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All I need to concentrate is for few days starting from 21 st jan 2011.

I should
finish working out problems in materials science at least 18 correct answers in
materials should be done. I need to do that. Try maximum out in aptitude and
materials because this is your area. The maximum you get here the maximum
your score will be. You should try to answer minimum 10-15 in thermodynamics.
Mathematics still have to start. Now let us analyse it the following way.

Materials science
I should take me through the syllabus.
Structure: Structures like perovskite, spinel, wurtzite, zinc blende, some other
fcc and NaCl structures. Atomic Packing fraction, d-spacing, braggs law,
nearest neighbour distance, theoretical density from lattice parameter and
weight. Defect types screw dislocation and the burgers vector, x-ray diffraction,
bonding energy related to properties, directions and planes. zone axis, given the
lattice parameters of different structures, volume change occurring when
transformation occurs from one to another structure. Given ionic radii find the
coordination in NaCl and CsCl typed structures. Systematic absences in fcc, bcc ,
hcp and sc.
Limiting factor of resolution of an optical microscope. Magnification and
resolution, characterization techniques and their analysis (what is used for
what),XRD,SEM,TEM,Four-probe,line broadening.

Diffusion: From Diffusivity value finding activation energy and jump frequency
From density value and weight of one mole and the collision time, numbers of
free electrons per cubic meter and conductivity have to be found out.
Polymer: degree of polymerization, number average weight, weight average
molecular weight. Applications of some polymer and polymers manufacturing
Conductivity: From conduction electron density find the energy of the electrons
at the Fermi level, the density of states for a given volume


Numerical methods
Newtons interpolation formulae
Newton-Raphson method
Solution of a system of linear equations:
LU decomposition
Numerical Integration
Simpsons rule and Gaussian quadrature
Trapezoidal rule
Numerical solutions of first order differential equation by
Eulers method, 4th Order Range-kutta method

Algebra of Matrices
System of linear equations
Symmetric, skew-symmetric and orthogonal matrices
Hermitian, skew-hermitian and Unitary matrices
Eigenvalues and eigenvectors
Diagonalization of matrices

Cayley-Hamilton theorem

This is just two days before gate I have to make it make it big. I have this
much time.. listen today still I have at least 7 hrs and tomo whole day that
would make it min of 12 hrs and day after revision of 12 hrs.. so totally 12+7+12
(revision) I have 19 hrs to see little of math and thermo. And of course some
of quant and materials science.. I need to do that guess work should be kept
minimum. Now at 4 I ll start quant today.. I ll take 2 hrs to look for some
problems I ll look that in barrons. I ll see all quant prob there and then if
possible I ll look for sentence completion there itself and that I would have
completed my full fledged prep for quant.. then I ll take thermo.. look for
some typical problems and how to solve them practically look for what to read
and look for what to mug up there.. keep the guess work minimum will start
thermo at 7 o clock will read till I complete. I ll do math tomo.. some typical
problems like fourier series solve them properly.. some typical matrices
and some complex functions. Very very typical problems. Nothing more and
nothing less I should do that well well well.. and tomo when I finish I ll
just look for a revision in electrical properties, conduction band, properties there,
thermal properties, magnetic properties, optical properties. Etc. in
materials science tomo night.. I ll write all the formulae.

Tomo night after 10 again I ll write all formulae including those of thermo and
materials science myself without books help and possible thought processes
there kutti bharu.. u rock.. u have to rock u should rock.. yes yes yes
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

I am doing it this time!!!!!!!!!!

The one.
I am the 1..