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THIS SALE DEED is made and executed at New Delhi on this the 10th day of March 2015
(10/03/2015) between Shri. Amit Kumar S/o Shri. Sachin Kumar, R/o House No. 6, Block H,
Ratiya Marg, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi (hereinafter referred the "VENDOR") and Shri.
Arvind Dubey S/o Shri. Raj Dubey, R/o House No. 12, Ambika Apartment, Sector- 6, Rohini,
New Delhi (hereinafter referred the VENDEE ").
WHEREAS the vendor is the absolute owner and in physical and lawful possession of
building measuring 154 square yards, bearing No.25, situated at L-31, Ambika Apartments,
Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi with all rights, title and interest, easements, privileges and
appurtenances thereto, with all fittings,

fixtures, electricity and water connections,

standing thereon, with all rights in common driveway, entrances, passages,

staircase and other common


and amenities provided therein, (hereinafter

referred to as " THE SAID PROPERTY") .

WHEREAS the said property is the self-acquired property of the SELLER who purchased the
same from Ramesh S/o Sundar Lal R/o House No-13, H-Block, MB Road, Jamia Nagar, New
Delhi by sale deed dated third day of March two thousand eight and registered as document
No. 53 of 2008 Book 1 Volume No 3 Pages 457 to 489 registered on tenth day of March two
thousand eight (10/03/2008) and filed on the file of the Sub-Registrar.
AND WHEREAS the vendor has agreed to sell the said property to the vendee for a total sale
consideration of Rs 2, 50,000/- (Rupees two lakhs fifty thousand only-). This consideration
amount is to be paid by a Demand Draft in favor of vendor by vendee before the SubRegistrar, Delhi at the time of registration of sale deed.
1. The Sale consideration of the Property is fixed at Rs.2, 50,000/- (Rupees two lakhs
fifty thousand only).
2. That in pursuance of the aforesaid, the vendor hereby conveys, transfers, sells and
alienates the said property to the vendee for total sale consideration of Rs. 2.5 Lakhs
having received the same by way of Demand Drafts in his favour on following terms
and conditions. Found t

3. That the vendor covenants with the vendee that the said property hereby sold,
conveyed and assigned by him to the vendee is his absolute property and is free from
all claims, liens, disputes, encumbrances.
4. The vendee shall be the rightful and absolute owner and shall possess all the rights,
title and interest as the vendor in the said property.
5. That the vendor further covenants with vendee that in case the assurance stated above
are found to be incorrect, the vendor shall be liable to make for good loss suffered by
the vendee and shall keep the vendee indemnified against all losses, cost and expenses
accruing thereby.
6. That the vendor hereby further undertakes to do all acts and deeds necessary for
getting the property recorded and mutated in favour of vendee.
7. That all the taxes, charges and other dues and demand if any payble in respect of the
said property up to date shall be borne and paid by the vendor and thereafter by the
8. That original documents of ownership of the said property have been delivered by the
vendor to the vendee.
9. That the stamp duty, other cost and expenses for registration of the sale deed shall be
borne and paid by the vendee.
10. That the actual physical vacant possession of the said portion of the said property will
be delivered by the Seller to the Purchaser, at the time of the registration of the
Sale Deed, after receiving the full consideration.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF BOTH THE PARTIES have subscribed their respective hands on
these presence on the place, date, month and year first above mentioned in the presence of the
following witnesses.
(Amit Kumar)
(Arvind Dubey)

WITNESSES:1. Shri Anuj S/o Shri Sant Kumar,

R/o H-14, L-Block, Sector 6,
Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi

2. Shri Aman S/o Shri Ajay Pal,

R/o H-25, L-Block, Sector-5,
Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi