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Rose Tyler Boomtown Scarf

Fellow Doctor Who aficionados / knitters probably noticed the cute scarf that Rose Tyler was wearing in the
Boomtown episode.

I sure did, but I just thought nice scarf, and that was the end of it. Or so I thought! That little scarf burrowed
its way into my brain until I was determined to make it. I browsed and found I wasnt the only one who had
made the attempt. I tested out a few patterns and colours and nothing seemed quite right. I spent minutes
(hours, probably) with my nose against my computer monitor trying to figure out the pattern. Harder than it

I think that I finally have it sussed! Without further adieu, here is the pattern.

Rose Tyler Boomtown Scarf Pattern

Size: One size fits all! You may want to adjust a bit if you are very short or very tall.

Yarn: Four skeins of Manos del Uruguay Wool Classica Space Dyed. Pick the colours you like best; to mimic the
BoomTown scarf as best as possible, use:
one skein of wildflowers,
one mermaid,
one fruit salad or autumn,
one mulled wine or pot pourri.
These are not the exact colours I used but I would recommend those after seeing how the colours work
together. Roses scarf looks a bit lighter in the photos but Manos doesnt make anything lighter than
Wildflowers in that type of yarn.
Needles: One set of size 10.5US (for cast on / off), one set size 11US for the scarf itself.
Gauge is not important for this project.
Ssk slip two stitches as if to knit onto right needle. Insert left needle into front loops of slipped sts and knit
Yo2 double yarnover / yarnover twice (creates two sts)
C1f slip st on stitch holder and bring to front; p next st; p st from stitch holder (I didnt use a st holder)
C1b slip st on stitch holder and bring to back; p next st; p st from stitch holder

Using two strands (different colours) cast on 22 stitches.

Row 1: K22 across
Row 2: sl2, P18 across, sl2
Row 3: K22 across
Row 4: sl2, P18 across, sl2
Row 5: k2 *p1, k2tog, ssk, p1* k2
Row 6: sl2 *k1, p1, yo2, p1, k1* yf, sl2
Row 7: k2 *p1, k2, k1bl, k1, p1* k2
Row 8: sl2 *c1f, p2, c1b* sl2
Repeat rows 3 to 8 until scarf measures approximately 8 feet, alternating colours every 2-8, changing one
colour at a time (e.g., pink and purple for 4, pink and green for 6, green and orange for 5, etc). Finish with
rows 1-4 and bind off using smaller needles.
Add a long fringe (4-6) if you wish. I used five strands (doubled over so each tassel was ten strands) every 2
stitches. Trim so they are even.
Block the scarf
Soak the scarf in tepid water for at least an hour.
Gently squeeze out excess water and wrap it up in a dry towel. Step or kneel on the roll to remove as much
moisture from the scarf as possible.
Lay out of the scarf (right side up) on foam tiles, a mattress, etc and stretch it slightly until the holes are open
and the scarf is even. Pin into place using pins, quilters pins, blocking wires, etc.
Allow to dry for at least 24 hours.