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Form of Application for Grant of Financial Assistances for

organizing Legal Awareness Camps
1. Name of the Organization with Complete
postal address With Telephone No. E-mail ID

Elaam Welfare Society (EWS)

Ezone Ineternet ,Maha Eseva Kendre,
Near Shahi Parbhani

2. Whether registered under the Societies

: Under Society Registration Act. 1860
Registration Act, 1860, or any other Act
registration No. Maha /1016/2010/Parbhani,
(to be specified) date of registration(Please Dated 19/10/2010 (Copy enclosed)
Enclose a copy of the registration Certificate)
3. Particulars of the present members of
Executive Body / Board of Management ,
date on which it was Constituted and tenure.

Copy Enclosed

(i) Name of the person and his /her

designation nominated / authorized to
act on behalf of the Organization .

President :
Mohammed Idrees Osmanuddin

(ii) Telephone number fax number mobile

Mobile number & E- mail ID of the
contact person

: 09420884666

4.Details of the Legal Awareness Camp for

which grant-in-aid is sought.

: Parbhani tq.Parbhani Dist. Parbhani

(i)Title of the subject of Legal Awareness

: Proposal for Organizing Legal Awareness Camp

on Domestic Violence Against Women at
Gadipura , Parbhani district, Maharashtra State .


Synopsis of the Proposal


Objective of the Legal Awareness Camp :Detail project proposal .


Geographical area to be covered


Target group that that is sought to be



:Pl. see in the detail project

: Pl. see in the detail project

: Pl. see in the detail project

Expertise/ experience that the organiza- : Yes

tion has in planning and implementing
such legal awareness camp (Details of one
or two such program recently organized
to be given).

The Elaam Welfare Society conducted health awareness camp for women, Legal Awareness
camp , SHG formation ,literacy awareness camp and also conducted seminar, workshop on
women empowerment. Besides, the Society also organized

vocational training for self-

employment to the poor women .

5. Financial assistance sought with Break up of

Cost estimates (item-wise)

: Enclosed.

6.Tentative date of the program & venue

: Dtd. 8th 9th September 2013 at

Gadipura, Parbhani, Maharashtra .

7. Is it proposed to receive grant/funds from any

other sources for the same purpose or activity
of which his application pertains? If So, details

: N. A.

8.Information relating to the grants received or likely : N.A.

to be received from the NCW for any other activity .
If any grant had been Received in the past, details

thereof with File/ letter No. of the Commission.

9. Additional information , if any

: N. A.

10. List of documents attached :


Certified copy of Registration Certificate

: Enclosed


Certified copy of Memorandum & Articles of


: Enclosed


Certified copy of Audited statement of accounts

For the last three years.

: Enclosed


Annual Report for the last 3 years


Sanction Letter of Legal Awareness Program from NCW : Enclosed

: Enclosed

Elaam Welfare Society


Proposal for Two days Legal Awareness Camp on Violence

against Women to be held at Community Centre ,
Gadipura, Parbhani, Maharashtra on 8th -9th September
Though the Indian Constitution gives equal rights to men and women , Indian woman has not
achieved absolute equality in actual practice. There is the rule of equal pay for equal work which
none can challenge but in actual practice rural women are sought to be kept down in other ways.
Rural Women in particular rural areas does not know their legal and fundamental rights, they are
dominated by men . Large number minority women are illiterate, absolute poverty and ill health,
even they are fully dependant male person. In Parbhani district number SC/ST, OBC & minority
women affected by sexual harassment, divorce and dowry death , the number cases on violence
against women increases day to day. Due to lack of education and awareness among the
women .
For this a reform movement is necessary as is a sympathetic to judiciary. It is first of all
necessary to expose violence against women and cases of sex discrimination. Until recently
women who were sinned against preferred to leave their jobs or opt out of a marriage rather
than have their miseries publicized.
Bringing Women into the main stream of development has been a major concerned of the
Indian Government since Independence. Yet despite significant steps taken by the sate & central
government. The participation of Women in all spheres of life varies in the context of differences
in the social , economic, cultural and regional factors. It has also been felt that reduces of
violence against women leads to socio- economic empowerment of women.
In this context, Elaam Welfare Society (EWS) is organizing two days

level Legal

Awareness Program (LAP) on Violence against rural Women to be held at Community Center ,
Gadipur ,Parbhani district, Maharashtra on 8th 9th September 2013.

Objective of the Camp

The prime objective of the LAP is to make awareness among the women about violence
against SC/ST, OBC & Minority Women in Parbhani district , Maharashtra . It also provide
several information on government policies about women legal and fundamental rights to the
The specific objective of the proposal are given below;
To create public awareness on elimination of violence against rural women and mobilize
public opinion
To aware rural women about their fundamental and legal rights
To counseling them and protection from exploitation and sexual harassment.
To aware education, nutritional and health care facilities to the rural minority women
To protect against abuse and exploitation to the rural women.
To discuss strategies for eliminate violence against rural women in our society
To create awareness for prevention of divorce, sexual harassment and dowry death
To create counseling to the women not to fear male person.
To discuss the social, economical and educational needs of rural women

The program comprises of a 2 days Camp on the following sessions
The program will be as follows ;

Select 100 participants who will play a key role in the LAP.

An inauguration with a key note speaker who will set the tone for the 2 days LAP.

Each of the sessions will have a chair and two speakers who will make a brief
presentation for 15 mins each.

Another 15 mins for interaction between speakers and the invited participants.

Each of the groups will discuss in their own groups and come out with specific
recommendations and make their presentations to the participants.

Program for Organizing 2 days LAP Camp:

Day - I

Details of Program

11.30am-12 pm

Registration and Inauguration with key note speaker, inaugural

address etc.
Coffee/Tea break

12 pm-1. 30pm

Session I
Speaker I Awareness of legal and fundamental rights to the
minority women provided by government 15mins.
Speaker 2 Violence faced by minority women and impact with
case study- 15 mins
- Discussion-30 mins
- Interactive session- 30 mins


Lunch break

2.00 pm. 3.30


Session IISpeaker 1 Discussion on elimination of violence against

minority women and mobilize public opinion 15 mins.
Speaker 2 Create awareness for prevention of divorce,
sexual harassment and dowry death -15 mins
- Group discussion 30 mins
- Interactive session 30 mins

3.30pm- 4.00 pm

Coffee / Tea break

4 p.m. to 5.30
Day II

Cultural Program


Details of Program

10.00am-11.30am Session I
Speaker I Aware about education, nutritional and health care
facilities to the rural minority women 15mins.
Speaker 2 To discuss the social, economical and educational
needs of minority women - 15 mins
- Discussion-30 mins
- Interactive session- 30 mins
11.30am-12 pm

Coffee/Tea break

12 pm-1. 30pm

2. 30 p. m. to 4.
00 p.m.

Camp Discussion / Feedback

Summation of 2 days program by a rapporteur

Lunch break
- Interactive Session
Recommendation , Valedictory address & vote of thanks

4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Cultural Program related to minority women violence

The Society will invite approximately 100 participants including, women activists, NGOs
working on women development, women and activists involved in minority women
empowerment across the state of Maharashtra will also be covered.
Details of Participants

The district Administration will be invited for the observation and management for
successful completion of the Camp.

The Members of National /State Commission for minority Women & human rights

The resource persons relating to social services to be invited

The Minister of women and child development , Govt. of NCT Delhi


will be invited.

NGOs, Women Federation/ organization, women development related Organizations

Women from rural and semi-urban areas.

The Legal awareness camp to be continued two days i.e. 8 th -9th September 2013.

The two days LAP will be conducted at Community centre 8th -9th September 2013. The venue
for the is especially chosen keeping in view of the backward nature of district and the availability
of some of the best practices in evolving sustainable models for violence against women .

Estimated Expenditure for One Legal Awareness camp

SL No:


Amount in Rupees


Venue Charges for two days @ 4000/-



Boarding & lodging for participants for 2 days @

Rs.100 per head ( 100 x 2 x 100)



Refreshment (Rs. 45 for Lunch and Rs. 5 /-tea/ coffee

per participant

10, 000.00


Honorarium and travel for Resource persons @Rs. 500

x 8 persons



Material distribution for two days



Phone, fax, courier and stationery etc. Banner, video,

pamphlets etc.



Administrative & follow up



52, 000.00

Each Legal Awareness Camp cost Rs. 52,000 The organization would like to organize 4
camps 52,000 x 4 Camp = 2, 08,000.00 ( Rupees Two Lakh Eight thousand only)


The Chairperson
Dtd. 5th June 2013
National Commission for Women (NCW)
4, Deen Dayal Upadhya Marg
New Delhi-110001
Sub:- Proposal for Financial Assistance for organizing Two days Legal Awareness
Camps on Violence against Women to be held at Parbhani district , Maharashtra
Elaam Welfare Society (EWS) a voluntary organization registered under societies registration
Act of 1860. The organization working towards the development of SC/ST,OBC & minority
women empowerment, health awareness camp, awareness on domestic violence, formation of
SHGs, vocational training for self-employment & workshop etc.
In this context , we would like to request you provide financial assistance for organizing the
above Legal Awareness Camp to be held at Gadipur , Parbhani district, Maharashtra . We here
by submitting the project proposal the above mentioned subject on Scheme financial assistance.
We are enclosing herewith the following documents for your kind consideration;

A copy of project proposal & Estimated cost.

A copy of Registration certificate of the Society.
Memorandum of Association & Rules and Regulations of the Society.
Balance sheet & Annual report last three years.
PAN Card of the Society

Therefore, we sincerely request you kindly approve the above legal awareness camp for
financial assistance at the earliest please .
With regards

Yours Sincerely
Elaam Welfare Society