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Interview Question

Q1. Kindly introduce yourself.

The most often asked questions in interviews. You need to have a short
statement prepared in your mind. Be careful that it does not sound
rehearsed. Limit it to work related items unless instructed otherwise. Talk
about things you have done and jobs you have held that relate to the
position you are interviewing for. Start with the item farthest back and work
up to the present.
Q2. Tell me about your family background.
Speak about your family members, your family background and their
occupation. Keep it brief and crisp.
Q3. What is your parents occupation? Or what are your parents doing?
Speak about their occupation. Keep it short and simple. For example, Name
the company in which he is working, designation, currently situated etc.
Q4. How many siblings do you have? What do they do?
Tell about how many brothers/ sisters you have and what they are doing in
terms of education / job.
Q5. Which place do you hail from? Tell us something about it.
Name the place and briefly talk about few of the following- monuments,
building, kind of people, food, place to visit and ranking in terms of
education, development etc.
Q6. Describe yourself to me in one word?
Try to think about answering this question not just by thinking about what
you are, but by thinking about what you are in relation to the job. What
the job requires, what would make someone a standout employee in this
position, what youre going to do for them. They might not let it go with just
your one-word explanation.
The follow up might be very well Really? Can you give me an example? So
have a story that tells about how you imbibed that trait at least once in your

Q7. Why did you choose LPU for pursuing your education?
There are several reasons that you chose to join LPU.
Focus on the following reasons - education provided, exposure, scholarships,
overall development of personality etc.
Q8. How much scholarship are you awarded?
Tell the amount being awarded and the basis on which it was given to you.
Q9. What is your tuition fee, hostel fee?
Tell the amount.
Q10. How do all students of LPU remember statistics, did you all read about
Be honest and inform them about source of information.
Q11. Why did you decide to pursue M.Tech / other courses from LPU?
Talk about exposure being provided to students for higher degree in terms of
training, seminars, workshops, projects, placements etc.
Q12. Why did you choose do an integrated course?
Be honest, talk about the benefits briefly.
Q13. Which subjects have you read (studied)?
Tell about the subjects you have read during your degree programme in
relation to the job.
Q14. Which is your favorite subject?
Choose that subject that matches the job profile.
Q15. Kindly explain your projects in detail?
Give details of your project in terms of motive behind doing that project, your
role and responsibility and how you achieved the project objective.

Q16. Tell me about your publication in detail?

Give brief introduction of the publication like name of journals, papers in
which it was published, name of topic, year of publication, specify the other
name if it is co-authored, what motivated you in publishing the article, role
model for the same, and assistance from any mentor or guide
Q17. Why do you have declining graph in academics?
Be honest and tell them the reason in a positive manner.
Q18. Which conference have you attended? What was it all about?
Speak about the specific conference, place where it was held, brief
introduction of the topic and learning outcome.
Q19. Where did you pursue your internship? What did you learn?
Give detail of the company from where you have done your internships
projects undertaken, project details, and what you have learnt in a
professional environment.
Q20. Tell me about your credentials.
Give the details of your additional academic certificates, co-curricular
activities, honours. Competencies.
Q21. How would you rate yourself in quantitative aptitude?
While giving the detail of rating yourself for quantitative aptitude specify the
various test you have given in relation to quantitative aptitude and scored
well like maths Olympiad, competitive examination etc.
Q22. You have been an active participant in extra curricular activities , how
did/do you manage your studies?
Q23. How did/do you pursue your hobbies?
Talk about your hobbies i.e. how you utilize your time productively and
Q24. What do you know about this company (for example - Cognizant)?

This question is one reason to do some research about company before the
interview. Find out where they have been and where they are going. What
are the current issues and who are the major players (Competitors)? You
must be prepared to discuss the industry, the companys relative size within
that industry.

Q25. Who is the CEO of Cognizant / or any other company ?

Be prepared with information of top officials in a company. Name the person,
talk about his qualities and contribution he had made to the organization. Be
Q26. Being Biotechnology student, why should you be hired in cognizant?
Talk about the skills you possessed like personal skills and technical skills etc.
Q27. Why should an electronics and electrical engineer be hired in
Talk about the skills you possessed like personal skills and technical skills etc.
Q28. Would you willing to relocate?
You should be clear on this with your family prior to the interview if you think
there is a chance it may come up. Do not say yes just to get the job if the
real answer is no. This can create lot of problems later on in your career. Be
honest at this point and save yourself future grief.
Q29. How will you persuade your parents to send you to South India to work
for CTS?
Be positive and talk about your career prospects, kind of exposure and
learning opportunities that would be provided.
Q30. What are your plans to settle in personal life?
Be focused and talk about short term goal and connect it to your growth and
learning of new skills in the company.
Q31. Would you continue to work in CTS if you get married?
Be Honest and tell them how well you will manage the additional

Q32. How would you manage your marriage and work?

Be focused and talk about how well you adjust your personal and
professional life.
Q33. Justify your strengths.
While talking about your strengths keep one thing in mind it should be in
relation to job and cite an example to prove your strength.
Q34. What is your weakness?
Mention a weakness that will not reflect on your performance regarding the
accomplishment of tasks , also mention the steps you are taking to
overcome it
Q35. What would you like to improve in yourself?
While answering this question show your urge to learn more.
Q36. If you do not get a project of your expertise/ interest how would you
Show your positive attitude to adjust as well as desire to learn new things.
Q37. Tell me about three values you believe in.
Answer this question keeping the work ethics in mind that one should follow.
Q38. Explain your daily routine?
Do not mention anything that would portray as sluggish.
Q39. Tell me about your college life.
While describing your college life your attitude should be positive in terms of
adaptability, flexibility, learning etc.
Q40. Read the declaration. Have you understood it? Kindly explain its
Read the document carefully and comprehend the same with proper use of
Q41. Any question for me?

Always have some questions prepared. Where you will be an asset to the
organization are good. Relevant examples can be: How soon will I be able to
be productive? What types of projects will I be able to assist on, etc.