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Quantum physics describes the universe as energy, with energy and matter interchangeable. Psychology,
Eastern therapy, and complementary medicine all have terms for life as energy. The aura can be viewed as
an energy field surrounding the body, interacting through spiritual and psychological levels via structures
called chakras. In other words the aura is an energy field that surrounds the physical body and is
discernible to those of psychical sight.
The 7 main chakras have their origin in the physical body but they also exist in all the layers of the aura.
The speed and vibration level of the energy is increased with each level. One can say that the human
consciousness is manifested on 7 levels or in the 7 layers that is the aura.
How Reiki affects the aura
Before a Reiki attunement a persons aura might normally only extend a few decimeters outside the
persons body. The attunement strengthens the aura and gives a permanent aura of about 2 -3 meters. At
the same time the consciousness, the inner strength and the ability to intuitively see what needs to be
changed in order to achieve maximum health is increased. Through the Reiki attunement and the
strengthening of the aura you get the tool to take control over your life and development.
During a Reiki treatment not only the organs and the energy flow within the body are affect but also the
different bodies of the aura are affected. When using distance healing or the mental/emotional symbol the
aura seems to be more affected than the actual organs in the body.
The different layers/bodies in the aura
The Physical body, is the most tangible manifestation of our consciousness. Its function is to be here and
now, to be conscious of what we do: walking when walking, eating when eating etc. We all know the fears
of the physical body sickness, aging and death.
The Etheric body, is a thin invisible layer, approx. 2 cm thick, around the physical body. This is where the
energy is reflected when it flows through meridians and chakras. The etheric body or double acts as a
template for the physical body and appears as an energy matrix. It is described in Chinese medicine as
meridians that transmit chi (ki) through the body. Consciousness is expressed in terms of sensations like
physical pleasure or pain.
Many of our dreams can be found in the etheric body. With the aid of mantras, symbols, essence etc. one
can affect the function of this part of the aura. Connected to the Root chakra.
The third body is the Emotional body. The emotional body is egg shaped and contains the other 2. This
body reflects the feelings and emotions we have. Emotions like happiness, hope, love, anger, sorrow, hate
are all found here. The emotional body is also connected to our past which can cause problems. The body
is laced with wishes and desires from the past and this can cause tensions. It is important to learn how to
handle different emotions during a day, the risk is otherwise that they become suppressed and stored in
the emotional body and can later be the cause of blockages and disturbances leading to medical problems.
Connected to the Navel chakra.
The Mental bodys function is to teach us self knowledge. The mental body as its name implies reflects the
conscious mind, logic, intellect and active thinking.
We shape our reality with our minds. Our mind is the constructor, the builder. It reflects our ability through
which we develop our learning and personality. Mental heath or mental illness is reflected in this level.
Connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra.
The Astral body. Unconditional love. Connected to the Heart chakra. The astral aura is the bridge between
the physical world and the spiritual realm.

The Etheric Template body (divine will) can be identified with memory and our thought processes. Here all
our memories, forgotten, remembered or pushed away, are mirrored. The Etheric Template also stores the
present and all the possible futures. Connected to the Throat chakra.
The Celestial body mirrors the subconscious mind that is a part of the inactive part of our brain. By
listening to your subconscious, your intuition, you can make your journey through life more simple and
rewarding. Consciousness expresses itself as higher feelings like universal love; love that goes beyond
human beings and friends into a universal love for all life. Connected to the Third eye chakra.
The Causal body (Ketheric Template) is the last body. The energies in this body spins with a very high
frequency. This is where the soul communicates with the conscious mind via the subconscious mind in the
mental body.Consciousness is expressed in higher concepts of knowing or belief systems. This is where the
initial creative impulse begins; not just linear knowing, but integrated knowing. Connected to the Crown


Scanning the aura is an integral part of energy work. The following approaches can be used to scan the
Visual Approach Some people are highly visual. They can just take one look at someone and receive
information about the health of his or her aura. They may also see colours and shapes that represent the
flow of energy in the aura. There are yet others who are able to see disruptions in the flow of energy in
their third eye.
Kinaesthetic Approach Some people are more kinaesthetic. They may not actually see energetic blocks
with their eyes, but they can sense disruptions in the flow of energy in the aura. They may feel these
disruptions as sensations of heat, cold, tingling etc.
Combination Technique It is also possible to use a combination of the visual and kinaesthetic approaches.
There is no right or wrong way to scan the aura. You can do whatever works for you. The only prerequisite
is that you practise Reiki regularly. Regular Reiki practice develops our sensitivity to energy. This in turn
makes scanning the aura a very simple task. When we do not practise regularly, we lose our sensitivity to
energy and this makes scanning the aura a lot more challenging.
It is possible to scan the aura of people who are in proximity to us and also of people who are at a
distance. The techniques are described below.
In Person Scanning

Ask the person to lie down comfortably.

Have them take a few deep breaths and relax. It is a good idea to have soothing music playing in
the background.

Stand near the head of the person.

Connect with Reiki, your Reiki Guides, Spiritual Guides and Angels and request them to assist you
during this process.

Visualise a shield of white light forming around you and covering you from head to toe. This is for
your protection as you go about scanning the aura.

Starting from the top of the head, gradually move your palm (or palms) over the persons right side.

In your first few attempts, make sure you spend at least a few seconds at every position in order to
get a feel of the energy in different points of the aura. As you practise, you will be able to spot
deficiencies in the flow of energy in shorter periods of time.

As you move your palm, make a mental note of all the points in the energy field where you sense a
disruption in the flow of energy. You could also keep a notebook and pen with you and make notes
right as you scan.

Repeat the same with the left side of the body. You could also scan the front and back sides of the
body in a similar fashion.

Whenever you sense a block, close your eyes and receive impressions of the colour, size, shape and
texture of the block. You may see the details of these blocks in your minds eye or you may just
sense them. Trust the first impressions you receive and do not try to analyse them. As you receive
these impressions, you may also receive messages about what these blocks represent. Invariably,
the details you see point at unresolved emotions, recurring mental patterns, unhealthy behaviours
etc that the person needs to heal. Make a note of all the messages you receive as they offer
invaluable guidance to the person receiving the healing. If you are not able to receive these
messages in the beginning, it is perfectly fine. Do not strain to receive messages. You will start
receiving them as you practise. You could also request your guides to help you receive these

Proceed to remove the blocks using whatever technique resonates most with you.

Finish with a full body Reiki healing. Pay particular attention to the areas from which the blocks
were removed and flood them with Reiki.

Distance Scanning
If the person to be treated is at a distance, it is still possible to scan the aura.

Make a rough sketch of the body on a sheet of paper. This sketch would be your reference and
represents the person who is being scanned.

Connect with Reiki, your Reiki Guides, Spiritual Guides and Angels and request them to assist you
during this process.

Visualise a shield of white light forming around you and covering you from head to toe. This is for
your protection as you go about scanning the aura.

Invoke the distance healing symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and connect with the person. Invoke Cho
Ku Rei and strengthen the connection.

As before, start scanning from the top the head. In this case, you will have to place use the sketch
as your reference and place your palm over the head that is drawn.

Scan the right, left, front and back sides of the body respectively, all by moving your palm over the

As in the case of in person scanning, receive impressions of the blocks and also messages (if any).
Make a note of these details.

Proceed to remove the blocks using whatever technique resonates most with you.

Finish with a full body Reiki healing. Pay particular attention to the areas from which the blocks
were removed and flood them with Reiki.

Post Healing Discussion

Discuss the information you received from the aura scan with the person. Lay particular emphasis on the
messages you received from the blocks. If they pointed at making life changes or healing recurring
patterns, ensure you explain this clearly. This is crucial because unless we heal recurring patterns in our
lives, the same blocks tend to resurface sooner or later. In many cases, Reiki alone manages to heal the
blocks without a need for further intervention. But in the case of issues that are deep rooted, the person
might have to do other healing work along with Reiki to achieve the desired healing.


Its not always possible to do a full healing session. In times like these, wed better make good use of the
time we have available.
Heres a suggestion on how to conduct a quick treatment. Its an abridged version of the full treatment.

Have the patient sit on a chair, legs and arms uncrossed. This is because the uncrossed is an open position,
making it easier to receive energy, as opposed e.g. to the closed positions such as lotus etc.
1. Hands on shoulders.
2. Hands on the head.
3. One hand on the upper neck, and the other on the forehead.
4. One hand on the back of the neck, and the other between the throat and heart chakras.
5. One hand on the breast bone, the other on the back, mirrored.
6. One hand on the solar plexus, the other on the back, mirrored.
7. One hand on the lower stomach, the other on the back, mirrored.
8. Ground them by placing both hands on their feet for about a minute.
Above are the basic steps. Spend 2-3 minutes in each position, unless you are guided otherwise. Below are
some things to be aware of throughout the treatment:

Take it easy, dont rush. Patients can sense these things.

If you or the patient are uncomfortable touching certain areas, keep your hands slightly away from
the body, in the aura.

Remember to offer your patient some water at the end of the session.