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Rules and Regulations Federal Register

Vol. 72, No. 4

Monday, January 8, 2007

This section of the FEDERAL REGISTER Privacy Act and FOIA regulations. See 12 CFR Part 913
contains regulatory documents having general 71 FR 60810 (Oct. 17, 2006). The revised Administrative practice and
applicability and legal effect, most of which Privacy Act regulation (12 CFR part 913)
are keyed to and codified in the Code of procedure, Archives and records,
includes new sections concerning Freedom of information, Privacy.
Federal Regulations, which is published under security of systems of records, use and
50 titles pursuant to 44 U.S.C. 1510. ■ For the reasons stated in the preamble,
collection of social security numbers,
the Finance Board hereby adopts the
The Code of Federal Regulations is sold by and employee responsibilities under the
interim final rule revising 12 CFR parts
the Superintendent of Documents. Prices of Privacy Act. These amendments were
910 and 913 that was published at 71 FR
new books are listed in the first FEDERAL modeled after the U.S. Department of
REGISTER issue of each week.
60810 on October 17, 2006, as a final
Justice Privacy Act implementing rule,
rule without change.
and are intended to enhance the
agency’s ability to protect personally Dated: December 29, 2006.
FEDERAL HOUSING FINANCE BOARD identifiable information. By the Federal Housing Finance Board.
The rule also amended the fee Ronald A. Rosenfeld,
12 CFR Parts 910 and 913
schedule in the FOIA regulation (12 Chairman.
[No. 2006–25] CFR 910.9), which the Finance Board [FR Doc. E6–22653 Filed 1–5–07; 8:45 am]
RIN 3069–AB32 uses to determine the amount of the fee BILLING CODE 6725–01–P
it charges to duplicate records under
Privacy Act and Freedom of both the FOIA and the Privacy Act, to
Information Act; Implementation take into account increased salary and DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
operating costs. The 30-day public
AGENCY: Federal Housing Finance Federal Aviation Administration
comment period for the interim final
rule closed on November 16, 2006. See
ACTION: Final rule. 70 FR at 60811. 14 CFR Part 25
SUMMARY: The Federal Housing Finance II. Analysis of Public Comments and [Docket No. NM358; Special Conditions No.
Board (Finance Board) is adopting as a the Final Rule 25–342–SC]
final rule the interim final rule that
revised the agency’s implementing The Finance Board received no Special Conditions: Gulfstream
regulation under the Privacy Act of 1974 comments in response to the interim Aerospace Corporation, Model GV,
(Privacy Act) to include new sections final rule. Thus, for the reasons set forth GV–SP, and GIV–X Airplanes;
concerning security of systems of in detail in the interim final rulemaking, Windshield Coating in Lieu of Wipers
records, use and collection of social the Finance Board is adopting the AGENCY: Federal Aviation
security numbers, and employee interim final rule as a final rule without Administration (FAA), DOT.
responsibilities under the Privacy Act. any changes. ACTION: Final special conditions.
The rule also amended the fee schedule
III. Regulatory Flexibility Act
in the Freedom of Information Act SUMMARY: This special condition is
(FOIA) regulation, which the Finance The Finance Board adopted the issued for the Gulfstream Aerospace
Board uses to determine the amount of amendments to parts 910 and 913 in the Corporation Model GV, GV–SP, and
the fee it charges to duplicate records form of an interim final rule and not as GIV–X airplanes. These airplanes will
under both the FOIA and the Privacy a proposed rule. Therefore, the have a novel or unusual design
Act, to take into account increased provisions of the Regulatory Flexibility feature(s) associated with the use of a
salary and operating costs. Act do not apply. See 5 U.S.C. 601(2), hydrophobic windshield coating, rather
DATES: The final rule will become 603(a). than windshield wipers, as the means to
effective on February 7, 2007. maintain a clear portion of the
V. Paperwork Reduction Act windshield during precipitation
Janice A. Kaye, Privacy Act Official and conditions, as required by the
The final rule does not contain any
Senior Attorney-Advisor, Office of airworthiness standards for transport
collections of information under the
General Counsel, or 202– category airplanes. The applicable
Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995. See
408–2505; or David A. Lee, Chief airworthiness regulations do not contain
44 U.S.C. 3501 et seq. Consequently, the
Privacy Officer and Deputy Director, adequate or appropriate safety standards
Finance Board has not submitted any
Office of Management, or for this design feature. This special
information to the Office of
202–408–2514. You can send regular condition contains the additional safety
Management and Budget for review.
mail to the Federal Housing Finance standards that the Administrator
Board, 1625 Eye Street, NW., List of Subjects considers necessary to establish a level
Washington DC 20006. of safety equivalent to that established
12 CFR Part 910 by the existing airworthiness standards.
sroberts on PROD1PC70 with RULES

Administrative practice and EFFECTIVE DATE: December 22, 2006.

I. Background procedure, Archives and records, FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: John
In October 2006, the Finance Board Confidential business information, McConnell, Airplane and Flight Crew
published an interim final rule with Federal home loan banks, Freedom of Interface Branch, ANM–111, Transport
request for comments that revised its information. Airplane Directorate, Aircraft

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