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6 Weeks, 05 January, 2015 to 13 February 2015

In this module you will work on an assignment brief that is open ended and covers all the learning
outcomes of the module. You will select a natural or man-made object in consultation with your tutor,
which will become the starting point of your work in this module. The objective of the assignment is to
expand your understanding of the ways of approaching a given situation which will be supported your
research file, e-process document.
The assignment is divided into 2 distinct phases.
In the first phase,
You will observe, represent and collect different types of data. (Relevant, non-relevant, etc.)
Further to this, you will collate data collected through secondary and primary research from various
Sources/ Resources to expand your understanding of the context of the object. This will be evidenced
through your Process Report and Log Book.
You will then make connections and associations that you can build around the selected object.
You will analyze the findings; and categorize the same. (Mind Mapping)
You will explore the form in terms of its shape, size, color, texture, material in addition to studying the
finer nuances of cultural significance, history, literature linked to it.
You will also explore the function and utility of the object to understand its relationship to the form.
You will consolidate your research and understanding to define the essence of the Object chosen for
study. You will identify suitable inspiration(s) to direct the progress of your work. (Statement of purpose)
The day to day progress of your work will be recorded in a Log Book.
The Assignment moves into the second phase from here onwards.

Details of the same shall be shared with you subsequently


LOG BOOK: Throughout this assignment, you must maintain a log book (reflective diary) in which
you will record your research / collection of information, and the progress of your work and
understanding. This should be of A5 size.
In addition, you may also maintain an A4 / A3 size sketch book/ Portfolio to record your 2D work.
The Log Book will include:
All the day to day working, progress of the assignment.
All the relevant/ not relevant information and data collected in its un-edited form.
Visual study of the object- this will include hand drawn sketches/ doodles/ digital explorations.
Material study of the object.
The material work must be photo documented in your log book along with a record of 3d models.
Brain storming and Mind Mapping.
Process of selection/ rejection to narrow down options.
Form explorations/ concept generation / ideation towards progress of the final design solution
Feedback from the faculty received during various stages of the assignment.
You own reflections on the progress of your work, including the challenges you are facing and how
you overcome them.


PROCESS REPORT: The Process Report will emerge from the Log Book you have prepared.
This may be a digital presentation or a hard (printed) document. You are encouraged to be
innovative in your approach to prepare a documentation of the same.
The Process report will include a comprehensive presentation of the process you have followed for
the progress of your work from the starting to how you arrived at the final outcome.

Details of the same shall be shared with you subsequently


PRESENTATIONS: You will be required to make a number of presentations at various stages of

the assignment, to your tutor(s) and peer group to get a feedback on your work.
There will be two major presentations during the module:
Presentation 1: Towards the end of Phase 1 of the assignment, you will make a brief yet
comprehensive 5 minute presentation to your tutors explaining the progress of your work from the
beginning to the defining of statement of purpose.
This presentation will be supported by your Log Book.
You will receive a formative feedback based on your presentation. You must record this in your
Log Book.
This presentation will be scheduled on a specific date announced by your tutors between 15th21st
Jan 2015.
Presentation 2: At the end of the module, you will make a brief yet comprehensive 5 minute
presentation to your tutors explaining the progress of your work from the beginning to end

Details of the same shall be shared with you subsequently

The progress and final outcome of this assignment will feed into the final evaluation of this module.
Your final evaluation will be based on two Assessment Elements:
Assessment Element One:

Process Report and Log Book

Weightage : 60%

Assessment Element Two:

Design Solution
Weightage : 40%

Process Report and the Log Book records the progress of the assignment.
Design Solution is the final tangible outcome of the assignment.