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Green Vision

The Way to Survive Global Warming and Climate

[This is a page from Site “Truth of Nature”]

Green is symbolic of life. Red is symbolic of death. In the ignorance of “Truth of

Nature” we have been moving in the path red and death and have reached the critical
state of collapse and death.

Death is evident every where. It is time to awaken to “Truth of Nature” and the Green
Realities. The more we delay more will be the price humanity has to pay. It is unfortunate
that Copenhagen climate summit failed. I do not blame the leaders of the world for the
failure. The failure exists in the intellectual populations of the world or the residents of
temples of science and religion. It is their failure to know Green Reality or the “Truth of
Nature” that is the cause for the present endangered world. In democratic world the
system reflects the mind and thought of majority. This means we are all responsible for
the world we live in. Let us awaken to GREEN REALITY and act. Here I give you
some important point of GREEN VISION.

Well known realities of Green World

1] Green is the source of oxygen for all life on earth – This is known to modern science
2] Green is the primal source of food for all life – This also known to modern world

However, modern man in his money and market centered life, exists with least attention
to this reality.

Less known reality which calls for immediate attention of the modern world

1] Green is the anti-gravity that sustains universe against time and gravity directed to
gravitational collapse or death.

2] Green is the force that maintains the temperature of earth and thus sustains life.

3] There are green and red elements in human consciousness and mind and he takes the
world on red or green depending on what predominates.

A brief explanation anti-gravity and Role of Green Plants

The earth is held and sustained through two forces that alternate; one Life force or Green
Force or anti-gravity, the other is Red Force or Material Force or gravity. They form the
two heats that sustain the world; brood’s life into existence and the other that leads life to

disorder and destruction. To understand their truth and its coexistence one needs to
observe the design of earth and the energy cycle in which we all live.

Earth is divided in to two parts; west and east or left and right. When west awakes to
sunlight and the material matter unwinds and energizes the environment and goes in to
disorder, the east sleeps to darkness and winds to go into new order. When west peaks in
sunlight it gives way to the darkness and simultaneously east peaks in darkness and gives
way to light. The left and right are instantaneously connected and there is information
flow between the two.

A time direction is a reality of the material world. The second law of thermodynamics
tells us that material world tends to “Heat Death”. Einstein’s Theory extended in time
tells us that the environment shears down because of heat, and the matter looses energy to
condense and collapse to a point and explode into big bang [Big Bang Theory]

Big Bang Theory is incomprehensible and does not explain the cause for collapse, origin
and existence. Further, when you take life in to account, we note life is instinctively anti-
gravitational and the second law thermodynamics applied to it show an opposition to time
direction in material world. This means even the existence one single living cell denies
gravitational collapse. This calls us to review the very picture of nature that the modern
world has built.

Role of Green Plants

To know how life interact with material world observe the green plants. When the
sunlight emerges in the west the environment is gets heated, the plant absorbs the
sunlight, heat and thus cools and winds thus works against disorder. When in the night
cycle the material matter winds, the life unwinds. It takes up material matter and grows
against gravity and time directed to the center. Thus green actually Cools and works
toward order.

Role of Humans in Nature and the present state of the world

Life by instinct is anti-gravitational. The only exception is ADULT human beings. The
adult human beings live by his mind. Thus he disconnect from his consciousness and
intelligence within. In the process he separates from his root and begins to seek self and
thus begins to create disorder. He becomes increasingly depended on material force and
power. He creates a time direction in favor of material world and leads himself and nature
to Gravitational Collapse or death.

How the destruction Manifests – the cause for increased Natural

When humans become slave to material force and its energy, he ends up heating up the
environment. He may not realize this because all the matter in the world unwinds in
relation to it. Even life makes changes according to it. What this means that earth’s
environment and its core boils up. There is a limit to which earth can stand up against the
human onslaught. As it tends to the limit, the environment begins to shear down ripping
apart the various eco-systems. This leads to death due to fire/heat and wind. When this

happens in on one part of the earth, the other part of the earth and its core experiences the
sever winding. The earth’s plates moves creating huge earth quakes. Further the earth
forces opposing the fire force, creates huge flashflood, snow falls causing destruction.
Thus there will be two folded destruction of life form forces of Mother Earth, which other
wise supported life. These are only signs approaching the End Time.

End Time Destruction

1] The increasing temperature of the environment and the shearing force it causes also
affects human consciousness and mind. The stress of death approaching makes it restless.
Human being becomes more religious and turns to spirituality for solace. This is a time
for mushrooming of false prophets and religious leaders, who wear the mantle of religion
and spirituality and work to seek their “self” and material advancement under the cover
of religion and spirituality. They spread hatred about other religions, work towards
quantitative growth and try to loot people of their material wealth in the name of God.
The situation leads to division of the world and war in the Name of God, where all the
weapons of mass destruction would be used with out any discretion.
2] The environment that is shearing under growing temperature would cause huge
fire/wind bound destruction. When the climate changes it leads to winding of earth
leading to huge earth quakes, flash floods, huge snow falls leading to destruction of life.
The winding eventually would lead eruption of the huge volcanoes. Many of the big
volcanoes are due for eruption and history shows earth cools herself from the volcanic
dust. So this is a likely tendency of the system.

The Prediction for Future form my Logical Mind - the Red End
In short from the above argument we can predict that earth and her forces destroy the
edifices that humanity has built on material forces and scatter him. The small pocket of
human beings left behind then gives rise to new civilizations.

The Prediction for Future from my mind in submission to Higher Mind - the Green

The logical destructive end described above emerges from the materialistic vision of
nature. But if you care to submit your mind and accept mind death, you will enter new
realm called to spiritual world and to know the Ultimate Truth. You will be exposed to
the Living Reality of Nature, which unites all religions and shows the simple truths of
nature, its oneness and it’s functioning to bring order and life back to the world.

The living reality exists beautifully written in ancient spiritual scriptures. According to
it, the universe is conscious and intelligent system. We humans being are individuated
systems born form it in time to its left and right. In short we are like cells of one living
system that exist in time and bound by the principle birth and death. Death or
gravitational collapse cannot be the end of the universe and this means before death
strikes, the universal consciousness and intelligence should defeat death and give new life
to the body.

This means the creator should intervene to save the world from the brink of destruction
and restore the world into new order. Human being would awaken to the “Truth of
Nature” before the end approaches and he would then transform the world back into
order. This is the Good News that manifested 2000 years ago on earth.

Spreading this truth or light against odds as science is the principal goal of my sites
“Truth of Nature” and “Awakening to Truth” and the links there off. I am sure as the
system approaches the destructive end or the peak of darkness the Living Light or Life
will emerge end humanity will awaken to see the truth and come to life. More about this
important aspect is dealt in the site the readers are requested to visit it.

Tips to lead Green Life and make Earth Green

To make earth green we need to first understand the “Truth of Nature” and the
functioning earth. In the ignorance of truth of nature we have polluted the earth to its
critical limit and we are paying the price for it. We turned the earth inhospitable and
turned it into to red world that is burning. If we want to turn it into green we have to find
cause for this pollution and change form the root. The root of modern polluted world
exists in the pollution of human mind. If the world has to survive, then human mind
should be released form the bondage to darkness and enlightened with Green or Living
truth of nature. Modern world powered by west is engaged in exploiting the material
world. It has led humanity from simplicity and truth to a world of complexity where
untruth and disorder and destruction prevail. Thus the journey back to red to green or
death to life calls for

1] De pollution of human mind and Illumination of his mind with “Truth of Nature” and
its simplicity. This calls for salvation of human soul first.

2] Once the souls are salvaged and mind is illuminated, the life or green returns to the
world. What this means that the positive and cohesive thought that emerge from
soul/heart are Central to turning earth into green. Without this no lasting greening of
Earth can be attained.

What this means every human soul has both green and red elements. As human becomes
“self” centered he falls into red and his mind gets adhered to red and becomes salve to
material world and thus creates a journey to death. The moment he turns the focus of his
mind to inner world consciousness and life [green world] he creates journey to life and
order. The law of time forbids human mind incapable of making such a turn and
thus need the intervention of the Creator Force. Only the call of consciousness and
mind death can lead him to the Green Truth hidden in the realm of heart. This is not
philosophy but a living science explored in my site well in line with ancient spiritual

Once you comprehend the simple Living Truth of Nature, I need not give tips to lead a
green life and turn earth into green. The green tips emerge from within and you practice
without being forced. Till then we all speak of greening in the media and make projects

to lure money but fail to practice it at individual and collective levels. However in view
of the extremely endangered situation, let me write few vital tips

1] Earth cools her self during the night. Here she convents heat into matter and maintains
ratio of energy to matter and thus the temperature of earth. Allow mother earth to
function by reducing our intervention in to the dark cycle. Let us reduce our night time
activity and give space and time to nature to repair herself.

2] Let us increase the green cover of earth and maintain a green to red ratio in favor of
green. Let the concrete jungles have a cover of green.

3] Let us learn to conserve energy.

3] Let us learn to conserve water and allow the barren land to bloom with “hour glass
water conservation technology” This is one of those simple techniques that came to my
mind while interacting with nature. Observation tells that a little attention and cover of
green can change the ecology of the barren land. One of the key for such success is water.
Much of the water we get in such areas not only runs away but also washes the rich top
soil. If water can be conserved in such places then it can facilitate plant growth and
gradual turning of barren land into fertile ones. Observation of climate shows that it is
driven by two forces; a forces that mover water up and a force that precipitate water back
to earth to give life. Much of the ground water is lost through evaporation from the
surface. Suppose we can reduce this evaporation in barren lands we can facilitate
greening of these barren lands. One of the idea that came to me was the “Hour Glass” We
can use this hour glass to collect water in the root zone and reduced its evaporation loss
by controlling the aperture in the center. Even simple plastic bottles can be converted into
hour glasses by cutting it 1/3 and inverting the top end on the base end and inserting and
filling it with sand or placing a stick that facilitate capillary movement of water. This is
discussed in my site. I have resisted releasing the idea for the fear of pollution of earth
with plastics. Governments intervention and funding can transform the idea into nature
compatible way.

4] Let us reduce fossil fuel and turn to sunlight, wind energy. But I warn against the
tendency of aerial born reflecting bodied channeling sunlight to localized power station. I
write this because such ideas are mooted by scientific fraternity. It could be disastrous.

5] We need to increase the efficiency of our engines and reduce the loss of heat to the
environment. A clue to develop such technologies can come from life. A heart that has
the size less than the left fist, can pump blood through the minute blood vessels covering both
internal and external parts of all the organs of the body. The cumulative length of these blood
vessels of an adult human being is estimated nearly 100.000 miles that amounts to encircling
the earth twice! The life does this work effortlessly 12-20 times every minute!

Note - Developing these technologies calls for some fundamental changes in our thinking
about force and action of forces and its reaction.