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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

177 / Wednesday, September 13, 2006 / Proposed Rules 54007

AGENCY Final Rules Section of this Federal authorization during the comment
Register, EPA is approving the Vermont period, the immediate final rule will
40 CFR Part 62 Negative Declaration submittal as a become effective on the date it
[EPA–R01–OAR–2006–0668; FRL–8219–3] direct final rule without prior proposal establishes, and we will not take further
because the Agency views this as a action on this proposal. If we receive
Approval and Promulgation of State noncontroversial submittal and comments that oppose this action, we
Plans for Designated Facilities and anticipates no adverse comments. A will withdraw the immediate final rule
Pollutants: Vermont; Negative detailed rationale for the approval is set and it will not take effect. We will
Declaration forth in the direct final rule. If no respond to public comments in a later
adverse comments are received in final rule based on this proposal. You
AGENCY: Environmental Protection response to this action, no further may not have another opportunity for
Agency (EPA). activity is contemplated. If EPA receives comment.
ACTION: Proposed rule. adverse comments, the direct final rule DATES: Comments must be received on
will be withdrawn and all public or before October 13, 2006.
SUMMARY: EPA proposes to approve the comments received will be addressed in
Sections 111(d) and 129 negative ADDRESSES: Submit your comments,
a subsequent final rule based on this
declaration submitted by the Vermont identified by Docket ID No. EPA–R04–
proposed rule. EPA will not institute a
Department of Environmental RCRA–2006–0575 by one of the
second comment period. Any parties
Conservation (VT DEC) on June 30, following methods:
interested in commenting on this action
2006. This negative declaration • Follow
should do so at this time. Please note
adequately certifies that there are no the on-line instructions for submitting
that if EPA receives adverse comment
existing ‘‘other solid waste comments.
on an amendment, paragraph, or section • E-mail:
incineration’’ (OSWI) units located of this rule and if that provision may be
within the boundaries of the State of • Fax: (404) 562–8439 (prior to
severed from the remainder of the rule, faxing, please notify the EPA contact
Vermont. EPA may adopt as final those provisions listed below).
DATES: EPA must receive comments in of the rule that are not the subject of an • Mail: Send written comments to
writing by October 13, 2006. adverse comment. For additional Gail Middlebrooks, RCRA Services
ADDRESSES: Submit your comments, information, see the direct final rule Section, RCRA Programs Branch, Waste
identified by Docket ID Number EPA– which is located in the Rules Section of Management Division, U.S.
R01–OAR–2006–0668 by one of the this Federal Register. Environmental Protection Agency, The
following methods: Dated: September 2, 2006. Sam Nunn Federal Center, 61 Forsyth
1. Follow Robert W. Varney, Street, SW., Atlanta, Georgia 30303–
the on-line instructions for submitting 8960.
Regional Administrator, EPA New England.
comments. • Hand Delivery: Gail Middlebrooks,
2. E-mail: [FR Doc. E6–15199 Filed 9–12–06; 8:45 am]
RCRA Services Section, RCRA Programs
3. Fax: (617) 918–0048. Branch, Waste Management Division,
4. Mail: ‘‘EPA–R01–OAR–2006– U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,
0668’’, Daniel Brown, Chief, Air The Sam Nunn Federal Center, 61
Permits, Toxics & Indoor Programs Unit, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION
AGENCY Forsyth Street, SW., Atlanta, Georgia
Office of Ecosystem Protection, U.S. 30303–8960. Such deliveries are only
EPA, One Congress Street, Suite 1100 40 CFR Part 271 accepted during the Docket’s normal
(CAP), Boston, Massachusetts 02114– hours of operation, and special
2023. [EPA–R04–RCRA–2006–0575; FRL–8219–4] arrangements should be made for
5. Hand Delivery or Courier. Deliver deliveries of boxed information.
your comments to: Daniel Brown, Chief, Alabama: Proposed Authorization of
Instructions: Direct your comments to
Air Permits, Toxics & Indoor Programs State Hazardous Waste Management
Docket ID No. EPA–R04–RCRA–2006–
Unit, Office of Ecosystem Protection, Program Revision
0575. EPA’s policy is that all comments
U.S. EPA, One Congress Street, Suite AGENCY: Environmental Protection received will be included in the public
1100 (CAP), Boston, Massachusetts Agency (EPA). docket without change and may be
02114–2023. Such deliveries are only made available online at http://
ACTION: Proposed rule.
accepted during the Regional Office’s including any
normal hours of operation. The Regional SUMMARY: Alabama has applied to EPA personal information provided, unless
Office’s official hours of business are for Final authorization of the changes to the comment includes information
Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 4:30 its hazardous waste program under the claimed to be Confidential Business
excluding legal holidays. Resource Conservation and Recovery Information (CBI), or other information
Please see the direct final rule which Act (RCRA). EPA proposes to grant final whose disclosure is restricted by statute.
is located in the Rules Section of this authorization to Alabama. In the ‘‘Rules Do not submit information that you
Federal Register for detailed and Regulations’’ section of this Federal consider to be CBI or otherwise
instructions on how to submit Register, EPA is authorizing the changes protected through http://
comments. by an immediate final rule. EPA did not or e-mail. The
hsrobinson on PROD1PC61 with PROPOSALS

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: make a proposal prior to the immediate Web site is
Daniel Brown, Chief, Air Permits, final rule because we believe this action an ‘‘anonymous access’’ system, which
Toxics & Indoor Air Programs Unit, is not controversial and do not expect means EPA will not know your identity
Office of Ecosystem Protection (CAP), comments that oppose it. We have or contact information unless you
EPA–New England, Region 1, Boston, explained the reasons for this provide it in the body of your comment.
Massachusetts 02203, telephone number authorization in the preamble of the If you send an e-mail comment directly
(617) 918–1048. immediate final rule. Unless we get to EPA without going through http://

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