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Transmission Line on Lattice structure vs Monopole

Traditionally lattice type tower structure and compact/narrow based tower
structure are commonly used in transmission line for transmit of electricity from
one place to another place. Different factor favored the use of lattice type
structure including low cost, easy to transport, ease of erection mainly in hilly
area and the areas far away from the road side, manual erection of tower
possible, availability of suppliers and large space available for their installation.
Power Utilities and general population became more aware of environment
impact of transmission line and structure. Electrical transmission line did not
create air or water pollution, but the visual impact became a concern for power
utilities as land owners object to large foundation footprint, especially in urban
and suburban locations.
Historically lattice type structure and compact/narrow based tower have been
used in transmission line. As the population increases and area available to
accommodate transmission line became scare, more expansive steel tubular
Monopole would provide a viable alternative for locations near to main road or
locations easily accessible for heavy machinery used for foundation and erection
of monopole structure and accessories.

Advantages of steel Monopoles

1. Less ROW/land Occupancy
a) Transmission line Monopoles can be installed in locations where
limited space is available due to smaller foot print compared to lattice
b) Transmission line Monopoles are installed in places with existing
corridor used by other projects such as highway, road, rail tracks etc.
c) In rural area Monopole would increases the availability of land to the
farmers compared to Lattice type Transmission line tower.
d) Usage of restricted space allows Monopoles a more direct transmission
line design which result in optimizing the total line cost.
e) Shorter length of line would result in saving conductor, insulators,
hardware, foundation and erection cost.

Shorter length of line would also minimized electricity losses.

2. Fewer Components, Faster Installation and less installation Cost

a) For a double circuit line less than 20 components.
b) Monopole structure can be assembled in horizontal and vertical.
c) Transmission line Monopole can be installed in 1-3 hour with trained
personal and proper equipments.
d) Multiple structures can be installed in one day.
e) Less installation cost.

3. Better Reliability Under Extreme Conditions

a) In past cases where lattice type tower failed in hurricane and tornado,
no steel Monopoles were damaged.