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After Makoto lead Celeste to the Hospital after the door, he began to recount for her the

events of the meeting. At one point, when she asked about the gash on her head, Makoto said

that she accidentally ran into the door. At this point, Celeste accused him of being a liar, to

which he repaired his testimony. He claimed that it was an accident. She, yet again, accused him

of lying. He finally brought himself to pick up a metal pipe on the floor and threatened to hit her.

She replied: “Do whatever you wish…”. After rethinking the situation, Makoto dropped the pipe.

Celeste, upon seeing this, noted his frailty and called him a coward. He then kicked her in the

face, to which she fell onto the floor in a bloody heap. After picking her back up, feeling guilty,

Makoto redressed her wounds. Upon awakening, Celeste questioned who Makoto was, yet again.

He replied: “I am a person that has done many bad things to you”. Her response was a

nonchalant: “…So?”, followed by a demand to prove it. He began to regale her with his bad

deeds and his evil nature, but failed to realize that she was unconscious. He then went to sleep,

feeling a bit better, but still guilty.


When he woke up, Celeste was gone. He went around looking for her, to which she found

her in the back row of the stadium seats, just sitting there. Upon confrontation, she couldn’t

remember who he was. He replied that he was a friend, and that he wanted her to go to the

classroom. She, unable to find her way, went with him. There, they had a duel.

The first game went to Celeste. An attack by one of Makoto’s monsters had opened up

the gash in her head again, to which Makoto showed concern. She replied: “That isn’t pertinent,

keep going…”. After spending the first 4 turns not playing anything, Makoto accused Celeste of

not trying to win. This however, was proven false in the 5th turn, where Celeste hit Makoto twice

with a 7800 attack. He claimed that she had surprised him, but promised to bring up his game.
The second duel went to Makoto. It was swift. He brought out Magician’s Knight, Chaos

Sorcerer, and Stardust Dragon all within 2 turns. Celeste responded by conceding, to which

Makoto replied that he would not accept quitting after his earlier loss. She suffered the blows and

lost the match. Right at the end, she fainted. She had bled out a lot of blood, and Makoto rushed

over to help. He did not realize that the reason she wanted to stop was because she was in

danger. Helping her back to the infirmary, Makoto then went to sleep.


Makoto wakes up to find that Celeste has gone missing yet again… (to be continued)