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15476 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

59 / Tuesday, March 28, 2006 / Notices

ACTION: Notice. For a period of 90 days from the date ACTION: Revised schedule for the subject
of publication of this notice, all persons investigation.
SUMMARY: The Bureau of Land who wish to submit comments,
Management proposes to extend the suggestions, or objections in connection DATES: Effective Date: March 22, 2006.
duration of Public Land Order (PLO) with the proposed withdrawal extension FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
No. 6616 for an additional 20-year may present their views in writing to Joanna Lo (202–205–1888), Office of
period. PLO No. 6616 withdrew 16.45 the BLM Farmington Assistant Field Investigations, U.S. International Trade
acres of public land in San Juan County, Manager for Resources at the address Commission, 500 E Street, SW.,
New Mexico from settlement, sale, noted above. Washington, DC 20436. Hearing-
location or entry under the general land Comments, including names and impaired persons can obtain
laws, including the United States street addresses of respondents, will be information on this matter by contacting
mining laws, to protect the Bureau of available for public review at the BLM the Commission’s TDD terminal on 202–
Land Management’s Farmington Farmington Field Office at the address 205–1810. Persons with mobility
Administrative Site. noted above during regular business impairments who will need special
DATES: Comments and requests for a hours 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday assistance in gaining access to the
public meeting must be received by June through Friday, except holidays. Commission should contact the Office
26, 2006. Individual respondents may request of the Secretary at 202–205–2000.
ADDRESSES: Comments and meeting confidentiality. If you wish to withhold General information concerning the
requests should be sent to the BLM your name or address from public Commission may also be obtained by
Farmington Assistant Field Manager for review or from disclosure under the accessing its Internet server (http://
Resources, 1235 La Plata Highway, Freedom of Information Act, you must The public record for
Farmington, New Mexico 87401. state this prominently at the beginning this investigation may be viewed on the
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: of your comments. Such requests will be Commission’s electronic docket (EDIS)
Mary Jo Albin, BLM Farmington Field honored to the extent allowed by law. at
Office, 1235 La Plata Highway, All submissions from organizations or SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: On
Farmington, New Mexico 87401, 505– businesses, and from individuals February 1, 2006, the Commission
599–6332. identifying themselves as established a schedule for the conduct
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The representatives or officials of of the final phase of the subject
withdrawal created by PLO No. 6616 (51 organizations or businesses, will be investigation (71 FR 7574, February 13,
FR 25205) will expire on July 10, 2006, made available for public inspection in 2006). Subsequently, the Department of
unless extended. The Bureau of Land their entirety. Commerce extended the date for its final
Management has filed an application to Notice is hereby given that an determination in the investigation from
extend PLO No. 6616 for an additional opportunity for a public meeting is April 17, 2006 to June 16, 2006 (71 FR
20-year period. The withdrawal was afforded in connection with the 13091, March 14, 2006). The
made to protect the Farmington proposed withdrawal extension. All Commission, therefore, is revising its
Administrative Site on public land interested persons who desire a public schedule to conform with Commerce’s
described as follows: meeting for the purpose of being heard new schedule.
on the proposed withdrawal extension The Commission’s new schedule for
New Mexico Principal Meridian must submit a written request to the the investigation is as follows: requests
T. 29 N., R. 13 W., BLM Farmington Assistant Field to appear at the hearing must be filed
Sec. 7, lots 5, 11, and 12. Manager for Resources within 90 days with the Secretary to the Commission
The area described contains 16.45 acres in from the date of publication of this not later than June 12, 2006; the
San Juan County. notice. If the authorized officer prehearing conference will be held at
The purpose of the proposed determines that a public meeting will be the U.S. International Trade
extension is to continue the withdrawal held, a notice of the time and place will Commission Building at 9:30 a.m. on
created by PLO No. 6616 for an be published in the Federal Register at June 14, 2006; the prehearing staff
additional 20-year term to protect the least 30 days before the scheduled date report will be placed in the nonpublic
Federal investment in the Farmington of the meeting. This withdrawal record on June 5, 2006; the deadline for
Administrative Site. extension proposal will be processed in filing prehearing briefs is June 13, 2006;
As extended, the withdrawal would accordance with the applicable the hearing will be held at the U.S.
not alter the applicability of those regulations set forth in 43 CFR 2310.4. International Trade Commission
public land laws governing the use of (Authority: 43 CFR 2310.3–1) Building at 9:30 a.m. on June 22, 2006;
land under lease, license, or permit or the deadline for filing posthearing briefs
governing the disposal of the mineral or Dated: March 16, 2006. is June 29, 2006; the Commission will
vegetative resources other than under Joel E. Farrell, make its final release of information on
the mining laws. Assistant Field Manager for Resources, July 13, 2006; and final party comments
The use of a right-of-way or Farmington Field Office. are due on July 17, 2006.
interagency or cooperative agreement [FR Doc. E6–4413 Filed 3–27–06; 8:45 am] For further information concerning
would not adequately protect the BILLING CODE 4310–VB–P this investigation see the Commission’s
Federal investment in the Farmington notice cited above and the
Administrative Site. Commission’s Rules of Practice and
There are no suitable alternative sites INTERNATIONAL TRADE Procedure, part 201, subparts A through
available since the Farmington
cprice-sewell on PROD1PC66 with NOTICES

COMMISSION E (19 CFR part 201), and part 207,

Administrative Site is already subparts A and C (19 CFR part 207).
constructed on the above-described [Investigation No. 731–TA–1094 (Final)]
Authority: This investigation is being
public land. Metal Calendar Slides From Japan conducted under authority of title VII of the
No water rights would be needed to Tariff Act of 1930; this notice is published
fulfill the purpose of the requested AGENCY: United States International pursuant to section 207.21 of the
withdrawal extension. Trade Commission. Commission’s rules.

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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 59 / Tuesday, March 28, 2006 / Notices 15477

Issued: March 23, 2006. DVD Players and PC Optical Storage STATUS: Open.
By order of the Commission. Devices II). MATTERS TO BE CONSIDERED: The
Marilyn R. Abbott, In accordance with Commission following matters have been placed on
Secretary to the Commission. policy, subject matter listed above, not the agenda for the open Parole
[FR Doc. E6–4474 Filed 3–27–06; 8:45 am] disposed of at the scheduled meeting, Commission meeting:
BILLING CODE 7020–02–P may be carried over to the agenda of the 1. Approval of minutes of Previous
following meeting. Commission Meeting.
Issued: March 23, 2006. 2. Reports from the Chairman,
INTERNATIONAL TRADE By order of the Commission. Commissioners, Legal Office, Case
COMMISSION Operations Section, Case Services
Marilyn R. Abbott,
Section, and Executive Office.
[USITC SE–06–020] Secretary to the Commission. 3. Discussion of Reprimand Sanction
[FR Doc. 06–3052 Filed 3–24–06; 3:25 pm] Hearings.
Sunshine Act Meeting
AGENCY HOLDING THE MEETING: United Hutchison, Chief of Staff, United States
States International Trade Commission. Parole Commission, (301) 492–5990.
Dated: March 23, 2006.
PLACE: Room 101, 500 E Street SW., Parole Commisson Rockne Chickinell,
Washington, DC 20436, Telephone: General Counsel, U.S. Parole Commission.
(202) 205–2000. Notice of Meeting; Sunshine Act [FR Doc. 06–3021 Filed 3–24–06; 12:23 pm]
STATUS: Open to the public. BILLING CODE 4410–31–M
Government in the Sunshine Act (Pub.
1. Agenda for future meetings: None. L. 94–409) [5 U.S.C. 552b].
3. Ratification List. SPACE ADMINISTRATION
Justice, United States Parole
4. Inv. Nos. 701–TA–318 and 731– [Notice (06–021)]
TA–538 and 561 (Second Review)
(Sulfanilic Acid from China and DATE AND TIME: 11:30 a.m., Thursday, Privacy Act of 1974; Privacy Act
India)—briefing and vote. (The March 30, 2006. System of Records
Commission is currently scheduled to PLACE: U.S. Parole Commission, 5550
transmit its determination and Friendship Boulevard, 4th Floor, Chevy AGENCY: National Aeronautics and
Commissioners’ opinions to the Chase, Maryland 20815. Space Administration (NASA).
Secretary of Commerce on or before STATUS: Closed meeting. ACTION: Notice of Privacy Act system of
April 21, 2006.) See INV–DD–026 and records.
matters will be considered during the SUMMARY: Each Federal agency is
5. Outstanding action jackets:
closed portion of the Commission’s required by the Privacy Act of 1974 to
1. Document No. ER–06–001: Business Meeting: publish a description of a systems of
Approval of revised ‘‘Summary of Petitions for reconsideration records it maintains containing personal
Statutory Provisions Related to Import involving two original jurisdiction cases information when that system is
Relief.’’ pursuant to 28 CFR 2.27.
2. Document No. GC–06–020: Final substantially revised, deleted, or
disposition of investigation in Inv. No. AGENCY CONTACT: Thomas W. created. This notice provides
337–TA–519 (Certain Personal Hutchison, Chief of Staff, United States notification that NASA has established
Computers, Monitors, and Components Parole Commission, (301) 492–5990. a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
Thereof). Dated: March 23, 2006. tracking system. This system is designed
3. Document No. GC–06–021: to maintain records on individuals who
Rockne Chickinell,
Whether to review an enforcement make a FOIA request to NASA. This
General Counsel, U.S. Parole Commission.
initial determination (‘‘EID’’) and initial new system will enable NASA Center
[FR Doc. 06–3020 Filed 3–24–06; 12:23 pm] FOIA offices to track the progress of the
advisory opinion (‘‘IAO’’); and BILLING CODE 4410–31–M
disposition of complainant’s motion to FOIA request until the action is closed.
clarify the existing cease and desist Information being collected and
order and to require the posting of a maintained will assist the FOIA offices
DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE with tracking the FOIA request and
bond in Inv. No. 337–TA–503 (Certain
Automated Mechanical Transmission Parole Commission ensuring proper processing under the
Systems for Medium-Duty and Heavy- FOIA multi-tracked ‘‘first in—first out’’
Duty Trucks, and Components Thereof). Notice of Meeting; Sunshine Act processing system.
4. Document No. GC–06–034: DATES: The effective date of this notice
Pursuant to the Government in the is 30 days after publication. Comments
Whether to grant joint motions to Sunshine Act (Pub. L. 94–409) [5 U.S.C.
terminate the investigation as to all must be received in writing on or before
552b]. 30 days after publication.
respondents on the basis of settlement
agreements; whether to vacate the ADDRESSES: Patti F. Stockman, Privacy
cprice-sewell on PROD1PC66 with NOTICES

presiding administrative law judge’s Justice, United States Parole Act Officer, Office of the Chief
final initial determination; and whether Commission. Information Officer, National
to grant a petition for reconsideration in TIME AND DATE: 10 a.m., Thursday, Aeronautics and Space Administration
Inv. No. 337–TA–523 (Certain Optical March 30, 2006. Headquarters, Washington, DC 20546–
Disk Controller Chips and Chipsets and PLACE: 5550 Friendship Blvd., Fourth 0001, (202) 358–4787, NASA-
Products Containing Same, Including Floor, Chevy Chase, MD 20815.

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