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Arrogance and emptiness on the highest level

I am beginning to see and notice the arrogance from some particular type of human spirit.
Imagine you are the Landlord and your tenant(s) wanted to take over your property, they
want to drive you out from your own domain. Imagine you allow your friend to stay with
you because of homelessness and your friend want to run you out and take over. Imagine
your tenants and your friends are working something together against your very essence to
say the least. And now they think you will be pleading and begging them to live and if as to
say your right to live depends on them. In case you are wondering what this is about. Well
this is about some humans who think Our Mother Planet Earth depends on them for her
very essence and her own existence. Our mother Earth does not need anybodys validation
to exist or live. Humans cannot drive her out of her own home. Humans cannot drive her
away from herself. She is the female planet who gives humans the grace to be here, to
stand and live on her.
Every time we inserted our electric keys and gas cards into their respective slots, there
appear the message debt owed I used to wonder why this is because it does not matter
the amount of credit in the keys and cards, the same message prompted. Then I used to
think where does all this debt come from? But then, I still have the same thought, but just
get a little easier. Now I am starting to think about the possible debt indebted to Mother
Earth and in an organic sense, she is really our creditor loaning us things that we need to
navigate through our past reincarnations and present incarnations on her. How do we really
pay Mother Earth back for all these times we have been here? In my opinion, it is impossible
to pay her back in all its entirety for debt is part of human illusory styles.
So going back to the supplier of gas and electricity, they just might be saying to the user that
by using this card and key, you owed Mother Earth for using that gas and electricity, for they
are part of her genetic make-up. Now, do you see why we cannot pay back everything that
we owed her? However, we can reduce our debt by following, harmonising and respecting
Universal Earth law (Laws of Nature). Just like you go look for job and you have been
instructed to read and comply with company rules. Though this example might be lame
when comparing universal Earth law to human business, I am sure this will do for now.
We can pay her back by starting to see the repercussions of our activities including but not
limited to, pillaging the Earths organic bones, cartilages and tendons (gold, diamonds and
other treasures), oil, gas (blood, lipids and lymphatic systems) and other glands (organs and
organelles). Just look at the amount of treasured stones that are in geographical locations of
every nations and countries. These minerals were put there by the Creator to allow for

communal reciprocity in the sense that the vegetation we are dependent on for sustenance
and maintenance of life are being designed to access the Earths minerals, uptake these
minerals and bring them to the surface in order for humans, animals and other beings to
ingest, thereby getting the necessary nutrients vital to existence (life).
And for some of us who are talking about abandoning our Mother Earth and go to
heaven(s). You want to escape Mother Earth for the fear of not reaping what you sew
(Karmic debt). How can you make it to heaven when you have not even mastered the
essence of our Great Mother? In my opinion, people who really deserved to ascend to a
better place are those who have done the work of reciprocity on Earth, those who have
learned the science and arts and therefore the action of giving back in accordance with
Universal Law. People who strive to live and lean more on the side of need rather than
want. You see there are many things we desired in life which do not serve the purpose of
helping us to grow spiritually. Enough of this nonsense for life supposed to be based on
what we need to navigate through the Earths system, to learn our lessons and hopefully
grow from these lessons.
When you use the word like I need to protect Mother Earth sounds arrogant and boastful
to me. To be organic and technical, humans need to protect themselves from themselves.
Humans lack the ability to protect Mother Earth. Let us protect ourselves by acting as the
true planet keeper in the form of returning the seeds of plants to the soil for joyful
regeneration for years to come. Let us protect ourselves by learning not to be wastefull.
Now these are some of the ways to protect ourselves and protect Mother Earth.
Many of us marvel at the accomplishments of some ancients who became sages and have
given our worlds some standard to live by including what we called Egalitarian society today.
The sages were on this planet just like us, gave examples by lived the life based on sharing
organic love and balance. Some of these beings are with us today trying to help us grow in
awareness of our present and passed histories. Our Great Mother Earth has always been
giving but imagine you are a mother who gives so much love in the essence of organic love
manifested in breastfeeding, night vigils (sleep-less shadow nights), and in most matters,
sleep-less daylights. If the mother does not replenish those sacrifices she sacrificed for her
children, then her body may end up in some serious nutritional debt. This mode will create
unbalance in the structure of the family including the relationship with the husband. After
all, it was her nutrients she gave up for her children. This is why it is extremely important for
women in general, breastfeeding women in particular, to prioritise their health by overdose
their bodies with organic nutrition in the form of foods that are nourishing.
Can you see how the example offered above relates to our Mother Earth? We all know our
Mother have been around for some time now, nourishing our body, mind, spirit and soul
with unconditional love which many us are not practising this days. What do we do instead?
We keep pillaging the Earth, inserting and sticking poisonous syringes, pins and needles into
her veins and arteries and intruding into her body poisoning her milk. So what is the deal

with the arrogance and what have we lost in her that we are trying to find? You see, when
we live on the principles of what is needed and not necessarily what is wanted, then we give
Our Mother Earth and Earth Mother some time to recuperate their bodies, minds, souls and
spirits with organic nutrition. Can we have collective awareness on this or not? I know some
of human spirit IS on the level of vibrating with our Mother Earth. But
Some section of human spirit is arrogant and empty thinking the Earth depends on us rather
the other way round. We are like microbes on Earth when dealing with size and magnitude.
When we are giving back to mother Earth, we are only giving back to ourselves and our
generational children. The planet always in credit; all giving, nurturing and sustaining, as
long as we as humans respect and harmonise with her rules and laws. Mother Earth does
not want or need us to be indebted to her because for one, we cannot pay her back what
we think we owed her. Impossible! Some ancient people knew this fact. They started to
crumble when they disobeyed her natural laws and the rest is story.
Her Right
We cannot give Planet Earth her right because for one, we are incapable to do so. (2) She
set laws for us natural law for that matter. (3)Planet Earth is a daughter being to her own
Mother Universe. All her right comes from her own mother, not from humans. When we
refuse to change our ways by polluting and mistreating Nature, it is only a matter of time
before mother Earth gets her cleanse. And we all should know by now what that means. You
figure that out.
We need to be humble and appreciate the true landlord who lends us her properties.
Mother Earth will keep giving us a place to stay in and live on as long as we show gratitude
her true landlordness. It is beautiful to say thank you to your source of existence. It is
rewarding to acknowledge our very essence of life. So to my cousins all over the world,
instead of saying we need to give mother Earth her right or we need to protect mother
Earth, Let us keep observing natural law, follow her laws, obey, resonate, vibrate and
harmonise with our Mother Earth.
May the Mother Earth keep her abundance on the Human spirit, .
Thank you for reading.
This article is compliments of m gb Mtl and Wmikmpt.