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33304 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

110 / Thursday, June 8, 2006 / Notices

Comment Date: 5 p.m. Eastern Time review in the Commission’s Public may affect the responsibilities of a
on June 16, 2006. Reference Room in Washington, DC. particular resource agency, they must
There is an ‘‘eSubscription’’ link on the also serve a copy of the document on
Magalie R. Salas,
Web site that enables subscribers to that resource agency.
receive e-mail notification when a Scoping comments may be filed
[FR Doc. E6–8872 Filed 6–7–06; 8:45 am] document is added to a subscribed electronically via the Internet in lieu of
BILLING CODE 6717–01–P docket(s). For assistance with any FERC paper. The Commission strongly
Online service, please e-mail encourages electronic filings. See 18, or call CFR 385.2001(a)(1)(iii) and the
(866) 208–3676 (toll free). For TTY, call instructions on the Commission’s Web
Federal Energy Regulatory (202) 502–8659. site ( under the
Commission ‘‘eFiling’’ link.
Magalie R. Salas,
k. This application is not ready for
[Docket No. RP06–371–000] Secretary.
environmental analysis at this time.
[FR Doc. E6–8865 Filed 6–7–06; 8:45 am] l. The Fort Dodge Mill Dam Project
Gas Transmission Northwest BILLING CODE 6717–01–P
Corporation; Notice of Proposed would consist of: (1) The existing 342-
Changes in FERC Gas Tariff foot-long by 18-foot-high concrete dam
with a 230-foot-long spillway and 5
June 1, 2006. Tainter gates; (2) a 90-acre reservoir
Take notice that on May 26, 2006, Gas Federal Energy Regulatory with a normal full pond elevation of 990
Transmission Northwest Corporation Commission feet above mean sea level; (3) an existing
(GTN) tendered for filing as part of its 40-foot-wide concrete intake structure
FERC Gas Tariff, Third Revised Volume [Project No. 12447–001] with trash rack and stop log guides; (4)
No. 1–A, the following tariff sheets, to an existing powerhouse to contain two
become effective July 1, 2006: Fort Dodge Hydroelectric Development proposed turbine generating units with
Company; Notice Soliciting Scoping a total installed capacity of 1,400 kW;
Seventh Revised Sheet No. 6. Comments
First Revised Sheet No. 228. (5) a proposed 2,400-foot-long, 13.8-kV
June 1, 2006. transmission line; and (6) appurtenant
GTN states that a copy of this filing
has been served on GTN’s jurisdictional Take notice that the following facilities. The applicant estimates that
customers and interested state hydroelectric application has been filed the total average annual generation
regulatory agencies. with the Commission and is available would be about 7,506 MWh.
Any person desiring to intervene or to for public inspection. m. A copy of the application is
protest this filing must file in a. Type of Application: Original available for review at the Commission
accordance with Rules 211 and 214 of License. in the Public Reference Room or may be
the Commission’s Rules of Practice and b. Project No.: P–12447–001. viewed on the Commission’s Web site at
Procedure (18 CFR 385.211 and c. Date filed: March 21, 2006. using the
385.214). Protests will be considered by d. Applicant: Fort Dodge ‘‘eLibrary’’ link. Enter the docket
the Commission in determining the Hydroelectric Development Company. number excluding the last three digits in
appropriate action to be taken, but will e. Name of Project: Fort Dodge Mill the docket number field to access the
not serve to make protestants parties to Dam Hydroelectric Project. document. For assistance, contact FERC
the proceeding. Any person wishing to f. Location: On the Des Moines River Online Support at
become a party must file a notice of in Webster County, Iowa. or toll-
intervention or motion to intervene, as The project does not occupy federal free at 1–866–208–3676, or for TTY,
appropriate. Such notices, motions, or lands. (202) 502–8659. A copy is also available
protests must be filed in accordance g. Filed Pursuant to: Federal Power for inspection and reproduction at the
with the provisions of section 154.210 Act, 16 U.S.C. 791(a)–825(r). address in item h above.
of the Commission’s regulations (18 CFR h. Applicant Contact: Thomas J. n. You may also register online at
154.210). Anyone filing an intervention Wilkinson, Jr., Fort Dodge Hydroelectric
or protest must serve a copy of that Development Company, 1800 1st Ave., to be notified via email of new filings
document on the Applicant. Anyone NE., Ste. 200, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402; and issuances related to this or other
filing an intervention or protest on or (319) 364–0171. pending projects. For assistance, contact
before the intervention or protest date i. FERC Contact: Stefanie Harris, (202) FERC Online Support.
need not serve motions to intervene or 502–6653 or o. Scoping Process:
protests on persons other than the j. Deadline for filing scoping The Commission staff intends to
Applicant. comments: July 31, 2006. prepare a single Environmental
The Commission encourages All documents (original and eight Assessment (EA) for the Fort Dodge Mill
electronic submission of protests and copies) should be filed with: Magalie R. Dam Project in accordance with the
interventions in lieu of paper using the Salas, Secretary, Federal Energy National Environmental Policy Act. The
‘‘eFiling’’ link at Regulatory Commission, 888 First EA will consider both site-specific and
Persons unable to file electronically Street, NE., Washington, DC 20426. cumulative environmental impacts and
should submit an original and 14 copies The Commission’s Rules of Practice reasonable alternatives to the proposed
of the protest or intervention to the require all intervenors filing documents action.
cprice-sewell on PROD1PC66 with NOTICES

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, with the Commission to serve a copy of Commission staff do not propose to
888 First Street, NE., Washington, DC that document on each person on the conduct any on-site scoping meetings at
20426. official service list for the project. this time. Instead, we are soliciting
This filing is accessible online at Further, if an intervenor files comments comments, recommendations, and, using the or documents with the Commission information, on the Scoping Document
‘‘eLibrary’’ link and is available for relating to the merits of an issue that (SD) issued on May 31, 2006.

VerDate Aug<31>2005 15:37 Jun 07, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00027 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\08JNN1.SGM 08JNN1
Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 110 / Thursday, June 8, 2006 / Notices 33305

Copies of the SD outlining the subject Docket Number—This item contains a that the motor vehicle emissions
areas to be addressed in the EA were hyperlink to the eLibrary docket sheet budgets (‘‘budgets’’) for direct PM2.5 and
distributed to the parties on the for the docket number. NOX in the submitted PM2.5 early
Commission’s mailing list and the Name of Applicant(s)—This item progress state implementation plan (SIP)
applicant’s service list. Copies of the SD shows the applicant name as it appears for the New Jersey portion of the New
may be viewed on the web at http:// on the filing. York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, using the ‘‘eLibrary’’ link. Description—This item contains a NY–NJ–CT PM2.5 nonattainment area to
Enter the docket number excluding the basic description of the filing and a be adequate for transportation
last three digits in the docket number hyperlink that opens the filed document conformity purposes. The transportation
field to access the document. For in eLibrary, as stored in eLibrary. conformity rule requires that the EPA
assistance, call 1–866–208–3676 or for Filing Date—This item shows the date conduct a public process and make an
TTY, (202) 502–8659. on which the document was filed with affirmative decision on the adequacy of
the Commission. budgets before they can be used by
Magalie R. Salas, Accession Number—This item metropolitan planning organizations
Secretary. contains a hyperlink that will open the (MPOs) in conformity determinations.
[FR Doc. E6–8868 Filed 6–7–06; 8:45 am] ‘‘Info’’ area of eLibrary for the filed As a result of our finding, the MPOs in
BILLING CODE 6717–01–P document. There may be instances in northern New Jersey, the North Jersey
which the accession number for the
Transportation Planning Authority
particular filing changes after issuance
DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY (NJTPA) and the Delaware Valley
of the combined notice. In this case, the
Regional Planning Commission
user will have to search eLibrary to
Federal Energy Regulatory (DVRPC), must use the new 2009 direct
access the document.
Commission Comment Date—This item indicates PM2.5 and NOX budgets from the early
the comment date for the particular progress PM2.5 SIP for future conformity
Combined Notice of Filings; Additional filing. determinations.
Types of Filings To Be Included in The ‘‘Combined Notice of Filings’’ is DATES: This finding is effective June 23,
Combined Notice of Filings indexed in eLibrary as follows, for 2006.
June 1, 2006. example: ‘‘Combined Notice of Filings, FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Matt
The purpose of this notice is to June 1, 2006: This notice contains Laurita, Air Programs Branch,
announce that effective June 1, 2006, the information concerning multiple filings Environmental Protection Agency—
Commission will issue notices for the received by FERC.’’ The Commission Region 2, 290 Broadway, 25th Floor,
following types of filings using the may issue more than one ‘‘Combined New York, New York 10007–1866, (212)
combined notice of filings method Notice of Filings’’ on any given day. In 637–3895,
instituted on May 17, 2005. this case, the eLibrary index will read as The finding and the response to
EC—Applications of Electric Public follows, for example: ‘‘Combined Notice comments will be available at EPA’s
Utilities For Authority to Sell, Lease, of Filings; June 1, 2006 #2: This notice conformity Web site: http://
Purchase, Acquire, or Merge and contains information concerning
Applications for Determination of multiple filings received by FERC.’’ transconf/adequacy.htm.
In time, the Commission expects to SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
EG—Applications for Exempt Wholesale issue the majority of notices of filings
using the combined notice of filings Background
Generation Determination
ES—Issuance of Securities and method. By this initiative, the Today’s notice is simply an
Assumption of Liabilities of Electric Commission seeks to simplify the announcement of a finding that we have
Utilities manner in which the Commission’s staff already made. EPA Region 2 sent a letter
FC—Foreign Utility Company Request prepares notices and thereby expedite to the New Jersey Department of
PH—Exemption from or Waiver of the public issuance of notices. Environmental Protection on May 31,
Regulation as Holding Company Magalie R. Salas, 2006 stating that the 2009 direct PM2.5
In addition, the Secretary is making Secretary. and NOX budgets in the submitted early
the following changes to the filing progress SIP for Northern New Jersey
[FR Doc. E6–8867 Filed 6–7–06; 8:45 am]
procedures for the types of filings listed (dated May 18, 2006) are adequate for
above: conformity purposes. The purpose of
1. Filers are no longer required to New Jersey’s May 18, 2006 submittal
include draft notices in floppy disk was to establish budgets for the
format with the filing. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION metropolitan planning organizations in
2. Filers requesting a short comment AGENCY northern New Jersey to use in making
period for the filing must clearly state [Docket No. EPA–R02–OAR–2006–0342; conformity determinations. EPA’s
such request in the ‘‘Re:’’ section of the FRL–8181–7] adequacy finding will also be
filing, for example: announced on EPA’s conformity Web
Re: Signal Hill Wichita Falls Power, L.P. Adequacy Status of the Submitted site:
Docket No. EG06–___ 2009 Early Progress Direct PM2.5 and stateresources/transconf/adequacy.htm.
Request for shortened comment NOX Motor Vehicle Emission Budgets Transportation conformity (40 CFR
period for Transportation Conformity part 93) is required by section 176(c) of
The notices issued under the Purposes for Northern New Jersey the Clean Air Act. EPA’s conformity
cprice-sewell on PROD1PC66 with NOTICES

combined notice of filings method will AGENCY: Environmental Protection rule requires that transportation plans,
be added to eLibrary and will be Agency (EPA). programs, and projects conform to SIPs
published in the Federal Register under ACTION: Notice of adequacy. and establishes the criteria and
the name ‘‘Combined Notice of Filings.’’ procedures for determining whether or
Each filing will be listed with its SUMMARY: In this notice, EPA is not they conform. Conformity to a SIP
identifying details as follows: notifying the public that we have found means that transportation activities will

VerDate Aug<31>2005 15:37 Jun 07, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00028 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\08JNN1.SGM 08JNN1