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Every semester, we were assessed to enter a school to experience the environment of

education in Malaysia especially Primary School. I never expected that I could learn so many
things from this assessment called School Based Experience. After the second time, this
semesters School Based Experience, I found it was exhaustingly good experience. I have to
aware that the changes from me as a student to be the future teacher was a huge gap. I never
thought that I could pull out my career as a teacher even there was a time where things were
not working for me, but I know as I learn and learn more from my experience. I should be a
good teacher in the future.
In this course, the assignment was to implementing a lesson plan in the classroom from
the School Based Experience. The implementation requires teaching kit that use in the lesson
plan. The teaching kit includes teaching aids such as music, lyrics and others related teaching
aids. From the beginning, choosing teaching aids is not hard, and when it comes to the
suitability of the song that use in the lesson plan, it become complicated. Teacher should aware
of their teaching aids, how it going to help the lesson plan to achieve the objectives. I consider
every element in Language Arts from learner levels to moral values. I glad that I finally found the
suitable song that was catchy and easy plus it has educational values.
From my observation during my lesson implementation, I could not agree more, teacher
should give full attention to the students. The students like attention, it happens when I was
conducting the second stage (practice) of the lesson plan, I asked the students to form a clay
into body parts they like but I was my mistake to group them into four and five in a group. So,
one student did not have the chance to play with the clay and he cried. I have to calm the
student by sitting next to him. At first, I was startled because I never experience like this before,
but I have younger brothers and sisters, they always argue and I have to settle them down and
that could be useful skill to overcome a scenario like this. I give my fully attention to the
students, and he became calm. I need to remember that giving equal attention to the students in
the classroom next time.
My strategy during the implementation of lesson plan, I was using Total Response
Method. For me, it suits me even though it could drain my energy. Students like actions and
learning lively. It was okay at first but along the lesson plan, I realized using this method actually
booster the students eagerness to learn for the next class. The classroom looks lively and it
attracts the students attention. At first, I was afraid that TPR method could be too much for the

students but it turns out to be great method to the mixed ability students. The students
responses was the thing that teacher ever wanted from their teaching and learning session.
Most of the Malaysian students were passive including me when I was in the primary
school. This habit could be the worst enemy for teacher as I realized after I learned to be a
teacher. The experience of trainee teacher was an eye-opening experience. Teacher should
know how to catch the students attention because students who are passive might not
interested if the teacher did not make the lesson environment fun and approachable to them. As
I moved to the teachers desk experience, I could have given the teacher cooperation because it
was hard for teacher to do all the lesson plan and conducting the classroom environment lively
during the teaching and learning session. The teacher also need to be more attractive and fun,
not to mention creative to ensure the flow of the teaching and learning session in the classroom.
The teacher also needs to be more alert of the students doings. They must learn
something from the class. Most of the teacher could not give full attention to the students
because they might want to stick with their lesson plan and ignoring the students who are need
the consultations to learn. Rather than giving them exercise, give them something they could do
physically, like art projects or role-playing. I learned that by doing such things give them freedom
to learn and improve their interest in learning something new. They also mostly will give high
participation on the classroom because they found their teachers methods of teaching are fun
and interesting. If possible, never give them something to write because it will block the fun-side
of the session in the classroom. For me, it was my mistake to give them something to write and
they seem not eager to follow the next activity.
The learning process in the classroom really interesting because as a student, I need
learn to pass exam and now I have to learn how to handle the classroom and help them to pass
the exam by teaching them. As a teacher, I have to consider balancing between the enjoyment
of the lesson to the students and the knowledge they might gain from the lesson. The students
must learn something from the lesson that the teacher conducts from the class. For example,
English teacher always come out with activities to attract the students lacking attention with the
language subject, the activities must have one or more integrated skills, so they did not learn
something zero. It is the responsibility as a teacher to consult and give them something to learn.

Conclusion, from the past experience and the third phase of School Based Experience, I
learned lots of things and overall of the experience was amazing and very helpful for trainee
teachers to improve more on their teaching skills. All the teaching skills and strategies should be
in variety at this point for the teacher. This will help them to bring out the best of classroom
lesson to the students.