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BUS-517 Project Management Midterm Exam Answers

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(1) Which of these is not part of the technical dimension of project management?

(2) Which of the following activities is not considered a project?

(3) From among the following activities, which is the best example of a project?

(4) Which of the following constraints is not typically found in managing projects?

(5) In which of the following stages is it determined what the project will entail, when it will be
scheduled, whom it will benefit, and what the budget will be?

(6) Integration of all project processes and practices to improve Project Management is due to

(7) A professional organization for project management specialists is the

(8) The waste on failed projects and cost overruns is estimated in the neighborhood of

(9) Project selection criteria are typically classified as:

(10) Which of the follow is not one of the commonly heard comments of project managers?

(11) Which of the following questions does the organizations mission statement answer?

(12) A major project proposal form will likely include all of the following except:

(13) Which of the following would not be classified as an organizational threat?

(14) A project screening matrix typically contains all of the following except:

(15) Which of the following terms is often used to denote a project that a powerful, high-ranking
official is advocating?

(16) Which of the following is not one of the characteristics of effective objectives?

(17) All are negotiated issues except:

(18) Kim is reviewing a proposed project. The scope of the project is narrow with a lot of indepth expertise required and it will take a short period of time to complete. The best choice for
organizing the project is ________ organization

(19) The Organizational Culture Diagnosis Worksheet classifies cultural characteristics into all of
the following except:

(20) Organizational culture is best explained as organizational

(21) Which of the following combinations represents the extremes of project organization?

(22) The Macintosh development team at Apple is a good example of what kind of project

(23) Projectitis is most likely to occur in the _______ organization structure.

(24) The project manager has the responsibility to answer which of the following questions?

(25) Which of the following cultural characteristics relates to the degree to which management
focuses on outcomes rather than on techniques and processes used to achieve those results?

Midterm Part 2

(1) Research shows the most frequently mentioned barrier to project success is

(2) Scott has just been given a project that has a specific target date. After discussion with top
management he finds that while the date is important the cost is more important and a slip in
delivery would be acceptable if required to meet the cost targets. The target date is best classified

(3) To construct a high-quality, custom home within five months at costs not to exceed
$150,000 is best classified as

(4) Which of the following is not one of the items that would appear on a project scope

(5) The first step of project scope definition is to

(6) Which of the follow is least likely to be included in a Work Package?

(7) The integration of project work packages within the organizations management structure is
known as

(8) Creating an extranet website or an internal software database system would be most closely
associated with the

(9) Ed is looking over the actual results of projects and comparing them to what was estimated.
He notices that projects that took six months or longer to complete were noticeably more off the
estimates. Which of the following factors is he recognizing?

(10) Learning curves are more likely to apply in situations where most of the costs are

(11) People working on prototype development needing time to interact with the design
engineers after the design is completed is an example of:

(12) Jose is forecasting project time and cost for constructing a new building by multiplying the
total square footage by a given dollar amount. Which of the following methods is he using?

(13) A good starting point for developing time and cost estimates is

(14) A manager getting further into a project and obtaining a better understanding of what needs
to be done to accomplish a project is an example of:

(15) Resource shortages, in the form of people, equipment, or materials, is a good example of

(16) The approach that begins with a top-down estimate for the project and then refines estimates
as the project is implemented is known as ______ method

(17) Which of the following is not one of the bottom-up approaches to estimating project time
and cost?

(18) The stages of culture shock include all of the following except:

(19) When you begin to lose confidence in your abilities to communicate and work effectively in
the different culture, you are in which of the following stages of culture shock?

(20) Which of the following is not contained in the Assessment Matrix Project Site Selection?

(21) As a response to the events of September 11, 2001, the moving of personnel, materials, and
equipment across international borders has created border congestion with increased costs and
time. This is an example of which of the following environmental factors?

(22) American project managers have earned a reputation abroad for being very good at
understanding technology but not good at understanding:

(23) A major difference between working in Mexico and working in the United States is the
perception of deadlines. This is referred to as:

(24) Communications difficulties because of different languages are examples of which of the
following environmental factors?

(25) The growing presence of the Russian Mafia has discouraged many foreign firms from
setting up operations in the former Soviet Union. This is an example of which of the following
environmental factors?

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