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Treatment for TV advert

In my advert which I am going to produce it is going to be aimed at parents. The plot of my story is
going to be about a little boy using the internet and adults sites one day his dad and mum walk in
and sit down on the sofa to read the newspapers and they saw there child on an site then the dad and
mum wanted to see what there child was looking at and what there child was doing on the internet
so the parents could put an adults lock on the internet. So this will be good for the target audience
the parents because they can see what there child is doing on the internet.

The government is supporting and funding the campaign and also the government is launching the
campaign that Parents should watch there children. This will meet the demands by stopping
children hiding things from there parent when they are using the internet. This will meet the
demands of the brief by showing parents what there children are doing on the internet and to see if
they are safe using social networking sites for example facebook or using adults site for example
porn sites or if there kids are spending money online without the parents permission. The campaign
is called Watch Your Kids. One example from the brief that I’m going to be using in my campaign
‘This advert can enable all ages to receive training in how to use broadband technology’.

I will make use of the research by using my questionnaire research. My questionnaire tells me that
more that both female and males like using the internet. My questionnaire also tells me that people
like spending money online. From my research I got from the internet is shows that Broadband
Internet Services now reach 99% of all UK homes and businesses. BT has been carrying out work
to remove limits relating to the distance of lines, for example, people living on the outskirts of cities
and towns.

The message line of appeal in my campaign which the government is also launching Watch your
Kids we are trying to get the message out that parents should watch what there children are doing
on the internet for example there child could be on facebook and some random person adds them
then the decides to meet up your child your child could get hurt. Another reason why parents should
watch what there children are doing on the internet in case there children are going on porn sites.

The narrative in my campaign is there is going to me a hotline and email address that people can get
in contact with us. The music i'm going to use for this is going to be like an instrumental kinder
music. In my TV advert there is going to be a voiceover saying Watch Your Kids then its going to
say the number which they can contact us and the telephone number.

The message I am trying to get across in this advert is that parent should watch what there children
do on the internet. We can see where we can try and get out message across for example on the
radio or on poster and on TV.

The equipment I’m going to use for my TV advert is the cannon camcorder and I’m also going to
use a tripod so that the camcorder doesn’t move around a lot. I’m also going use the Imac for my
TV advert and also Imovie so I can edit my TV advert