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Information For Your AstrocartographyConsultation

Astrocartography applies geography to the principle that planets are strongest in the
four powerful angle houses of the Vedic Astrological chart one, four, seven and ten.
Plotting lines on a map where the planets were in angular positions at the time and place
of your birth shows where they are powerful geographically. These Birth Lines run north
to south and are thus longitudinal. Birth Lines influence 700 miles on either side of the
lines in a diminishing manner (called orb).
Astrocartography is particularly potent in the Vedic Astrology mode. By adding Astrocartographys space to Vedic Astrologys time, your planetary karmas are illuminated
Here is how Vedic Astrology and Astrocartography work together. When your Vedic
chart, with its attendant Dasas (planetary cycles) is interpreted, you learn how the various
planets describe your karmas (experiences) and when these planets are activated. As
your Vedic charts planetary cycles also turn on the Astrocartography planetary lines,
these reveal how geography affects you. (This interrelationship is the reason why Astrocartography requires interpretation of the Vedic chart.)
Therefore, when you live any location, you experience the planetary energies described by your Vedic chart and mapped out by your Astrocartography lines. For example, if your Vedic chart indicates Mercury for career, and you are running Mercurys
planetary cycle, your career would be supported by living in areas empowered by Mercury Astrocartography lines.
Visiting those areas would be similarly supportive. Theres another practical application of Astrocartography. Its lines indicate how other people affect you by virtue of
where they were born or reside. Continuing the example, people born or living in areas
influenced by Mercury lines would be good customers and supervisors.
Doug Riemer has the Astrocartography computer program, allowing him to zero in on
any part of the world clients wish to print or e-mail localized maps for clients' review.
The Astrocartography maps use planetary glyphs - symbols. Below is a translation.
Sun a Moon b Mercury d Venus f Mars c Jupiter e Saturn g
h Ketu i (Rahu and Ketu are the Moons Nodes - eclipse points)


Doug Riemer's Astrocartography for his Sedona, Arizona home -- south of Flagstaff.
Lines for the Moon and Jupiter are within the 700 mile orb. They support career, dealing
with the public, publications and overcoming obstacles throughout the Southwest.
However, the Mars line through California and the Northwest is very difficult, causing
money and relationship problems, as well as health issues. Doug would not live in that
region, avoids visits there and is careful about any associations relating to it.