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La Monteclaro&Company

540 Roxas Avenue

Poblacion, Davao City

September 15, 2015

Chimera petroluem Management, Inc.

7th floor, LANDCO Corporate Center
J.P laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City
To the Board of Directors:
This letter confirms our understanding of the previously discussed arrangements for our
audit of the financial statements of Chimera petroluem Management, Inc., for the year
ending 2013.
We will audit the Companys balance sheet as of 12/31/2013, along with the related
statements of Income, retained earnings, and cash flows for all of 2013. Based on this
audit we will provide our professional opinion. The financial statements are the
responsibility of Chimera Petroluem management team. Our responsibility as your
auditor is to express an opinion on the financial statements based on our audit.
We will conduct our audit process in accordance with generally accepted auditing
standards. These standards require that we conduct the audit to obtain reasonable
assurance if the financial statements are free of false and misleading statements. An
audit of this nature will also assess the accounting principles that your company uses
along with estimates that are made by management. Our audit will provide the basis for
our opinion.
The procedures that we use will include tests of documentary evidence that supports the
transactions recorded in your companys accounts along with direct confirmation of all
receivables and liabilities through correspondence with randomly selected customers,
creditors and banks.
This audit cannot be relied upon to detect all fraud or other irregularities. However, we
will inform you of any material errors or illegal acts that come to our attention through
the audit process.

If you are planning on publishing or reproducing the financial statements and make
reference to our firm and audit, you agree to give us the printers proofs for our review
and approval before printing commences.
The fees we will be charging will be billed to you as work progresses and are based on
the amount of time that is required to complete deliverables plus any out of pocket
expenses. Invoices will be due immediately upon receipt. If there appears to be an error
in our estimated total cost you will be notified immediately.
If this letter is a correct representation of your understanding, please sign the enclosed
copy and return it to us promptly.
We appreciate the opportunity to conduct your audit and serve you and look forward to
working with you for many more years.


Melissa Jane Delos Santos, CPA

(clients signature)