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Put the words in order.

1 I / surfing / like / quite / reding / the/ magazines
2 bed / don't / I / going / late / like /to
3 eating / fresh / fish/ I / love
4 hard rock / Im / keen / music / not / on
5 can't / sunbathing / I / nor / stand/ sightseeing
Write the correct adverb
always / hardly ever / often / sometimes / usually

I play the piano three or four times a week.

I go trekking, but I dont go every weekend.

I get a take away sushi once every two or three years.

I have cereal for dinner.


I have a bubble bath most mornings.

Write the present continuous if possible

11 Be quiet, your girlfriend (try to study).
12 I (not understand) it.
13 You (drink) my cocktail and (smoke) my cigar?
14 We (have) conversation at he moment.
15 She (dust) the living room?

Unscramble the letters to complete the sentences

16 What time do you ____________________ in on weekdays? (tupeg two words)
17 Do you ever ____________________ at work? (havasacken three words)
18 We usually ____________________ together on Sundays. (chulevahn two words)
19 My son often ____________________ on the sofa on Sunday afternoons. (panshaa three words)
20 I always have to start work at 6 in the morning, so I never have a chance to
____________________. (inile two words)
Write in the Past Simple
1 Why (do) Lora go to Milan last spring?
2 They (revise notes) all day and all night yesterday.
3 You (want) to ask some interesting question?
4 She (not believe) the excuse he told her.
5 I (grow up) in New Zealand and my aunt (bring me up) traditionally.
Complete the answers.

I dont like pickles because they`re too sour.

____________________ do I.

Ive got a new BMW and a red Ferrari in my garage.

____________________ have I.

I listen to classical music because I`m posh.

Really? I ____________________.

I cant drive and I`m 43!!!

Really? I ____________________.


Im not interested in any kind of fashion.

____________________ am I.

Write in the Present Perfect.

11 I (win) the bronze medal twice.
12 I (be) to Aruba probably 50 times.
13 You (ever see) an alien wih a guitar?
14 No, I (never have) small pocks.
15 He (play) at the best British football clubs.
Match the verbs to the nouns
16 speak

an instrument

17 pass

a speech

18 win

Foreign languages

19 play

an Italian exam

20 make

The World Cup

Change the nouns to adjectives

21 imagination ____________________
22 relaxation


23 energy


24 tiredness


25 intelligence ___________
Write the comparative
1 The River Danube (fast) the Tisa,I think.

2 History is (interesting) cooking classes,but it`s still boring.

3 Ally`s boyfriend is (funny) mine.
4 Five star hotels are (comfortable) most hostels.
5 My test results are (bad) yours.
Write the superlative
6 Shes (tall) 24-year-old in the country.
7 Marry thinks that PE is (important) subject.
8 My first door neighbours (fat) person in the world.
9 Tatooing is (popular) in the USA.
10 Its (good) slimming product you can find in the shops.
Change the direct questions to indirect
11 Where is the nearest ticket office?
12 What day are they arriving.
13 Are the shoe shops downtown open?
14 Where does the plane land?
15 How much does that diamond ring cost?
Complete the sentences
16 PIetros so ____________________ not afraid of anything.
17 My big brother is always there when you need her; very ____________________.
18 My girlfriend is very ____________________ she understands everything so easilly.
19 Youre always giving people gifts. Youre very ____________________.
20 I wants to be a Holiwood star,I`m very ____________________.
Match the things to their uses
21 torch

for cutting

22 scissors

for keeping warm

23 spade

for light

24 tent

for sleeping in

25 blankets

for digging

Translate these words

26 abilities
27 nature
28 difficult
29 wilderness
30 cope with
Write should, can or have/has to
1 What do you think? ____________________ I see a psychiatrist about it?
2 Thats overpriced. You ____________________buy it cheaper on the internet.
3 You ____________________ not wear mini skirts and sleeveless tops for school its against the
4 Diegos got a job in a bakery he ____________________ work on Saturdays.
5 When do I ____________________pay you back the loan ?
Write for or since
6 Theyve had that old,nasty habbit ____________________ages.
7 The policemans been here ____________________this morning.
8 I havent seen my family ____________________last November.
9 Have you been in Porto ____________________long?
10 My best friends have known each other ____________________years.
Complete the sentences with used to or didn't use to or did use to
11 I ____________________drink and smoke but I gave that up.
12 I ____________________play football at school I only danced in a ballet group.
13 He ____________________ be married to that horrible Jenny , but luckily they got divorced.
14 ____________________have a goatee? Have you shaved it off?
15 I like poetry now but I ____________________like it in high school.
Complete the sentences. In each case use one element from box A and one from box B.
get / go / keep / lost / school /

friends / in touch with / on / out with / touch

21 We ____________________and I dont know where he is.

22 I like Charles, but I dont want to ____________________him.
23 On Friday Im having a drink with some old ____________________.
24 You should ____________________with your old friends.
25 My sister and I ____________________ really well.

Write predictions using will

1 (it / not / rain) at the weekend.
2 (many people / be / there), at the big opening night?
3 (I / break) a world record in eating raw eggs one day.
4 (a lot of animals / die out) in the future.
5 I think (you / like / the surprise).
Write too, too much/many or enough
6 She was ____________________ keen to go to do something interesting.
7 I wasnt experienced ____________________to get the job.
8 There were ____________________ noisy people on the deck.
9 I didnt have ____________________monet to afford it.
10 Thats ____________________beer for me.
Change the underlined words for an expression with like
11 He wants to join some political party. ____________________
12 The Smiths dont enjoy gardening. ____________________
13 You have the same appearance as your aunt. ____________________
14 The twins have the same personality as each other. ____________________
15 Im really keen on haiku poetry. ____________________
Change the country to the nationality
16 China ____________________
17 Portugal ____________________
18 Canada ____________________
19 Brazil ____________________
20 Poland ____________________
Complete the sentences
youll be sorry.
2 If you drink too much,
3 If you
4 If you eat a lot of fatty food
5 If you eat my biscuit,

youll get ill.

Choose the correct word

6 Joe has decided to give/giving up jogging. ____________________
7 I want to ask/asking a question. ____________________
8 Im considering to leave/leaving my girlfriend. ____________________
9 I cant afford to buy/buying that swimming suit. ____________________
10 Have you finished to make/making the hot dogs yet? ____________________
Complete the sentences
11 I went to the doctors ____________________ I wasnt feeling well.
12 I wrote down the phone number ____________________I wouldnt forget.
13 We bought the tickets on the internet ____________________we got a good price.
14 Im not drinking coffee ____________________Ive got stomach pains.

15 Its in a box ____________________protect it.

Write the correct word
21 She can talk a lot. Shes very ch____________________
22 He keeps himself to himself. Hes r____________________
23 You cant trust him to do what he says hell do. Hes u____________________
24 Shes rather emotional. Shes s____________________
25 Hes always prepared and well-planned. Hes very well o__________
Write the passive
1 Machines make tools in most factories.
2 Many teenagers send text messages.
3 His nurse looks after him,because he`s very ill.
4 My company employs twenty five people.
5 In China, they grow a lot of rice.
Re-order the words to make questions
6 cooking enjoy he your does?
7 your the holidays plans are what for?
8 you at free time activities good are?
9 of what kind like you do spaghetti?
10 musical you do a instrument play?
Put the verb into the correct tense
11 I (walk) to the cafe when I saw the rainbow.

12 The last time we met, you (preparing) a surprise party.

13 I broke my wrist while I (play) ice hockey.
14 While I (do) the washing up, I dropped a cup.
15 I (listen to) a CD when the doorbell rang.

Choose the correct word
16 Temperatures have increased/got better in the last ten years. ____________________
17 The price of computers has got worse/fallen steadily. ____________________
18 The world population has gone up/improved dramatically. ____________________
19 The quality of education has got better/improved in recent years. ____________________
20 The cost of petrol has deteriorated/gone up this week. ____________________
21 put up with
22 split up with
23 ask out
24 get over
25 grow apart
26 top speed
27 speed limit
28 rush hour
29 slow down
30 in a hurry

Complete the sentences with can, can't, could or be able to

1 She went on a course and now she ____________________ cook very well.
2 Will you ____________________help me tomorrow?
3 Mozart ____________________play the piano when he was a child.
4 I ____________________drive but Im going to learn.
5 I ____________________swim before I was twelve.
Write the passive without by
6 Police arrested eight people in Belgium yesterday.
7 Someone stole my bike from the car park.
8 The judge didnt send the man to prison.
9 I posted the letter two days ago.
10 The company fired her for being late.

Write passive questions without by

11 What did they take from your wallet?
12 Who did they invite to the wedding?
13 Where did he find the purse?_
14 When did they close the kitchen doors?
15 Why did they take a photograph?

Complete the sentences

16 He hated his job, so he r____________________.
17 In the f____________________ they make parts for computers.
18 I would like to get p____________________ to a more important job.
19 My s____________________ is paid directly into my bank account.
20 At the i____________________, they asked some difficult questions.
Write make or do
21 I feel we need to ____________________ faster progress.
22 Well need to ____________________ some more research.
23 At last, the company started to ____________________ money.
24 Can you ____________________ me a favour?
25 Would you like to ____________________ an appointment?
Write L (the law) or C (the criminal)
26 burglar ____________________
27 pickpoketing ____________________
28 arrest ____________________
29 robbery ____________________
30 thief ____________________
Write C (countable) or U (uncountable
1 compilation CD ____________________
2 butter ____________________

3 luggage ____________________
4 advice ____________________
5 journey ____________________
Choose the correct word
6 I havent got any/much pets____________________
7 Learning a language involves a lot of/a few hard work. ____________________
8 Ive just heard some/many great news. ____________________
9 He has a few/any problems to sort out. ____________________
10 Jamie wants many/ a bit of advice about high street shopping. ____________________
Write the or no article
11 Do you like ____________________ parrots?
12 Would you like to live in ____________________ rainforest?
13 I dont let my children use ____________________Internet.
14 What do you think of ____________________ weather?
15 Whats on ____________________ TV tonight?
Write the correct preposition
16 listen ____________________
17 agree ____________________
18 spend ____________________
19 respond ____________________
20 appeal ____________________
Complete the phrases with an animal word
21 Hes as quiet as a ____________________.
22 That boy eats like a ____________________.
23 I want to get out of the ____________________ race.
24 Dont let the ____________________ out of the bag.
25 Never mind, there are plenty more ____________________ in the sea.
Translate and use in a sentence.

26 bring up
27 come across
28 look up to
29 pick up
30 look after
Write yet, just, still or already
1 This phone is new and its ____________________ started going wrong.
2 Theres a delay, the plane hasnt landed ____________________.
3 The postmans here your letter has ____________________arrived.
4 Has Pauline gone already its ____________________early.
5 Were late the train has ____________________left
Put the words in the correct order
6 the ticket give to the doorman
7 a story tell the children
8 to the director send an email
9 youll promise me come back
10 bring to the party a bottle
Put the verbs into the correct tense
11 I got to the airport but the plane (take) off.
12 I lost my savings because I (not save) it.
13 I went back to the place where I (meet) her.
14 By the time I was four I (learn) to read and write.
15 When I called he still (not had) a shower.
Write the travel verbs in the sentences
catch / get on / go by / ride / take

16 Are you driving? No, well ____________________ train.

17 The bus was full: we couldnt ____________________.
18 You should ____________________a taxi to the hotel.
19 Weve got plenty of time to ____________________the bus.
20 Im going to ____________________a bicycle around the city.
Complete the sentences

Id have no money.

2 If I had some money,

Id have some money.
4 If I bought expensive things,
Write in reported speech
6 Its not a good idea. said Robert.
7 You are too late. The porter told me.
8 Im going to revise. said Elaine.
9 Your friend has already gone. he said.
10 Im working in a libray. she told him.

Id go on holiday.

Write both, neither or either

11 He plays ____________________ the piano and the saxophone.
12 I listen to ____________________folk nor pop music.
13 This is average. Its ____________________good nor bad.
14 I dont mind where we go, ____________________the theatre or the cinema.
15 ____________________my children play football.
Complete the sentences
16 Can I ____________________50 from you?
17 Can you tell me how much it ____________________?
18 Do you ____________________a lot of money in your job?
19 You dont have to ____________________ tax on prize money.
20 She ____________________all her money from the bank.
Complete the sentences
21 The exam ____________________ will be out next week.
22 You can ____________________ your exams another time, if you do badly.
23 What ____________________ are you going to study?
24 When I leave school, I want to study at college or ____________________.
25 There are more than 1000 ____________________at my school.
Write the correct preposition
26 belong ____________________
27 argue ____________________
28 apologise ____________________
29 look ____________________
30 wait ____________________