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1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

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1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 1 Grammar practice

Can I see your homework, please, Jane?

Present tense review


Choose the correct alternatives.

Im sorry. I havent finished / didnt finish it.


Put the words in the correct order to form sentences.

Hungry? But youve have / youve had dinner!

recently / been / you / anywhere / Have / interesting / ?


Have you been anywhere interesting recently?



replacing / is / communication / Technology / face-to-face

Peter / at home / staying / today / is

I am. Ive been / am to the gym every day this week.

you / for / at / Are / exams / moment / studying / the / ?



Perhaps you should rest, Lucy. Youve looked / look very



Whats wrong with your hand?

Ive broken / break it.


Did Alicia go / Has Alicia been to Canada before?

No, she never travel / shes never travelled outside the UK

adults / social networking sites / days / use / Many / these


Lets get something to eat. Im really hungry.

Did you hear / Have you heard from Glen this week?
Yes, he called / hes called twice today.

every / meet / Do / day / you / friends / your / ?



Do you want / Are you wanting to go out?

No, it still rains / s still raining.

Write sentences. Use the verb tenses in brackets.

It is going / goes every hour on week days.

Fred / stay / with his grandparents / in the holidays


(present simple)

Quick! Run! Theres our bus!

Oh no! Were missing / ve missed it!

Fred stays with his grandparents in the holidays.


How often does the bus go / is the bus going into town?

I / not play / tennis / today / because / it / rain

(present continuous)

for / since / just / yet / already


Rafa / not often use / the phone / but / he / text / a lot

Choose A, B or C to complete the sentences.

(present simple)

Do you know where Sara is? I havent heard from her


A ages.

Annie / not work / today (present continuous)



Ive ________ given up, but Toni is still trying to do that

maths exercise.

(present simple)

A for

________ .

How many text messages have you sent today?

A since


I / not speak / to / Joe / today

C just

C yet

B already

C yet

Where have you been ________ the past hour?

A since

B since

My computer is broken, so I havent checked my messages

how many / text messages / you / send / today?

you / change / your / email address?

B already

Shes upset because shes ________ seen her boyfriend

A just

C yet

with another girl.

Write sentences. Use the present perfect.

B already

C yet

Have you met the new language assistant ________ ?

A yet

who / Sally / talk to / on the phone / ?

(present continuous)

B since

you / listen / to music / every evening?


B for

C already

I havent seen my brother ________ he came home at



you / finish / using / the computer?

A since

B for

C yet


not phone / Paul / us / this week


how long / you / have / a laptop?


1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 1 Vocabulary practice


Choose the correct alternatives.

I want you to give a / an A answer. No more lies, please!
A honest
C positive

Complete the sentences with the words in the list.

cousin grandfather granddaughter husband
nephew niece uncle wife

Alice is very _______ and shes determined to do well in her


Your aunts son is your cousin.

B serious
D innocent

A practical
C ambitious

Your dad is your mums ____________________ .

Your sister is your grandmothers ____________________ .

Your sisters daughter is your ____________________ .

next minute hes sad.

Your dads brother is your ____________________ .

Your mum is your dads ____________________ .

A moody
C brave

Your sisters son is your ____________________ .

Your dads father is your ____________________ .

B bad-tempered
D active

David is really _______ . One minute hes happy and the

B impatient
D talkative

Katie is quite _______ and she gets upset easily by peoples

A curious
C big-headed

Match 17 with AH.


Hes too _______ to buy a sandwich even when hes very

to split up

someone out

to ask

someone up


to fall

well with someone

to get married

in love with someone

A negative
C tolerant

to chat


to get on

an argument with someone

to have

G with someone

to fancy

B sensible
D sensitive

B mean
D hard-working

Ive studied hard and I feel _______ that I can pass the
A shy
C intolerant

to someone

B intelligent
D confident

Chlo is a _______ person and shes always in a good


Appearance and personality


A generous
C cheerful

Match the words in the list with the definitions.

ears eyes

A big-headed
C determined

You smell and breathe with it. nose

You see with them. ____________________

You eat and breathe with it. ____________________

Its on the top of your head. ____________________

You eat with them. ____________________

Theyre on your skin and often appear in the summer.

You listen with them. ____________________

Its between your head and your body.

Verb + -ing form / to infinitive


Complete the sentences with the correct form of the bold


hard-working casual curly funny fashionable friendly

shy generous long patient tall

Mark finds it difficult ____________________ (do) maths


I should spend more time ____________________ (read) in



Debbie has gone to the shopping centre

____________________ (buy) some shoes.

Put the adjectives in the correct column.


B selfish
D loyal

Im bored of reading (read) this fashion magazine.


Sue is really _______ and shes always telling everyone that

shes the best.

freckles hair mouth neck nose teeth

B patient
D sad

Sam doesnt feel like ____________________ (go) to the



Charlotte needs ____________________ (change) her hair


____________________ (smoke) is not allowed in public


Were really happy ____________________ (be) here.

1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 1 Writing practice
Improve your writing

Focus on the text



Correct two mistakes in each section of the profile.


samantha malherbe

Samantha Malherbe

Read the text and match the paragraphs with the headings


Current activities


Request for information


Hobbies and interests


Personal information


Where youre from


Im from johannesburg, south Africa.

Hi, everyone! My names Sinead OSullivan, and

Im sixteen. Im from dublin, the capital of


Ireland. Im looking for penfriends all over the

Ill be seventeen next week! My birthday is 1 october.

world (1) ___________ I want to learn about


culture in other countries.

Your family

I live with my parents, my sister and my cat! His

Ive got three brothers (2) ___________ a sister.

Our house is very noisy, as you can imagine!

names Coco.


Ireland is famous for its music, and Im really

into all kinds of music folk, rock, jazz

Your likes

At the weekend, my friends and I go to concerts

I like swimming running going out with my friends

and gigs. Thats our favourite thing to do.

and playing tennis.

I (3) ___________ like reading going to the


cinema and eating out.

Your dislikes

I dont like cooking!

Ive just started taking guitar lessons,

(4) ___________ Im practising a lot at the


moment. Its not as easy as it looks! I can only

At the moment

play one song, (5) ___________ Ill get better!

Im studying for my french exam. Its next Friday


What are you doing at the moment? Id love to

hear from you, so please email me!

Basic linkers

Choose the correct alternatives.


Correct five punctuation and capital letters errors in

the profile.

Im a vegetarian but / because I love all animals. I cant


stand the idea of eating them!


When I finish school, I want to study interior design and / or


journalism I havent decided yet.


Im learning to ride a motorbike, so / also Im practising a lot


at the moment.

I love music. I play the piano, the guitar and so / also the

Complete the profile with the correct linking words.


Ive got an older brother, because / but he left home last

year. Hes at university in another city.

My favourite subjects at school are English also / and


1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 1 Reading practice

Find words in the text that mean:


keep apart from other people (paragraph B)


very important (paragraph B) ______________

disconnected from the electricity supply (paragraph B)


a cable that carries telephone signals (paragraph C)



to gain control of something (paragraph D) ______________

Answer the questions with the names Susan, Anni, Bill and


At first, things didnt go to plan. Sussy became addicted to

the old landline telephone to keep in contact with her
friends. However, Bill soon adapted to the situation: he
learnt how to play the saxophone and, eventually, sold his
games computer. Anni sometimes needed to use a
computer to do homework, so she used the computers at
the local library. With time, the two sisters also began to
appreciate the benefits of chatting with the family after
meals and playing board games together. In addition, Sussy
started doing much better at school.

After six months, the experiment was over. Susan says that
it is not realistic for people who live in the modern world
not to use media technology. However, all the family agree
that they will not let it take over their lives again.

plays a musical instrument? ______________

used social networking sites? ______________ and


Susan Mausharts three teenage children are relaxing at

home in Perth, Australia. Fifteen-year-old Bill is playing
his saxophone. Fourteen-year-old Sussy and eighteen-yearold Anni are playing a board game in the same room. Ask
the three of them how they prefer to spend their free time,
and they will tell you that it is by doing things together.
However, it has not always been like that.
Six months earlier, the family spent their time in a very
different way. Sussy and Anni constantly updated their
social networking pages and chatted online to classmates
and acquaintances. Bill shut himself off in his bedroom
with his video games. Susan also disappeared with her
laptop to write crucial emails. They lived in the same
house but spent their free time with their online friends
instead of talking to each other. Susan was not happy about
the situation, so she took a very unpopular decision. All the
media technology in the house would be unplugged for
six months!

wanted to be alone when they used media technology?

______________ and ______________

continued to chat to her friends from home after the

experiment started? ______________

spent more time in a public building after the experiment

started? ______________

Read the text again and choose the correct alternatives.


Susans family has / hasnt always done things together.

Susan didnt like her childrens online friends /

the way the family used media technology.

Sussy and Anni reacted in the same / a different way to the


The experiment was a success from /

wasnt a success at the beginning.

Susan thinks we can / cant live without media technology in

the modern world.

1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 2 Grammar practice

Past tense contrast


Complete the sentences with the bold verbs. Use the verb
tenses in brackets.
I didnt know (not know / past simple) you played the clarinet in
a jazz band.

Identify the verb tense of the bold words. Choose from past
simple, past continuous and past perfect.

(spend / past perfect) the afternoon at the sports centre.

I spoke to my father on the phone earlier. past simple


I think Ana was playing tennis at 11 oclock.


Nobody had been there before. _______________


I didnt get home until very late last night.

Who were you sitting with at the match?

By the end of the trip, Id spent all my money.

I ____________________ (not listen / past continuous)

when the teacher explained what we had to do.


When we finally ____________________ (arrive /

past simple) at the cinema, the film had already started.


We ____________________ (watch / past continuous) a

video when our parents arrived home.


When I got home, I was very hungry because I

____________________ (not eat / past perfect) anything at


We got the bus home after we ____________________

used to / would

Choose the correct alternatives.

When I arrived / had arrived home, my father helped me with

my homework.

Put the words in the correct order to form sentences.

While I was walking home, I was losing / lost my mobile

comics / used / when / younger / was / I / to / read / I


I used to read comics when I was younger.

I got up, had breakfast and went / had gone to school.

My sister ran / was running through the park when she

rap music

broke / was breaking her ankle.


While I was travelling / travelled around Italy, I

When I had arrived / arrived at the sports centre, I realized

be / There / a music shop / to / used / here


I left / had left my trainers at home.


walk / I / to / would / school / every morning


met / had met a lot of interesting people.


use / in / listen to / didnt / People / the 1960s / to /

Choose A, B or C to complete the text.

to / have / Did / piano / you / lessons / use / ?


At Easter, I went on a cycling trip with my friend, Paul. It was the

first time we C anything like that and I was quite excited when we

Where / live / your parents / did / to / use / ?


(1) __________ . At first, we made good progress, but then we

reached some hills. We (2) __________ much training and we

Choose the correct alternatives.

were soon exhausted, so we (3) __________ our bikes and

When I was younger I used to / would love playing board

walked. While we (4) __________ our bikes up a steep hill, a


group of female cyclists overtook us. At midday, we

when you were in France last year?

(5) __________ for lunch at a caf. While we (6) __________ in,

the female cyclists were leaving. They (7) __________ and they

Did you visit / Did you use to visit any interesting places

My sister and I would spend / were spending hours

climbing trees when we were kids.

were setting off again!



B were doing

C had done

A set off

B were setting off

C had set off

A didnt have

B werent having

C hadnt had

A got off

B were getting off

C had got off

A pushed

B were pushing

C had pushed

A stopped

B were stopping

C had stopped

A went

B were going

C had gone

A already ate

B were already

C had already


When I used to be / was fifteen years old, I belonged to a

martial arts club.

Where would you go / were you going for family holidays

when you were a kid?

My dad used to play / played the guitar in a band, but he

doesnt any more.

I wouldnt / didnt use to like swimming, but now I go twice

a week.


1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 2 Vocabulary practice


Free time

Weve ____________________ gymnastics for five years

Lisa wants to ____________________ sailing this summer.

Match the activities in the list with the pictures.

do crafts do martial arts go shopping
make models play the guitar play board games
take photos text friends

4 Circle the incorrect word in each group. Then write why it is




heavy metal

It isnt a type of music.











do crafts



















-ed and -ing adjectives


Choose the correct alternatives.

I thought the film was very amusing / amused.


Sarah was really shocking / shocked by what he said.

His talk on the history of sport was fascinating /



It was very depressing / depressed watching the news on

TV tonight.

We were disgusting / disgusted by the hotel room it was




Match the verbs 17 with the activities AH.

listen to




the piano
on the internet
to the cinema


Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs

do, go and play.

Their first CD was an astonishing / astonished success.

Ive always been frightening / frightened of spiders.

I find his voice really irritating / irritated.

Adjective affixes

Complete the adjectives with the negative prefixes in the list.

dis- im- dis- il- un- unI dont know what he does to get so much money, but I think its

says he will do.


Jacks comments were _______kind and upset everybody.

My mum was _______satisfied with the service and she

William goes swimming every day at six in the morning!


I ____________________ judo after school.

Do you want to ____________________ tennis this weekend?

Rebecca ____________________ ice skating quite often.

The girls basketball team is ____________________ in the

Hes really _______reliable and never does anything that he

asked to speak to the manager.


The shop assistant was very _______polite and didnt say

please or thank you.

Its _______legal to drive a car in the UK if youre under the

age of seventeen.

final this weekend.

1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 2 Writing practice
Improve your writing

Focus on the text


Read the text and order the paragraphs AF.


Time expressions

(1) During / While the meal I began to relax a

little. The food was delicious. By the time wed
reached the end of the first course, I felt

Complete the sentences with the words in the list.

completely at home with Japanese food and

ago for last since when until while


I picked up a spoon and sipped the liquid. It

(1) _____________ summer, my parents and I

didnt really taste of anything and, (2) at first /

went to Venice for a weekend trip.

in the end, after several sips, I moved it away

(2) _____________ we were checking in at the

and picked up the pancake instead.

reception desk of our hotel, I heard someone call

I remember my first date, a few years (3) since

my name in disbelief. It was my old childhood

/ ago. A boy asked me out to a Japanese

friend! Her family had moved away from our town

restaurant. At first, I was very excited I loved

ages (3) _____________ and (4) _____________

eating out, and (4) since / until then, Id

that day, I hadnt heard from her

never tried Japanese food.

(5) _____________ she left. We hadnt seen each

I was just about to bite into it (5) when / while

other (6) _____________ years, but

I realized what I had done. I had drunk the

(7) _____________ we started talking, it was as if

water in the finger bowl and had almost tried

we had never been apart.


to eat the face cloth!


Replace the underlined words with the words and phrases in

the list.

But when we arrived at the restaurant, I

realized that Id left my glasses at home! I felt
a bit nervous because it was quite dark in the

during at first by the time in the end as soon as


restaurant and I couldnt see very well. We

I used to be terrible at playing the guitar, but I kept practising,

went into the restaurant and (6) first of all /

and when I was fifteen years old, I was really good at it.

in the end, we had to sit on the floor, at a

My parents used to take us on long driving holidays and wed

very low table.

always get lost! Eventually, they bought a satellite navigation


system and weve never been lost since then.


(7) While / When we had finished the first

course, the waitress brought each of us a

I started rollerblading when I was about twelve years old.

steaming white object on a plate. It looked like

In the beginning, I found it really difficult to balance.


Please phone me the moment you arrive at the station.

It was very embarrassing when my mobile phone rang

a pancake. And with it, she brought us a small

bowl of warm liquid, with a slice of lemon in it.

in the middle of the play.






Circle the correct alternatives in the text.

1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 2 Reading practice

Find words in the text that mean:


the area that surrounds a persons house (paragraph A)


transmitted while events are happening (paragraph C)


a quality that makes somebody or something seem attractive

and interesting (paragraph C) __________________

to pay someone to work for you (paragraph D)



a business agreement (paragraph D) __________________

Read the text and write true or false for sentences 15.
Correct the false sentences.

Jamal uploaded a video of his friends and family to the


Working for a hobby


When 16-year-old Jamal Edwards received a video camera

for Christmas, he did not realize that it was going to have
such an amazing impact on his life. Filming his family and
people in the neighbourhood soon became his favourite
pastime, but it was a recording of foxes in his garden in
Acton, London, that made him see his hobbys potential.
Jamal uploaded his video of the foxes to the internet and was
astonished to see that it received 1,000 visits.
He realized that he could combine his love of filming with
his other great passion: grime music.

The success of his first video gave Jamal the idea for a new

The quality of the videos on SB.TV is the same as when the

station started.

SB.TV is not just for fans of grime music.


Grime is a type of hip-hop music that started in London. It

used to be impossible to find grime artists on TV, so Jamal
started filming them. He filmed them performing in the
street, in cars and at concerts, and he did what he had done
with his video of the foxes: he uploaded them to the internet.
At the time, there was a growing army of grime fans
desperate to see and hear their favourite rappers in action, so
the videos became an instant success.


Jamal sold his TV company to Sony.


Read the text again and answer the questions. Use your own
words and complete sentences.

What were Jamals two hobbies when he was 16 years old?


When Jamal saw that thousands of people were watching

and downloading his videos, he decided to create his own
online TV station, SB.TV. At first, he just showed grime
music videos, but he soon added live concerts and interviews
with musicians, and he started using more sophisticated
filming equipment. He also decided to increase the channels
appeal by including videos and interviews with musicians
that related to different types of music.

Why were Jamals grime videos successful?


Why did Jamal decide to create his own TV station?


How did Jamal increase the number of people who watch


Now, at the age of 22, Jamal employs twelve people and

SB.TV is visited by millions of viewers. He also works with
a national British TV channel and has just signed a deal with
Sony to create a recording company. Not bad for a hobby
that started with a Christmas present!


How many people now work for Jamal?


1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 3 Grammar practice

might not dance.

Modal verbs

Match sentences 15 to the explanations AF.

I used to be embarrassed because I couldnt /

Modal perfects

She shouldnt eat so much fast food. E


Sara might not live in Bristol for much longer. __________

She doesnt have to revise this evening. __________

She must be at home. __________

Tim may have her phone number. __________

She cant go out today. __________

The exam isnt until next week.

I saw her bike outside her house.

She isnt very well.

Theyre close friends.

Its not very healthy.

She said that she wants to move.

Which pairs of sentences have the same meaning?

Put a tick () if they are the same or a cross () if
they are different.
They must have finished school by now.
They should have finished school by now.

She might have forgotten his birthday.

She may have forgotten his birthday.

They could have gone to the cinema.

They must have gone to the cinema.

I could have left it on the bus.

I may have left it on the bus.

It cant have disappeared.

It may have disappeared.

Put the words in the correct order to form sentences.

How many languages can Liz speak?


gym / Sarah / be / the / might / at


Choose A, B or C to complete the sentences.

he / couldnt / until / eight years old / Tom / read / was

I feel sick! I A eaten so much chocolate.


shouldnt have

class / eat / We / in / allowed / arent / to

The road is very wet. It __________ rained in the night.

A should have


university / might / to / I / year / go / next

they / sure / brothers / Im / cant / be


B may have

C must have

C must have

The students are laughing. The teacher __________ said

A could have


dont / the / until

A cant have

B should have

C cant have

The man wasnt wearing a uniform. He __________ been a

art project / have / to / We / Monday / hand in /


B couldnt have

something funny.


We ought to have helped our parents.

We should have helped our parents.


He couldnt have come by train.

He shouldnt have come by train.

into / mustnt / exam room / take / Students /

mobile phones / the

He should have gone to university.

He could have gone to university.

Liz / languages / How / can / speak / many / ?

B mustnt have

C may not have

Dan took them to the station an hour before the train left.
They __________ missed it.

Choose the correct alternatives.

I dont know if I can go to the cinema. I may / could not have

A mustnt have


Im not sure where she is. She might / must be upstairs.

He hates football, so these might / cant be his boots.

You mustnt / dont have to take a dictionary into the

That boy looks exactly like Lisa. He must / can be her twin

C couldnt have

__________ knocked it over.

A should have

B may have

C cant have

My dad has false teeth. He __________ eaten so many

sweets when he was younger.

exam. Its against the rules.


B might not have

My mums beautiful vase is broken. She thinks the cat

A shouldnt have

B couldnt have

C mustnt have

The hall was crowded with people, so he __________ been



Im sorry, but you arent allowed to / dont have to sit

A mustnt have

B cant have

C might have


He should / could work harder if he wants to pass the exam.


1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 3 Vocabulary practice
School life

Verb collocations

Put the words in the list in the correct column.

a break good marks an excuse exercise
friends homework a mistake

Complete the sentences with the names of school subjects

in the list.
art English geography history ICT maths
music PE science technology



We study



a mistake

algebra in maths.

electric circuits in _________________________ .

computer programs in _________________________ .

sports in _________________________ .

musical instruments in _________________________ .

animal and plant life in _________________________ .

grammar and vocabulary in _________________________ .

rivers and mountains in _________________________ .

the Romans and Greeks in _________________________ .

drawing and painting in _________________________ .

I always have food / lunch at home.

Choose the correct alternatives.

I always make notes in my notebook / desk.

My bag / laptop is really heavy when I put all my books in it.

The CD player / pen wasnt working and we couldnt do the

Choose the correct alternatives.

Andy doesnt start school / classroom until 10 oclock.

Ashley leaves home / house with her parents.

Weve got to do / make a project for geography.

Sue takes / makes the bus to school with her friends.

Excuse me, can I ask / make a question?

listening exercise.

Mark left his English book on a poster / shelf in the


Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in

the list.
bully copy do expel fail get leave
pass play revise for suspend

If you dont know the meaning of a word, look it up in

a ruler / dictionary.

That chair / door is for sitting on, not standing on.

Amy left her mobile phone on her window / desk in the

Students shouldnt copy their friends work.


__________________ an exam.

classroom, but its disappeared.


Match the words in the list with the definitions.

boarding school mixed school primary school
school holidays secondary school single-sex school
state school uniform

Students can __________________ or

Students can __________________ good marks and a


Students should never __________________ other students.

Students usually have to __________________ homework

every evening.

A school that both boys and girls go to. mixed school


A school where students live and study.


A school where only boys or only girls go.

If students __________________ truant, they will be in


A school for children between the ages of five and eleven.


In the UK, students can __________________ school at the

age of sixteen.

A set of clothes that people who go to a school wear.


A school can _________________ or _________________ a

bad student.

Students should leave plenty of time to

__________________ an exam.


A school that is free to go to and is paid for by the

government. _________________________

A school for children between the ages of eleven and

eighteen. _________________________

Times of the year when students dont go to school.



1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 3 Writing practice

Focus on the text

Improve your writing

Opinion expressions

Read the opinion essay. Then add the missing sentences

AC to spaces 13.

We can now fly to and from more airports, more cheaply and
more frequently than ever before.

Correct the mistakes in the sentences.

Unless you are able to look through it, you will never see the

As my opinion, everyone should have the right to a free

panorama around you.


In my opinion, everyone should have the right to a free

You cannot really know other people if they cannot speak to

you in their own language.


As I view it, we all need to take responsibility for what



There are many reasons why we should learn a foreign


language. Personally, I want to learn about and understand

It seems me that it was a misunderstanding.

other cultures and, in my opinion, unless you speak the


language of another culture, you can never fully understand it.

My friends all love art. Getting personal, Ive got no artistic

(1) ______________________________________________




It is clear that the world has grown much smaller now and

Im clear that we can do something about the problem.

travel is no longer only for the wealthy.


(2) _______________________________________________

I view that its necessary to be able to do basic maths.



However, in order to have a really meaningful travel

I feel that, in conclusion, languages are more useful in

experience, you need to know another language. In my view, a

everyday life than science.

person who does not know the native tongue is excluded from


participating in any way other than that of a tourist an

Its sure that if you dont practise speaking a foreign

outsider looking in. Generally, people are much more willing to

language, you wont improve.

accept you when you show that you are making an effort to


communicate in their language.

In conclude, nothing can be achieved without hard work.

In conclusion, I believe that learning a new language is a


window on the world.

(3) _______________________________________________

Match the words and phrases 17 with words and phrases

AH which have similar meanings.
as an illustration





for example



it appears

It seems



speaking for myself





Find words in the opinion essay and sentences AC that

match the following definitions.

trying _______________

prevented from being part of something _______________

cooperative and enthusiastic about doing something


a view of a wide area _______________


1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 3 Reading practice

Find words in the text that mean:


people who are owned by another person and are forced to

work for them (paragraph B) _______________

people who are kept in a building for criminals (paragraph B)


a regional form of a language (paragraph C)


a group of countries that is controlled by one country

(paragraph C) _______________


Excuse me, do you speak English?


Approximately one billion people study English so they can

get a qualification and improve their chances of getting a good
salary. However, do their classes prepare them for the
hundreds of World Englishes that are spoken today? What
would the students say if they were asked Wherr iz dat boi?
or told Dun know oreddy lah?
The expression World Englishes was first used in 1978 to
describe how English has developed in ex-British colonies.
Some of these Englishes reflect the speech patterns of the
different people who arrived in the colonies. Wherr iz dat
boi? (Wheres that boy?) is an example of Caribbean English
from Barbados, where African slaves had mixed with British
and Irish prisoners. Others show how English was adapted to
the grammar of local languages. Dun know oreddy lah (I
dont know any more than what I told you) is a sentence from
Singlish, which is spoken in Singapore by people who also
speak Malay and languages from China.
Caribbean English and Singlish are just two examples of
World Englishes, but they give us an idea about what might
happen to the English language. In both Barbados and
Singapore, standard English is used in business, government
and the media, but people use the local dialect at home. Some
people believe that this situation is comparable to modern-day
Arabic, where all Arabs write in the same way but speak local
dialects of the language. And, of course, Arabic, like English,
was once the language of an empire. However, others say that
English has more in common with the language of another
former empire: Latin.

experiencing something (paragraph D) _______________

Read the text and choose the correct answers.


People take English classes so they can:


communicate with speakers of World Englishes.

get good or better jobs.

work in different places around the world.

The expression World Englishes:


refers to the different accents of English speakers.

was another name for the British colonies.

refers to developments in the English language in some

parts of the world.

Singlish developed when:


some grammar rules of local languages were used with


African slaves mixed with speakers of Malay and

Chinese languages.


English-speakers learnt Malay and Chinese languages.

Caribbean English and Singlish:


are the only examples of World Englishes that exist.

are used in business, government and the media.

show us how English might develop in the future.


is written differently in each Arab country.

has developed into different languages.

has a lot of different dialects.

Latin was spoken across the Roman Empire for centuries.

When the empire collapsed, Latin developed into different
languages like Catalan, Spanish, French and Italian. Is English
going through the same process? Whatever happens, in the
future it is certain that the language will be very different to
the English that students have to study today.


1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 4 Grammar practice
Defining relative clauses

Non-defining relative clauses


Match the sentence halves.

Amy, who doesnt speak any Spanish at all, is going to live in

A cinema is a place G

New Zealand is the country

Steven Spielberg is the director

Hollywood Boulevard is a street

February or March are the months

I dont like films

Toy Story 1 was the first film

when they usually hold the Oscars ceremony.

which have unhappy endings.

where you can see footprints of film stars.

which used entirely computer-generated images.

where they made the Lord of the Rings films.

who made Jurassic Park and War Horse.

Underline the relative clauses and write whether they are

defining (D) or non-defining (N).

Mexico. N

fascinating. __________

Ive just watched the DVD that you gave me. __________

Charles Dickens, who is my favourite author, wrote Oliver

Twist. __________

Put the words in the correct order to form sentences.

He comes from a small town in Australia, where my mum

grew up. __________

Sean Connery, who was born in Scotland, played James

Bond. __________

I visited the castle where they made the Harry Potter

films. __________

Choose the correct alternatives.

in / who / the actor / Slumdog Millionaire / Hes / starred

Emma Watson, who / whose is English, played Hermione in

Hes the actor who starred in Slumdog Millionaire.

the Harry Potter films.

a person / An author / is / writes / who / books

dangerous scenes / in / Stunt artists / actors / stars /


like / a lot of / which / action / I / films / have got / only


Complete the sentences with the relative pronouns and

adverbs in the list.


the restaurant / This / saw / where / I / Brad Pitt / is


whose where who when which whose which

My new e-book reader, which I bought from the supermarket, is
already broken.

Cross out the relative pronoun in the sentences if it is not


Is this the DVD which your brother bought yesterday?

We usually go to a cinema which is in the town centre.

The students who arrived late must do extra homework.

Whats the name of the first film that Spielberg directed?

This is the book that were studying in class at the moment.

The best special effects that Ive ever seen were in the film

My sister, who / whose idol is Robert Pattinson, has got all

the Twilight DVDs.

go / when / Saturday / I / the day / to the cinema / is /

My brother, who / that is crazy about cinema, is making a

film at school.


In May, which / when the festival takes place, its very warm
and sunny in Cannes.

he / an Oscar / won / the director / whose / Is /

last year / film / ?

Wellington, where / that Peter Jackson made the

Lord of the Rings films, is in New Zealand.

replace / are / who

My favourite music is reggaeton, which / where originated in

the Caribbean.


The hotel where we stayed in New York was called the

Radisson. __________

G where we watch the latest films.


The website which you told me about is really

Jane Austen, _______________ wrote six novels, lived in

the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
The neighbours, _______________ cat I am looking after,
are on holiday in France.

The hotel next to the beach, _______________ we stayed

last year, has closed down.

In summer, _______________ there are a lot of tourists, the

town is very crowded.

Hes the director who made The Artist.

Kim, _______________ dad is from Tokyo, speaks

Japanese fluently.

Skiing, _______________ is popular in my country, is my

favourite sport.


1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 4 Vocabulary practice

Strong adjectives

Choose the correct alternatives.

Cars and Toy Story are horror / animated / thriller films.

There is a lot of singing in a western / thriller / musical.

There are a lot of horror / science fiction / martial arts

films about Dracula.

They said the film was a western / comedy / musical, but I

didnt laugh!

I think the Indiana Jones films are the best

Match the normal adjectives 17 with the strong adjectives














G unforgettable



action-adventure / mystery / romantic films.


I dont usually like science fiction / horror / animated

films, but I enjoyed the Star Wars series.


ancient boiling disgusting enormous furious

shocking tiny unforgettable

They dont make many cowboy films now, but thrillers /

westerns / musicals used to be very popular.

This summer has been hot. Were not used to it here! boiling

The best romantic / fantasy / comedy films that Ive seen

are the three Lord of the Rings films.


Replace the underlined adjectives in the sentences with the

strong adjectives in the list.


Complete the sentences with suitable nouns.

A woman who acts in films is an ____________________ .

A person who directs films is a ____________________ .

A person who sings is a ____________________ .

A person who dances is a ____________________ .

A person who composes music is a ___________________ .

A person who presents a TV show is a

I couldnt eat the food because of the unpleasant smell.


A man who acts in films is an actor.


It was a memorable performance from the experienced actor.

My father was angry with me for coming home so late.


They live in a big house in Hollywood with ten bedrooms.


That computer is old. Isnt it time to buy a new one?


____________________ .

Its one of the most surprising things that Ive ever seen.

Match the words in the list with the definitions.

blockbuster box office cast character plot

scene setting special effects
The story of a book, film or play. plot

Phrasal verbs

Complete the sentences with the words in the list.

The place where the action and events in a book, film or play
happen. ____________________


A person represented in a book, film or play.


Action in a film that is made with special equipment or

up after off on out up off

The plane will take off at 5 oclock.

computers. ____________________

A book or film that is very successful.


Jane has given ____________________ smoking.

Ive decided to take ____________________ yoga. I start

next week.

A part of a film or play when the action is in one place.


My parents are going out tonight, so Ive got to look

____________________ my sister.

All the actors and actresses in a film or play.


Could you turn ____________________ the TV? The

programmes finished.

The place where you buy tickets to see a film.


I live in a small student flat in London.

My dad works ____________________ at the gym for an

hour every morning.

Put ____________________ your school uniform. Its nearly

time to go!


1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 4 Writing practice
Improve your writing

Focus on the text



Complete the recommendations with the words in the list.

find miss recommend should would miss

Its awful. Give it a ______________.

I strongly ______________ that you watch this film.

I think you ______________ enjoy it.

Everyone who likes animals ______________ read this

Read the review and choose the best word to complete the

A said

B gave

C recommended

A example

B type

C title

A filmed

B made

C set

A the same as

B different from

C similar to

A characters

B words

C paragraphs

(1) ____________ that I read The Number One Ladies

Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith, so I felt I had


Its excellent. Dont ______________ it!

You might ______________ it a bit disappointing.

I dont usually read detective novels, but a friend

to give it a chance. And Im really glad I did! Its the

(2) ____________ of book that makes you laugh out loud.

The story is (3) ____________ in Botswana, Africa.

Rewrite the sentences. Use the bold words.

Precious Ramotswe opens a detective agency. Most of the

Dont go and see it (miss)

people in the town are surprised when she becomes a

Give it a miss.

detective. The country has never had a female detective

It was a terrible film. (stand)

before! But the detective agency is a big success. Most of


the crimes that Precious investigates are not serious, but

she always tries her best to find out the truth.

It was very good. I cant recommend it enough. (strongly)



This book is (4) ____________ other detective books, but

I liked it very, very much. (absolutely)

this one is funny. The (5) ____________ are interesting


and most of the cases have a happy ending! If you want a

Youll be so pleased that you saw this film. (regret)

book that makes you feel good after reading it, try this one!


I would have preferred it if the acting had been better. (could

Find and write the following information from the text.


The paragraph that describes the plot. B


I didnt mind it. It was OK. (quite)


The paragraph that describes the type of book it is.


The paragraph that describes the reviewers reading habits

and reason for choosing this book. ______

The reviewers opinion of the book, and the paragraph where

this opinion is given.

Three adjectives that the reviewer uses to describe the book.


The sentence that tells us whether the writer recommends

the book.


1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 4 Reading practice

Find words in the text that mean:


objects that are worn as personal decoration (paragraph A)


a plan of how to spend an amount of money over a period of

time (paragraph B) ________________

enjoyable and expensive things that a person doesnt really

need (paragraph B) ________________

the money that you make when you sell something for more
than it cost you (paragraph C) ________________

products connected with a popular film or TV series

(paragraph C) ________________

Cinemas biggest star: money!


Read the text and write true or false for sentences 15.
Correct the false sentences.

Companies needed permission to make Twilight jewellery

and other products.

What is the link between a lipstick, a calendar and jewellery?

The answer is the Twilight films. These are just some of the
products made by companies that paid film studios for the
rights to use images from the film series. Film-making is very
expensive, so studios look for as many ways as possible to
make money. But what do studios spend their money on?


A good director costs more money than a famous actor.


Film studios only make money from ticket sales.


If a film is going to succeed, it needs a good director, and they

cost from $5 to $10 million per film. Casting famous actors as
the main characters can also help a film to do well, but this
makes a big hole in a films budget. Top actors expect salaries
of up to $30 million, with extra money for essential luxuries
such as a five-star hotel suite during filming. Film production
is also incredibly expensive. The special effects for the
superhero film Spider-Man 2 cost an amazing $65 million!


As soon as a film finishes at the cinema, you can see it on


There are different opinions about what a great film is.


So how do film studios make a profit? In most cases, films

make money from ticket sales at the box office. This is
followed by DVD and internet sales, which are the only way
of seeing the film outside the cinema for several months after
its release. And the moment a film reaches the cinemas,
the merchandising begins. In recent years, films such as Toy
Story 3, the Cars series and the Harry Potter series have made
more money from merchandising than from ticket sales.
So while film fans talk about the quality of a films plot, the
directors skills or the actors performances, for the filmmakers there are more important considerations. Has the film
made enough money to repay the enormous investment that
has gone into making it? Will it make a profit so the studio can
go on to make more films? Without doubt, for the studios, a
great film is a film that makes a lot of money.

Read the text again and answer the questions. Use your own
words and complete sentences.

What are the positive and negative points of having a famous

actor in a film?

What extra things do famous actors expect while working on

a film?

Why does the article mention the film Spider-Man 2?


How did films such as Toy Story 3, the Cars series and the
Harry Potter series make a lot of money?


1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 5 Grammar practice

Future forms

Complete the sentences using the bold words. Use the verb
tense in brackets.
Hurry up! Were going to be (be / future with going to) late.

Match sentences 16 with the replies AG.

They _________________________ (go / present

continuous) on a protest march this afternoon.

Look at those dark clouds! E


Have you made any plans for the summer? _______

I dont really want to go on my own. _______

What do you think of artificial meat? _______

Sorry, but I have to go now. _______

Youre making a terrible mess. _______

I forgot to send Jim an email about the meeting. _______

Are you meeting Janet?

I dont think it will solve the food problem.

Ill tidy up when Ive finished.

Will you remember to tell him that its on Friday?

Yes, its going to rain.

Im going to stay with my grandparents in Canada.

_________________________ (you / sign / future with will)

this petition to protect endangered species?

The government says it _________________________

(create / future with going to) thousands of jobs for young

We _________________________ (run / future with going

to) in the London Marathon for charity.

The protest march _________________________

(not change / future with will) the situation.

There isnt any food left. I _________________________

(go / future with will) to the supermarket later.

Future continuous and future perfect

G Ill come with you, then.


Match the replies AG from exercise 1 with the future uses.

Choose the correct alternatives.

This time tomorrow, we will be sitting / will have sat in the

B will for predictions


_______ will for a decision

_______ will for a promise

_______ will for a request

_______ going to for a prediction based on evidence

_______ going to for a plan

_______ present continuous for an arrangement



in / replace / What / will / oil / energy / the future / ?

Complete the sentences with the bold verbs. Use the future
continuous or future perfect.


This time next week, Joe will be cycling from London to Paris

going / It / today / rain / isnt / to

for charity. (cycle)


you / I / come / wont / with


This time next year, they will be living / will have lived in

will / extinct / Tigers / one day / become


We will be eating / will have eaten less meat in 20 years


fail / John / Im / the exam / sure / will


I wont be at home tomorrow. I will be taking /

will have taken part in a protest march.

meeting / Steve / We / this afternoon / are


They always have lunch at 1 oclock, so they

will be finishing / will have finished by 2 oclock.

Maria is going to buy a bicycle.

Im afraid I cant go with you this afternoon. At 4 oclock,

Ill be playing / ll have played football.

buy / Maria / to / a bicycle / going / is

By 2050, a lot of rare animals will be becoming /

will have become extinct.

Put the words in the correct order to form sentences.

At the end of July, we will be leaving / will have left

by the end of the week. (learn)


By this time tomorrow, we _______________________ our

exams. (finish)

going / Where / you / to / are / stay / ?


I _______________________ all these irregular verbs

This time next week, I _______________________ on the

beach in Costa Rica. (lie)

By the time they get home, they _______________________

six different countries. (visit)


1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 5 Vocabulary practice

Making a difference

The environment

Choose the correct alternatives.

The words in the list can be used as verbs and nouns. Use
each word twice to complete the sentences. Write whether
you have used it as a verb or a noun.

A flood / drought happens when it doesnt rain for a long time

There should be a ban on hunting elephants. It should be

A strong, dangerous wind that moves in a circle is called a

illegal. noun

storm / tornado.

The government is going to ban the fishing of some fish in the

A hurricane / tornado is a violent wind that starts

summer to protect them. verb

at sea and moves along the coast.

A tornado / flood happens when a lot of water fills places

help people at public events. ____________________

that are usually dry.

A storm / drought consists of a strong wind, heavy rain,

____________________ against the new nuclear power station.

and thunder and lightning.


ban volunteer campaign

and the earth becomes very dry.

Match 15 with AF.

Im a ____________________ for the Red Cross and we

The protest and march were part of our

Sam says he will ____________________ to work for

nothing in a developing country when he leaves school.














Complete the sentences with the words in the list.

donate meeting organizations publicity sign
support supporter

Choose the correct alternatives.

Were having a meeting on Wednesday.

When you

B something, you destroy, damage or injure it with fire or heat.

B burn


_______ something, you collect used objects and materials

B destroy

C recycle

B throw away

Most people agree that we need a park and they

____________________ the plans for a new one in the town.

C save

The article was about different ____________________ and

the work that each one does.

_______ something, you get rid of what you do not want any

A pollute

Noun suffixes
B throw away

C burn

_______ something, you put it into a hole in the ground and

cover it.
A save

Theyre asking people to ____________________ a petition

C poison


Andy wants to ____________________ 50 to WWF.

_______ something, you use it again.

A reuse

against the plans for the new motorway.

B burn

Weve received a lot of ____________________ thanks to

the TV report. Everybody is talking about us.

_______ something, you stop it from being killed, injured or

A save

Ive always been a ____________________ of

environmental charities and I help them when I can.

C pollute

so that they can be used again.

A waste

Sandra wants to ____________________ for the Green

Party in the next general election. ____________________

B recycle

Form nouns with the words in the list and the suffixes in the
table. Write each noun in the correct column.
active argue collect entertain locate possible
react real situate treat

C bury

_______ something, you use too much of it or use it in a

careless way.
A waste

C destroy

_______ something, you make it dirty or dangerous.

A save

B poison

B pollute





C bury

_______ something, you damage it so badly that it can no

longer be used.
A throw away

B reuse

C destroy


1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 5 Writing practice
Improve your writing

Focus on the text


Formal language

Put the words in the correct order to make formal sentences

and requests.

got / any vacancies / you / could / whether / have / you / me /

Read the email and match paragraphs AC with 13.


A description of Jessicas skills


The reason why Jessica is writing


What information Jessica wants


Dear Sir or (1) ________________,

tell / Please / ?

grateful / you / if / send / could / I / could / me /

opportunities at your holiday centres, which I read


about in last Sundays newspaper (The Observer).

would / like / about / I / to enquire / job opportunities



summer and
(4) ________________ like to gain some work

an interview / possible / it / be / Would / to arrange / ?

experience before I go to university. I speak Spanish


and French, and I play the guitar. I am also a keen

forward / I / to hearing / look / you / from



Rewrite the sentences in a more formal way. Use the words

in brackets.

I would be (5) ________________ if you could send me

more information. (6) ________________ you also tell
me whether you have any camps in France? I will be on

Dear Mr Brent,

holiday there at the start of the summer and wondered

I want to ask about doing work experience at your company.

whether it would be (7) ________________ to get a

(like / enquire)

placement in southern France.

I would like to enquire about doing work experience at

your company.

I am (3) ________________ in this opportunity

because I will have finished school at the start of this

the position / interested / I / for / in / applying / am


I am writing to enquire (2) ________________ the work

be / the details

I look (8) ________________ to (9) ________________

Shadowing a lawyer for a day would be fun. (interested)

from you.


Please tell me more about the scheme. (could / ?)

Yours (10) ________________,


Will you send me the application form? (grateful)

Jessica Langton


Id also like to know if I can visit the offices one day.

Complete the email with the correct words and phrases.

(possible / ?)

Write soon. (look forward)


Yours sincerely,
Daniel Saunders


1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 5 Reading practice

Find words in the text that mean:


threatened or at risk (paragraph A) _________________

knowing about something (paragraph B)


harm or injury caused (paragraph B) _________________

small tools or devices that have particular uses

(paragraph C) _________________

a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide that each person

produces (paragraph C) _________________

Match 15 with AE.


People in the West have acted in a more environmentally

friendly way over this period of time.

The amount of extra energy that some people predict we will

be using for gadgets in 2022.

Setting a good example?


For a lot of people, there is no doubt: the environmental

changes that are happening are caused by human activity. Over
200 years of industrialization have had a very negative effect
on the planet. Water and air pollution, a growing number of
endangered species, and the loss of natural resources are just a
few of the consequences.
These environmental problems are mostly the responsibility of
Western countries. However, during the nineteenth century
and most of the twentieth century, nobody was aware of the
damage that we were causing. Now, the situation is different
and ecologists in the West are warning that the new industrial
nations in the developing world are damaging the planet too.

When we started damaging the planet.

The amount of energy that computers and other devices will

be using in British homes in 2020.

The amount of extra energy that people in the UK are now

using compared with 20 years ago.

Over 200 years ago




The last 30 years

Answer the questions. Use your own words and complete


What do a lot of people think are causing the changes to the


Over the last 30 years, people in the West have adopted a

number of green habits. Many people recycle materials, and
leave their cars at home and cycle to work. However, the same
people also listen to MP3 players or talk on mobile phones. In
fact, thanks to the dramatic increase in the use of electronic
gadgets, instead of reducing their carbon footprint, people in
the UK are using 20% more energy at home than they were 20
years ago.


Why are most environmental problems today the

responsibility of Western countries?

What have people in the West been doing over the last 30

Our love of gadgets has no end, and the sale of these energyconsuming devices is going to increase in the near future.
According to the Energy Saving Trust, in Britain, 45% of the
electricity used in homes in 2020 will be powering computers
and electronic gadgets. The International Energy Agency has
predicted that the amount of energy used globally to power
gadgets will have increased by 100% between 2009 and 2022.
Perhaps before warning others about their environmentally
damaging practices, we should first make a genuine effort to
stop our own.


What has been the result of our love of gadgets?


What is the writers conclusion?



1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 6 Grammar practice

First and second conditional; unless


Youll be a lot fitter ...

Complete the sentences with the bold verbs. Use the first
She wont go out tonight unless she feels (feel) better.

if youd cycled to school more often.

if you cycle to school more often.

If she didnt eat so much, ...

If he _________________________ (not work) harder, he

wont get good marks.

Choose the correct endings for the first and second

conditional sentences.

If you arent more careful, you

_________________________ (injure) yourself.

If we _________________________ (win) the competition,

we _________________________ (celebrate) all night.


He _________________________ (not be able) to play for

a while if he _________________________ (sprain) his

ankle again.

What _________________________ (you / do) tomorrow if

the weather _________________________ (improve)?

Put the words in the correct order to make second

conditional sentences.

she wouldnt be overweight.

she wont be overweight.

If I have time this evening, ...


Id work out at the gym.

Ill work out at the gym.

You wont lose weight ...


unless you changed your diet.

unless you change your diet.

He wouldnt get bad headaches all the time ...


if he didnt spend hours on his computer.

if he doesnt spend hours on his computer.

What would you say ...


if the coach asked you to play in the team?

if the coach asks you to play in the team?

rich / Id / work / If / I / never / was / again

If I was rich, Id never work again.


Third conditional

were / on a diet / Would / if / you / go / you / overweight / ?


give up / You / chips / should / if / be healthy / want / you /

If he hadnt gone on a diet, he wouldnt have lost / didnt


lose weight.


to school / could / bought / You / a bike / if / cycle / you


tired / if / wouldnt / She / more / feel / got / sleep / she


fit / If / any exercise / you / do / wouldnt / didnt / you / be

If I knew / d known that Marta was here, Id have come



I wouldnt be here if my parents never met /

had never met!


I would have recovered faster if I took / d taken some



Choose the correct alternatives.

She got / would have got the job if she hadnt worn old
jeans to the interview.

Choose the correct alternatives.

Id have been disappointed if Id lost / lost the race.

If you want to get fit, youll have to / d have to train harder.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the bold
verbs. Use the third conditional.

Youd feel / ll feel a lot better if you ate less chocolate.

If you take / took an aspirin, youll feel better.

You wont / didnt improve your performance unless you

If Id known that you were ill, I would have come (come) to see

train regularly.


If I have time this evening, Id go / ll go running.

If I had enough money, Ill go / d go hiking in the holidays.

How many calories would / will I burn if I swim for

_________________________ (hear) my alarm.


What activity would you choose if you had / have to get fit

If he _________________________ (not win) the match, he

would have been extremely disappointed.

an hour?

I wouldnt have arrived late for school if I

She _________________________ (not be) sick if she

hadnt eaten all that cake.


If he had trained harder in his free time, he

_________________________ (finish) the marathon.

If you _________________________ (tell) me it was his

birthday, Id have sent him a card.


1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 6 Vocabulary practice

What do we call the company that pays the tennis player to

wear its sports clothes? _________________

Sports and leisure activities


Match the activities in the list with the pictures.

aerobics athletics cycling gymnastics hockey
martial arts water polo windsurfing


Choose the correct alternatives.

The most common injuries in the home

Cuts / Burns / Bruises from extremely hot water or from




Bites / Cuts / Burns from knives and glass.

Cut / Burnt / Broken arms and legs from falling off

ladders, tables and chairs.

Bruises / Bites / Sprains from cats, dogs and other pets.

Sprains / Cuts / Burns to wrists, arms and the back from

lifting or moving heavy objects.




Bites / Bruises / Sprains from hitting arms and legs

against objects.

Complete the second sentence with the verb form of the

underlined noun in the first sentence.
Hes going to have an operation on his knee.



The doctor is going to operate on his knee.


Complete the sentences with a word from A and a word

from B.

They will ____________________ him for a skin problem.


A contact cycling football running ski tennis


race runs sport stadium

The Camp Nou is a football stadium.

Wimbledon is a _________________ _________________ .

The Tour de France is a _________________

Alexander Fleming made an important discovery: penicillin.

Alexander Fleming ____________________ something
important: penicillin.

_________________ .

The government is working on the prevention of a number of

Usain Bolt is a very fast man on a _________________


_________________ .

The government is working to ____________________ a

Judo is a _________________ _________________ .

number of diseases.

Many people think the best _________________

_________________ are in the Swiss Alps.


Theres no cure for a cold.

You cant ____________________ a cold.

tournament track

He will have treatment for a skin problem.

Answer the questions with the words in the list.

champion finalist journalists runner-up
spectators sponsor
What do we call a tennis player who has reached the final?

Adjectives / verbs + prepositions


Choose the correct alternatives.

Stop talking and concentrate C your work.


We were proud _______ our daughters victory.


What do we call a tennis player who has won the final?


What do we call a tennis player who has lost the final?

A in


Who are the people who pay to sit and watch the final?

C for

B on

C at

Ive never been interested _______ sport.

A about

B on

C on

The doctor was amazed _______ the success of the



A of

B at

B in

C on

The team apologized _______ their poor performance in the

Who writes or talks about the final in the media?



A for

B with

C at


1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 6 Writing practice
Improve your writing

Focus on the text


Linkers of addition and contrast


Choose the linker that is not correct.


Im not very good at sport although / nevertheless, / on

Read the opinion essay and order the paragraphs AD

according to points 14.

Introduction to the topic _______

Arguments for the statement _______

Arguments against the statement

The writers own opinion _______


the one hand, I do play the occasional game of tennis.


I belong to a gym. However, / In addition, / But I hardly


ever go!

sport, like other dangerous sports, the benefits often

Whats more, / Moreover, / On the other hand, its

outweigh the negative aspects of the activity.

something you can do wherever you are.


You may be very slim nevertheless, / however, /


whats more, you still need to do exercise.


of players. A rugby tackle carried out anywhere

although it can be a bit boring sometimes.

except on the pitch in the street, for example

would be classed as violence by anyone, including
the police. Moreover, there have been several
serious accidents in rugby.

_______________ hes 85 years old, my grandfather is still


very healthy. _______________, he still does sports!


It is true that rugby can bring out an aggressive side

Vegetarian food is better for you than meat, and / but /

Complete the sentences with suitable linkers of addition or

contrast. Sometimes there is more than one possible

In my opinion, although rugby can be a dangerous

Running is a convenient and cheap form of exercise.


A little chocolate every day is good for you. Too much

Nevertheless, thousands of men, and an increasing

chocolate, _______________, is unhealthy.

number of women, have been playing rugby for

It has been proven that coffee isnt bad for you.

many years. They enjoy the competitiveness and

_______________, you should try and limit the amount of

physical challenge of this exciting game. It is also a

coffee you drink every day.

good way to teach discipline and sportsmanship.

These are the pros and cons of making sport compulsory at

Whats more, it can give people the chance to

school. _______________, it forces everyone to take part in

exercise natural aggression through a controlled

healthy exercise. _______________, it can put some people


off doing sport for life!


Correct the mistakes in the linkers in the sentences.

Sometimes there is more than one possible answer.

and it should, therefore, be banned.

Healthy food is good for you. Moreover, its more expensive and


less tasty. However


Its good to drink lots of water, moreover, you shouldnt drink

too much, too quickly. _______________


I love cycling. Its environmentally friendly, on the other hand,

its good for you! _______________

I love going horse-riding, in addition, its a very expensive

Complete paragraphs AD in the text with sentences 14.


Some of these have left players with permanent injuries.

Others believe that, although rugby should not be banned, it

should not be played at school.

sport. _______________

I know you arent hungry first thing in the morning, whats

Ive got mixed feelings about running marathons. On the one

hand, its a good challenge, but nevertheless it can be quite

For these reasons, I believe that it should continue to be

played, including at school.

more you should always eat breakfast. _______________


Many people feel that rugby is a dangerous sport

If rugby is taught correctly, the chances of players suffering

from accidents can be minimized.

dangerous if you havent done enough training.



1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Unit 6 Reading practice

Find words in the text that mean:


someone who trains people (paragraph A)


the type of family and social class that you come from
(paragraph B) _______________

not wearing anything on your feet (paragraph C)


causing injury or damage (paragraph D) _______________

involving a lot of time sitting down (paragraph D)


Match a heading with each paragraph in the text.

You dont need to use one heading.

School is the easy part


Running for life

Life at Eldoret training camp


They still laugh about the Swedish coach who visited the
Eldoret athletes camp in Kenya. He was determined to
discover why the Kenyans are the worlds greatest runners.
Was it the altitude? Was it the bread that they ate? Maybe it
was the Kenyan water? The man finally left, disappointed that
he had not discovered anything. However, if he had opened his
eyes, he would have seen that the secret was in front of him.
Almost all the great Olympic runners that Kenya has produced
share a similar background. They come from the poorer
farming areas of western Kenya and, while they were growing
up, lived far away from their schools. In these areas, school
children as young as ten get up early, have breakfast and then
run up to ten kilometres to arrive on time for their first class.
After running home, they are sent out to work on farms. These
are not children who spend their free time in front of TV and
computer screens.

However, a disciplined, active life is not the only reason for

their Olympic success. The Kenyans have another secret:
they train barefoot. Journalist Christopher McDougall recently
wrote about the increase in running injuries that has happened
since modern trainers first appeared in 1972. He believed that,
if joggers took up running barefoot or in trainers with thin
soles, they would suffer fewer injuries and run better. He may
be right. Some people who have abandoned their expensive
trainers report that they can run better and with fewer injuries.

Apart from demonstrating that modern footwear is

unnecessary for running and possibly harmful, the Kenyans
have another lesson to teach us. Many studies have shown that
people who spend their lives running rarely suffer from any of
the health problems that those with more sedentary lives come
down with. As the Kenyans will tell you, running, not sitting,
is what humans are really made for.

Running is good for you


The blind visitor


Cheaper and better


Read the text again and choose the correct alternatives.


The Kenyans think the Swedish visitor was rude / funny.

The great Kenyan runners mostly

come from the same area / went to the same school.

The children from western Kenya have free time / work

after school.

The Kenyans run in trainers with thin soles /

with nothing on their feet.

The article suggests that the Kenyan / Western way of life

is better.


1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework

Write a composition on each of the following topics.

Imagine you are a novelist working on a novel. Write

a letter to a friend explaining your ideas.


What will your life be like in 10 years time?


If you could choose to be successful at any sport,

which would it be and why?


You are an Erasmus student at the University of

Bergen (Norway). One professor asks you to talk to
your class about the Catalan language and culture.
Write the text of your presentation.


Write a review (summary and opinion) of your

favourite book /film or one that you have read or
have seen recently.


Write an opinion essay about anything you want.