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Asia Five Nations PHOTO CHALLENGE -

weekly winner Feb. 28 -

opens in April A Kim Yu-na donut in a

bakery in Seoul.
Joon Hetland

By Jeremy Burks tion decisions against Hong

Kong meant they just squeaked
In the week that the block- out a win they should have
buster “Invictus” premiers in coasted to. Poor preparation
Korea, teams here are gearing meant they lost on their visit to
up for the Asia Five Nations Kazakhstan.
(a5n). This year, they will be hoping
With qualification for next for a much better performance
year’s rugby world cup in New and for a bigger impact, espe-
Zealand the prize for the win- cially from their Japan-based
ners, competition will be in- players when they take on
tense. Japan.
“Invictus” tells the inspiring Fans wanting to catch any of
story of South Africa’s attempt this action should note the fol-
to win one of the world’s great lowing dates:
sporting trophies when the tour-
nament was held in their coun- The a5n fixtures for Korea are
try just after the fall of as follows:
apartheid. It’s about Nelson April 24 vs. Hong Kong (away)
Mandela’s attempt to use rugby May 1 vs. Japan (home)
to heal a divided nation and to May 15 vs. Arabian Gulf (away)
convince skeptics that a democ- May 22 vs. Kazakhstan (home)
ratic South Africa could work for Venue: TBC
all of its people. Winner: Auto qualification for
A natural No. 2 in Asia behind Rugby World Cup
Japan, Korea really suffered in Runners up: Playoff against
last year’s a5n tournament. South America (probably
Some extraordinary substitu- Uruguay) in July PHOTO CHALLENGE -
weekly winner March 1 -
Brett Crehan, an English
teacher from Boston,

International cast to poses in front of graffiti

along the Oncheon River
in Busan.

present Shakespeare Peter DeMarco

By John Redmond and Juliet,” “A Midsummer

Night’s Dream” and “Richard
Actors Without Barders, a III.”
new theater company associat- All in all there will be more
ed with long established group than 180 minutes of excerpts
the Seoul Players, will present
“A Night of Shakespeare,” be-
ginning tomorrow night at
Roofers in Itaewon beginning at
8 p.m.
from 12 of Shakespeare’s great-
est plays consisting of tragedies,
comedies, history plays and son-
“We strived to provide a diver-
In focus: Which camera is right for you?
Comprising of a selection of sity of scenes,” said Connors. The Photo Challenge is spon- for almost anyone. Travel snaps? brings me to my final point. The bottom line that many
scenes, sonnets and monologues The show will run at Roofers sored by Hyosung Camera Check. Sure, it’s bigger than a It’s important to remember people don’t like to hear is that
from some of the Bard’s better in Itaewon, on the first two (English: 010-7203-9599) and point and shoot — you can’t put that no camera can be all things getting a “better” camera won’t
known works, the show will also Saturdays of March. Babo Shirts (www.baboshirts. it in your pocket — but it’s very to all people, and every camera make better pictures in much
feature a scene with dialogue Organizer, Connors, said: com). Winners of the weekly com- compact for what it is and not has limitations in one way or the same way a faster car does-
delivered in French from the “As an avid Shakespeare fan, I petition receive a 50,000 won heavy. Creative ability? Check. another. Personally, I shoot with n’t make you a better driver.
play “Henry V.” wanted to give audiences and store credit at Hyosung Camera significant amount of money Having the option to manually a totally manual, 20+ year old Perhaps you will buy more op-
Established late last year by actors in Seoul the chance to and a Babo Shirt. To take part into a device to capture images, control the aperture or shutter medium format film camera tions and better performance in
Kevin Connors, Actors Without experience the drama, passion, in the competition, simply up- it’s a good idea to examine exact- speed enables you to employ and an iPhone. some areas, but this in no way
Barders is an international action and humor of his work. load your photo at www. ly why you want it, and where some advanced techniques if you Each has disadvantages equates to magically improved
theater group comprised of It’s been a pleasure finding you see yourself going with it. want to pursue the development when compared to even entry driving skills nor magically bet-
more than 30 expat and Korean such an amazing company to club — Ed. The usual thought process of your photography. Use differ- level DSLRs, but each has spe- ter pictures.
actors, directors and techni- bring the show to the stage, that goes into buying a camera ent lenses? Check. To leverage cial advantages too. The film The “right” camera is the one
cians. and I can’t wait for people to By Aaron Raisey is “Which camera takes the best that creative ability, there are a camera is large, unwieldy, slow that best meets your specific
Connors stated that the name share The Bard’s world with pictures?” The answer is that a wide variety of interchangeable to use and requires everything needs. For some it will be the
spells out the broad nature of us.” So you want to buy a camera? camera is in no way responsible lenses available. All-round per- to be done manually. But fact that it fits in your pocket
the group. “The name is a play The show will run tomorrow Or perhaps you’re wondering if for taking good pictures, it’s formance? Check. There is very through it I get a sense of satis- and for others it will be the abil-
on words. As in doctors without and next Saturday from 8.p.m. it is the right time to upgrade or your ability to wield it that de- little to limit you in your pic- faction and immersion in the ity to produce quality meter-
borders and Shakespeare better The doors open at 7 p.m. try something new? A casual termines the quality of the im- ture-taking. Good low light per- photographic process I feel is wide prints.
known as the Bard, we put the There will be one intermis- walk through any “camera cen- ages you will produce. formance, quality prints at larg- missing with modern auto- Carefully consider your moti-
two together,” he said by phone sion. Tickets cost 10,000 won, tral” area, such as Namdaemun In reality, what that bewilder- er sizes, instant feedback on re- everything cameras. vations and requirements be-
to the Korea Herald. and there are no advanced or Chungmuro in Seoul, will re- ing variety of cameras offer you sults, and being digital means The iPhone gives me control fore opening your wallet as you
He also acknowledged the reservations. veal a mind-boggling and con- aren’t varying levels of picture that getting those great pics to over nothing except the most are the determining factor in
company’s aim to give everyone Further information and pho- fusing array of choices. Which quality, but different options to family and friends is very easy. crucial element — composition the quality of your photographs,
a chance at getting involved, tos contact Kevin Connors at choice is right for you? meet your needs or help you Of course your budget is also — but does allow me some lim- not that camera. Getting to
and was keen to give many tal- (010) 3136-2462 or e-mail Well, the short and easy an- reach your creative ends. As I a crucial factor in determining ited processing options in-phone know and working with your
ented actors the chance to work swer to that question is, it de- mentioned before and stress what camera you will eventual- and the ability to upload or send camera’s limitations means you
on some of the most challenging, To get to Roofers leave pends. As frustratingly correct now, it is actually the “why” that ly purchase, and while entry that image immediately. can go a long way to getting the
rewarding and powerful dia- Itaewon station (line 6) via exit as that answer is, it doesn’t help should be the major influence in level DSLRs are not all that ex- Likewise, whatever kind cam- best from it and producing re-
logue and monologues ever writ- 3 and walk straight one block, us at all. Depends on what? It your decision. pensive, there are cheaper op- era you see as filling your needs sults that in no way makes
ten. turn right at Dunkin Donuts. depends on you of course — the But to provide some kind of tions in the form of point and — be it a $5 disposable film those limitations apparent.
“If you took the effort to turn Walk up the hill for two blocks. reasons you want to buy a cam- concrete answer, the camera shoot cameras. They are unob- camera, a $100 digital point and You can check out quality im-
up, we gave you a shot,” he said. Roofers is on the right, across era. that probably addresses most of trusive, fit in your pocket and shoot, or a $2500 high-end ages from a wide variety of cam-
Scenes will be from such di- from the Foreign Food Mart, up I’m deliberately being a little the reasons you might want one despite not offering as many DSLR — will allow you to pro- eras over at the Seoul Photo
verse works as “Macbeth,” on the 3rd floor. evasive here to make the point is the entry level DSLR, and this creative options, will still allow duce great images if used effec- Club on Flickr.
“Hamlet,” “Othello,” “Romeo ( that before you invest a possibly would be my recommendation you to take great pictures. This tively. (

Written by Clayton Foster; Illustrated by Lino Divas; Typography by; Concept by Tiger and
Bear in association with Spark Media (2009)