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Movie Plot

Anastasia "Ana" Steele is a 21-year-old undergraduate at

Washington State University's satellite campus near Vancouver,
Washington. When her roommate, Kate Kavanagh, becomes ill and
is unable to interview wealthy 27-year-old entrepreneur Christian
Grey at his company headquarters in Seattle for the college
newspaper, Ana agrees to go in her place. Christian is interested in
her, and soon after, he arrives at the hardware store where Ana
works. Christian, in town to deliver the commencement address at
WSU, agrees to Ana's request for a photo shoot to accompany the
After the photo shoot, Christian invites Ana to have coffee, but leaves abruptly, confusing
Ana. For her graduation, Christian sends Ana first edition copies of Tess of the d'Urbervilles. Ana
celebrates with friends, and, after drinking too much, spontaneously calls Christian. Concerned,
he goes to the bar to find Ana, who passes out. She wakes up the next morning in Christian's
hotel room and is relieved when he says they did not have sex.
Ana and Christian begin seeing each other, but Christian asks Ana to sign a nondisclosure agreement that prevents her from revealing anything about their relationship. Christian
expresses interest in a subculture relationship with Ana involving controlled bondage. Ana
reveals she is a virgin. While she is considering the agreement and negotiating her own terms,
she and Christian begin a sexual relationship that includes some of the sexual practices Christian
Christian showers Ana with gifts and favors, such as a new car and laptop. After moving
to Seattle with Kate, Ana becomes closer to Christian. One night, she accompanies Christian to
his parents' house. During dinner, Ana mentions she is leaving the next day to visit her mother in
Georgia. Christian is infuriated as Ana had expressed she wants a romantic relationship rather
than a purely sexual one. She is shocked when Christian unexpectedly arrives in Georgia while
she is visiting her mother. Christian leaves soon after to tend to an emergency in Seattle.

After returning home, Ana continues seeing Christian, who is still interested in further
sexual experimentation. Ana initially consents and participates willingly. Christian, however,
keeps Ana emotionally distant, upsetting her. While still considering the contract, Ana asks
Christian to demonstrate how he would "punish" her for rule breaking. Christian whips Ana's
buttocks six times with a belt, making her count each time he strikes her. She is upset and finds it
far from her romantic expectations. Ana concludes that Christian is wrong for her and that his
practices border on being deviant and excessive and leaves.

Movie Review

Fifty shades of Grey is I think, the first BDSM movie I have watched. The story tackles
about a businessman doing a dominant-submissive concept. Having this kind of concept with the
females he had relationship with, he enjoys and is having pleasure while doing his routine on the
girls. During the last scene of the movie, when Anastasia Steele asks on demonstrating how
Christian Grey would punish him, if Christian would be observed during that time, it was seen
how Christian reacts and behave while punishing Ana Steele. For me, if the movie was more
polished than what it is from the book, it would really expose what Fifty Shades include.


Dakota Johnson as Anastasia "Ana" Steele

Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey
Eloise Mumford as Katherine "Kate" Kavanagh [ Anastasia's best friend and roommate ]
Jennifer Ehle as Carla Wilks [ Anastasia's mother ]
Marcia Gay Harden as Grace Trevelyan Grey [ Christian's adoptive mother ]
Victor Rasuk as Jose Rodriguez [ one of Anastasia's close friends ]
Luke Grimes as Elliot Grey [ Christian's adopted brother ]
Rita Ora as Mia Grey [ Christian's adopted sister ]
Max Martini as Jason Taylor [ Christian's bodyguard and head of his security ]
Callum Keith Rennie as Ray Steele
Andrew Airlie as Carrick Grey [ Christian's adoptive father ]
Dylan Neal as Bob Adams [ Anastasia's step-father ]
Anthony Konechny as Paul Clayton [ the brother of the owner of Clayton's Hardware
Store ]
Emily Fonda as Martina
Rachel Skarsten as Andrea [ Christian's assistant ]