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77772 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

248 / Wednesday, December 27, 2006 / Notices

(f) Harbor of Safe Refuge DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND technological collection techniques or

subcommittee report. SECURITY other forms of information technology,
(g) Rules of the Road subcommittee e.g., permitting electronic submission of
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration responses.
(4) New Business: Overview of This Information
Agency Information Collection Collection
(a) Maritime Transportation Recovery
Situation Unit (MTRSU) Presentation— Activities: Revision of a Currently (1) Type of Information Collection:
CDR Joe Paitl. Approved Information Collection; Revision of a currently approved
Comment Request information collection.
Working Groups Meeting. The agenda (2) Title of the Form/Collection:
for the working groups meeting includes ACTION: 60-Day Notice of Information Medical Examination of Aliens Seeking
the following: Collection Under Review: Medical Adjustment of Status.
(1) Presentation by each working Examination of Aliens Seeking (3) Agency form number, if any, and
group of its accomplishments and plans Adjustment of Status, Form I–693, OMB the applicable component of the
for the future. Control No. 1615–0033. Department of Homeland Security
(2) Review and discuss the work The Department of Homeland sponsoring the collection: Form I–693.
completed by each working group. Security, U.S. Citizenship and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration
Immigration Services has submitted the Services.
(3) Put forth any action items for (4) Affected public who will be asked
consideration at full committee meeting. following information collection request
for review and clearance in accordance or required to respond, as well as brief
Procedural. Working groups have with the Paperwork Reduction Act of abstract: Primary: Individuals or
been formed to examine the following 1995. The information collection is households. The information on the
issues: dredging and related issues, published to obtain comments from the application will be used by USCIS in
electronic navigation systems, AtoN public and affected agencies. Comments considering the eligibility for
knockdowns, impact of passing vessels are encouraged and will be accepted for adjustment of status under 8 CFR part
on moored ships, boater education sixty days until February 26, 2007. 209 and 8 CFR 210.5, 245.1, and 245a.3.
issues, facilitating deep draft Written comments and suggestions (5) An estimate of the total number of
movements, mooring infrastructure, and regarding items contained in this notice, respondents and the amount of time
and especially with regard to the estimated for an average respondent to
safe refuge during hurricanes. Not all
estimated public burden and associated respond: 800,000 responses at 2.5 hours
working groups will provide a report at
response time should be directed to the per response.
this session. Further, working group (6) An estimate of the total public
reports may not necessarily include Department of Homeland Security
(DHS), USCIS, Director, Regulatory burden (in hours) associated with the
discussions on all issues within the collection: 2,000,000 annual burden
particular working group’s area of Management Division, Clearance Office,
111 Massachusetts Avenue, NW., 3rd hours.
responsibility. All meetings are open to If you have additional comments,
the public. Members of the public may floor, Suite 3008, Washington, DC
20529. Comments may also be suggestions, or need a copy of the
make presentations, oral or written, at information collection instrument,
either meeting. Requests to make oral or submitted to DHS via facsimile to 202–
272–8352, or via e-mail at please contact Richard A. Sloan,
written presentations should reach the Director, Regulatory Management When submitting
Coast Guard five (5) working days before Division, U.S. Citizenship and
comments by email please add the OMB
the meeting at which the presentation Control Number 1615–0033 in the Immigration Services, 111
will be made. If you would like to have subject box. Massachusetts Avenue, NW., Suite
written materials distributed to each Written comments and suggestions 3008, Washington, DC 20529;
member of the committee in advance of from the public and affected agencies Telephone 202–272–8377.
the meeting, you should send your concerning the collection of information Dated: December 20, 2006.
request along with fifteen (15) copies of should address one or more of the Stephen Tarragon,
the materials to the Coast Guard at least following four points: Deputy Chief, Regulatory Management
ten (10) working days before the (1) Evaluate whether the proposed Division, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration
meeting at which the presentation will collection of information is necessary Services, Department of Homeland Security.
be made. for the proper performance of the [FR Doc. E6–22045 Filed 12–26–06; 8:45 am]
INFORMATION ON SERVICES FOR functions of the agency, including BILLING CODE 4410–10–P

THE HANDICAPPED: For information whether the information will have

on facilities or services for the practical utility;
handicapped or to request special (2) Evaluate the accuracy of the DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND
assistance at the meetings, contact the agencies estimate of the burden of the URBAN DEVELOPMENT
Executive Secretary or Assistant to the proposed collection of information,
including the validity of the [Docket No. FR–5037–N–95]
Executive Secretary as soon as possible.
methodology and assumptions used; Notice of Submission of Proposed
Dated: December 6, 2006. (3) Enhance the quality, utility, and Information Collection to OMB;
J. R. Whitehead, clarity of the information to be Telephone Survey of Multifamily
Rear Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard Commander, collected; and Assisted Housing Properties That are
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

Eighth Coast Guard District. (4) Minimize the burden of the Eligible for HUD’s Service
[FR Doc. E6–22150 Filed 12–26–06; 8:45 am] collection of information on those who Coordination Program
are to respond, including through the
use of appropriate automated, AGENCY: Office of the Chief Information
electronic, mechanical, or other Officer, HUD.

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