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Chapter I. Introduction
Energy drinks are beverages that can increase stamina. In Indonesia, this product is
very flooded in the market, even to the international area. Advertisements of energy drink
product portray masculinity, courage, hard worker, and virility, where most of the energy
drink products stigmatizing the wider community in a way that is only consumed by the men.
Products of soil water energy drinks provide information about a service product
strategy persuasive manner. So that the message can be understood, accepted, stored and
remembered, and the particular action (purchase), which increased by drawing the attention
of consumers and associations that can cause the appetite to act as you wish communicator.
One is the "Extra Joss", the quality of this product is quite recognized, as evidenced
by the best brand award 2010 Extra Joss awarded as the best energy drink products in 2010
that Extra Joss into primary choice as energy drinks for people who want to gain more
stamina on a day-to-day activities. It may also have caused one of them by the communicator
(producer / promoter) using ads featuring national athletes like Chris John on board.
Extra Joss is also establishing its name as the most sought after community energy
drinks after getting the award Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award (ICSA) as the bestselling energy drinks which controls at least 52% energy drinks market in Indonesia. Here the
author would like to explore what the main reason the consumption of energy drinks may be
mandatory in most societies, and where in this case authors took samples are rickshaw
pullers. In addition, the author would like to find the problem regarding the adverse effects
associated consume Extra Joss.

Chapter II. Problem

1. Is Extra Joss proven to increase stamina?
2. What negative effects of using Extra Joss?
Chapter III. Analysis of Prolem Related to Social &Environmental Context
Based Extra Joss Product
Every 4 grams contains:

Taurine 1000 mg ---- is a amino acid detoxification effects as all types of glycine in
neutralizing toxins (xenobiotics) dangerous. Another benefit is the controlling
neurotransmitter taurine can prevent seizures.Taurine supplementation with a multivitamin
can help to increase endurance and stamina recover after recovering from illness. In the
beverage plant products (energy drinks), taurine is used as the main ingredient.
ginseng 20 mg ----Vitamin B1 1.2 mg ---- to regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates and water content in the
Vitamin B2 3 mg sodium phosphate ---- coenzyme (with phosphorus) in the metabolism of
carbohydrates, proteins and fats, in order to maintain healthy skin, especially around the
mouth, nose and eyes
Vitamin B3 16 mg ---- coenzyme (with riboflavin) on protein metabolism of fat, it is
necessary for the nervous system, skin, and normal healthy digestion, can reduce cholesterol
Vitamin B5 5 mg ---- coenzyme in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats,
synthesis of amino acids, fatty acids, and steroids
Vitamin B6 1,5 mg ---- a coenzyme in the metabolism of protein and fat, is necessary for the
formation of antibodies, hemoglobin, necessary for the utilization of copper and iron, helps in
the conversion of tryptophan to niacin
Vitamin B8 25 mg --- coenzyme in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats,
associated with the function of other B vitamins
Vitamin B12 1 mcg ---- coenzyme in the synthesis of proteins, an indirect effect on the
formation of red blood cells (especially in the formation of nucleic acids and folic acid
2 mg royal jelly
1,3,7 trimethylxanthine ----- 50 mg as a stimulant to the nervous system and the tendency of
the heart. Reduce fatigue, improve attention, increased heart rate, increased body metabolism
and increases blood flow.

Composition of all the energy drink Extra Joss, concluded that these drinks are proven
to increase stamina. It is related to the mechanism of action of Extra Joss is increasing the
metabolism to produce energy.

Based Survey Results

Do you know Extra Joss?
From where do you know
exra joss product?
Do you ever consume Extra
What is the reason you're
taking Extra Joss?

Increase stamina
reduce sleepiness

What effects do you feel after Increase stamina

so-so (indifferent)
consume Extra Joss?
When did you consume Extra before the activity
after activity

How often do you consume

Extra Joss?
Do you get satisfaction in
appropriate with the ads?
During eating adverse effect?

once a day
two times a day
three times a day
tired easily

6 ( feel fresh 3, suplement 1,
offered by friends 1, desire
4 (segar 3, lemas 1)
8 (after meals 2, uncertain 3,
when I want to consume1,
during leisure time 2)
21 (rarely)
3 (so-so)
30 ( so-so 24, stomach pain
2, limp 2, urinary pain2)

Seen the results of questionnaires on the pedicab driver who operates from Malioboro.
From 50 correspondents, all of them are familiar with the Extra Joss. Most of them know the
product Extra Joss from Advertising in print and electronic media and there are only 2
correspondent who know Extra Joss from friends / family. Although 50 correspondents
recognize, but not all correspondents ever consume energy drinks products, there are 11
correspondents who never consume Extra Joss.

From the survey results, 66.7% extra Joss can increase stamina. This was
in accordance with the effect that it should come from the composition of Extra
Joss, like taurine that can increase endurance and recover stamina.
From survey respondents who felt there were some negative effects after taking
Extra Joss as being addicted, tiredness, abdominal pain, and there is a complain
of pain when urinating.
a. addiction
Because it contains caffeine addiction on Extra Joss. Caffeine may
increase the secretion of the hormone dopamine and epinephrine, which is the
cause of pleasure. However, when the consumption of Extra Joss stopped the
production of these hormones will decline thus affecting the consumer to use
them again.
b. stomachache
Abdominal pain resulting from Extra Joss content that is acidic,
which is due to the
acidic nature of Extra Joss is a fizzy drink. Former Soda
is from the reaction between sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. acid of the
soda can increase the secretion of stomach acid that
can cause abdominal
pain. but it is also due to the caffeine stimulates nerves to secrete
c. easily tired
Easily tired because consumers do not get that extra energy is
usually obtained
when taking Extra Joss.

Chapter IV. Solution of Problem and Its Reasoning of Using Specific Nutraceutical
Extra Joss consumption can increase stamina, but can also lead to
negative effects, such as addiction, fatigue, and abdominal pain. Each of these
negative effects can be overcome by:
a. addiction
Reduce the frequency of consumption of Extra Joss , and then can
be replaced with a more healthy drinks such as tea, water, or Jamu.
b. easily tired
This can be overcome by regular exercise, along with good nutrition.
And can also
consume herbal medicine or jamu to increase stamina safer
from side effects.
c. stomachache

This can be overcome by filling the stomach with food before

consuming Extra Joss,
so the effects can be minimized gastric acid secretion
and abdominal pain can be resolved.

Chapter V. Claim and Perception of Stakeholders Related In Its Effectiveness

Extra Joss was born on August 14, 1994. Her birth was triggered by the thought that
each day more and more people who need energy drinks / health drinks including from the
social economic status (SES) to lower middle.
The problem at that time selling price of existing energy drink yet reached the middle class
down because there is no market players in order to make inroads into the product more
affordable prices. Given the core competencies PT Bintang Toedjoe (B7) lies in
pharmaceutical drugs in powder form and packaged in a sachet it intends to present the PT
Bintang Toedjoe powder health drink in sachet packs anyway.With so PT Bintang Toedjoe
able to reduce the cost of sales because the product does not require a bottle and transport
becomes more efficient.
Extra Joss Product name comes from Surabaya dialect is often voiced loud and
outspoken. Joss himself efficacious or effective means.Once successfully penetrate the man
of the street, the image of Extra Joss was elevated to the upper middle class, while showing
the greatness and strength. Extra Joss Biang 2000, take the turn to the color theme of the new
In 2003, SWA Magazine Sembada MARS and market research company providing
award-Extra Joss Indonesian Best Brand Award (IBBA) as the best brand in the category of
non-liquid energy drink.
For three years in a row in 2001, 2002, and 2003 Extra Joss receive the gift of
Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award (ICSA) as an energy drink in powder form by the
SWA Magazine Sembada and Frontier.
In 2003, Extra Joss receive the gift of Asia Pacific Excellent Award and the National
Consumers' Quality Award for the most valuable brand in the energy drink category in the
Philippines, where Extra Joss is also a market leader in energy drinks Categories.
Extra Joss X was launched in January 2004. A new product in cans 250 ml. Luxurious
packaging with a golden yellow color intended for upscale consumers
In April 2004, Extra Joss LG also launched, with red packaging, which contains LGlutamine.
Extra Joss did reformulation Extra Extra Joss be Joss original Active B7 on May 10,
2005. as a concrete step to continue to innovate to improve the quality Extra Joss.

On May 26, 2005 launched Extra Joss Endurans which has advantages in the
resistance to the move.
Extra Joss did reformulation Extra Extra Joss be Joss original Active B7 on May 10,
2005. as to continue to innovate to improve the quality Extra Joss.
Extra Joss earned numerous awards in 2006. Once awarded Superbrand Awards 2004,
Extra Joss again crowned as the popular brands in the category of energy drinks in 2006. The
award is given Indonesia Best Brand Award (IBBA).
For Extra Joss award is the fifth time. Since 2002, Extra Joss successively occupied
the highest rank, even in 2005 entitled Golden Best Brand Award.
January 2007, PT Coca Cola Indonesia and PT Bintang Toedjoe cooperating with the
launch of Extra Joss Strike. Through this partnership, Coca-Cola System in Indonesia has the
right to produce and distribute energy drinks fast food labeled "Extra Joss Strike".
In February 2007, Extra Joss launched new product variants to complement the Extra
Joss variants namely Active Sense Original Taste Wine Extra Joss Active Burst (purple
packaging), Extra Joss Active Cream Soda flavors (green packaging), and Extra Joss Active
Apple Blackcurrant flavor (red packaging).
Varian lai n Extra Joss, Joss Fit is officially marketed nationally in March 2008. Joss
Fit is an energy drink that is served in the form of warm. There are two variants namely Joss
Joss Fit Fit Tea Ginger and Honey.
In 2009, Extra Joss received three prestigious awards, namely: Best Brand Platinum
2009 from SWA and Mars as IBBA has won seven consecutive years, Indonesia Customer
Satisfaction Award 2009 from SWA and Frontier, and The Most Powerful Distribution
Performance 2009 from SWA and Mix Magazine.
Every effort is development of Extra Joss to achieve a leading position beverage
category health / energy drinks, can not be separated from the professionalism and support of
various parties, ranging from internal team B7, distributor team, his agent distribution
channels, creative advertising and the media, government officials, and the biggest consumers
of energy drinks in Indonesia. Extra Joss proud to be one icon brand pride of Indonesia.
Stakeholder from Produsen
1. Are Bintang Toedjoes products safe for consumption?
Bintang Toedjoes products are safe for consumption by the rules contained in disposable
packaging products, as well as consumed before the expiration date listed.The entire product
Toedjoe Star has registered in FDA officially the Republic of Indonesia, using raw materials
that have been FDA approved and proven security, and processed with high standards of
pharmaceutical (GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice).

2. How to get Bintang Toedjoes products ?

Bintang Toedjoes products can be obtained in a variety of outlets such as supermarkets,
pharmacies, drug stores, grocery stores, even traditional stalls. We continue to expand the
distribution of our products so that consumers can easily afford.

Chapter VI. Conclusion

Based on the analysis and survey products, Extra Joss has been proof to be safe
and can improve stamina when used according to the manufacturer's instructions
printed on the packaging. However, the survey results showed the presence of negative
effects such as addiction, insomnia and long-term effects such as fatigue. Negative
effects that arise not occur in every consumer because teresebut negative effects could
arise due to other factors such as the physiological state of the consumer.

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