h e d e l i a , n o silent. Or was it three months? It was
marketing department, an Apple achieves what most anthropomorphic gimmicks, and "That will be all," one of his hard to hear over all the
approval that shows Sony can companies strive to pull off, an no smirking. apparent henchman said. He laughter.
make some daring choices when entertaining but earnest look at [ Lead image] gestured toward a cracked door The Rii Mini Wireless
they want to. But waist the right the product being sold, or a on the other side of the room, Keyboard is available today, for
move? I enjoy this remix more comedic vignette that drives a labeled "Engineerin." (The "g" $92. Update: Commenters have
than any of the original ads, but single sales point home. (Say had fallen off in 2007, and found a lower price: $50 for
it doesn't clear up any what you want about Justin nobody had bothered to replace what looks like the same
frustration either. It is a Long, but Hodgman's Eeyore of it.) Through the gap, the intern product. [ Crunchgear]
could see his tools: there was a
flathead screwdriver, some
electrical tape and a soldering
iron. For a fleeting second, he
thought he saw small a tube of
E-reader News Edition Gadgets/ 55

Should we even bother going after Magnetic solder might

cyber-criminals? lead to a new computer
Nicholas Deleon
for all this madness are outside
the reach of American
authorities, who are the ones
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:30:59 AM
Matt Burns (CrunchGear)
who are most gung-ho, let’s go
At what point do you stop get ‘em, well, what are you Submitted at 3/5/2010 8:30:26 AM

trying to track and prosecute gonna do?

cyber-criminals? Obviously, you Many countries like Japan and
It’s sorta fascinating, if
can’t let criminals run around those in the European Union are
something can be “sorta”
willy-nilly, but when you look banning electronics made with
fascinating. You have criminals
at the resources involved in lead. This is bad news bears for
running amok, they’re
bringing those guys to those companies still using lead-
essentially untraceable, and
justice—and are you really based solder. But there’s a new
they’re distributing tools that
kid in town that seems to have a power into a given area, but
nabbing the right guys in the any kid with a free hour can
solution while addressing a few currently the complicated
first place?—it’s worth at least figure out how to use.
other issues surrounding stacked manufactuereing process limits
talking about. Is fighting cyber- So that’s the debate: how best
computer chips. The key is their use. This new solder might
crime about as futile as fighting responsible. As someone from to go after the bad guys when
Symantec told CNN, it “takes they’re impossible to catch, and magnets. change that as it can easily be
the war on drugs?
This new type of solder utilizes drawn up through the layers of
The deal is that authorities last no more skill than it takes to run they’re spreading around the
iron particles in the mixture that chips thanks to the magnetic
week arrested the ringleaders of Microsoft Office” to start a tools of their trade all over the
gives it magnetic properties, properties. Previously an
a Spain-based botnet. Botnets, botnet. place, tools that any ol’ person
which allows for a near-heatless expensive and tricky process of
o f c o u r s e , a r e h o r d e s o f Script kiddies, in other words. can put to use?
manufacturing process. Instead chemically drilling a hole,
computers that have been “taken You can arrest all the script Man, all this talk about cyber-
of direct heat that can damage coating it with copper, and
over” by evildoers to do their kiddies you want, but they’re crime has me hankering to see a
surrounding circuits, magnets relying on surface tension to
bidding. The issue is that, sure, not the ones actually creating good sci-fi movie à la Blade
can be applied to the solder, properly direct the solder was
you can catch three guys who the destructive software in the R u n n e r . A n y o t h e r
which cause an internal heating used.
run a botnet, but that doesn’t first place. recommendations in that vein?
process, therefore slightly There’s a chance that the solder
n e c e s s a r i l y m e a n y o u ’ r e And then you figure that many Something cyberpunk-y, if you
melting it while it’s naturally will be commercially available,
c a t c h i n g t h e p e o p l e m o s t of the programmers responsible will.
attracted to the magnet allowing but first the the inventor is
it to be precisely applied and talking to chipmakers, who may
manipulated. just offer enough money to keep
Three dimensional silicon chips the process to themselves.
pack a lot more computing
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More rumors on the Microsoft The Forsa Posh Pad

Courier – OS, size, weight and MV7 tablet features
launch Android, GPS and 3G
Tablet Tablet stylus. The 2800mAh battery is
( ( rated for four or more hours
Submitted at 3/5/2010 8:35:16 AM Submitted at 3/4/2010 1:52:18 PM (although the rep in the video
gives it a larger, if more
Another look at the Microsoft While not our favorite spice unrealistic, 8 to 12 hour range).
Courier (that would be Ginger), Forsa is It’s available now (though that’s
We were starting to worry bringing quite a few features to probably for wholesale only)
about the Microsoft Courier. the table with the Posh Pad and Forsa says it will cost
After hearing plenty about it version MV7. around $250.
September of last year there was The Forsa Posh Pad has a 7- After reporting on the slightly
no mention of Ballmer and Co. inch 800 x 480 resolution more spec weak G-Link 7006,
during the CES keynote or any touchscreen powered by a low- we have to wonder how many
real information leaked in a e n e r g y M a r v e l l P X A 3 0 3 more Marvell running Android
couple of months. It was starting processor, 256MB of RAM and MIDs will be coming to the
to seem that the Courier would 2GB flash drive. It has built-in market shortly.
go down as the latest Microsoft the Courier will remain that of a So how long do we have to wait GPS, WiFi b/g, Bluetooth and a Source: ARMDevices
vaporware victim. “digital journal” and will rely for all this dual-screened SIM port for 3G. The integrated Five Filters featured article:
All of that is starting to change, heavily on stylus input and goodness? Only until the second webcam is front-facing and Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
however, as today Engadget handwriting recognition. The half of this year according to 1 . 3 M P . T h e r e ’ s a l s o a n PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
posted some rumors from what hinged tablets will fold down to Engadget’s source. That’s a very expandable microSD card slot, Term Extraction.
they consider a reliable source. around 5 x 7 inches, be under an large and drafty six month mini USB, USB 2.0, mic,
The Microsoft Courier is inch thick and under a pound in window, but even at that it speakers, headphone jack and
coming and it is still headed in weight. seems a little rushed. After all,
the right direction. Of course those are all goals at we’ve only seen renderings of
First, the Courier will forgo a this point, but they’re admirable the Courier at this point and not
Windows 7 OS and instead join to say the least. There will also one solid piece of hardware.
the ranks of the Zune HD and be a camera, headphone jack Source: Engadget
Windows Mobile 7 Series by and, keeping in the thinking of a Five Filters featured article:
using Windows CE 6. It will journal, an emphasis on reading Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
also be powered by a Tegra 2 — specifically eBook reading. PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
processor (extremely fast CPU A main feature of the Courier Term Extraction.
that has a low power will be its use as an eReader.
consumption rate). The focus of
E-reader News Edition Gadgets/ TV/ 57

What's On Tonight:
'Ghost Whisperer,'
'Caprica,' Spirit Awards
Bob Sassone (TV Squad)
Submitted at 3/5/2010 12:00:00 PM

Here's tonight's TV lineup (all

times Eastern).

• At 8, ABC has a
new'Supernanny,' followed by a
new, two-hour'20/20.'
• CBS has a new'Ghost
Whisperer' at 8, then new
episodes of'Medium'
M3 robots used to research human • NBC has'Who Do You Think
You Are?' at 8, followed by a
Thing I Ever Ate' at 10.
• There's a new episode of'The

development, melt hearts (video) new, two-hour'Dateline.'

• PBS has a new'Washington
Soup' on E! at 10.
• Also at 10: BBC America has
a new'Friday Night with
Joseph L. Flatley (Engadget) test machine learning software might not even notice if they Week' at 8, then new episodes
designed to shed some light on weaponize themselves. Let's just o f ' N O W ' a n d ' B i l l M o y e r s Jonathan Ross.'
Submitted at 3/5/2010 11:28:00 AM
fine motor skill development. It say the future just got a little J o u r n a l . ' • At 11, IFC has The Spirit
Let's face it: anything that a is equipped with a pair of cuter. And a little deadlier. • M y N e t w o r k T V h a s a Awards.
human can do a robot can do CMOS cameras for sight and Video after the break. new'Smackdown' at 8. • At midnight, HBO has a
better. Whether it's teaching our microphones for hearing, gyro Continue reading M3 robots • TCM has'The Crowded Sky' new'Funny or Die Presents.'
youngsters, giving physical and accelerometer sensors, and u s e d t o r e s e a r c h h u m a n at 8, followed by'Airplane!'
therapy to our oldsters, or tactile sensors. And it can crawl! d e v e l o p m e n t , m e l t h e a r t s • At 9, Syfy has a new'Caprica.' Check your local TV listings
reading bedtime stories, robots The latter robot was developed ( v i d e o ) • HBO has a new'Ricky Gervais for more.
a r e c o m i n g o u t o n t o p . to study communication through M3 robots used to research Show' at 9, then a new'Life and After the jump, the late night
Researchers at Osaka University use with object recognition, human development, melt hearts Times of Tim.' talk shows.
h a v e d e v e l o p e d t w o n e w speech recognition, and speech (video) originally appeared on • At 10, HBO has a new'Real Continue reading What's On
devices recently called M3- synthesis software. On the Engadget on Fri, 05 Mar 2010 Time with Bill Maher,' with Tonight: 'Ghost Whisperer,'
neony and M3-synchy ("M3 hardware end, this guy sports a 11:28:00 EST. Please see our Sean Penn, Arianna Huffington, 'Caprica,' Spirit Awards
stands for "man-made man," head-mounted CCD camera, t e r m s f o r u s e o f f e e d s . Michael Moore, and Andrew Filed under: Programming,
while "neony" refers to the word two microphones, a speaker, and Permalink Plastic Pals| Japan Ross Sorkin. Celebrities, What To Watch
n e o n a t e , a n d " s y n c h y " t o fifteen LEDs (for making the Science and Technology Report| • STARZ has a new'Spartacus: Tonight, Reality-Free
synchronized communication). robot blush). Needless to say, Email this| Comments Blood & Sand' at 10. Permalink| Email this| |
The former is essentially a baby these are both very adorable -- • Food Network has a new'Best Comments
simulator that will be used to so much so, in fact, that we
58 Gadgets/ Apple/ E-reader News Edition

Leak: Microsoft Pink phones coming to Verizon,

on shelves April 20th?
Nilay Patel (Engadget) Turtle after the break.
Submitted at 3/5/2010 11:55:00 AM Update: We've just heard that
Pink will be coming to
Details on Microsoft's Pink Vodafone internationally as well
phones seem to be leaking all -- which explains why we've
over the place this week, and we heard of both CDMA and GSM
just got a huge piece of the variants of the two devices.
puzzle: an extremely reliable Continue reading Leak:
source just told us the two Sharp Microsoft Pink phones coming
-made devices will launch to Verizon, on shelves April
exclusively on Verizon, with a 20th?
possible street date of April Leak: Microsoft Pink phones
20th. We've also got two more coming to Verizon, on shelves
around that"truly madly deeply" fact that Pink seems to be a
photos of the Pure and Turtle -- April 20th? originally appeared
line Microsoft employees have limited featurephone platform
which are legit, as far as we can on Engadget on Fri, 05 Mar
been tossing around lately. (Sort launching into a world of cheap
tell -- and some info on the Pink 2010 11:55:00 EST. Please see
of explains that 4/20 launch smartphones remains to be seen,
ad campaign, which will indeed our terms for use of feeds.
date, right?) Whether any of this but this thing is definitely
be targeted at teens and Permalink| | Email this|
is good enough to overcome the happening. New pic of the
twentysomethings and centered Comments

Save the Date: Apple’s iPad Launching April 3

Chris Brandrick only apply to the U.S., with about the upcoming launch: confirming the speculated delay
(TheAppleBlog) international releases in “We’re excited for customers to until April.
Submitted at 3/5/2010 8:07:21 AM Australia, Canada, France, get their hands on this magical So with the iPad launch details
Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and revolutionary product and now laid bare, will you be
This morning, Apple finally Switzerland and the United connect with their apps and picking one up at launch? If so
announced the release date for Kingdom to come towards the content in a more intimate, are you opting for the Wi-Fi or
its anticipated iPad, detailing end of April. Sadly no specific intuitive and fun way than ever 3G model? Let us know in the
that the tablet device will be d a t e s o r p r i c i n g f o r t h e the U.S. will be able to order before.” comments.
available starting Saturday, international launch have been either the Wi-Fi or 3G model in Reports popped up early this Related GigaOM Pro Research:
April 3. confirmed as of yet, however advance and either have the week hinting that the iPad • How AT&T Will Deal with
The early April weekend launch M a c w o r l d U K h a s b e e n device delivered via, would launch on March 26, with iPad Data Traffic
will see only the Wi-Fi model of speculating about the price for or collect the 3G model in-store further rumors suggesting that • With The iPad, Apple Takes
the touch-screen device being British customers. on April 3. iPad’s would be arriving in Google To the Mat
made available, starting at $499, In the lead up to the official Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who stores for staff training as early • Web Tablet Survey: Apple’s
with the 3G model being launch, Apple will be running a revealed the iPad back in as March 10. Of course word iPad Hits Right Notes
introduced later that month. pre-order scheme, which starts January, said the following from Apple regarding the launch
Apple detailed that these dates March 12. Customers based in has now set the record straight,
E-reader News Edition Apple/ 59

How-To: Get the Most From Get Info

Nick Santilli (TheAppleBlog) (just once) on that larger icon, make a template, or keep a handle .txt files. If the
Submitted at 3/5/2010 8:00:30 AM you’ll notice a slight glow pristine version of any kind of application you want to use
outlines it. This is a hint that file in OS X. doesn’t show in the drop down
If you’ve ever Control-clicked you can do something with that • Locked – If you check the list, select ‘Other’ and browse to
(also known as ‘right click’) a icon. If you want to change the Locked box (I just got a the application you want. This is
file, you’ve seen a listing of icon of this file, here’s what you flashback of an Al Gore skit on a huge time saver for many
actions presented to you that can do: SNL), you are effectively folks.
be carried out on that file. This • Select the icon you want to protecting the file against 8: Preview
menu is called a contextual duplicate and copy it. You can deletion, or against being moved Not much to see here. It’s a
menu, but that’s not the point of do this simply by locating it in from its current location. preview of the document file.
this exercise. What is the point, the Finder, clicking it, and But you can’t read it —
is the item called ‘Get Info’. copying it with a Command+C 5: More Info although it is an exact replica of
Today, I’d like to show you keyboard shortcut. Brilliantly named, you get more the actual document’s contents.
some of the hidden gems that • Click the large icon in the Get info here. Document Author and You can drag the preview image
can be found within this screen. Info window of the file who’s a last opened date. and hold Option to create a copy
Get Info is a function of the icon you want to change. When 6: Name & Extension of the file, if that’s something
Finder, and displays properties the colored glow shows around You can alter the name here. Of that’s exciting for you.
about a file or folder. To follow the icon, use Command+V to course you can do that without 9: Sharing & Permissions
along at home, open the Finder paste the icon you copied in step opening Get Info, so you’re If you ever run into problems
and simply right-click any file 1. That’s it. Now the Finder will better off doing it from the file with being able to read or
on your computer, and then display this file’s new icon. location in Finder. But you can change a file — or someone else
choose ‘Get Info’. We’ll start also choose to show or hide the is — then you might check here.
from the top, and work our way 3: Spotlight Comments file’s extension using the check Though as fair warning, fiddling
down. I’ve covered this extensively in box here. with permissions can have
1: Title Bar(of Get Info years past. Spotlight Comments 7: Open With adverse affects, so unless you
Window) are sort of keywords that you This one’s got some power know what you’re changing,
If you Control-click the icon in can manually add to a file. They under the hood. I’ll illustrate the you may want to avoid changing
the title bar of this window, are indexed by Spotlight for usefulness of this part with a these details.
you’ll see a hierarchy that searching. personal example: So that concludes our tour.
represents the location of this 4: General I’ve got several Text Editors Some of the items within Get
file on your computer’s hard (If the arrow next to the name installed on my Mac. I prefer for Info are obvious. But there are
drive. If you then click on any General is pointing to the right, .txt files to always open into some gems worth knowing. My
of the higher level locations click on it and it will drop down TextMate. I can accomplish this hope is that you found
listed, a Finder window opens to the contents of this section of this box makes the current file a by doing a Get Info on any .txt something you had been looking
that folder. This can be useful the window.) There is some template file. Once you’ve file, and choosing TextMate as for, or had not previously
for files nested many folders general information found here checked this box, and then open the ‘open with’ option. Once known about.
deep in a hierarchy. — hence the name. But below the file again, a duplicate of this I’ve done that, by clicking the
2: Change the File’s Icon the information are two items file will be made and opened, so “Change All…” button, all .txt
Below the Title Bar, is a larger with check boxes beside them: the original will be protected files will automatically open
icon which represents the file Stationary Pad, and Locked. from edits. It’s a nice way to with TextMate rather than any
we’re looking at. If you click • Stationary Pad – Checking of the other apps that also
60 Apple/ E-reader News Edition

Apple “Genius Squad” in the Works?

Dave Greenbaum may limit the choice of
(TheAppleBlog) customers and marginalize third
Submitted at 3/5/2010 6:00:56 AM -party vendors that don’t sell
items in the Apple Store or
Over at Patently Apple, Jack website. Currently AASPs and
Burcher reports that Apple is ACNs don’t work for Apple and
applying for a trademark called don’t always recommend pure
“Joint Venture.” The trademark Apple solutions for their
application indicates that this is customers. If Apple entered
most likely to be some kind of into this territory, it could put
new service offering by Apple. some of these smaller
Might Apple start providing on- independent companies out of
site service just like Best Buy’s business just as the Apple Stores
Geek Squad? did for independent Apple
The key clauses in the patent c o m p u t e r s o f t w a r e a n d directly to set up your Xserve resellers.
application certainly seem to consumer electronic devices; or Airport Extreme may be a Which is better? Independent
indicate this just might be the consulting services in the field g r e a t i d e a a n d w o u l d b e s u p p o r t b y n o n - A p p l e
Penguin Plans to
case: of selection, implementation and consistent with the offerings of employees or on-site consultants Make Books
“ I n t e r n a t i o n a l C l a s s 0 3 7 : use of computer hardware and big PC companies that provide who work for Apple? My vote,
Maintenance, installation and software systems for others.” end to end support for larger of course, is for independent Shinier with iPad
repair of computer hardware, Would this be a good thing for installations. Joint Venture solutions, but that’s because I’m Darrell Etherington
computer peripherals, computer Apple customers? Certainly members would be people a member of the ACN. (TheAppleBlog)
n e t w o r k s , a n d c o n s u m e r b e i n g a b l e t o p u r c h a s e t r a i n e d b y A p p l e , a n d Then again, Apple may just be
Submitted at 3/4/2010 11:00:50 AM
electronic devices; information, additional on-site services specializing in Macs (unlike covering its bases should it ever
a d v i s o r y a n d c o n s u l t a n c y directly from an Apple Store Best Buy’s on-site squad). It’s decided to compete with, or Penguin doesn’t want to just
services relating to all the would be convenient. The always possible that Apple l i m i t t h e A A S P o r A C N continue releasing your
aforesaid.” Geniuses stay locked behind the could decide to have Joint program. Apple’s silent on standard, garden-variety e-books
“ I n t e r n a t i o n a l C l a s s 0 4 2 : bar (pun intended) and Apple Venture members be existing what it intends to do; the on a new platform with the iPad.
T e c h n i c a l s u p p o r t a n d relies on independent third-party members of the ACN and AASP trademark filing is the only clue. CEO John Makinson showed off
consulting services pertaining to sources who are often part of the programs and the trademark Of course, I’m not sure which what his company had in mind
computer hardware, computer Apple Consultants Network could all be about branding. color shirt a potential “Genius for the platform at a presentation
peripherals, computer software (ACN) or Apple Authorized If Apple opts for its own on-site Squad” would wear? Black earlier this week, as reported by
and consumer electronics; Service Providers (AASP) to “Genius Squad,” it would likely t u r t l e n e c k s w o u l d b e t o o paidContent.
troubleshooting and computer provide on-site service to be biased towards Apple- o b v i o u s . Penguin is apparently looking
diagnostic services for computer Apple’s customers. For many approved solutions, utilizing to sidestep the iBookstore
hardware, computer peripherals, Apple customers, paying Apple equipment Apple sells. This altogether and sell content
through the regular App Store,
at least unless Apple has
additional formats beyond .epub
to offer for the iBook app. The

PENGUIN page 61
E-reader News Edition TV/ 61
continued from page 60

publisher wants to offer resembled regular apps more comfortable with the idea of
embedded interactive content in than anything else. They seemed mixing the two concepts. I think
its titles, including audio, video like slightly less capable apps, in doing so, you run the risk of
and device-to-device functions. in fact, in that they were still losing the value of one or both
Looking at what Penguin is trying to look like books despite of these activities.
planning, I’m reminded of those there being no point to that. A quote by Makinson illustrates
elaborate electronic reading People have developed great exactly what scares me about
learning systems designed for medical and astronomy apps for Penguin’s plans:
children, or the original the iPhone (and iPad, by We will be embedding audio,
electronic books, which extension) platform. Why would video and streaming in to
included simple noisemakers I choose a book that’s been everything we do. The .epub
alongside traditional paper texts. somewhat awkwardly made into format, which is the standard for
In other words, it’s kind of neat,
especially if you’re a five-year
an app instead of something
designed, from concept to
ebooks at the present, is
designed to support traditional
'Instant Recall' Won't Go
old, but it doesn’t really strike
me as the exciting future of
books Penguin is making it out
finished product, specifically for
the platform?
As someone who avidly enjoys
narrative text, but not this cool
stuff that we’re now talking
Down In History As One
to be. Besides, I don’t want a
five-year old getting my iPad all
reading, and also buys more
iPhone apps than is probably
Cool stuff? Books aren’t cool.
They don’t need to be, and your
of the Great Game Shows
grubby and sticky. Here’s a wise or justifiable, even if I do desperate attempts at staying Bob Sassone (TV Squad) turned into an intervention for a
video of what the publisher was write for an Apple-centric blog, relevant won’t change that. Submitted at 3/5/2010 11:30:00 AM woman he'd never met before
showing off: I’m not sold on Penguin’s vision (Wink and the sexy model are in
The books demoed that were of the future of books on the I'm a traditionalist when it a n o t h e r r o o m a s t h e c o n
aimed at a more mature iPad. I don’t read books for the comes to game shows. I don't unfolds). So yeah, this is
audience were a little more same reason that I use software really like anything that's too 'Candid Camera' with a twist.
impressive, but I was mostly applications or interact with rich bizarre or wanders too far from When it's time to let the victims
struck by how much they media, and I’m not entirely the studio audience/stage/host off the hook, Wink comes in,
with a mic/play a game format. introduces himself, and they

Would You Watch 'Help Me, Martha' So I didn't really like the new play the game, which is to see if
GSN show'Instant Recall,' even the contestants can remember
if there were a few things that I what just happened to them.
as in Martha Stewart? found amusing. Continue reading'Instant Recall'
T h e c o n c e p t : h o s t W i n k Won't Go Down In History As
Brad Trechak (TV Squad) most unreal reality television Martindale and his crew stage a One of the Great Game Shows
Submitted at 3/5/2010 12:30:00 PM ever devised. phony set-up to con someone Filed under: OpEd, Video,
The show is slightly into playing a game. This first Game Show, Episode Reviews,
Martha Stewart Living reminiscent of'Queer Eye for the episode featured two people Reality-Free
Omnimedia, along with Mark Straight Guy' or even'The who thought they were at a Permalink| Email this| |
Burnett, is trying to pitch 'Help Marriage Ref.' It's great how "love seminar" and a guy who C o m m e n t s
Me, Martha' as a new reality television assumes that people found himself at a party that
television program. In it, Martha have no control over their own
helps someone who is having a
party or "lifestyle issue" get WOULD page 62
things together. In short, it is the
62 Entertainment/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 61

lives (in truth they don't, but I program without your say-so.
hardly think making them a And if you didn't like it, she'd
television spectacle is going to have to let you go.
help). Filed under: Other Reality
If you were planning Shows, Industry, Programming,
something, would you really OpEd, Celebrities, Casting
want Martha there looking over Permalink| Email this| |
your shoulder? She comes Comments
across as pretty bossy. If your
party idea didn't match with
hers, she could very well change
it around on this television

President Lindsey Graham Soon to Announce New Terror

Tribunals [War On Terror]
Pareene (Gawker) really knows the score. On Carolina Senator. future. The official, also
Submitted at 3/5/2010 11:11:01 AM March 1, the Washington Post So: any second now, the speaking on the condition of
had an actual news story about administration will announce anonymity, said the talks with
In November of 2008, almost how Rahm Emanuel was "the that it's given up on trying Graham have been mostly about
70,000,000 Americans voted to voice of reason" in the White Khalid Sheik Mohammed in "limited issues" involving the
elect South Carolina Senator House. civilian court, and it will, Mohammed trial and the future
Lindsey Graham Commander-in Supposedly, Rahm was not instead, send him to a military of Guantanamo.
-Chief of the United States. actually very happy with either tribunal. Because that is what Good thing they're sacrificing
Now Vice President Rahm of these stories, because he is a John McCain's sidekick wants. their principles to win the
Emanuel is finally taking charge consummate pro and he does not Top Obama advisers have been qualified support of one
in the War on Terror. like to make his boss look bad. negotiating with Sen. Lindsey Republican Senator who
Ha ha ha, just kidding, it is But still: a few days later, the O. Graham (R-S.C.) — a vocal actually has no influence over
actually this guy named Obama Post has a scoop: Rahm just the key to waging this War on critic of trying the Sept. 11 the rest of his party! Maybe if
who won that election. Lindsey won a policy debate! Terror is to rack up tangible suspects in civilian court — in Obama just keeps compromising
Graham is just the guy who in Attorney General Eric Holder political victories that will make pursuit of a deal that would with people, Republicans will
charge of Obama's Justice had this crazy, completely the President look good. Which secure his help in closing stop attacking him completely,
Department. unrealistic idea that America is why Greg Craig was forced Guantanamo. Graham has and they will finally
Some background: late last should prosecute the war on out after his disastrous attempt sought the creation a legal acknowledge that he's not a
m o n t h , t h e W a s h i n g t o n terror with respect for our ideals to do a morally right thing that framework that would spell out terrorist who wants to hurt
P o s t ' s " f u n n y c o s t u m e " and the rule of law, politics be the President promised he would how the government would America. Just give up one more
columnist Dana Milbank wrote damned. He is so cute, that one! do (closing Guantanamo) and detain and try future captives, fundamental tenet of human
an opinion column about how (He will probably resign before why the administration is now but an administration official rights and Liz Cheney will
Rahm Emanuel was the only David Paterson does.) taking cues on law enforcement warned that a "grand bargain" is totally stop being so mean!
guy in the White House who But Rahm Emanuel knows that from a Republican South not likely in the immediate
E-reader News Edition Entertainment/ 63

American Idol: The Color Wars? [Recaps]

Richard Lawson (Gawker) dudes. What a sad world we live you at the Rapture. As you soar Haeley to a singing duel or Tim is cuuuuuuter than all the
Submitted at 3/5/2010 11:07:07 AM in. What a lovely, miserable up to boring, chilly heaven and I anything, but. I feel it n my rest ever before? Because he's
place. stay down here and lay out my fingers. I feel it in my awwwwwwfuler than all the rest
Four more down and only four Who went home? Tim Urban traps. It'll be a fun toesssssss. ever before? Probably some
more to go until we're really into John Park eternity. So didja notice anything about weird Venn diagram of the two.
this thing, and how do we stand? Well, shucks. That's that. I don't Michelle Delamor those four contestants what went Also, he's not Asian. I guess. I
We stand not very well. We know. I know he kinda didn't do Sigh. She didn't do so bad on packing last night? Yep. Nary a mean, I don't think many among
stand somewhat better than we all that well these past two Wednesday night, and yet. Was one of 'em white. Three black us, this particular readership,
did a week ago, but still on weeks, but I think Park was an she forgettable? Was it kids and a Korean. Does this would kick John Park outta bed.
troubled ground. interesting enough contestant to something else? Whatever the mean anything? Well, it might. That's a handsome kid right
As a friend observed last night, linger on into the Top 12. reason, she's gone now. There But we can't peer into the there. And yet. Maybe he wasn't
wasn't it awfully cruel to make Certainly more interesting than will be no more slo-mo Creed. frenzied hearts of every single as relatable to whoever the fuck
the kids, four of whom were some of the alternatives. Like No more... other thing she sang. Idol voter (yet), so there's really is voting for this whitebread
about to die, sing "Tonight's that little kid from Texas or Michelle Of The Love has not no way to tell for sure. It does show. Kendra Meerky, 14, from
Gonna Be a Good Night"? wherever the fuck. You know, felt it from you, America. And seem suspicious, though. I Overland Park. Delia Fleischer,
Because it wasn't gonna be a who sang that Milly Stingrass vice versa. We press on. mean, in the case of Haeley and 12, from Marblehead. Old Gay
good night, for an unfortunate song, "The Climb," during his Haeley Vaughn Jermaine, they were Mr. Boysalot, age unknown but
fifth of them. It was going to be audition? You know the kid. Oh... How... how terrible. I resoundingly bad. They just definitely old, forty or so
a pretty shitty night, actually. The kid. Nobody knows his just... I feel so bad. Haeley stank up the joint. But why maybe, from Diddlin' Acres,
And ohhhhhh boy did they have n a m e . W e l l , h e i s j u s t seemed like such a nice girl and didn't Lacey deserve to go home that sex farm out off rural route
to dub that shit. I loved how f u n d a m e n t a l l y a l o t l e s s I... OHhhhh I can't do it! for her pee-panted "Kiss Me" 12. People like that. These kind
Ryan was like "Here they are, interesting than John Park. And Haeley's gone! Vaughn is Gone! instead of Delamor's of people. Ordinary people. Can
your top 20..." and everyone yet. Vaughn is Gone! I know it's considerably better "With Jesus we condemn such people, who
clapped and then all of a sudden Jermaine Sellers cruel to be so happy about a Sweep On a Mountaintop, We we don't even know?
all the applause died and there This absolutely needed to teenager's sadness, but she was Are Creed"? And John Park is, Anyway. Sheesh. They have to
was no noise but the soft buzz of happen. Not only was this fool so very annoying, guys. So very, again, far more interesting a get rid of four more next week.
a studio mic. The sad thing? not a terribly gifted singer, but very annoying. And more than contestant than some, and Who will it be? Let's predict!
Kids didn't even sound good in a he was ungodly annoying. Yes, being annoying, she was just not certainly a better singer. I'm guessing, Big Mike & That
p r e - r e c o r d i n g . T h e y s t i l l Jermaine! I said "ungodly"! a good singer. I know she was I know why someone like Tim Kid from the boys, Lacey
sounded rank. And, ha, they Now, I know you're a church- all choked up, so that was part Urban is sticking around, and it Brown & Katie Stevens
didn't even have Tim Urban g o i n ' , g o d - f e a r i n ' f e l l o w , of it, but no lie? I could sing a is a forever flaw of this show, (shocker!) from the girls.
sing. Instead they had him do because you told us fourteen better version of "The Climb" that it is so ruled by the crimson You?
lonely whiteboy rap (do the million times, but I will still say (there's that song again!) than passions of teenage girldom, but
Black Eyed Peas do any other ungodly. Goodbye, darling! she did last night. I think I it sticks out so much more this
kind of rapping?) with two other Goodbye goodbye goodbye. See could. I don't want to challenge year for some reason. Because
64 Entertainment/ E-reader News Edition

Naomi Campbell Is Not Abusive to the Help and Other Fables

[Gossip Roundup]
Brian Moylan (Gawker) and savior or she would beat our • Speaking of drugs, the only
Submitted at 3/5/2010 11:15:52 AM heads in with her vajazzled person in the world threatened
Blackberry. [ NYDN] by Dr. Drew was his stalker and
St. Naomi uses her money to • he got arrested. The stalker
buy her way into heaven. Jon • Everyone is making fun of claimed that Dr. Drew tried to
Gosselin has a small wang, The Jon Gosselin's tiny penis. make the guy's wife kill his kids
McSteamy's have a baby, Playgirl won't even offer him as and eat them. Wow, someone
Lindsay Lohan is doomed, and much as they gave Levi needs to put down Medea and
Angelina banged Mick Jagger. Johnston (which, FYI, wasn't pick up his anti-psychotics. [
For Friday's gossip, you're stuck the $100K cited in the article) NYDN]
with me. because Gosselin is yucky and •
• Chief Inquisitor Naomi has a small dick. Hmm, which • Brittany Murphy's crazy
Campbell has somehow would you rather see? Jon husband Simon Monjack, who
convinced her boyfriend's driver Gosselin's little nubbin or Lady is not a GPS system to help you
to admit that he is a big fibbing Gaga's? [ NYDN] find your stolen vehicle, has
tattletale. He said, "I got angry • returned the money he raised for
and overreacted. It was a • Mick Jagger and Angelina the Brittany Murphy
misunderstanding and I regret Jolie apparently shagged more Foundation. The endowment
involving the police. This whole than once. The first time, in was about $800. Too bad, that
thing has been blown out of 1997, they were both married. was enough to buy cassingles of
proportion and I apologize to That's so strange. Of all the "Rolling with the Homies" for
Ms. Campbell for causing that people in the celebrity world to every starving child in Northern
to happen." He never actually cheat on their spouses, we never Canada. [ TMZ]
says that she didn't beat the crap would have pegged these two. [ •
out of him. When asked by a P6] • Jill Zarin didn't know who
reporter if he was paid for his • General David Petraeus is. Of
recantation, his lawyer said, • Lindsay Lohan apparently then he was only pretending to this morning. We wonder if they course she didn't. She is
"The statement speaks for itself. sucks as a DJ. She tried a gig in retire, so she is out another job. videotaped it. [ People] focusing all her attention on this
We have no further comment." London and she was a mess. She Next stop? Bill Weisensteiner's • country's war with Bethennistan,
Well then. Naomi is now not only failed at impressing her School of Dental Hygiene in • Madonna's homosexual which is far more important. [
strutting around like she is the new boyfriend, British DJ DJ Ronkonkoma. [ RadarOnline] brother Christopher Ciccone is P6]
reincarnated spirit of Gandi. "I Gareth Geno who is exactly like • having delusions of grandeur
have worked very hard on Sam Ronson minus the vagina • A baby makes a threesome. and thinks he actually has a shot [ Image via Getty]
correcting my previous and the stupid hats, but she also Eric Dane and Rebecca of replacing Simon Cowell on
wrongdoings and I will not be has failed at very single career Gayheart, our favorite American Idol. He needs to go
held hostage to my past," she that she has tried. She was Hollywood couple, welcomed a back on his meds. [ P6]
said. Then she told us to accept planning on replacing Supreme baby girl into the world early •
Jesus Christ as our personal lord Court Justice John Roberts, but
E-reader News Edition Entertainment/ Sports/ 65

Detroit Lions, Kyle Vanden Bosch

have contract agreement, player says news services 0 ) { your front step because you're
( I.setDescription(jQuery(".article the guy I want," Vanden Bosch
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:49:20 AM p:not(div.beta-opt said Friday morning on radio of
p):first").text()); } else { Schwartz's message. "He's a
I.setDescription(jQuery("p:first" great coach, and last night he
• Email ).text()); } if was a great salesman."
• Print (jQuery(".article .image, Vanden Bosch said on WGFX-
• Comments .headshot").length > 0) { var FM 104.5 The Zone that
theimage = (jQuery(".article Schwartz left around 2:30 a.m.
'); document.write(''); } . i m a g e , with only the final details to be
else if ( show_gigya ) { .headshot").find("img").attr("src worked out. Schwartz worked
document.write('• '); ")); I.addMediaItem( { type: with Vanden Bosch when he
document.write(' 'image', src: theimage }); } was Titans defensive
Al Sharpton and Bill Clinton ');
v a r
function showShareUI(){
H =
A.userAction =
I; coordinator.
The deal is worth $26 million, a
Have Opinions About David {APIKey:"2_B48MVBl19K9C
areUI(H,A); return false;
} } news services
league source told ESPN NFL
Insider Adam Schefter. Vanden
Paterson [Circuses] kt8foSSRaAbdWu36H_N3Ky_
ERWhDG", enabledProviders:
Defensive end Kyle Vanden
Bosch, 31, will be due $10
million in the first year of the
Pareene (Gawker) (which will happen!), then look " f a c e b o o k , t w i t t e r " , Bosch agreed to a four-year deal contract, The Tennessean of
Submitted at 3/5/2010 11:50:30 AM for it to be announced this cid:"ESPN.Story"}; var I = Friday with the Detroit Lions Nashville reported.
evening at like 5:30 pm. n e w thanks to the personal touch of A nine-year veteran, Vanden
Speculation as to when or ( T h o u g h — w h o w i l l e v e n coach Jim Schwartz. Bosch spent the past five
whether David Paterson is going announce it? Paterson has no ion(); var containerID = Seifert on Vanden Bosch seasons with the Titans, getting
to resign as governor is entirely communications director!) "gigyacontainer"; var Kyle Vanden Bosch says that all of his 43½ career sacks. He
pointless. He doesn't know But: Al Sharpton and other D="Test "; var A = {}; Detroit coach Jim Schwartz put was a first alternate for the AFC
himself. He will probably decide black elected officials are taking I.setUserMessage(""); if on the full-court press last season despite only three
to, and then change his mind, t h e l e t ' s w a i t f o r t h e (jQuery(":header:first").length > immediately. What it resulted in sacks and played in his third Pro
t h r e e t i m e s t o d a y . B u t i t investigation to play out line, 0 ) { is a player who improves the Bowl in January. He still ranked
probably won't happen today! which gives Paterson a bit of I.setTitle(jQuery(".article").find( Lions immediately, as Kevin fifth with 86 tackles and 20
Or, hell, maybe it will. If it does cover as he decides what to do. ":header:first").text()); } else Seifert notes. Blog. quarterback pressures.
happen today, if New York And hey, a small plurality of { • NFC North Blog Information from The
G o v e r n o r D a v i d P a t e r s o n New Yorkers still want Paterson I.setTitle(decodeURIComponent Schwartz wanted the Tennessee Associated Press was used in
resigns his office, leading to a to finish his term. That's a ("Vanden%20Bosch,%20Lions Titans starter to open free this report.
ridiculous political crisis when mandate! %20agree%20to%204- agency and landed Detroit's top Five Filters featured article:
various asshole State Senators And also Bill Clinton has an y e a r % 2 0 d e a l " ) ) ; } target by waiting in Nashville Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
challenge the legitimacy of Lt. opinion about things. I.setLinkBack("http://sports.esp outside Vanden Bosch's home PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Governor Richard Ravitch when free agency began. Term Extraction.
8151"); if "I could be anywhere in the
(jQuery("#videoInfo").length > country right now, and I'm on
66 Sports/ E-reader News Edition

Was Tiger and A-Rod’s Use of Blood Spinning Kosher?

( The Daily Fix) baseball,” The Record’s Bob limbo existence. those rules. In the St. Petersburg
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:03:26 AM Klapisch writes. “So far, “The Balco investigators gave Times, Stephen Holder provides
however, theres only smoke, no two men caught dealing drugs a some broader context.
Admittedly, it sounds kind of fire Even if Galea were to admit free pass so they could take NFL teams make a lot of
weird. The treatment known as to plying the local stars with down Clemens on evidence they money — because owners
platelet-rich plasma (PRP) HGH, theres not much couldnt use in a court of law,” refuse to open their books in
injection or “blood spinning” commissioner Bud Selig could Pessah writes. “Congress wasted negotiations with the NFL
involves taking a vial of blood do about it. The players would taxpayer money to ask Clemens Players Association, it’s hard to
from an injured person, deny it, and it would be their League Baseball for their t h e s a m e q u e s t i o n s M i k e know just how much — but
separating the plasma and word against the doctors.” involvement with Galea or Wallace asked him on 60 probably won’t be spending
platelets from the red blood cells In the New York Daily News, b l o o d s p i n n i n g . B u t t h e Minutes, then wasted plenty much of that green this off-
in a centrifuge, and then Christian Red breaks down the p e n u m b r a l , a s s o c i a t i v e more running around Houston season. In part, that’s because of
injecting the platelet-rich plasma facts behind PRP. At Yahoo, culpability that has tarred looking for evidence that a top-heavy and generally
into the injured area to quicken Steve Henson warns that perjury players whose names showed up Clemens lied when he said uninspiring crop of free agents,
healing time. It’s completely not HGH charges is the real in the Mitchell Report (or Andy Pettitte misremembered. but as Yahoo’s Jason Cole
legal, and it’s not even rare. risk for the big-name athletes Michael Schmidt’s New York Given all this, I have a lot of reports, teams are likely to
Lewis Maharam, president of that have spoken to the FBI Times pieces on Sammy Sosa trouble getting worked up over spend about $500 million less
the American College of Sports about Galea. and Barry Bonds) has proven what Roger Clemens may or this offseason than last because
Medicine, calls blood spinning, In one sense, though, the plenty sticky, even without may not have used to play many teams are more eager to
“the closest thing to a magic damage has already been done, concrete charges following b a s e b a l l . A t l e a s t R o g e r take advantage of the now-
bullet in sports medicine.” Getty and was done as soon as the behind. Former home-run king Clemens entertained us. The rest absent salary floor than to blast
Images The investigation of Dr. sports media tied the big-name Mark McGwire, who recently of these guys scare me.”* * * off through the vanished
Tony Galea started with Tiger stars to the once-obscure, admitted to using steroids NFL free agency began Friday budgetary ceiling.* * *
Woods suddenly controversial doctor. during his playing days, is back morning, seemingly as it does It has been a little over 20 years
Canadian doctor Tony Galea is At his blog, Ted Berg takes the in the game as a coach with the every year: with a host of big- since it occurred, but the
a pioneer in the field of blood Daily News (among other St. Louis Cardinals, but his name, big-salary players being shocking on-court death of
spinning. But a headline- tabloid offenders) to task for name was recently stripped off a dumped by their teams and former Loyola Marymount star
begging FBI investigation of the making PRP sound more stretch of Missouri’s Mark clubs making lucrative — if, as Hank Gathers remains an
doctor involves allegations tying scandalous than it is. “Since the Twain Highway that had been usual, generally non-guaranteed indelible and enduringly
him to both HGH and such big- treatment was apparently not r e n a m e d M a r k M c G w i r e — contract offers to free agents. poignant sports memory. Just a
name athletes as Tiger Woods, controversial until it involved a Highway. At FanHouse, Greg This free agency period isn’t few seconds after completing an
Alex Rodriguez and Jose Reyes, slew of favorite N.Y. media Couch applauds the move. like previous ones, though. With alley-oop with a dunk against
all of whom received PRP whipping boys, and since Roger Clemens is another the expiration of the league’s Portland in the West Coast
treatment from Galea. The several of the reports specify p l a y e r w h o s e a w k w a r d collective bargaining agreement, Conference semifinals, Gathers
whole story seems to be about that the treatment is ‘legal’ or testimony before Congress the NFL is entering its first off- collapsed on the floor. He went
90% aspersion and 10% fact at ‘not illegal’ implying that its a b o u t h i s P E D h i s t o r y season without a salary cap into cardiac arrest and died
present, but the presence of legality should be even in occasioned a descent into since 1993. shortly thereafter. Sports
boldface names among Dr. question it strikes me that more something more or less like It’s not complete free agent Illustrated’s Vault makes it
Galea’s clientele has given it than just blood is being spun,” disgrace, but who was never anarchy, though. True to NFL possible to relive that strange,
surprising staying power. Berg writes. actually convicted of anything. form, even an uncapped free sad time: Shelley Smith wrote
“The investigation began with It seems unlikely that any At True/Slant, Jon Pessah agent year has a new series of the initial story on Gathers’
Tiger Woods and has expanded player will be suspended or catches up with the erstwhile Byzantine rules. In the Boston WAS page 70
to other sports, including otherwise disciplined by Major Rocket during his present-day Globe, Albert Breer explains
E-reader News Edition Sports/ 67

Carolina Panthers coach John Fox can't fight back tears on

Jake Delhomme release
Associated Press 0 ) { brings with it many new rules releasing Delhomme, a feel- on his throwing hand. Moore
( I.setDescription(jQuery(".article for players and teams. good story who rose from relieved him and threw eight
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:46:27 AM p:not(div.beta-opt's John Clayton obscurity to nearly leading the touchdown passes and two
p):first").text()); } else { explains why. Story Panthers to the championship in interceptions as the Panthers
I.setDescription(jQuery("p:first" The reason: a career-high 18 his first season as a starter in won four of their last five games
• Email ).text()); } if interceptions in 2009, and 23 in 2003. to finish 8-8.
• Print (jQuery(".article .image, his final 12 games. Delhomme was scheduled to The Panthers on Wednesday
• Comments .headshot").length > 0) { var "It's really hard to describe how address reporters later Friday. gave the 25-year-old Moore the
theimage = (jQuery(".article hard this was," a red-faced "It's tough. As a friend and a highest restricted free-agent
'); document.write(''); } . i m a g e , Hurney said. "It's hard not to get teammate he was always tender of $3.043 million for one
else if ( show_gigya ) { .headshot").find("img").attr("src emotional when you talk about someone you could count on season. The next day,
document.write('• '); ")); I.addMediaItem( { type: it because he epitomizes and did things the right way and Delhomme was let go instead of
document.write(' 'image', src: theimage }); } everything we want. He's been was a leader and a family man," having him return as a backup.
'); function showShareUI(){ A.userAction = I; an excellent player for us." left tackle Jordan Gross said. "I was taught a long time ago
v a r H = Fox twice welled up with tears "I'm glad to have him in my life that you have to make the right
{APIKey:"2_B48MVBl19K9C areUI(H,A); return false; in explaining the decision, and it's hard when you learn that decision at that time for your
Qj72UVrAqLh7VSAyZDfMkcl } } Associated Press which came despite the fact he's not going to be around football team," Hurney said.
kt8foSSRaAbdWu36H_N3Ky_ CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Carolina still owes Delhomme anymore." "And we just came to the
ERWhDG", enabledProviders: Carolina Panthers general more than $12.5 million in Despite leading the team in decision that it was time. I think
"facebook,twitter", manager Marty Hurney choked guaranteed money. After a 58- nearly every passing category, when you come to that decision,
cid:"ESPN.Story"}; var I = up while calling releasing Jake 40 record as a starter over seven Delhomme began a quick that's when you make it."
n e w Delhomme the toughest decision seasons, the 35-year-old demise in the 2008 playoffs. Fox wouldn't say if they'll he's ever had make. Panthers Delhomme is out of work after After taking Carolina to a 12-4 pursue another veteran
ion(); var containerID = coach John Fox was in tears and his stunning one-year decline. record and the NFC South title, quarterback to add depth. The
"gigyacontainer"; var pleaded with fans to remember "He's done some great things for Delhomme threw five Panthers will also likely have an
D="Test "; var A = {}; the good moments. this team. Two [NFC] interceptions and lost a fumble entirely new defensive line after
I.setUserMessage(""); if Ending the Delhomme era championship games, a Super in an ugly 38-13 home loss to releasing Lewis and Kemoeatu,
(jQuery(":header:first").length > proved difficult -- and costly -- Bowl, all those comeback Arizona in the NFC divisional who was recovering from a torn
0 ) { for the team's brass. victories," Fox said. "I'm not playoffs. Achilles' tendon.
I.setTitle(jQuery(".article").find( Hurney and Fox sat at a podium sure I've had any more respect Undeterred, the Panthers gave Hurney said Dan Connor and
":header:first").text()); } else Friday morning to announce for an NFL football player than Delhomme a contract extension James Anderson would likely
{ their about-face: A year after Jake Delhomme." last spring and brought in no compete for Diggs' old starting
I.setTitle(decodeURIComponent giving Delhomme a lucrative The Panthers also released legitimate competition in job.
("Fox%20can\'t%20fight%20ba contract extension, the only defensive tackles Damione training camp. Then Delhomme "Sometimes you have to force
ck%20tears%20on%20Delhom quarterback to lead the franchise Lewis and Maake Kemoeatu, threw four more interceptions yourself to give those guys that
me%20release")); } to the Super Bowl was released and linebackers Na'il Diggs and and lost a fumble in Carolina's opportunity and that
I.setLinkBack("http://sports.esp to make way for new starter Landon Johnson in the start of a Week 1 loss to Philadelphia. experience," Hurney said. "We Matt Moore. youth movement. It was the start of a miserable wouldn't do these things without
8217"); if Uncapped Year: What to Know None of those moves, however, season that left Carolina 4-7
(jQuery("#videoInfo").length > An uncapped NFL offseason resonated around these parts like when Delhomme broke a finger CAROLINA page 69
68 Sports/ E-reader News Edition

New York Jets reach agreement with Chargers to acquire

former All-Pro cornerback Antonio Cromartie news services martie")); } League sources told ESPN's One of Cromartie's low off the field, Cromartie gives
( I.setLinkBack("http://sports.esp Adam Schefter the Jets will give moments actually came against Jets coach Rex Ryan an athletic
Submitted at 3/5/2010 2:42:52 AM the Chargers a 2011 third-round his new team in the playoffs in player with loads of potential.
7508"); if draft pick that could turn into a January. Cromartie froze as Jets In his second season in 2007,
(jQuery("#videoInfo").length > second-round pick. running back Shonn Greene hit Cromartie set the Chargers'
• Email 0 ) { Cromartie has one year left on the hole at the start of a 53-yard franchise record with an NFL-
• Print I.setDescription(jQuery(".article his contract and there are no touchdown run that gave New leading 10 interceptions, and
• Comments p:not(div.beta-opt plans for his deal to be redone York a 10-point lead midway added two more picks in the
p):first").text()); } else { now. through the fourth quarter of a playoffs as San Diego made it to
'); document.write(''); } I.setDescription(jQuery("p:first" Cromartie was an All-Pro in 17-14 win in the AFC divisional the AFC championship game.
else if ( show_gigya ) { ).text()); } if 2007 and will team with round. Cromartie eventually He also was credited earlier in
document.write('• '); (jQuery(".article .image, Darrelle Revis in the Jets' caught up to Greene and gave the season with the longest play
document.write(' .headshot").length > 0) { var secondary, making them him a shove well after he'd in NFL history when he returned
'); function showShareUI(){ theimage = (jQuery(".article possibly the best cornerback crossed the goal line -- but he a missed field goal by
v a r H = . i m a g e , tandem in the NFL. Cromartie had already drawn the ire of Minnesota 109 yards for a
{APIKey:"2_B48MVBl19K9C .headshot").find("img").attr("src replaces Lito Sheppard, who fans and apparently the touchdown.
Qj72UVrAqLh7VSAyZDfMkcl ")); I.addMediaItem( { type: was released earlier in the day Chargers. He boasted the next season that
kt8foSSRaAbdWu36H_N3Ky_ 'image', src: theimage }); } after one disappointing season. The 25-year-old Cromartie also he wanted to break the NFL
ERWhDG", enabledProviders: A.userAction = I; It could be a welcome change has had his share of legal record for interceptions with 14,
"facebook,twitter", for Cromartie, who has troubles. He has dealt with at but had just two while playing
cid:"ESPN.Story"}; var I = areUI(H,A); return false; struggled the last two seasons. least five paternity suits; he has throughout the year with a hip
n e w } } news services He has 15 interceptions in four fathered seven children by injury. Cromartie had three Cromartie seasons since being the 19th several woman. Cromartie also interceptions last season.
ion(); var containerID = NEW YORK -- It just got a lot overall pick out of Florida State had a bar patron claim that he ESPN NFL Insider Adam
"gigyacontainer"; var tougher to throw against the in 2006, but the Chargers were hit him in the head with a Schefter and the Associated
D="Test "; var A = {}; New York Jets. dissatisfied with Cromartie's champagne bottle hours after the Press contributed to this report.
I.setUserMessage(""); if A few hours before the NFL's performance late last season and team's victory at Denver last Five Filters featured article:
(jQuery(":header:first").length > free agency period began, the in the playoffs. General manager November. San Diego police Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
0 ) { Jets improved their secondary in A.J. Smith made it clear he later said there was not enough PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
I.setTitle(jQuery(".article").find( a big way by agreeing in would try to trade him. evidence to prove the claim. Term Extraction.
":header:first").text()); } else principle with the San Diego AFC East blog He was also disciplined by
{ Chargers to acquire talented but's Tim Graham coach Norv Turner for breaking
I.setTitle(decodeURIComponent troubled cornerback Antonio writes about all things AFC East team rules regarding tweeting
("Jets%20reach%20agreement% Cromartie on Thursday night. in his division blog. from the team premises.
20to%20acquire%20CB%20Cro The Jets confirmed the deal. • Blog network: NFL Nation Despite the issues both on and
E-reader News Edition Sports/ 69
New York Mets' Jose Reyes said to have thyroid continued from page 67

those players there."

imbalance Copyright 2010 by The
Associated Press
Associated Press I.setTitle(decodeURIComponent We're not talking about my leg, leadoff spot to third in the Five Filters featured article:
( ("Doctors%20find%20Mets\'%2 nothing like that, we're talking lineup while outfielder Carlos Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:38:53 AM 0Reyes%20has%20thyroid%20i about my health, so I have to be Beltran recovers from offseason PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
mbalance")); } concerned about it.”-- Jose knee surgery. Term Extraction.
I.setLinkBack("http://sports.esp Reyes Reyes said he felt fine and has
• Email Reyes will have tests on not experienced any dizziness,
• Print story?id=4968513"); if Monday and it could take up to fatigue or any other symptoms
• Comments (jQuery("#videoInfo").length > 48 hours for doctors to receive of a thyroid problem. He said he
0 ) { the results. Reyes is not was anxious to find out what is
'); document.write(''); } I.setDescription(jQuery(".article expected to take part in any happening.
else if ( show_gigya ) { p:not(div.beta-opt physical activity while he is "We're not talking about my leg,
document.write('• '); p):first").text()); } else { gone. nothing like that, we're talking
document.write(' I.setDescription(jQuery("p:first" "We're going to be about my health," he said, "so I
'); function showShareUI(){ ).text()); } if conservative," Mets general have to be concerned about it."
v a r H = (jQuery(".article .image, manager Omar Minaya said. Reyes said this is the first time
{APIKey:"2_B48MVBl19K9C .headshot").length > 0) { var The thyroid is a gland in the an imbalance was found in a
Qj72UVrAqLh7VSAyZDfMkcl theimage = (jQuery(".article neck that produces hormones blood test, and maintained that
kt8foSSRaAbdWu36H_N3Ky_ . i m a g e , that help control metabolism. he does not feel "haunted" by
ERWhDG", enabledProviders: .headshot").find("img").attr("src Doctors cleared Reyes to play injuries after being summoned
"facebook,twitter", ")); I.addMediaItem( { type: Friday after he took a follow-up to New York.
cid:"ESPN.Story"}; var I = 'image', src: theimage }); } blood test to one conducted "I don't want to say unlucky
n e w A.userAction = I; during his physical. However, because leg-wise everything Minaya said team doctors in feels good," he said. "But this is
ion(); var containerID = areUI(H,A); return false; New York wanted to take a different. We're not talking
"gigyacontainer"; var } } Associated Press closer look at the speedy about an injury on the field."
D="Test "; var A = {}; PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- New infielder and pulled him out of Copyright 2010 by The
I.setUserMessage(""); if York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes pre-game stretching. Associated Press
(jQuery(":header:first").length > plans to undergo tests in New Reyes appeared in only 36 Five Filters featured article:
0 ) { York after doctors in Florida games last season because of a Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
I.setTitle(jQuery(".article").find( discovered a thyroid imbalance, hamstring injury, which Reyes PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
":header:first").text()); } else the team said Friday. said has healed. The Mets have Term Extraction.
{ “ discussed moving him from the
70 Sports/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 66

death, Hank Hersch his battered row house, sorting because he actually thought the
Golden Years in
contextualized it in a later issue,
and Alexander Wolff covered
through mementos.”
In the Philadelphia Daily News,
kid would help the team in
2016, new USC coach Lane Chicago Return for
the mourning Loyola Stan Hochman describes the Kiffin’s recruitment of 13-year-
Marymount squad’s inspired run
in the NCAA Tournament.
enduring impact of Gathers’ too
-short life and untimely death on
old quarterback David Sills
raised eyebrows earlier this
Bobby Hull
One point that was seldom his hometown of Philadelphia winter. A quote from Sills’ Christopher Botta (FanHouse
mentioned after his death was and throughout the sport.* * * father — “For the people that
that Gathers had been diagnosed The idea of expanding the don’t like kids getting recruited Submitted at 3/5/2010 1:30:00 AM

with an irregular heartbeat NCAA Men’s Basketball early, if it was their kid, what
before his heart failed him on Tournament from the traditional would they do?” — clearly Filed under: Blackhawks, NHL
the court that day. He had field of 64 (or 65, if you count made an impression on Hall of Fame, FanHouse
chosen not to take the medicine the loser of the play-in game) to Huffington Post blogger Jay Exclusive CHICAGO -- "Other
he had been prescribed for the a field of 96 has generated Neugeboren, who delivers an than the 15 years I skated up and
condition because it made him increasing buzz of late. While it amusing satirical essay detailing down the rink at Chicago
feel sluggish on the court. would inevitably generate more the notional recruitment of his Stadium," said Bobby Hull, "I
“Since that spring, I’ve never revenue for the NCAA, the son, a teen prodigy in the field have never known happiness
forgotten that athletes have to be prospect of a supersized March of poetry. like I do today."
protected from themselves,” Madness hasn’t generated much — Tip of the Fix cap to reader After a bitter and complete
Gwen Knapp writes at CBS support from the sport pundit Don Hartline, Fixer emeritus separation of more than 35
Sports. “Whether it’s a corps. At Sports Illustrated, Carl Bialik and fellow Fixer years, "The Golden Jet" has
returned to his beloved years that I'd be a member of the
concussed football player, an George Dohrmann offers four Garey Ris. Blackhawks family again," said
Olympic luger going down a reasons why an expanded Found a good column from the Blackhawks as a team
ambassador with fellow Chicago Hull, who turned 71 in January.
track that terrifies him or a tournament is a bad idea. world of sports? Don’t keep it to "I thank my lucky stars that
gymnast the size of a toothpick, In the Cincinnati Enquirer, Paul yourself — write to us at hockey legends Stan Mikita,
Tony Esposito and Denis Rocky Wirtz took over the team
they won’t know when to stop. Daugherty seconds Dohrmann’s and we’ll and that he and (team president)
It’s easy to be a libertarian about skepticism. “More isn’t better, consider your find for inclusion Savard. When Rocky Wirtz
assumed the role as team John McDonough reached out to
the risks athletes take until unless we’re talking kindness, in the Daily Fix. You can email me.
you’ve been to one of the sex or life expectancy, and David at chairman in October 2007 after
the death of his father Bill, one "To be honest with you, I'd
funerals, seen someone’s mother we’re not,” Daugherty writes. figured I'd burned all the bridges
in tears, viewed his 23-year-old “More is just more.”* * * of his first moves was to
reconnect the fanbase and the I could. But Rocky and his
body laid out in a casket and Whether he was just doing it to management team, they
heard his neighborhood priest demonstrate his Hollywood- franchise with its Original Six
roots. understand that if you're not
swearing and crying as he sat in caliber showmanship skills or proud of your past, you're not
Although he owns a home in
Florida, Hull rarely misses a going to have a future. They
Blackhawks game at the United first contacted me and Mr.
Center. I spoke with the Hall of Mikita a little over two years
Famer in Chicago on Thursday ago, and I'm telling you -- I'm
night. Actually, I was more than not going away. I'm making up
happy to just sit back and listen. for lost time."
"I never thought for a million
E-reader News Edition Sports/ 71

Jets Acquire Antonio Surprise, Surprise:

Cromartie From San Ilgauskas Prefers Cavs
Pat McManamon (FanHouse
Diego Main)
Dan Graziano (FanHouse Submitted at 3/4/2010 4:25:00 PM

Filed under: Cavaliers The
Submitted at 3/4/2010 2:50:00 PM Republicans and Democrats are
squabbling, daylight savings
Filed under: Chargers, Jets, time is arriving ... and Zydrunas
NFL Free Agency The Jets Ilgauskas will return to the
finished the 2009-10 season Cleveland Cavaliers.
ranked first in the NFL in total Several media outlets in
defense, but they entered the off Cleveland reported Thursday
-season looking to upgrade, night that Ilgauskas' agent, Herb
especially in the secondary. On Rudoy, had e-mailed to say Antawn Jamison to a top-tier
the eve of free agency, they Ilgauskas had decided to return playoff team without giving up a
believe they've done that. A to the Cavs. player.
source with one of the teams potential star corner to play "It is Zydrunas' desire to return Ilgauskas had been traded to
involved confirmed to opposite the one they already Washington Feb. 17, but the
to the Cavaliers if a suitable
FanHouse that the Jets are have -- All-Pro Darrelle Revis. contract can be agreed upon," Wizards quickly bought out
nearing completion on a deal The Chargers were looking to Rudoy said in an e-mail to the Ilgauskas' contract and made
that will bring them Chargers ship Cromartie out of town after Cleveland media. him a free agent. After
cornerback Antonio Cromartie what they deemed a lackluster That's not a real gigantic "if" "pondering" what to do for a
in exchange for a 2011 draft effort in their playoff loss to there either. The decision is not few days, Ilgauskas decided to
pick. The pick will be either a (ironically) the Jets, but the Jets exactly a surprise, but the return to the city where he has
third-rounder or a second- are of the belief that a change of confirmation is significant spent his entire NBA career.
r o u n d e r , d e p e n d i n g o n scenery and playing for Rex because it means the Cavs added
Cromartie's performance in Ryan might fire Cromartie up
2010. and bring his talent back to the
The deal gives the Jets a fore.
72 Game/ E-reader News Edition

Portal 2 confirmed by Game Informer cover, due in 2010

Randy Nelson (Joystiq) standalone sequel" with "new the break.
Submitted at 3/5/2010 1:05:00 PM gameplay mechanics, storyline, Source-- Game Informer
and some surprising new Source-- Valve
The past week's bizarre pair of twists." Continue reading Portal 2
updates to Portal seemed to We'd venture a guess that one confirmed by Game Informer
point towards an impending of those twists has to do with cover, due in 2010
announcement of a sequel, and, wherever the portal featured in Portal 2 confirmed by Game
well, they did. Game Informer the cover art leads to -- a misty, Informer cover, due in 2010
has revealed that its April 2010 jungle setting where some sort originally appeared on Joystiq
cover story is none other than ... of seemingly derelict facility on Fri, 05 Mar 2010 13:05:00
Portal 2-- which Valve has stands, overrun with vines. The EST. Please see our terms for
Finally, the single cover line new setting in the first place.
given a release window of "this flip-side of the cover is use of feeds.
mentions "the people who are The issue should be hitting
holiday season." The magazine's (cleverly) a view back through Permalink| Email this|
still alive," a potential hint at a subscribers' mailboxes soon.
site teases the 12-page feature, this portal into a familiar Comments
reason for venturing into the Check out the full covers after
calling the game "a full-fledged, Aperture Science setting.

Joe Danger stirs up trouble on PSN, doesn't rule out other

David Hinkle (Joystiq) really can't put a price on piece Joe Danger stirs up trouble on
Submitted at 3/5/2010 12:20:00 PM of mind. You also can't put a PSN, doesn't rule out other
price on this game -- at least, for platforms originally appeared on
Click image to make a smooth right now. Joystiq on Fri, 05 Mar 2010
landing into our gallery Joe Danger will be available for 12:20:00 EST. Please see our
IGF-nominated indie start-up download this spring, initially terms for use of feeds.
Hello Games just dished out a exclusive to PSN as part of Pub Permalink| Email this|
press release stating its Fund. But, that "doesn't mean Comments
upcoming title, Joe Danger, is we won't ever come to any other and until recently it looked like the IGF, a whole bunch of
headed to PSN. Of course, we platforms," a Hello Games Joe Danger might never get a people have helped us and Sony
thought it would, but it's just spokesperson told Joystiq. The console release. Since we was definitely one of them."
nice to finally have that official rep also added that "coming to announced, and especially since Gallery: Joe Danger (3.5.2010)
confirmation, you know? You console is really hard sometimes
E-reader News Edition Game/ Fashion/ 73

BioShock 2's 'Sinclair Rock Band Weekly: The Dream of Romance With
Solutions Test Pack' White Stripes Marina Schlosberg’s
Spring 2010 Line
JC Fletcher (Joystiq) Neil Peart's version of the
coming March 11 Submitted at 3/5/2010 12:40:00 PM classic Hockey Night in Canada
theme song. (ELLE News Blog)
Submitted at 3/5/2010 8:23:38 AM
David Hinkle (Joystiq) • 20 new trials (some only It's a great time to be part of a While you wait on that stuff,
Submitted at 3/5/2010 1:00:00 PM available after a player achieves two-piece Rock Band... band. why not browse the new Rock After two major snowstorms,
a rank of 41 or higher) Next week, a three-pack of Band Network selections? If and more in the forecast here in
Next Thursday, those • A third weapon upgrade for songs by The White Stripes will you're playing on Xbox 360, New York, it’s safe to say we
entrenched in The Great Splicer each weapon b e r e l e a s e d , e a c h f r o m a that is. Everyone else: continue can’t wait for summer. To get
Uprising of '59 will get a chance • Five additional masks (some different album. In what might waiting. you in the mood, check out
to beef up their arsenal in only available after a player be the most appropriate music Continue reading Rock Band London-based designer Marina
Bioshock 2's multiplayer mode achieves a rank of 41 or higher) game DLC ever, "Fell in Love Weekly: The White Stripes Shlosberg’s wistful spring
with the Sinclair Solutions Test with a Girl" is totally playable in Rock Band Weekly: The White collection. Since her debut in
Pack on March 11. Here's what Happy Splicer hunting! ( Lego Rock Band. Stripes originally appeared on 2008, the former model has
you'll get for your 400($5) on Splunting?) Other tracks to be added next Joystiq on Fri, 05 Mar 2010 created romantic dresses and
Xbox Live and Games For BioShock 2's 'Sinclair Solutions week include songs from The 12:40:00 EST. Please see our tops that incorporate traditional
Windows - Live, and $4.99 on Test Pack' coming March 11 Futureheads, The James Gang, terms for use of feeds. Russian lace. Now, she’s
PSN: originally appeared on Joystiq Shaimus, and, for those of you Read| Permalink| Email this| expanded the line to include
on Fri, 05 Mar 2010 13:00:00 who are both Canadian and four Comments tunics in washed-out pastels,
• Rank Increase to level 50 with EST. Please see our terms for -armed mutants, Rush drummer keyhole linen knits collared with
Rank Rewards use of feeds. a flounce of sheer chiffon, and
• New playable characters Permalink| Email this| tailored, nautical-inspired
Louie McGraff and Oscar Comments jackets. “It’s definitely a fairy
Calraca tale of sorts,” says Shlosberg,
referencing the adventurous
DREAM page 74
74 Fashion/ Economy/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 73

spirit of eighteenth-century bubble dress, lined with chiffon

Tech.view: Cloudy with a chance of
seafaring life. A girl can dream.
–Janet Sahm
Shlosberg’s cotton princess-cut
jacket with silk piping and rain
Peek into her old-world, marine military buttons, with floral and (The Economist: Daily evangelists, promoters and fashionable term for it was
inspirations and catch her eyelash lace vintage shorts columns) others hoping to cash in on the “software as a service”. Before
wearable spring looks. An antique diving helmet that Submitted at 3/4/2010 11:17:04 PM computing-services-in-the-sky that, it was part and parcel of
An 18-century model ship that inspired the brass buttons on movement are getting nervous “grid computing”. Sure, each of
inspired the imaginative Shlosberg’s jackets Tech.view Few companies are about the way corporate the previous approaches brought
collection Shlosberg’s knitted linen dress ready to accept cloud computing customers, big and small, have a somewhat different set of
Shlosberg’s dusty pink linen with chiffon collar Mar 5th 2010 | From The not exactly rushed to embrace technologies to bear, but the
dress with chiffon collar Photo: Jessie Craig Economist online the new data-processing objective was broadly the same:
Thank goodness, Shlosberg THE hype surrounding “cloud paradigm. to make it possible to buy data
says, for young girls with vivid computing” has become Perhaps that is because they processing and storage from a
imaginations of fairy tales. deafening of late. Your have heard it all before. A TECH.VIEW: page 74
Shlosberg’s midnight blue linen correspondent suspects the couple of years ago, the
Paris Fashion Week Fall 2010: Sequins and continued from page 74

service provider like electricity.

Scandalously Short Hemlines at Balmain Being flexible, extensible and
virtual, customers would use as (ELLE News Blog) Decarnin gave the girls what thigh-high slits that felt just as much or as little of the utility as
Submitted at 3/4/2010 3:43:58 PM they want this morning in Paris sexy as their mini counterparts. they needed—and pay only for
when he presented his fall 2010 What do you think: Are you what they consumed. Despite
Sequins, chains, leather pants, collection. Though known for feeling the minis or the maxis? t h e p r o m i s e o f c h e a p e r
strong shoulders, military, and his scandalously short hemlines —Violet Moon Gayn or processing, though, the vast
leopard—everything you’d hope (dresses one wouldn’t dream of Photos: Imaxtree majority of information-
and expect from a Balmain sitting down in), Decarnin floor-sweeping numbers with Follow ELLE on Twitter. TECH.VIEW: page 75
r u n w a y s h o w . C h r i s t o p h e delivered some seriously chic Become our Facebook fan!

Weather, schmether
Peter Boockvar (The Big Revisions were a net +35k over rose to 16.8% from 16.5%. The now +285k. Partly due to the mentioned this morning, the
Picture) the prior two months. The avg work week rose .1% to 33.8. census worker adds, the fed’l bulls had a weather related free
Submitted at 3/5/2010 6:09:22 AM unemployment rate remained Mfr’g added 1k jobs, up for the govt added 7k. Construction pass today but the data still
unch at 9.7%, .1% better than 2nd month after fallling 41 in shed 64k workers, financial shows a very difficult, albeit
Feb Payrolls fell by 36k, better expected as the household the previous 42 months. The sector lost 10k and retail was slowly improving labor market.
than the estimate of -68k which survey added 308k jobs, mostly service sector also added jobs flat. Education/health continues Five Filters featured article:
had been falling due to concerns offsetting the increase of 342k for a 2nd straight month, by to add workers. The avg term of Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
with weather but two weeks in the labor force. However, the 42k. Temp added 48k and the unemployment fell to a still PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
ago, the estimate was flat. all in unemployment rate (U6) count over the past 5 months is elevated 29.7 weeks. As I Term Extraction.
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technology departments have today is not simply about latter case, handed over for 29% claimed to have no interest his address to the annual RSA
continued to buy and maintain vandalism but outright theft of other customers to use. in doing so whatsoever. Conference on computer
their own servers, data-storage confidential information, such This sharing of processing and Clearly, the providers have not security held in San Francisco
units and network as credit-card numbers, social- storage space in the cloud raises been particularly adept at on March 2nd, Art Coviello,
gear—preferring to keep their security details, financial data, questions about how thoroughly articulating what the cloud is president of EMC’s security
data on the premises rather than marketing plans and trade a previous customer’s data are good for and what it is not. division, noted how civilisation
have it processed elsewhere. secrets. Cybercrime is on the destroyed before the slice is Ultimately, the sensitivity of the started with barter, then
Given the straitened times, you march as online predators reallocated to some other data will determine whether an invented coins to make money
would have thought that cash- deploy armies of organisation. Normally, assured application is suitable for more portable—even though
strapped companies would be “botnets”—robotic networks of destruction means degaussing processing in the cloud. Services people still had to carry their
jumping at the chance to computers, hijacked without magnetic media or shredding that need to be highly secure wealth around with them
outsource their computing their owners’ consent or even optical disks. With virtual (like credit-card processing) or physically. The first step in the
operations to the Amazons, knowledge—to plunder machines running autonomously involve a lot input and output virtualisation of wealth came
Googles, Salesforces and corporate and consumer data for in the cloud, that is out of the (enterprise resource planning, with the introduction of paper
Microsofts of the world. Along financial gain. question. So, what happens for instance) should probably money. These promissory notes,
with others, such providers have When company data are stored when data stored on a virtual remain on a company’s with no intrinsic value, forced
been vying to offer their on the premises, IT departments machine get compromised? Will dedicated hardware. But people to deal with the concept
customers access to data- have various weapons at their the customer ever know? Will applications that have a public of attestation—certifying that
processing and storage capacity, disposal for “defence in the provider take responsibility? face (such as websites, blogs or something is genuine. And with
plus all the usual business depth”—firewalls, signature- That is a serious concern for e-mail) or change their size that, the advent of financial
software running on their own based anti-virus software, and companies, given the laws now unpredictably (say, special instruments such as stocks,
servers, via the internet or more “white lists” of people granted in place for notifying victims of offers or development projects) bonds and mutual funds created
private connections. Such “pay access to various files and data breaches, as well as for would seem reasonable ways of sharing wealth—so that
as you go” computing would applications on the company’s auditing financial results for candidates for the cloud. when one person wasn’t using
give hard-pressed IT network. But in the cloud, a compliance reasons or e- Though security remains a it, another could.
departments breathing space, company has no control over the discovery. problem, there is still little Today, virtual money
while releasing resources for security measures adopted. In As companies have delved question that cloud computing dominates the money supply. In
new projects—and, in the short, users no longer own the more deeply into cloud will one day become the norm. much the same way, virtual
process, swap precious capital moats, the walls, the doors or computing, their concerns have It is the next step in the processing will one day
expenditure for a more easily the windows to their data. only multiplied. The most recent evolutionary progress of dominate the computing supply.
managed operating cost. Complicating matters further, survey by CIO Magazine computing from the mainframe Unfortunately for cloud
Yet there have been few takers. providers of cloud computing do indicates that worries about the of the 1960s, to the client-server computing, that day is still along
What is holding IT managers not allocate actual servers or security of cloud-based or the 1980s, to the web-based way off. Around 2020, would be
back is fear about security. It separate processors to each computing, loss of control over application of the 2000s, each of your correspondent’s guess.
was bad enough when online customer. To keep costs down, data, and return on investment which had, and continues to Readers' comments
threats came in the form of all a customer can expect is a were all up substantially over have, its own set of security The Economist welcomes your
worms and viruses causing a “virtual machine”—a slice of a the previous year. Although problems. It is also a natural views.
company’s computer network to computer with its own operating 60% of CIO’s 800 or so step in the evolution of Five Filters featured article:
crash or files to become system that is partitioned off by respondents were thinking services—from the physical to Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
corrupted. Such instances could software from other customers’ seriously about cloud the virtual—that has PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
be costly, but reasonably quick slices. As a user’s needs expand computing, only 8% had characterised much of society’s Term Extraction.
to recover from. But things have or contact over time, slices are committed themselves to progress.
got much worse. The threat added or vacated—and, in the implementing it. Meanwhile, Take the monetary system. In TECH.VIEW: page 76
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This week's top stories [05 March 2010]

(The Economist: News the long day, Joe Barton, a health-reform bill passed by the heart-warmingly bipartisan have misgivings. Ramming a
analysis) House Republican from Texas, Senate just before Christmas approach to health reform, sweeping health law through
Submitted at 3/5/2010 6:00:57 AM even declared that he had never (the House passed a however. For one thing, Congress on a highly partisan
seen “so many members of the substantially different version Republicans made it clear that basis using procedural wheezes,
America's health reform Barack House and Senate behave so earlier, and the two bills now they are not willing to do Republicans repeatedly warned,
Obama’s bipartisan summit on well for so long before so many need to be reconciled into a final anything to help Mr Obama pass will prove unpopular. Despite
health policy accomplishes more television cameras.” health law). The big question health reform quickly. Mr those obstacles, though, Mr
than meets the eye From the Republican point of before the summit was whether Obama, for his part, made plain Obama now seems ready for
Feb 26th 2010 | NEW YORK | view, the event accomplished Mr Obama would really be open that he was willing to entertain battle.
From The Economist online two important things. First, Mr to modifying his plan to Republican notions only as add- That points to the biggest
IT IS tempting to dismiss the Obama was unable to outwit and embrace Republican ideas, or ons to his existing bill, not as an reason to think the summit was
bipartisan health-reform summit outcharm them on camera, as he whether the event was merely a entirely new approach. not a waste of time: it made
convened by Barack Obama on had done brilliantly during a sham. Rumours swirled during the clear that Mr Obama, after
Thursday February 25th as a televised exchange with House In the event, Mr Obama summit that if Mr Obama’s big months of sitting on the
colossal waste of time. After all, Republicans in late January. appeared to make some progress plan (which aims to extend sidelines, now has steel in his
the gabfest involving senior Mitch McConnell and John on bipartisanship. He listened health insurance to some 30m spine. If Republicans do not
Congressional leaders from both B o e h n e r , t h e i r s t r i d e n t l y intently to Republican uninsured punters) fails to pass, come up with a reasonable set of
parties lasted well over six partisan leaders in the Senate ideas—except the oft-repeated he may then put forward a less compromise measures over the
hours, with no tangible results. and the House, wisely allowed one to scrap Democratic efforts ambitious scheme covering only next few weeks to add to his
Neither side moved one jot on other Republicans —more and just “start over”—and was half that number. But Kathleen plan, he says that he intends to
any issue of substance and not charismatic and competent, it often seen scribbling notes. At Sebelius, the administration’s forge ahead anyway. The final
one vote is likely to have must be noted—to do most of the end of the summit, he health secretary, denied this verdict, he insisted, will come
changed on either side as a the talking. That allowed them reviewed a number of areas after the summit. Mr Obama from the voters: “We’ve got to
result of the summit. to say no to Mr Obama’s plans where he believed the two himself rejected the incremental go ahead and make some
And yet, the televised gathering without appearing, as is often parties had similar goals, and he approach. He insisted, with decisions, and then that’s what
was not pointless. For one thing, t h e a c c u s a t i o n w i t h asked the Republicans to think some justification, that “baby elections are for.” Readers'
the sight of America’s leading Republicans, merely the “Party of ways to bridge the divide on steps” will not work because the comments
politicians sitting together of No”. Mr McConnell even them. Among those ripe for co- pieces of the health-reform The Economist welcomes your
amiably for an entire day to admitted afterwards that “I operation, he declared, were tort puzzle are tightly interlinked. views.
d i s c u s s a m a t t e r a s would not call it a waste of reform, inter-state competition If so, that leaves Mr Obama Five Filters featured article:
inflammatory as health reform time.” in health insurance, the creation with only one course of action: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
(think “death panels”) was itself The event went less well for Mr of insurance exchanges and to push through some version of PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
heartening. Surprisingly, given O b a m a . A f t e r a y e a r o f tackling fraud in Medicare (a his health plan without Term Extraction.
the bitter partisan wrangling of dithering, he unveiled his own government health scheme for Republican votes. It will be very
late, they did so in a manner that grand plan for reforming health the elderly). difficult with only Democratic
w a s m o s t l y c i v i l a n d care on the eve of the summit. This is not likely to herald the votes, given that moderates and
substantive. Towards the end of This scheme closely resembles a start of a new, incremental and progressives in his own caucus
continued from page 75
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China: Flowering friendliness?

(The Economist: News legislature calls for the lowest wont to give on military matters. year (including its obduracy at would promote a “win-win
analysis) rate of growth in defence The NPC’s spokesman, Li climate-change negotiations in situation” by signing a trade
Submitted at 3/4/2010 10:43:26 PM spending since 1988, a period in Zhaoxing, said that China had Copenhagen last December and agreement with the island.
which almost every budget has always paid attention to heavy sentencing of dissidents Despite their obvious relief that
China China's prime minister, called for double-digit increases. controlling its defence spending despite Western appeals for China has fared relatively well
W e n J i a b a o , o f f e r s s o m e This year it proposes a mere and keeping it in line with the clemency), it does not want to during the recent economic
gestures of conciliation 7.5%, quite a plunge from last pace of economic development. be seen as a potential military storm, Chinese leaders still fret
Mar 5th 2010 | BEIJING | From year’s growth of 17.8%. But this year’s projected growth threat. Mr Wen repeated China’s that bad times could follow.
The Economist online Mr Wen did not attempt to would be only 1.2 percentage usual target of 8% GDP growth China’s economic planning
AT THE opening of the annual explain the change of gear, points higher than the budgeted this year, but many analysts agency, the National
session of China’s parliament, w h i c h w a s a l l t h e m o r e increase in overall central believe that China could again Development and Reform
the National People’s Congress u n e x p e c t e d g i v e n r e c e n t government spending, a far exceed this figure. Few would Commission, acknowledged in a
(NPC), the prime minister, Wen tensions between China and narrower gap than in previous have blinked if he had report to the NPC that house
Jiabao, could not resist a bit of America over American arms years. announced an increase in prices were “overheating” in
boasting. China’s economy, he sales to Taiwan, trade, Tibet and In the absence of a far more military spending well into some cities, consumer spending
said, in a two-hour speech, had more. His speech did not even detailed breakdown of China’s double digits. But it would have was unlikely to grow
been the first in the world to mention military spending and military budget, the Americans reinforced longstanding worries significantly this year and the
make a turnaround. With an suggested no slowdown in will not be very impressed. The about China’s military effect of stimulus measures
implied sneer at the West’s China’s military modernisation. Pentagon said last year that development, not least among “might wear off”. Yet the
continuing malaise, he spoke of Mr Wen said that this year despite persistent efforts to its neighbours. government says it wants to
socialism’s “advantages”: quick China would “strengthen all persuade the Chinese to be more China is certainly keen to send keep the budget deficit to 2.8%
decision-making, effective aspects of the army” to make it forthcoming, its understanding a positive signal to Taiwan, of GDP this year, about the
organisation and an ability to b e t t e r a b l e t o w i n of how China’s military whose China-friendly president, same as last year. The world’s
“ c o n c e n t r a t e r e s o u r c e s t o “informationised local wars” (a accounting works had “not Ma Ying-jeou, has lost largest army could be a good
accomplish large undertakings”. euphemism for a high-tech war improved measurably”. It popularity since his inauguration place to look for savings.
Yet despite China’s swagger at with America in the Taiwan estimated that China’s actual in 2008. Opposition politicians Readers' comments
having achieved 8.7% GDP S t r a i t ) a n d t o r e s p o n d t o military spending in 2008 was have highlighted China’s The Economist welcomes your
growth last year (under the “multiple security threats”. between $105 and $150 billion, continuing build-up of missiles views.
“ f i r m l e a d e r s h i p ” o f t h e The budget report was even less compared with an officially on the coast facing Taiwan as Five Filters featured article:
Communists, Mr Wen reminded forthcoming. It said military declared budget of $60 billion evidence that Mr Ma’s attempts Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
the nearly 3,000 party-picked spending would be 519 billion that year. to improve ties with the PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
delegates in the Great Hall of yuan this year ($76 billion). It But China’s decision to mainland have produced no Term Extraction.
the People), its government has added that “these funds will announce a much lower rate of reciprocal gestures in the
used the launch of the ten-day mainly be used to modernise the growth in 2010 may be intended security realm. Mr Wen,
NPC session to make an unusual army”—an even more terse to send a signal. For all China’s however, said a “positive trend
gesture of conciliation. The e x p l a n a t i o n t h a n C h i n a ’ s increased assertiveness towards peaceful development”
b u d g e t s u b m i t t e d t o t h e normally opaque budgets are internationally over the past had emerged and that China
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Advice to a Young Market Participant

Barry Ritholtz (The Big foolishness of others. signal that it is easy to caught up You must learn patience, young
Picture) Step back and look for the in distractions. For the vast grasshopper. You must have
Submitted at 3/5/2010 7:00:44 AM variant perception . . . then wait majority of investors, dollar cost faith that EVENTUALLY, the
for it to become a money maker. averaging into Indexes — then sorta kinda, almost efficient
“I’m rapidly losing faith in this Consider this was an issue from forgetting about it til retirement market will figure it out. That is
whole game, Barry.” 1996 or 97 until the collapse in — is their best bet. Its not my when money returns to its
> 2000, and from 2005 to the favorite strategy, but anything rightful owners. There will be
I received a disturbing email collapse in 2008-09. It is a 3 or else is too complex for mom and long periods of time when the
from promising young man who 4 or even 5 year time lag pop to work for them. blowhards, the jackasses, the
works at a well known shop. He between the earliest inklings of But you work in the business, arrogant, the ignorant will be
expressed his frustration with recognition of mass and your clients want/need to eating better than you. During
the entire absurdity of his job, stupidity/insanity, to any outperform, so you must give the dot com bubble, the dumber
with Wall Street, and with the eventual collapse. them something value added. you were, the more money you
ridiculousness he sees swirling Time is always on the side of You need to be able to comment made. Many of those who
all around him. the patient. Study, learn, absorb on the madhouse — and you can understood how silly things
My reply to him follows: all you can. You are waiting for do so acerbically, mockingly, were missed out on the boom.
> the next opportunity to make derisively at times — while But this state of affairs is
XXXXXXX, your bones, your fortune, your recognizing, acknowledging, temporary. Eventually, the
I cannot restore your faith or reputation. It will come along and waiting for the technical set knaves starve to death under the
improve your morale (Only you eventually — if you wait for it up to bet against the crowd. oppressive force of their own
can do that). What I can do is and are in a position to take The saying goes“The trend is ignorance. Be patient. The day
share with you what I have advantage when the moment your friend.” The smart money of reckoning is often
learned over two decades, and arrives. As Pasteur said, adds” ‘cept the bend at the end.” surprisingly late in its arrival,
perhaps in these words you “Chance favors the prepared The momo crowd, the but it will not be denied. The
might find some small comfort. mind.” lemmings, the mad money all beast must be fed.
Yes, there is an insanity to the You must become a pile onto that trend as the trees Trust me when I tell you, its
markets that can make you mad philosopher, a historian, a grow to the sky. Especially at worth the wait . . .
if you let it. Instead, learn to see statistician, a trial lawyer, and a the end — that’s when the Five Filters featured article:
the delightful absurdity of it all. psychologist when looking at weight of the sheeples, the Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Revel in the stupidity, learn to Mr. Market. Simply reading the johnny-come-latelies ultimately PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
read when the ‘wisdom of the data and trying to trade/invest pressures that tree, and is what Term Extraction.
crowd’ turns into an angry mob. off of it is a sucker’s game. The causes that deadly “bend at the
Find some Zen in the noise so totally outweighs the end.”
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Vanguard’s Broken Discipline: The Buy & Hold Model

Barry Ritholtz (The Big First, I have to challenge the Paul used the default settings clever market participants performed over the past decade,
Picture) use of that term — emotional — something guaranteed to engaging in na little clever slide you are actually up since 10
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:00:42 AM investing — to describe what is never beat the market. That play . . . just a tweak here, down years ago — versus still
a fixed mathematical exit and approach makes Buy & Hold 20% to get you out, up 23% to negative for Vanguard.
Yesterday, my buddy Paul entry strategy. In fact, that is the look like the superior strategy. get you back in — voila! >
showed this Vanguard exact OPPOSITE of emotional Vanguard shows B&H Massive out performance form- Thanks Paul, Bruce, Scott F.
interactive chart. investing: Using predetermined performance of $63,791 versus fitted to recent history: B&H Five Filters featured article:
Vanguard was trying to show risk management system that in/out performance of $33,628: performance of $63,791 versus Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
the superiority of Buy & Hold operates without any human Oh, Mr. Bogle, please tell me risk managed performance of PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
versus “emotional investing.” I intervention — a quant black more about Buy & Hold! $88,095: Risk Management vs Term Extraction.
have many issue with their box — is not emotional > Buy & Hold
argument. investing. Vanguard did not count on And, you have not only out-
80 Economy/ E-reader News/ E-reader News Edition

1.031mm didn’t work b/c Pearson sees future in Apple's iPad, e

of the weather BUT… -readers (Network World)
Peter Boockvar (The Big the survey period, even ONE (Yahoo! News Search Results Preliminary results (unaudited). capture a wider market, with
Picture) hour, are counted in the Feb for e-readers) Pearson is the world's biggest learning products for toddlers
Submitted at 3/5/2010 6:51:05 AM payrolls. While some persons Submitted at 3/4/2010 10:11:26 AM education company, with sales featuring
may have been off payrolls of learning products of £3.78bn. Spot the dog, maths
The BLS said that 1.031mm during the survey period, some Pearson, the publishing and The iPad, is being touted as applications for pre-school
were unable to work in b/c of industries such as those dealing education company behind the an educational tool by many children and Penguin books that
the weather vs the avg for Feb with cleanup and repair Financial Times and Penguin including Apple. In recent years, will tap into the teenage craze
of 291k BUT the BLS said “in activities, may have added books sees great potential in Pearson has introduced range of for vampires
the establishment survey, the workers. In the household Apple's forthcoming digital learning products according to a report.
survey period was the pay survey, the survey period was iPad. including Profit at FT Publishing, which
period incl. Feb 12. In order for the week of Feb 7-13. People Announcing positive results on eCollege, Power-School, includes the FT and a share in
severe weather conditions to who miss work for weather Monday, with 2009 pre-tax MyLabs and Edustructures, the Economist magazine, are
reduce the est. of payroll related events ARE counted as profits climbing 13 per cent to many of which are likely to be also likely to develop iPad
employment, employees have to employed whether or not they £761m, Pearson signalled a ported and developed for applications.
be off work for an entire pay are paid for the time off. move away from traditional Apple's iPad, which Last week, Associated Press
period and not be paid for the Five Filters featured article: printing. goes on sale later this month. revealed plans to launch a paid
time missed. About 1/2 of all Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: "eBook sales grew fourfold on Click here for more Apple iPad news application for the iPad. A
workers in the payroll survey PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, the previous year. 14,000 eBook coverage AP new business unit will be
have a 2 wk, semimonthly, or Term Extraction. titles are now available. eBook As part of a £2bn investment created, called AP Gateway,
monthly pay period. Workers sales are expected to grow programme over the past five expanding such products as
who received pay for any part of rapidly years Pearson has launched a the AP Mobile news service for
again in 2010, benefiting range of digital learning smartphones and online
from the popularity of e-readers products, platforms including the iPad.
such as Amazon's Kindle, the including eCollege, Power- Five Filters featured article:
Sony Reader and Barnes and School, MyLabs and Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Noble's Edustructures, with more than PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Nook as well as new devices 25m users in North America. Term Extraction.
such as Apple's iPad," Pearson A new range of digital products
said announcing 2009 and iPad 'apps' will seek to
E-reader News Edition Picture/ Gallup Poll/ 81

Flickr emails – more better!

Zack Sheppard (Flickr Blog)
Submitted at 3/4/2010 1:51:46 PM

We’ve just overhauled our

system emails to be more Obama Retains More
informative and have a more
consistent look and feel. These Trust Than Congress
messages are designed to alert on Healthcare
you to activity
about you or on your photos, (All Gallup Headlines)
and keep you in touch with Submitted at 3/4/2010 7:00:00 PM

what’s happening
with your friends and family on PRINCETON, NJ -- Americans
Flickr. If you don’t have these remain more confident in the
emails healthcare reform
turned on, maybe now’s a good recommendations of President
time to try them out. Obama (49%) than in the
(Nudge, nudge) recommendations of the
The Contact Notification email Democratic (37%) or
is a good example of the new Republican (32%) leaders in
messaging Congress. But these confidence
may notice: currently offer more levels are lower than those
style. When someone adds you These emails are a great way to useful and attractive. We can’t
as a contact, you’ll now see their measured in June, suggesting
• Share a set/photostream – have Flickr activity like guarantee they’ll make you that the ongoing healthcare
recent uploads, contacts you cuter design (natch), and link to comments, more
have in common, and photos in reform debate has taken a toll on
slideshow favorites, new uploads, and attractive or smell better, you’ll the credibility of the politicians
which they’ve been identified. • Share a photo – mapped member messages delivered to have to log in to the site for
You’ll see similar types of involved.
location for geotagged photos your inbox. that. "In addition to Americans' loss
changes, as well as a more • Invite to Flickr – includes Head over to Your If you have questions let us
consistent look, across our of confidence in the healthcare
photos of and by the inviting Account to review and manage know in this Help Forum topic. recommendations of Obama and
system messages, whether member your email and notification Happy emailing!
you’re sharing a Democrats in Congress (and a
• Welcome to Flickr – reminder settings. Photo from S Megol. marginal drop in their
photo with someone, checking of account information plus (If you prefer plain text, set Five Filters featured article:
your recent activity, or confidence in Republicans in
some your email reader accordingly.) Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: Congress), Americans'
corresponding with helpful getting started These changes are about PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
a fellow Flickr member. confidence in pharmaceutical
information. making the messages we Term Extraction. and health insurance companies
Some other improvements you
also fell."
Gallup from March 2-3 asked
Americans a question first asked
last June -- whether they were
confident or not confident in the
OBAMA page 82
82 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 81

healthcare recommendations of ground, however. Americans' Americans' ratings of doctors, confident in the healthcare administrators were to take a
eight groups of potential trust in doctors and hospitals has hospitals, pharmaceutical reform recommendations of more public role in the debate, it
influencers. The list of those increased slightly since June, companies, and health insurance doctors, hospitals, and appears that Americans would
measured includes not only while their trust in "university companies. All have roughly healthcare researchers -- and be quite willing to listen to their
Obama and the Democratic and professors and researchers who similar confidence ratings across these confidence levels have views.
Republican leaders in Congress, study healthcare policy" has the three partisan groups. stayed the same or increased Survey Methods
but also hospitals, doctors, stayed roughly the same. In contrast, university slightly since June. Both doctors Results are based on telephone
pharmaceutical companies, Partisan Differences professors and researchers and hospitals, of course, have interviews with a random
health insurance companies, and It is no surprise to find that receive sharply more negative major financial stakes in the sample of 992 national adults,
university professors and confidence in the political ratings from Republicans (43%) outcome of any healthcare aged 18 and older, conducted
researchers who study entities tested -- Obama, than from independents (61%) reform legislation that is passed. March 2-3, 2010, as part of
healthcare policy. Democratic leaders, and or in particular Democrats This doesn't seem to affect Gallup Daily tracking. For
As was the case nine months Republican leaders -- is highly (76%). Americans' trust in them. On the results based on the total sample
ago, Americans express the partisan. Of the three, rank-and- Implications other hand, two other entities of national adults, one can say
most widespread confidence in file Democrats are most likely to As the debate over healthcare with financial interests in the with 95% confidence that the
doctors, hospitals, and be confident in Obama and reform legislation enters what reform process -- healthcare maximum margin of sampling
university professors and congressional Democrats. could be its final month, the insurers and pharmaceutical error is ±4 percentage points.
researchers. Americans are least Republicans are most likely to American public's confidence in companies -- have quite low Interviews are conducted with
likely to have confidence in be confident in congressional several of the political players credibility with the public. It respondents on land-line
health insurance companies and Republicans. who have been at the heart of may be that the latter two telephones and cellular phones.
pharmaceutical companies -- Obama elicits higher the fray has eroded. President organizations have been more In addition to sampling error,
although these two institutions confidence (83%) than Obama's confidence ratings overt in their lobbying and/or question wording and practical
have only marginally lower Democrats in Congress (67%) have slipped to the point where that Americans' typical dealings difficulties in conducting
confidence ratings than do do from rank-and-file about half of Americans have with these organizations have surveys can introduce error or
Republicans in Congress. Democrats as well as from confidence in what he more negative overtones than bias into the findings of public
In addition to Americans' loss independents (44% vs. 30%), recommends, and half do not. their dealings with doctors and opinion polls.
of confidence in the healthcare helping explain why Obama's (This confidence rating is hospitals. Five Filters featured article:
recommendations of Obama and overall confidence ratings are roughly on par with Obama's All in all, it appears that Obama Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Democrats in Congress (and a higher than the Democrats'. overall job approval rating at remains the most influential PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
marginal drop in their Republicans in Congress get a this point.) Confidence ratings political entity in terms of Term Extraction.
confidence in Republicans in 64% confidence rating from for Democratic congressional healthcare reform, albeit it at a
Congress), Americans' Republicans. Independents are leaders and, to a lesser degree, time when neither he nor
confidence in pharmaceutical less positive about either party's Republican leaders, have also congressional leaders of either
and health insurance companies leaders in Congress than they dropped, leaving Obama with party can claim more than a
also fell -- by 10 and 9 points, are about Obama. the highest credibility of these 50% credibility level on this
respectively. Politics don't appear to make three political groups. topic. At the same time, if the
Not every group has lost much of a difference in Americans remain highly country's doctors or hospital
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Space Tourists Won't Be the Only Ones Riding New

Generation of Suborbital Flights
Laurie J. Schmidt (Popular Atmospheric Science
Science - New Technology, Researchers have historically
Science News, The Future studied the Earth's atmosphere
using ground-based instruments,
Submitted at 3/5/2010 8:43:08 AM balloons, satellites, and
Scientists half-jokingly call it sounding rockets, but none of
the "ignorosphere" -- a region these can address the region
about 50-100 kilometers above known as "the last frontier."
the Earth that's too high for Suborbital flights will provide
airplanes, but too low for access to this part of the
satellites. "It earned its name atmosphere, which serves as the
because even though the area is boundary between the near-
valuable to researchers, there Earth environment and the
has been no easy way to get to ionosphere -- where solar
it," said Alan Stern, planetary radiation strikes. "We can
scientist at the Southwest sample it, we can understand the
Research Institute. But, Stern chemistry, and we can
says, suborbital flights, like understand how it's affected by
those made by Virgin Galactic's global change," said Stern.
SpaceShipTwo, go right to the Suborbital platforms can also
heart of this region, which carry remote sensing
includes the layer of the Earth's instruments to measure upper
atmosphere that lies above the atmospheric winds, which are
stratosphere and below the not well understood.
thermosphere. Astronomy
Suborbital vehicles like Conference, which Stern helped but it's sufficient for studying Researchers can then use this Getting into the "ignorosphere"
XCOR's Lynx and organize, drew more than 250 the effects of gravity changes on information to develop exercise will also place astronomers in a
SpaceShipTwo will give scientists, engineers, and flight humans and materials. Swedish protocols and regimens for better position to study objects
passengers who pay upwards of providers to Boulder, CO, where researchers at the conference in astronauts that can counteract or in the Solar System that are
$100,000 a ride to space when they spent three days sharing Boulder pointed out that some minimize the negative impacts difficult to detect using current
the commercial space ideas and procedures for future microgravity studies can even of spaceflight on the human search methods. For example, a
companies begin launching their suborbital research: fly on the suborbitals as self- body. Virgin Galactic's telescope onboard a suborbital
flights as early as next year. But Microgravity contained experiments, without SpaceShipTwo will have seating platform could allow
scientists are now looking to Parabolic flights like the an accompanying operator. for six passengers and two astronomers to get a good look
these flights to provide a low- "Vomit Comet" zip through the Human Spaceflight pilots, as well as a large cabin at the Aten and Apohele
cost laboratory where they can microgravity zone in a brief 30 Suborbital flights provide an that will enable freedom of asteroids and comets that are too
solve research questions that can seconds, but suborbital flights analog environment for space, movement -- "wiggle" room close to the Sun to be observed
only be answered in space. spend about 3-5 minutes in where biomedical technicians that's vital to experiments by space telescopes.
On February 18-20, the Next- microgravity conditions. That can monitor human physical involving both a human subject
Generation Suborbital Research may not sound like a lot of time, responses to spaceflight. and a researcher. SPACE page 84
84 PopSci/ E-reader News Edition

Kremlin's Favorite Innovator Pushes Dubious Science, Russian

Researchers Say
Jeremy Hsu (Popular Science Academy of Sciences called competition sponsored by
- New Technology, Science Petrik the "master of bluff," and United Russia, and has spurred
News, The Future Now) said that months of investigation certain regional governments to
Submitted at 3/5/2010 9:36:12 AM had concluded the inventor's install the filters in schools,
Inventor claims breakthroughs ideas are either scientifically homes and hospitals.
come to him under self-induced impossible or plagiarized from If scientific proof (or lack
hypnosis others. Articles critical of Petrik thereof) can't convince, then
R u s s i a n l e a d e r s h a v e have also appeared recently in Russian scientists also point to
occasionally demonstrated a the national press. their nation's history of falling
weakness for pseudoscience Controversy spiked last spring for charlatan scientists such as
during the nation's history. Now when the Academy of Sciences Trofim Lysenko, who tried to
Russian scientists have rallied to appeared to nominally endorse please Stalin by overturning
expose Viktor Petrik, a modern- 11 of Petrik's discoveries at an Darwin and claiming that
day inventor whose supposed event chaired by Boris Gryzlov - acquired characteristics could be
innovations -- realized under - t h e s p e a k e r o f R u s s i a ' s inherited. Then there was N.Y.
self-hypnosis -- have won over parliament and a seemingly Marr, described as a madman
the Kremlin. Petrik's ideas tireless champion of Petrik. The and megalomaniac by his fellow
include a way to produce silicon Academy eventually ordered the linguists, who proclaimed that
f o r c o m p u t e r c h i p s f r o m investigation into Petrik's work, all the languages of the world
fertilizer and a filter that can after accusations of bowing to smuggling antique furniture. He major Russian companies. His descend from a single proto-
turn radioactive waste into safe, official pressure. l e a r n e d h i s s e l f - h y p n o s i s most well-known products are language that consisted of four
drinkable water, the Wall Street Petrik holds a psychology method from an uncle. household water filters that words: sal, ber, yon, and rosh.
Journal reports. degree and said that he studied Y e t P e t r i k h a s r e c e i v e d s u p p o s e d l y i n c o r p o r a t e [via Wall Street Journal]
The war of words has escalated some physics without attaining a endorsements and contracts nanotechnology -- a false claim,
in recent weeks. One physicist d e g r e e . T h e i n v e n t o r ' s from top Russian officials, according to a member of the
o n t h e p s e u d o s c i e n c e checkered history also includes including Vladimir Putin before pseudoscience commission.
c o m m i s s i o n o f R u s s i a ' s a 1980s stint in prison for becoming prime minister, and Still, that invention won a 2007
continued from page 83

Other astronomy studies conditions. But a special imager unique way to educate the Society, who gave a remote Stern says the success of
include searching for the that will fly onboard a suborbital public and engage them in audio presentation at the commercial suborbital vehicles
vulcanoids -- a population of vehicle will allow planetary scientific experiments. With the Boulder meeting, says that if hinges on a few unknown
small asteroids believed to exist scientists to conduct a relatively new focus on social media, you engage people who are factors. First, there is the
inside the orbit of Mercury. So low-cost vulcanoid search over scientists and engineers aboard already interested in science -- question of how quickly people
far, searches for the vulcanoids a large area. "In the suborbital suborbital flights can involve through tools like blogs, adopt the technology, and once
have been severely hampered by region, you'll get minutes of the public in real-time Facebook, and Twitter -- they the technology catches on --
their angular proximity to the twilight conditions instead of discussions about how they're will serve as unpaid public how much will the cost drop?
Sun, which prevents them from seconds," said Stern. doing their science and what information officers and spread "It's amazing to think about
being seen from Earth except In addition to the actual they're finding. Emily the word throughout their own SPACE page 85
during the very brief twilight science, suborbital flights offer a Lakdawalla with The Planetary communities.
E-reader News Edition PopSci/ 85
Vast Amounts of Frozen Methane Escaping into continued from page 84

whether the price might come

Atmosphere from Leak in Arctic Seafloor down to $50,000 a flight," said
Stern. "People pay that much to
Laurie J. Schmidt (Popular go to Mount Everest -- how
Science - New Technology, about going into space instead?"
Science News, The Future Then there is the issue of flight
Now) safety. "If there's one accident
Submitted at 3/5/2010 7:29:11 AM
every 100 flights, it will be
Large amounts of methane are considered dangerous," said
leaking into the atmosphere Stern. "But if it's one in 10,000
from a section of seafloor under flights, people won't think twice
the East Siberian Arctic Shelf, -- it will be like stepping on an
according to new study by an airliner."
international research team. Virgin Galactic claims to
Methane is a greenhouse gas already have about 300 tourist
that lies frozen in sediments and reservations and more than $40
permafrost -- frozen soil that million in deposits for flights on
remains below 0°C for several its SpaceShipTwo. And Stern
years -- in arctic continental believes the science market will
shelves. be even stronger than private
Permafrost was thought to act passenger sales. "Science
as a leak-proof barrier that agencies like NASA and NSF
sealed in the methane, but will probably buy dozens and
warming arctic temperatures are hundreds of tickets over time,"
thawing the permafrost. he said. "Then there are the
And the frozen methane is not equals about 1.1 million tons). Besides storing large amounts Arctic Shelf is about the same as foreign sales -- we're going to
only dissolving in the water -- Previous studies in Siberia of frozen methane, the East the amount coming out of the sell these seats and experiment
it's escaping into the focused on methane escaping Siberian Arctic Shelf is also entire planet's oceans combined, rides to all 195 nations on Earth.
atmosphere. The researchers say from thawing permafrost on very shallow, which means that according to researcher Natalia There are more possibilities than
that release of just a fraction of land, but the new study went methane gas doesn't have Shakhova, who co-led the study. you can count."
the methane stored in the shelf beyond the coast to offshore enough time to oxidize into "The climatic consequences of
could trigger sudden climate areas. From 2003 -- 2008, the carbon dioxide before reaching this are hard to predict," she
warming. research team embarked on the surface. So, more methane said.
The East Siberian Arctic Shelf annual research cruises to reaches the atmosphere. The team plans to continue its
covers more than 2 million sample seawater at various Methane release is one of the studies, including drilling into
square kilometers of seafloor in depths; they found that more critical climate "feedbacks" that the ocean floor to estimate the
the Arctic Ocean. Even prior to than 80% of the deep water and affect the entire planet's climate amount of methane stored there.
the new study, the region was more than half the surface water system as the result of a A paper on the study appears in
known to be a significant source had methane levels that were warming Arctic region. The the March 5 issue of the journal
of methane -- releasing 7 eight times greater than that of volume of methane currently Science.
teregrams a year (a teragram normal seawater. venting from the East Siberian
86 PopSci/ Energy/ E-reader News Edition

Apple iPad Rollout, Slightly The $62 Million T.

Delayed, Scheduled for April 3 Boone Pickens Project
Jeremy Hsu (Popular Science possible component shortages hit shelves in Australia, Canada, live to 101.
- New Technology, Science for Hon Hai Precision, Apple's France, Germany, Italy, Japan, (Greentech Media: Headlines) Pickens said that his mission
News, The Future Now) Taiwan-based supplier. Spain, Switzerland and the U.K. was catalyzed by listening to
Submitted at 3/5/2010 5:59:41 AM
Submitted at 3/5/2010 7:57:05 AM Initial iPad models that only by late April, with later rollout presidential candidates over the
Pre-orders start March 12 connect to Wi-Fi networks will dates for other nations. U.S. T. Boone Pickens, the last few decades, both
Apple aficionados and first- cost $499 - $699 depending on customers can begin preordering C h a i r m a n o f B P C a p i t a l Republican and Democrat say,
adopters will have to wait a bit data storage options. Later both models beginning on Management, spoke at the Wall "Elect me and we'll be energy
longer than anticipated to get versions that can connect to 3G March 12. Street Journal ECO:nomics independent" but never making
their hot hands on the iPad. The cellular networks are slated to Whether you really love the event on Thursday afternoon. good on their promises. And
tablet computer's debut has been cost $629 - $829, and would go iPad's concept of next-gen The 81 year old oilman and they got away with those lies
moved back to April 3 for the on sale in late April. computing or dislike its closed- geologist is on a mission to get because the press allowed them,
U.S., AP reports. Related Articles The iPad's platform model, you can be sure the US off of OPEC oil and onto according to T.
Apple originally gave a Unexpected, Hidden Peek at the people will be talking about this natural gas and he doesn't have a Pickens claims that the United
tentative "late March" rollout Future of Computing The iPad's post April Fool's. If you still lot of time. He insists he doesn't States has natural gas reserves
when it unveiled the iPad for the Closed System: Sometimes I don't know what all the hype is have time for Research and equivalent to 700 billion barrels
first time in late January. The Hate Being Right Apple iPad about, check out our hands-on Development. In his words, he of oil and it is Pickens' crusade
company has not given reason Hands On Tags Technology, impression. doesn't "have ten years for R or to move that ocean of natural
regarding the delay, but at least Jeremy Hsu, apple, computers, [via AP] ten years for D." Despite that g a s i n t o t h e A m e r i c a n
one analyst suggested some COMPUTING, iPad, ipads, claim, at his current level of $62 page 88
production issues relating to tablet computers All models will feisty - I have little doubt he'll
Your Next Economy Car… Commissioner’s Top economy is not really the issue 599 GTB Fiorano is the way to again.
(Greentech Media: Headlines) when you're spending this kind go. The '599' in the model name And for puttering around town
Trends to Watch
Submitted at 3/5/2010 4:00:11 AM of money. This is just feel-good refers to the 620 horsepower and bringing the kids and dogs
green. Can Tesla compete 5.99 liter V-12 engine, now to soccer practice -- there's the (Greentech Media: Headlines)
Spring is coming and it's time against these long-time car augmented by an electric motor, 700hp (522kW) Lightning GT Submitted at 3/4/2010 2:11:21 PM
to re-up on your wheels. But manufacturers that have a brand a lithium-ion battery pack and a with nano-titanate batteries from
being green is important to you and a history? Mercedes does flywheel-powered Kinetic Altair Nano. Berkeley, Calif.-- We've got to
as part of your conspicuous have a stake in Tesla, and Tesla Energy Recovery System And rounding out your choices come to grips with our bipolar
consumption. Here are some of might need that century of (KERS). The hybrid is the $450,000 Monagasque attitude toward energy
your automotive options: automotive manufacturing development was spurred by the Venturi Fetish. infrastructure, according to
There's the staid all-electric knowledge to keep up with the cry of cash-strapped Ferrari Wear your seatbelt. Philip Moeller.
Tesla. Johannses. owners trying to get a few more Five Filters featured article: Moeller, one of the five
But now, the IPO-hopeful Tesla Porsche is now in play with the miles per gallon. And this Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: commissioners at the Federal
has some competition looming Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid. Ferrari delivers -- offering 11.75 PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Regulatory Energy Commission
on the horizon in the luxury Here's a a video. miles per gallon, up from the Term Extraction. (FERC), says that the U.S.
class. Yes, the Porsche and If you want red and Italian -- usual 8.7 miles per gallon. The
Ferrari are hybrids, but fuel FERC page 87
the hybrid version of the Ferrari masters of Maranello strike
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continued from page 86

needs to beef up its transmission Senate) for cap and trade," he has helped reduce power considering the volumes.
grid, and intellectually, citizens said. Instead, you could see consumption in California could Demand response, meanwhile,
seem to understand this. energy efficiency bills, be a tough thing to mandate "is a big and growing issue that
Unfortunately, people also renewable portfolio standards nationally. Some state regulators we will be dealing with more at
chronically object to new and other issues going forward feel it encroaches on their turf. FERC."
transmission lines, natural gas on their own. Silicon Valley "There is a lot of disparate --Expect to continue to see
lines and the other components execs and lobbyists have been decision making going on," he conflicts between individuals
required to keep the lights on. expecting this, they've told us in said, adding that the states need who want to regulate fossil fuels
"There is a recognition that we the last few months, and to make de-coupling profitable and those who don't.
need more transmission...There adjusting their strategies for their local utilities. "As long as we have been
is no way to capture more accordingly. --Wind policies may change, or bipeds, we've been looking for
renewable without more --Natural gas will play a larger at least there will be debate the cheapest energy. If you can
transmission," he said during the role in electricity generation. around it. Now, we subsidize cut down on energy costs, the
UC Berkeley Energy Nuclear takes years, large rivers wind generated 24 hours a day. rest of your life is better," he
Symposium taking place today. for hydroelectric powers are Unfortunately, wind typically said. "We're now trying to make
"But people don't like to look at tapped out and coal plants are blows at night when electricity energy more expensive so
it...People hate energy dead in the water. Utilities are demand is down and some of people use less. That is a game
infrastructure." already planning to phase out the best wind resources are changer."
Moeller ticked off a number of coal plants in favor of natural located in remote, relatively This divide doesn't just impact
trends that will impact FERC gas and wind. lightly populated areas. Why not carbon debates. Real-time
and the energy industry in the "We as a nation are becoming triple the subsidy for wind pricing will also be
U.S. during a lunchtime speech. more dependent on natural gas generated in peak hours and controversial because of the
Here are some of the highlights: to make electricity," he said. ease off the subsidies for wind manner in which it will impact
--The energy debate has been "You can't bet the future of your generated at 3 a.m.? pricing, he predicted.
somewhat moribund in company on coal plants. If you The intermittent nature of wind Five Filters featured article:
Washington for the last six to are going to build a new power is also changing how utilities Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
nine months and has taken a plant, it will probably be run their control rooms. PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
back seat to health care. It could powered by natural gas." --FERC loves the smart grid. Term Extraction.
start to rev up again soon. And The U.S. also has a lot of gas Better transmission lines and
when it does, don't be surprised and the geological formations to technology for wholesale
if carbon taxation or cap and store it. electricity could improve
trade aren't part of it. --De-coupling is discussed in efficiency by 3% to 4%. That's a
"I don't see 60 votes (in the Washington, but the policy that huge amount of electricity,
88 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 86

transportation sector. He claims fueling station for CNG and that anything American" and that we or liquefied natural gas; and (5)
to have already spent $62 it will take a lot to put that need to "get the goddamn job extend through 2027 the tax
million on this quest, known as investment in. Pickens solved." credit for alternative fuel vehicle
the Pickens Plan. dismissed her and gave us this Oh, and by the way, he said he refueling property expenditures
He's going to do that by getting choice: "Make the transition or was running for President in for refueling property relating to
the Natural Gas Act -- HR 1835 use foreign oil." 2012. He may not have been compressed or liquefied natural
through the house and Senate Boone wanted to hear the serious. And he predicted an oil gas and allow an increased
bill 1408 through that august following from the president at price of $85 to $95 per barrel by credit for such property.
body. He's going after eighteen- the recent State of the Union: the end of the year because of Requires 50% of all new
wheelers as the first target. "All federal vehicles will be on global demand. vehicles purchased or placed in
Boone wants the US to "just get domestic fuel." That would *** service by the U.S. government
eight million trucks done." We have sent a messsge to the world The Congressional Research by December 31, 2014, to be
have 250 million vehicles in the according to Mr. Pickens. He Service created this summary of capable of operating on
US "so eight million is doable." says the U.S. needs to cut down HR 1835: compressed or liquefied natural
Once those eight million are the amount of oil imported from New Alternative Transportation gas. Authorizes the Secretary of
done according to Pickens, the OPEC. The American people to Give Americans Solutions Energy to make grants to
results will be "so outstanding" are concerned "because five Act of 2009 - Amends the manufacturers of light and
that we can move to light duty million barrels of oil per day are Internal Revenue Code to: (1) heavy duty natural gas vehicles
trucks. He said that AT&T's being imported from the allow an excise tax credit for the development of engines
fleet is already moving entirely enemy." through 2027 for alternative that reduce emissions, improve
to natural gas. Closing words from Mr. fuels and fuel mixtures performance and efficiency, and
Pickens said that we're going to Pickens, "We are five times involving compressed or lower cost.
have the Natural Gas Act bigger than the Saudis" in terms liquefied natural gas; (2) allow Five Filters featured article:
legislation by Memorial Day. of natural gas reserves / fuel an income tax credit through Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
He has a $100 bet with Jim equivalent. "It's cleaner" and 2027 for alternative fuel motor PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Kramer on that. "it's under our feet." He also vehicles powered by Term Extraction.
A Ford Motor Company said that the U.S would go down compressed or liquefied natural
representative in the audience in histroy as the dumbest gas; (3) modify the tax credit
was asked if Ford can make the country to have graced the globe percentage for alternative fuel
change to natural gas. Her if we do not make this vehicles fueled by natural gas or
response, unenthusiastic transition. liquefied natural gas; (4) allow a
according to Pickens, was that it He said that he "loves electric new tax credit for the production
costs $600,000 to put in a vehicles," that he "loves of vehicles fueled by natural gas
E-reader News Edition Energy/ 89

PG&E May Give Consumers Data on Daily

Power Consumption; Neighbor Data, Too their neighbors in terms of neighbors, so basically it's Active, dynamic data on power
(Greentech Media: Headlines) energy consumption. shame as a business model.) consumption could also cut
Submitted at 3/4/2010 3:20:31 PM The utility is also Meanwhile, Tendril Networks down theft and fraud. Rob
contemplating providing online and others have come up with Conant, a Dust Networks alum
It's the morning after, and alerts when consumers are software interfaces to warn now at Trillant Networks, says
Pacific Gas & Electric might be approaching new, higher pricing consumers when they are that one client in the Caribbean
in a position to tell you what terms. approaching peak power rates. wondered about its high power
happened soon. "Based on your current rate of Google and Microsoft have also bills. Close monitoring of
As part of an overhaul of its consumption, you are heading prepared home energy consoles consumption allowed them to
web site, the northern California toward a high power bill," the that they would ultimately like figure out that employees were
utility is contemplating allowing warning might say, said Tang. to tie into consumer power stealing power from the
customers to access data about The idea behind these program consumption data so they can residence.
their daily energy consumption is to give consumers tools to build or market energy services. In California, PG&E had a
on a day-after basis, said Andy r e d u c e t h e i r o w n p o w e r If PG&E performs these tasks consumer that used power only
Tang, the senior director of the consumption. These programs, on their own, other utilities five days a month. The utility
smart energy web at Pacific Gas h o w e v e r , a l s o p o t e n t i a l l y could follow suit and thereby investigated. It turned out that
& Electric, during a panel at the impinge on the business plans of reduce the opportunities for start the customer had tinkered with
U C B e r k e l e y E n e r g y some start-ups. OPower, for -ups. On the other hand, utilities the meter to fool the meter
Symposium. instance, gives consumers data often enlist partners, so these reader.
Additionally, PG&E may also on their power consumption and programs could become avenues Other fun grid facts: PG&E
give consumers data on the tells them how they compare to for business opportunities. Last expects 35 different types of
power consumption of similarly their neighbors. (In general, the year, Tendril's CEO Adrian plug-in cars to arrive over the
situated households -- although company has found that people Tuck said that one of the growth next 18 months.
t h e i n f o r m a t i o n w i l l b e won't change their consumption opportunities in smart grid lay in Five Filters featured article:
t h o r o u g h l y s c r u b b e d a n d much to save the earth, but they selling software to utilities. Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
anonymized for the sake of will reduce power consumption OPower sells its service through PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
privacy -- so that consumers can if they feel they are slothful or utilities. So this could be a good Term Extraction.
see how the compare against wasteful compared to their thing for all the new guys.