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Mrs. Knox 6th Grade Class
Teachers Message:

I will like to take this time to welcome all parents/guardians to room 10 for the 2009­2010 school year.  Every two weeks  
you will receive a newsletter to keep you up­to­date with what’s going on in class.  The purpose of the newsletter is to 
inform you of upcoming test and projects, and to give you strategies to help you help your child meet the standards  
taught in class at home.  Having an understanding of what’s going on in class will help your child reach academic  
success.  Thank you for your time.
Your Child’s Teacher
A Bi-Weekly Newsletter Issue 1 August 2009
Upcoming Test and

Math Reading Grammar Science Social Science

In­class science   In­class social  
Wednesday, August 12 Wednesday, August 12 Wednesday, August 12 projects are due  
­Students will be tested on   science projects  
area models, partial   ­Students will be tested   ­Students will be tested   August 21st and   are due August  
in the grammar   students will be  
products, and the zeros,   in the reading strategies   concepts taught in   24th and students  
tested Aug. 24th  
estimation, stacking, and   and key vocabulary for   class and practiced for   will be tested Aug.  
theme 1 story 2. on vocab. and   25th on vocab. and  
subtracting methods of   homework. content. content.

What’s Happening In:
tests, an individual drawings, and a group
Math Strategy Focus: Evaluate drawing that represent the area studied.
During the first 15 days of school Comprehension Skill: Making Science
students are being taught basic skills and Judgements
methods that will help them with the Students are working collaboratively to
and Key Vocabulary. read the chapter and write summaries on
math standards to come. Students are
learning how to use area models and Grammar Plate Tectonics. They are developing an
partial products when multiplying whole understanding of the key vocabulary and
numbers and decimals. They are also Students are learning how to recognize standards for the chapter, and the
learning how to use various methods to conjunctions within a sentence and how scientific method on how the earth works.
divide whole numbers, such as the to create compound sentences. They are required to form test questions
estimation, stacking, zeros, and and a study group to help prepare them
subtracting methods. Social Science
for a ten-question exam. The end product
Students are working collaboratively to will include: summaries, tests, an
Reading individual drawing that represent
read the chapter and write summaries on
We are within the first theme of the Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent. different aspects of plate tectonics, and a
reading curriculum, which is called They are developing an understanding of group lab zone activity. At the end of
Courage. Within this theme students are its historical facts and standards, and their each chapter studied students will have
reading stories that . Students are reading traditions and art work that represent the the opportunity to work on a whole class
story 2 in theme 1, which is called culture. They are required to form test lab project that represents the area
“Passage to Freedom.” During this story questions and a study group to help studied.
students are practicing the following prepare them for a ten-question exam.
skills: The end product will include: summaries,

Home Study
M AT H  
Study: Multiplying whole numbers by
whole numbers and decimals, using
area models and partial products.
Dividing 1-2 digit numbers into 3-4 Reading
digit numbers using the following
methods: stacking, estimation, zero, Study: Reading and evaluating the
and subtracting. authors work. Reading and making Science
judgements about the stories
Strategies: Practice the following characters and their actions. The Study: Plate Tectonics
methods at least 10 times each: following Key vocabulary: Strategies: Study key vocabulary by
Strategies: Read a story and write understanding their meaning. Write
down questions. Evaluate the story by and highlight the following areas of
writing down how well you think the plate tectonics:
author presented the plot, climax,
described the characters purpose.
Make judgements by writing down
facts about a stories character or
events and using your own
experiences to make judgements about
the point you think the author is trying Announcements and 
to make. Study the vocabulary my Reminders
writing definitions and sentences.
Homework is due Tuesday through
Grammar Friday and should include a book
Study: Conjunctions and compound report page, math, grammar, and
sentences. spelling. Each homework sheet is a
reflection of what was taught in class,
Strategies: Practice editing writing by so please ensure that HW is fully
finding sentences that can be completed.
combined by a joining word. Rewrite
sentences, using the three 7-page book report due 8/24 (students
conjunctions: and, or, and but. should be reading a chapter book of
their own): Students will receive this
Social Science assignment a week prior to when it is
Study: Mesopotamia and the Fertile due.
Crescent. Remind your child to go to the 
Strategies: Study key vocabulary by bathroom before school and 
understanding their meaning. Write during the designated recesses. 
and highlight the following events:

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail me at, or call 510-293 2