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Be Mobile!

Open to accelerate science

SciVerse Mobile Applications offer a simplified overview of

data to allow researchers and authors to:
have the best data available at their fingertips when travelling,
visiting conferences and networking

What can SciVerse Mobile Applications do for authors?

help to speed up collaboration and networking opportunities
create more visibility for their work and keep authors informed through different kinds of alerts
maximize authors opportunity to stay up to date in their field 24/7

SciVerse ScienceDirect Mobile

Applications Functions:
Searching for articles by Keywords
View Full Text Article
Article feed for the app start screen
based on a single search alert.
Save articles for ofine viewing
Share article via email
(Available for iPhone, Blackberry
and Android devices)
SciVerse Applications / Hub / ScienceDirect / SciTopics / Scopus

SciVerse ScienceDirect offers peer-reviewed full-text content

from over 2,500 journals, 11,000 online books, and 15,000
multimedia files: together 25 percent of the worlds academic
work in science, technology and medicine. More than a
collection of Elsevier content, it has time-saving tools that help
master growing volumes of information. This includes a range
of alerting services and linking out to external datasets from
the article page.

SciVerse Scopus is the largest abstract and citation

database of peer-reviewed literature and quality web
sources containing almost 19,500 titles from 5,000 publishers
worldwide. SciVerse Scopus offers Author profiles which
utilizes a refined algorithm to match articles to researchers
making their records easy to verify. Similarly the Affiliation
Search can identify an institutions collective work.

SciVerse Applications helps to manage and analyze

information, to search for insights and enable collaboration
with other researchers. In the near future apps will also be
hosted on the article page. Together with the SciVerse platform
content, the apps support the checking of research facts and
author credentials, necessary for the process of acceptance
and publication of articles.

With SciVerse Mobile Applications, the best available

data from SciVerse Scopus and SciVerse ScienceDirect is
at your fingertips when travelling, visiting conferences and
networking. You can share scientific information via email
and through your smart phone, set up alerts and make
notes on the go.

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