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Achieving optimum manufacturing performance with streamlined processes, innovative cost

reduction and smart technologies

The Westin Mumbai Garden City, India
14th & 15th September 2015

Whosoever desires constant

success must change his
conduct with the times.
Niccolo Machiavelli

Honorary Chairperson:

Expert Speaker Panel:

Sunil Chandiramani VP Global Business Operations Consumer Ink

Hewlett-Packard, Singapore

Jagdish Ramaswamy President Corporate Business Excellence

Aditya Birla, India

Yesheen Vibhakar Head of SCM Operational Excellence

Suzlon Energy Limited, India

Key Topics to be Addressed:

Capturing opportunities by gaining updates on the Make in India
Overcoming the volatility and complexity of manufacturing to
excel in business planning
Aligning your manufacturing strategy with your organisational
goals to enhance business growth
Maximising resource productivity and manpower efficiency
Achieving zero defects at lower cost and reducing risks in your
manufacturing process
Sustaining continuous improvement across the value chain from
product development to delivery
Boosting sustainability, energy efficiency and EHS compliance to
increase global competitiveness
Incorporating smart manufacturing technologies for greater
productivity and cost effectiveness

Palaniappan P Senior Vice President & Business Head

Mahindra & Mahindra ; Mahindra Powerol, India
Vikas Singhal Vice President Manufacturing
Technology & Supply Chain
Whirlpool, India
Kulbhushan (K) Gupta Senior Vice President & Global Head Operations Management Excellence
Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd, India
Lakkaraju Syamprasad Senior Director & Head of Operations
Dr. Reddy Laboratories, India
Sudarshan Shelgaonkar GM, Manufacturing Operations Consumer
Electronics Products
Videocon Industries, India
Srikant Iyengar Head World Class Quality & QA
Tata Motors, India
Kel Kearns Head of Plant Sanand Vehicle Assembly & Engine Plant
Ford, India
Jatinder Panjwani Associate Vice President & Head Supply Chain
Micromax, India
Saurabh Lal CPIM Director Operations (Manufacturing & Supply Chain)
Avery Dennison, India

Our Sponsors:

Sunil Banthiya Executive Director Operations

3M, India
Jitender Chotani Plant Head
G.S. Nutrition Pvt. Limited
Ram Sarma Head-Technical Operations, External Manufacturing
Sanofi, India


Day One, Monday 14th September 2015



Registration and Coffee


Opening and Welcome Remarks from the Chair

Sunil Chandiramani VP Global Business Operations Consumer Ink Business
Hewlett-Packard, Singapore

Achieving Desired Quality


Strategic Management for Manufacturing Excellence



Keynote Presentation:

Riding the Wave of Make In India Campaign and Strategically

Planning Your Facility Expansion
Recognising the strategic importance of manufacturing to Indias future
growth trajectory
Assessing its impacts on your business in the long-term whilst outlining a
realistic picture of the prospect of your industry
How are organisations capitalising on growth opportunities by expanding
their footprints in India?
Ramping up capacity and strengthening your position through building
world-class manufacturing facilities

Case Study:

Establishing One Language of Manufacturing Excellence Culture in

a Diversified, Geographically Spread Conglomerate - The Challenges
and Key Success Factors
Defining the success factors that doing vs being excellence
Examining why organisations struggle to realise the full business value that
manufacturing can generate?
Mapping the goals with full visibility and transparency across the spread
Establishing a measurement system that aligns with the goals
Jagdish Ramaswamy President Corporate Business Excellence
Aditya Birla, India


Total Quality Management (TQM): The Catalyst for Symbiotic

Partnership in Achieving Manufacturing Excellence
Reviewing an unique journey of Mahindra Powerols TQM practices by
harnessing on partners capabilities and strengths for business growth
Leveraging on quality movement to align and develop partners on the path
of realising vision through contract manufacturing setup (CMS) plants,
Genset OEMs (GOEMs) and Sales & Service dealers
Transforming your business partners to inculcate the long-term planning
approach and systemic thinking
Building a sustainable partnership ecosystem to optimise the usage of
existing resources to agile response to market
Palaniappan P Senior Vice President & Business Head
Mahindra & Mahindra; Mahindra Powerol, India

Case Study:

World Class Quality (WCQ) Tata Motors Way of Operational Excellence

Redefining quality and the best quality management system for your
products and organisation
Setting up the standard of employee training, administrative procedures and
quality monitoring to the highest standard
Ensuring your quality management system involves raw material, prototype,
production and regular QC inspections
Performing checks at Critical Control Points (CCPs) and using data analytics to
achieve zero defect
Srikant Iyengar Head World Class Quality & QA
Tata Motors, India

Innovative Cost Reduction

Panel Discussion


Make in India or Make in China? The Future Leader in Global

Does the Made in China 2025 programme vie on the pie of Make in India
campaign for foreign investments?
Indias decentralised democracy vs Chinas developmentalist one-party state:
Are they driving long term goals consistently?
From a grand ambition to real action on the ground comparing the
infrastructure, technology development, talent availability and cost
Whats the big wave of next industrial revolution? strengthening the
industrial base in achieving manufacturing excellence
Sunil Chandiramani VP Global Business Operations Consumer Ink Business
Hewlett-Packard, Singapore
Sunil Banthiya Executive Director Operations
3M, India
Srikant Iyengar Head World Class Quality & QA
Tata Motors, India


Case Study:


Case Study:



Networking Luncheon

Gearing to Next Level of Excellence by Implementing Continuous

and Breakthrough Improvement
Comparing Continuous and Breakthrough Improvement: What separates the
two? How are they managed?
Reviewing current performance to determine the projects required for shortterm and long-term objectives
Finding the right Continuous Improvement tools to improve the quality of
your working processes and practices
Solving chronic problems through focused and dedicated resources for
breakthrough improvements in key business areas
Sunil Banthiya Executive Director Operations
3M, India

Excellence is Never an Accident! Building a Manufacturing Excellence

Culture to Transform Employee Behaviours and Embed Success
What are the major challenges to implementing a culture to Manufacturing
Instilling manufacturing excellence the result of consistent commitment,
intelligent planning, and focused efforts
Leading successful change by encouraging managers role model
performance and engage with employees
Empowering employees to review and act upon ideas that support
manufacturing excellence
Enhancing safety-related capabilities in human-machine-cooperation and
Jitender Chotani Plant Head.
G.S. Nutrition Pvt. Limited
Sunil Banthiya Executive Director Operations
3M, India
Srikant Iyengar Head World Class Quality & QA
Tata Motors, India


Case Study:

Case Study:

Achieving Top Line Synergies for Manufacturing and Quality

Encouraging initiatives and transforming ideas with feasible actions into
visible results
Identifying and integrating internal synergies between operations and
business systems a major factor for achieving productivity and better results
Application of root cause analysis for the process steps to increase efficiencies
Linkage of short term objectives to long term objectives and sustain the
energetic momentum towards ultimate goals
Integrating solutions, quick actions with synergic application lead to
excellence in manufacturing and quality combined
Ram Sarma Head-Technical Operations, External Manufacturing
Sanofi, India


Panel Discussion



Stay on Top of the Game by Planning an Actionable Cost Reduction

Strategy for the Year 2016
Implementing total cost measurement with an cost driver approach to
pinpoint cost reduction opportunities
Cost reduction by design: Reengineering your production process to
maximise lean savings
Build-to-Order vs. Mass Customisation vs. Standardisation which is the best
for your production?
Extending to supply chain management to eliminate forecasts, purchase
orders, inventory, and expediting costs
Sudarshan Shelgaonkar GM, Manufacturing Operations Consumer
Electronics Products
Videocon Industries, India
Closing Remarks from Chair and Drinks Reception

Business Development Opportunities

Does your company have services, solutions or technologies that the
conference delegates would benefit from knowing about?
If so, you can find out more about the exhibiting, networking andbranding
opportunities available bycontacting: Peter Morgan on +61 2 9238 7200 or

Day Two, Tuesday 15th September 2015


Registration and Coffee


Opening and Welcome Remarks from Chairperson

Yesheen Vibhakar Head of SCM Operational Excellence
Suzlon Energy Limited, India

1310 Networking Luncheon

Maximising Productivity


Enabling the Prospect Zero Defect & Zero Effect: Engage, Evolve
and Excel in Smart Manufacturing
Adopting green initiatives to stabilise resources use efficiently, and to
minimise generation of waste
Enhancing manufacturing competitive differentiation by reducing energy
and input costs
Integrating your manufacturing processes with advance technologies to
deliver sustainable business performance and operation
Fostering collaboration throughout the organisation, alignment for
combined green execution efforts and accountability for results
Kel Kearns Head of Plant - Sanand Vehicle Assembly & Engine Plant
Ford, India




Expert Insight:

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Making Planned Production

Time Truly Productive
Accurately identify your losses in availability, performance, and quality to
attack the top losses
Reducing events such as equipment failures, unplanned maintenance,
material shortages, and changeovers through better production and
maintenance planning
Operating at the maximum possible speed when running through best-inclass process control
Meeting quality standards at the first production pass to eliminate rework
Kulbhushan (K) Gupta Senior Vice President & Global Head - Operations
Management Excellence
Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd, India

Expert Insight:

Leagile Manufacturing: Improving Production Agility to Respond To

the Market and Customer Demand Changes
Its not about building to inventory its about building to demand!
Planning for market volatility by maximum plant flexibility and enhanced
forecasting accuracy
Concentrating on commonality of manufacturing processes with a deep
insight into rapidity
Transiting single-source labour to multi-source skills to take on multiple
different projects and assignments
Saurabh Lal CPIM Director Operations (Manufacturing & Supply Chain)
Avery Dennison, India

Case Study:

Reducing Inventory and Shortening Lead Time through Enhancing

Supply Chain Management (SCM) from End to End
Emphasising the value chain that links your plant to market and customer needs
Providing visibility into all operations across the supply chain to achieve a single
version of the truth
Reducing the risk of error through information synchronisation and automated
Optimising resources in your supply chain and up-scaling your third party
logistics (3PL) management
Jitender Panjwani Head Supply Chain / GM Logistic & Distribution
Micromax, India

Manufacturing Innovation

Roundtable Discussions

1550 Transforming Manufacturing Product and Service Innovation with

People, Process, and Technology
In the highly complex and fast-moving global markets, sustaining a high level of
innovation is the key to success. Manufacturers need to bring the most valuable
resources and look beyond their walls for sustainable competitive advantages.

Industrial 4.0



Case Study:


Lead Time & Customer Satisfaction

Panel Discussion

This session allows audience to interact and obtain immediate feedback from
their peers on different key concerns in a roundtable setting, With a facilitator
on each table, participants are encouraged to voice opinion, exchange ideas
and appraise the good, the bad and the ugly. It is essential that all are prepared
to participate to ensure a smooth discussion flow and fruitful session. At the
end of the discussion the roundtable host will summarise the feedback to the
rest of the group.

A Vision of Tomorrows Manufacturing Towards Highly Intelligent

Connected Systems That Create a Fully Digital Value Chain
What are the main challenges in adoption of smart manufacturing technologies?
What are the latest Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
enabled tools and solutions that reenergise your manufacturing?
Earmarking additional investments and skills be a part of the national level
programmes like Make in India and Smart City
Developing the India model of Industrial 4.0 to propel the movement and a
robust data security environment for the future smart plants
Yesheen Vibhakar Head, SCM Operational Excellence
Suzlon Energy Limited, India
Vikas Singhal Vice President Manufacturing, Technology & Supply Chain
Whirlpool, India
Kel Kearns Head of Plant - Sanand Vehicle Assembly & Engine Plant Ford,
Lakkaraju Syamprasad Sr. Director & Head of Operations
Dr. Reddy Laboratories, India

Delegates will have the opportunity to select from one of the following discussions:
Roundtable One
Rebooting Employee Skill Development and Unified
Vikas Singhal Vice President Manufacturing, Technology & Supply Chain
Whirlpool, India
Roundtable Two
Implementing CustomerCentric Business Processes
Roundtable Three
Leveraging on Collaboration Platforms, Virtualisation, and Other
Powerful Internet-Based Technologies

Case Study:

Adopting the Right KPIs to Maximise Operational Efficiency in Your

Implementing powerful, integrated data networks that are connecting to
plant, production and people
Enhancing quality and productions data acquisition and to analyse the
Boosting performance and increasing efficiency by optimising the KPI system
Effectively integrating all areas into one coherent system in assuring
operational excellence
Yesheen Vibhakar Head of SCM Operational Excellence
Suzlon Energy Limited, India

Case Study:

Optimising Process Automation to Enhance Productivity and

Upgrade Plant Manufacturing
Redesigning an integrated technology framework for efficiency, intuitive
operation, and future viability
Optimising the design of planning and production processes taking into
consideration the core system characteristics engineering, communication,
diagnostics, safety, security, and robustness
Continuously enhancing the interplay between mechanics, electronics, and
information technology
Complying with government regulations and standards whilst maximising
quality for end consumers by tracking and tracing
Lakkaraju Syamprasad Senior Director & Head of Operations
Dr. Reddy Laboratories, India




Expert Insight:

Building a Systematic and Sustainable Innovation Capability into

Developing an appetite for risk through organisational structure and culture
Balancing small scale and large scale innovation activities
Developing a platform that encourage innovation design, technology and
the high end of value-added manufacturing
Dedicating resources for innovation through investment in world-class
manufacturing infrastructures
Closing Remarks from Chair and End of the Forum

Speaker Achievements

Establishing one language of manufacturing

excellence culture in a diversified geographically
spread conglomerate, the group companies have
been constant recipients of manufacturing award
at global scale.
Jagdish Ramaswamy
Aditya Birla, India

Leading the Mahindra Powerol team in practice of

TQM and won the prestigious Deming award in
Palaniappan P
Mahindra & Mahindra; Mahindra Powerol, India

Extensive experience in manufacturing, R&D,

supply chain, operations excellence & quality
operations contributed to the biggest plants of
consumer electronics in India with turnover of US$
350 Million
Sudarshan Shelgaonkar
Videocon Industries, India

Recipient of Golden Peacock Award 2015 Dubai

for its quality management achievement and the
key assessor for Tata Business Excellence model
Srikant Iyengar
Tata Motors, India

Managing the daily operation of Ford Sanand Plant

the most automated car manufacturing plants
across the entire Asia Pacific and Africa with 95
percent automation in the body-shop.
Kel Kearns
Ford, India

Successfully transform the Micromax SCM

department from cost center to profit center,
responsible for P&L of INR 200 crores.p.a
Jitender Panjwani
Micromax, India

Wide range of experience in manufacturing

and supply chain across South Asia in FMCG and
printing / packaging industries. Currently handling
India operations for Avery Dennison RBIS.
Saurabh Lal
Avery Dennison, India

Expert in manufacturing operations and supply

chain management with extensive experience in
leading FMCG companies like Pepsi Co & Unilever

Sunil Banthiya
3M India

Expert in wind industry SCM system with the

Worlds fifth largest wind turbine supplier.
Yesheen Vibhakar
Suzlon Energy Limited, India

Proven track record in achieving cost saving and

operation efficiency with 23 years of experience
with leading companies like Britania, JIL, Pepsi,
Bovis lend lase and Marico
Lakkaraju Syamprasad
Dr. Reddy Laboratories, India

Chief Architect and Global Head of Business Excellence

Function for all Companies of Jubilant Chemicals,
Pharmaceuticals, Drug Discovery, Oil & Gas, Dominos,
Retail and Health Care and he is directly report to
Chairman of the company
Kulbhushan (K) Gupta
Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd, India

Over twenty five years of rich experience in Dairy

& Nutritional Powders manufacturing. Associated
with manufacturing operations of major brands in
the category like Protinex, Boost, Maltova, Viva, and
Complan & Horlicks.
Jitender Chotani
G.S. Nutrition Pvt. Limited


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AutomationConnect is Indias first End to End B2B Portal exclusively for Industrial
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Why You Cannot Miss This Event:

The global manufacturing landscape has been evolving at a very fast pace. Large
developing economies have leaped into the first tier of manufacturing nations. The
launch of the Make in India campaign by Prime Minister Narendra Modi could not
have come in at more appropriate time. It facilitates inward investments and builds
the countrys manufacturing infrastructure, aiming to promote India as the new
manufacturing hub. It brings domestic and foreign manufacturers great opportunities
to expand their facilities and maximise the benefits of the campaign.
To achieve higher productivity, lead time reduction and consistency in quality,
organisations need to strategise on improving operations, eliminating waste and
creating lean processes. With the fluctuation in energy costs and currency rates, there
has been a shift on cost competitiveness globally. Therefore, its vital for organisations
to constantly strive for manufacturing excellence.
Marcus Evans Manufacturing Excellence Forum is one-of-its-kind event where top
manufacturing executives, business leaders and industry experts come together to gain
insights into Make in India campaign and how its impacting your business planning.
Well showcase best practices on producing products with desired quality, shortened
lead time and reduced costs. Well also explore intelligent industrial technologies
which helps you to compete effectively in the industrial 4.0 era. Besides, this forum will
bring exclusive one-to-one meetings that forge profitable partnerships and bring your
manufacturing to the next level.

Who Should Attend:

CEOs, Presidents, VPs, GMs, MDs, Directors, Heads, Senior Manager, Managers of:
Process Excellence
Process / Continuous Improvement
Lean / Six Sigma
Operational Excellence
Asset Management
Facility Management
Supply Chain Management
Quality Control / Assurance
Change Management
Organisational Development
From All Manufacturing Industries Including:
Auto Components
Chemical & Petrochemical
Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
Defence & Aerospace
Food & Beverage
FMCG & Consumer goods
Oil & Gas

Mining & Metals

Electronic & Electrical
Construction & Building Materials
IT Products