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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

219 / Tuesday, November 14, 2006 / Notices 66349

Office in solvency studies, cost proposed collection of information, III. Current Actions
estimating and modeling, and including the validity of the Type of Review: Extension without
assessment of State benefit formulas. methodology and assumptions used; change.
II. Desired Focus of Comments • Enhance the quality, utility, and Agency: Employment and Training
clarity of the information to be Administration, Office of Workforce
Currently, the Department of Labor is collected; and Security.
soliciting comments concerning the • Minimize the burden of the Title: Benefit Rights and Experience.
proposed extension for the collection of collection of information on those who OMB Number: 1205–0177.
the ETA 218, Benefit Rights and are to respond, including through the Agency Number: ETA 218.
Experience report. Comments are use of appropriate automated, Recordkeeping: 3 year record
requested to: electronic, mechanical, or other retention.
• Evaluate whether the proposed technological collection techniques or Affected Public: State governments.
collection of information is necessary other forms of information technology, Cite/Reference/Form/etc: Social
for the proper performance of the e.g., permitting electronic submissions Security Act, Section 303(a)(6).
functions of the agency, including of responses. Total Respondents: 53.
whether the information will have A copy of the proposed information Frequency: Quarterly.
practical utility; collection request (ICR) can be obtained Total Responses: 216.
• Evaluate the accuracy of the by contacting the office listed above in Average Time per Response: .5 hour.
Agency’s estimate of the burden of the the ADDRESSES section of this notice. Estimated Burden Hours:

Total Total Average time per

Cite/reference Frequency Burden
respondents responses response

ETA 218 Regular .............................................................. 53 Quarterly 212 .5 hour ............... 106 hrs.
ETA 218 Extended Benefits ............................................. 2 Quarterly 4 .5 hour ............... 2 hrs.

Totals ......................................................................... ........................ ........................ 216 ............................ 108 hrs.

Total Burden Cost (operating/ and a Webinar 1 to discuss the transition 1. Los Angeles—Westin Bonaventure
maintaining): $0. of the YouthBuild program to DOL and Hotel, 404 South Figueroa Street, Los
Comments submitted in response to to announce an open comment period Angeles, CA 90071.
this notice will be summarized and/or for comments on a variety of issues 2. Pittsburgh—Omni William Penn,
included in the request for Office of about YouthBuild program design. The 530 William Penn Place, Pittsburgh, PA
Management and Budget approval of the purposes of the public meetings and the 15219.
information collection request; they will Webinar are twofold: To provide basic 3. Webinar—For additional details on
also become a matter of public record. information on the legislative changes to the Webinar, please visit http://
the YouthBuild program and DOL
Dated: November 6, 2006.
program management of YouthBuild; FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
Cheryl Atkinson,
and to collect feedback on several Anne Stom via e-mail at
Administrator, Office of Workforce Security. program design elements listed below. or via telephone at
[FR Doc. E6–19176 Filed 11–13–06; 8:45 am]
KEY DATES: Submit comments on or (202) 693–3377. This is not a toll free
before December 15, 2006. number.
The public meeting dates are: SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
DEPARTMENT OF LABOR 1. November 30, 2006 from 8:30 a.m. A. Meeting Information
to 4:30 p.m., Los Angeles, CA.
Employment and Training 2. December 6, 2006 from 8:30 a.m. to A small block of hotel rooms for both
Administration 4:30 p.m., Pittsburgh, PA. of these events has been reserved under
DOL YouthBuild. More information on
Design of Federal YouthBuild Grants 3. December 13, 2006 from 2 p.m. to
these meetings can be found at http://
4 p.m. EST, a Webinar. These
AGENCY: Employment and Training ADDRESSES: Submit your comments by meetings are open to the public.
Administration, Labor. e-mail to However, attendees must register in
ACTION: Notice of request for public Comments can also be mailed or hand advance at
comments and announcement of public delivered to the Employment and youth_services.
meetings. Training Administration, Office of
Workforce Investment, Division of B. Background
SUMMARY: On September 22, 2006, Youth Services, Room N–4511, 200 In 1978, YouthBuild began in East
President Bush signed into law the Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington, Harlem, NY, as a program to teach youth
YouthBuild Transfer Act (Pub. L. 109– DC 20210. A summary of all comments construction skills while renovating and
281) which transfers the YouthBuild received will be made available to the building homes for low-income families.
program from the Department of public on the Employment and Training It was replicated in five locations in
Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Administration’s Web site at http:// New York City during the 1980s. In
sroberts on PROD1PC70 with NOTICES

to the Department of Labor (DOL). 1990, YouthBuild USA was founded to
YouthBuild provides education and The meeting locations are: implement YouthBuild nationally. In
occupational skills training for at-risk 1993, the YouthBuild program was
youth age 16–24. The purpose of this 1 A Webinar is an interactive seminar or meeting established by federal statute and HUD
Notice is to announce public meetings conducted over the Internet. was designated as the agency

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66350 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 219 / Tuesday, November 14, 2006 / Notices

responsible for administering the YouthBuild grantees, we are interested DEPARTMENT OF LABOR
program. in comments and observations on the
In addition to teaching construction organizational attributes required for Employment Standards Administration
skills to youth, YouthBuild is an operating an effective YouthBuild
alternative education program that program, including prior program Proposed Collection; Comment
assists youth who are often significantly experience. Request
behind in basic skills with obtaining a
high school diploma or GED credential. 2. Outcomes: We are interested in
ACTION: Notice.
The primary target populations for comments and observations on ways to
YouthBuild are youth offenders, youth ensure that YouthBuild programs meet
SUMMARY: The Department of Labor, as
in or aging out of foster care, and out- educational and employment outcomes
part of its continuing effort to reduce
of-school youth. There are currently and on ways to measure those
paperwork and respondent burden,
over 200 YouthBuild programs outcomes. Given the outcomes that conducts a preclearance consultation
operating throughout the United States. YouthBuild programs will be required program to provide the general public
YouthBuild grants administered by to meet as part of DOL’s Common and Federal agencies with an
HUD have funded approximately 120 Measures for employment and training opportunity to comment on proposed
programs through annual competitions. programs (gains in literacy and and/or continuing collections of
In 2003, the White House Task Force numeracy skills; successful placement information in accordance with the
Report on Disadvantaged Youth in post-secondary education or Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995
recommended that the YouthBuild employment; and diploma and industry (PRA95) [44 U.S.C. 3506(c)(2)(A)]. This
program be transferred from HUD to recognized certificate attainment), we program helps to ensure that requested
DOL for greater consistency of agency seek public input into the types of DOL data can be provided in the desired
mission and other efficiencies. The technical assistance that will support format, reporting burden (time and
federal departments agreed and programs in improving these financial resources) is minimized,
enactment of the YouthBuild Transfer educational and career track collection instruments are clearly
Act represents the successful employment outcomes for YouthBuild understood, and the impact of collection
implementation of that
participants, and in ways to strengthen requirements on respondents can be
recommendation. DOL will run its first
the connections that YouthBuild properly assessed. Currently, the
YouthBuild competition for funds
programs make with apprenticeship Employment Standards Administration
appropriated for YouthBuild in Fiscal
programs, construction firms, and other is soliciting comments concerning the
Year (FY) 2007. This grant competition
high-growth, high-demand jobs. We are proposed collection: Certification by
represents the first funding cycle for
interested in comments and School Official (CM–981). A copy of the
which DOL assumes full responsibility
observations on methods to support proposed information collection request
of the YouthBuild program. Grants
increased placements of YouthBuild can be obtained by contacting the office
awarded prior to FY 2007 will continue
participants into apprenticeship listed below in the addresses section of
to be administered by HUD until the
programs, construction firms, and other this Notice.
authority to expend the funds has
expired. The President’s FY 2007 budget high-growth, high-demand jobs. DATES: Written comments must be
request for the YouthBuild program is 3. Capacity Building: In the past, submitted to the office listed in the
$50 million. through the HUD Demonstration Act of addresses section below on or before
In administering the YouthBuild 1993, HUD has awarded a separate set January 16, 2007.
program, DOL expects to: (1) Increase of YouthBuild grants for capacity
coordination between YouthBuild sites ADDRESSES: Ms. Hazel M. Bell, U.S.
building. We are interested in learning Department of Labor, 200 Constitution
and the workforce investment system;
whether the capacity building grants Ave., NW., Room S–3201, Washington,
(2) align the program with the Federal
awarded by HUD helped to strengthen DC 20210, telephone (202) 693–0418,
Shared Youth Vision 2 which
emphasizes strong educational and YouthBuild programs. In addition, we fax (202) 693–1451, Email
employment outcomes; and (3) promote are interested in comments and Please use only one
the YouthBuild model for other youth observations on ways that capacity method of transmission for comments
programs. In order to ensure that building grants can be used to support (mail, fax, or Email).
programs are designed to reach these shifting YouthBuild programs to
goals, DOL is seeking public input and diploma granting programs, or adding
observations on the YouthBuild new career tracks in industries other I. Background
program, particularly in the following than construction, and are interested in
other ideas for uses of capacity building In order to qualify as a dependent that
1. Awards: As we consider the length grants. is eligible for black lung benefits, a child
and amount of YouthBuild awards, we aged 18 to 23 must be a full-time
4. Other Comments: DOL welcomes student as described in the Black Lung
are interested in comments and comments and suggestions on
observations on the optimal length of an Benefits Act, 30 U.S.C. 901 et seq. and
improving any other aspects of the attending regulations 20 CFR 725.209.
award (for example one-year grants v. federal YouthBuild program.
multi-year funding), the optimal amount The CM–981 is partially completed by
of an award, and the minimal amount of Signed at Washington, DC, this 6th day of the appropriate district office so that the
funding necessary to sustain a viable November, 2006. school official or registrar’s office will
know for which student and time period
sroberts on PROD1PC70 with NOTICES

local program. As we consider the Emily Stover DeRocco,

criteria to be applied to the selection of the information is being requested and
Assistant Secretary. is also used to verify the full-time
[FR Doc. E6–19177 Filed 11–13–06; 8:45 am] student status. This information
2 Information on the Federal Shared Youth Vision

is available at BILLING CODE 4510–30–P collection is currently approved for use
WhiteHouseReport/VMO.cfm. through May 31, 2007.

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