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Unit 1

Supply the correct word form.

1. People in my country are very warm and friendly. (friend)
2. An orphanage is a home for children whose parents are dead. (orphan)
3. L. A. Hill is a humorous writer. (humor)
4. Im extremely sorry for the delay. (extreme)
5. She looks more beautiful than her sister. (beauty)
6. They were very lucky to survive a shipwreck. (luck)
7. I love the peace of summer evenings in the countryside. (peaceful)
8. Those cats look lovely. (love)
9. Bao is very sociable, kind and generous. (social)
0. Each of my friends has a different character. (differ)
Put the words la the correct form
1. She is a beautiful (beauty) singer and she sings beautifully (beauty).
2. My parents enjoy the peace (peaceful) of the countryside.
3. Everybody works quietly (quiet) in the library.
4. Nguyen does everything differently (different) from his classmates.
5. Nga felt extremely (extreme) upset about losing her job.
Use the correct form of the word in brackets for each gap.
1. Tom is ... with his examination results. (unhappy)

2. We had a very ... evening with Phongs family. (love)

3. It is such a ... to meet you. (please)
4. Our neighbors are always very ... with us. (friend)
5. Peter is very ... . - he likes having parties. (social)
1. unhappy
2. lovely
3. pleasure
4. friendly
5. sociable
6. He writes ... stories for teenagers. (humor)
7. Why do you ... him so much? (like)
8. My little sister is such a pleasant, ... girl. (help)
9. He decided to take part in the English- ... contest. (speak)
0. An ... is a home for children whose parents are dead or unable to look after them. (orphan)
6. humorous
7. dislike
8. helpful
9. speaking
0. orphanage

Unit 2
Supply the correct word form.

1. Ill make arrangements for the meeting tonight. (arrange)

2. There was still no agreement on what to do next. (agree)
3. Ho Chi Minh City is an important commercial center. (commerce)
4. Michael Faraday made a lot of inventions in the field of electricity. (invent)
5. Were thinking of emigrating to Australia. (emigrate)
6. There was an exhibition of paintings at the Art Gallery. (exhibit)
7. Your order is ready for delivery. (deliver)
8. This old man is deaf in one ear. (deafen)
9. Thomas Watson was Bells assistant, wasnt he? (assist)
0. He was successful in demonstrating his invention. (success)
Supply the correct word form.
You neednt shout because I am not deaf (deafness).
Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland (Scottish).
He told this fairy story to his daughter countless (count) times.
Nga is one of my friends (friendly). She always talks to everyone in a friendly (friend) way.
Alexander Graham Bell successfully (success) demonstrated his invention (invent) in the publish.
Use the correct form of the word in brackets for each gap.
1. She went ... to answer the phone in the living room. (stairs)
2. Thanks for the ... to your birthday party. (invite)
3. I have to do my ... before watching television. (work)
4. They made all the ... for the party. (arrange)
5. Children usually develop ... in the second year of life. (speak)

6. My brother is working as an ... manager. (assist)

1. downstairs
2. invitation
3. homework
4. arrangements
5. speech
6. assistant
7. The ... future of the company looks very promising. (commerce)
8. The ... of any plan depends largely on its manager. (succeed)
0. Do you have any ... about train times? (inform)
1. They get two ... of mail a day. (deliver)
2. The world changed rapidly after the ... of the telephone. (invent)
9. There are ... arguments against the building of a new stadium in the city center. (count)
7. commercial
8. success
0. information
1. deliveries
2. invention
9. countless

Unit 3
Supply the correct word form.

1. Shes always worried about the safety of her family. (safe)

2. Dont leave the light on. It wastes electricity. (electric)
3. Most teenagers like taking part in community service. (communal)
4. This river is very dangerous for swimmers. (danger)
5. The destruction of atom bomb is very terrible. (destroy)
6. Hard work always brings success. (succeed)
7. Those clothes are suitable for cold weather. (suit)
8. You must put all medicines in locked cupboards. (lock)
2. The disco was so noisy that you couldnt hear yourself speak. (noise)
1. My dad is really generous Hes always buying presents for every one. (generosity)
Use the correct form of the word in brackets for each gap.
1. A small group of ... are playing outside the door. (child)
2. I never play ice hockey. I think it is very ... . (danger)
3. Several passengers received serious ... in the accident. (injure)
4. Its not ... to wear short skirts to church. (suit)
5. Many people are very concerned about the ... of the rainforests. (destroy)
1. children
2. dangerous
3. injuries
4. suitable
5. destruction

6. By the 1990s most ... had a television. (house)

7. Could you load the ... machine, please? (wash)
8. Be careful with that knife or youll cut ... . (you)
9. The rice ... is next to the stove. (cook)
0. Every year, factories release thousands of tons of poisonous ... into the atmosphere. (chemistry)
6. households
7. washing
8. yourself
9. cooker
0. chemicals
5. My sister has got a very nice stamp collection. (collect)
6. The most popular activity at recess is talking. (act)
7. In most countries, there are organizations especially for teenagers. (teen)
8. More and more young people want a university education. (educate)
4. You can get a credit card, you have to provide a lot of personal details. (person)
3. I tried to lead a healthy lifestyle - lots of exercises, fruit, and no junk foods. (health)

Unit 4
Complete the sentences, using the correct form of the words in brackets.
2. Our life is much better with the help of modern equipment. (equip)
3. All the dancers wore traditional costumes. (tradition)

4. My uncle is an electrical engineer. (electrify)

5. Unfortunately, I lost my keys on the way home. (fortunate)
1. When the electricity failed, he struck the match to find the candles. (electric)
6. She was foolish enough to believe him. (fool)
7. A fairy magically changed Little Peas rags into beautiful clothes. (magic)
8. Everyone was very excited after hearing that news. (excite)
9. Her father soon died of a broken heart. (break)
0. You made a wise decision when you chose to study Spanish. (decide)
Complete the sentences, using the correct form of the words in brackets.
1. She fell off the bike, but her injuries were not serious. (injure)
2. You must read the following safety precautions carefully. (safe)
3. I receive a lot of encourage from my parents. (courage)
5. My parents are very proud of me. (pride)
4. The children should be punished because of their bad behaviour. (behave)
Use the correct form of the word in brackets for each gap.
1. Life is not comfortable without modern ... .(equip)
2. The disease causes thousands of ... a year. (die)
3. They had a long and happy ... . (marry)
4. I dont like to work, but I dont have much ... . (choose)
5. ... I didnt have enough money to buy that book. (fortunately)
1. equipment

2. deaths
3 marriage
4 choice
5 Unfortunately
6. Two million people in the country live in ... . (poor)
7. I have to make some difficult ... . (decide)
8. Before he went to university, his father gave him a few words of ... . (wise)
0. The sun ... behind a cloud. (appear)
9. The school uses a combination of modern and ... methods for teaching reading. (tradition)
6. poverty
7. decisions
8. wisdom
10 disappeared
9. traditional

Unit 5
Complete the sentences with the correct word form.
1. What is the correct ... of this word? (pronounce)
2. There is room for further, ... in your English. (improve)
3. My grandmother can read ... without glasses. (good)
4. She actively ... in social work. (participation)

5. Last year we had an ... summer holiday. (enjoy)

1. pronunciation
2. improvement
3. well
4. participated
5. enjoyable
6. He was ... of his achievements in the field of politics. (pride)
7. Youd better do some ... for the final exams. (revise)
8. The ... of the project made me tense. (important)
0. Its a very simple question. You can ... answer it. (easy)
9. This grammar book is ... both for classroom use and for independent study. (suit)
6. proud
7. revision
8. importance
0. easily
9. suitable
1. Our life is much better with the help of modern equipment . (equip)
2. She was foolish to say that. (fool)
3. You shouldnt talk about her character only through her appearance . (appear)
4. She works for a national bank in Ha Noi. (nation)
5. Fruit juices and milk are healthful drinks, arent they? (health)

Use the correct form of the word in brackets for each gap.
1. The food at this restaurant is ... .(excel)
2. Theyre very ... of their companys success. (pride)
3. You cant watch TV until youve done your ... . (work)
4. He sent me a ... during his vacation in Hue. (card)
5. Theres some ... in his speaking English. (improve)
1. excellent
2. proud
3. homework
4. postcard
5. improvement
6. I had a very ... evening at Toms birthday party. (enjoy)
7. Their ... to me shows that they dont like me. (behave)
8. His visit gave his grandparents much ... . (pleasant)
9. Theres very little ... between the two countries. (cooperate)
0. All the teachers think that his work is ... . (satisfy)
6. enjoyable
7. behavior
8. pleasure
9. cooperation
0. satisfactory

Unit 6
Supply the correct form of the words in brackets.
1. The World Health ... is an international one. (organize)
2. The first World ... Festival was held in Prague in 1947. (young)
3. Fishing is an ... my father enjoys best. (act)
4. We will interview only three ... for the job. (apply)
5. Because of the ... of her teachers, she decided to study law. (encourage)
1. Organization
2. Youth
3. activity
4. applicants
5. encouragement
6. Children need to have a good ... . (educate)
7. He should say a few words of ... . (explain)
8. Charities rely on ... contributions. (volunteer)
9. We should save ... resources. (nature)
0. They collected over 1000 ... for the petition. (sign)
6. education
7. explanation

8. voluntary
9. natural
0. signatures

1. Her beauty makes everybody admire. (beautiful)

2. We accept your kind invitation with pleasure. (invite)
3. I practise the piano every day. (practice)
4. This is the best book that I have read lately . (late)
5. The baby is asleep . Please dont make any noise. (sleep)
Use the correct form of the word in brackets for each gap.
1. Have you filled in the ... form for your passport yet? (apply)
2. Theres an ... swimming-pool in the city stadium. (door)
5. Children need lots of ... from their parents. (encourage)
3. Passengers have to take their ... belongings with them when they leave the plane. (person)
4. An increase in temperature by only a few degrees could cause environmental problems ... . (world)
1. application
2. outdoor
5. encouragement
3. personal
4. worldwide
7. Two million people in this country live in ... . (poor)

8. She could find ... and peace of mind in her later life. (happy)
9. Its always ... to hear other peoples opinions. (interest)
0. Floods and earthquakes are ... disasters. (nature)
6. We can find notes on how to use this dictionary at the ... of the book. (begin)
7. poverty
8. happiness
9. interesting
0. natural
6. beginning

Unit 7
Give the correct form of the words in brackets.
1. He is one of the best ... in the world. (photograph)
2. Their first public ... was not very successful. (perform)
3. The shoes were nice, but they were ... . (comfort)
4. Hoa and Nien used to be next-door ... . (neighborhood)
5. Surface mail is much ... than airmail. (cheap)
1. photographers
2. performance
3. uncomfortable
4. neighbors
5. cheaper

6. I cant see him now; its not ... . (convenience)

7. They are very busy with ... the Teachers Day. (celebrate)
8. Nam thinks the food in this restaurant is ... . (taste)
9... ., I wont be able to attend the meeting. (fortunate)
0. There is a big ... between the new shopping mall and the present shopping area. (differ)
6. convenient
7. celebrating
8. tasty
9. unfortunately
0. difference

1. We are waiting for the arrival of his plane. (arrive)

2. Every week, there are two flights from Ha Noi to Nha Trang. (fly)
3. He spoke to me in a friendly way. (friend)
4. I dont like stories which have unhappy endings. (happy)
5. Despite being successful, she is always modest. (success)
Use the correct form of the word in brackets for each gap.
1. What ... can this lorry safely carry? (weigh)
2. If you send this parcel by ... , itll be very expensive. (mail)
3. The ... came from all over the country. (contest)

4. They are living in a friendly ... . (neighbor)

5. She works at a ... store near her house. (grocer)
1. weight
2. airmail
3. contestant
4. neighborhood
5. grocery
6. I dont feel ... in these shoes. (comfort)
7. He won a gold medal for his fine ... in the contest. (perform.)
8. Theres a newspaper ... for a new car. (advertise)
9. He was so ... when he got home from work last night. (tire)
0. Their house has every modern ... . (convenient)
6. comfortable
7. performance
8. advertisement
9. tired
0. convenience

Unit 8
Use the correct word form of the word in brackets.
1. There is no ... in the countryside. (entertain)

2. She has no parents or close ... . (relate)

3. People in the country are often more ... than people in the city. (friend)
5. A lot of people believe that well-paying jobs are ... in the city. (plenty)
4. Farmers are always faced with ... brought about by typhoons, floods or droughts. (destroy)
1. entertainment
2. relatives
3. friendly
5. plentiful
4. destruction
6. Increased pollution is another ... result. (please)
7. The air is heavily ... with traffic fumes. (pollute)
8. They made a decision to close down the factory ... . (permanence)
0. The remote desert area is ... only by helicopter. (access)
9. Joyce think her hometown is a very ... place. She really get ... there. (bore)
6. unpleasant
7. polluted
8. permanently
0. accessible
9. boring - bored

1. Polluted air is one of many problems we have to solve. (pollution)

3. I want to go out but its raining heavily . (heavy)

5. She is a kind person. She always helps everybody who has in trouble. (kind)
4. The shop assistant showed me a lot of new models, especially its cheap. (assist)
2. Internet is now an important forum for exchanging opinions and ideals. (importance)
Use the correct form of the word in brackets for each gap.
1. He wants to live in a ... place when he retires. (peace)
2. Floods and earthquakes are ... disasters. (nature)
3. He greeted me in a very ... way. (friend)
4. On ... at the airport, I was taken to an interview room. (arrive)
5. We are living in a friendly ... . (neighbor)
1. peaceful
2. natural
3. friendly
4. arrival
5. neighborhood
6. Its ... to sit down after standing for hours. (please)
7. It s a ... that so many people are unable to find jobs. (tragic)
8. Could you please help me with my ... ? (work)
9. Thank you for the ... present you gave me. (love)
0. This seasons ... include five new plays and several concerts of Chinese and Indian music. (entertain)
6. pleasant
7. tragedy
8. homework

9. lovely
10 entertainments

Unit 9
Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets.
1. She was ... for days after the accident. (conscious)
2. His speedy ... after the operation amazed all the doctors. (revive)
3. The ... of water caused the dam to burst. (press)
4. The heart pumps ... around the body. (bleed)
5. Come by the fire. You must be ... to the bone. (chill)
1. unconscious
2. revival
3. pressure
4. blood
5. chilled
6. I want an ... reply. (immediately)
7. The victim who has a dog bite needs an anti-tetanus ... . (inject)
8. She is very ... about her mothers health. (anxiety)
9. The nurse is giving Lan some first-aid ... . (instruct)
0. Make sure that the needles are ... . (sterilize)

6. immediate
7. injection
8. anxious
9. instructions
0. sterilized

1. Each of my friends has a different character. (differ)

2. She has short curly hair. (curl)
3. There are a lot of traditional festival in Viet Nam. (tradition)
4. You must make a quick decision whether you go or not. (decide)
5. The performance she gave last night was marvelous. (perform)
Use the correct form of the word in brackets for each gap.
1. A few passengers received serious ... in the accident. (injure)
2. I took tablets for the headache, but they didnt have any ... . (affect)
3. Its ... to sit on the plane with nothing to read. (bore)
4. Children often feel a lot of ... about their first day at school. (anxious)
5. I dont feel ... in these shoes. (comfort)
1. injuries
2. effect
3. boring
4. anxiety
5 comfortable

6. The film was so boring that she fell ... . (sleep)

7. My father needs some ... on which computer to buy. (advise)
8. A ... injury made him withdraw from the game. (pain)
9. I felt hot and ... after my game of tennis. (thirst)
0. He drinks a lot of coffee to keep him ... . (wake)
6. asleep
7. advice
8. painful
9. thirsty
0. awake

Unit 10
Use the correct form of the words in brackets.
1. Reduce means not buying products which are ... . (overpackage)
2. Linda is one of the ... from Friends of the Earth. (represent)
3. The countrys ... resources include forests, coal and oil. (nature)
4. Waste paper can be ... after being recycling. (use)
5. Its ... to cross the avenue. (danger)
1. overpackaged
2. representatives
3. natural

4. reused
5. dangerous
6. Compost is a wonderful ... . It helps plants grow. (fertilize)
7. Share your ... story with our readers! (recycle)
8. Air is a ... of gases. (mix)
9. Attractive ... can help to sell products. (package)
0. These products are ... friendly. (environment)
6. fertilizer
7. recycling
8. mixture
9. packaging
0. environmentally
1. Our teacher always encourages us to study hard. (courage)
2. This form must have the signature of the writer. (sign)
4. Its very dangerous for children to play with knives. (danger)
5. It is a very simple questions. You can answer it easily . (easy)
3. This book is very useful because it mentions a lot of different situations we usually face. (use)
Use the correct form of the word in brackets for each gap.
1. Farmers often use ... to make plants grow well. (fertilize)
2. We finished the job, but only with great ... . (difficult)
3. They had a ... time in Ha Long Bay last summer. (wonder)

4. Let me have your ... on this report by Friday. (think)

5. Their company has two ... in every city. (represent)
1. fertilizer
2. difficulty
3. wonderful
4. thought(s)
5. representatives
6. This river is very ... for children to swim. (danger)
7. Many people waited for the kings ... at the airport. (arrive)
8. Some ... resources cannot be replaced. (nature)
9. Their latest CD is a ... of old and new songs. (mix)
0. We hope the ... to announce tax proposals today. (govern)
6. dangerous
7. arrival
8. natural
9. mixture
0. government

Unit 11
Use the correct form of the words in brackets.
1. Every week, there are two ... from Ha Noi to Nha Trang. (fly)

2. Its difficult to find ... at busy time. (accommodate)

3. The next ... for New York will be at 1. 00. (depart)
4. The ... of Flight 106 from Boston has been delayed. (arrive)
5... ., dark clouds soon appeared and it began to rain. (fortunate)
1. flights
2. accommodation
3. departure
4. arrival
5. Unfortunately

1. He grew impatient after waiting for a long time. (patient)

2. It was a difficult time, but we never gave up hope. (difficulty)
4. He is strong enough to carry this suitcase. (strength)
5. Ha Long Bay is in northern Viet Nam. (north)
3. My house is near market, so its convenient for me in buying foods for my family. (convenience)
Fill each gap with the correct form of the word in brackets.
1. Phong usually tells us ... stories. (amuse)
2. I went to the party last night, but I felt ... . (bore)
3. The journey took all day and night. We found it very ... . (tire)
4. She was very ... at the exam result. (surprise)
5. This computer has some ... instructions. (confuse)
1. amusing

2. bored
3. tiring
4. surprised
5. confusing

6. The soccer fans at the stadium were very ... . (excite)

7. I feel ... when I lie in a hot bath. (relax)
8. It was very ... not to get the job. (disappoint)
6. There are fights ... from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang. (day)
7. My family live in a northern ... region. (mountain)
8. He received the award in ... of his success over the past year. (recognize)
6 excited
7. relaxed
8. disappointing
6. daily
7. mountainous
8. recognition

Unit 12
Use the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
1. Id like to visit Australia because Australian people are very ... . (friend)

2. Its not easy to find cheap ... at busy times. (accommodate)

3. Most tourists like visiting ... villages. (tribe)
4. There are ... ways of solving the problem. (variety)
6... ., her illness was more serious than we thought. (fortunate)
5. Some ... are not immediately dangerous because they are not active. (volcanic)
1. friendly
2. accommodation
3. tribal
4. various
6. Unfortunately
5. volcanoes

Use the correct form of the word in brackets for each gap.
1. Their neighbors have always been ... to him. (friend)
2. They had a ... time in Ha Long Bay last summer. (wonder)
3. Children are allowed much more ... these days. (free)
4. This watch is more ... than that one. (expense)
5. John came to see me at the hospital the ... day. (follow)
6. Look at the ... sky. Its going to rain. (cloud)
1. friendly
2. wonderful
3. freedom
4. expensive

5. following
6. cloudy
7. Ive put on a T-shirt under the sweater for extra ... . (warm)
8. The ... s job is to deliver and collect letters and parcels. (mail)
9. Marie Curie is ... for her contribution in science. (fame)
0. Do you have any ... about train times? (inform)
7. I found the trip very ... . (excite)
1. Im going to apply for a ... to attend an English language summer course abroad. (scholar)
7. warmth
8. mailman
9. famous
0. information
7. exciting
8. scholarship
8. London is famous for its historic buildings and churches. (fame)
2. My house, though small, is very convenient for the bus station. (convenience)
5. Because it hasnt rained for months, there has been a serious shortage of fresh water. (short)
3. The job sounds interesting. I think Id better write a letter of application for more detail. (apply)
4. Mai got poor marks for her homeworks because she hadnt paid much attention in class. (attend)

Unit 13
Supply the correct form of the words in brackets.
1. On Christmas Day, I often send my close friends ... cards. (greet)
2. Paris is ... for the Eiffel Tower. (fame)
3. He has been an active ... in the contest. (participate)
4. The school drama society will give a ... of Hamlet (perform)
5. Last night, the TV program was very ... . (interest)
1. greeting
2. famous
3. participant
4. performance
5. interesting
6. I think these thick clothes are ... for cold weather. (suit)
7. Its ... in England to eat turkey on Christmas Day. (tradition)
8. Over 200 ... entered the race. (compete)
9. Santa Claus is based on the ... of Saint Nicholas in a poem. (describe)
0. Dad was putting up the Christmas ... . (decorate)
6. suitable
7. traditional
8. competitors
9. description

0. decorations

4. The area surround the town used to be flooded. (surround)

5. Television is one of the most important invention of the 20th century. (invent)
2. Its difficult to find accommodation in this city. (accommodate)
1. Ha Long Bay was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. (recognition)
3. The town now becomes the Buddhist religious center of the whole country. (religion)
Use the correct form of the word in brackets for each gap.
1. Thanks for the ... to your birthday party. (invite)
2. There will be a prize for the ... of the game. (win)
3. Women often buy a lot of skin-care ... . (produce)
4. In my opinion, this film is ... for the children. (suitable)
5. There are 30 ... in the English-speaking contest. (participate)
1. invitation
2. winner
3. products
4. unsuitable
5. participants
6. We need to make the club ... to many people. (attract)
7. Write a ... of your favorite film you saw. (describe)
8. The dancers were wearing ... Vietnamese costumes. (tradition)

9. An indoor ... pool is being built in the city center. (swim)

0. Theres a lot of ... between computer companies. (compete)
6. attractive
7. description
8. traditional
9. swimming
0. competition

Unit 14
5. I like him for his generosity . (generous)
1. You can buy electrical appliances at the shop over there. (apply)
2. Consumers should complain if they are not satisfied with the service they receive. (consume)
3. On this joyful occasion Id like to thank you all for your contribution to our success. (joy)
4. An old acquaintance of my brothers showed me round the city during my stay there. (acquaint)
Use the correct form of the word in brackets for each gap.
1. ... it was a bedroom, but he turned it into a library. (origin)
2. In 2003, Da Nang was a city of 750,000 ... (inhabit)
3. Britain has more than ten ... newspapers. (nation)
4. Whats the ... between Ha Noi and Da Nang? (distant)
5. We can recognize ... by their accent. (southern)
1. Originally

2. inhabitants
3. national
4. distance
5. southerners
6. Hes deeply ... and goes to church twice a week. (religion)
8. My father finds swimming so ... . (relax)
0. Theres a television ... for a new car. (advertise)
7. Most working environments are improved by the ... of a few plants and pictures. (add)
9. He is given a ... opportunity to do research in his favorite subject at university. (gold)
6. religious
8. relaxing
0. advertisement
7 addition
9. golden

Unit 15
1. Arrange these files in order is a very time - consuming task. (consume)
2. Sign language is till used as a means of communication. (communicate)
4. My brother usually cleans up around the house on the weekend. (week)
5. The band consists of nine musicians. (music)
3. That kind of material is a wonderful discovery and they havent found any practical use for it. (practise)

Use the correct form of the word in brackets for each gap.
2. The old man made several ... suggestions. (help)
3. Mr Browns son is a normally ... child. (health)
4. I dont think youll get Daisys ... to these proposals. (agree)
5. It is ... for them to attend the meeting tomorrow. (necessary)
1. A ... is a machine that is connected to a computer and prints onto paper using ink. (print)
2. helpful
3. healthy
4. agreement
5. unnecessary
1. printer
6. Tom often tells us ... stories after his summer vacation. (amuse)
7. Students sometimes have ... finding suitable jobs. (difficult)
8. Your advice was very ... , saving me a lot of time. (use)
9. She hates doing ... , especially washing up on Sundays. (work)
0. I read an interesting piece of ... in the newspaper. (inform)
6. amusing
7. difficulty
8. useful
9. housework
0. information

Complete the passage with the correct form of the words in brackets.
The computer - one of the most marvellous (1) ... (invent) in our modern age has proved to be (2) ... (extreme) (3) ... (help)
to mans life. A computer can not only solve the most complex math problems with lightning speed and perfect (4) ...
(accurate), but also gather the wide range of (5) ... (inform) for (6) ... (variety) purposes in many fields. Nowadays, the
computer always plays an (7) ... (importance) role that is (8) ... (change).
1. invention
2. extremely
3. helpful
4. accuracy
5. information
6. various
7. important
8. unchangable

Unit 16
Use the correct form of the word in brackets.
1. At my school access to the Internet is available in the afternoon only. (avail)
2. I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up. (design)
3. Twenty years ago my hometown was small. Now it has turned into an industrial city. (industry)
4. My uncle often spends his free time doing volunteer work at a local orphanage . (orphan)
5. The manager made an arrangement to see us at two oclock. (arrange)

8. Water is the clear and colorless ... . (liquify)

8. liquid

1. The computer is one of the most ... of the 20th century. (invent)
2. Theres some chocolate beside the ... belt. (convey)
3. Then the ... is ground, rolled and poured into molds. (mix)
4. This wood pulp is also cleaned and ... whitened. (chemistry)
5. Their latest car has just gone into ... . (produce)
6. This company is one of the leading computer ... . (manufacture)
1. inventions
2. conveyor
3. mixture
4. chemically
5. production
6. manufacturers
1. Japan is one of the ... countries in the world. (industry)
2. I find your magazine very ... . (inform)
3. She failed the driving test because she didnt follow the driving ... . (instruct)
4. It is ... to eat too much sugar and fat. (health)
5. There are a lot of ... festivals in Viet Nam. (tradition)
7. Gordon Gould is an American ... who invented laser. (invent)
1. industrial

2. informative
3. instruction
4. unhealthy
5. traditional
7. inventor