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CV Format: Here Im going to share cv format mostly used in UAE.

This can be
changed but I find most of professionals using this & it is not a benchmark. In
Pakistan we use Personal information at top . Follow this if u want

( this portion for picture)

Passport number:
Visa status :
Career Objective:(What ever u wants to write)
Profile:(What ever u want to write)


Work Experience: (i.e. if you are auditor)

XYZ Company Assurance auditor

My key responsibilities : (you can write whatever you want but for sample)
During my stay in the firm, I have been engaged on various Audits and Consultancy
assignments, which enabled me to obtain substantial and diverse exposure of
financial and non-financial activities of various industries.

My key responsibilities were:

Participating in audit engagements through planning, execution of various

stages of audit

Engagement planning based on understanding of the entity and assessment

of business and related audit risks

Participating in finalization of an assurance engagement

Liaison with clients management and communication of relevant matters to

persons at appropriate level of responsibility

Assisting clients in preparation of financial statements in accordance with the

applicable financial reporting framework including compliance with International
Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and directives of regulatory authorities

Establishing positive working environment by building solid relationships with
team members, clients and other stakeholders

Providing basic advisory services to clients in accounting treatment of

complex transactions and compliance with secretarial practices

Participating in statutory audits and system audits

Assessment of the financial statements in order to ensure their compliance

with the requirements of International Financial reporting Framework (IFRS);

To perform stock takings , inventory counts and preparation of stock

verification reports after collecting audit evidence .


(your skills)

Computer Knowledge: (including accounting softwares)

Language Skills: (English,urdu,hindi & all other which you know)

Personal Details:

(here you can write your all personal details)

NOTE: (There may be some point of conflict, as everyone does not face same
situation and don't have same point of view, so criticism/conflict is appreciated ) .I
provided this information as I faced the same situation as you people are facing
before going to Dubai and I also didnt have any information what to do.