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Cover Page

Name of Sponsor: Chiew ya wen
Business Name: President's Shoes
Address: Madan Mall, Lot 2831, Jalan aman, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak
Telephone: 014-456-7890
Fax: 324-456


Adapted from content excerpted from the American Express OPEN Small Business Network
Page 1

Table of content
0. Cover Page
1. Executive Summary
2. Business Description

Overview of Environment et Industry

The Company

3. The Market

Market Size/Trends
Estimated Market Share

Sales projections

4. Development/Production

Development Status
Production Process
Cost of Development
Expenses and Capital Requirements

5. Sales, Distribution & Marketing



6. Management Team

Board of Directors

Support Services

7. Financials

Financing strategy
Cash Flow
Income Statement
Balance Sheet

Risk and Exit Plan.


Section 1: Executive Summary (While your executive summary is the first part of your plan, it is
recommended that you write it last.

The Business Concept

My product Presidences shoes (adidas) will win a lot of advantages. Firstly, my product is for all ppl, adult
teenagers ,children. It is nice to wear and nice to see.

Financial Features
Summarize information from financial statements and forms that document the
Viability of your business and its soundness as an investment (return on investment, cash flow, etc).

Financial Requirements
Indicate the cost of the project (investment and working capital) and how you plan to finance the project.

Form of Business and Organization

Indicate the projected legal structure (cooperation, sole proprietorship, etc), ownership. Describe your work
experience in the business you plan to start including a list of your skills and knowledge, which will be
required in your business. Also indicate key personnel et their specific skills and experience.

Economic and Environmental Impacts
Indicate the anticipated number of jobs (if possible by gender) ,the revenue distributed and effect on export,

Risk and Mitigation

Indicate what may go wrong, actions taken to mitigate risk and exit strategy for investors.


Section 2: Business Description

Overview of the Industry
Presidents Shoes (Adidas) will commence operations on 1st June 2015. The main idea for developing
Presidents Shoes is because there is no another Adidas is opened in Sibu. Other than that, there is only one
main competitor which is LEA Sport Centre. Furthermore, it would be easy for Presidents Shoes to
contribute to the business as this is the first Adidas outlet opened in Sibu that provides most of the New
Balances products such as running shoes, training shoes, walking shoes, lifestyle shoes, golf shoes, tennis
shoes, work shoes, sandals, apparels and accessories for customers at a most reasonable price and high
quality product.

A Discussion of Your Company

Presidents Shoes (Adidas) is a franchise business. We aims to become recognized as the worlds leading
manufacturer of high performance footwear and apparel, by conducting our internal and external
relationships according to three core values which are Teamworl, Total Customer Satisfaction and Intergrity.
The franchisor of Adidas in United States (US) will assists the Presidents Shoes considerably in launching
and running the businesse such as guidance in production and mangement methods, standardized quality of
goods and services, management training and support. Nowadays, the market needs especially young
generation want something that is high quality, comfortable, good outlook, acceptable pricing and packages.
According to shows that the average user views the Adidass page for about 5 minutes each visit
with 49 second page views. They are visited most frequently by college educted women and men between
the ages of 25 to 34 and Adidas has a very high popularity within the teenager and adult groups. Thus,
Presidents Shoes will be focused selling the New Balances products on teenagers and adults.
Customers can buy the New Balance products directly from the shop and the Presidents Shoes also
provides online buying and preorder services through the official website and fan page on Facebook. The
shop offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the customers by the customer service system.

Description of Your Products/Services


Presidents Shoes is a shop that is selling many types of sport products. Main focus on running. It consists of
3 department which are shoes, apparel and accessories. Shoes such as running shoes, training shoes, walking
shoes, lifestyle shoes, golf shoes, tennis shoes, work shoes and sandals. The shoes have always been
extremely comfortable, durable and fashionable. Apparel such as short sleeve and sleeveless shirts, long
sleeve shirts, jackets & hoodies, shorts and pants. All the apparel provides different choices of colors and
styles. Accessories such as hats and gloves, socks, bags and laces. In addition, Presidents Shoes provides an
unique service which we called it Adidas1 Customize, which means consumers can customize their own
shoes. We hope consumers can Disrupt the Norm, Reinvent the Future, and Create the Shoes Like No
Other. This kind of customize service is still no availabe in whole Sarawak state.
Furthermore, Presidents Shoes provide returns, refunds and exchange services. If consumers are not
satisfied with their purchase, they may return it to the shop within 30 days if receiving their order. This is a
hassle free return with no questions asked. It takes 5 to 10 business days to process their refund. If consumer
paid by check or money order it takes 2 to 4 weeks for processing the refund. Presidents Shoes also accept
payments via credit card and PayPal. We also accept the checks and money orders through the mail. This is
what LEA Sport Centre cannot do.

Your Positioning
Adidas has a high business credibility and trustworthiness, high popularity and google ranking which it
ranks above 20,000 globally and 5,000 in the United States, high website security and safety which
Presidents Shoes uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to ensure that personal information is
encrypted before being transmitted over the internet, acceptable pricing, high quality and good packaging ,
different payment methods accepted, unique self-customize service, returns, refunds and exchange policy.
LEA Sport Centre cannot do most of it and this is the different between us with the competitors.

Your Pricing Strategy

Because the franchisee must agree to abide by guidelines and prices set by the franchiser, the Presidents
Shoes cannot simply using our own pricing strategy. We need to sell the New Balances products and
services following franchisors prescribed formula.

Competition Based Pricing

The products and services we offer are reasonably priced to ensure that they remain affordable to customers.
The business also keeps track of the changes in sewing rates by observing the rates offered by our
competitors so that our customers are not undercharged or overcharged.

Section 3: Market
Presidents Shoes (Adidas) is a new branch of store that is located in Delta Mall which is also near to the
residential and secondary school area. The target market of Presidents Shoes is comprised of the residents
of the housing areas and workers around Delta Mall, students of SMK Deshon and workers in Pahlawan
area and the residents of Rejang Park area.
We are targeting on the customer: Age around 17 to 50.
Reasons why customers need and want Adidass products and services:





Acceptable price


High quality product and packaging





Market Size and Trends

The market size is calculated to be more than 5,000 families form tha areas listed below with a rough
estimation of more than RM50.00 per month to buy the product of Presidents Shoes (Adidas). This will
give a rough monthly income of RM250,000.00.
Areas that we serve:

Jalan Pedada
Jalan Pipit
Jalan Cherry 6
Jalan Cherry
Jalan Gambir
Jalan Lim Han Swee
Jalan Ipoh
Jalan Bedat
Jalan Sawi
Jalan Seladah
Jalan Kandis
Jalan Camar
Jalan Pahlawan
Rejang Park

It is very important for Presidents Shoes (Adidas) to identify our competitor. Competitor refer to other
business that offers similar products or services. Based on the market survey done earlier this year, we found
that there is one main competitor in Sibu which is LEA Sport Centre in Wisma Sanyan, Delta Mall and
Giant. The other sport shops is mainly focused on selling products of badminton, football and basketball
instead of walking, running, lifestyle, tennis, golf and training products. Thus, Presidents Shoes has only
one main competitor which is selling the similar products which are training, running and lifestyle products
as us.
LEA Sport Centre

Located at a well-known shopping mall.


Selling PUMA, Adidas and Nike products. Nike is the worlds largest sporting goods maker;
Adidas is the worlds second largest maker of sporting goods and PUMA, currently a distant third
in the sporting goods industry.


Lack of doing advertising and promotion.


Lack of employee training based on sport issues, information and knowledge, and cause that
customer service is not so good.


Focused on selling taining and lifestyle goods.


The design inside the shop is not very neat which cause the customer hard to find the products that
they want such as LEA Sport Centre in Giant and Wisma Sanyan.

Even though LEA Sport Centre is selling 3 of the worlds largest sporting good (PUMA, new balance and
Nike), it does not sell the products properly such as it mix up the training, runing and lifestyle goods
together. New balance products quality is able to compete with those 3 brands. Furthermore, our products
price is more acceptable and reasonable.

Sales Projections

Presidents Shoes (Adidas)

Best case: First two years
Worst case: The fourth year

Section 4: Production and development (how your product is created or your service delivered)
Development Status
Describe the current status of your product or service and what remains to be done to make your product or service
ready to be marketed. Include a schedule detailing when this work will be completed.

Production Process
Briefly present the stages of product production from the inception of the idea to when it can be sold. With a service
company, describe the process of delivering the service. Include discussion on make or buy and location criteria as to
convenience to suppliers, labor, materials, etc.

Cost of Development
Present and discuss a design and development budget, including, patents and copyrights. While the cost of production
section may be more readily apparent to product companies, this section is important for all businesses. Service
businesses have expenses such as consulting services, training for principals, and preparation of materials, among many
other things.

Labor and Competency Requirements
Present the projected business structure as well as technical expertise you will need to start up and run your business.
Address how many people you require at inception and evolution over the first five years, what skills they need to
possess and the training plan. Present or join the projected organizational chart.

Investment and Operating Expenses
Indicate from your generated spreadsheet, operating expenses, capital requirements, and cost of goods at start up and for
the four years after. Include depreciations. Discuss variable and fixed costs separately. Insert graphs if possible.


Section 5: Sales and Marketing

Marketing Strategy


We endeavor to provide quality product sourced directly


from our reputed general agency. We ensure that the

products offered to the customers are of high quality and
value-for money prices, which also meet the customers
need and demand.

Presidents Shoes provide good quality products to our

customers. The quality is observed in term of:
4.Ease of use
5.Product Differentiation
7.Product Safety
All products are labeled and provided information on the


content, size, usage instructions, and manufacturing dates.


sales In order to maintain the smooth running of Presidents


Shoes, the management offers after sales services whereby

the customer will be a given a short questionnaire in order
to know the weaknesses that need to be improved in the



The products and services we offer are reasonably priced to


based pricing

ensure that they remain affordable to customers. The

business also keeps track of the changes in sewing rates by
observing the rates offered by our competitors so that our



customers are not undercharged or overcharged.

The location of our business is very strategic because it is
located near to a few housing areas.





As for our promotion strategy, Presidents Shoes uses the

advertising method shown as below:
1. There will be printed advertisements in newspapers and
brochures soon.
2. We have also made a video related to our company and
share it to social network such as Facebook, YouTube, and

I want to use multi media as the advertising. Promote at face book email, or astro channels.

Advertising and Promotion

I have plan a lot of advertising. For example made a promotion at the supermarket, advertising on multi media. Tell
them what good of my product.

Training policies
Indicate core competences required for customer service (CSM) and performance management systems to implement.
Describe your plans for hiring and training your sales associates.


Section 6: Management
Present a description of relevant skills and experience which will help you run your business.
Explain the form of business organization you intend to use and why it is best for your business. Present key personnel
who will be in charge of the management and indicate how the complement each other.


Indicate who will own and control your company and who will be making decisions. Indicate also what portion of the
company's equity is available.

Board of Directors/Board of Advisors
Outline who is on your board, listing their names, employment, training, education, and expertise. Highlight each board
members' experiences and how they will help your business thrive.

Support Services
Including attorneys, accountants, consultants, advertising agencies, insurance agent as well as industry-specific.



Section 7: Finance
Financing strategy
State the amount of funding and the type (debt or equity) of investment you seek. Provide a breakdown of how the
money will be applied. Present a table indicating the cost of the project ( in local currency and foreign currency) and
how it will be funded Indicate also what investors will receive in return for their capital.

Cash Flow
From your prepared cash flow statement, indicate how much money you will need, when you will need it, and where the
money will come from. For lenders, it also shows sources of repayment of loans. Analyze the results of the cash flow
statement and include this analysis in your business plan. Include effects of seasonality and business cycles in all

Income Statement
Analyze the results of the income statement briefly and include this analysis in your business plan. If your business
already exists, include income statements for previous years. Show the financial viability of the project. Use ratios
analysis and other: activities, break-even point, cost , profitability.

Balance Sheet
Proceed to the financial analysis of the balance sheet and include this analysis in your business plan. If your business
already exists, include income statements for previous years. Use ratio analysis (financial leverage, solvency and


No business is without risks. Describe scenarios of adverse conditions and how you intend to respond to them.
Examples: The industry's growth rate drops; your sales projections are not achieved; underestimating costs; you can't
find trained labor; your competitors releases a new, better product or service; the main supplier fails to honor quotas.
Prepare a cash flow projection based on lowered expectations and show how and where you would reduce costs to
maintain liquidity.